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English - Governor's Report to Parents

English - Governor's Report to Parents

Governors’ Annual
Report to Parents


Ysgol Bro Brynach is a category 1 school which opened in September 2004. It provides education for 81 children aged 3-11 years
old, living in the communities of Cwmbach, Henllan Amgoed, Llanboidy and Llangynin. We promote bilingualism and our
dedicated members of staff are committed to ensuring that all pupils develop to their full potential through stimulating lessons and
play activities. It is our aim to guide, encourage, nurture and provide experience for all our pupils in a warm, caring and secure

Admissions into School:
Pupils are admitted into the Nursery Class the term following their third birthday on a part time basis for two terms. They will then
become full time on the term before their fourth birthday. Applications have to be completed in good time so as to secure a place at
the school. We also offer a wrap around service with Cylch Meithrin Ffynnonwen which allows pupils/parents to have full time
childcare from the age of 3 as children go to Cylch Meithrin in the morning and are then brought to us by 13:00pm to stay until
15:15pm. For more information about this, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr Mathew Lemon or members of staff at the school.
Applications have to be made electronically to the Local Education Authority:- [email protected] Please find the
link to access this site on our school website
As you know it is really important that the school continues to develop and grow by attracting new children. Parents have a really
important part to play in this, please help us by encouraging potential new families/pupils to visit Bro Brynach so that they can see
everything we have to offer.

A word from the Chairperson….

Last year proved to be another eventful, rewarding and successful year for Ysgol Bro Brynach . Eventful, because
although we said farewell to Catrin Jones who left for a new post in Ysgol Preseli after 9 years at the school, we were
able to confirm Mari Gibby’s position as a permanent member of staff.
Rewarding, because of the massive fundraising efforts of the whole community in supporting the school, raising a
total of £4740.04 during this year. Special thanks to Eleri Edwards and family, whose generosity and hard work
ensured that the Caeremlyn Gardens Open Day was such a huge success, resulting in a massive donation of £4,000.
A big thank you also to her hard working team of helpers, who helped to make the day such a success.
Successful, because the school improved its performance rating following our annual evaluation . To explain, the
colour coding system identifies the amount of support needed by individual schools. Schools deemed to be the most
effective and efficient are ranked Green through Yellow and Amber to Red, Red Schools needing the most support. In
2017/18 Bro Brynach was ranked Amber. In 2018/19, we improved our performance and are now ranked yellow. No
prizes for guessing next year’s target.

Members of the Governing Body at Ysgol Bro Brynach

Every member of the Governing Body except the Head Teacher serves for 4 years.

Name Representing Term Expires
Mr Peter Walton Chair
Mr Mathew Lemon Head teacher 31/08/20
Prof. Kirsty Bohata Deputy-Chair 03/09/21
Cyng. Dorian Phillips Local Authority 22/03/20
Mrs Sarah Newman Staff 23/10/22
Staff 13/01/20
Mrs Diane Jones Parent 21/10/20
Mrs Astra Shippton Parent 19/03/20
Mrs Katherine Colledge
Mrs Margarette Hughes Community
Wyn Evans

Members of the Governing Body reflect the diversity of the local community. The chair is elected at the beginning of
every academic year. The Governing Body is responsible for implementing LEA policies and Welsh Assembly
Government legislation. Their role is similar to that of the board of directors in the world of business. The full
Governing Body meets once every term. The Head Teacher prepares detailed reports to be received and discussed by
the governing body. These reports contain information about pupil achievements, curricular developments, staffing
matters etc.

Election of Parent Governors:
Periodically there are opportunities to elect parent representatives to the Governing Body. You will be informed of
these vacancies as they arise.

How do I contact the Governors?
If you have any enquiry or comment for the Board of Governors, you can write to the Chairperson either by email or
letter to the school office. Your contribution is always welcomed. An annual parents’ meeting will no longer be held,
unless parents request a meeting. Three meetings a year can be held, which require the submission of a petition
signed by 10% of the parents who attend the school, indicating the reason for calling a meeting.

Governors’ Expenses

No Governor claimed individual expenses.

Complaints procedures
The School follows the Welsh Government requirements with respect to complaints received. The document has been
discussed and accepted by the Governors. Copies are available at the School if required.

