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May 2021


Hello friends! You must have noticed our Funasia App has
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CEO Perfect Tax & Finance & CEO FunAsiA

It feels great to see that
some amount of normalcy is
occurring in the US after the
2nd dose of the vaccine has
been administered to many.
On the other hand, it pains
us to see the condition of India and the
way people are struggling to get vaccines,
medical facilities and care with the numbers
shooting to insane highs. We all have been
directly or indirectly hit by things going wrong
in India. It is affecting close to home and
making us sad even being so far away.We all
pray together for the phase to pass.
The month of May also marks the month
of celebrating our mothers on Mother’s
Day. Check out the article in this edition
by Madhuri’s Musings in the Goodreads
column. Now is also the time to pray to the
birth giver almighty to have some mercy on
humanity. Things will get back to normal
sooner or later and that is the hope with
which we move forward.
Enjoy browsing through the magazine. Do
check out the People Speak column, the article
formed from the voice of our radio listeners.
Do leave your feedback and comments on
our Funasia Desipages FaceBook Page.

DesiPages DFW | May 2021 VOL 27 | 4

DesiPages DFW | May 2021 VOL 27 | 5

Emraan Hashmi bollywood

Eventually, it will

be the producers’

call where and how

they plan to exhibit


Emraan Hashmi, whose film Mumbai Saga, As an artist, being put back in the lock and
directed by Sanjay Gupta and co-starring key must not be a great feeling. Elaborating
John Abraham, had released in March, on it, Emraan says, “I don’t want to sound
was looking forward to the release of his like this is happening to our industry or me
next, Chehre. The Rumy Jaffery-directorial alone. Even in these times, I don’t want to
with Amitabh Bachchan and Emraan, was complain. I just find myself in a fortunate
advanced to early April for release. However, place that family and friends are secure.
the pandemic’s second wave and the surge in Health is the priority right now for everyone.
the number of cases forced the film’s makers These are difficult, unprecedented times. As
to push the release ahead. an artist, you don’t know what tomorrow
holds for you. We are used to being on a
Talking about it Emraan says, “Today, set, shooting and honing our craft. It turns
everyone is dealing with the pandemic in me on to be on a set and to be able to play
their own ways. We don’t have answers to different characters. Being kept away from it
a lot of questions in our minds. Everyone is for a long time can make you insecure and
going through things. Our business is not frustrated that you can’t go back to what you
singled out and is not the only one facing love the most. But what can you do? Waiting
crisis. Just when we thought we were out of is the only thing. We have to see how this
the woods, it hit back even harder. We have resolves itself and how we see the end of this.
no option but to wait it out. Eventually, it will We’re all grappling with things. Theatrical
be the producers’ call where and how they revenues and films have taken a hit. This is
plan to exhibit Chehre. We’re all hoping and one business that works when people sit in a
wishing for normalcy to return, which seems dark room and consume content. That idea
a little distant right now. Even when theatres is at the receiving end of this pandemic since
eventually open, it will take a while for the that dark room is not a ventilated space and
audience to start rolling back to them. In such people are fearful of being in such places.
a time, the producers will decide whether That is what we are dealing with today, and
they want to wait for an opportune theatrical that is what we need to tackle.”
window or release Chehre on digital directly.”

DesiPages DFW | May 2021 VOL 27 | 6

DesiPages DFW | May 2021 VOL 27 | 7

FIRECRACKER Super Easy Firecracker Chicken recipe for you


1. Chicken boneless cubes ½ kg
2. Cornflour ½ cup
3. Maida (All-purpose flour) sifted ¼ cup

Serves: 5 4. Anday (Eggs) whisked 2
5. Namak (Salt) ½ tsp or to taste
Prep Time: 35min 6. Cooking oil
Cooking Time: 45min 7. Hot sauce ¼ cup

8. Tabasco sauce 1 tsp
9. Worcestershire sauce ½ tsp
10. Cayenne pepper ½ tsp
11. Lal mirch (Red chilli) crushed ½ tsp
12. Namak (Salt) ¼ tsp or to taste
13. Makhan (Butter) 2 tbs
14. Brown sugar powdered 3-4 tbs
15. Tomato ketchup 2 tbs
16. Sriracha sauce 2 tbs
17. Lehsan (Garlic) grated 1 tsp
18. Sirka (Vinegar) 2 tbs
19. Hara Pyaz (Green onion) leaves
20. Til (Sesame seeds)
21. Hara pyaz (Green onion) leaves


In a bowl add chicken boneless, cornflour, all-purpose
flour, salt, whisked eggs (add gradually) & mix well.

Heat cooking oil in a frying pan & fry chicken on medium
flame until golden brown. Takeout & set aside.

In a wok add chilli sauce, tabasco sauce, worcestershire
sauce, cayenne pepper, red chilli crushed, salt, butter.
Turn on the flame on, mix well & cook for a minute.

Add brown sugar, tomato ketchup, sriracha sauce, garlic,
vinegar, mix well & cook for few seconds.

Add fried chicken, mix & coat well.

Add green onion, mix well & set aside.

On hot sizzler plate, add butter, prepared firecracker
chicken, sprinkle sesame seeds, green onion leaves &
serve with Herb fried rice.

DesiPages DFW | May 2021 VOL 27 | 8

Present coupon before consultation begins. valid till 06/15/2021

Present coupon before consultation begins. valid till 06/15/2021

DesiPages DFW | May 2021 VOL 27 | 9

SALMAN KHAN’S cover story


down by the government. But,
considering the guidelines
and safety measures, we also

need to devise ways to ensure
that the film reaches all of our
audience. We don’t want to
deny the audience the choice
of entertainment in the comfort
of their homes during these
times.” This news will come as
a much-needed breather for
the audience in these gloomy


Along with Salman Khan, the
film also stars DishaPatani,

Salman Khan’s films are thorough entertainers Randeep Hooda and Jackie
which appeal to audience across demographics, Shroff in pivotal roles. The movie
which, in turn, ensures these movies are amongst is presented by Salman Khan films
most watched ones of recent times. However, the in association with ZEE Studios,
constantly evolving COVID situation may only produced By Salma Khan, Sohail
allow limited theatrical attendance, leaving many Khan and Reel Life Production
die-hard fans of Salman Khan unaddressed. Private Limited.

Salman Khan Films’

spokesperson adds, “It’s
imperative that we all come
together and think of out-of-
the-box solutions for cinema
as an industry during the
current pandemic situation.
We will support the theatre

owners by releasing the film
in as many theatres as we
can, keeping in line with
the rules and protocols laid

DesiPages DFW | May 2021 VOL 27 | 10

DesiPages DFW | May 2021 VOL 27 | 11

Directed by Prabhudeva, the action-thriller carrying their label. As per reports, Radhe
features Khan as an encounter specialist, is believed to have five songs.
who is determined to rid Mumbai city of
all its criminals. The main antagonist is Keeping his tradition of Eid releases,

played by Randeep Hooda, while Disha Salman Khan is releasing the movie in
Patani is the female lead. Radhe also cinemas on May 13, 2021, as well as
features Jackie Shroff, who reunites with on pay-per-view OTT services and DTH
Salman Khan again after Bharat. channels on the same day.

