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Seven ways to recreate your brand using signage - FINAL

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Published by lauren.p.ranieri, 2019-01-20 05:58:47

Seven ways to recreate your brand using signage - FINAL

Seven ways to recreate your brand using signage - FINAL



If you’re thinking about re-creating your brand, signage
should be one of the first things you add onto on your to do
list – it is one of the easiest and most effective ways for your
new brand to get noticed.
There are many reasons why your branding might need to
be refreshed – it could be that you have ‘outgrown’ your old
target market, you’re attracting the wrong type of customer,
you’re experiencing a plateau in growth or your ‘look’ might
simply by out-dated and old.
Whatever the reason, signage should be the solution. There
are a number of ways that signage can play a huge role, or
indeed sometimes the only part, in your business’ rebrand.
Continue reading to find out how to re-create your brand
using great signage.



Depending on your business, vehicle signage may be an
integral part of your rebranding strategy.

Vehicle signs are very popular with businesses of all sizes,
and with several different signage options available –
including half or full wraps, vinyl and digitally printed decals.

Signs on cars, trucks or even whole fleets have a huge
advantage in that they promote your business while you’re
on the move.

That results in your business getting marketed constantly –
not only while you’re driving around, but also while your car
is parked at home, at the office or on location.

Vehicle signs achieve what we like to call ‘incidental
advertising’. They lead to substantial exposure, especially if
you find you do a lot of travel while on the job. It’s for this
reason that vehicle signage is ideal for rebranding – it will
lead to consumers learning about your rebrand quickly and
efficiently. Your advertising dollars, when invested in vehicle
signage will go a lot further – literally!



Another price effective signage option that can be imperative
to re-creating your brand is A-boards.

A-boards are highly portable, highly flexible signs that are
often used to attract foot traffic into stores. The advantages
of A-boards include that there aren’t many restrictions on
where they can be placed (depending on your local council
requirements) and they are relatively cheap and they are
great for first impressions.

These advantages make A-boards a great rebranding
solution. Their portability allows you to place your newly
branded signage almost anywhere, and their low price point
means that you could even use a temporary A-board to
announce your branding change.

Letting your customers know that you have a beautiful new
look, will avoid later confusion, and get your customers
excited about the changes. A-boards are a fantastic way to
do this.

Some business owners – especially those who own walk-in
shops, use A-boards to push current promotions or deals or
even to announce closing times. If you’re thinking of running
a promotion as part of your rebranding strategy – an A-board
is the perfect way to communicate it.


By getting new indoor (or point of sale) signage with your
updated branding, will ensure that all your existing clients
are exposed to your new look from the get go.

Rebranded interior signage will also make sure that any new
or potential customers that step foot inside your store will
see the new logo and colours and form these associations
with your business.

Interior signage is particularly important for retail shops,
cafes and restaurants. Because of its location, it is potentially
where your customers will have the most interaction with
your brand. This is why indoor signage is so important to the
successful rebrand of your store.

When ordering new signs for your interior, it’s a good idea
to update not only signs that contain your logo – but also
smaller, more functional signs.

Although it’s easy to forget about, for example, price tags
or store maps, it’s vital that your new branding is consistent
throughout your shop. This might mean updating fonts and
colouring as well as your logo.



Illuminated signage is a fantastic way to make a statement
with your new branding. Neon signs, LED lights and lightbox
signs are often used by businesses to stand out 24/7, and
by getting illuminated signage that reflects your new look,
you can be sure that passers by will notice you.

There are various options available for illuminated signage,
each with various advantages.

Neon signs deliver a vintage feel, and are long lasting – with
most neon lasting between 8 and 15 years (after which it can
be easily recharged).

If your brand lends itself to a vintage aesthetic, you can’t go
wrong with installing neon signs.

Alternatively, lightboxes, which are lit by either LED lights or
illuminated tubing, are ideal for retail stores with street facing
locations. Because lightboxes usually have the business’
logo, they should be one of the first pieces of signage
updated in the rebrand. And if you don’t have a lightbox to
update – maybe you should consider getting one! They can
ensure your new branding is on display 24/7.



If your business ever exhibits at external events such as
trade shows, festivals or conferences, it is very important
that updated display signage is incorporated into your
rebranding strategy.

Unfortunately this is one element that many businesses
forget – simply because their roll-away banners stay hidden
away in storage until the morning of the event. If you do
use signs with your old branding at events, you’re not only
missing out on a huge opportunity – you could even be
damaging your business. That’s because while trade shows
and other events usually get your brand in front of new
potential customers, they may be put off or even unable to
find you if they are exposed to inconsistent branding.

For example, just say you give out samples of your product at
a food show to a very impressed potential customer. Instead
of grabbing a business card, they just take a photo of your
logo to Google at a later time. But when they get home and
look up your business name they find a website with a totally
different logo, colouring and feel to the stall they saw at the
show. They might dismiss your website as a totally different
business and give up on the search, and you don’t want that!

Using rebranded signage at events can also be a great way
to show off your new look to competitors. Fresh, new display
signage with your new branding is a great way to become a
talking point in the industry.



One of the biggest potential advertising spaces that you
own is your exterior walls. If your business is in a great
location, your walls might even be visible from miles away.
Consequently, your exterior wall is a great opportunity to
help re-create your brand.

If your business services people in the local area, then
ensuring your wall matches your new branding is integral
to a successful rebranding strategy. After all, you want your
locals to know where you are. They can easily locate you if
they recognise your branded colours on your exterior wall!

The actual painting process itself might even draw some
attention to your business, and your fancy new brand. A
freshly painted wall can get many people asking questions,
encouraging the hype around your new brand.

If you leave your old colours on your exterior wall, new
customers might get confused and might struggle to locate
your shop’s location to your new branding and logo. As such,
it’s important to align your exterior wall with your new brand
as soon as possible.



Lastly, digitally printed walls can help you to re-create your
brand by increasing support for the rebrand from employees,
and ensuring that visitors to your business are aware of the
new branding.
Digital printing is simple, quick and easy to install, so updating
your digital printed signage with your new branding is a no-

Plus as digitally printed walls are usually inside office spaces,
they can help to get your employees excited and talking
about the new brand.

It also makes sure that any potential or existing clients of
yours are not left confused by inconsistent branding – you
don’t to hold any meetings in rooms with your old signage
on display!



Often signage is the first or only exposure many people
have to your brand – so it can be a great mechanism for re-
creating it.
If you are thinking of rebranding your business, there are
a number of ways that signage can help you establish and
promote your new ‘look and feel’.
Get in touch with us today to see how we can help re-create
your brand using signage.


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