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Published by seongho moon, 2019-11-28 21:12:31

E-magazine (3)

E-magazine (3)

Num. 11 vol.01

Okdongsiik WASTE NO TIME
The Korea soul food

(Pork soup & rice)


In cold winter, in the mornings in Korea, we eat rice with warm soup
and start our day with stability.

So our tour decided to eat pork soup for the first time in Korea to
experience this culture.

As you can see in the picture, travelers who come here alone can enter
without any pressure and eat a bowl of warm soup.

Let me introduce you okdongsik.

Location : 44-10, Yanghwa-ro 7-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Opening time : 10:00 ~ 20:00 (14:00 ~ 17:00 Breaktime ,Restaurant ends early when the food ingredients run out, Sunday is holiday)
Tel : +82 10-5571-9915


Q. What does Okdongsik mean and Q. The food I want to do in the future.
who built it? A. It's a comfort food. It is neither well-versed in
food or Korean food, nor is it particularly
A. He tried to express the meaning of a attached to the genre. "I don't like the term
house that eats one kind of food or a "Korean food" (assuming Batility). I want to make
house that eats the same food together. our food that modern people are eating
He placed importance on eating, ie eating, properly. It is a food that uses ingredients
etc. Isn't it a family of people who eat honestly, and makes the taste of ingredients
together? I wanted to share family-like fully available. There is no reason to feel
ties with people who eat he uncomfortable about eating food.

Q. There's a rumor that they sell Q.Why do you think there are so many customers?
only 50 bowls a day. A. freelance reporters, writers, and bloggers
have made rumors even before the start of the
A. After the opening of the business, I business. People who had tried it posted it on
sold only 50 bowls for three days social media and introduced it on the radio, which
(August 8-10), and I increased the number naturally spread. I haven't even invited my real
to 100 because I felt like I couldn't do it. acquaintances, but I have a long line of guests. I'm
There are a lot of customers who went worried that the restaurant I set up because I want
back after waiting. I'm so sorry and sorry to rest is known so much that there will be many
to those people. I tried to run it on my customers. I feel uneasy and sorry because I think
own in a comfortable manner, but I need it will be inconvenient for those who come. I can't
to use one person to guide me and clean tell you not to come. I'm worried about the small
up the dishes and reinforce it to serve space.
more customers. I do the food alone.

Q.What kind of restaurant are you planning to lead


A. I want to build a house that is convenient for the
people who are alone. Being a single cook, the lifestyle
is different from the average person.
There are many things to eat or drink alone, but there
is no place to go. I don't think there are many people
like me.
I thought of a house where such people came to eat and
drink comfortably. All food is served on a one-person
basis. The same is true of sorcery. The wine prepared
rice wine and spirits.

Ingredient: 1. Drain the meat blood
burkshire k(shank), from low-temperature
radish, leek, onion, water 24 hours a day.
green onion, garlic, 2. Boil the meat in a pot
ginger, peppercorn. for 2 hours and remove
the meat and cool it for
4. Cook the steam 2 hours.
rice.(When you cook the 3. Refrigerate the cooled
steam rice , you have to meat and broth 24
cook smooth)after cool it. hours a day.
5. Slice the meat and
reheat the broth
6. pouring hot broth over
rice a little at a time to
heat them up

What is the only feature of Seoul?
The evaluation criteria applied global

principles in the same way as other cities. It
deployed evaluators of Koreans and various
nationalities to respect Korea's unique

gastronomic culture while maintaining
consistency in global evaluation standards.

To cite features, the company wanted to enhance
convenience for not only Korean readers but also
global readers by using pictograms and traditional
liquor pictograms that reflect Asian sit-down
culture. I think Seoul is introducing various types of
food, including Korean food, and opening a new
food culture in a creative way.

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