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Shaq's kid has a basketball game and has many problems getting there.

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Published by Jaden Hendrickson, 2019-05-08 11:14:46

Bad day for Basketball!

Shaq's kid has a basketball game and has many problems getting there.

B​ ad day for Basketball! 

By: Jaden Hendrickson 


Shaq was on his way to his son’s important night at a 
basketball game. He was driving to the Staples Center 
for Shaq’s son's basketball game. Shaq’s sons important 
game was because of father’s night. He had never 
missed a father’s night game since his son started 
playing basketball.  


He was still like 45 miles out of town. As 
he got to the next town, 5 miles after 
that, his car made really funny sounds. 
Then it stopped, and he just kept 
going. He was worried because he 
didn't check the oil when he was 
supposed to, and his radiator and 
brakes were going bad. Because he had a 1989 Chevy 
So as Shaq kept on driving, he saw his car started 
smoking. It was grey smoke, but it turned into black 
smoke like a chimney. He pulled over and called his wife. 
He said that his car was broke down. He was now 10 
miles away from that little city, and he was 40 miles 
away from Los Angeles. So Shaq called a towing 
company. They said they wouldn't be there for about an 
hour. Shaq was worried that now he might not make it 
to the basketball game. The game started at 6:30 it was 
already 5:20. 

The tow truck just got to Shaq’s car. Shaq now had to 
ride with the tow truck driver. It was now 5:57. 

Now they were 15 miles away from Los Angeles. Shaq 
had taken a nap. It turns out Shaq had missed 4 calls 
from his wife, he called her back right away. She asked 
Shaq if he was going to make it. It was now 6:18 and the 
game started in 12 minutes, and he was 15 miles out of 
town. So he said, “Don't plan on me being there right 
away at the beginning of the game!”  

Shaq was not happy with the truck driver because first 
of all, he was driving 40 miles an hour the whole time, 
and he was not towing Shaq’s car right. He told the guy 
he was not doing his job right but the tow truck driver 
didn't listen.  


Shaq had to go to the bathroom so when he hopped 
out of the tow truck, it was all dirty. He accidentally 
rubbed his Gucci shirt on the side of the dirty tow truck. 
Now he was extra mad. When they were back on the 
road Shaq texted his wife and said he wouldn't be there 
because the tow truck was going so slow, he wouldn't 
make it. 


Now he and his wife were fighting about how Shaq 
would miss his son's basketball game. Later on, his wife 
and Shaq were so mad at each other his wife wanted a 

Shaq has had a bad day. Now it is about to be even 
worse because he has to get a new car, and he doesn't 
have a wife anymore! So, later on, that day, he bought 
another 1989 Chevy Impala. Later on during the day, his 
other Impala’s brakes stopped working, and he went 
“CRASH!” Into a cactus right where his other Impala 
broke down!  


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