Jacqueline Fernandez also is present in While this scenario is commonplace in
a cameo, as the trailer offers fans exactly foreign industries, Radhe will become the
what they wanted; a classic Bollywood first major Bollywood film to do so. People
masala offering full of action, emotion, can either opt to hit the cinema halls or

song, and dance. watch it on ZEE5 using the network’s pay-
per-view service ZEEPLEX.
it’s said to be inspired by the South Korean
movie The Outlaws. The movie has Sajid-
Wajid as its music composers. It has two
songs directed by the duo, making it the
first album to release after Wajid’s demise

DesiPages DFW | May 2021 VOL 27 | 12

DesiPages DFW | May 2021 VOL 27 | 13

People speak

Taking the Covid-19 Vaccine
SPEAK “If you are taking the Covid-19 Vaccine,

why are you taking it, If not, why are you not taking it.

Initially there was a lot of reluctance party identification and political ideology.
towards taking the Covid-19 vaccine. Our community is no different when choosing
People wanted to wait and watch. vaccines. We prefer to fortify our immune system with
After all it has never been in the supplements and a healthy lifestyle. On a regular
history of pandemics that a vaccine basis we avoid vaccines and flu shots. This has
was discovered, tested, and released been a major dilemma whether to accept taking the
vaccine or turning it down.

I posed this question to my listeners of
104.9 FM FunAsia Radio, “If you are
taking this vaccine why and if you are
not, then why not?

Interestingly, All the callers who called
dwelt on the importance of taking
the vaccine for their own and others
safety. A lot of doctors and medical
professionals called and reinstated the
globally so soon. Again, this is the first importance of the vaccine for the community. But,

time ever that we have had a large- strangely, not a single call was received of someone
scale global pandemic. The trust that who was still contemplating on taking the vaccine.
this is here to save life was missing. Zee an Ex-Medical technician who is 50 years old
One in Five Essential Workers Say They has not taken his vaccine yet as he is currently a
Will Definitely Not Get Vaccinated For commercial truck driver and is on road for 25-26

COVID-19 as reported by Kaiser days a month, and he is planning to take a few days
Family Foundation (KFF). By race and off to take the vaccine, since now no appointment is
ethnicity, opposition to the vaccine is needed. He encouraged everyone to take it so we
highest among White essential workers, can get on with our lives. His wife is a registered
with about a quarter (26%) saying nurse and has already got the vaccine. “Get it please.
they will definitely not get the vaccine Listen to the scientists not the politicians”. He said.
compared to 7% of Black and 11% A lady scientist called and said that she was skeptical
of Hispanic essential workers. Also, to take the vaccine initially and was waiting. Suddenly
their analysis shows that the strongest her co-worker got it and she got exposed. But luckily,
predictors of vaccine intentions are she was negative. However, she recognized the fact

DesiPages DFW | May 2021 VOL 27 | 14

DesiPages DFW | May 2021 VOL 27 | 15

that she could be exposed to Covid-19 anytime. Her
family and friends told the same. She feared taking it both our shots of Pfizer.” He said.
home to her kids and family. She said, “initially, I did
not want the vaccine but later I was like I will be so I did not get a single caller stating that they
much more at risk and put others at risk because of are still hesitant about taking the vaccine.
me as I am around, a lot of old people and others It may be that they have all changed their
who are fragile.” minds after the crazy situation in India,
where people are dying of Covid-19.
One of the listeners Kunal Patel who believes in A lot of our community have been hit
vaccine said that the vaccine is a Bonus to the body. close to home. The number of fatality
There are side effects which you will only know once rates have gone high. Also, to have a
you get it and you might have only mild symptoms. normal lifestyle, this is the only solution.
But if we take it the vaccine will only help.
Nevertheless, we are lucky to have the
Mr. Margesh said that he and his wife have taken vaccine so soon.
the vaccine. He had an analogy of the vaccine to Moreover, one thing is clear that
a raincoat/umbrella. For him it is like a precaution. unvaccinated people could form a deadly
“If you are out in the rain you will get wet but with a reservoir of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, able
raincoat you are likely to get less drenched than you to restart outbreaks. We need a level of
would be without one. “
protection known as herd immunity, which
Dr. Ameet, a health care professional mentioned experts estimate will require between 60
that all his family members who were eligible got and 90 percent of the population to be
it and he would highly encourage all the listeners vaccinated or have antibodies resulting
to take the vaccine “I do understand the rapid from infection.
development and politics behind it. But if you study Article by: Navneeta Khemka (Based on
the research and the scientific data. The bad side the radio caller’s response to the topic
effects are extremely rare. Very minor too. I do and her research- on her show Hit Hai
encourage. Irrespective of what kind it is one should to Bajega every Mon-Thurs 6-8 pm on
definitely take the vaccine.” He also mentioned 104.9 FM Funasia Radio)
that it might need modification, and we might need
boosters perhaps down the road which we will know

Mr. Phani had a little theory that there
are generally two factors why people
choose or not chose to take the vaccine.
What they believe to be true and what
reinforces them. How much ever
research is shown to the 2nd kind who
might be hesitant at first, the influencers
impact their decision. These influencers
are in their local circles, social media,
WhatsApp group etc. They might behave

according to their influencers. “We took

DesiPages DFW | May 2021 VOL 27 | 16

DesiPages DFW | May 2021 VOL 27 | 17


No one other than travelers is being affected so much by COVID! Of course, they all are
stuck, bored, and looking for ways to get out of their place and entertain themselves by
roaming into mountains and beaches. Solving that here’s how you can travel Post-COVID!

STAYCATION SURGE and it could be a promising moment

Passport-free holidays are turning into the for companies advocating a more
standard. In 2019, homegrown tourism considered approach to travel.
in England contributed £80 billion to the People won’t go to populated cities and
economy, yet Covid is required to thump countries for traveling and these natural
£22 billion off that figure in 2020. In any beauties and environmental-friendly
case, when limitations were released, there fields are going to stay for long!
was a tremendous flood sought after for
staycations. So, people are visiting nearer WILDERNESS SEEKING
places where they can easily travel and get to
explore better places which are unexplored! In the era of social distancing, nature
breaks are becoming more and more
appealing. Travelers craving wide-open
SUSTAINABILITY PARADOXES spaces and inspiring views are longing
One of the few benefits of the pandemic has for the great outdoors, and camping
been the environmental bounceback, with and glamping holidays are attracting
global levels of nitrogen dioxide at record new devotees looking to truly immerse
lows. About eight in 10 flights globally were themselves in the wilderness.
grounded during spring, and previously Rewilding and conservation holidays

clogged beaches and jam-packed streets – where travelers play an active part
were left eerily empty, giving wildlife greater in helping an ecosystem return to its
freedom to roam. natural state – are also becoming
The silver lining is, of course, temporary. more prevalent. Inventive cities are also

As governments tussle to revive ailing
industries, environmental initiatives
may well take a back seat. The
question now is whether travel brands
will scramble to return to normality as
restrictions are lifted or be galvanized
by this breather to maintain – and go
further with – their environmental and
social commitments. The unpolluted
blue skies and birdsong are likely
to have struck a chord with many,

