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It is certainly time to light the lights and get things started on our show tonight! Before we move to star in our own performances, let us take a stroll down through memory lane and witness some amazing acts for this year's grade ten.

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Published by Grade Nine, 2022-07-09 09:39:04

The Last Act: A Muppetational Yearbook for Batch 2021 - 2022

It is certainly time to light the lights and get things started on our show tonight! Before we move to star in our own performances, let us take a stroll down through memory lane and witness some amazing acts for this year's grade ten.

The Chief's Note




D. BAMBA De Guzman GAYLE O. de leon

- We all deserve love, even on the -
days when we aren't our best

'Cause we all suck, but love can
make us suck less - Bo Burnham,

"Lower Your Expectations"

Micci Eliah N. Aesha Liana G. Khyla Louise
Delos Santos Dizon G. Garcia

If you're tired, sleep and eat. If Knowledge won't eternally accompany a person, Oftentimes, the most important
you're still tired, do it again. especially after death. Nonetheless, it provides decisions I make are the ones I
guidance from one person to many a person, from
one generation to many generations. If you have the don't put much thought into.
desire for it, knowledge will be your guide throughout
life, and it will aid you in making decisions about how
you will live and handle your own life. That is why
knowledge will be eternally important to me, for it has
the value of something that is not regarded as


Kaira G. Nalla Yehm N. Rein Fariel G.
Gonzales Gueco Guiao

Dive right in. You can never be Breathe. It's only a bad day, not a "Do something today that your
perfectly ready. bad life. -Johnny Depp future self will thank you for."

juliana kate Rashida Helena Margaret D.
l. lacsina A. Lim Liwanag

- When life gets worse, rest. you’ll grow beautifully in your own

sofia marie g. Erica Allison Jeanna Grace
lumanlan S. Mendoza F. Paguinto

- One may miss the mark by In all your difficulties, you are still
aiming too high as too low. blooming. - Michael Bliss

Shelley Kate Eunice Fhaye shekinah shine
S. Pamintuan M. Pantig t. reyes

Bad days are part of process. "You do what you can. You'd be -
Live by your own values, not on God if you did everything you

other people's expectation. wanted. God is the only one who
can do everything. We humans

do what we're capable of."

Franchesca Isabelle abby faith c. Ashley Claire D.
O. Rodrigo simbulan Tanhueco

"Always believe in yourself and - I do what I say
it's okay to fail, always remember
that your dreams are excited to
meet you too." — Park Sunghoon


francine kate Simon Rian T. Nathan Andrew
c. tayag Alacar L. Benez

- Proverbs 3:5-7 KJV Trust in the LORD "If you want the rainbow, you
with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine gotta put up with the rain.”

own understanding. [6] In all thy ways
acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy
paths. [7] Be not wise in thine own eyes:

fear the LORD, and depart from evil.

lee raven m. Kahlel Christopher Aldrich T.
bongon P. Centeno Chen

- Ubusin mo na ice cream mo, "I like the way you hold back your
baka matunaw pa yan tears despite your pain and try so

hard to smile."

Angelo Iñigo angelo benedict Aizer Laurence
D. Feliciano c. henson M. Jardio

Here’s the thing about time, if you - Today will be one of those
can’t make the most out of any experiences where you'll sit back

given moment, you don’t deserve and say "Oh yeah, I remember
a single extra second. -Ekko that!"

jan aron cyril kurtly t. hiei kyle c.
d. lising malabanan maslanik

- - -

Owen Raphael phil walter b. Cedric Nathan E.
J. Molina ocampo Palo

"You're here for a good time, not - Don't be hard on yourself and
a long time" - Colin McRae enjoy life.


"HI elirkee’sththeewtahyinygoaubhooultdtibmaec,kifyyoouur
tekcauarnnsg’tdhmeisnapdkiiteeptayhroeaumsr apoyasotin,oiaut'nst donfotratynfosyor
given momhaerndt,tyoyoosuumdiloen."’t deserve

a single extra second. -Ekko




Marie Ysabel Annjela Chloe Aleisha Mikaela
S. Alameda S. Alfonso S. Angeles

"Love is love is love is love is love “If you truly pour your heart into im stupid for free. no one pays
is love is love is love, cannot be what you believe in, even if it me to be this stupid and i think
thats very brave. i can be stupid
killed or swept aside" - Lin- makes you vulnerable, amazing
Manuel Miranda things can and will happen.” — AND still girlboss, cool right

Emma Watson

Lois Jane M. Frances Gabrielle Karol Paulyn
Basilio S. Bingcang L. Cruz

"No matter how hard this is going "There is no limit to what we, as "There is no success without
to be, education and dreams will women, can accomplish." hardship."
Michelle Obama
always be worth it."

