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Help Us to Fight Obesity, Diabetes & Heart Disease
Cardiovascular Health

No More Heart Disease – SIC Regenerative Therapy

Cardiovascular Disease (Heart Attacks and Strokes)
Kills More Men and Women All around the World
… than All Cancers Combined !! …

Cardiovascular Disease can now be both Stopped and Reversed with the Far Infrared Cardiac Protocol and Two Simple Amazing Nutrients, L Arginine and Citrulline, Your body then converts these nutrients into Nitric Oxide (NO)

Using this Natural and Safe Treatment Approach‚ You Can Now …
…….. • Lower cholesterol, Lose from 2 pounds -6 pounds & burn up to 650 calories in 30 minutes
…….. • Reduces & regulate blood pressure and hypertension without side effects
…….. • Increase energy levels and feelings of arousal and wellbeing
…….. • Stabilise and then remove plaques lining the arteries while restoring your endothelium
…….. • Increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain and the entire body
…….. • Restore the health of elasticity and function of all the arteries throughout the body
…….. • Prevent and treat heart attacks, strokes, heart rhythm problems, diabetic gangrene and neuropathy
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