DesiPages DFW | May 2021 VOL 27 | 18

DesiPages DFW | May 2021 VOL 27 | 19


At the lower end of the price scale,
Norway’s innovative Birdbox cabins host FATIMA SANA SHAIKH
just two people and can be placed in a
pristine natural environment with minimal
footprint. So, people are looking for
private vacations and prefer to explore

more alone.

trying to introduce more green space for
upcoming travelers. DREAM-TRIP PLANNING
Travelers who can afford to will be plotting

ISOLATION HOLIDAYS epic, once-in-a-lifetime trips over the next

Plenty of us will be dreaming of breaks in few years, reflecting huge pent-up demand
places devoid of crowds. Popular beaches, for travel after drawn-out restrictions.
home-share rentals, large hotels, and busy Living through a pandemic has sparked
cities might be low on the wishlist while a re-evaluation of people’s priorities and
private villas, boats, and boutique hotels, attitudes. For many of those confined to
as well as quiet coastal, lakeside, mountain, their homes during the lockdown, it has
and rural locations, will be scoring high. been a time to make plans.
Not to mention helicopter transfers, hotel Travelers will probably stay abroad for
longer periods and even take exotic
sabbaticals, and modest mini-breaks will
be swapped for blowout bonanzas.

People are using this time to dream up
the kind of big bucket-list trips you never
normally get around to planning. Post-
COVID Travelling

takeovers, and island buy-outs for those So, get the best trip you can and enjoy
who can afford them. your Post-COVID Travelling!

Setting the trend for quarantine hideouts,

in the Maldives, the ultimate in seclusion
has to be taking over an entire island –
Sun Siyam Resorts announced that for one
million dollars visitors can book one of two
islands for 15 days and up to 50 guests.

bollywood talkies




Fatima Sana Shaikh has mostly been private about ONCE ALL THE SAFETY PRECAUTIONS
her personal life. However, she recently opened ARE TAKEN CARE OF, EVERYONE IS
up about her past relationship and revealed that RARING TO START WORKING AGAIN
she has had her share of toxic relationships.
The actor was recently seen in Ajeeb Daastaans. Some challenges come with the new reality
She appeared in Shashank Khaitan’s Majnu brought forward by the ongoing pandemic, but
opposite Jaideep Ahlawat. In a recent interview, actor Ananya Panday feels that it’s spinning the
the actor was discussing the characters she cycle of cinematic evolution in a new direction,
played on-screen and spoke about her past. saying that it’s a great time to be working in the
While talking about Ludo, she said that she is (film) industry.
unlike her character Pinky in the movie. In the “Working amid the new normal is challenging.
Anurag Basu directorial, her on-screen husband But once all the safety precautions are taken care
has an affair before he is accused of murder. of and if everyone is following the protocols, then
Pinky goes all out to rescue her husband. “Main everyone is raring to go and start working again,”
toh wo bilkul bhi nahi hu - pativrata ladki - mere Panday admits.
saath koi aisi cheez kare toh do thappad marr du In fact, she’s able to point out some good
main (I am not a virtuous wife kind of a woman. changes that came with the wave of new realities.
If someone does this to me, I will slap him),” she “Cinema has evolved so much. Digital platforms
said. However, she did note that taking an action have come up in such a big way, and people
like that was easier said than done. have a lot of new stories that they want to tell. It’s
“I’ve also been in toxic relationships. It is very a great time to be in cinema,” muses the actor,
difficult to say, ‘haan hum ye kar lenge, wo kar who made her acting debut in 2019 with Student
lenge (I will do this, I will do that).’ When you of the Year 2.
are in it, it’s very difficult so I understand a lot of The 22-year-old wants to make full use of the
women go through that, especially when you’re changing world of cinema, which she feels will
not working and you’re financially dependent on be highlighted through her upcoming projects —
your husband, it gets very difficult to get out of a Puri Jagannadh’s pan-India film Liger co-starring
bad marriage,” Fatima added. Vijay Deverakonda, and Shakun Batra’s film with
Fatima shot to fame for her role in Dangal. The Deepika Padukone and Siddhant Chaturvedi.
actor went on to appear in Thugs of Hindostan
and Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari.

DesiPages DFW | May 2021 VOL 27 | 21

DesiPages DFW | May 2021 VOL 27 | 22

Does Missing compliance forms. must comply with this law. There are
two parts to reporting foreign account. Accounts include,
Foreign Compliance Bank Account, stocks, mutual fund, LIC policies, Provident
Fund etc. First, when your foreign accounts are is giving
take you to Jail? you income, dividend etc. that needs to disclose this in
your tax return as foreign income. This does not mean
your double taxed because you can also get allowable
foreign tax credits. Although tax due could be zero or
negligible, not showing the amount in tax return could
mean you are concealing foreign income to IRS. Second,
when you are maintaining foreign bank accounts outside
US and your aggregate daily balance between those
accounts exceeded $10,000 even in single day then you
would have to file Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR)
form. This applies to each taxpayer in the household.
When your balance exceeds $75,000 for single tax filer
and $150,000 for Married joint filers, then additional form
called FATCA must be filed. Penalties are different for each
form for non-filing. If you have foreign salary form 2555
needs to be filed. If you have foreign trust, Form 3520
needs to be filed. U.S. citizen, corporation, partnership,
trust, or estate who has at least 10% ownership in a foreign
corporation, needs to file Form 5471. If you have made
foreign capital contribution, then 5472 needs to be filed.
There are many other IRS forms that is required on different
In April 2011, 46-year-old Vaibhav Dahake, American situations. Our firm is currently providing free consulting so
Indian of New Jersey was sentenced 5-year prison for that everyone can make an educated decision to comply
willfully concealing his foreign bank accounts in India. U. before penalties pile up. Many of my clients are scared to
S tax authorities has prosecuted many other people after open foreign accounts. As long as you are reporting these
that for tax evasion in this crackdown including taxpayers, accounts to IRS, there is nothing to worry about because
bankers, lawyers, and advisors. In October 2017, 50-year- they are only for reporting purpose. IRS just wants to make
old Michael Fitzgerald of Longmeadow, Massachusetts was sure that you are not money laundering or opening foreign
sentenced 6 months of prison and fined $1,115,320. Upon bank to evade U.S. taxes.
release, Fitzgerald would be monitored and supervised for Vaibhav Dahake later received a bail for his jail time
4 years. with $250,000 civil fine and had to pay his new tax dues
The big question is, does everyone who miss foreign immediately. Prosecutors left him with the condition that
compliance goes to jail? Answer is clearly, “No”. Best he would provide the government officials useful internal
way to break this down offense is willful and non-willful information that would eventually help the government
violation. When someone misses filing foreign compliance to find other individuals with similar offense. Foreign
unknowingly, this is non-willful violation. When someone compliance audit has been very aggressive since 2010.
makes a scheme or strategy to undisclosed foreign I have been personally advising my clients on foreign
accounts to IRS simply to avoid taxation, this is willful compliance for years. While we can achieve the lowest
violation. Separating willful versus non willful could be penalty possible through our many years of expertise, I
tricky and complex. There are so many forms involved and prepare my client with both best and worst scenario while
understanding it all could be cumbersome. I would advise disclosing offshore assets.
everyone to seek advice from foreign tax expert to seek help
to comply with this law. There are subsidized IRS programs Diwas Dhungel
where taxpayers can comply with minimum possible fine. Senior Director of Operations
Although I cannot cover everything in this small article, Perfect Tax & Finance
I would like to leave everyone with basic knowledge so April 21, 2021
that everyone knows who is required should file foreign