Joana Riza D. Jaymeelyn Louise Alisha Mari S.
David M. Dimalanta Garcia

"Life is Ironic. It takes depression Even if we don't make it big at Everything will fall into place with
to know happiness, It takes stress first, we could grow bigger little by the right timing. You just need to

to understand calm, It takes little. trust the process, enjoy the
absence to value presence. journey, and be patient.

Anne Therese Sabine E. zarah nicole
C. Gaza Jarabelo g. manabat

The 'S' in my name stands for “When you want something, all -
"Stressed, but with Highest" the universe conspires in helping

you to achieve it” — Paulo
Coelho, The Alchemist

Paula Bianca Luissa Reil M. Jessinea Hannah
Beth D. Mañalac Moloa S. Monsalud

I’m not saying the journey isn’t You can't control everything. You “You are the light of the world. Let
going to be painful. I’m telling you just need to have faith that your light shine before others that

it’s going to be worth it. everything will work out the way they may see your good deeds
that you want it to be. and glorify your Father in heaven.

“ - Matthew 5: 14-16

Angelika Jamie hart gabrielle Serinna Ysabelle
T. Oliva t. ong C. Panilag

The possibility of all those - Be here now.
possibilities being possible is just

another possibility that can
possibly happen

Crbyesctkayl dM.itch HeSaabSiabnienaE.O. GPlaeunliaceBiVainschaa
G.quTariimnbiadoad SJaalrvaabdeolro BethM.D.ToMrarñeaslac

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the btIhe“f Wewwyuheaoneiuwtinivnateoygirtosafuuoecnrhwctitiolaehwnnveseterps’eiritoesr”emt—rsoeefiatnPhodaiuhynure,glwllo,pivaeienl’llsgl . I’m not saying the journey isn’t
plans I haveQfouroyteou,” declares Coelho, The Alchemist go"iYngoutodboenpoat ijnufsutl.wIa’mketeulplinagnydou
the Lord, “plans to prosper you becomit’se is a
and not to harm you, plans to
process." -Rupi Kaur
give you hope and a future.

Crystal Mitch andMrueryphbyenCe.dict Jeswin B. Arceo
G. Trinidad t.Baaultviasrtaado
be the best version of yourself
Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the Just do your best and God will do
plans I have for you,” declares Diamonds fothrme pressure.
the Lord, “plans to prosper you
and not to harm you, plans to

give you hope and a future.

Jusper B. Arceo Murphy C. Gianne Paulo
Bautista A. Cabrera
The only person you should try to Just do your best and God will do Learn from the Past, Live in the
the rest. Present, Plan for the Future
be better than is who you were
yesterday. -Matty Mullins

Kenji C. Cruz Renz William franz alexis
Y. dela Cruz c. dauz
Due tomorrow, do tomorrow


Jene Raphael M. Christian Jan justine carl
Dimal C. Kim c. licup

"It is what it is." None of this "a win is a win" --
nonsense. We should win big and

look good doing it.

Larry C. hugo p. molina Paul Gerald D.
Mesias Pare
"No matter what happens, you
When life gives you lemons, need to keep moving forward" - Success is not final, failure is not
make lemonade. ^_^ fatal: it is the courage to continue
Eren Yeager that counts. - Winston Churchill

Jerome Lee P.

Kinaya, Kinakaya, Kakayanin




alexxandra danae Rhana Gabrielle Arabella Gabrielle
q. bautista M. Bitao A. Bituin

- "When you’re scared but you still Ang school ay parang shark kasi
do it anyway, that’s brave." ― ang tagalog ng kotse ay car.
Coraline Jones

Therese Alexa Precious Natania Gabriel B.
D. Canlas R. Capadosa, Concepcion

"Anyone can lose their way... all Like how the sky is darkest Just be yourself and strive to do
you need is the courage to walk before the sunrise, we're only better.
the unfamiliar and daunting path going through our last growing

again." pains. - Xu Minghao

Shanelle R. Charissa Yvonne Kirsten Elisha
Dalusung C. De Guzman G. De Guzman

"Don’t worry what others are If there's a will, there's a way <3 “Let’s All Come Together Under
doing. Do you!" - Russell One Dream And Build A New and
Brighter Tomorrow” -TXT

Yda Coleen M. Maxine Gwen L. Lira Marie S.
Gamboa Mallari Malonzo

I want to be a sunflower; so that Be patient with yourself. Nothing Life is too short; enjoy every
even on the darkest days I will in nature blooms all year. moment.
stand tall and find the sunlight.

gabrielle a. Lujille O. frances giah
manalang Manansala s. mendoza

- dum spero, spero (while I -
breathe, I hope)