Monitoring and assessment exercises are regularly carried out by the curriculum groups and members of the school’s
Upper Management Team in accordance with the three year improvement programme. Aspects that require further
development are recorded in the School Development Plan.

Additional Learning Needs Provision
Teachers at the school possess expertise and are committed to provide a purposeful education for all pupils including
those with Additional Learning Needs. Parents who have any concerns regarding the educational, physical, emotional
development or behaviour of their child are invited to discuss them with the class teacher, Head Teacher or ALNCo –
(Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinators – Miss Sian Bryan – Foundation Phase / Mrs Sarah Newman – Key Stage 2).

Students/Work Experience Pupils
The school welcomes a number of students from Trinity St. David’s University and Coleg Sir Gâr for placements as part
of their training, as well as pupils from the area’s Secondary Schools on work experience.

School Buildings & Premises;
The diligent work of the cleaners and Mr John Rees (Caretaker) in maintaining high standards of cleanliness throughout
the school is very much appreciated. Diolch.

School Prospectus:
A copy of the school prospectus is available from the School Reception.

We are very fortunate to have a hard working and committed team of staff at the school who work extremely hard to
ensure that all children have the best possible opportunities and enjoyment at school. I would personally like to thank
them all for their continued commitment and diligence to their roles. Diolch

Mr Mathew Lemon (Headteacher Ysgol Bro Brynach 0.6 / Ysgol Beca 0.4)
Miss Sian Bryan (Foundation Phase)
Mrs Sarah Newman (Year 3 and 4)
Miss Mari Gibby (Year 5 and 6)
Teaching Assistants
Mrs Delyth Morris
Mrs Diane Jones
Mrs Davina Hawkins
Mrs Helen Seal

Mid-day Supervisors:
Mrs Angela Murray, Mrs Daisy Dillon, Mrs Danielle Bramwell, Mrs Davina Hawkins, Mrs Delyth Morris.

Attendance Officer: Mrs Diane Jones

Admin Support Staff: Mrs Meirwen Evans

School Caretaker: Mr John Rees

Kitchen Staff: Mr John Balfour, Mrs Cynthia Phillips

Cleaners: Mrs Angela Murray, Mrs Daisy Dillon

The School’s Language Policy:

Welsh is the official language of this school. Welsh is the only medium of instruction in the Foundation Phase.
English is introduced into the curriculum as a subject in Year 3. In accordance with the Bilingual Policy of the
Education Authority, standardized learning resources are provided to ensure that pupils are able to communicate
easily both verbally and in writing in both Welsh and English by the time they leave school.

Additional Learning Needs:
In accordance with school policy, appropriate attention is given to pupils who are underachieving. This is done
either by providing additional support for pupils within the classroom, or otherwise taught individually or in small
groups. We also utilise the services of external expertise where appropriate.
Miss Sian Bryan and Mrs Sarah Newman are the ALN co-ordinators.

Accessibility Plan
The school has an appropriate Accessibility Plan and any adaptations required in order to present the curriculum
will be undertaken as and when required.

Attendance & Punctuality:

2018/19 % Attendance
Foundation Phase 95.9%

Year 3 & 4 95.18%
Year 5 & 6 95.92%

Attendance Target 2019/2020: 96%
Attendance levels have improved slightly again this year from 95.6% to 95.74% although family holidays taken
during term time are still effecting the whole school attendance level. Punctuality has also improved as this is
essential for all pupils to start their learning promptly at 9:00am. We monitor the attendance and punctuality of
all pupils along with the Education Welfare Team, therefore, it is hugely important that attendance and
punctuality is consistently good. Can you please also ensure that any absence is notified by phone call or email to
ensure that staff can place the correct codes into Teacher Centre when marking the register each
Thank you for your continued support and effort on this matter.

