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Published by Sarah Louise Hutchison, 2020-01-17 08:37:15

Selling Warmers & Wax


share and sell

Scentsy Warmers and Wax


Share and sell Scentsy Warmers and Wax

We don’t just sell products in the Wax and Warmers space. We created this space. In 2004, Scentsy
started with the powerfully simple idea of decorative warmers with wax melted by the heat of a
light bulb instead of flame. The following tips can help you promote these flagship products that
remain among the most popular and recognisable of all Scentsy products to this day.

Plan and Prospect

Know the product

Value proposition and positioning

Our high-quality warmers match home décor and styles in a variety of innovative
designs, providing a safe alternative to wicked candles without the flame, smoke or
soot. Premium-quality wax delivers layered fragrance that unfolds over time.
The experience feels like home, both creating experiences and evoking memories.

Available resources

Familiarise yourself with the catalogue, product training guide, and your Personal Website (PWS) to
learn more about features and benefits, use and care, sales and promotions, and Bundle & Save options
to better engage with your contacts as a credible and confident Consultant.

Know your audience

Target customer

Although our customers represent a widely diverse population, they tend to be primarily from working
and middle-class families with mid-level incomes; they live in suburban and rural areas, spend their time
at home and engage in kid-friendly activities. Keep in mind that you’re not limited to selling to these
target customers, and that these tips are relevant to any customer demographic.

Make a plan

Contact list

Think about the places you go (in real life and online) and the people you interact with. Where, and with
whom, will you have opportunities to share your passion for these products? Take a few minutes to write
down your list.

Preferred selling method

The most effective way to introduce someone to Scentsy Warmers and Wax is in person. The beauty of
the warmer and the fragrance of the wax are most fully appreciated when they’re experienced directly.
Home parties, open houses, promotional displays, fairs and shows are all great ways to get the products
in front of people. Wax samples are another fun and efficient way to let people experience Scentsy’s
f ragrance.

Sometimes, a face-to-face meeting is not an option. In those cases, social media platforms like Facebook,
Instagram and Pinterest can be a great way to reach people; however you’ll have to rely almost
exclusively on the words, pictures and videos you use to pique the interest of prospective customers.

Determine which method(s) will work best for your contacts, whether that’s on location at a home party,
office break room, restaurant or coffee shop, on the go with a borrow bag or basket, or online.


Have wax samples (along with your business card or sticker label), testers, and
catalogues ready to take with you when you’re out and about. Know your call
to action to continue the conversation. What will you ask them to do next?
Visit your PWS? Connect on Facebook? Follow you on Instagram?
Attend a home party or open house? Book a party?


Share and sell Scentsy Warmers and Wax

Create awareness and build interest

Think of this as networking — where you’ll start interacting with others, building relationships, and
deciding whether and when you’ll have a deeper conversation about Scentsy.


Excitedly share and display products through Create awareness and interest using Marketing tab
home parties, basket parties, fairs and shows. images and your own user-generated content. Share
those images via text message, private message, and
on your social platforms to build and enhance the
relationship you have (or want) with contacts and

Home parties Text messages

Book parties with your customers and contacts, Send messages that tie the products and your
and ask them to invite their contacts to come customers together. This shows you know their
and check out Scentsy’s Wax and Warmers. preferences and they can see the products in use in
At the party, set up a simple display using at their homes/lives.
least one warmer, a few Scentsy Bars, and a
set of Fragrance Testers. Make sure all party “This warmer reminds me of your
guests have an opportunity to flip through the farmhouse theme! Wouldn’t it look
catalogue to see Scentsy’s current selection of perfect in your entry or living room?”

“Gather some friends and let’s shop! I can bring
product over for everyone to see and smell.”

Basket parties Private messages

Send your contacts out with a party-on-the-go, Take notice of those who react to or comment on
or a basket party. Give them a set of fragrance your posts and photos. Interact with them on the
testers, a few catalogues and order forms, and thread, and after a few back-and-forth comments,
pens. Let them take the product to their place move the conversation to a private message if it
of work, etc. and introduce Scentsy products to looks like they’re interested in learning more about
their contacts. the product.

“Take one of my borrow bags — set up a warmer “I’m happy to answer any questions you have.”
at work with some testers in the breakroom, or
take them to football practice.” “I’m submitting an order later today. Would you like
me to add one of these for you?”

Fairs, shows and impromptu conversations Social media platforms

Wear and/or carry something that says Scentsy. Post or go live on Facebook or another social
Make and share wax samples of your favourite media platform. Share stylised images of warmers,
scents. highlighting décor options and wax favourites. (See
the Marketing tab for image resources.) Share what
“Hi! Yes, I do sell Scentsy! Would you like to try a you’re doing/working on for your business.
“Follow me to learn how to style your life and fill it
with fragrance!”

