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Abyssinia Business Network ABN December 2019

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Published by Abyssinia, 2019-12-22 09:59:08

Abyssinia Business Network ABN December 2019

Abyssinia Business Network ABN December 2019

Photo by Sol Image E Photo by Anteneh Aklilu
Kebour Ghenna c
2nd YEAR NO 23 ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019 i

Ethiopia 50.00 birr , USA 5.00 $ , Europe 5 .00 Euro , v ABRAHAM ALARO
South Africa 25.00 Rand , Kenya 500 Sh ,UAE 10.00AED


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Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019


Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019

Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019

Editorial Team


Daniel Tiruneh Chasing Franchise Hotels
It is a much-trumpeted fact that next to Brussels and
Getachew Alemu Washington DC, Addis Ababa has the third largest
EDITOR IN CHIEF international diplomatic community in the world,
partly due to the fact that it is the seat of theAfrican
Aklile Tsige Union and the United Nations Economic Commission
CONSULTANCY for Africa. Conferences at these international
organizations have increased the demand for brand
Zeima Ahmed hotels.
Although licensed hotel developments have been
Mekonnen Hailu low, the industry created direct economic impact. Its
contribution to GDP has been showing remarkable
Ketema Kebede growth since 2008 and is predicted to rise in the years
ahead. This primarily reflects the economic activity
Chacha generated by stakeholders in the industry.
Hiwot Salelew
The growing number of business and leisure
Teshome Fantahun travelers, coupled with mounting hotel bookings, has
captured the attention of hotel investors. Portraying
REPORTER another benchmark of interest, there is an increasing
Josephine Wawira number of hotel investment conferences such as the
Kamba Anthony African Hotel Investment Forum (AHIF), bringing
international stakeholders, branded hotel developers
Joseph Oduha and leaders together.
So far Marriott, the Golden Tulip Addis, Crowne
Daniel Tiruheh Plaza Addis, Wyndham Hotel Group, Ramada
Photo Addis Hotel, Pullman Addis Hotel and Best Western
International are among the major developments.The
Sol Image franchising deal of Bahirdar Radisson has recently
Web Admin come into being in the beautiful city of Bahirdar,
Amhara Regional State..
Rahel Tesfaye
Distribution This came as good news for the country as it aspires
to host over a million inbound tourists. On the other
Hailu Abesse hand, according to the African Development Bank,
Partners Africa’s middle income earners are expected to grow
Ethiopia Culture And Tourism from 355 million to over a billion in the next five
Addis ababa police Commission decades increasing the number of travelers.

Ethio Great Investment Support Service PLC Ethiopia came a long way creating lucrative markets
and resourceful local partners to attract more
Abyssinia Business Network is published by international chain hotels. With more investors
coming to Ethiopia the future of the industry looks

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02 Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019

Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019

Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019

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Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019 05


Free Trade


By Teshome Fantahun

The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) is a free trade area, outlined in the
AfricanContinentalFreeTradeAgreement among 54 of the 55 AfricanUnion nations.[2] The free-tradearea is the
largest in the world in terms of participating countries since the formation of the World Trade Organization.The
agreement was brokered by the AfricanUnion (AU) and was signed on by 44 of its 55 member states in Kigali,
Rwanda on March 21, 2018.One of the advocates that have brought the idea on table was Pan African Chamber
of Commerce and Industry (PACCI).

ABN’s Teshome Fantahun meets Kebour Ghenna,Executive Director of the Pan African Chamber of Commerce
and Industry (PACCI) and discusses CFTA today. Kebour has presided over the Addis Ababa and Ethiopian
Chambers of Commerce, the Ethiopian Business Coalition against HIV/AIDS, and the Ethiopian Red Cross

The Lycée Française alumni, Kebour Ghenna has been involved in a number of sectors, such as agriculture,
technology, media and education. He also served as a non-executive director of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia,
Abyssinia Bank, and the National Fertilizer Company. Kebour also has extensive experience in research and
development and has been involved in numerous research projects and worked as an expert and consultant for
UNECA, UNDP, WBI, IDRC and others. Kebour has written on a variety of development and governance issues.
He had also lectured at the Addis Ababa University Faculty of Business and Economics.

06 Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019

Sol Image The government has to be one willing
to accompany small and medium
enterprises to do well, to bring

banks closer to them. It has to bring
technology…. Then we obviously can

”benefit from CFTA.
ABN: Let’s start with the practice of “The first phase of CFTA is where issues related to custom, tariff,
working together and collaboration goods and services are given professional traveling from one
in Africa; how is it like? priorities in terms of negotiations. place to another,etc.
There is also another protocol
Kebour:I think discussions began which has been signed to liberalize The process is not that simple and
in 2013. I mean the discussions air travel among 23 countries.” straight forward at this stage. The
about Continental Free Trade Area first phase of CFTAis where goods
started then. Between 2013 and ABN: What is CFTA and how does and services are given priorities
2018, African Governments reached it operate? in terms of negotiations. There
a milestone by putting together and is also another protocolwhich
signed the conventions. In March Kebour: The continental Free has been signed to liberalize air
2018 the agreement was signed by Trade Area/CFTA/Agreement is travel among 23 countries. There
all African countries. The result has basically an area, in this case the is also another discussion to issue
clearly shown African countries’ continent, where goods, services, an African passport which would
willingness to integrate the economy, capital and people are allowed to allow people to travel from a
of course the idea is to go beyond the transfer or travel from one country place in Africa to another. Some
economy, and integrate tourism and to another without any friction; countries including Ethiopia have
infrastructure as well. For goods, for example,it can be already started issuing online

Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019 07

Visa, Visa on arrival etc. So countries “ week Nigeria has announced that it
are really coming closer and closer to has closed the border with Benin,
each other. can we say that CFTA is being
ABN: We have already known
regional integrations such as EAC, Kebour:When you look at the
AGOA, ECOWAS, COMESA, SADC world today, there is more and more
a kind of thinking that CFTA is not
and many others, so how is CFTA beneficial to countries. There is a sort
of protectionism whereby countries
The first phasedifferent from these agreements? protect their businesses. The case
Kebour: The structure is quite that has happened in West Africa is
straight forward. The regional of CFTA is probably a reflection of that attitude
economic commissions are the ones where goods but I wouldn’t say. We have to be
that practically do all the negotiations and services careful regarding the case in Nigeria
at their levels and then bring the and Benin; it is a sort of controlling
negotiations to a continental platform are given illicit trade I don’t think that puts
where all will be integrated at the priorities CFTAin question.
continental level. The regional
economic organizations are still ABN: Most of the commercial
relevant to build the continental transactions are dominated by few
FTA’s. countries like Egypt, South Africa,
Nigeria, Morocco, etc. People say
ABN: The Agreement has been in terms of that CFTA is not a kind of agreement
brought to a discussion, the first day negotiations. that benefits smaller countries like
the required threshold 22 countries Djibouti, Eritrea, Benin and even
have ratified. Within five years as There is Ethiopia. Does this agreement
you said, the agreement has been also another serve only big economies? Who
negotiated and ratified by almost all protocol that are the winners and losers of this
governments. How do you see the agreement?
momentum and the success of CFTA
at this stage? Kebour:There are countries that
are well positioned to benefit from
Kebour: The endorsements have has been CFTA. They are quite a few countries
already been signed by 54 Countries. benefited initially from CFTA. But
overall, when we talk about CFTA
Yet, for the implementation you need signed to it is not a mechanism to benefit all
at least 22 countries and that has also countries at once. That did not happen
even in Europe. What happened in
been achieved in a very short time. liberalize air Europe was countries that were better
The negotiations as I said earlier travel among off have allowed the transfer of funds
started in 2013 and in 2017 March to countries that were not better off
the first agreement was signed and with the objective that, in the long
the ratifications happen within a year run, to help the entire continent. We
are not currently at the level where the
which I would say a record time. openingof frontiers will be somewhat
difficult for countries that are aspiring
23 countries.Looking at the momentum, you could to do business in the continent.

say that the journey ahead might not I think we obviously have smaller
be that difficult as many people think. countries that have difficulties in
So the plan,I think, is really moving

ABN: These days again countries
are closing their frontiers again, this

”08 Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019

catching up the bigger onesbut
that is again something that can
be negotiated. When you take
the case of Ethiopia, it has not
really allowed. It has not agreed
to liberalize 90% of its goods
like many other countries of the
continent. So far seven or eight
countries have agreed to liberalize
85% of their produces. We have
to negotiate more in order to help
smaller countries and countries
that need really to build up their
productive capacities to arrive at a
level where they perhaps compete
at equal footing with others.

“The government has to be one
willing to accompany small and
medium enterprises to do well,
to bring banks closer to them. It
has to bring technology…. Then
we obviously can benefit from

ABN: How is Ethiopia doing in Sol Image
this regard?
compete at a continental level. most of the runners. It benefits very
Kebour:There was a study done Therefore the government should few countries which are faster. How
by the Ethiopian Chamber of set up a strategy in order to do you think countries be faster in
Commerce on a sort ofidentifying strengthening those companies the race to benefit from CFTA?
the challenges and the difficulties that need to be strengthened to be
of Ethiopian cross trade. Ethiopia able to be participating to benefit Kebour:You know CFTA is just a
has both the opportunities and from CFTA. mechanism or an agreement which
challenges. would allow countries to take benefit
In certain areas, local businesses of low or no tariff, which would
It has the opportunity to expand its need to be protected. This is the allow countries to transfer capital.
exports to neighboring countries. kind of strategy the government The main thing you have to do is
Until recently, it has been building needs to study and try to work out to build your productive capacity.
a manufacturing base which with the private sector. So far it Unless you have anything to sell or
would have allowed exporting has not happened yet. I think it to export, having an agreement is
many of its goods to other African is better that these things happen not going to be much of a benefit.
countries. Until recently, it was a ratherearlier than laterwhen Therefore the government has to be
country that was very attractive maybe it is bit difficult to rectify. one willing to accompany small and
to FDI, to investors who want to medium enterprises to do well, to
base their manufacturing plants ABN: Some experts talk about bring banks closer to them. It has to
in Ethiopia. However, Ethiopia CFTA is not a race that rewards bring technology; it has to improve
is disadvantaged in a sense that
many of its companies are quite
weak so they may not be able to

Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019 09

schools and a lot of things need to
be done. Then we obviously can
benefit from CFTA.

I think CFTA, for me, is an A Sol Image
instrument that would help totally f
the overall business ecosystem in r we need really to be very much
Ethiopia; some of the legislations i concerned about big Nigerian
have to be updated, others need to c businesses coming here to do
be changed, some new legislation a business.”I think if we are well-
need to be introduced. Innovations organized, being very small or very
have to be encouraged. We have i innovative will take us a long way.
already the government focusing s
on five areas. If that is really the
way to go, then these five areas o
should be very much supported u
all the way to the end so that they r
could benefit from CFTA. There is s
a lot of work that need actually to .
be done.
to smaller companies. Smaller
ABN:The argument is CFTA companies in Ethiopia have
benefits SME’s and there is also difficulties in accessing funding.
another counter argument that This has to change actually in
CFTA increases cross border order to help the 90% smaller and
competitions. How do you think medium enterprises.
Ethiopian SME’s be able to The answer is “I don’t think
compete the Giant Nigerian or
Moroccan businesses?