School term and holiday date

Term Term begins Half Term Term Ends

Autumn 2018 Tuesday 4th September Monday 29th October - Friday 2nd November Friday 21st December

Spring 2019 Monday 7th January Monday 25th February - Friday 1st March Friday 12th April

Summer 2019 Tuesday 30th April Monday 27th May - Friday 31st May Monday 22nd July

Autumn 2019 Tuesday 3rd September Monday 28th October - Friday, 1st November Friday 20th December

Spring 2020 Tuesday 7th January Monday 17th February - Friday, 21st February Friday 3rd April

Summer 2020 Monday 20th April Monday 25th May - Friday, 29th May Monday 20th July

Autumn 2020 Wednesday 2nd September Monday 26th October - Friday 30th October Tuesday 22nd December

Spring 2021 Tuesday 5th January Monday 15th February - Friday 19th February Friday 26th March

Summer 2021 Monday 12th April Monday 31st May - Friday 4th June Friday 16th July

Designated INSET Days - Monday 29th April 2019, Monday 2nd September 2019, Monday 6th January 2020, Tuesday 1st
September 2020, Monday 4th January 2021

School Designated INSET days 3 days are to be taken at the schools' discretion during each school year between Autumn -
Summer term.

Curriculum and Assessment: THE SCHOOL DEVELOPMENT
All the teachers and assistants are to be commended for the quality PLAN/ACTION PLAN TARGETS:-
of provision offered to the pupils at Ysgol Bro Brynach. All staff The School Development Plan is a working
work conscientiously to ensure the best education for all our pupils. document, which addresses the priorities
Our aim is to provide the highest quality care and education in a resulting from the recommendations from
happy, caring, active and safe environment to enable all children, Estyn in its 2015 report and the school’s
whatever their ability, to achieve their full potential. Emphasis is self-evaluation procedures. It also considers
placed on learning the basic skills of literacy, numeracy and digital national and local priorities and an analysis
competency and the importance of making them relevant and of the end of stage results data. Members of
meaningful to the child. It is important to make the children aware the governing body have assumed
of their environment, their community, their country and the world. responsibility for monitoring and self-
By using a teaching and learning method which is based on themes evaluation and are given regular
and the programmes of study of the Foundation Phase and the opportunities to report on the developments
National Curriculum we ensure a broad and balanced curriculum. at governing body meetings. The targets are
Every child's progress is continually assessed over every aspect of appraised regularly.
their work and, if necessary, the parents contacted. We provide a Main Priorities 2018/19
curriculum that ensures that every child develops an awareness of
Welsh cultures and its associated heritage. • Children to use their oracy skills
The school has an equal opportunities policy. An effort is made to effectively when working in pair
promote this policy by including it in the curriculum and at every or group activities. To raise
opportunity during the lessons taught. Following the 1998 standards in both languages.
Education Act and changes to the National Curriculum in 2000 and
2008 as well as the introduction of the Foundation Phase, the • To continue to develop the ‘Dysgu
school produces and revises its policies to clarify how it meets the Ditectif’ strategy to enable pupils
stated requirements. For children under the age of 7, the work is to develop their literacy, numeracy
based on the six areas of learning which form the Foundation and digital competency skills
Phase curriculum. The new curriculum based on Professor Graham effectively across the curriculum.
Donaldson’s 4 core purposes and 6 areas of learning are developing
well at the school with the new arrangement of ‘Ditectif Dysgu’ • To develop further the outdoor
proving to have a great impact on standards at the school. We aim learning areas in both key stages
to provide training for all stakeholders during 2018/19 on the new to enrich the learning
curriculum to enable us as a team to work together to improve the opportunities of all pupils.
transition of the new curriculum at Ysgol Bro Brynach. Here are the
4 core purposes and 6 areas of learning below. • To strengthen the wellbeing
processes at the school by using
The four core purposes are: the ‘OneNote’ system.
• Ambitious, capable learners, ready to learn throughout
their lives. • To continue to become accustomed
• Enterprising, creative contributors, ready to play a full part to the New curriculum to enable
in life and work. the 4 core purposes and 6 areas of
• Ethical, informed citizens of Wales and the world. learning to enrich the learning
• Healthy, confident individuals, ready to lead fulfilling lives experiences that pupils at Ysgol
as valued members of society. Bro Brynach receive.