Must present coupon at the time Must present coupon at the
of appointment. Not valid with time of appointment. Not valid
anyother offer. with anyother offer.
Offer expires 31 May 2021 Offer expires 31 May 2021
Conditions Apply Conditions Apply

DesiPages DFW | May 2021 VOL 27 | 23


Kareena Kapoor Khan is a loving mother of her two sons now after she
welcomed her second son with her husband Saif Ali Khan in February.
Ever since then she has been making headlines as she several times
opened up about embracing motherhood. Talking about it, recently
during a cooking show, the actress revealed her pregnancy cravings
during her pregnancies.
She further called her constant food craving weird and went on to
share that it was pizza and pasta that she always felt like having while
carrying both of her sons. She said, “So, basically like through the
pregnancy, I had, it was just like a constant craving of wanting Pizzas
and Pasta. It was just weird throughout, both my boys.”
Bebo also talked about how the Kapoor family shares a passion for
food every time they sit together at a table, much like an old and loud
Italian family. “We are screaming, Koi Kha Raha Hai, we are eating,
drinking, laughing because food is something that should bring joy to
you” she explained.
Meanwhile, on the work front, Kareena will be next seen in Aamir
Khan’s upcoming ‘Laal Singh Chaddha’.


Sonakshi Sinha is often seen raising her voice for causes she believes
in, be it donating money for PPE kits or taking a stand against trolling.
The actress feels, as a celebrity, one can make a big difference if one
speaks up for the right things.
“I tie up with causes I strongly believe in and, as celebrities, I feel we
can make a difference because we have a voice, and it should be used
to make the world a better place. So, if there is any cause that is for the
upliftment and development of society, why not?” she told.
Meanwhile, the actress has been doing her bit by posting about the
importance of wearing a mask on social media. She said that although
last year was slow for Bollywood, she didn’t mind being at home and
spending time with her family.
“Personally, it was a blessing to be home, since I do not remember the
last time I got such ample time to spend with my family. Over the last
few years, I have constantly been working, so I enjoyed this break to
the fullest,” she said.
Sonakshi Sinha is also a professed animal lover, and she had posed
for a PETA campaign advocating the adoption and sterilization of dogs
and cats.

DesiPages DFW | May 2021 VOL 27 | 24

DesiPages DFW | May 2021 VOL 27 | 25

Abhishek Bachchan on falling in love with BOLLYWOOD BONANZA
Aishwarya Rai during Umrao Jaan:

‘Universe conspired to bring us together’

Actor Abhishek Bachchan in a recent interview spoke about the beginnings
of his romantic relationship with wife Aishwarya Rai. The couple tied the
knot in 2007, and they have one daughter, Aaradhya.
While promoting his new film The Big Bull, Abhishek was asked to
label some of his past films as either ‘bullish’ or ‘bearish’ career
moves. When he was asked to slot Umrao Jaan, he said that it was
definitely ‘bullish’, because that’s where it all happened.
Asked if ‘mohabbat (love)’ happened organically or if he made it
happen, Abhishek told, “We’d been friends for a very long time.
Aishwarya was one of the first co-stars I’d ever worked with.
Our first movie together was Dhai Akshar Prem Ke, which was
technically the second film I started shooting, as soon as I finished
He continued, “So she’d been a dear, dear friend, and we’d worked
in so many films together. It was a bit of both. The universe conspired
to bring us together.”
Aishwarya, in the past, had spoken about how Abhishek proposed to
her. In an interview with Filmfare, the actor said that the moment was
‘surreal’ for her as she was on the sets of her 2008 film, Jodhaa Akbar.
“We’re doing Khawja Mere Khwaja, sitting as a bride, and I am like, oh my god
this is surreal, all happening on-screen, off-screen, this is bizarre,” she said.
Aishwarya and Abhishek have worked together on numerous films, such as Dhoom 2,
Guru, and Raavan.

Kriti Sanon

Doing varied genres is helping

me explore different shades of myself as

an actor

Kriti Sanon is a busy actress with more than six films in her kitty. However,
what makes it interesting is that she will be seen in various genres! From
a horror-comedy like Bhediya to an action flick like Ganpath - the
actress will be seen essaying the lead in multiple films.
Thrilled about her polarized lineup, Kriti says, “My work is so exciting
because no set, no film is like the other. Doing such varied genres is
helping me explore different shades of myself as an actor. From Bhediya
being a horror-comedy to action in Ganpath, mythology in Adipurush
and an entertainer like Bachchan Pandey - I have many genres that I
am working on right now which makes all the work even more exciting
and interesting. It does also keep me on my toes.”
Kriti has been busy shooting in Arunachal Pradesh for Bhediya with
Varun Dhawan. She also has quirky comedy, Hum Do Hamare Do with
Rajkummar Rao, and will also be seen essaying the solo lead in Mimi.

DesiPages DFW | May 2021 VOL 27 | 26

DesiPages DFW | May 2021 VOL 27 | 27




Hello I’m RJ Anya. I I have learned that true beauty and true
have a show called perfection is not in how you look but how you
‘Misunderstood’, feel, and if you feel beautiful no matter how
where I give the you look, you are perfect. During this show
listeners a glimpse I played amazing songs like Lana Del Rey’s
into the minds of - “Chemtrails Over the Country Club’’, and
generation Z as I Olivia Rodrigo’s - “deja vu” and many songs
play the most popular from various popular artists that generation
songs of today. Now Z enjoys. However, I don’t just play awesome
I am a Gen Z-er music, I also go in depth on the topic for the
myself, and I started day. Therefore, during the show I elucidated
the radio show what body positivity is, and unfolded in depth
‘Misunderstood’ not
RJ ANYA how body positivity has affected not only
only to vocalize the generation Z but other generations too. I
next generation, but to help other generations elaborated on how we can accept ourselves
accept and understand Gen Z. I chose the for who we are and not let society’s perverse
name for this show because I feel that many idealities of “perfection” affect our self-
other generations don’t understand why confidence. Since, no matter how tall or short,
Generation Z is the way they are. I being a how big or small, how dark or light we are, we
fellow Gen Z-er wanted to shed some light on are all humans. We should be celebrated for
what makes generation Z so impactful. our individuality and not shattered because

we don’t fit society’s ideas of “Perfect”.
To recap, we have talked about various topics
these past few weeks such as the “Effects of In my mind I do not believe in such a thing as
Social media on generation Z”. “What is an overall perfection, I believe that if we live
LGBTQ+ and why is it impactful to Generation our best lives and be our best selves, we are
Z’? “Bullying and how Gen Z feels about it” all perfect. At the end of each show, I leave
and so much more. My favorite and the most my listeners with a lesson or quote because
motivating topic, however, was about “Body I want to encourage all generations to grow
positivity and confidence in Gen Z’’. I chose to and evolve into the best they can. Even though
talk about it because I have myself struggled with there is no perfection there is evolution.
my body image and confidence for years and It is important to me that the listeners of
I didn’t want anyone else to feel like they were ‘Misunderstood’ realize just how important
alone. I understand how hard it is to want to and astounding they are. I hope through this
fit in, and look like societies “Ideal Perfection,” show I can make everyone understand how
and how much this “Ideal Perfection” can strong and capable Generation Z are. We are
deteriorate a person’s confidence and self- a movement for a greater future!

