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Lecture 5-Advertisement



 Advertisement shall not contain any of the following

 An inaccurate or misleading statement of fact
 An explicit solicitation of instructions
 An explicit comparison between the service offered by a firm

with other firm
 A claim by RV/REA/RA to be specializing in or to be a

specialist or expert in any particular aspect of his work;
 Self-laudatory statement

 No advertisement should be design in any types of
materials bring the profession into disrepute or to
undermine public confidence in the service


 REA/RV/RA may with consent of the BOARD publish ads.
Purposely to pronounce his name and promote the biz.

 REA/RV/RA may arrange for a listing of any
telephone/biz/trade directory.

 REA may publish ads in the condition that :

 The ads must strictly related to the services offered by REA
 Shall only state services that actually provided, but shall not

include unrelated services
 Not be laudatory in any manner/solicit biz/ misrepresent the biz
 Shall not contain any mission statements/slogans/mottos/quotation

 Shall not contain any information other than the information

specified in this rule, whether factual or otherwise


 An ad may contain :

 The address/ telephone no./ fax no./email address of
the registered firm,

 Such other information as the Board may approve
 Ad may be published in any media including of

newspapers/magazines/the electronic media/street
maps and billboard and aired in cinema

 REA may issue flyers on condition that :

 Flyers relate to relevant property and content of the
flyers are actual and verifiable

 The flyers shall reflect a sufficient degree of

 Shall not solicit for business.


 (R.113 – Advertisement for staff) – REA
may advertise the vacancy in any media
provided that jobs
spec/remuneration/address and biz of firm
are included in the ads.

 (R. 114 – Printed Notice) REA within 3
months must publish and circulates notes in
the case of changing of new office/new
partner and partner who had been retired.

 (R. 115 – Advertisement of Commercial
Concern) shall not publish any commercial
concern except with the consent of the


 An ads shall include the following particulars:-

 The registration number of RV/REA/RA

 The name, address and office’s phone number of
registered firm where appropriate;

 Description and price of the property concerned
 The Board’s logo where necessary

 A “For Sale’ must designed as to promote the
interest of the client and provide an accurate
representation of the property concerned.

 A “Wanted” ads published on behalf of a client
shall contain particulars required under this act
and no commission sought from a person who
respond to it.


 REA/RV/RA may produce a brochure or other material describing his
firm and the service which it offers to prospective clients

 The brochure may contain of :

 The name/add/phone. no and etc.
 Factual information of the firm
 List of directors and partners with biographic info – which relevant to

 Factual info pertaining to profession and range of service undertaken

by the firm
 Statement that all registered REA/RV/RA are bound with the Board’s

Code of Conduct and fee prescribed by the BOARD
 A list of project involved
 List of clients for the reference of the prospective clients

 The brochure must avoid :

 No laudatory statement of firm’s achievement
 Avoid direct solicitation of instruction
 Materials not bring disrepute and undermine the profession
 Avoid misleading statements
 Brochures and other materials shall be submitted to the Board within

one moth of publication


 A RV/REA/RA may use business cards which contain the their

names, qualification, registration numbers, his firm and

approved associates, nature of practice, biz. Address, private
add, fax. no, email address and BOARD’s logo.




 Do’s

 Ensure that all dealings where his professional
designation is used, that he is the employee of the

 Not to give any independent advices to the clients on
matters relating to valuation, appraisers and estate

 Dont’s

 The use of his name and designation in any
brochures produced by the company stating the
service of Estate agency can be provided.

 Any statement by his employer claiming to provide
such services in any brochures, advertisements for
staff and in any other form.


 (R.120-Postal frank/envelopes/labels)
– the registered persons may include
his name and address, logo on postal

 (R. 121- letterhead) – as describe as


 REA/RV/RA use signboards each – shall not exceed an

.area of 5sqm at his place of biz

OCEAN VIEW Registered Valuers, Agent,
Property Manager and Consultant



 When discussing matters related to
valuation, appraising and estate agency

 Articles/letter
 Interviews by press and mass media
 Appearance made on radio/video/TV
 Public speaking at course/seminar/conference

 A REA/RV/RA may disclose

 His name & professional designation
 Name and address of firm
 The position of his appointment if he holds a

full time public employment


 The BOARD may from time to time
issue guidelines on advertisement and
publicity for registered valuers,
appraisers and estate agents which
shall be complied with by registered
valuers, appraisers and estate agents.



