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Yearbook Final

Yearbook Final



CEO’s Message 2
Our History
Timeline 6 - 17
20 - 21
Finance 22 - 25
Marketing 26 - 29
Technical & IT 30 - 35
Field Services 36 - 43
Customer Experience & Sales 44 - 53
HRA 54 - 55
Corporate Development 56 - 57
Contractors 58 - 59
Life at Cable & Wireless
Christmas Party 60 - 61
Cable Tunes Awards 62 - 65
Birthday Bash 66 - 73
Sports Day 74 - 81
At Work 82 - 83
Loyalty Awards 84 - 95
Signature, Quote, Comments 96 - 97

100 - 103

Contents 1


Cable and Wireless Seychelles (‘CWS’) came into
existence in 1893, 125 years ago. Its existence and
history is tightly woven into the cultural fabric of
Seychelles, making CWS the most iconic business.
Almost everyone in Seychelles has a close friend or
family who is associated with CWS. CWS has evolved
with the people of Seychelles. It has been ever present
through easy and hard times, through peace and war
times, through happy and sad times, from colonial to
independent times; always serving Seychellois and
keeping them connected to each other and to the world.
CWS is not just a service provider, it forms part of the
kindred Seychellois community. This is why CWS cares
deeply about Seychelles and has touched and moved
generations not only by being an operator but also
through its extensive Foundation and CSR activities.
If you wanted to send a message from Seychelles to a
family member or business partner overseas in 1893,
the fastest way that you would do this is through a
telegram message. The alternative was by ship which
took several weeks or months. The telegraph enabled
family members in Seychelles to inform those abroad of
the birth of a new baby, the passing of those dear to us.

2 CEO’s Message

It enabled merchants to place important last-minute orders for goods to be put on
a ship headed towards Seychelles. Technological innovation came to Seychelles
in 1954 in the form of voice calls whereby one would place call from her house to
be patched (switched) to the recipient in another location in Seychelles through
copper network that expanded to cover most of the country. With excitement
and happiness, families would visit the telephone exchange once a week to place
international calls to loved ones overseas. Automatic switching of calls defined a
higher level of customer experience. CWS not only led all of this from the front, it
also led the introduction of satellite communications, mobile telephony, fibre optic
undersea and land cables and even radio entertainment.
Today, in these times of mobile data and big data, of Facebook, social media and
YouTube videos, of blogging and tweeting, of WhatsApp and Skyping, CWS connects
Seychellois: To the things that matter to them; To the people that matter to them; To
the content that matter to them. CWS connects lives to create moments, special
moments, moments that move our customers, moments that move us, moments
that make us proud to be CWS. By doing so, CWS makes people happy. CWS
has evolved from being in the business of telegraphs and telecommunications,
CWS is now in the business of HAPPINESS. CWS continues to demonstrate that
it cares for its community by leading the way with the best quality services. It is
the effort of each and every single one of you; from those on the front desk, to
those implementing projects, to those in the homes fixing faults, to those behind
the lines maintaining our networks. The CWS family all work together in delivering
happiness to our customers.
This yearbook documents our evolution over the last 125 years and most importantly
celebrates the hard work of our staff. I would like to personally thank all of you;
past and present, for your service, dedication and loyalty. This is what makes CWS
what it is today. Looking to the future with 125 years of experience in delivering
quality service to our customers. I feel like we will continue to develop, we are in
the everlasting business of bringing happiness to our customers. No one knows
Seychelles better - The choice is clear!

CEO’s Message 3


The cable landing and the cable ship Scotia 1908


1904 1922

c The cable ship colonia

6 Our History

The coast station The old telephone switch

1935 1954


1945 1967

Seychelles radio St Louis HF transmitting station

Our History 7

A telegraph circuit Bon espoir station

1968 1976

1971 1978

Inside the public counter in the 70s Telex switchboard and rear CW compound

8 Our History

A telephone exchange DOMSAT earth station and new C&W building

1983 1991

1989 1996

Public telephone service and phonecard 1995

Mobile service and new switch equipments

Our History 9

Old Telephone Directories
10 Our History

Old Telephone Directories 11

Our History

CWS employees making good use of CIS CWS goes online

1996 2003

2002 2005

The palm tree base station on Praslin CWS foundation

12 Our History

Company branding at the Bus Station Seychelles goes Isurf with Cable & Wireless

2006 2010

2008 2012

BlackBerry smartphones 2011

Roll out of 3G+ mobile network

Our History 13

Seychelles connects to the SEAS Fibre Optic Cable & Wireless introduces ‘eShop’

2012 2014

2013 2015

CWS celebrating its 120th year in Seychelles Cable & Wireless introducing its TV services

14 Our History

CWS started FTTH and launched Sinemax CWS celebrating its 125th year in Seychelles.