The 6 areas of learning are: Main Priorities 2019/20
• Language, literacy and communication • To develop pupils reading skills
• Mathematics and numeracy when reading in public, and as a
• Science and technology result, develop confident and
• Humanities enthusiastic readers.
• Expressive arts • To continue familiarizing with the
• Health and well-being new curriculum by using the 4
purposes and 6 areas of learning
and experience to enhance pupils
learning experiences and, as a
result, raise standards across the
• To develop our pupils digital skills
using a range of effective tools,
apps and programmes, and as a
result, develop pupils confidence
whilst undertaking digital tasks
• To use pupils voice effectively
through councils and initiatives,
and as a result, develop confident,
enthusiastic and conscientious
pupils for the future.
• Develop Mathematical intervention
and support for pupils who do not
succeed in closing the gaps to their
expected levels and to improve
pupils reasoning skills across the

Session Times: Interpretation of the Core Data 2018/2019
In General:
Foundation Phase:
9:00 – 12:00 • The performance of pupils who receive Free School Meals
(Part time nursery pupils start at is good.
13:00 and finish at 15:15)
• Pupils with Additional Learning Needs make good
12:00 – 13:00 Lunch progress in both the Foundation Phase and at Key Stage
Pupils finish at 15:15
• The percentage of pupils achieving outcome 6 or Level 5
Key Stage 2: at the end of each key stage has stayed at a good
9:00 – 15:15 consistent level of achievement.

12:00 – 13:00 Lunch • Gender Difference – There are no obvious differences in
gender data performance.
Child Protection Policy:
The school's Child Protection • Pupils performance in the Mathematical reasoning tests
Policy is based on national were lower in comparison to other tests. (This will now
guidelines. The designated be a focus for development in our School Development
members of staff for child Plan)
protection are Mr Mathew Lemon
and Miss Sian Bryan. A In-Service Training:
designated member of the A variety of different in-service training sessions were held to
governing body, Miss Astra meet the priorities of the school development plan and to provide
Shippton, also has responsibility support for the individual needs of the staff.
for overseeing the safety of all
pupils. Healthy Eating and Drinking:
The school works hard to promote a healthy way of life and the
Parent-Teachers Association: Healthy School’s Policy reflects this. The School Council and the
This year again we wish to Eco Council work together to ensure that all pupils have
express our grateful thanks to the opportunities to eat and drink healthily.
school’s PTA for their diligent
effort in organizing social and Activities to Promote and Support the Curriculum:
fundraising events to provide •School Council & Eco-Council elections
additional resources to meet the •Educational Visits – (Llangrannog and Cardiff)
school’s needs. We greatly •Pantomime / Visit by ‘Mewn Cymeriad’ acting service
appreciate and value their efforts. •St. David’s Day Eisteddfod – Llanboidy Market Hall
We have been able to purchase •Local/County Eisteddfod
new resources such as I-Pads, •National Urdd Eisteddfod
Outdoor Learning equipment, • Welsh Charter award - Bronze
storage sheds and PE equipment •Local singing performances (Llanboidy Hall)
because of the hard work of the •Christmas Service (Llanboidy Hall)
PTA and the parents/community •Book Fair
that support us. •World Book Day

After School Clubs
We offer a variety of after school clubs throughout the year
ranging from Sports club, Eco club, Gardening Club, Cookery club
and Digital club. These provide an opportunity for all pupils to
attend and extend their learning opportunities at the school. The
school council arrange a questionnaire at the start of each year
to allow pupil voice to choose what clubs we run throughout the

Clwb Gofal/Clwb Hwyl
Clwb Hwyl is an after school club run by Emma Nunn and Daisy
Dillon. It is held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3.30 -
5.30pm during term time only. It costs £7 per child and a
snack/tea is provided along with a variety of activities to amuse
the children. Children will need to be registered in order to attend
the club, for staff/ratios and catering purposes. It is essential
that parents pre-book sessions, giving at least 24 hours’ notice,
by contacting the school. Parents also need to notify the school
by writing in the child’s contact book.
01994 448268(school number) 01994 448636 (club hours only)

A celebration assembly takes place every Sporting Experiences/Achievements
Friday to reward pupils for the following:
Pupil of the week • Rugby Competitions
Welsh speaker of the week • Football Competitions
Several children/families have also had an • Cross Country Competitions
opportunity to go and watch the Scarlets • Tag Rugby Competitions
rugby team. • Urdd Netball Competition
This year we are also introducing a Value • Cross Country Years 3-6
Award. We will introduce a value for each • Foundation Phase and KS2 Sports
month and award pupils that encourage/show • After School Sports Club/Eco Club every Tuesday
this value around the school and our
community. evening (with an average of 36 pupils attending)

