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Sponsorship & Partnership Opportunities for

An online, game-driven, learning platform oriented for the future of learning, en-
gineering and geoscience for middle school career & choice

Dream Bigger

Project Overview

The EnGenious project was initiated by Engineers Canada with on-going support from the National Women and
Aboriginal Advisory Committee (with representation from APEGA, APEGBC, APEGS, APEGM,PEO, APE-
GNM, and EWB). APEGA was chosen to lead this project, as APEGA has shown leadership in the outreach ar-
ea. During 2017, First Mobile Education of Fredericton, in partnership with The Association of Professional En-
gineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) and the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists
of New Brunswick will soon be relaunching the EnGenious online game and career website at EnGen- First Mobile now needs added sponsorship support and investment, as we are presently in the
process of financing a major upgrade of Engenious – with a more current software, improved analytics and en-
hanced security features.

The purpose of this project was to develop a tool to create understanding of what engineers do and to encourage
youth into the engineering profession. Initially, this initiative targeted Aboriginal and females at the junior high
level. As the project progressed, the target audience was expanded to all junior high youth with emphasis on Ab-
original and females since the dollar investment in this project is significant enough that limiting this resource
was not feasible. Initial research indicated that the best means to reach junior high students is through an interac-
tive gaming site. This is supported by a study by STEM (a US based organization that supports Science, Tech-
nology, Engineering, and Mathematics) that indicates that the #1 influencer for males is games or toys, while for
females it is a teacher or class.

The final EnGenious product (for Phase 1) was completed for distribution in January 2013. Phase 1 included two
major components: a website and an interactive video game. The website is intended to provide facts, figures,
and resources to students, teachers, and provide support to volunteers when making in-class presentations. An
initial audit was conducted in June 2013 by Pat Barford, an Alberta Educator, whose final report indicated:

“The games require the use of skills identified by Alberta Education as competencies required by 21 century
learners. Among the essential skills specified by Alberta Education are: planning, data gathering and analysis,
hypothesis testing, risk taking, monitoring, communication, and collaboration. All of these skills are required for
successful game play in the world of EnGenious.” She goes on to say that “All this makes the site a valuable re-
source for teachers and students wishing to explore and learn about engineering and geosciences.”

The website itself, when conveying information about what engineers do and why youth should enter the Profes-
sion, works towards targeting females by changing the message. There is a worldwide effort to change the image
of the engineering profession to that of a career that has impact on society and is a path to helping others. The
key messages featured on the website included that engineers:

· Make a difference;
· Change the world;
· Solve problems and design things that matter;
· Work with great people;
· Are creative;
· Travel;
· Allow for various career options;
· Make an appealing salary

Building Canada’s economic future with online games – 13 December 2017

Edmonton, AB and Fredericton, NB – First Mobile Education, in partnership with The Association of Profession-
al Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) and NB engineers will soon be relaunching the EnGenious
online game and career website at

According to Jeff Mundee, Director of Design, First Mobile Education, his start-up company has acquired from
APEGA the world-wide, royalty-free rights to EnGenious, an innovative way to “encourage today’s youth to
become the professional engineers we need tomorrow.”

Mundee noted, “These rights are for a five-year period, and we are excited to bring the coding up to current
technical standards, where we will actually own all derivative products for an unlimited time.”

EnGenious was designed for junior high students and teachers, but lacked a sustainable web host and broader,
national exposure. It’s a virtual world with 10 interactive games showcasing six engineering disciplines. There
are also career and teacher resources that connect the games to real life.

“Students might not know it, but almost everything around them is designed or made by professional engineers,”
says APEGA Registrar & CEO Jay Nagendran, P.Eng., QEP, BCEE, FEC. “The EnGenious website teaches
them about engineering – and how it affects their lives – in a fun, hands-on way that challenges them to solve
puzzles, answer trivia, and test their ingenuity.”

Students can run a refinery, set up an environmentally friendly electricity grid, design and test-crash a car, and
more. To show youth that engineering can make life better, players earn special rewards based on their ability to
improve the social, economic, and environmental well-being and safety of the EnGenious citizens. There are
more than 56,000 professional engineers and geoscientists in Alberta and 280,000 professional engineers in Can-

The original EnGenious suite of career-choice games was developed by APEGA in 2011. Funding partners were
the Government of Alberta, Engineers Canada, Cenovus, Pembina Pipelines, Canadian Natural Resources Lim-
ited, and SPE Canadian Educational Trust Fund. The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of
New Brunswick introduced this opportunity to the NB company First Mobile Education in the fall of 2016.

As well, the GNB/New Brunswick Industry Innovation Challenge fund underwrote a portion of First Mobile’s
considerable due diligence and acquisition costs of the EnGenious Games. Dr. Bill McIver, the NB Community
College Chair in Mobile First Technology Initiative, will also continue to play a supportive role in the applied
Research & Development and the commercialization of the games.

For further information, please contact Gary Stairs, CEO, First Mobile, at 506.470.1000 or Mohamed El Daly,
Director of Outreach & Product Services, APEGA, at 800-661-7020 (toll free) or 780-426-3990.

Background: Genesis of First Mobile Education

First Mobile Education was first conceived in May 2013 by two Canadian leaders in learning technology, build-
ing upon our region and our nation's reputations for helping students learn worldwide.