Kebour:Today most of the
large businesses and global
manufacturing companies are
disappearing. I think the winners
these days are the smaller and
more flexible, one two three
person companies. They are really
doing very well. There is always
an opening for smaller ones
providing goods and services,
providing complimentary products
to larger products provided by the
giant ones. I mean, they even can
benefit from the value chain that
the bigger ones establish. There
are still doors for micro, small and
medium enterprises. Yet, it still
needs a strategy. The government
needs a strategy to bring in finance

10 Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019

ABN: You have said many times in their countries, therefore, we
that we need strategies to benefit have to stand together to address
from CFTA, to help SME’s etc. all these problems. Otherwise, no
But my question is who should German, or French or American
design these strategies? Whose is going to come to help us.
responsibility is to build strategy?
I mean what is PACCI doing in “One very successful company
this regard for example? What are
you doing in this regard to help in the government hand is the
governments have a viable strategy
etc.? Ethiopian Airlines; other not

Kebour:One of the things that successful in the government
I have noticed not only here in
Ethiopia but also in my travel across hand-Ethio-Telecom can
the continent, is the departments, the
ministries do not talk to each other. improve its management
For me it is amazing, for example,
the Ministry of Trade has little or no and its services while in the
contact at a professional or expert
level with Ministry of Education. government’s hand.”
Ministry of Education does not
know what goes on in the Ministry Kebour:We have difficulties these ABN: The renowned global
of Industry and so and so on. That days to communicate at regional magazine-The Economist has
has to change. All the ministries levels. You can imagine how difficult reported this year that most of
have to work as one and CFTA is it is going to be at the continental the imported goods in Ethiopia
one project actually which they can level. We have to start to believe on are illicit products; medicines,
work together. When you go to the an idea, Africa is ours. telephone, imported drinks,
Ministry of Industry, an expert has cosmetics, cigarettes etc. In
to be able to tell you what another We are all in this continent; we its report unveiled on the 4th
expert in the Ministry of Education probably have the same culture, world illicit trade summit, it was
is doing in order to strengthening the same level of development. We reported that 40% of the total
the capacity of schools graduating want to travel from one country tobacco products are illegal.
students in business. We need really to another. Some countries have South Africa’s illegal trade
to work in harmony. Effort has to already done others have not yet. We accounts for 33 percent of the
be put to change the culture and need to ask ourselves, what is the total maker and is as high 43
the way, not only government-to- ultimate objective? The reason these percent in the non-organized
government but also government- people are going from one place to trade, resulting in eight billion
to-private and private-to-private another is because there is perhaps lost taxes annually. Having
sectors. The responsibility falls not no enough food or there is no seen the extent of illicit trade in
only to individual leaders but also I security or some violence going on the continent, don’t you think
think we need really a coordinated contraband and illicit trade
effort that brings all these to an “One very successful would be challenges for CFTA?
organization. company in the
ABN: The most frustration fact Kebour:It would be a challenge.
in Africa for governments to open government hand is However, again the answer is
up I think is immigration. How Ethiopian Airlines; other you need to have a stronger
is it possible for governments to government, a government that
open up given thousands of people not successful in the is difficult to corrupt. Illegalities
migrating each day? government hand-Ethio- including corruption, contraband
etc. prosper when they have
Telecom can improve someone in government
its management and protecting them be it a law or
its services while in the individuals. Some countries have
government’s hand.” already been able to reduce illicit
trade with the help of CFTA in

Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019 11

the sense that there is no need new developments, to finance not performing but people have
to go through customs and get develop new schools, to finance to be able to say “it is your choice
charged 100% or 200% of custom. actually develop innovation that made the organization non-
That disappeared due to CFTA programs etc. But also they can performing.” The government’s
that would in a way discourage the also bring in other companies decision to denationalize what was
contraband. You have to reform build around major strategic the national entity and to give it to a
your institutions at the border so companies, other sort of major foreign investor has an implication
that they cannot really encourage technology. They have a role on our sovereignty. It is like giving
such illicit activities to grow. more than the services they part of our sovereignty. These big
The most important thing in my provide. These companies are companies are much bigger that the
opinion when we accept CFTA considered strategic therefore government thinks they are in terms
we have to at the same time work these companies should not of influence. They are once gone it
on our institutions. We have to be privatized. They should be is very difficult actually to get use of
strengthen the institutions; we have reformed in one way or another. these companies. Telecom today is a
to encourage them to speak to one The basic examples for us is two sector that brings and disrupts work
another to work together. We have examples that are diametrically laps in financial services. Telecom
to bring in all governmental and opposite but two companies plays a big role in financial services.
non-governmental organizations that require technology, skilled Within five or six years we will not
to talk to each other. We have human resource, marketing. have manual Banks. They should be
to make the government talk to One very successful company digitalized and the main platform
businesses. I think it is something in the government hand is the is telecom. Where our sovereignty
that everybody needs to participate Ethiopian Airlines; other not then? The idea of keeping 60 or 50
to better address this problem. successful in the government of ownership is may not mean much
hand- Ethio-Telecom can as long as you don’t control the
ABN: Tell us about privatization improve its management management of the organization.
and the businesses that the and its services while in the
government wants to privatize. government’s hand. You may The whole story that goes on
have to change individuals at in Ethiopia these days, political
Kebour:You can privatize the head of the organizations or challenges within the regions, part of
businesses that can be easily (I the way the organization works the regions, the language etc. should
would say) privatizable. I think but you don’t simply sell these not be the main issue. The main issue
that is a normal way of looking businesses. Ethio-Telecom like is while everybody is focusing on
at things. The government may Ethiopian Airlines can be very these issues we are losing the most
privatize businesses whenit thinks productive, innovative and important things for the country
that the businesses are performing useful. It is useful still. I mean smoothly, slowly no-one really is
less than they have to. I mean the you can make it attractive for asking about these.
government has to be free to do others to join in. Ethiopian
other things that others are not Airlines goes from Ethiopia ABN: Looking at two countries
capable of doing; for example, and does business in Kenya, in Kenya and Singapore, one is a
the 4G network installation, France, in the United States. I winner and the other is a loser after
Biology, Medicine etc. When you don’t see why Ethio-telecom privatizing the national carrier. Can
call government to play a role, does not do business in Sudan, we generalize that privatization is
it is where the private sector has in Djibouti. This is by choice. good or otherwise?
failed to do so. But you have also We made a choice to have this
areas where things are considered kind of telecommunication Kebour:You bring in the Example
strategic; strategic because they organization in Ethiopia, and of Singapore; Singapore Airline is
help the country develop in other that is the government’s choice. a government company. The way
areas. They bring not only revenue And the government is saying they setup is really different. By the
to you to finance to finance other I want to sell it because it is way 90% of the business is under

12 Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019

Brussels , Belgium - 2016 June 15th – European and more are somewhat trick actually. We have seen
Development Days - Impact investing for Africa retrenching or reducing.It is it when they sold Ethiopian
- EABF Workshop - Kebour Ghenna , Executive same thing actually or even Tobacco; initially 49/51%
Director , Pan African Chamber of Commerce and worsein the US. Today we then another 20%, then
Industry - Moderator © European Union have a debt level where we another 20% and today
cannot really concede that it all have gone actually. For
government or some sort of government involvement. can be paid. Imagine we are me tobacco again is not a
Singapore has been able to change and transform at the zero% interest rate, strategic asset. When they
the management of this public association to be as move it to 1 or 2 %, with say 49/51 it is a trick next
performing as a private sector sort of organization. the level of debt you have, time to say guys we are
Yes it is by choice. Now, when they arrived at a level how much of your revenue not moving ahead so we
where they are confident enough this particular sector will go in to covering the have to be innovative, we
can be released to the private sector without disrupting debt. It is impossible so we need new equipment, new
the integrity of the public and the sovereignty of the have reached this level. We, software and we need to
country. They move towards it. They move on to a lot of in changing our approach to borrow one billion dollar.
things actually where the private sector have difficulties development, are adopting So 51% Ethiopia and it will
in investing on. Singapore has been successful in what has failed in many pay 51% of that debt. Even
moving in to these kinds of sectors. When they arrive countries even developed you don’t know where they
at a certain level the government quits and privatize the countries. spend that 51% because
sector. These major entities in Singapore are still owned you are not managing it. I
by government. But the structures they operate under as ABN: What are the types of know you cannot pay the
the private sector are rewarded on the process that they privatization? debt; therefore, let us make
generate if they don’t generate they will be let go. it 60% 80% and finally
Kebour: There are many 100%. These are well-
But the model that we are trying to adopt which is the neo types of privatization documented tactics.
liberal model where privatization has the major role, the such as constructive
role of the government is diminished, where any kind privatization. Here you ABN: Are you Optimist
of production has to made by the private sector, where still keep some parts of the regarding CFTA, will it
social services have to be reduced in favor of private company and subcontract realize?
sort of services. All these have created an environment the management. A good
where many of the countries that we want have made example in this regard is the Kebour:As an African, I
the right policy questioning themselves. In France, Hilton Hotels. Hilton Hotels want to be and need to be
for example, they have these people out on the streets has been profitable for years optimist. If not that I don’t
saying that they cannot really live on the salaries they actually and the government want to think this thing is
are generating. In France the ones that are growing more has decided to privatize. I not working. What I want
mean a hotel you privatize to say is….Yeah! this is
and tomorrow you can build challenging. We all have to
a hotel. But you cannot build put on our minds to make
another Airline tomorrow. it work. I mean this is so in
That is the fact. You have that sense I am Very much
that type of contract, the optimistic.
management takeover.
Instead of privatizing the ABN: Thank You
public asset, you take over
the management. Then you very much for the time
have the outright sell. There you share with us
are quite a few types of
privatization arrangements. !!!
The 49/51 arrangement is a

Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019 13

Radisson: for growth and evolution. According Debre Markos said, “This was
to WTTC, Ethiopia experienced the a relationship that developed
Setting Foot in ‘highest tourism growth in the world’ organically and with care and
in recent years, with over 45% increase. we are fully confident, it will
Bahir Dar Such growth justifies more hotel help us serve our customers
developments in the country and we are with an international
By Staff Writer pleased to introduce our fourth hotel in standard”
the market.”
Radisson Hotel Group announced “Negotiation took almost
the signing of the Radisson Hotel The owner of the hotel, Tiliksew Gedamu, 2 years, and international
Bahir Dar, located in the North a former high school teacher who also negotiations and the brand
East of Addis Ababa. It will be the owns another hotel in Gambella and concept has been developed
first Radisson branded hotel and the by OZZIE International
Group’s fourth hotel in the country. Hotel Project Consultancy.”
This brings Radisson Hotel Group’s Managing Director and
African portfolio to almost 100 hotels Lead Consultant of OZZIE,
in operation and under development. Kumneger Teketel disclosed.
The Radisson Hotel Bahir Dar will
be located on the shores of Lake Also on the signing ceremony,
Tana, Ethiopia’s largest lake which it was indicated that Radisson
has been nominated a UNESCO Bahir Dar will be Renovated
Biosphere Reserve, just 8km from fully for 10months and
the International Airport. The city is Operational after12 Months,
home to some of the world’s oldest and the Brand will Transform
monasteries and churches, and the Bahirdar City to International
hotel sits just 25km from Tis Abbay MICE Tourism or attract
Falls, one of Ethiopia’s best-known International Organisers and
tourist attractions. bring the city to International
Bahir Dar serves as the capital of
the Amhara region in Ethiopia and “We are proud to be partnering
is a well-known, memorable city to with Radisson Hotel Group to
the north of the country. Tourists are open Bahir Dar’s first hotel
drawn to Bahir Dar from around the with a top international brand
world, not only due to the serene Lake in the city. The hotel will be
Tana but also due to the city’s great crafted for relaxation and rest,
location to rest and relax overnight, given its great accessibility
as travelers make their way to other and prime location on the
popular destinations such as Gondar, shores of Lake Tana.” The
Simien Mountains, and Lalibela. owner noted.

“I am excited we are partnering with “Bahir Dar is set to become
Radisson and pushing the hospitality a key MICE destination and
industry to a much higher standard the Radisson Hotel Bahir Dar
and level.” will be crafted to become the
ideal choice for international
ElieYounes, Executive Vice President travelers and locals looking
& Chief Development Officer, for event spaces.”
Radisson Hotel Group, said: “Africa
remains the most exciting continent

14 Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019

The franchise is believed to capitalize on Haile Hotel to Set Foot in Adama
the Northern Historic Route of Ethiopia By Staff Writer
to offer guests a memorable place to sleep
and eat good food, along the famous trail Haile Hotel is set to be hotel in Addis Ababa and other
which includes the Blue Nile Falls, Lake
Tana Lalibela, the breathtaking Simien operational in Adama town of hotel projects in Wolayta Sodo
Mountains, and Aksum. It was also stated
that the coming of the brand could create a the Oromia Regional State in and Konso.
long relationship with the Radisson Hotel
Group and to develop more projects and just a few months time.
together to lift up the city of Bahir Dar and
the Amhara region. The Manager further noted
The fully renovated, converted 125-room
hotel will comprise of a variety of room The hotel construction being that this ground plus five hotel
types, from Standard to King rooms and
Presidential Suites. Guests will be spoilt undertaken on around 11,500 building embraces a total
for choice with delicious food, which will
include a bespoke concept restaurant, all- meter square or 1.2 hectares of 108 rooms ranging from
day dining as well as an Italian restaurant.
of land is said to be free from premium suit to standard room,
For signature cocktails and drinks, the
hotel’s three bars will provide delicious any displacement of the local six conference and event halls,
temptations for a treat or two, with a
bar overlooking the glistening lake and people since the land for the health clubs, spa and recreation,
another within a trendy club located on
the basement level of the hotel. Guests construction was bought from food and beverage outlets as
can also keep their fitness routine on track
in the fully-equipped gym, kick-back and individuals. well as outdoor and children
let the excitement of the day melt away
while being pampered in the spa, take a The hotel construction playgrounds.
dip in the pool or sit back at the boat jetty,
getting back to nature and basking in the being undertaken at a cost
panoramic lake views.
of 403,000,000 birr at the Asked what makes the hotel
The expansive 1140sqm meeting and
events area will set the hotel apart from the gate of the town opposite different from other hotels, the
rest. It will host six meeting rooms and a
sub-divisible ballroom; the ideal space to to Aba Geda Conference representative replied that it
host any business and leisure function.
Center is mainly designed for has plan to make use of latest
Radisson Hotel Group is one of the world’s
largest and most dynamic hotel groups with conference, retreat, family technologies including Air-
seven distinctive hotel brands with more
than 1,100 hotels in destinations around and business travellers. conditions /AC/, data system,
the world. Its portfolio of hotel brands
includes Radisson Collection, Radisson fire alarm and many more.
Blu, Radisson, Radisson RED, Park Plaza,
Park Inn by Radisson and Country Inn & “Currently we have six hotels
Suites by Radisson.
and resorts operational Designed by GERETTA

at different regions in the Consulting Architects and

country; Haile Resorts at Engineers P.L.C, the would-be

Hawassa, Arbaminch and Haile Hotel-Adama is expected

Gondar while Haile Hotels to go operational in January

in Ziway and Shashemene 2020 and create job opportunity

as well as Yaya Athletics for 300 citizens when it goes

Village,” Wutsifte Girma, fully operational.