DesiPages DFW | May 2021 VOL 27 | 28


Listen to Kids Club with Ambreen Hasnat every
Wednesday from 3:00- 4:00 pm.

Coloring Book

Did you Know?

If you want to wish your child a Happy Birthday,
Please send message to [email protected]/[email protected]
For all submissions of your kids talent: Poem, short stories, Jokes, Artwork please
send submissions to [email protected]/[email protected]

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Arjun Kapoor recently opened up about Malaika

Arora in an interview.

Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor and own personality, I have seen her trying to change the
actress Malaika Arora are one of the narrative about things. She has just believed in keeping
most adored couples in the Hindi film her head down with dignity and letting her work do the
industry. They have been dating for some talking and leading a life that allows her to be happy. I
time now. Arjun and Malaika often make learn from her every day!”
public appearances together and leave The actor shared what he learned about his late mom
fans in frenzy with their sizzling chemistry. Mona Kapoor too. Kapoor revealed he learned that
Although the couple is private when it everyone has a sweet story to share about his late
comes to social media PDA and mushy mother. Arjun opened up about sisters Janhvi Kapoor
Instagram posts, Malaika and Arjun and Khushi Kapoor too. The actor mentioned he likes
shower love on each other on special Khushi’s calmness and said she has an understated
occasions. In an interview recently, confidence. Talking about Janhvi, Arjun said she is very
Arjun Kapoor opened up about Malaika curious and unlike what he had expected her to be
Arora. The actor spoke at length about because she comes from a lineage of being told that
his ladylove. she is going to be the next big thing in the world. He
The Gunday actor revealed what he loves continued to share that the Dhadak actress wants to
the most about his girlfriend Malaika learn, she wants to level up and get better.
Arora. When asked what he has learned Meanwhile, work-wise, Arjun Kapoor is gearing up for
from Malaika Arora in his life, Arjun the release of his Netflix film Sardar Ka Grandson. The
said, “I love how dignified Malaika is. actor has Ek Villain 2, and Bhoot Police in the pipeline.
The way she has the age of 20, to today,
being an independent woman with her

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Businesses On-Air At FunAsiA Radio

DesiPages DFW | May 2021 VOL 27 | 34

bollywood news


Actor Vivek Oberoi has reminisced Actor Nushrratt Bharuccha has said Kareena Kapoor Khan became the
about his film debut, Company, as it that she was affected by the criticism Begum of the Pataudi Khaandaan
completes 19 years. The actor said for the Pyaar Ka Punchnama films, as after she married Saif Ali Khan. The
that the industry was so impressed everyone believed her to be just like actress recently opened up about her
with his performances, he began her character in the films. In Pyaar Ka mother-in-law Sharmila Tagore, who is
signing films for astronomical sums Punchnama, she played a controlling also a yesteryear actress in Bollywood.
of money even before Company had girlfriend, while in its sequel Pyaar In a video interaction, Bebo said that
released. Ka Punchnama 2, she was seen as she always gets nervous when people
In an interview, he said that he a self-centered girl whose closeness ask her to talk about her mother-in-
was initially rejected for the role of with her male best friend made her law. According to her, the whole world
a gangster because director Ram boyfriend uncomfortable. knows that the veteran actress is one
Gopal Varma thought that he was In a recent interview, Nushrratt of the most elegant and most graceful
too polished to play the part. But revealed the criticism that hurt her women to have walked the earth.
the actor wanted to convince RGV the most. “Everything in Pyaar Ka Elaborating further, Kareena added
to cast him, and so he decided to Punchnama 1 and 2. People hated that she is lucky enough to know
spend three weeks in a slum. me, that’s what it was. The fact that deeper than that which is that she’s
“Even before the film released, I was they actually believed I was that girl warm, loving, and caring. According
already signing movies, was being in real life, which is why I did that to Bebo, Sharmila has been there
offered astronomical sums of money role that well,” she said. not just for her children, but also for
for movies. So it was all a very good According to Nushrratt, people her grandchildren, and also for her
feeling,” he told a leading daily, were so convinced that she was like daughter-in-law. The actress stated
remembering the days leading up her character in the films that they that she has always been very inclusive
to the film’s release. Recalling how dismissed her talent. “They said, of her, made her feel part of her family.
billboards with his face were being ‘Nahi, yeh talent nahi hai, yeh waisi Kareena also added that they are
put up in Mumbai, he said, “It was hi hai toh iss wajah se aise role karti waiting to actually come together as a
a big moment in my life, looking at hai (this is not talent, she does such family and spend some time together
the billboards. I had already started roles because she is like that too).’ with her
feeling like a bit of a star because Even in real life, people think I am Kareena Kapoor will be seen next
RGV treated me like a star on day like that. I am like, ‘Hi, can you in Laal Singh Chaddha. The film is
one.” not understand that there could be directed by Advait Chandan and
To get into the skin of his character, a thought, process, and skill that also stars Aamir Khan in a lead
Vivek said, “I actually rented a maybe I put to use?’” she said. role. It is the remake of Hollywood
kholi, lived in the slum, learned the Pyaar Ka Punchnama is set to have a blockbuster Forrest Gump. Laal Singh
mannerisms, the language, and did part three. Sunny Singh, who played Chaddha was scheduled to release on
full-on prep for the role.” Chauka in Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2, December 25 last year, however, it got
After Company, the actor appeared confirmed the sequel last year and pushed due to the novel coronavirus
in films such as Saathiya, Yuva, said that while director Luv Ranjan pandemic. Kareena will also star in
Masti, Omkara, and Shootout at has something in mind, details are Karan Johar’s Takht. The film’s cast
Lokhandwala. He also appears yet to be finalized. also includes Ranveer Singh, Janhvi
on the Amazon Prime Video series Her upcoming releases include Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Vicky Kaushal,
Inside Edge, and starred in the PM Hurdang, Chhorii, and Ram Setu. Bhumi Pednekar and Anil Kapoor.
Narendra Modi biopic.

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goodreads Journey of Motherhood from Mythology to the modern day.
Mother’s Day

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the best Mom of them all?

