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Book report

Book report

Georgia History

Maison James

Civ h Ac o This was a bill passed by the
1964 Congress, that forbid discrimination
against race, color, religion and sex
for unequal application or voters,
segregated school, jobs,
restaurants and etc. In other words
racism was illegal.

M.L.K r. Martin Luther King Jr. was one if
not the most important person in
the Civil Rights Act. He was known
for his leadership and his way of
using non-violent to change the way
people thought of racism and
segregation. He is one of two
Georgians to ever have received the
Nobel Peace Prize.

Joh s John Lewis played a significant role
in the Civil Rights Movement. He
participated in the sit-ins and he
was also apart of the Freedom
Rides. He was also one of the
leaders in the SNCC movement.

Bro v . Bo r
Edu on

The Brown vs Board of Education
was a constitutional law that
integrated school. This meant
blacks and whites were allowed to
go to school together.

Jim r Jimmy Carter served as a senator
and governor for Georgia and later
became the President of the United
States. He accomplished some
things and he also was a
disappointment at things. One of
the things he accomplished
included the Peace Accords
between Egypt and Israel and the
Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty
with the Soviet Union. His
disappointments was his decision
to boycott the 1980 Olympics based
on the Soviet invasion of

Sib C m i s This was the time period when
Georgia was going desegregate
school based of some citizen
wanting this change, yet other
citizen rather shut down every
school in the state rather than
integrate them.

Im i r o Gwinnett county is on of the most
immigrated place in the state of
Georgia. More than 60% of Gwinnett
is populated with immigrants. They
came here to have better lives and
to make money. Many of them own
small business like gas station,
convenience stores, restaurants,
and etc.

Mar n W in n The March on Washington was a
gathering between civil rights
activist and citizens. This event was
meant to push the civil rights
further to end segregation. Many
civil rights activist spoke, such as
one of the most known person for
pushing the civil rights. Martin
Luther King Jr. spoke at this event
and presented his “I have a Dream”


Students Nonviolent Coordinating
Committee. This organization was
formed by a group of college
students. The group was created by
Ella Baker.This organization was
originally created for the students
to participate in civil rights sit-ins.

SC Southern Christian Leadership
Conference. This organization was
created by the reaction of the
Montgomery Bus Boycott lead by
Martin Luther King Jr. This group
later organized the Albany
Movement. This group now
continues to focus on health care,
prison reform, fair treatment of
refugees and job safety.

The A n M em The Albany Movement was
organized by the founders of the
SNCC organization and the local
community. They protest against
segregationist policies in Albany,
Georgia. Martin Luther King Jr. was
invited to join this protest. This
event was a fail attempt, but many
people had a valuable learning
experience from it.

Les M d o Lester Maddox was the 75th
Governor of U.S. state of Georgia
from 1967 to 1971. He was one of
the most segregationist Governor.
He completely defied the Civil
RIghts Act of 1964, he wouldn’t
segregate his cafeteria. He claim
that he would rather shut it down
then segregate it.

An ew Y Andrew Young was active in the
civil rights and primarily focused on
the voting registration. He was the
mayor of Atlanta, he was
instrumental in the city’s continued
growth and national and
international prestige. He also
worked with Maynard Jackson to
bring the 1996 olympics to Atlanta.

May d J so Maynard Jackson was the first
African American to be a mayor of a
major southern city. He was
instrumental in providing more
contract work to African American
owned businesses and expanding
the Hartsfield International Airport.
He also encouraged Atlanta to
become a financial center and
distribution hub for the southeast.
He worked with Andrew Young to
bring the 1996 Olympics to Atlanta.

The End

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