Haile Hotels and Resorts

Group Marketing Manager The presence of the hotel in

told ABN. Adama town is believed to

Haile Hotel-Adama will be have significant advantage

the 7th establishments of both for the local government

Haile Hotels and Resorts and the community through

P.L.C, while it’s undertaking unemployment reduction and

a construction of five-star attracting investors to the town.

Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019 15

Berhan Bank:
Celebrating a-Decade-Journey

By AklileTsige

In Ethiopia all banks are owned by the local people as the country has not yet liberalized the market for foreign
banks. Even though for many years there have been many interests from foreign countries to enter the banking
sector of Ethiopia, the government didn’t open the sector so far.

The banks have faced several challenges, including foreign exchange-related issues and local political unrest.
Despite the problems, the domestic banking sector posted its highest growth rate in six years, along with
accelerated branch expansions.

One of the private banks in Ethiopia, Berhan Bank has shown a magnificent growth in all banking service
outputs in its decade journey; Aklile Tsige, ABN Editor-in-Chief speaks to the Bank’s President, Abraham
Alaro,regarding ten-year-journey of the Bank.

Emergence of Modern Banks in Ethiopia majority shareholders of the Bank
of Ethiopia were the Emperor and

History has it that the first bank was signed, opened branches in the political elites of the time. The
in Ethiopia, the “Bank of Harar, Dire Dawa, Gore and Dembi- Bank was authorized to combine
Abyssinia”, was established Dolo as well as an agency office the functions of central banking
in 1905 based on the agreement signed in Gambela and a transit office (issuing currency notes and coins)
between the Ethiopian Government in Djibouti. Apart from serving and commercial banking. The Bank
and the National Bank of Egypt, which foreigners residing in Ethiopia, of Ethiopia opened branches in Dire
was owned by the British. Its capital and holding government accounts, Dawa, Gore, Dessie, Debre Tabor
was 1 million shillings. According to it could not attract deposits from and Harrar.

the agreement, the bank was allowed Ethiopian nationals who were not

to engage in commercial banking familiar with banking services. With the Italian occupation (1936-
(selling shares, accepting deposits and 1941), the operation of the Bank of
effecting payments in cheques) and to The Ethiopian Government, Ethiopia came to a halt, but a number
issue currency notes. The agreement under Emperor Haile Sellassie, of Italian financial institutions were
prevented the establishment of any closed the Bank of Abysinia, paid working in the country. These were
other bank in Ethiopia, thus giving compensation to its shareholders Banco Di Roma, Banco Di Napoli
monopoly right to the Bank of and established the Bank of and BancaNazionaledelLavora.
Abyssinia. Ethiopia which was fully owned It should also be mentioned that
by Ethiopians, with a capital of Barclays Bank had opened a branch
The Bank, which started operation a pound Sterling 750,000. The Bank and operated in Ethiopia during
year after its establishment agreement started operation in 1932. The 1942-43.

16 Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019

In 1963, the State Bank of Ethiopia split into the Photo by Daniel Tiruneh
National Bank of Ethiopia and the Commercial
Bank of Ethiopia S.C. with the purpose of
segregating the functions of central banking from
those of commercial banking. The new banks
started operation in 1964.

Berhan Bank President, Abraham Alarorecalled
that the first privately owned company in banking
business was theAddisAbaba Bank S.C., established
in 1964. 51% of the shares of the bank were owned
by Ethiopian shareholders, 9% by foreigners living
in Ethiopia and 40% by the National and Grindlays
Bank of London. The Bank carried our typical
commercial banking business. Banco Di Roma and
Banco Di Napoli also continued to operate.

Thus, until the end of 1974, there were state
owned, foreign owned and Ethiopian owned
banks in Ethiopia. The banks were established for
different purposes: central banking, commercial
banking, development banking and investment
banking. Such diversification of functions, lack
of widespread banking habit among the wider
population, the uneven and thinly spread branch
network, and the asymmetrical capacity of banks,
made the issue of completion among banks almost

Following the 1974 Revolution, on January 1,
1975 all private banks and 13 insurance companies
were nationalized and along with state owned
banks, placed under the coordination, supervision
and control of the National Bank of Ethiopia. The
three private banks, Banco Di Roman, Banco Di
Napoli and the Addis Ababa Bank S.C. were
merged to form “Addis Bank.” Eventually in 1980
this bank was itself merged with the Commercial
Bank of Ethiopia S.C. to form the “Commercial
Bank of Ethiopia,” thereby creating a monopoly of
commercial banking services in Ethiopia.

After the downfall of the Dergue regime by the
EPRDF, the Transitional Government of Ethiopia
was established and the New Economic Policy
for the period of transition was issued. This new
economic policy replaced centrally planned
economic system with a market-oriented system
and ushered in the private sector.

Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019 17

Berhan Bank: Birth and Development “The bank
strongly believes
Registered and licensed by the National Bank of Ethiopia on
27th June, 2009 with an authorized capital of Birr 300 Million that it has a
and subscribed capital of Birr 154.7 Million, Berhan Bank was moral obligation
inaugurated and launched its operation on October 3, 2009, opening
its first branch in Bole, Addis Ababa. to directly
or indirectly
According to the Berhan Bank President,Abraham Alaro, the 10- contribute its
year journey of the Bank could be viewed from three different share to efforts to
eras: the first one, 2009-2013 was an establishment period that saw alleviate societal
aggressive marketing and promotion activity,andfoundation for the challenges.”
Bank was laid. The second era, 2014-2016 was a take-off timeby
which refined strategy for market penetration was attempted. The
third era, 2017 to the present is a period that the bank has shown a
splendid achievements and relative maturity in the industry.

The Bank has managed toraise its income for years. The Bank’s
deposit has shown a remarkable growth which stands 14.964.3
million Birr in 2018/19 from 238 million Birr ten years ago.

Abraham indicated that in the past ten years the Bank has stretched
its wings to various regional states across the country, and enabled
to raise the number to 200 branches from five branches ten years
ago, showing an exponential increase annually.

The Bank’s profit has been showing significant increase since its
establishment a decade ago. Indeed, a profit surge is witnessed in
2018/19 fiscal year; gross profit of the Bank stands at 580.1 million
which was 410.9 million Birr a year ago.

On the other hand the Bank’s assets reached over 19.2 billion Birr,
which is an increase of 33.5 percent compared with the preceding
year’s 14.1 billion Birr.

For the year Berhan’s capital strength continued significantly, in
2018/19 the total paid-up capital reached 2 billion birr from 1.7 in
2017/18 fiscal year.

“We have achieved the goals of our strategic plan three years
before the time set despite the various challenges our Bank
hasfacedregarding foreign currency mobilization and some
directives of the National Bank,”

The President noted that Berhan Bank is the first Ethiopian private
Bank to attract over 15,000 shareholders while the number of
depositors reached 657,027 in the 2018/19 fiscal year.

18 Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019

Photo by Daniel Tiruneh

Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019 19

Photo Berhan Bank file

Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019

እንደስማችን ብርሃን ነው ሥራችን!

Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019

Over 4000 employees of the Bank “Re-branding obliges us a good working atmosphere for
have currently been working in a very to come up with a new, both its customers and employees”
conducive and encouraging working said Abraham, adding that for
environment that has enabled to bring this remarkable achievement the
Bank was awarded a certificate of
about increased customer satisfaction innovative and unique recognition by this South African
and impacts on the development of customer service. So company.
the national economy as well. we are now the bank
As a socially responsible company
Abraham said the Bank had spent officially launch this Berhan Bank has been taking part
two years before its establishment ten in several community development
years ago, and had gone through lots of ”rebranding endeavor. programs. In favor of this, Abraham
ups and downs to secure the required said, ‘‘The Bank strongly believes
start-up capital at the moment.He that it has moral obligation to
further added that the dedicated and directly or indirectly contribute its
share to efforts to alleviate societal
committed founders of the Bank had challenges.”

shown their selfless personality to Thus, the Bank has donated one to
five million Birr financial support
realize the establishment of the Bank. to various governmental and non-
governmental institutions, including
Moreover, Abraham statedthat the Great Ethiopian Renaissance
Dam (GERD), Sheger Beautification
ensuring whether relevant banking Project, and Ambo Youth Center
Project. Furthermore, it has played
rules and regulations put in place, a pivotal role in the rehabilitation of
displaced people in Amhara, Oromia,
aggressive marketing and promotion Somalia and Tigray Regional States
as well as supporting the purchase of
under taken by the founders of educational materials for students in
Addis Ababa City Administration.
the Bank as well as equipping and and number of customers in
staffing the Bank with appropriate 2014/15, andithad to embark on It has now become so common to
and relevant logistics and human expansion of a high-tech data- name the area located at ‘‘Senga
resources were some of the major base at a cost of 77 million Birr Tera” in the Capital, Addis Ababa,
activities carried out to establish the that could accommodate the “Sheger Wall Street” where
bank. ever increasing service demand. several private banks are erecting
their magnificent headquarters
Berhan Bank has initially taken into This obviously upgraded the buildings.Berhan Bank has made
consideration its values so that it various banking products such relentless effort to secure land for the
could make impacts on the country’s as internet banking mobile construction of its headquarters in
banking industry and its customers. banking, school pay, and mobile this financial site.
It has been known for its integrity top-up.
“Re-branding renders us with an
and commitment, and remained role “We have achieved the goals of opportunity to come up with a new,
model for other businesses around. our strategic plan three years innovative and unique customer
services. So we are now the Bank
Berhan Bank is also known for before the time set despite the officially launch this rebranding
its being the first private Bank to various challenges our Bank endeavor.”
launch core banking solutionfully has sufferedregarding foreign
automating and networking its currency mobilization and
branches in the country. This made some directives of the National
the Bank exemplary for other Bank,” Abraham noted.

banks, and then the National Bank Berhan Bank has mainly
of Ethiopia has declared that the worked on maintaining an
launching of core banking system is open and transparent working
mandatory. environment; “A South African

The Bank displayed an amazing company has conducted
boom in its financial transaction a survey on the bank and
found out that there exists

22 Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019

It was indicated that the Bank has
been waiting for a response from the
Addis Ababa City Administration
for itsland request for more
than four years, and it alsomade
attemptspreviously to buy plot of
land from individuals for the same

With regards to its international
remittance business, the Bank
haspartnered with Western Union,
Dahabshiil, Taran Express and
other international remittance
service providing companies. Profit
figurescontinued to soar, registering
a remarkable growth in gross profit
year in year out.

In connection with its 10th year Photo by Anteneh Aklilu Speaking of the Berhan Bank’s
anniversary, Berhan Bank has
embarked on rebranding its This, according to Abraham, will future, Abraham indicated that the
company, changing its logo, motto help banksto reach out to the
and image. “This renders us with credit requests of their customers Bank will mainly focus on expanding
an opportunity to come up with in a better way.
a new, innovative and unique technology-based services,
customer services. So we are now With regard to the ongoing
officially launching this rebranding discussion pertaining to opening enhancing quality of customer
endeavor.” Abraham noted. the financial industry to foreign
banks, ThePresident said, service and competitiveness,
“We have now closed the first
chapter which brings us to this building employees’ capacity and
successful path, and we also have
to reposition ourselves in a new expandingitsasset base.
and better image that would help us
serve our customers more efficiently “preparation to open the While future banking industry in
and effectively.” Abraham said, industry for foreign banks Ethiopia seem to be promising as
should be treated meticulously, challenging government financial
Some of the Directives of the and our financial institutions policy and regulations are being
National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) need to be prepared andgiven amended, Berhan Bank, in its ten
are said to be bottlenecks forthe opportunity to enter into foreign years journey has successfully
operation of private banks. country markets as they would achieved what it had intended to
Nevertheless, very recently the NBE do here.”, adding that the achieve; the founders should be proud
has lifted a long-running mandatory Ethiopian Government needs of what they have done in the past
bond purchase Directives in which to look into ways of facilitating ten years. Hence, the Bank with its
private banks were obliged to bilateral issues that help these re-branding move and technological
purchase a bond accounting 27% of institutions be players in foreign advancement will undoubtedly keep
every loan they extend to borrowers. markets. going, rising and booming.

Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019 23


Brussels Lièg



Mexico City New York
Dakar Bamako Niamey Kan
Bogotá Ouagadougou
Abidjan Lomé CLoatgoonsoEun



Sao Paulo


24 Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019

Ethiopian is the largest cargo network operator in Africa, in terms of FTK (freight ton km),
Revenue, Network & fleet size, with 30 freighter destinations; on 2018/19, and one of the

major global cargo players, having scored the largest performance with annual capacity of
more than 430tons cargo traffic, serving 57+ global freighter destinations with 12 dedicated

freighters including 10 Boeing B777-200LRF and 2 - Boeing B737-800CF from our main
hub in Addis Ababa and Liege. Ethiopian operates in major trade lanes between Africa
and Europe, Middle-east and Asia providing a convenient and reliable cargo service to


Istanbul Seoul

Cairo Kuwait New Delhi Shanghai
Riyadh BahrainSharjah Ahmedabad
Mumbai Guangzhou
J eddah Dubai Hong Kong
K hartoum Asmara
no N’ Djamena Bangkok
Bangalore Chennai

unDugouuala Hargeisa
Addis Ababa
vBirllaezzaville J uba
EntebbeNairobi Mogadishu
K igali


uanda Lusaka Lilongwe



Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019


Nisir Microfinance: Treasure
for All”
Momentum ”By Aklile Tsige

The World Bank estimates that
more than 500 million people have

directly or indirectly benefited

from microfinance-related

operations. The International

Finance Corporation (IFC),

part of the larger World Bank

Group, estimates that, as of 2014,

more than 130 million people

have directly benefited from

microfinance-related operations.

However, these operations are

only available to approximately

20% of the three billion people

who qualify as among the world’s


Photo By Sol Image According to the National Bank
of Ethiopia, there are currently 44
26 Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019 MFIs operating in Ethiopia, and
they are believed to have impacted
on people’s lives. Aklile Tsige
speaks to Dawit Wakgari, Chief
Executive Officer, and Henok
Abera, Business Development and
Marketing Manager withone of
these MFIs in the country,Nisir

In Ethiopia, micro finance institutions founders of the institution have financial resources through
(MFIs), which were mostly founded shareholders’ investment and
with the aim of fighting poverty, play been drawn from the National saving.
a big role in addressing the needs of
people who are considered ‘high-risk’ Bank, the World Bank and The manager further indicated
by commercial banks. In a country that the institution requests not
where over 77pct of the population is notable businesses. Nisircurrently only vehicles as collateral but
unbanked, MFIs provide loans to the also share capital certificate,
large portion of the population with provides efficient loans of deposit certificate and
very few assets. machineries, among others.
multiple options with integrated
Microfinance, also called microcredit, Waving its business motto
is a type of banking service provided and coordinated function of “A Treasure for All”, Nisir is
to unemployed or low-income now a-300-million birr company
individuals or groups who otherwise its various departments and thathas currently managed to
would have no other access to financial secure 300 million birr deposit
services. This is because banks are sections: Operation, Business out of which 50,000,000 birr is
mainly targeting the rich. While collected from its shareholders’
institutions participating in the area Development, Finance, while the 250, 000,000 birr is
of microfinance most often provide secured from customers’ saving.
lending-microloans can range from as Information Technology, Legal With the view to building
small as 100,000-500,000 birr ; many trust among the public, the
banks offer additional services such and Internal Control and Risk. institution is doing its level best
as checking and savings accounts as by maintaining good partnership
well as micro-insurance products. Nisir Micro Finance Institution with Awash Bank where Nisir’s
is a growing institution which depositors receive their interest
Established in 2014, Nisir is currently operating at the from the Bank as the Institution
microfinance institution S.Cinitially headquarters located at Dembel has its account there.
kicked off operation with a start- City Center, and 4 branches at
up capital of seven million birr, and Megenagna, Beklobet, Piassa, According to Nisir MFI CEO,
seven staff members and the visionary and Merkato. Nisir is currently Dawit Wakgari, like conventional
serving more than 3,700 clients
with an exceptionally praised
customer service.

Henok Abera, Nisir MFI Business
Development and Marketing
Department Manager noted
that the institution which is
closelyregulated and supervised
by the National Bank of Ethiopia
mainly focuses on mobilizing

Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019 27

Photo Nisir file

lenders, micro financiers must amount of saving from customers. “missing middle” section of the
charge interest on loans, and they Continuing its journey with society wholack investable capital
institute specific repayment plans innovative approach, Nisir targeted at funding SMEs; When
with payments due at regular Microfinance supports a large the institution started operation
intervals. Some lenders require loan number of activities that range five years ago the regular interest
recipients to set aside a part of their from providing the basics like bank used to be 5% while it was paying
income in a savings account, which checking and savings accounts to 8% interest that undoubtedly
can be used as insurance if the startupcapital for small business captivated deposers.
customer defaults. If the borrower entrepreneurs and business
repays the loan successfully, then development plans. Business Development and
they have just accrued extra savings. Marketing Manager indicated that
“Our service is so efficient that many retired persons have been
Although there are two types of borrowers can secure loans confused as to what do with their
savings: fixed term and cash-in out, within a few days as long as they money at hand; so the institution
the institution mainly embarked on fulfill the requirements set by manage s to provide a monthly
operating a competitive fixed term the Institution,” Henok went on interest for those depositors who
loan scheme by which depositors saying, “ but our customers are could lead a descent life with the
obtain up to 12% plus annual required only to deposit a 5% pre- benefit they get.
interest. This’s a stress-free, short- saving, which is believed to be a
term investment alternative as a foundation for developing saving Nisir MFI is planning to erect its
customer who deposits 1,000,000 habit.” own headquarters building at the
birr receives a monthly interest of heart of the city locally known as
10,000 birr, and the like. This’s how Nisir has also come up with a ‘Sengatera”, or lately considered
Nisir managed to mobilize huge new business model, targeting the to be “Sheger Wallstreet”. In

28 Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019

order to look into future construction, “missing While most of MFIs are struggling
the institution has bought three to sustain their business Nisir
condominium basement apartments middle” Microfinance has been discharging
at this condo site and rented it for the its social responsibility in support of
same cause. This time around the use of various socio-economic challenges.
information communication The institution has recently extended
Since the institution mainly wants technology in financial significant amount of support to joy
to mobilize financial resources it institution appears to be Autism Center established by Niya
embarks on launching an aggressive mandatory to sustain in this Foundation.
promotion campaign through media competitive financial business.
and communication outlets such as In this regard, Nisir MFI has The benefits of microfinance
TV, radio and other commercials with already signed an agreement extend beyond the direct effects
the view to captivating and persuading with an internationaltech of giving people a source for
depositors. company to implement capital. Entrepreneurs who create
core banking system in the successful businesses, in turn, create
“As we provide need-based financial institution. jobs, trade, and overall economic
service, we planned a 200 million improvement within a community.
birr deposit last year, but this “This technology undoubtedly Thus, Nisir Microfinance Institution
Ethiopian fiscal year we set to make helps us establish and maintain keeps going, maintaining its core
it a half a billion birr company 500 trust among the depositors, and values, unique saving and credit
million birr. That’s why we need to provide efficient and effective services while serving the nation
engage in an intensive promotion saving and credit service.” with credible and reliable strategies.
campaign.” Dawit Wakgari ,Nisir Said Dawit
MFI CEO noted.

Photo Nisir file

Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019 29

Sustainable Development Goals, U
structural transformation and N
financing for development C
By Staff Writer A

Dependence on external resources to development aid, in the context of LDCs.
finance fixed investment and, more the broader topic of international
generally, sustainable development is a cooperation for development, Structural transformation plays a
crucial feature of the economies of structural transformation and crucial role as an enabler of sustainable
the least developed countries (LDCs). sustainable development. An development. It is also a given that the
Consequently, such dependence has a “Aid Effectiveness Agenda financial resources available to LDCs
determining impact on the ability 2.0”, as proposed in this report, are limited. In this report, therefore,
of these countries to reach their could contribute decisively to the point is made that these countries
development goals, especially the structural transformation through and their development partners should
Sustainable Development Goals and the better management and delivery sequence their policy and spending
objectives of the Programme of Action of aid. Structural transformation focus with an eye on the Sustainable
for the Least Developed Countries is, in turn, a condition for Development Goals most relevant
for the Decade 2011–2020 (Istanbul the realization of human to structural transformation Goals
Programme of Action). rights including the right to 7, 8, 9, 12 and 17 initially receiving
development and the realization greater attention and resources. Rapid
This report re-examines that dependence of the Sustainable Development progress towards achieving these
and contributes to development Goals and objectives of the Goals is an enabler of the realization
policy debates by showing the Istanbul Programme of Action. of the other Goals.
linkages between development goals,
structural transformation, sustainable LDCs have progressed too slowly In terms of balance of payments, the
development and human rights. towards achievement of their reallocation of resources towards
objectives under the Istanbul higher-productivity activities leads to
Human rights are scarcely mentioned Programme of Action and of the expansion and diversification of
in those debates, yet the connection Sustainable Development Goals, exports and lower dependence on
is evidenced by the fact that both the largely due to scant progress in imported intermediates and capital
objectives of the Istanbul Programme of structural transformation. goods (as domestic firms narrow their
Action and the Sustainable Development competitiveness gap vis-a-vis foreign
Goals aim at the realization of human Here, structural economic suppliers). This gradually contributes
rights in general and, specifically, of transformation is understood to to reducing current account deficits,
the right to development. While no mean the transfer of productive by means of a dynamic relationship
single human right has ascendency resources (particularly labour, between exports, profit and
over the various other human rights, the capital and land) from activities investment.
realization of the right to development and sectors of low productivity
creates an enabling environment for the to those of higher productivity. The positive growth performance of
realization of all human rights. One reason for this scant LDCs since the global financial crisis
progress is the failure of the of 2008/09 has not been sufficient for
International cooperation, which is international community to these countries to accelerate
central to this report, is a key contributor create an international economic structural transformation or reduce
to the realization of human rights. environment conducive to the dependence on external resources
Specifically, the report concentrates on structural transformation of (i.e. foreign savings) to finance

