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Published by Cre8ive Business, 2015-09-29 18:12:04

Cre8ive Beacon Platform

Cre8ive Beacon Platform

Sell  more  with  Beacons


Customers  are  surrounded  with  advertising  deals  at  home,

on  the  street,  in  the  bus  where  they  can’t  use  them.  

Retailers  don’t  optimise  their  sales  and  lose  profits.

because  they  lack  data  about  customers’  behaviour.


Customers  get  notification  about  the  
offer  on  their  mobile  phone  in  a  place  
where  they  can  take  advantage  of  it.


Clearly  presented  statistics  about  the  behavior  of  customers  in  the  store

Market  Size

US  in-­‐store  retail  sales  influenced  by  beacon  messages  
will  soar  from  $4.1  billion  to  $44.4  billion.

1000% $44.4

$4.1  bln billion

2015 2016­‐Beacons-­‐Drive-­‐Big-­‐Bucks/1012076#sthash.o78bCBMz.Nq7EHahw.dpuf

Market  Size

Half  of  the  top  100  retailers  in  the  US  are  testing  Beacons  this  year.  
In  2016  85%  of  top  100  US  Retail  Locations  will  be  equipped  with  Beacons.

Market  Validation

Beacon  marketing  campaigns  are  
influencing  shopper  behavior

Increase  likelihood  of  purchase 73%
Do  more  holiday  shopping  at  the  store 61%
Visit  the  store  more  often 61%
Spend  more  money 60%­‐releases-­‐results-­‐retail-­‐store-­‐beacon-­‐marketing-­‐campaigns/

Cre8ive  offers  the  simplest  way  to  create,  
deliver  and  analyze  proximity  campaigns

Complete  beacon  proximity  marketing  platform:  web  &  mobile  cms,  mobile  app,  sdk,  analytics

Create  campaigns  with  predefined  content  templates

Call  to  action Menu Audio Video

Increase  customers’  engagement  by  creating  Loyalty  Campaigns

Loyalty  hunt Loyalty  card Loyalty  points Quizzes  and  Games

Various  content  types

iOS & Android app with predefined ad schemas

Product promotion Restaurant Menu Call To Action promotion Audio / Video Content
(open app, buy item etc.)

Various  content  types

iOS & Android app with predefined ad schemas

Loyalty Systems:
Loyalty Systems:
Interactive Contents:
Interactive Contents:

stamps loyalty cards Quizzes Scratch Game


API  &  SDK  integrations
Have an existing App? We can integrate the Cre8ive Beacon Platform

into your existing App!

Cre8ive Beacon Fleet Web & Analytics

Web CMS to add content and analyse statistics

Statistics:  Per  spots  analysis

Total  Visitors  |  Unique  visitors  |  Av  Time  Spent  near  Beacon  or  WiFi  |  New  Visitors  vs  Returning

Statistics:  Per  content  analysis

Content  Total  Views  |  Most  Viewable  Content  |  Contents  that  lead  to  most  conversions

Statistics:  Conversion

With  two  beacons,  one  placed  on  the  stores  door  and  the  second  near  cash  in  the  store  you  will  get  conversion  rate  on  how  many  customers  bought  a  product  
of  customers  that  got  inside  the  store.  You  will  also  get  information  how  long  it  took  to  make  that  conversion  for  a  customer  (average  conversion  time).

Cre8ive Fleet - mobile CMS for Cre8ive Beacons

Adding a WiFi Hotspot or Beacon takes less than 5 minutes

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