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Its about a family with a a bad day and how each others trust and love can save the day!

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Published by Brooke Lindeman, 2019-05-08 10:15:13

The Bad, Insane, Day for the Thompsons

Its about a family with a a bad day and how each others trust and love can save the day!

The Bad, Insane Day for the Thompsons.

Written By: Brooke

I Dedicate this book to all of my family for giving me a good life
and a great imagination so this book I made was for you
because the stories about how every day can be a bad day but
we can fix it with family and how a family should love each other
no matter what happens is just like our family! So thank you!

It was Monday, April 10, 2011, when Mr. Thompson was speeding
to work on a dull and foggy day with his kids, Sally and Billy, in the back
of his new car. It was 8:30 am and Mr. Thompson had to be to work for a
meeting at 8:45 am. He was going to be late for work! He was so stressed
out! He worked as a banker and his job was very vital to him. Before work
he needed to drop off his kids, Sally and Billy at their Preschool which
starts at 9:00 am and was 5 miles from where they were driving.

He had a throbbing headache, his abdomen was in knots. He was
going to be late for work again! His boss was going to wail at him again
because he always has to drop off his kids before going to work and his
work is 20 miles out of town from his house. His wife, Jenny, or
Mrs.Thompson was a nurse at the town’s hospital and regularly had to go
to work at 6:00 am so she never had time to drop off the kids.

He started thinking about all of this and thought he was not going
fast enough down this country road to Sally and Billy’s preschool and his
work. His mind was wandering around and not paying attention to the
road so without even Mr. Thompson knowing he was speeding at 100
MPH on a 40 MPH road! Mr. Thompson had a red shiny Ford Explorer
that reflected off the lights of the police car. He
slammed his head into his steering wheel in
disappointment and felt mournful and
heartbroken as he began to face the officer.

He looked back at the kids, and they were as frightened as a wild
animal. As the kids hugged each other, Mr. Thompson felt terrible. As he
thought to himself, “Why did this have to happen?” He thought to himself
feeling embarrassed. His heart was racing faster

than he could think of what words to say.

But the worst part was, he didn’t even recognize he was speeding.
This wasn't the first time he got a ticket for speeding. He felt like crying
when the officer gave him his ticket but decided to give him a warning
instead. Mr. Thompson was in shock and relief when the officer said
those bad but better words. The police officer gave Mr. Thompson a
warning and gave him a 15-minute talk about
why he should not be speeding and facts about

The officer noticed Mr. Thompson before. He remembered him from
when he got his other warning a few years ago. He was the cop that
pulled Mr. Thompson over. Mr. Thompson noticed him too. He knew this
was going to be trouble. The officer told him, “one
more warning after this, and you will get a ticket and
if you do it again you will get your license taken

He gave him another 15-25 minute talk just to make sure, he didn’t
get a ticket in the future but let's be honest here he wasn’t listening. He
knew Mr. Balen, his boss, was going to be even more furious. After Mr.
Thompson got pulled over he starts his engine and tries to drive, but all of
a sudden his car breaks down! His brand new car! Mr. Thompson didn’t
know what to do!

He had his phone in his pocket, but he didn’t have any service on
his old iPhone 5. It started raining outside when he noticed that he heard
thunder and gazed at the lightning. He tried calling Mrs. Thompson but it
doesn’t work. So he calls 911, and it worked! As he was dripping wet with
relief, he relaxed. It felt good because he hasn’t been able to relax for
quite a while. He asked for a tow truck and the operator on the phone
said they will bring one right away!

It was raining cats and dogs as they sat on the curb on the side of
the road patiently waiting for a tow truck as the rain started pouring
harder. The tow truck came to pick up Mr. Thompson’s brand new car. He
was sad that he didn’t have his car anymore, but he knew they needed to

take it away.

The tow truck man said, “Sir I’m sorry but you have to take out all of
your stuff.” He was surprised as he looked at the tow truck man as they
grabbed all of their merchandise. “You can pick up your car in 10 days
because oh boy your car doesn't look well”, the tow truck man said.

“Thank you,” Mr. Thompson said as they got all their merchandise
out of Mr. Thompson’s car.

It was still raining and Sally and Billy were frightened and miserable,
and they were only three years old! So Mr. Thompson said, “ I guess we
just have to walk home”.

“But it’s raining, dad, why should we walk? Why can’t you call
mommy?” said Sally. Mr. Thompson looked into her scared, sad, little
eyes and desperately wanted to say it will be ok to walk home, but in this
type of weather, he knew it wouldn’t.

“Well, we are just going to have to live through it and hope that we
are ok,” he said to Sally. In his mind, he really wished they had a better
way to get home but there wasn’t. This is the best option they had.

Their beautiful house was about 2 miles from where they were at,
but the problem was they didn’t know where they were at. They were in
the middle of nowhere! When they were walking home, Sally and Billy’s
feet got tired so Mr. Thompson carried the kids all the way home. His feet
started aching halfway home as he thought to himself “No more! I can’t
hold on any longer!” But, he kept trotting along as he stepped in wet
puddles and was drenched by the force of the rain plopping on his head
until they arrived home at 2:30 pm. When they got home Sally, Billy and
Mr. Thompson ran as hard as they could into their house. They didn’t
care if they were sopping wet, they just wanted to be home.

Immediately, Mr. Thompson called Mr. Balen. The phone still rang,
and he thought to himself “Please answer, please answer, please answer.
Mr. Balen answered and he was relieved, but at the same time he was
tired, he didn’t know what to say. He answered and said, “Hi Mr. Balen, I
just called in to say I am so sorry I didn’t attend the meeting. My car broke

down, I got a warning for driving down the road too fast, and I had to walk
home because the tow truck came and the tow truck took away my car.
Again I am so sorry!”

But surprisingly Mr. Balen wasn’t mad at Mr. Thompson.
“Mr. Thompson, it's ok, because the meeting was already canceled

due to bad weather just come to work on time tomorrow.” He thanked him
and as he put down the phone, he looked at the door and Mrs. Thompson
arrived home.

After Mrs. Thompson got home he said,

“I am so sorry Jenny because I got a speeding warning, I was late

to work, and my car broke down I am really sorry”! Mrs. Thompson was
pretty furious because he got a warning and his brand new car broke
down but at the same time, she was happy they were all safe!

Mrs. Thompson asked, “What about school for the kids”? “ I will call
Sally and Billy’s teacher, Ms. Barley, and say that everything is ok, that
they missed school because of a car incident, that they were fine and
home safe and sound and will be at school tomorrow.

They gathered around the fire as everyone was relieved from their
stressful day as they hugged each other and Mr. Thompson said in a
caring and relieved voice he said, “ I love you guys as they sat together

and gave each other a big, wet hug!

The End!

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