The second Sunday in May is celebrated as Mother’s working mothers, divorcees and blended families,
Day in the US and in many other countries. Across including inter-generational and cultural conflicts that
the world, people perceive a mom as the center of add to the complexity. In this narrative, I look back
a child’s universe, the fulcrum of a strong family. in time and allude to two iconic mothers from Hindu
Glorification of the mother figure as a supreme mythology, try gleaning lessons learnt from them and
symbol of love and sacrifice sets high standards of reflect on how the modern mom has evolved.
expectation for the modern mom, even more for Yashoda- The sublime motherly love of Yashoda
women from India, where the mother is considered towards Krishna is a timeless piece of history that is
the heart of the home. captured in virtually every Indian art form. Yashoda
Motherhood in India has enjoyed a special revered is epitomized as a loving, indulgent mom who
status from time immemorial. MathA, PithA, GurU, also rebukes her adorable child when necessary.
DevaiM is a popular Sanskrit proverb that has been Overwhelming love is tempered with reward and
whispered across generations in Hindu society. punishment, as evidenced when Krishna is tied to the
This represents the hierarchical order of reverence. grinding stone after he playfully eats sand or rewarded
Starting from the Mother who gives birth to the child, with butter after he plays the flute.
followed by the Father who initiates the
child into the world; together the parents
show children the path to the Guru or
spiritual teacher who ultimately reveals the
secret to God and self-realization. If you
combine the last letters of this mantra, you
get to chant the sacred syllable AUM! Such
is the hidden secret and meaning to many
of our ancient proverbs!
The role of the mother has been
romanticized across the ages as a self-
sacrificing woman that has the interests
of her family, central to her life. Today
society and its demographics are rapidly
changing with an increasing number of

DesiPages DFW | May 2021 VOL 27 | 38


Most moms are successful in nurturing strong “roots” in her in how she treated her step-children as her
which give children a sense of identity and stability in own and gave them equal status as her sons.
life. But giving our children the” wings” to fly and fulfill
their dreams is more challenging. At the right moment, These and many more iconic women from history
Yashoda blessed Krishna and sacrificed his presence and mythology reveal that every mom has her
from Gokul as he left the pasturelands for the kingdom strengths and shortcomings. No mom is perfect
of Madura. both in history and in real-life, and the role of a
The purity of a mother’s love can transcend biological mom will continue to evolve over time. The modern
dimensions. Even today there are families who are Indian mom faces the challenges of combining
hesitant to adopt children or reluctant to accept foster tradition with contemporary thinking. More so
children due to the fear of accepting new blood into the as immigrant moms, we are balancing multiple
family. Alluding to Hindu mythology, Yashoda-Krishna is cultures and mindsets, moving with the rhythm of
a positive affirmation. Yashoda was the foster-mother, but the current times and yet striving to be grounded in
represents the epitome of love and motherly devotion; our historical values and virtues.
depicting that nurturing your family with a loving heart
and pure spirit, regardless of biological roots, is the most We are the bridge that will build the next
supreme form of motherly love. generation of children, no matter where they come
Kunti- As the widowed wife of Pandu and mother of the from, whether or not our own. Nurturing every
Pandavas, Kunti was a dedicated mother who was a child in our nest, and every young adult who is
perpetual source of support for her sons. After surviving in our sphere of influence; loving, caring and
a murderous attempt by the Kauravas who burnt the lac supporting without barriers; leading by example;
home of the Pandavas, Kunti lived a nomadic life with giving back to society; there are innumerable ways
her children, moving from village to village in disguise of developing the next generation of children to
and seeking refuge in the forests. Once a queen from a be strong global citizens of the earth. At the end
distinguished lineage, she sacrificed the luxuries of the of the day, the modern mom is a universal mother
palace to accompany her children and protect them. to many.
When the Pandavas returned to the forest again, this time Balancing a mother’s instincts with logical
on exile for 13 years, Kunti respected the wishes of the reasoning, unconditional love with worldly wisdom,
elders in the family and stayed back in the palace. She societal expectations with personal aspirations,
silently lived under the same roof of the Kauravas, the every mom as a nurturer and sustainer, will
perpetrators of her family’s misery. continue to be a powerful influencer of her family
Single moms raising kids are on the increase today and and her community.
delving deep into mythological history, Kunti is a striking
example. Throughout the Mahabaratha, she supported Happy Mother’s Day to all moms!
her sons steadfastly with an abiding sense of duty and
character, portraying immeasurable strength as a single
Her weakness however, was her hidden
secret of being Karna’s mother. Kunti
never acknowledged this truth to her sons
until after Karna’s death and was cursed
by Yudhisthira that no woman would ever
be able to keep a secret! Kunti’s rejection
of Karna is offset by her impartial attitude
toward Nakula and Sahadeva who she
considered her very own and kept her
promise to Madri to raise them like they
were her sons. In blended families, many
kids are raised by step-moms that add an
additional layer of complexity in balancing
love between all their kids (biological and
step-kids). Kunti once again is exemplary

DesiPages DFW | May 2021 VOL 27 | 39

So, here’s wishing the entire community a
Happy New year and Ramadan Kareem.
Along with Desi pages, you can get update
on community events in the show .The
‘Community Roundup’ show has been
created to help all nonprofit associations,
religious and social organizations to promote
their organizations, events, and activities. In
the past few weeks, we have helped several
organizations such as Shri Ram Mandir of
Plano, VYO, Art of Living Foundation, HNA,
and many more by promoting their activities
and initiatives. If you are part of any such
organizations and would like to be a guest on
our weekly segment “Community Roundup,”
Namaste /Aadab please do email me at [email protected].
A big hello to the vibrant community of the In this short amount of time, we have received
DFW metroplex. an overwhelming amount of support from
I am so glad that we are connecting to the the community for this new segment. Once
entire community on so many levels and again, I am thankful
“Desi Pages” is one of the to our dynamic CEO,
best platforms where we Mrs. Vaishali Thakkar,
can bring the community for her exceptional
together leadership in our
April was the month of a endeavor to reach out
lot of festivities. According to the community. Once
to the Hindu calendar, it again, many thanks
was Chaitra month which to the community for
that marks the New year continually supporting
or first month of the Hindu Funasia Radio and
calendar. The day is celebrated by different helping us in ‘bringing the community
names across the country — people in together’.
Maharashtra celebrate it as Gudi Padwa,
Kashmiri Hindus observe it as Navreh.
In Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, it is
celebrated as Ugadi, Sindhis celebrate it as
Cheti Chand, and in Punjab it is Baisakhi.
Chaitra Navratri, the nine-day-long festival
during which the nine incarnations of
Goddess Durga are worshipped, started on
Tuesday, April 13. The first day of Chaitra
Navratri marks the beginning of the Hindu
New Year. Last but not the least, the holy
month of Ramadan also started on April

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DesiPages DFW | May 2021 VOL 27 | 41

hussain panjwani


Hussain Panjwani is a very well-known hard work, and that has been a reason for
name in the mortgage industry in the DFW his success.
Metroplex. He is a family man who has come He got married to Sharmyn on 15th February
a long way from what he initially started with. 1997. At that time, he was heavily invested
Hard work, dedication, persistency, and focus in his gas stations and had seven stations
are the attributes which makes him what by then. Sharmyn started the mortgage
he is today. He never fails to credit his wife company, and he joined her two years
Sharmyn Panjwani who initiated this multi- later. He remembers fondly in retrospect the
million dollar Mortgage business ‘Dream amazing 23 years of journey it has been in
Home Mortgage’, and she has always been this business. He did diversify into real estate
his pillar of support.
Hussain came to the US on September
11th 1989 and had a humble beginning.
From I989-2002, he worked on three
jobs at one time. He was at the dry
cleaners, delivered pizza in the evening
and in the weekends worked in the flea
market. However, he had the businessman
orientation and started his first business of
a gas station. This demanded a lot of his
time and effort, and he would sometimes
work 18 -36 hours shifts. He always
mentions that he never shy-ed away from