Subsequently, the launch of First Mobile Education occurred at the i-Canada National Summit held at George
Brown College in Toronto on the 3rd and 4th of June, 2013. Those present included the premier at the time; the
mayors of Fredericton and Waterloo; Bill Hutchison, Chair of i-Canada; John Jung, CEO, Canada's Technology
Triangle; Claude Martel, former Chair of the Canadian e-Learning Enterprise Alliance (CeLEA), and John Reid,
President and CEO, Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA).

Dr. Claude Martel of CeLEA, who hosted a presentation by First Mobile Education during the CeLEA AGM at
the i-Canada National Summit commented: “First Mobile Education is a powerful example of using next genera-
tion mobile technology to address global opportunities for organizations and all levels of government across
Canada. It’s all about recognizing the opportunity and working as a team to make it happen.”

Why We Came To Be

In the Atlantic region, various organizations are already boosting our provinces’ foreign education programs.
Therefore, it is the intent of First Mobile Education to further expand our efforts worldwide using next genera-
tion technology and pedagogy. The First Mobile Education venture has begun to negotiate with a range of Pre-K
and K-12 curriculum and other educational sources. The intent is to transform our region’s existing high quality
educational content and deliver it on a world class mobile platform to considerable emerging markets like China,
India and Brazil.

Three years ago, First Mobile Education was further kick-started in New Brunswick (NB) by a 5-year project
initially entitled Multi-Channel Content and Analytics Platform (MCAP); it was made possible through funding
by the New Brunswick Industry Innovation Challenge (NBIIC) and the contributions of the project partners.
MCAP is focused on the ability to create and deliver content on numerous Internet and mobile-based user devic-
es through a common platform with integrated Big Data capture and analytics capabilities. First Mobile Educa-
tion is the edu-game (educational game) lead in the MCAP project.

First Mobile Education’s focus is on the fast-growing segment of the elementary and secondary school markets,
both domestically and abroad. We are creating new content, as well as leveraging existing content, and adapting
to the K-12 educational segment on various mobile platforms. Our analytics platform will provide us and our
clients with unique value-added features to differentiate our edu-games and services. Our small, and capable,
interdisciplinary team brings expertise in the design of user experiences from a pedagogical, entertainment, and
behavioural change perspective to the SMARTT partners. We are also advisors to the innovative venture that is
SMARTT – the Social Mobilities Alliance for Refuge, Trust and Transition, led by Dr. Christopher Kyriakides
at York University.

First Mobile Education • 57 Carleton Street Suite 300 • Fredericton, NB • E3B 3T2
[email protected]

An online game driven learning platform

Oriented towards the future of learning and engineering

The EnGenious project was started in 2011 by The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of
Alberta (APEGA) as a way to engage youth in interactive engineering and geoscience activities. The game offi-
cially launched in 2013 and has been utilized by students, parents, and teachers across the country. A new part-
nership between APEGA and First Mobile in 2017 enabled EnGenious to continue its educational impact by
providing hosting stability and the exciting opportunity for new games to be developed. The EnGenious project
includes a career website and an interactive web-based game. The website is meant for public use with a special
section for teachers to provide resources and a source of information for science, math, engineering and geosci-

The web game is meant to give junior high students an idea of what engineers do using a fun, engaging tool.
Phase 1 includes six engineering disciplines: chemical, petroleum, environmental, mechanical, electrical and
civil. The web game includes an avatar creator and an interactive map of the World of EnGenious, which com-
prises 10 mini-games. The mini-games cover a broad range of industries from a recycle centre to an oil refinery.
Throughout the game, players will collect EnGenious bucks and earn achievements that will be featured in their
personalized condominium. An offline version of the World of EnGenious, simply featuring the 10 mini-games,
is available for users without Internet access.

“The engineer has been, and is, a maker of history.” - James Kip

How will EnGenious be effective?

EnGenious is designed to reach out to traditionally marginalized groups in STEM fields (women, ethnic minori-
ties) and creates greater awareness of engineering and geoscience in New Brunswick, such as showing people
ways that engineering and geoscience improve the health and wealth of our province.
Games as emotional economies of engagement have an inherent ability to frame value perceptions for young
players; EnGenious can reach these children and youth in ways that the classroom can’t.
Engineering sponsors and partners, combined with the support of the Department of Education, the School
Boards, and together with direct support of teachers and career counsellors, will help bring the students to En-

“Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been” - Albert Einstein

First Mobile Education • 57 Carleton Street Suite 300 • Fredericton, NB • E3B 3T2
[email protected]

2018 EnGenious Sponsorship Levels

Platinum (3) Gold (4) Silver (6) Bronze (9) Donor (7)
$15,000+ $7,500+ $2,500+ $1,000+ <$1,000

Size of Logo on Promotional Material Prominent Large Medium Small N/A

Tax receipt ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓✓
✓ ✓
Logo & Link on Website* ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ *Link Only
✓ ✓
Promotional Items distributed to Schools ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Logo on Shirts & Handbook Inserts ✓

Career Fair Arcade @ Tech Expos ✓

Invitation to Launch/News Conference ✓

Make Remarks @ News Conference ✓


Organizers & Contact Details

Gary Stairs, MA (Cmns) & Jeff Mundee, BA (MM)
Principals, First Mobile Education,
57 Carleton Street, Suite 300
Fredericton, NB
Canada E3B 3T2
Φ 45.96158; λ -66.64135

P 506.206.7070
C 506.470.1000
F 506.454.7511

Gary Stairs [email protected]
Jeff Mundee [email protected]

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