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❑ RISM is a national professional body incorporating

four surveying disciplines namely building surveying,
geomatic and land surveying, property consultancy,
valuation surveying and quantity surveying

❑ Its membership comes from all corners of Malaysia
and comprises professionals surveyors in private
practice, public sector, government-owned agencies,
institution of higher learning education and the
corporate players. A number of its members have
venture into political arena.


❑ The surveyors was first recognized as a profession I

1885 with the setting up of the Survey Department/
Prior to March 1961, there were 2 professional bodies
representing surveyors, The Malayan Institution of
Surveyors (the former R.I.C.S Federation of Malaya
Branch) and the Institution of Land Surveyors. History
for surveyors was made on the March, 13 1961, when
these 2 bodies met at the Boardroom of the Royal
Selangor Club resolved to form then The Institution of
Surveyors (Federation of Malaya).


❑ His Royal Highness the Sultan of Selangor, Sultan
Sharafuddin Idris Shah Alhaj Ibni Almarhum Sultan
Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Alhaj conferred the royal
status to the then Institution of Surveyors, Malaysia
(ISM) on 28 March 2011. This royal conferment is the
first ever bestowed to any professional body or NGO in
Malaysia. Subsequently, the former name, The
Institution of Surveyors of Surveyors, Malaysia was
changed to Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia
(RISM). RISM is further elevated and needless to say
proud to have His Royal Highness the Sultan of
Selangor as its royal patron.


❑ To be recognized as an innovative and dynamic

world-class professional surveying Institution
❑ To provide quality, value added and comprehensive
❑ To be the centre of excellence in surveying
❑ To continuously improve the standards of
professional practice and ethics
❑ To expand by incorporating related disciplines into
our profession
❑ To continue to be relevant and of benefit to the


❑ We recognized the need to be honest and

accommodate in all undertakings
❑ We respect the quality of individuals on gender,
cultures and beliefs and have high sense of social
❑ We seek quality in technology, standards and


(1) To secure the advancement and facilitate the
acquisition of that knowledge which constitute
the profession of a surveyor, namely art,
science and practice of :-

a. Collection, distribution, storage, analysis,
processing, presentation and maintenance of
geographic data or geographic information

b. Surveying for the registration of title to land
c. Providing financial appraisal of real property

development, determining cost and economics
of designs, technical auditing and advising on
construction contracts


d. Contract and financial management of
construction project including measurement
and valuation of construction works;

e. Determining the value of all description of
landed property and of various interest

f. Managing and developing estates and other
business concerned with the management of
landed property

g. Selling (whether by private treaty, auction or
otherwise) buying or letting, as an agent real or
personal property or any interest therein

❑ Honorary Fellow
❑ Fellow
❑ Member
❑ Associate
❑ Graduate Member
❑ Probationer Member
❑ Student Member


❑ Fellow of the Royal Institution of Surveyors,
Malaysia – FISM

❑ Member of the Royal Institution of Surveyors,
Malaysia – MISM

❑ Past President of the Royal Institution of Surveyors,
Malaysia - PPISM


Association of Authorized Land Surveyors Malaysia
Real Estate & Housing Developer’s Association
Malaysian Institute of Estate Agent
Master Builders Association Malaysia
Malaysian Institute of Architects

❑ The Royal Institution of Surveyors, Malaysia (RISM)
is the professional institution representing the
surveying profession in Malaysia and consists of
four main divisions, namely:

❑ Building Surveying Division (BS)

❑ Geomatic and Land Surveying Division (GLS)

❑ Property Consultancy Valuation Surveying Division

❑ Quantity Surveying Division (QS)


❑ Thus discipline is concerned with land use control
and economics aspects of land management on
behalf of wide variety of owners; land reform and
land settlement which may be undertaken to
achieve the best use of land and the best location
for human settlement, land valuation from wide
variety of private transaction or public actions
affecting land; compulsory land acquisition; land
development in which the Surveyor’s knowledge of
the land market is of paramount importance.


❑ Property Valuation – is the professional service of

providing an opinion of value of an interest in real

estate or plant and machinery and equipment at a

particular point of time. Valuations are required for

various purposes including :

❑ Asset Valuations
❑ Statutory Valuations
❑ Others – Sale and Purchase, Loan Security,

mortgages and debentures, foreclosure, court

reference or Litigation, Arbitration, Rent

determination or review, fire insurance
❑ The range of expertise may include valuation and

appraisal of private hospitals, hotels, resorts,

plantations, and specialized properties such as

mining land quarries as well as plant and

machinery, equipments

❑ Property Management – involves the management of
properties on behalf of owners or Management
Corporation involving, collective or portfolios of
properties towards the achievement of ensuring
optimum returns on property investment and
ownership. The achievement or goals include the
following activities:-

❑ Management of building and equipments through
effective and efficient maintenance programmers

❑ Ensuring the highest possible level of occupancy at
maximum rents to ensure optimum profitability

❑ Control of outgoings and expenses with priority
given to value added services while maintaining
standards and quality of management

❑ Auditing and reviewing of operation costs
❑ Management of rental income and accounts

❑ In real estate property management, the property
manager or management company has four major
areas of responsibility :-

❑ Marketing and Financial

❑ Tenant and Occupancy

❑ Facility

❑ Administration & Risk Management

❑ Estate Agency – the scopes of work covers all sectors of
the real estate for owners, investors or occupiers and
includes all the following services :-

❑ Letting/Leasing

❑ Sale and Purchase

❑ Investment Consultancy

❑ Marketing

❑ Market Research/ Feasibility Studies – involves the
provision of sound advice for interpreting the
mechanism of property markets and identifying
development and land use opportunities. PCVS
members help their clients to make wise decision in
property market towards the achievement of
optimizing their investment returns. The ranges of
services include :

❑ Property Information Service – collection of date,
collation, reporting and analysis of property data so as
to enable the intelligent assessment of market

❑ Market Research Analysis – includes demand and
supply studies, market surveys, high and best use

❑ Feasibility Studies – include risk, financial and
investment analysis

❑ Consultancy – PCVS members may be consulted in
various other services pertaining to property and real
estate which include development and funding
options, project marketing, investment decisions on
acquisition and disposal, development management
and project management.

❑ Our advisor can help you select the best Marketing
Consultant from their extensive market knowledge

❑ Before enforcement Values, Appraisers and Estate

Agents 1981, our line or field was registered under

Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia
❑ RISM was formed by two bodies, there were the

Malayan Institute of Surveyors (the former R.I.C.S

Federation of Malaya Branch) and Institution of

Land Surveyor
❑ RISM is very important for the purpose of

guidelines and standardize for the surveyors
❑ RISM in valuation as values, property manager,

estate agent and property consultant
❑ RISM is such a society in conduct of four main

division of Building Surveying Division (BS),

geomatic and Land Surveying Division (GLS),

Property Consultancy Valuation Surveying Division

(PCVS), Quantity Surveying Division (QS)


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