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Mike gets a flat tire. And something is going to happen.

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Published by Gannon Reidinger, 2019-05-08 10:14:31

The Story of the Flat Tire

Mike gets a flat tire. And something is going to happen.

The Story of the 

Flat Tire 

Written by Gannon Reidinger

Have you ever been in a car crash? Car
crashes are really common. For Example,
motor problems, flat tire, or two cars
running into each other. This is a story
about car crashes. Come and find out what
kind of accident Mike goes through.

¨Jake, NO lay down. MOM, can you get
Jake out of my room¨ Said Mike.

¨Sorry, Mike, I am cooking breakfast,¨
replied Mom.

Breakfast, that was my favorite meal of
the day. And I could smell the bacon. I shot
out of bed like a dog going to get a treat.

I went to get some clothes on. I am the
type of person that likes to dress nice. I got
on my work clothes and went downstairs to
get some breakfast. ¨Mom, that is so
good,¨ said Mike.

It was the weekend, so I did not have to
go to college. I went straight into the garage
to hop into my car. I quickly grabbed a
water bottle. Unfortunately, it was frozen
but I grabbed it anyway.

Sorry, my name is Mike. I'm 17 years
old and in my junior year. I'm 6 feet tall. I
play basketball. I have blue eyes and dark
brown hair. Back to the story.

I was driving down the highway, in fact, that
was one of the busiest highways in Iowa,
then out of the corner of my eye, I saw that
the MPH was going down slowly. I drove to
the side of the highway. My 2016 Jeep
Wrangler had never broken down on me

It was 6 am, so it was still dark out. I
had his car headlights on bright at the
time. I thought to myself and said, ¨It's
not the battery because I put a new one
in last week”

I work at Dick’s Sporting Goods in Sioux
City, Iowa. My boss was named Jenney.
She could be nice at times, but if you were
late to work you were in big trouble. And
this trouble is getting fired.

I hopped right out of my car, and it
started to rain cats and dogs. He opened
the hood and nothing was wrong that he
could see. After Mike opened the hood he
thought he saw something out of the corner
of his eye. I closed the hood and instantly
knew it was a flat tire because the car was
sort of leaning towards the right. He put his
hands over his head and started to breathe

Then I remembered my friend, Mark. Mark
had a off day, so I hopped back into the
Jeep and called Mark. Mark did not pick up
so I was sad. Then I called my mom. I
thought she would pick up. Then I
remembered she was going to the store
across the town. He went to the back of the
car and opened the trunk and there was a
jack and a pump. That was a gift from God.

Quickly, I took out the pump and the
jack and went right to work. First, I jacked
up the car. Then, I pumped up the car tire. I
looked at my watch, and I had 2 minutes to
get to work. Then I put the jack and the
pump back in the car. And I took off like a
flash of Lightning.


When I got to work 5 minutes later,
Jenney seemed like she woke up on the
right side of the bed. She had a big smile
on her face.

Then I said, ¨I´m late for work¨.

Jenny said, ¨ Yes. It was all cool¨.

I said, “Well, thanks am off the hook
just like that?¨

Jenny said, “Yes but can you stay after.
You only have to stay for 30 minutes¨.

Then I replied, ¨Of course.¨

I ended up staying for an hour extra. When
I went to talk with Jenney, that was so
scary. That is one of my worst fears.
Getting fired and death are my two fears.
My dad would not be pleased if he heard I
got fired. That night my family went out for
dinner. We went to Applebee's. I told them
the story, and they were glad I didn't get
fired. And in the end, everything was all

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