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Published by Aifaa Arina, 2019-11-26 22:15:11

imr e magazine 2

imr e magazine 2



Disposal records Management of
cinical records
Overview of health care manage-
ment and indesing coverage of Management include
core journal literature detail about patient’s
history, clinical find-
How to keep ings, diagnosis test
clinical re- results and many
cords else.

Clinical record keep-
ing is integral to
good professional
practice and the
delivery of quality
health care

Introduction of Faculty of Business Experiences. Skills. Knowledge gained.
Management in UiTM
summarize of 6 policies for
Brief profile of Puteri Aina Najiha, international and national
Aifaa Arina & Anis Arisya organtization

Writers reviewed management of content
medical records


Faculty of Busineaa and Management is located in Uitm Puncak Alam Selangor. It
is the largest faculty of business studies in Malaysia. A brief history of the faculty is
begin in 1996 whereby the ITM Act was passed in the Malaysian Parliament allowing
the institution to confer its own degrees. The Act also aloows ITM to conduct master and
doctoral programmes on its own. This elevated ITM to a university status. The School of
Business and Management Studies was renamed the Faculty of Business Management.
All Advanced Diploma in Business Studies programmes were converted into Bachelor of
Business Administration with Honours-BBA (Hons). There are four department
involved in the faculty which are Department of Economics and Financial Studies,
Department of Entrepeneurship and Marketing Studies, Department of International

Business and Management S tudies and Department of Technology and Supply
ChainManagement Studies . There are 16 programmes of undergraduates offered in
the faculty and also diploma, post graduate, professional and others. Currently the
Dean of the faculty of Business and Management is Associate Prof Dr. Siti Halijjah

I'm currently an UiTM student from Thus this e-magazine purpose are to show our
Selangor branches Puncak Alam campus, review on articles which based on topic in
who taking International Business as my IMR652 and additional info about International
first Degree. and National Policies on Record Management
and Electronic Record Management.
I'm an easygoing, carefree person and
can get along with various kind of Puteri Aina Najiha
peoples. Since I'm a person who love to
work and care about my self
achievement, I tend to be more
particular and rigid with myself so I can
achieve my goal.

A few about myself are ,I love watching
sport events, cars and bike display. My
hobby is reading and I can any kind of
genre as long as it will give me new

I'm the eldest daughter and have 2
younger brothers, and 3 younger sisters.
My parents are retired and currently
staying with my grandmother at Perak.

This magazine are for publishing me and
my friend's article review regarding our
final group assignment under
Management of Business Record
(IMR652) subject.




I was born on 20 March 1998 in
Banting Selangor. My hobby is
listening music, surfing internet,
reading and travelling. Before this, i
took STPM in Banting and currently
taking Degree in International Busi-
ness in Uitm Puncak Alam, Selangor.

E-mail : [email protected]

Facebook : Efa Milo

Aifaa Arina

Anis Anis Arisyaa

My age is 21 years old and I was born on 23 Medical Records 2
Decemebr 1998. I like extreme sport and listening
music. I graduated from STPM before continuing
degree in UiTM Selangor Branch Campus Puncak
Alam. I studies Degree in International Business
and currently as part 3 student.

e-mail - [email protected]




Based on Article Strategic management of a he Review by Aina Najiha
althcare organization: engagement, behavioura
l indicators, and clinical performance written b There are few suggestion made by the author t
y Giuseppe Speziale which published under Ox o help the strategic management in order to i
ford Academic on March 9, 2015, the author ar mproves their skill which by using motivational
gue about the need of Healthcare Organizatio  tools. This motivational tools derived by the a
n to upgrade their performance in terms of str uthor to make help in measuring their perform
ategic management so they can face the increa ance, shared the purpose, peer pressure, and 
sing difficulty in satisfying a progressively more enhance a patient-
 ‘aware’ and demanding user. centered approach. If the motivational tool be
en implements in the strategic management, t
The author stress out her idea in consoling He he author believe that the organization can mo
althcare Organization to upgrades their strateg nitor more closely to their subordinates and st
ic organization by focusing more in keeping on aff in the Healthcare Organization. Thus they n
 tracks to the rapid changes taking place in tec ot only can upgrade the efficiency in working 
hnology and the technology approach since He management and environment, but also can m
althcare Organization will face with an increasi otivate the workers to pay more attention towa
ng patients and new medical data that they ne rds their performance in managing their works
ed to handle. If there are no changes or upgra .
ding in their system especially in strategic man Giuseppe Speziale, the author also state that t
agement, they will face difficulty in managing t he improvement are needed because in millen
he management and the system. nial century, there will be a lot of new things es
pecially in technology improvement. 