DesiPages DFW | May 2021 VOL 27 | 42

and health care but, sold the latter and is now
full time into real estate and mortgages.
Hussian Panjwani is also a celebrity on the cuisines and restaurants. He thrives around
radio. His show on 104.9 FM FunAsia Radio is his kids and his wife. He is very transparent
very informative and popular. He was the first and does not have any secrets and also has
to start advertising on the South Asian radio as the reputation of being blunt.
he believed in the power of the radio and knew
that he could catch listeners’ undivided attention He accepts that he makes mistakes, but
when they are driving. In fact, people who don’t one should not be scared to make mistakes
know him by face sometimes recognize him is the message he gives to the younger
by his voice. There are many first-time home generation.
buyers who religiously tune into his show. The 3 things that he follows in life are:

“I only share information on my radio show and Work ethically.
never try to sell mortgage. From the very first Work hard.
day I have only shared my weekly experiences.”
Hussain mentions. Be transparent in your work.

He is aware of the many 1st time home buyers “If you lie, you have to remember it. But you
who do not know the process and they do follow do not have to remember truth, as a truth is
his advice. They would eventually call him when always a truth even after years.” He proudly
they are ready to get their first home. “That is mentions.
the trust which is very gratifying”, he says. Mr Hussain Panjwani is a community

He also shares a couple of anecdotes that he man and whenever a cause makes sense,
is proud of in his 23 years of mortgage career. he would sponsor and support it. After
One, when he closed a deal in just 3 days, at he retires, which he mentions he would
the time when there were hardly many rules in another 10 years, he would get into
and regulations before 2008. The realter still something philanthropic and humanitarian.
remembers how the deal was closed so quickly “We have friends doing it full time. And we
when it was turned down by others. He also want to do it too”. He says. We at FunAsia
mentions that things have changed over the DesiPages wish Mr. Hussian Panjwani and
period as now appraisals don’t happen so fast. his gorgeous wife Sharmyn Panjwani a lot of
success in their future endeavors.
For another client his franchisee was forfeited
and Hussian went to the extent of going to
the sales tax office to pay his taxes; got
everything updated by a CPA and 2
weeks later his franchisee got activated
and they were able to close the deal.
As his company’s name truly suggests,
he does make dreams come true. He
mentions amusingly, that he is serving
the 3rd generation of some clients.
Mr. Panjwani, however, is a simple
man and his whole focus is around his
family. They all are foodies, and he
loves to spend time with his family on
the weekends where they try different

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DesiPages DFW | May 2021 VOL 27 | 44



the Celebrities


As we enter the month of May, we are

getting closer and closer to Eid-ul-Fitr.

Eid-ul-Fitr is day of celebration for the
entire Muslim world! This is a day to
celebrate the successful completion of May 18 marks the birthday of a very prominent

the holy month of Ramadan and thank Pakistani singer and songwriter who’s voice
Allah for His countless blessings. is velvety soft and mesmerizingly beautiful.
His name is his trademark, his voice is his
definition, he is the one and only Ali Zafar.
Here’s wishing each and everyone of He started his career as a actor in Pakistan
you a very happy and joyous Eid. television industry. His personality and
the cutest boy next door look made him a
heartthrob. But that was just the beginning!
In 2003 he debuted as a musician and
released his album “Huqa Pani” which
Did you know, Pakistan is a home to six
UNESCO designated World Heritage Sites: became a huge hit and grabbed him several
awards. Songs like ‘channo’ and ‘rangeen’

1. The archeological ruins of Moenjodaro brought him overnight success and made
him the new singing sensation of the town.
2. The Buddhist ruins of Takht-i-Bahi and Along with a successful singing career, Ali
remains of the neighboring city Sahr-i-Bahlol Zafar also has a successful acting career
with films featured both in Lollywood and
3. Shalimar gardens and the Fort in Lahore Bollywood.
Here wishing Ali Zafar a very Happy Birthday
4. The monuments of Makli
from the entire team of Funasia
5. Fort Rohtas

6. The ancient ruins of Taxila


DesiPages DFW | May 2021 VOL 27 | 45



during his engineering that
he realized that he wanted
to become an actor. He was
always an active part of the
theater during his school
and college days, and joined
an acting workshop under
Kishore Namit Kapoor but
also parallelly completed his

Vicky first decided to assist
directors instead of acting
and used to regularly visit
Bollywood director Anurag
Kashyap`s office, after which
he assisted him on ‘Gangs
of Wasseypur’ in 2010 and
‘Gangs of Wasseypur 2’ in
2012. After that, he went on
to do small parts in movies
like ‘Luv Shuv Tey Chicken
Khurana’ in 2012, ‘Bombay
Velvet’ in 2015, and was
Vicky Kaushal was born in the slum area in also seen in the short film ‘Geek Out’. In
Malad, on May 16th 1988 to award-winning the meantime, he continued to be a part of
action director and stunt coordinator Shyam Manav Kaul and Naseeruddin Shah`s theater
Kaushal, who has been associated with groups.
movies like Slumdog Millionaire, 3 Idiots,
and Bajrangi Bhaijaan. His brother, Sunny While Vicky was assisting Kashyap on ‘Gangs
Kaushal, is also a part of the film industry and of Wasseypur’, even Neeraj Ghaywan was
has worked in movies like Gunday and My working with him as an assistant director.
Friend Pinto as an assistant director. When Neeraj decided to make his movie,
‘Masaan’, he called Vicky to audition for a
Vicky studied electronics and part too. ‘Masaan’, co-starring Richa Chadda,
telecommunications engineering at the Rajiv Sanjay Mishra, and Pankaj Tripathi, was
Gandhi Institute of Technology, Mumbai. It released at the Cannes Film Festival and won
was only during one of the industrial visits the FIPRESCI Prize in the Un Certain Regard

DesiPages DFW | May 2021 VOL 27 | 46

section and a `Promising Future` prize for
debut films. When it was released in India in
2015, it opened to a positive response and
received critical acclaim. Despite belonging
to a typical Punjabi family, Vicky managed to
play the role of a small town Banarasi boy in
the movie with ease, which won him immense
praise and critical acclaim.

