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Published by sgbs, 2022-07-06 13:59:33

2022 Summer Fiction Flyer




Long Way

In this gripping portrait of
war and its aftermath, a young
woman searches for the truth
her childhood friend won’t
discuss after returning from
WW2, revealing a story of
courage, friendship & faith.

REG. $22.99

SALE $18.99

The Alaska Written on the Wind
Saga (3-in-1) (#2 Blackstone Legacy)

9781636093161 9780764238444
In the hostile wilderness of Natalia Blackstone relies on Dimitri
Alaska, 3 generations of women Sokolov to oversee the construction
find adventure & romance.
of the Trans-Siberian Railway.
REG. $19.99 Witnessing a deadly tragedy & its
cover-up, Dimitri must survive long
SALE $16.99
enough to expose it.

REG. $20.99

SALE $17.49



Beyond the
Desert Sands
(#2 Love on the Santa Fe)

The last thing Isabella wants is to
celebrate Christmas in a small mining
town with her parents. But the town – and

an old rival – have changed.
REG. $20.99

SALE $17.49

A Healer’s Promise Unfailing Love
(#2 Brides of Laurent) (#3 When Hope Calls)

9780764238055 9780764235153
A British spy is captured in the 3 kids go missing from
Canadian Rockies & taken captive the children’s home, and
by warriors from a hidden mountain Lillian & Grace will do
village. Will the village healer see anything to find them.

his honesty & help him? REG. $20.99

REG. $19.99 SALE $17.49

SALE $16.99


Ex-cavalry officer Matthew Hanger leads a band
of mercenaries who defend the innocent.

At Love’s Command (#1) The Heart’s Charge (#2) In Honor’s Defense (#3)

9780764232077 9780764232084 9780764232091
When Dr. Josephine’s brother When a handful of children After her brother’s sudden
is abducted & she’s caught in
the crossfire, Matthew will do from the area go missing, death, Damaris takes
2 women enlist the help of custody of her nephew, Nate.
anything to save her. Horsemen to find them.
In trouble, a Horseman
REG. $19.99 REG. $19.99 attempts to protect Nate,
but with more questions,
SALE $16.99 SALE $16.99
comes more danger.

REG. $20.99

SALE $17.49


Heirlooms A Kiss at Sunset Beach

9781496426888 9781942704447
Answering a woman’s desperate call Sierra & Jordan came to Sunset
for help, a young Navy widow opens
her home to Choi Eunhee. They bond Beach looking for different
over common losses & a devastating things. But as the surf pounds

secret that will impact the lives of the North Shore, will they
their granddaughters. discover something better than
REG. $21.49
either of them imagined?
SALE $17.99 REG. $21.49

Suspense SALE $17.49

The Souls of Critical
Lost Lake Alliance
(#3 Rocky
9780764238321 Mountain Courage)
When a girl goes
missing in A cybersecurity specialist
the Northwoods, with a criminal past joins
Wren’s search leads to a federal agent to disarm
a shocking discovery deadly threats & protect
shrouded in the lore national security secrets
of the murderess
hidden in a new tech
Eva Coons. company.
REG. $19.99 REG. $19.99

SALE $16.99 SALE $16.99

Fatal Code Sunburst
(#2 SNAP Agency) (#2 Sky King Ranch)

9780800739799 9780800739836
A cryptologist must When former Navy Seal
help the granddaughter Ranger Kingston rescues
of a nuclear physicist his brother who’s been
decipher the clues to kidnapped by terrorists in
a top secret nuclear Nigeria, he discovers among
project before it falls the hostages a woman he
once promised to protect.
into the hands of
America’s enemies. REG. $20.99

REG. $19.99 SALE $17.49

SALE $16.99

Amish Leah’s Garden
Mysteries (3-in-1) The Seeds
of Change (#1)
A terrible accident 9780764235696
leaves 3 women as the After turning the tables
sole providers of their on a crooked gambler,
family greenhouse. Larkspur flees her home
But someone is trying with her sisters. Knowing 4
to force them out women will draw unwanted

of business. attention, she dons a
REG. $33.49 disguise as a man. But
maintaining the ruse is
SALE $27.99 harder than she imagined.

A Hundred REG. $19.99
Crickets Singing
SALE $16.99
In wars 80 years A Time
apart, 2 young women to Bloom (#2)
living on the same
Appalachian estate 9780764235726
aid soldiers dear When their brother visits
to them & fight for
justice, no matter with his war-wounded
friend RJ, Del wants
the cost. nothing to do with him. But
REG. $21.49 the future – and RJ – might

SALE $17.99 surprise them all.
REG. $20.99

SALE $17.49


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