Kriztina Denise Margarette Jhen Pearl A.
Angela E. Palo D. Quirante Repalda

“Let your dreams be bigger than your failures can teach you how But seek ye first the kingdom of
your fears and your actions to dougie God, and his righteousness; and
louder than your words” all these things shall be added

unto you. Matthew 6:33 (KJV)

AJ Tiffany D. Thonee Lou R. ma. lyrienne
Roy Sagum c. siapno

“Just don't give up trying to do “It’s okay even if today was a little -
what you really want to do. disappointing or lacking. It’s okay
Where there is love and
even if there was something
inspiration, I don't think you can regretful, because there’s a new
go wrong.” - Ella Fitzgerald opportunity approaching called

‘tomorrow’." (Jeong Jaehyun)

Jessica Loreen Angel Nicole mohammad marjan
L. Yabut K. Yumul a. ansano

“Don’t expect a pat on the back Are you ready for this? -
for merely doing your job, but Zimzalabim! - Wendy
know that you’ll get one for doing
it exceptionally well.” — Lea


andrei miguel asher angelo rahmley g.
r. de vera l. diaz flores

It always seems impossible until - -
it's done. - Nelson Mandela

Joel Antonio Justine Leee Amiel James R.
D. Granados D. Jimenez Lalu

Studying is hard but it's OK kase "That which does not kill us dahil sa handsome mentality ko
pugi naman ako makes us stronger." naka graduate ako

cjay t. Muñoz Xauen Kurt P Hyun Chong H.
Ocaya Park
We’ve all got both light and dark “It always seems impossible until
inside of us. What matters is the it’s done.”
part we choose to act on. That’s
who we really are. "Sirius Black"

Arnold Gabriel Lorenzo Dylan Kidd S.
N. Pineda M. Praza Salvador

work smarter not harder, pero - "listen look and listen and learn"
pwede din namang work pogi like

me hehe

Eowynenz Q.

Don't Let The Opinions Of Other
Consume You, Life Live To The
Fullest and Live Your Own Life





jenalyn l. Kate Andrei L. Czelrina Marie
ayuyao Bondoc R. Cortez

-- “If opportunity doesn’t knock, this too, shall pass.
build a door.”

rianne angelica Coreen Anya D. Vannesa Ainie
garcia Ibasco P. Layson

“You have a bright future ahead “What is a person, if not the Be the change you want to see.
of you. So chase your dreams.” marks they leave behind?” -V.E.


Julia Victoria Antonique L. andrea faith t.
P. Limjoco Lingat lintag

"Just Keep Swimming" - Finding "Magic happens when you --
Nemo, 2003 believe in yourself." - Barbie: A

Fashion Fairytale, 2010

Marione Ysabelle Louier Nicole marina juneve
Y. Lontok M. Nicdao p. pangilinan

Somehow I survived. Just trust the process because --
everything will fall into place in

the end.

samantha faye TAansyhaa CHhelaoret CS.. louise gabrielle
a. perez QuSieammibrao d. quilantang

-- Even all the scars from your --
StrmanisgtearkeTshimngaske- Supeaysoounr 2,


AlPtehaeral RSohsaeniAa. michaella h. xyna ghayle c.
T.ReVvaildeandcia salvador sanchez

YEonud'irnegdsocinagn fbineeb.eSaoumtifeutlimtoeos. -- --
you're doing better, sometimes
you're doing worse. But at the

end of the day, it's just you.

MaArniyoaneChYlsoaebeCl.le LMoauriierCiNeilcloale TPaesahralHSehaarntiaS.
Y.SeLmoinrtaok AngeMl.iqNuiecdDa.o Tan T.QuViaalmebnacoia

EveSnoamllethheowscIasrusrfvriovmedy. our "YJouustctarunsltatyheinpbreodceasnsdbtehcinakusyeou Stranger Things - Season 2,
mistakes make up your doenve'trsyttahnindgawcilhl afanlcl ein,ttohaptla'scwe hinat EndingEspicsaondebe8 b-e2a:2u9tiful too.
all of us thothueghetn, da.nd here we
are; we ended up doing all right."

- Louis Tomlinson

juAllitehnenae daAnlitehlelaeRjoossehAj.. Warrick Eregon
m. vRaelveindcaidano aRlemvairdiaod V. Aquino

You're doing fine. Sometimes You're doing fi-n-e. Sometimes bobabemegipmaboyababobajup
HyeoyuS'rieri,dpolianyg "bYeotuteNr, eseodmTeotimCeaslm you're doing better, sometimes panarow
Doyowun'"rebdyoTinagylowroSrswei.ftB. Iuytkaytktohfec . you're doing worse. But at the

end of the day, it's just you. end of the day, it's just you.