In 2016, the actor was seen in the coming-
of-age story of a young boy in ‘Zubaan’ co-
starring Sarah Jane Dias. In the same year, he
was seen in ‘Raman Raghav 2.0’, based on
a true story co-starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui, His 2020 release includes ‘Bhoot - Part One:
where he plays the role of a cop who is a drug The Haunted Ship’.
addict and is after a serial killer.
The actor is currently shooting for ‘Udham
After a successful year in 2017, Vicky Singh’ and ‘Takht’ had a dream run at the box
began the year 2018 with another stellar office last year. His performances in movies
performance in the Indian spy thriller ‘Raazi’ like Raazi and Manmarziyaan made sure that
directed by Meghna Gulzar. The film, which he was among the most talked-about actors of
is based on a novel titled Calling Sehmat by the previous year. The actor also bagged the
Harinder Sikka is about an Indian spy who Filmfare award for the best supporting actor
married a Pakistani military officer before for his role in Sanju. He started the year with a
the Indo-Pak war in 1971. His other notable bang too. ‘Uri: The Surgical Strike’, became
ventures include ‘Sanju’, a biopic on the his biggest commercial success to date raking
Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt, which is directed in more than 200 crores at the Indian box
by the acclaimed director Rajkumar Hirani and office. Vicky Kaushal is an Indian actor who
‘Manmarziyan’, directed by Anurag Kashyap. is best remembered for his performance in
the award-winning movie
‘Masaan’ in 2015 for which
he won the IIFA Award for
Best Male Debut.
Wishing Vicky Kaushal a very
happy Birthday. He has had
an extremely successful work
graph and on his birthday we
wish him much triumphs in
his future endeavors.

DesiPages DFW | May 2021 VOL 27 | 47

IMFF 2021- Virtual Film Festival

experience. Attendees were
encouraged to explore the
platform almost like a game,
with a clickable Festival
Village Map that included
different buildings you could
enter with your own avatar –
that is if you chose to turn on
your camera!
Most in-person
festivals usually open with an
opening night, meet and
great, followed by film
screening and Q and A.
Despite being a virtual

Indie Meme has been bringing artistic, out-of- festival – this structure was
the-box South Asian Film screenings to Texas certainly maintained effectively by
since 2013. This year the 2021 film festival was a Indie Meme. Prior to the screenings,
virtual edition that was made accessible to remote the attendees could be at virtual tables
audiences across the United States over the last where they could chat and mingle with
two weekends in April. In the past Indie Meme has other audience members. This made
selected a wide range of socio-political dramas, the festival highly personable and a lot
engaging narratives, animated adventures and of fun to attend – and of course you
incisive documentaries showcasing new voices. This could bring on your favorite beverage
year was no different, however I felt that this year’s to make the experience even more real.
buzz over the selection was more pronounced. Being Christine Chung, the Festival
an indie filmmaker myself I’m always looking out Coordinator mentioned that “In a
for out-of-the-norm films, films that are free in nature time where we may feel disconnected,
and not engineered by commercial expectations. the Indie Meme Film Festival 2021 is
So here I was ready to attend the fest with a feeling incredibly excited and honored to be
of eclectic excitement as the day came closer for showcasing over 20 narrative features,
the opening night. Additionally I had read that this documentaries & short films over 6
year, interestingly, imff2021 had also upped their days that can connect us all.”
game by partnering with a new streaming platform, Though I may not have been able to
Filmocracy, which was tailored to suit the unique needs screen all the films, I certainly caught
of the festival and the Indie Meme community. This quite a few:
unique platform had been designed to gamify the
experience and maximize the interactivity of the

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SHUT UP SONA: This 85 mins ANITA a short drama from India was also thought
documentary from India, featured evoking as a film about women containment and how
in Indie Meme’s opening night, we shove the norms of patriarchy under the rug.
depicted Sona, a female singer
and the dichotomy that exists in the I also enjoyed SAB RAB DE BANDE a 28 minute
opportunities for men and women. documentary film about the life stories of five “LGBTQ
Sikhs” living in India and another documentary, Pari of
SEVEN AND A HALF: This 75 Pokhara, from Nepal, which is about human trafficking
mins drama from Iran showcased network.
individual stories of seven girls
with none having the chance In conclusion I would say that the excitement of the
of finding love as the society innovative virtual platform combined with a diverse
continues to hold “virginity” as a programming of films, which included several world
yardstick for an acceptable bride. premieres and also many Texas premieres, with a line-
up of special guests and Q and A with many Directors
HAVA, MARYAM AND made the Festival, IMFF2021, and sufficiently satisfying

AYESHA: This 83 min drama from and wholesome experience.
Afghanistan depicted
the beauty and strength
of Afghan women as
they maneuver through
marriage, family and


138 mins Drama from
talks “about all sorts of
minorities and it talks
about social media
and the monster that it
is.” - Sarmad Khoosat,
Filmmaker Closing Night was hosted by Sucharita Tyagi, writer,
Trivedi Ji: This short drama from film critic, video content creator and former radio
India depicts the protagonist stuck at jockey.
home during Corona. She becomes
very fond of her Aloe Vera plant and
calls it “Trivedi Ji”. As time progresses
her meals become meager and her
loneliness increases. The climax
comes when she ends up eating Write-up and coverage by Parul Bhatia
Trivedi Ji.

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Check out this months horoscope and see whats in store for the HOROSCOPE
month ahead of you
May 2021

Capricorn Cancer
Married people will be busy with social Marital bliss will be excellent during the
activities in addition to their cordial love first half of the month. Single persons will
life. Singles can find love alliances before be able to catch lovers by their charm
the 20th. Prospects for education will be and grace. Professionals will have a
very good. Family environment will be highly beneficial career. Finances will be
highly volatile. Health promises to be extremely profitable.
without any hitches.
Aquarius Leo
Marital love will be quite harmonious A pleasure trip with your spouse will
but is affected by family conflicts. You enhance happiness in married life. Family
should separate the two. Health promises relationships will be delightful. Health
to be wonderful without any serious will be exceptional. Professionals can
health hazards. Professional growth expect a productive period. The month is
will be hindered, while finances are not auspicious for businessmen to start new
profitable. projects.

Pisces Virgo
Marital life will be full of sensuality and Married life will be pleasant unless
romance till the 20th. Singles will find disturbed by professional engagements.
love after the 14th. Family affairs will be Health will be excellent without any
full of delight and peace. Prospects for serious illnesses. Career people can look
finance are very much beneficial. Health forward to a prosperous month. Finances
will face a few hazards. Travels will bring will present a few problems. Travel
good profits. prospects are bright.

Aries Libra
Love relationships will be complicated Married persons should decide on
and will be full of sensuality and jealousy. romance or sensuality to make them
Singles will find partners in social happy. Single persons can get love mates
gatherings after the 20th. Finances through good communication. Prospects
present a rosy picture. Career prospects for health and family relationships are
are not encouraging. Health will not pose excellent. Finance and career may face a
any problems. few problems.
Taurus Scorpio
There will be both romance and passion Scorpio persons will use imagination and
in love relationships with scope for innovation in their love relationships.
planning a baby. Mars will help singles Professionals will have good career
to find their love mates. Health prospects growth. Finances will present a few
are wonderful. Family relationships will problems. Health prospects and family
be average. Financials and career will relationships will be wonderful. Travel
have to weather many hurdles. engagements are not beneficial.

Gemini Sagittarius
In the first week of the month, love Marital bliss will be full of romance and
relationships are bothered by financial passion. Singles will find it difficult to
and professional challenges. Health will get love partners. Health will not cause
be wonderful, but the family environment any hiccups. Family affairs will not be
fails to be congenial. Finances and harmonious. Career professionals fail to
professional life should expect some make headway in their jobs. Finances are
hurdles. weak.

DesiPages DFW | May 2021 VOL 27 | 50

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