 Area of practice – the practice of RA shall be confined to the
State or States in which he operated at the time of his
registration by the BOARD.

 Value – accordingly to their years of experience. BOARD
may exempted the restriction on value if he passes the exam
prescribed by the Board

1-2 RM 500,000
3-5 RM 2,000,000
6-10 RM 5,000,000
11-15 RM 10,000,000
15 and above Unlimited

 Test for such exam is RM75/-



BOARD may establish an Inspectorate
consisting of such number of persons as it
deem fit whereas term and condition applied.

The duty of inspectorate is to inspect any
office or other premises of RV/REA/RA to
determine whether the provisions of the Act
and Rules are being followed.

Inspectorate has the powers of the BOARD
may delegated to it.

They may receive the remuneration which
may be determined by the Fund of the



Rule 131 – Disciplinary inquiries

BOARD any hold or order an enquiry into the
conduct of REA/RV/RA /EA/PEA/PV
Rule 132 – Disciplinary BOARD

The BOARD shall establish a Disciplinary

The members of DB shall be the members of

DB are accountable for all matters of
professional conduct referred to it

BOARD may resolve any particular case itself

The quorum of DB shall be TEN (10) and it
shall elect a chairman from among its


Appointing at The quorum of
least FIVE (5)
BOARD shall members among CIC shall be
established a BOARD
standing CIC. members TWO (2) and

elect a chairman

among the



Rule 133A – Complaint

A complaint concerning the conduct of a
REA/RV/RA/PV/PEA shall be in writing
and submitted to the BOARD.
Rule 134 – Reference to Complaints
Investigation Committee

A complaint pertaining the matters of
professional conduct shall in the first
instance by not less than TWO (2)
members of CIC, one of these 2 must
be the Chairman of CIC.




Content of Notice of Complaint

A summary of the complaint

Date/time/place when the complaint had

been made against the


Call the RV/REA/RA/PEA/PV to exculpate
himself in writing or by counsel

Notify them that his reply of the complaints
shall be receive by Registrar within 21 days
the service notice

Notify them that the DB is entitled to
proceed in his absence


The Registrar shall appoint date/time
and place for a meeting of the
Disciplinary Board for the consideration
of the report.

The Registrar must ASAP to call the
Disciplinary Board to consider the
report or to investigate the complaint.


Rule 134D – Service of notice and
Rule 135 – Appearance before
Disciplinary BOARD
Rule 136 – [deleted]
Rule 137 – Power of DB to extend time
for reply


The notification in regards of the DB
decision shall be notify to the
concerned parties.

Form B for dismissal of charge
Form C for removal from Registers
Form D for suspension
Form E for admonition
Form F for fine
Form G for admonition and fine


If the DB resolves to cancel the registration
of the RV/REA/RA/PEA/PV, they shall not
use any designation or description implying
that he is a RV/REA/RA/PEA/PV. He must
immediately return the ATP (Authority to
Practice) or his cert. of registration.

If the RV/REA/RA/PEA/PV are suspended,
they not use any designation or description
implying that he is a RV/REA/RA/PEA/PV
during the suspension period.


Rule 142 – Publication on the

Rule 143 - Members requiring
restoration of rights

In the case of restoration, the
concerned RV/REA/RA/PEA/PV shall
apply in the Form H, (10th Schedule)
with accompanied fees.
A suspended RV/REA/RA/PEA/PV
remains subject to the provision of
these Act and Rules



Rule 144 – Form and Deposit
Every appeal against the decision of the
Board shall be in the Form as specified in
the 11TH Schedule and deposit as
accordance to 12TH Schedule

Rule 145 – Fee for Appeal Board Members
Each of the Appeal Board members shall
be paid as provided in the 12TH Schedule

Rule 146 – Travelling subsistence
allowance for Appeal Board Members

The allowance shall be paid as specified in
the 12TH Schedule



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