By cooping with the changes, the managing of  The figure from the author show that the need
workers records will be more strategic and eas  of Healthcare organization to pay more attenti
y to monitor by the top management. Data tha on towards the increasing of users in technolo
t easy to retrieved will make the working enviro gy and the technology powers can bring, not o
nment more conducive, this is why the author  nly by focusing in improving their service, but a
suggests the Healthcare Organization to be m lso the capability of the organization. This urge
ore alert with the rapid changes in technology  ncy can be seen because in medical field nowa
systems. Thus this will help the organization be days, the need to catching up with technology, 
 more efficient in handling the tasks. not only applied in order to please customers, 
but it also can help improve the standards skill
First, the author state that to improve, the org s needed in working environments, especially i
anization first need to identify five (5) elements nn medical filed. Thus by suggestion made fro
 in order to be high- m the author, it seem that the concern in incre
value healthcare organization where are desig asing the production satisfactions in healthcar
ning and implementing a corporate organizatio e organization is not something simple. The au
n dedicated to cardiovascular patients, includi thor also explain the process which can help t
ng new clinical governance rules, next is drivin he healthcare organization to exercise the ele
g the changes by work volume and performanc ments in full capacity. In order to be competiti
e, in a single matrix. Other than that is increasi ve in medical field, the organization need to kn
ng innovation in clinical processes and implem ow how strong their organization before facing
enting clinical research as a structural compon  with other competitors.
ent of clinical procedures, expanding geograph
ic networking; and lastly is developing an adva Besides focusing on towards the performance 
nced information technology (IT) platform. All t in healthcare organization, the author also sug
he five (5) elements that the author introduced gest to analyze the culture in the organization. 
 in the article explain the roles which each of t The suggestion made by the author help the or
he variables can bring positive effects to the h ganization to specifically implied the technolog
ealthcare organization in terms of maintaining  y investment that suit with the organizational c
and improve their working environment to be  ulture. Thus the system that will be use are not
more productive and effective.The five (5) varia  contradict and peoples in the organization will
bles can be seen in Figure 1, which the one tha  still able to work normally although there are 
t the author introduced. working in new system.

6 MEDICAL RECORD This suggestions are applicable because the au
thor get the sources from the expert view in jo
urnal. Although not all helathcare organization 
able to immediately transform the whole organ
ization because of the maintenance cost, the a
uthor able to provide many positive result to p
ush the helathcare organization to compromis
e and trying to adapt with the technology chan
ges in order to maintain their strategic organiz

The author also state the need to be more upd
ated in technology era to make the medical fiel
d more competitive such as the importance of 
tracking the activities that happens in the orga
nization, the movements of confidential record
s, and etc.

About the inseparable terms between medical 
research and technology is truly right, the stat
ement made by the author in her article, also 
mentions about the needs to keeping update t
he technology use in the organization, this is b
ecause they can keep on tracks with the branc
hes performance at other places to supervised
. The role that technology brings many benefits
 to the medical fields, especially in the organiza
tion itself, there are no doubt that everything 
mentions by the author are important and give
 benefits to the healthcare organization, also al
l the suggestions and explanations in the articl
es give specific reasons why the healthcare org
anization need to keeping in tracks with the ch
anges in technology.