2016 2018


Mobile TV was launched & LTE-A coverage

Our History 15

1893 - 2018....... Evolution of the logos
16 Our History

Maps of Under Water Cable Layout 17

Our History


No one knows
Seychelles better

Life at CWS 19



Hammond Charles

Letourdie Bernadette Raoul Expedit

CEO’s office 21



Boudane Steve Cushion Mariama Delorie Shirley

Didon Dorine Denousse Julio Morel-Duboil Yves

Dubel Kevan Dupres Marie-Claire Docteur Lya

Finance Department 23

Estro Bettina Germain Andrew Hoareau Julien

Julie Cindy Labrosse Joel Linayage Kusum

Lustre Alvarez Teng Mondon Julia Nourrice Nadia
Finance Department

Padayachy Natasha Payet Maria Pierre Philip

Pillay Ronna Prea Nella Samaraweera Raweendra

Sinon Maurine Tirant Nancy Vidot Efna

Finance Department 25



Atayi Herve Ah-Tive Jerina Baccus Franky

Barbe Lydia Coopoosamy Dominic Damou Bella

Fock-Tave Oliver Gangadoo Georgia Gertrude Innocent

Marketing Department 27

Hoarau Trevor Hoareau Vivian Joubert Michael

Marie Yvette Maher Jack Palmyre Jean-Luc

28 Marketing Department

Pillay Rubya Savy Nikita Simeon Ronnie

Socrate Daniel Rose Kelly Rosette Nigel

Marketing Department 29

& IT


Afif Ijlal Agathine Kitson Bistoquet Josef

Carolla Billy Confait Nelson Chetty Kenneth

Chang-Time Dominic Didon Gerald Gamatis Allen

Technical & IT Department 31

Gedeon David Gendron Wayne Gopal Patrick

Hoareau Laurent Hoareau Marc Khan Shoaib

32 Technical & IT Department

Laira Travis Madeleine Anil Mellon Handy

Morel Camille M. S. Raj Palmyre Hyacinta

Technical & IT Department 33

Palmyre David Payet Terrence Pillay Luke

Poris Robert Prudence Jacques Renaud Bertran

34 Technical & IT Department

Renaud Selwyn Sendagire Ibrahim Sirame Sylvio

Sopha James Talma Laura Lakshitha Yasanka

Technical & IT Department 35

Field Services


Amblavaney Percy Albert Eroll Amesbury Fabien

Anacoura Steve Anacoura France Anacoura Russel

Aglae Michael Andoise Keven Ah-Shung Michel

Field Services Department 37

Barbier Gustave Bristol Maxime Bistoe Ericka

Bedier David Camille Lyroy Chrisostome Jebriane

Chan King Jude Commettant Michel Desnousse Marc
Field Services Department

Dixie Michel Dine Steve Dubois Versange

Edmond Jean-Paul Esparon Hugue Esparon Joseph

Etienne Nicholas Evenor Daniel Gabriel Dave

Field Services Department 39

Gendron Eddy Henderson Samuel Horace Paul

Hoareau Yannick Joubert Andre Joseph Nelson

Laval Pat Lablache Ian Lovensky Robert
Field Services Department

Lucas Kevin Melanie Macdonald Marie Jude

Magnan Daniel Mousbe David Mothe Hubert

Michel Mervin Payet Dora Padayachy Sharon

Field Services Department 41

Padayachy Terry Payet Jinoe Pool Andy

Pool Vincent Rabat Dominic Rene Steven

Saffrance Ned Servina Bruce Sinon Rhys
Field Services Department

Solin Donald Tirant Pascal Volcere Kingsley

William Larry Zialor Godwyn

Field Services Department 43


Experience & sales


Accouche Kenny Ah-Kong Melvin Ah-Kong Gladys

Andre Davis Anacoura Tricia Barbe Athalia

Barbier Michelle Barbero Stefania Belle Marie-Agnes

Customer Experience & Sales Department 45

Boudane Robert Chetty Helcya Chrysostome Barnsley

Constance Romel Crea Dan Dailoo Agnes

De Commarmond Jean-Paul Dorasamy Phania Desnousse Laurent

46 Customer Experience & Sales Department

Delorie Anthony Dugasse Henry D’Offay Georges

Ernesta Ericsson Esparon Eddy Esparon Stefan

Estico Vasanthi Fitch Dudley Gertrude Savitha

Customer Experience & Sales Department 47

Hoarau Lucille Hoareau Sharon Isidore Veronique

Jacqueline Joel Knowles Neilla Labrosse Begitta

Ladouce Damien Lablache Patrick Lepathy Barbara

48 Customer Experience & Sales Department

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