Visitors to the school
• The Police working with a variety of
• Fire Brigade – Presentation on
Fireworks safety.
• Reverend Guto Llywellyn
• Cwis Dim Clem – Menter Iaith
• Mewn Cymeriad - Workshop
• Shwmae, su’mae – Magi Ann came to
visit the school.
• Community Lunch – We have held
several successful community lunches
during this year. This entrepreneurism
initiative by pupils from year 5 and 6
is working extremely well. Thank you
to everyone who attends.
• ‘Ynni Da’ – Good Energy Day – We
held a good energy day with the
company ‘Ynni Da’. Children had an
opportunity to create a Welsh Disco
using pedal power. Thank you to the
Welsh Charter crew for arranging an
excellent day.
• A Mathematics workshop for parents.

Foundation Phase Data – Percentages (11 pupils) Key Stage 2 Data – Percentages (11 pupils)

Outcome5 Outcome6 Level 4 Level 5
100% 27.3%
Personal and social Bro Welsh Bro Brynach 90.9% 45.5%
development, well- Brynach 94.7% 57.7% Local 86.6% 33.4%
being and cultural English Authority
Local 63.6% 27.3% Maths (LA) 90.9% 45.5%
diversity Authority 80.2% 24.5% Bro Brynach 88.4% 37.3%
(LA) LA 90.9% 63.6%
Language, literacy Bro 90.4% 41%
and communication Brynach Bro Brynach
(in Welsh)

Mathematical Bro 81.8% 36.4% Science Bro Brynach 90.9% 63.6%
Development Brynach 82% 24.7% LA 90.3% 36.1%

Foundation Phase Indicator: Core Subject Indicator: 90.9%
Bro Brynach 63.6% CSI School
LA 75% LA

2017/18 Outcome 6 2018/19 Outcome 6 2017/18 Level 5 2018/19 Level 5
Welsh 38.5% Welsh 45.5%
Welsh 54.5% Welsh 27.3% English 46.2% English 45.5%

PSD 90.9% PSD 27.3%

Mathematics 45.5% Mathematics 36.4% Mathematics 46.2% Mathematics 63.6%
Science 46.2%
Science 63.6%

The Governors and the Head teacher wish Caeremlyn Farm
to thank all members of staff for their
conscientious work throughout the year A huge thank you to Eleri, Jason, Tegwyn and Mary for kindly
and also to the parents for their continued opening the gardens at Caeremlyn Farm and hosting a fantastic
support. event for the whole community. We had the opportunity to enjoy a
‘quack pack’ show, visit the cake/coffee room, play on inflatables
Financial Performance 2018/19 and to walk around the beautiful gardens. Thank you to everyone
that helped to make this day a success. We were fortunate at the
Gwariant Net 2018/19 - Net school to receive a cheque of £4,000 from this event which we are
Expenditure 2018/19 extremely grateful for.

£302,924 £4000!!!!
Dyraniad Ariannu yn ôl Fformwla
2018/19 - Formula Funding Allocation Community Lunch
2018/19 We have held a community lunch every month since October 2018
and this initiative has enabled members of the community and
£315,863 families to join us for a delicious lunch served by our talented
school chef Mr Jonathan Balfour. Year 6 pupils have arranged this
Arian Wrth Gefn yn Cario Drosodd o event and have profited £260.80 throughout the year. The children
2017/18 - Surplus Carried Forward have used this profit to plan entrepreneurism projects for the
from 2017/18 summer fayre and to buy items for their end of year party. Come
and join us again this year as this initiative will continue into
£6,961 2019/20. For £5 you get a delicious meal and dessert served by
pupils in years 5 and 6.
Arian Wrth Gefn yn Cario Drosodd i
2019/20 - Surplus Carried Forward to


Our Schools App

We now have a school app which keeps
you up to date with all events/information
in regards to Ysgol Bro Brynach. If we can
help you in any way to download this,
please don’t hesitate to speak to us at the
school. We are more than happy to help.

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