“Making samples today and it smells soooo good!
I’d be happy to pop one in the mail for you!”


Share and sell Scentsy Warmers and Wax

Position and Close

Now that you’ve created awareness and built interest, your focus shifts to:
• Listening — either in person or virtually — for problems to solve and/or desired results

so you can position a specific Scentsy product as a possible solution.
• Closing the sale.

Listen and recommend

There’s no need to know or share every feature and benefit. Rather, share just enough to let the
customer know you’re listening and have a possible solution. Ask additional questions, as necessary,
before making a recommendation.

I hate how my house smells. I love my pets and kids, but they can be stinky!
I can help with that! What kind of fragrances do you like?
I don’t want to burn candles. I like the light and fragrance, but the flame makes me nervous.
If I told you there’s a way to enjoy the fragrance and ambiance of candles without the flame,
would you be interested in learning more?
I want a new warmer for my remodeled kitchen.
Your new kitchen is gorgeous! This warmer would be a perfect addition and complements
the color scheme.
I need a thoughtful gift for a housewarming party.
Tell me a little more about the person receiving the gift, and I’m sure we can find something
within your budget that they’ll love for their new home!

Present buying options

Once the customer agrees to move forward (likely with your recommended solution), your last step is to
share the best ways to buy. Listen for clues to ensure you’re meeting their needs.
Offer Bundle & Save options.

“Choose your favourite warmer and three bars to save $3.”
“I know, it’s hard to pick just one favourite! Let’s bundle these two warmers with six bars so you have
one for your living room and one for your bedroom at an even bigger discount.”
“Great choices! If you buy one more bar, you get another for free! Would you like to pick out two
more of your new favourites?”

Offer to collect orders.
“I’ll bet you have some friends who need more wax too! Let’s put together an order with your friends
— they’ll save on shipping and you can snag some free and half-price goodies for yourself!”


Share and sell Scentsy Warmers and Wax

Serve and Grow

Provide great customer service

Deliver with your special touch

Presentation is everything! Place your customer’s order in a Scentsy-branded bag, or one that you provide,
and consider adding a coordinating or themed ribbon. Tie on a thank you tag and include a thank you
sticker along with their order form. If it’s their first purchase from you, tuck your business card and a
Warmer & Scent of the Month flier into their bag. Determine if you will meet them, drop their order off
at their home or business, or if they will pick it up at yours. Make arrangements and follow through, then
check in on delivery day of to confirm the time.

Educate customers on product use and care

If your customer is new to Scentsy, they may need some simple product education. Explain how to set up
their warmer, the recommended number of cubes for their dish, and how to change the wax.

The amount of wax to use is influenced by many factors, such as the square footage of a room, the time
of year, ceiling height, whether there’s smoking, pets or carpet in the area, the number of warmers, and if
there are open windows or a fan in use. It’s also important to consider the customer’s personal preference
and desired fragrance strength.

Recommend that customers change the wax when there is no longer any fragrance
emitting or if they want a change to reflect their mood! Instruct them to pour spent
wax into the garbage (never down the sink!) and wipe the remaining wax from the
warmer dish with a paper towel, one or more cotton balls or Cotton Cleanups, and
then drop it into the garbage.

If customers always warm the same fragrance, they may say they can’t smell it after
a few days — this is called anosmia or being “nose blind.” A simple remedy is to
switch to something on the opposite side of the fragrance family wheel; for example,
if they always warm floral, try spice, or if they warm fresh, try bakery.

Follow up

Check on satisfaction with products

Get the recipient’s contact information for follow-up. The best follow-up system is the one you’ll use;
Consultants typically use the 1-1-3 (one week, one month, three months) or the 2-2-2 (two days, two
weeks, two months) methods to follow up with customers after they receive their order.

“I’d love to hear your thoughts on this new fragrance! May I have your number to follow up in a few

Find out if they’re ready to reorder Ask for referrals

“Hi Megan, checking in on your wax supply! “I hope everyone had a great time at your
With all those warmers you ordered last party and are enjoying their new Scentsy
time, you may be running a little low by goodies! If there’s anyone else who couldn’t
now. Would you like to reorder, or is there make it or forgot to order before we closed it
something new you’d like to try?” out, I’d love to connect with them! I encourage
referrals! Feel free to share my information
with them or tag them in one of my posts.”

As you continue to provide quality customer care and fill your customers’ product needs, their trust
in you as their Consultant will grow, as will your business. Stay up to date with the catalogue, Product
Training Guide, and News tab for more product release information. We constantly refresh our designs
and fragrances to provide more reasons for you to connect with your customers.


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