30 Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019

fixed investment and development. development finance for LDCs debate and deliberations of
Despite a difficult international as a group is ODA, and the vast the forthcoming Fifth United
environment, LDC exports of goods majority of these countries are Nations Conference on the Least
and especially services have seen dependent on ODA for their Developed Countries, in 2021,
a significant expansion since the development finance. By contrast, leading to the adoption of a new
outbreak of the crisis. However, two for other developing countries, plan of action for LDCs to guide
negative developments overshadow FDI is the most important source. policy actions and international
this positive development for LDCs: cooperation until 2030.
(a) the very limited diversification or The state of LDC aid dependence
upgrading of their export baskets; and depicted so far is worrisome per How dependence on
(b) the even more rapid expansion of se. Moreover, such dependence external development
imports (leading to widening current has become even more challenging finance is affecting fiscal
account deficits). to LDCs as the aid landscape has
changed considerably in recent policies
Domestic resource mobilization years. The aid architecture has
on a scale commensurate with the become more complex and less Critical to achieving the Sustainable
enormous investment needs of LDCs transparent since the early 2000s, Development Goals in LDCs are the
is not an option for them, due to their which further challenges LDC domestic public resources needed
low income and high levels of poverty. policymakers’ already constrained for public investments and services
By the same token, these countries capacities to manage the financing to sustain economic transformation
have little ability to attract market- of their sustainable development. and eradicate poverty and hunger.
based forms of sustainable long-term Strengthening domestic public
financing. The aid architecture has been resource mobilization is critical to
transformed as a result of: (a) closing development financing gaps
LDCs’ sluggish progress on structural changes in the aid policies and lowering the pressure on public
transformation is reflected in of traditional donors; (b) debt. However, persistent structural
persistent current account deficits. the declining role of non- deficits and balance-of-payments
These deficits need to be financed by governmental organizations and problems among LDCs suggests a
foreign capital inflows, hence LDCs’ the emergence of new forms of greater need for ODA to supplement
external financing needs and their private sector engagement; (c) domestic public resources. The
dependence on foreign savings. From the strengthening and broadening pace of implementation of the
a balance of payments point of view, of South–South cooperation; Sustainable Development Goals
the main sources of external finance (d) the entry of philanthropists; and the quality of results will also
have traditionally been foreign direct and (e) the development of new depend on synergy between external
investment (FDI), traditional official modalities and instruments of and domestic public resources.
development assistance (ODA), raising and delivering aid, such as
resources arising from South–South blended finance and public–private Tax capacity, as measured by a tax
cooperation, remittances, external partnerships. revenue-to-GDP ratio, has increased
debt and portfolio investments. More tremendously among LDCs,
recently, blended finance and The Least Developed Countries from an average of 11 per cent in
public–private partnerships have Report 2019: The Present and 2000 to 19 per cent in 2017. The
emerged as alternative sources. Future of External Development median tax revenue-to-GDP ratio
These different sources each have, Finance Old Dependence, New for LDCs reached the 15 per cent
however, a distinct development Challenges aims at answering the mark in 2011, widely regarded as
footprint, degree of alignment with question of whether, and to what the minimum threshold necessary
a country’s development strategies extent, available external resources to support sustainable growth and
and consequences for external are contributing to the structural development. In many LDCs,
indebtedness. economic transformation of LDCs. however, tax revenue still amounts
The report is intended as an input to less than 10 per cent of GDP.
The major source of external and contribution to the policy Most LDCs operate below tax
capacity, though Benin, Burkina
Faso, Kiribati, Lesotho, Malawi,

Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019 31

Nepal and Togo have consistently Building fiscal spaces requires have a positive impact on economic
operated close to full tax capacity. growth when used directly in
Moreover, countries such as the a series of budget cycles over productive activities, e.g. aid
Gambia, Kiribati, Liberia, Nepal, earmarked for improving public
Rwanda and Timor-Leste have which LDCs should cumulatively services and the physical and social
achieved improvements in tax infrastructure of a recipient country:
administration including compliance align fiscal reforms with broader transport, communication, energy,
that has helped them to better link tax water, banking, industry, health,
revenue to economic activities. structural transformation education and population. In most
LDCs, tax revenue and ODA fall
Over the years, the composition objectives. Curbing illicit financial short of desired public expenditures.
of taxes among LDCs has shifted The divergence between ODA and
significantly, from deriving mainly flows has the potential to boost public capital expenditure has risen
from duties on international trade, sharply from $3.5 billion in 2006, to
to coming from broadly defined revenue, as such flows averaged an $92.6 billion in 2017.
consumer and income taxes.
Consumer and income taxes estimated 5 per cent of LDC GDP Both capital expenditure and
amounted, on average, to 32.4 per current expenditure in LDCs have
cent and 23.5 per cent of tax revenues in 2015. Combating seen a rapid increase. However,
in 2017, respectively. as evidenced by the short trend
them requires international tax between 2014 and 2017, capital
The main factors constraining the tax expenditures decline faster during a
potential of LDCs include tax evasion, cooperation and enhanced national recession than current expenditures
the relative size of the informal and recover sluggishly during
economy compared to the formal capacity of regulatory and tax economic recovery. There is thus
economy, weak tax administration a limit to growth based on the
systems, corruption, illicit financial administration bodies to track, stop expansion of government spending
flows and underperforming public focused on physical and social
policy and institutions. Moreover, and prevent illicit activities that infrastructure.
low levels of GDP and of economic
diversification limit the extent to drain resources and reduce the tax This is particularly the case if there
which LDCs can further increase are no measures to complement
net revenue from taxes on income, capacity of LDCs. domestic resources, including
profits, and goods and services. strategies to better align ODA with
Still, efforts to strengthen domestic Aligning public expenditure with a the priorities of LDCs. Growth
resource mobilization need to be is also limited by the absence of
undertaken. structural transformation agenda is domestic policies to crowd in the
private sector, which offsets the
Fiscal reforms in LDCs should as strategic as mobilizing domestic impact of an expanded Government.
carefully weigh the welfare A worrying trend is the growing
implications of new taxes or review and external resources to finance gap between tax revenue and public
existing tax components. The focus expenditure, whereas ODA has
should be on comprehensively the Sustainable Development remained relatively unchanged
reviewing the tax base, improving over the years. Government budget
tax administration systems, closing Goals. The link between external deficits have steadily widened from
loopholes, simplifying the tax system, an average of 1.8 per cent of GDP in
removing ill-designed tax incentives finance and various categories 2013, to 3.6 per cent in 2018.
and tax holidays that fail to balance
foreign interests with local enterprise of public sector expenditure is Tax revenue to government
development requirements, and expenditure ratios remained
providing adequate tax information critical, particularly how external relatively high among LDCs
to the public. between 2002 and 2017, while
finance impacts the quality of

public financial management

institutions and their ability to

generate domestic resources. The

relationship between traditional

ODA and domestic fiscal effort is

complex and context specific.

Traditional ODA can support or
undermine domestic fiscal effort,
depending on how aid is delivered
and targeted, and how and to what
extent recipient countries manage
that aid. Creating synergy between
ODA and domestic resource
mobilization thus depends on
sectoral allocation of ODA and
the impact of aid on tax effort and
public expenditure.

Building the productive capacities
of LDCs requires scaling up
capital accumulation, through both
public and private investment.
Despite concerns about volatility
of allocations, ODA would in fact

32 Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019

ODA as a share of GDP has gradually recipient countries; (b) asserting priorities in LDCs, mainly because
declined from about 16 per cent to 11
per cent over the same period. This recipient countries’ responsibility aid is delivered in a way that falls
implies that most government priorities
were financed by domestic resources. for national development agendas; outside the policy frameworks of
However, donor aid and tax revenue
are each equivalent to at least two and (c) ensuring that any external recipients. However, a positive
thirds of government expenditure. This
implies the existence of parallel donor support adheres to the strategic correlation between revenue and aid,
structures that are bypassing national
systems. ODA was less than 30 per objectives of national development and between aid and domestic debt,
cent of government expenditure only
in a few countries between 2009 and agendas. LDCs need strong aid shows the positive complementary
2017, including Angola, Bangladesh,
Bhutan, Lesotho, Myanmar, the Sudan coordination strategies, institutional impact of aid when it is fully
and Yemen. LDCs that received
aid equivalent to more than 50 per and human capacities and proactive supportive of national priorities,
cent of government expenditure but
having similarly high tax-revenue to foreign policies that cement the role as has been the case in Rwanda in
government-expenditure ratios faced
significant aid diversion problems. of national systems over national recent years.

Fragmented modalities of traditional development. In this report, therefore,
ODA create and sustain “independent
bureaucracies” in both source and it is recommended that donors A country-owned institutional
beneficiary countries. Parallel donor
structures do not have a clear mapping streamline the aid delivery process to approach for aid coordination places
to fiscal accounts on both the revenue
and the expenditure side. Developing strengthen national systems and thus high value on country ownership. As
ODA-recipient countries whose aid
is broken up into projects exhibit ensure effectiveness and alignment intended by the Paris Declaration,
worse fiscal outcomes than those
with streamlined ODA. Overcoming of donor support with national alignment in the context of external
structural bottlenecks and better
alignment of donor and national priorities. support refers to the use by donors
priorities, through a substantial
shift away from projects to more of partner countries’ national
programmatic forms of aid that use
national systems and reduce donor Where aid coordination is development strategies, institutions
overlaps, could improve domestic
resource mobilization. institutionalized, a clear mapping and procedures and a commitment

Aid coordination and aid effectiveness exists between national development to contribute to strengthening
have re-emerged as topical issues in
development financing, as the number strategies, external support received recipients’ capacities. As budget
of players has increased tremendously
and due to the scant level of through policy on international supporttoLDCsremainsfragmented,
implementation of the aid effectiveness
agenda. The purpose of donor cooperation and national budget and less inclined towards developing
coordination is threefold: (a) ensuring
integration of external development aggregates. A country’s aid productive capacities, there is a
assistance with the priorities of
coordination mechanism is deemed need to improve coordination of

successful when it gathers donors programmatic interventions to avoid

support to one sectoral programme, a selective focus, misalignment and

rather than to separately conceived wasteful allocation of donor support

donor projects within a sector. LDCs to non-performing sectors.

such as Rwanda and the Lao People’s

Democratic Republic have achieved A critical component of inefficiency

strong progress in aid management in aid allocation arises from the

and donor coordination. static way in which aid is structured

over time, as opposed to changing

A focus on narrow sectoral themes national priorities.

is, instead, common among bilateral

donors. With less than 10 per cent of Several basics of development

total aid receipts of LDCs making use policy remain relevant for LDCs,

of the budget support aid modality, including the need for better policies

the aid process remains a donor- and institutions, diversification

centric and structural transformation,

affair despite the target of the development-oriented public

2005 Paris Declaration on Aid financial management, alignment of

Effectiveness of increasing this type external support to national priorities

of aid. More than two thirds of total and incrementally raising the profile

ODA from DAC member countries of domestic resource mobilization to

are provided bilaterally and mainly reduce aid dependence. ODAshould,

through project-type interventions. however, continue playing a catalytic

Aid disbursements are weakly role in financing development in

associated with national development LDCs.

Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019 33

Chinese e-commerce for cross border electronic trade
(including both B2B and B2C)
giant eyes Ethiopia development, according to the
Alibaba Group, which emphasizes on
By Shiferaw Tadesse about export opportunities, access working together with entrepreneurs
to trade finance and logistics costs and SMEs from African nations to
China’s internet giant- Alibaba are among the key reasons for seize the opportunities provided by
Group, signed a memorandum of the Chinese e-commerce giant, the digital era.
understanding (MoU) with Ethiopian Alibaba Group, to come up with
officials to help Ethiopia launch its an initiative dubbed, electronic In its latest move with the eWTP
first eWTP (electronic world trade World Trade Platform (eWTP). initiative, the Alibaba Group on
platform) Hub, the second in Africa Monday, November 25, 2019, signed
after Rwanda. Proposed by an English language a memorandum of understanding
The digital age is transforming teacher-converted entrepreneur, (MoU) with the government of
everything, most important economic Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba, in Ethiopia for the establishment of
activities and the way businesses are 2016, eWTP aims to set up an open eWTP, which Prime Minister of
carried out: the nature of markets platform for private enterprises and Ethiopia, Dr. Abiy Ahmed has hailed,
and products, how to produce, how coordination among international as it plays crucial role in enabling
to deliver and pay, and the scale of organizations, governments, and entrepreneurs to access business
capital to operate globally among social groups which focus on the information of varied types and also
others. development of SMEs as well as in introducing best practices to the
Investing in the digital economy helps trade. country. “The eWTP creates a fair
boost productivity, expose companies playing ground for small and medium
to new ideas, technologies, new Included in the communiqué of enterprises, enabling them to access
management and business models, the G20 Summit in Hangzhou, information about export, about
and creating new channels of market the private sector-led and multi- opportunities, access to trade and
access, and all of these at relatively stakeholder initiative came up finance and logistics,” the premier
low costs. for public-private cooperation to has said, while witnessing the
incubate eTrade rules and foster signing of the MoU at the ICT Park
The challenges identified by the a more effective and efficient in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa on
WTO and OECD, facing small policy and business environment Nov. 25, 2019.
and medium enterprises (SMEs), With the agreement on the launch
including, the access to information of eWTP Ethiopia, three documents
have been signed by the two sides,
including, for the eWTP framework,
digital capacity building, and building
a comprehensive digital hub.

