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November 2021 Newsletter

November 2021 Newsletter

November 2021

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Price Blessed Conchita Cabrera de Armida
and Francisco Armida
Kevin Kraft, OP
ISBN 9966-60-236-7, Pages 64
This book is about Blessed Conchita Cabrera de Armida (December 8, 1862-

March 3, 1937), an ordinary Christian with an extraordinary calling from God to

be his instrument. She taught the Church the profundity and the marvellous ways

of the redemption in Christ, first through her life as a married woman and mother

of a large family, and then later as a widow.

Price Books ppoppeeffrraanncicsi’sinitnetnetniotnion
based on
$1.50 PoenopPleeWohpoleSuwffehr ofrosmuDfefpererssfironom depression
We pray that people who suffer from depression or burn-out will
$3.00 find support and a light that opens them up to life.

Price Body, Mind and Spirit

$1.50 Fergus Garrett
ISBN 9966-21-154-3, Pages 160
This book is an introduction to Christian psychology. Christian psychology
begins with the questions such as: ”Who am I? Why am I here? What
happens when I die? What is a good life?” This book deals with the human
body, mind and spirit and provides in a broad outline the foundations for
the reader to grow in self-knowledge.

Brighten your Life

Hints that Give Life a New Meaning

Sumbye Kapena
ISBN 9966-21-366-X, Pages 72
This book presents principles which, when applied, make a difference
between existing and real living. The author is convinced that once
someone chooses to embrace these principles, his or her life takes on a
new meaning.

God and Happiness

101 Questions and Answers

Antonio Ugenti
ISBN 9966-08-231-X, Pages 112
We all want to be happy, without exception. But is there happiness in this
world? And if there is, what does it consist of? Can it be attained? Is it a
dream or is it real? If it exists, how can one conquer it? This booklet seeks
to answer these and many other vital questions.

Skills for Counselling Young People Price Price

A Practical Approach $7.00 $3.00
Michael Moloney
ISBN 9966-08-772-9, Pages 192 Price Price
This book is for people who interact with, and care for young people, particularly
for those who work in counselling departments in schools, colleges and $2.00 $1.50
universities. It is equally important to teachers, administrators, lecturers, youth
leaders, pastors, and medical staff. Price

Educating the Emotions $0.50

Augusto Cury

ISBN 9966-08-216-6, Pages 135
From its very beginning, humanity has been craving for happiness. Everybody tries to
pursue happiness. How can we achieve and maintain happiness? The author of this
booklet reveals the secret of happiness: to cultivate happiness, one has to educate
his/her emotions.

Thoughts on Peaceful Living

101 Questions and Answers
Nicola Girasoli
ISBN 9966-08-601-3, Pages 72
This book is an invitation to reflect in a simple way, on the vital issues we experience
and face in our daily lives. The author creates awareness on important arguments for
the promotion and strengthening of the peaceful coexistence of peoples.

Towards Better Living

Practical Advice for Effective Living
Sumbye Kapena
ISBN 9966-21-269-8, Pages 79
This booklet is a clear guide to help people tackle depression, anxiety, lack of
confidence and troubled relationships. The author looks at the causes of these
difficulties and suggests practical ways in which we can deal with them.

All the Faithful Departed Price

About Life Eternal $0.50

Death, Judgement, Purgatory, Heaven and Hell
Valentino Del Mazza

ISBN 9966-08-465-7, Pages 40
Through his death and resurrection, Christ has conquered death. He is the firstborn
of those who are destined for resurrection. This booklet explores death as a passage
to eternal life, among other topics. What fills us with hope is to know that the final
destiny of the Christians is eternal life.

About Funerals, a Big Show or What?

Bishop Oswald Hirmer

ISBN 9966-21-616-2, Pages 12
The author highlights some recent happenings during funerals which have become
ugly show of money, pomp and worldly glory. He gives the correct stand on how the
bereaved should send off their departed loved ones.

Price Price About Fear, Witchcraft and Christian
$0.50 $2.00
Bishop Oswald Hirmer
Price ISBN 9966-21-615-4, Pages 16

$3.00 God is the only one who can free us from the fear and the power of the
evil spirits, hunger, accidents, sickness and death. Bishop Hirmer calls on
Price Parish communities and Small Christian Communities to stand up together
against those troublemakers who accuse defenceless people of witchcraft.
$3.00 He suggests that the parishes arrange healing services to bring peace and
security to the communities.

Deliver Us from Evil

Rinaldo Ronzani
ISBN 9966-60-157-5, Pages 40

This booklet explains, in a simple manner, what the devil does to us, how
Christ has conquered him, and how the Church continues the mission of Christ,
especially through the exorcisms. The last part contains a selection of prayers to
be said against the powers of darkness and evil.

Price audiovisuals

$6.00 The Crossing - DVD

The Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick
Paulines Audiovisuals Africa
ISBN 9966-08-206-9 Duration: 60 min
Annick is a modern young girl, bright and dynamic. She is a presenter on
TV and loves her world of beauty, fashion and success. Her attitude to
life is completely turned upside down when a young man sick with AIDS
approaches her for help. Through the spiritual journey of Annick, the
Sacrament of Anointing the Sick is presented.

Joseph Moscati – DVD

Doctor of the Poor
Paulines Audiovisuals Africa
ISBN 9966-08-503-3, Duration: 200 min
This movie presents the life of Joseph Moscati, an outstanding man who,
as a medical doctor, dedicated himself tirelessly to caring for the sick and
sacrificed his very life serving the poor. He regarded his medical practice
as a lay apostolate and a self-giving ministry to his suffering fellowmen.

Please, Don’t Kill Me - DVD

Paulines Audiovisuals Africa
ISBN 9966-21-663-4, Duration: 33 min
This is a story of life, a life that was saved though the cooperation of a family
and professionals. Sarah, a school girl, becomes pregnant and she is told
that she will deliver during her O level Examinations. She is in a dilemma
whether to have an abortion or not! Find out what happened in this inspiring

Heart of Peace (Musical DVD) Price

Paulines Audiovisuals Africa $3.00

ISBN 9966-21-997-0, Duration: 45 min
This musical DVD is an inspirational piece of work meant for prayer and
reflection. The natural features and different realities of life presented help
one to pray, reflect and yearn to be an ambassador of peace wherever we find
ourselves in life.

Other Suggested DVD’s
* The Treasure................................... P rice $ 3.00
* Saints for Kids ................................. P rice $ 4.00

Whispering Hope - CD Price

Paulines Audiovisuals Africa $2.50

ISBN 9966-08-224-7 Price
This audio CD contains fifteen instrumental tracks arranged and produced by
Alex Wu. $2.50

Divine Mercy Chaplet in Song - CD Price

Paulines Audiovisuals Africa $2.00

ISBN 9966-60-176-6
This CD contains Opening prayers, Divine Mercy Chaplet in Song and Divine
Mercy praises.

Nyumbani kwa Bwana - CD

Paulines Audiovisuals Africa
ISBN 9966-08-328-6
This CD contains twenty-two Swahili tracks on praise and worship. It is
animated by St Cecilia Mwenge Choir of Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania.

Other Suggested CD’s
* Dreams of Peace............................. Price $ 2.50
* Laudate Dominum ........................... P rice $ 2.50

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