Aaron Eldrich Roman Jacob L. frAalnthaenadeRrosoenAs..
C. Ayson Bernardo Rceavlimdad

Aanihin mo ang kabayo kung Be your own sunshine. You're doing fi-n-e. Sometimes
patay na ang kabayo you're doing better, sometimes
you're doing worse. But at the

end of the day, it's just you.

fArlatnhzeajuRloisaen Ap.. Don Gerard L. Ryle Jacey C.
Rceavsitdraod de Guzman Gargaritano

YoYuooun'rley dlivoeinognfcinee,.bSuot mif eytoimu edso it “The rules, like streets, can only Don't take things for granted, I
you'reigdhot,inogncbeetisteer,nsooumghe.times take you to known places. To be learned it the hard way.
you're doing worse. But at the
end of the day, it's just you. lost is never to be wrong, but
simply more.” Ocean Vuong

Nathaniel Rae Drigo D. jAolhtnhecaarRloosse jA.
Y. Marquez Mayrina prRevainddaods

The mind is like water. When it’s There's no point in being selfless You're doing fi-n-e. Sometimes
turbulent, it’s difficult to see. when you lose yourself further to you're doing better, sometimes
When it’s calm, everything you're doing worse. But at the
becomes clear. the needs of other people.
end of the day, it's just you.

loAulitsheeabrRaoisleleA.n. Lee Andrei H. Koshin Cy P.
Rseavliadsad So Ubaldo

You're doing fi-n-e. Sometimes slow progress is progress “Whatever you do, whether in
you're doing better, sometimes word or deed, do it all in the
you're doing worse. But at the name of the Lord Jesus, giving
thanks to God the Father through
end of the day, it's just you.
Him.” - Colossians 3:17

John Anthony
M. Ulat

"Screw it, just do it and get on
with it."

H U Ygens



Angel Monique anna dominique Eliza Mikaela
M. AGuas g. alonzo C. Berueda

“Education is the most powerful - "Malaki ang aming T, T, Tiwala sa
weapon which you can use to Sarili"
change the world.” from Nelson

Mandela OR Proverbs 22:6

Ainah Daniella Danna F. Cruz Eliza Ann M.
P. Buccat Decena
We are what we believe we are. -
Dreams can be reality. C.S. Lewis feel the fear and do it anyway

Denzel Chloe Francheska Lourde Samantha Claire
O. Del Rosario D. Esquivel G. Fortunado

"When my little steps pile up, they "What stands in the way becomes “Catch your breath for a moment
will form a firm path one day" - the way." -Marcus Aurelius and once this tiresome journey is
Woozi / Lee Jihoon
over, we’ll be something the
world has never seen.”

naomi s. Frances Lindsay beatrice nicola
garcia Anne P. Gomez p. gumilet

- Everything happens for a reason. -

aerylle jude alicia faye c. Ayescha Sofia
a. lunzaga mamangun E. Pantig

- - It doesn’t matter how slow your
progress is; what matters is that
you are moving forward until you

achieve your dreams.

Samantha Angeline blessie alexia vivien alexey
M. Paras d. quito d. raizon

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To - -
keep your balance, you must
keep moving." — Albert Einstein

Dasha Geordan Jessica Joy F. Jaden Aerin
C. Sorio Tayag Louise T. Ty

“If you only show light on your Kaya mo yan kasi strong ka! "The journey of a thousand miles
flaws, all your perfects will dim.” - begins with a single step.”
- Lao Tzu
All Your Perfects

Lynnea D. aizeah leander David Andrei
Zamora s. antigo P. Aquino

"Better late than never." - Walang pogi sa umaga hangga't
an da wei, lakareh lireywi gih leh di pa ako gising


Chito Ener Z. Chris John J. angelo l.
Arceo Baul campos

"Follow Excellence, and Success Lazy people are the smartest -
will chase you down, Pants because they will always find a
Down" - Ranchhoddas
Shamaldas Chanchad way to make things easier.

Alik Semyon V. Daniel G. de ruen joshua m.
David Ramos enriquez

- To finish strong is always better -
than to start strong.

Zion Edgar M. arki neo c. neil r.
Nunag paculan pangilinan

Happiness is found when you - -
stop comparing yourself to other


laurenze r. daniel philippe Rashley Allen
punla a, reyes L. Serioza

- - “We all make choices, but in the
end our choices make us.”

Gabriel D.

To every action there is an equal
and opposite reaction

The Ensemble’s Send-off

Crystal Mitch G. Trinidad

Nung na parents needed When me and my mates
kakatulog, sorry po my grade would do senseless things
8 teachers maraming salamat like a crusade just to wash

laham ko kayo all po our mop
Kenji C. Cruz Aizer Laurence M. Jardio

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