The eWTP aims to facilitate the
development of eTrade and the digital
economy through the development of
eTrade infrastructure and adoption of
best practices such as cross-border
eTrade experiment zones to solve
outstanding issues facing SMEs,
especially in developing countries.

getting Image The initiative is also said to enable
34 Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019 Ethiopia to provide smart logistics
and services, conduct cross-border
trades, with SMEs by helping them

marketing goods and
services to the Chinese and
other nations of the world,
as well as serve as a center
of excellence in training
young entrepreneurs, among

Reiterating that Alibaba has

keen interest to working

together with entrepreneurs

and SMEs from African

nations, exploiting

opportunities of the digital

era, the Alibaba Group

Director and Ant Financial Getahun Mekuria, noted that the
engagement would greatly contribute
Services Group Chairman to trade facilitation and open markets to
SMEs not only in Ethiopia but in the wider
and CEO, Eric Jing, said “It region, adding that it is an important step
in the development of a digital economy
is an honor to partner with getting Image in Ethiopia.

the government of Ethiopia Industrialization Week held “Taking eWTP as one of the e-commerce
from 18 to 22 November 2019 platforms, Ethiopia aims to facilitate the
to establish the Electronic on the premises of the African development of e-trade and the digital
Union (AU) headquarters in economy through the development of
World Trade Platform Addis Ababa, the Executive e-trade infrastructure and adoption of
Director of International Trade best practices,” said Prime Minister Abiy
(eWTP) Ethiopia Hub. We Center, Arancha Gonzalez, has Ahmed.
emphasized on the need for
will continue to support the African countries to invest, among Speaking on the occasion, Jack Ma,
other four areas, in the digital founder of Alibaba Group emphasized the
creation of a more inclusive economy, which is the economy of need to cultivate entrepreneurship and to
the 21st century, to enhance trade cultivate the sprint of innovation, driving
digitally-enabled global and create more jobs for millions for speed results and efficiency. “I believe
of African young people. in the digital economy, and the small
economy, where small businesses in Ethiopia, young people in
“What young entrepreneurs Ethiopia, entrepreneurs in Ethiopia will
businesses can participate require is a radical and rapid shift go to the world, will trade with the world,
in Africa’s business ecosystem so business with the world and partner
in global trade.” that we open the efficiencies and with the world because of this digital
possibilities in all the sectors economy,” he added.
Rwanda was the first African that can penetrate even in the
country to launch the most remote rural population “The success of Ethiopia will not only
platform, whereby Rwanda and communities,” Gonzalez inspire Ethiopian young people, but
and Alibaba launched the has said, indicating that the most it will also inspire the whole Africa to
eWTP in October 2018, visible manifestation of the digital grasp the opportunities of the digital
with the signing of MOUs economy is in e-commerce. economy,” he concluded.
in the areas of e-commerce,
tourism, e-payment, and Signing the MoU for the eWTP
capacity building, under Ethiopia, the country’s Minister
the framework of eWTP. As of Innovation and Technology,
part of the eWTP agreement
signed between the Rwandan
government and Alibaba,
22 Rwandan students were
then expected to attend an
undergraduate program at
the Alibaba Business School
in September 2019.

Speaking at the Africa

Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019 35

How Black Friday
is giving Africa’s
economy a lift

Credit: Josephine Wawira According to Black Friday share of the BF pie. With every vendor
Global, a marketing website, aiming to top the list of more products
It is quite phenomenal how in recent Black Friday sales are 1,331% and/or services sold, competition has
years, both ecommerce players and and 1,952% higher than average- increased as consumers seek to be
retailers have used Black Friday to day sales in the continent’s two impressed and convinced to purchase
sweep thrifty shoppers off their feet. largest economies, Nigeria and from one and not the other sellers. At
So much that the shopping event is South Africa respectively. In the end of the month of November,
no longer restricted to a single-day this view, how is Black Friday businesses have recorded upturning, if
shopping spree but has rather taken providing an economic lift to the not groundbreaking profits, compared
over the entire month to become continent? to any other month of the year.
Black November. If you drove
around the streets of Nairobi, Lagos With Black Friday comes E-commerce companies like Jumia,
and Johannesburg for instance, the need by shoppers to get a which pioneered Black Friday in
the number of billboards showing variety to choose from. Before Nigeria and most African countries back
discounted Black Friday sales adding the products to their in 2014, has reported that the number
as well as digital advertisements carts, consumers will compare of sellers and brands that participated
are proof of the retailers’ craze to different vendors until they in the 2019 Black Friday increased by
maximize consumer spend during land the best price and product +22%and 7% respectively from the
the BF period. quality. As a result, this has previous year. According to Jumia,
created a pool of opportunities Black Friday Month is not business as
Undoubtedly, the ripple effect that for more businesses to join the usual, with most sellers recording 100
Black Friday sales have on African movement in a bid to have a times more sales on Black Friday(s)
economies cannot be overlooked. than in usual business days. This is
attributed to the increased online
visibility and traffic that the vendors
receive from the online platform during
the campaign period; with the online
platform receiving millions of visits
during the campaign period.

Notably, the BF movement has become
a cocktail of online and retail sales
from both small and medium, as well as
established businesses. A classic case is
that of supermarket retailer Carrefour,
that has not only strengthened its retail
presence across Africa but also its
online offering through partnerships
with Jumia.

36 Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019

Consumers save
as much as 50%%

For instance, the Black Friday
Global estimates that consumers
receive an actual average
discount of about 60% in South
Africa, 57% in Nigeria and 54%
in Kenya; in the latter, spending
approximately 9,000 KES per
person in both online and brick-
and-mortar stores. Such levels
of rebates and highly discounted
products during Black Friday are
breathtaking and have pushed
more consumers across Africa to

Image by Master1305

Employment and cross border trade Happy
New year
A Black Friday cycle is completed by a supply
chain that must work closely to provide a Conclusion
satisfactory customer experience. To ensure
ample stock of inventory, sellers end up hiring With all factors considered, one can confidently
extra hands including delivery personnel. Due appraise the impact of Black Friday, and the role
to the high demand and the need to adapt to the annual shopping extravaganza will continue
customers’ responses, most retailers and online playing in lifting Africa’s economies.
companies outsource services and extend
partnerships with third party logistics providers. Will campaigns like Black Friday help boost the
As a result, hundreds of thousands of jobs are penetration of ecommerce in Africa, now at only
created across the continent during the Black 1% as a percentage of the total retail market;
November month, which go a long way in easing to reach the rate of 12% in the US and 20% in
the economic strain brought about by high China? As you ponder on this, allow me to wish
levels of unemployment in Africa. According you the very best of the Holiday Season.
to BCG report published in March 2019, online
marketplaces could create 3 million jobs in Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019 37
Africa by 2025.

Additionally, Black Friday has enabled
entrepreneurs to do business across borders,
purchasing and selling products and services
from one country to another. Cross border
trade is expected to further thrive in coming
years, with the implementation of the African
Continental Free Trade Area Agreement.

Medical Sector:

In Progress

By Samuel Tekleyesus
MBA in Finance
Lecturer, Researcher and Business Consultant

Ethiopia is characterized by a predominantly
rural and impoverished population with limited
access to safe water, housing, sanitation, food and
health care. Health, as part of the environment and
social services, has recorded success marked by
the increased estimated healthy life expectancy
at birth to 64.8 years in 2016 from as low as 45
years in 1990. The health status of the country’s
population indicates that about 80% of diseases
are attributable to preventable conditions.

According the World Health Organization (WHO) getting Image
estimates, a Non-Communicable Diseases related
annual death rate of 34% in Ethiopia However, The impact-level targets of HSTP by 2020 are to reduce:
Ethiopia is displaying decreasing trend of these
conditions through the effective performance of
health extension programs.

FDRE Ministry of Health reports indicate that • Maternal mortality ratio (MMR) to 199/100,000
Ethiopia has been implementing successive live births (LB)
Health Sector Development Plans (HSDPs).
Ethiopia’s health indicators have been remarkably • Under five-year, infant and neonatal mortality rates 30,
improved. The quality of health care in terms 20 and 10 per 1,000 live births respectively;
of improving patient safety, effectiveness, and
patient-centeredness, in both public and private • HIV incidence by at least 60% compared with 2010
facilities, is often inconsistent and unreliable. and achieve zero new infections among children;

The Health Sector Transformation Plan (HSTP) • The number of TB deaths and incidence rate by 35%
is the national health sector strategic plan, which and 20% respectively.
covers 2015 –2020. The Plan has three key
features: quality and equity; universal health • Diminish malaria case incidence and mortality rate by
coverage and transformation. The HSTP sets out at least 40 percent.
four pillars of excellence:
Currently, more than 12,000 private health facilities are
1. Excellence in health service delivery providing health services in Ethiopia. The government is
2. Excellence in quality improvement playing a facilitation role and supports private sectors in the
area of quality of care and quality services. The government
and assurance is also working with private sectors in order to build
3. Excellence in leadership and governance advanced tertiary care hospitals to attract medical tourism.
4. Excellence in health system capacity The Ministry of Health is committed to reform agencies
such as the Pharmaceuticals Fund and Supply Agency
(PFSA) for providing consistent and reliable services to the
healthcare system. The MOH is also working to establish

38 Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019

the Sustainable Development
Goals of the country.

cancer diagnosis centers at seven The number of foreign hospital The country has a large,
hospitals and to strength the services representatives in Addis Ababa predominantly rural, and
at 48 health facilities. is increasing significantly to impoverished population with
address a growing demand of poor access to safe water,
The healthcare environment in medical travel in the country. housing, sanitation, food and
Ethiopia, while striving to meet There are representative offices health service. Under the second
the needs of its citizens, is lacking of Indian, Turkish, Saudi Arabian Growth and Transformation Plan
in adequate professional medical and South African hospitals in (GTP II), the Ministry of Health
providers and services. According to Addis Ababa. The average cost is planning to upgrade different
Ethiopian HSTP report, the country of each trip is estimated to be aspects of the healthcare through
is still facing a triple burden of $ 20,000.Ethiopians spent over PPP.
diseases consisting of communicable 30 million dollars in medical
diseases, non-communicable diseases treatment expenditure abroad, in With an increasing middle
and injuries. A growing number of 2012, according to estimates by class, the government is facing
Ethiopians travel overseas each year the Ministry of Health. Exactly an increase in non-infectious
for treatment to the Middle East, how many Ethiopians travel for diseases such as cancer, diabetes,
Europe, South East Asia and South health reasons is not known, heart diseases, and high blood
Africa. It is not just treatment; many but local estimates put it at over pressure which need to be
just want to travel for a medical 20,000 per year. addressed. A growing number of
checkup as they are not happy with the Ethiopians travel overseas each
quality of the local health services and In Conclusion, Ethiopia is year for treatment to the Middle
prefer to get checked abroad. working to strengthen the East, Europe, South East Asia
healthcare system to align it with and South Africa.

Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019 39

Great Run

Ethiopia 2019 Shines

By Staff Writer international level, and created a platform for
participants to convey different messages.
Founded in 2001 by renowned economist
Peter Middlebrooks, British marathon 2020 sees the 20th edition of Africa’s
Olympian Richard Nerurkar and the most biggest annual mass-participation event
successful distance runner of all time, Haile take place. The Great Ethiopian Run must
Gebrselassie, the Great Ethiopian Run is be experienced to be appreciated, and the
ten kilometers of running revelry, looping organizers anticipate it to be extra special this
through the streets of central Addis Ababa. year! Whether it takes participants 36 minutes
to dash round behind the elites or 2 hours to
At the front, the race could hardly be more walk round, dancing and stopping for draft
competitive. Distance legends like Kenenisa beer on the way, Any participant can be one of
Bekele and Tirunesh Dibaba have competed 45,000+ happy revelers redefining the streets
in the event, and its winners consistently of Addis Ababa on the most exciting day of
go on to have successful international the year. The Great Ethiopian 10k is a truly
careers. Indeed, the race is the number-one epic experience, year after year.
showcase for Ethiopia’s outstanding talent
pool. No other street race in Africa offers a
similar mix of competition and atmosphere
and, in a country which idolizes its runners;
this is where legends are born.

Behind the sizzling fast elites, join thousands
of others to pit your training against the
clock or to soak up the atmosphere of the
music, the drinks stations, the friendliness
and the city in the sunshine.

This 2019 Great Run Ethiopia brought
together 38,000 local and 450 foreign
participants, rejoicing over this annual
colorful event. What makes this event
unique was that a well-organized and
designed dance called “Hahu warm-up
dance” was performed by the participants.

Besides the competition held among elite Photo by Natnael Fikru
athletes of different sex and age groups, (taken at the 2019 TOTAL Great Ethiopian Run)
the event, as usual, appeared to promote
the nation’s tourism potential at the

40 Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019

Photo by Natnael Fikru
(taken at the 2019 TOTAL Great Ethiopian Run)

Photo by Natnael Fikru
(taken at the 2019 TOTAL Great Ethiopian Run)

Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019 41

ምንጭ -
(በቅርቡ ለህትመት ከሚበቃ የተወዳጁ ጋዜጠኛ ጌጡ ተመስገን የጉዞ
ማስታወሻ መጽሐፍ የተወሰደ)

‹‹የማይሞተው ንጉሥ›› መጪውን ጊዜ ይተነብያሉ፡፡ ቅርፊቶች የተቀመመ ተፈሮአዊ አስከሬን
ጌጡ ተመስገን ማድረቂያ ይጠቀማሉ፡፡ የካላ ወልደዳዊት
እነዚህ መጪውን ጊዜ አመልካቾች፣ የሆድ ዕቃ ፈሳሽ (አንጀት፣ ሳንባ፣ ኩላሊት፣
( የጉዞ ማስታወሻ ) በ1995 ዓ.ም. የካላ ወልደዳዊት ካዮቴን ጉበትና ልብ) በማውጣት አስከሬኑ ሳይፈርስ፤
ዜና እረፍት ሲሰሙ ምን ተንብየው አስከሬን የማድረቅ ሥራ አከናውነዋል፡፡
ጋሞሌ መንደር ይሆን? … ካላ ወልደዳዊት ካዮቴ፤
የካቲት 8 ቀን 1996 ዓ.ም. የኬርቲታ ጎሳ 19ኛው ባህላዊ መሪ ነበሩ የሟቹ የጎሳ መሪ ሆድ ዕቃ ወጥቶ በእንስራ
ከቀትር በኋላ (9 ሰዓት) ፡፡ ለ13 ዓመታት የ‹‹ኮንሶ ንጉሥ ነኝ›› ተቀምጧል፡፡ ዓይናቸውም ወጥቶ
የሚል ድምፃቸውን እያሰሙ አርፈዋል ፡፡ የሰጎን እንቁላል በዓይን ቅርጽ ተቀርጾ
‹‹ናካይታ›› (Nagayta) የኮንሶዎች የወል ተገጥሞላቸዋል፡፡ የአስከሬኑ የደረቀው
ሰላምታ ነው፡፡ ሰላም በላያችሁ ላይ ይፍሰስ የኮንሶ ጎሳዎች ዘጠኝ ናቸው፡፡ ዘጠኙም ሰውነት ጥቁር ጣል-ጣል ያለበት ደማቅ ቀይ
እንደ ማለት ነው፡፡ ጎሳዎች የቤተሰብና የወል ስም አላቸው፡፡ አቡጀዲ ለብሶ ወንበር ላይ እንዲቀመጥ
ሳውዳታ (ቶላ ማቶ)፣ ተደርጓል፡፡
‹‹ናካይታ›› ይሁን መልሳችሁ፡፡ በኮንሶ አርካማይታ (ቶላ ሃልቢያ)፣ እሻላይታ
ማኅበረሰብ ከሥራ አልያም ከመንገድ (ቶላ አፋርታ)፣ ቶክማሌታ (ቶላ አይሎ)፣ አስከሬኑን ለመጎብኘት ተጠጋን፡፡ ከአስከሬን
የሚመጣን ሰው ‹‹ኦካዶ››፣ ‹‹አሻማ››፤ ትክሳይታ (ቶላ ኦርጌታ) ፣ ማኽሌታ ጠባቂዎቹ አንዱ ‹‹ጌቶች በጣም ስለታመሙ
‹‹እንኳን ደህና መጣህ›› ይሉታል፡፡ (ቶላ ከርዲባ)፣ ፓሳንታ (ቶላ ሎኾፓ)፣ መናገር አይችሉም፡፡ ስለዚህ የክብር
ኤላይታ (ቶላ ትጫኔ) እና ኬርቲታ (ቶላ ሰላምታ ብቻ አቅርባችሁ ውጡ›› አለን፡፡
እንኳን ደህና መጣችሁ! ካላ) ይባላሉ፡፡ አስከሬኑ የተቀመጠበት ክፍል ውስጥ ገባን፡
፡ እንደታዘዝነው እጅ ነስተን ወጣን ፡፡ የካላ
አሁን በታላቁ የምሥራቅ አፍሪቃ ሸለቆ፤ ዘጠኙም የጎሳ መሪዎቹ እኩል ባህላዊና ወልደዳዊት አስከሬን ጠባቂዎች ለዘጠኝ
በኢትዮጵያ ዋና ስምጥ ሸለቆ ደቡባዊ መንፈሳዊ የሥልጣን እርከን አላቸው፡ ወራት በክብር ዘብ ቆመዋል፡፡ በዚህ የጥበቃ
ዳርቻ ፤ ኮንሶ እንገኛለን ፡፡በሰሜን ኢትዮጵያ ፡ ካላው ሲሞት በትረ ሥልጣኑ ከአባት ጊዜ የሚፈልጉትን እህል ውሃ ለማግኘት ‹‹ካላ
ነገሥታት የሕዝቡን ሐሳብ ለማወቅ ወደ በኩር ልጅ ይተላለፋል፡፡ እንዲህ ያለ ምግብና መጠጥ አሰኝቷቸዋል››
‹‹አዝማሪ ምን አለ?›› ይሉ ነበር፡፡ በደቡብ እያሉ ያዛሉ፡፡ በዚህ ትዕዛዝ አስከሬን ጠባቂዎቹ
ኢትዮጵያ በኮንሶ ማኀበረሰብ ‹‹ ቶያንፓያ ሰኔ 1995 ዓ.ም. ካላ ወልደዳዊት ካዮቴ ከጥሬ እስከ ብስል፣ ከጨቃ እስከ ደረቅ የማር
ወይም ኹማንባያ ምን አሉ?›› ይባላል፡ በጨጓራ ሕመም ምክንያት በ60 ጠጅ ለዘጠኝ ወራት አጣጥመዋል፡፡ የአስከሬን
፡ ኹማንባያ በሀገር ሊመጣ ያለውን ክፉና ዓመታቸው አረፉ፡፡ ይህ ዜና እረፍት ጠባቂዎቹ ትዕዛዝ በሟቹ ቤተሰብ ሳይጓደል
በጎውን ቀድመው የሚያዩ፣ መጪውን በኮንስኛ ‹‹ ፖቆላ ኢ አርማይቶዴ›› ተፈጽሟል፡፡ የአስከሬን ጠባቂዎቹ ትዕዛዝ
ጊዜ የሚተነብዩ፣ እንደ ነቢያት የሚቆጠሩ ይባላል፡፡ ትርጉሙም ‹‹ፖቃላው ከዘጠኝ ወራት፣ ዘጠኝ ቀናትና ዘጠኝ ሰዓታት
ግለሰቦች ናቸው፡፡ (ጌቶች) ጉንፋን ይዟቸዋል›› ማለት ነው፡ በኋላ አብቅቷል፡፡
፡ በማኀበረሰቡ ዘንድ ጌቶች ሞቱ ተብሎ
ቶያንፓያ፤ ኹማንባያ ‹‹ ጨረቃን አይተው፣ አይነገርም፤ አይወራም፡፡ ‹‹ባህላዊ በጋሞሌ መንደር ‹‹ማንታ›› በሚባል ሞራ፤
ከዋክብትን ፈትሸው ዘመኑ የደስታና መሪያቸው›› በልባቸው ‹‹የማይሞተው የሕዝብ አደባባይ ሦስቴ ከበሮ ተመታ፡
የጥጋብ ወይም የችግርና የመከራ መሆኑን ንጉሥ›› ነውና! ዝንታለማዊ እንደሆነ ፡ በተለምዶ ‹‹ጥሩንባ ነፊ›› የምንለው ሰው
ይተነብያሉ ›› ይባላል፡፡ ኮከብ ቆጣሪዎች ያስባሉ፡፡ (መልዕክተኛ) በኮንሶኛ ቋንቋ ‹‹አራፓታ››
ባልና ሚስት፤ ከዋክብትን በመመልከት፣ ይባላል፡፡ አራፓታው ‹‹ፖቆላ - ጌቶች -
ዝናብ ሁኔታን፤ ረሃብንና ጥጋብን የካላ ወልደዳዊት ካዮቴ አስከሬን አረፉ›› እያለ ድምፁን አሰማ፡፡ መንደርተኞቹ
ይጠቁማሉ፡፡ የከዋክብት ስብስብን ‹‹ቡሳ›› ለዘጠኝ ወራት፣ ዘጠኝ ቀናትና ዘጠኝ ተሰባሰቡ:: ይሁንና ለቅሶና ዋይታ
እንዲሁም ከዋክብት መስመር ሰርተው ሰዓታት ማርና ቅቤ እየተቀባ ተቀመጠ፡ አልተደመጠም፡፡ የጠመንጃዎች አፈሙዞች
ሲነጉዱ ‹‹አራባ›› ይሉታል በመመልከት ፡ ዘጠኝ (ወራት፣ ቀናትና ሰዓታት) ወደ ሰማይ ተወደሩ፡፡ ጥይት ተንጣጣ፣
በኮንሶ የሚኖሩትን ዘጠኙን ጎሳዎች የኀብረት ዝላይና ጭፈራ፣ የ‹‹ማና›› ይባላል
የሚወክል ነው፡፡ የካላው ሚስት ቢሞቱ ትዕይንት ተጀመረ፡፡
ግን ለስድስት ወራት፣ ስድስት ቀናትና
ስድስት ሰዓታት አስከሬናቸውን በክብር የካላው፤ የፖቆላ ቤተሰብ ንብረት የሆኑ
ቆይቶ ሥርዓተ ቀብራቸው ይፈጸማል፡፡ ቲንባዎች (ከበሮዎች) ተደለቁ፡፡ ከበሮ መቺዎቹ
ወደ ፊትና ወደ ኋላ እየተመላለሱ፣ ሟቹን ካላ
ግብጻዊያን ለአስከሬን ማድረቂያ መሚ ወልደዳዊትን ጀግንነት እያነሱ መዘከር ያዙ፡
እንደሚጠቀሙ ሁሉ፣ ኮንሶዎችም ፡ አስከሬኑ በእርጥብ የላም ቆዳ ተጠቀለለ፡
ከተለያዩ ቅጠላ ቅጠሎችና የዛፍ ፡ ለሟቹ ክብር ለመስጠትም ደማቅ ቀይና

42 Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019

ጥቁር ጨርቅ ለበሰ፡፡ በአስከሬኑ ግንባር ሰፊ መሬት ስለሚኖራቸው ወዶ አራሹን
የነበረው የመሪዎች ምልክት ‹‹ኻላሻ››
አልወለቀም፡፡ አስከሬኑ ወንበር ላይ በማሳረስ ይተዳደራሉ፡፡
እንደተቀመጠ ነው፡፡ ሐዘንተኞቹ አስከሬኑን
የያዘውን ወንበር በትከሻቸው ተሸክመው አንድ የኮንሶ የጎሳ መሪ ከቤቱ ወጥቶ የትም
ለቀብር ጉዞ ጀመሩ፡፡
ሄዶ አይበላም፣ አይጠጣም፡፡ይህንን ሥርዓት

ካላው ባይፈጽም፣ የካላው የሥልጣን ኃይል

ይረክሳል ተብሎ ይታመናል፡፡ በጋሞሌ

መንደር የጎሳ መሪዎች ከሚያስተዳድሯቸው

በጉዞ ላይ አስከሬኑን በርቀት ለተመለከተው ጫካዎች መካከል ሙራ ካላ ይጠቀሳል፡፡
በሕይወት ያለ ሰው ወደ መቃብር
የሚጓዝ ይመስላል፡ ፡በእርሳቸው አምሳያ ካላ ወልደዳዊት የኖሩትም፤ የተቀበሩትም
ከጥድ እንጨት የተቀረፀው የጀግንነት
ሐውልት ‹‹ዋካ››አስከሬኑን እየተከተለ በሙራ ካላ ጫካ ውስጥ ነው፡፡
ነው፡፡ የመቀበሪያው ጉድጓድ አስከሬን
እንደተቀመጠ እንዲቀበል ተደርጎ ካላ ወልደዳዊት ካዮቴ ጉይታ (ጉዩ)
ይዘዋል፡፡ አልጋ ወራሹ፣ ልጃቸው አቶ ገዛኸኝ ከጋሞሌ አምባ መንደር አዛውንቶች ጋር
ወልደዳዊት ሲንጎማለሉ፣ ጠባቂዎቻቸው ወግ ይዣለሁ፡፡ ‹‹በሙራ ካላ ጫካ 19 የጎሳ
የሙት መንፈሱ እንዳይወድቅባቸው መሪዎች ተቀብረዋል፡፡ የቀድሞዎቹ ካላዎች
በተጠንቀቅ እየጠበቋቸው ነበር:: አስከሬን ለ9፣ 18፣ 27 እና 36 ዓመታት
ቆይቷል›› ይላሉ አዛውንቶቹ፡፡ የአስከሬኑ

አስከሬኑ ከእነ ወንበሩ ጉድጓድ ውስጥ አቶ ገዛኸኝ አባታቸውን ያልቀበሩበት የቆይታ ዘመን የሚወሰነው የሀገሩ ሰላምና
በክብር አረፈ፡፡ የካላ ወልደዳዊት ካዮቴ ምክንያት የአባታቸው የሙት መንፈስ ደኅንነት ተጠንቶ፣ የጎተራው የእህል
ጉይታ (ጉዩ) ሥርዓተ ቀብር ከዘጠኝ ወራት፣ እንዳያገኛቸው፤ እንዳያርፍባቸው ነበር ፡ መጠን ግምት ውስጥ ከገባ በኋላ ነው፡
ዘጠኝ ቀናትና ዘጠኝ ሰዓታት በኋላ የካቲት ፡ የካላ ወልደዳዊት ካዮቴ የእጅ አምባር ፡ በሙራ ካላ ጫካ ‹‹ኦላሂታ››፤ የትውልድ
8 ቀን 1996 ዓ.ም. ተፈጸመ፡፡ ‹‹ቱማ››፣ አልባሳታቸውና የመመገቢያ የሥልጣን ዓርማ ለማዘጋጀት ካልሆነ በቀር
ዕቃዎቻቸው ተሰበሰቡ፡፡ ያልተኮላሸ ጠቦት ዛፍ አይቆረጥም፡፡ በኮንሶ ምድር ዛፎችን
‹‹የጌቶች›› አስከሬን የመቃብር ጉድጓድ ታረደና በበጉ ‹‹ፈርስ›› የማጽዳት ሥራ መቁረጥ ኃጢአት ነው፡፡ ከሀገር ሽማግሌዎች
መከናወን ጀመረ፡፡ ፈቃድ በስተቀር ከቅዱስ ጫካ ዛፍ የሚቆርጥ
ውስጥ ገባ፡፡ በእንስራ ተቀምጦ የነበረው ሰው ያብዳል ወይም ይሞታል ተብሎ

የሆድ ዕቃ እንጥፍጣፊም ተቀበረ ፡

፡ ከመቃብራቸው አናት የጀግንነት ሐውልት የአራት ልጆች አባት የሆኑት ገዛኸኝ ይታመናል፡፡ እንዲያም ሆኖ ግን የመጥረቢያ
ወልደዳዊት ካዮቴ፤ ‹‹ሙልቃ›› (የብረት ድምፅ ከተሰማ፣ የኮንሶ ማኀበረሰብ አባላት
(ዋካ) ቆመላቸው፡፡ ይህ የቀብር ሥነ ሥርዓት አምባር) በእጃቸው በማሠር ሃያኛው የዛፉን ሕይወት ለመታደግ ይሯሯጣሉ፡፡

እንደ ዘይሴ ማኀበረሰብ አስደምሞኛል፡

፡ የዘይሴ ማኀበረሰብ ባህላዊና መንፈሳዊ የኬርቲታ ጎሳ ባህላዊና መንፈሳዊ መሪ
ሆኑ፡፡ የአባትና የልጅ፤ የካላው ቀብርና
መሪ ሲሞት፣ አስከሬኑ መቃብር ጉድጓድ የልጃቸው ሥልጣን ርክክብ ሥነ ሥርዓት ‹‹ዛፍ ሕይወት ነው!›› የሚለው መርህ
መሳ ለመሳ ተካሂዶ አበቃ ፡፡ በተግባር የተረጋገጠው ከኮንስዎችና
ውስጥ ከገባ በኋላ የሚሞላው አፈር ከጌዲኦዎች ምድር ነው፡፡ በጌዲኦ ባህል
መሠረት፤ ባልና ሚስት ብቻቸውን ፍቺ
ሳይሆን ጥሬ እህል ነው፡፡

በካላ ወልደዳዊት ካዮቴ ሥርዓተ ቀብር የዚያኑ ቀን ባህላዊ ሥርዓቱን ተከትሎ፣ ሊፈጽሙ ይችላሉ፡፡ ይህ የሚሆነው ከጌዲኦ
የበኩር ልጃቸው አልተገኙም፡፡ ‹‹አቶ ካላ ገዛኸኝ ማደሪያቸውን ከቤተሰባቸው ተፈጥሮአዊ ደን ውስጥ ያለ ፈቃድ ባልም
ገዛኸኝ ወልደዳዊት ለምን አባታቸውን ነጠሉ፤ ከልጆቻቸው ጋር ማዕድ ሆነ ሚስት ዛፍ የቆረጠ፤ የቆረጠች እንደሆነ
አልቀበሩም?›› ስል ራሴን ጠየቅሁት፡ መቅረብ አቆሙ፡፡ ከእንግዲህ ከራሳቸው ብቻ ነው፡፡ ሽማግሌ ወይም ዘመድ አዝማድ
፡ መልስ አጣሁለት፡፡ መልስ ፍለጋ ‹‹አልጋ የእርሻ መሬት ከተዘራ፣ ከተፈጨ ጣልቃ ሳይገባ እንዲሁም ፍርድ ቤት፤ ችሎት
ወራሹ››ን አቶ ገዛኸኝን መፈለግ ጀመርኩ፡፡ በቀር ከቤተሰባቸው ጋር መመገብ ፊት ሳይቀርቡ ፍቺ ሊፈጽሙ ይችላሉ ፡፡

ጋሞሌ አምባ ከዋርካው ሥር ነጠላ ጋርደው አይፈቀድላቸውም ፡፡ ከቤተሰብ፣ ከኮንሶ ምድር የአግራሞት ታረኮች ውስጥ
በተጠንቀቅ የቆሙ ሰዎችን ተመለከትኩ፡፡ ከጎረቤት፣ ከገበያ የሚመጣ እህል ውሃን አንዱን እንሆ÷ ከካላ ወልደዳዊት ካዮቴ
ወደ እነርሱ ተጠጋሁ ፡፡ ‹‹እነማን ናቸው? መቅመስ አይችሉም፡፡ ባህላዊ ሥርዓቱ ቀብር በኋላ ጡርንባ ነፊው (‹‹አራፓታ››)
… ማንን እየጠበቁ ነው?›› እያልጎመጎምኩ አይፈቅድላቸውም፡፡ ይህ ከካላ ቤተሰብ የቀንድ ጡሩንባውን ይዞ በጋሞሌ መንደር
ሳለሁ፣ ነፋስ ነጠላውን ገለበው፡፡ ጋር ተያይዞ የመጣ ባህላዊ ሥርዓት ነው፡፡ አልታየም፡፡ ምክንያቱም በመንደሩ ተገኝቶ

አቶ ገዛኸኝ ወልደዳዊት ተቀምጠው የጎሳ መሪዎች ከፍተኛ ሥልጣንና ሀብት እህል ውሃ ቢቀምስ ‹‹ሞቱ ይፈጥናል››
ተመለከትኩ፡፡ አልጋ ወራሹ ከተቀመጡበት ያላቸው ናቸው፡፡ የእነዚህ መሪዎች ዋና ይባላል፡፡ እናም ኣራፓታ ሞቱን ለማዘግየት
ተነሡ፡፡ የአልጋ ወራሹ ጠባቂዎች ስለት ሥራ ሸንጎ ይዞ መዳኘት ነው፡፡ የጎሳ ከመንደሩ ሸሽቷል፡፡
(ጋሻ፣ ጎራዴ፣ ጦር፣ የአውራሪስ ቀንድ) መሪዎች እንደ ተራው ሕዝብ ቀፎ የት እንዳለ አይታወቅም፡፡ የእኛ ጡሩንባ
አይሰቅሉም፤ እርሻም አያርሱም፡፡ ይሁንና ነፊ፤ አራፓታ…

Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019 43



?QuestionsBy Daniel TirunehHenok Seyoum

“ ”I am not born business person

I’m anticipating reading and writing on travel
Born and grew up in Addis Ababa, Henok Seyoum has been working on the promotion of Ethiopian
tourism potential through various media and communication channels, including TV, online , radio and
magazine productions. He has received different awards for his splendid contribution to the nation’s
tourism contribution. Daniel Tiruneh holds telephone conversation with Henok to present 10 questions.

44 Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019

ABN: How did you begin your ABN: What are your media or Children tourism book on Gondar and
business in tourism promotion communication products? Konso tourism potential. Currently
and travel media? I’m engaged in producing a show
Henok; We have begun with a under the title ‘Guzo Ethiopia’ via
Henok ; I am a journalist, a quarterly magazine entitled ‘Tuba’, Fana TV.
profession I like so much. I used focusing on tourism and cultural
to produce a radio program called development; this magazine ABN: Do you think you’re making
‘Hibir’, a documentary featuring centered mainly on cultural values, good business?
Ethiopian cultural values and tourist destinations, benefits
life styles of various nations and obtained from tourism activities Henok; We participate in various
nationalities on Radio Fana. I and related issues. We then moved activities; we don’t view ourselves
lately understood that this program to produce other print materials. For as business firm only; still the going
should be made in amore wider instance, we managed to publish gets tough and the tough gets going.
and detail manner. I was highly Gondar City tourism directory in I am personally proud of repeatedly
motivated to establish a company Amharic and English. We also organizing national festivals like the
that I can manage, and finally I published the tourism directory Gondar Festival in January, Konso
established ‘Hagere Media and for the untold tourist potential of and Gofa festivals.
Communications’. This company South Gondar Zone, and similar
is simply established to become publication for North Shewa Zone, “I’m dreaming of establishing
communication center for neighboring Addis Ababa. a television station that mirrors
Ethiopian tourism, and contribute and tells my country’s untapped,
its share to improve the media and To mention other products of our unspoiled, exotic and stunning
communication activity on tourism company: Ethiopian museum beauty of natural, cultural and
industry. I and my friends have directory, Ethiopian major events historical attractions to the world.”
done significant jobs on Ethiopian and festival directory, parks and
tourism for the last twelve years. natural attractions directory,

Photo Henok Seyoum

Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019 45

Photo Henok Seyoum ““I’m dreaming

of establishing
a television

station that

mirrors and

ABN: What impact did your job tells my ABN: Do you have plans to
bring about? country’s engage in other businesses?

Henok; Our job has undoubtedly untapped, Henok; I never think of having
another business except this. I’m
brought about remarkable changes unspoiled, anticipating reading and writing
in the nation’s tourism and on travel, and share my experience
to the generation as long as I
hospitality business. Small towns exotic and get sufficient amount of money
and time. I am not born business
are now having quality and standard stunning beauty person.
hotels. Higher education institutions ABN: Tell us about ‘Hagere
have begun producing highly skilled of natural,
power. Hopefully I will keep on cultural and We are now ten in Hagere family.
going. After the introduction of the The number has sometimes gone
up; the peace and stability across
overall political and socio-economic historical the country has compelled us to
depart from our colleagues in
reform nationwide, Ethiopian Prime Gondar and Hawassa. But now we
Minister has shown light saying the attractions to see light at the end of the tunnel,
and the number will increase.
country’s tourism is the backbone

the world.”of the economy; the government

is also showing commitment to
appointing skilled professionals
in various tourism offices. But the
recent chaos and unrest in some
part of the country is becoming my

”46 Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019

ABN: What exactly are you prestige or not. I’m happy as I Heritage Union, based-in Dallas Texas,
doing at present? am thoroughly familiar the ins- USA awarded me Role Model Award
and-outs of my country. I’m the this year. That’s enough. It’s no big
Henok ; Currently I’m an one who freely move everywhere deal!
Ethiopian tour and travel during chaotic and unstable
journalist, serving as editor-in- condition. I’m proud of being ABN: What do you do during your
chief of a regular magazine. I also an Ethiopian. I hope one day spare time?
work as a freelance writer for everything I’m dreaming of will
the Amharic magazine-‘Fitih”, come true. Henok; The product of this modern
dealing with issues like tourism, era-internet has now become my
culture and nature. Moreover, I ABN: What honors or awards everything. I do my living by releasing
write on travel memoire for Dire have you received? information from wherever I am.
tube that has 3 million followers
and have written a book depicting Henok; I have received a National ABN: Where do you want to see
my travel experience, and Green Award in radio journalism yourself in the next five or ten years?
personal reflection on reading. category; I also received Best
“የመንገድ በረከት” and “ጎንደርን Tourism Journalist Award of I’m dreaming of establishing a
ፍለጋ” are worth mentioning. I Hotel Show Africa last year. I television station that mirrors and tells
have dedicated my childhood really prefer and give more value my country’s untapped, unspoiled,
to Ethiopian tourism. I’m now for this award as Hotel Show exotic and stunning beauty of natural,
addicted to tourism; no one can Africa is led by professionals in cultural and historical attractions to the
get me out of tourism. Where the field like Kumneger Teketel. world.
can I get to? I don’t mind having Moreover, Adwa Historical and

Photo Henok Seyoum

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Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019 47

Abyssinia Business Nework ታህሳስ 2012 / December 2019

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