DISPOSAL According to the
RECORDS article published

on september
2011 by J

Maxillofac Oral

How Long To Maintain The For mentally retarded patient After one month destroy the Medical Records 11
Records, regarding to the forever till hospital/institution records up to date specified
article Management of is working. Lastly, from except the following four
Medical Records, ideally income tax point of view for 7 which where is the litigation
records of adult patient are years. is going on, where future
maintained for 3 years. trouble is expected, mentally
How To Destroy The Records ill and retarded patient, and
Next, 21 years for children pre-litigation process of
and neonatal patient. Public notice of destroying notice exchange is going on.
Besides that, the retention the records in English
period for all medical records newspaper and in one Organizing
with the exception of medical vernacular paper mentioning information for
records of psychiatric, the specific date up to which retrieval when needed.
obstetric and pediatric cases destruction will be sought. Protecting records that
will be retained for a period are essential to
of seven (7) years from the Give a time limit of one mission-critical
last date of treatment. month for taking away records business operations.
for those who want the
records with written consent.



and opinion
while living as
UiTM student.


First of all, in this content will full with my opini The most interesting I get from this subject is I
on and about my experience while being a UiT  got to know the process of making/creating th
M student. Within almost three (3) semester I b e records, and all the criteria that need to hav
eing an UiTM student, I’m expose with Universit e before the documents that contain confiden
y life and their system. Here, life in being an ad tial information can be clarified as a record. B
ult is totally different from my previous life whil efore this, I thought, every documents that be
e I’m taking my foundation at Selangor Matricul en save as PDF and no longer can be edited b
ation. y others, will be considered as record, but the 
reality are cruel enough and I really grateful to
 Universities life teach me how to rely fully on m  take this subject as one of my elective becaus
yself and make me more brave and confident. E e now I can differentiate between ordinary do
very subject that I took within this three (3) sem cuments and records.
ester, teach me new things in depth and streng
then my basic knowledge, which also align with  Other that that, there are a lot of interactive t
my course which is Degree in International Busi hings in learning the process of managing and
ness. When I know how to deal in business worl  preserving the records, because not all recor
d, I take subject Management in Business Recor ds will be kept at the department. This is beca
ds (IMR652) which will help me deal with confid use not records will be frequently refer by the 
ential records once I work in industry. subordinates, thus the company will have spec
ific storage to store all the permanent records
 To have a better performance in building and   and those records that rarely been referred t
maintaining business, one need to know how to o. This fact make me realize that managing rec
 manage the company records because these r ords are not an easy task, thus, having a knowl
ecords will act as evidence to protect the comp edge in handling records really give me a lot o
any from collapse. From this subject, I learn ho f benefit, so I can prepare myself to handle rec
w the records can be registered as records in t ords once I work in business industry.
he company. From my point of view, the knowle
dge on how to deal with important records, one In conclusion, taking IMR 652 in this semester,
 need to have basic knowledge, because these i  teach me a lot of knowledge. Its not only focu
mportant records play a big role in maintaining  sing in managing the records fully, but it also t
the company existing especially permanent rec each me on how to recognized the records an
ords. d use the records as evidence.

Through this subjects, I also learn about the diff
erent types of records that exist in industry. In f
act there are a lot of crucial things that I need t
o know in managing the records in organization
. This subject also teach me on how to refer to 
bet practice such as ARKIB Negara, this is beca
use the organization explain the importance of 
managing the organization records in the best c
ondition. Other than that, there are retention s
chedule for all those types records exist in orga
nization, the schedule state and explain the tim
e range for the records to be kept and when th
e records need to be dispose. ARKIB Negara als
o explain the process needed before any dispo
sal records been made.




Policies Roche Group records management directive 2.0 is
basically discuss about the International Policies
Policy uses by University of Bristol for international. This regarding of electronic records management. This journal
Policy establishes principles for ensuring that the discuss about what the policies that there are applied in
University implements effective records management, order to manage their electronic records management,
accounting for legislative, regulatory and best-practice from the creation until the disposal of the records. 
requirements. It provides guidance on the retention and
disposal of records held by the University. The policy Since Roche Group records management directive 2.0 is a
applies to all employees of the University of Bristol, private organization, thus to have their own based
including honorary staff or associates, contractors, practice are likable.This journal explain about their
temporary staff and any students who are carrying out policies the standards that they use to manage their
work on behalf of the University. records. It also explain the restriction contain in their
policies regarding who are able to access the records, in
The Policy forms part of the University’s Information order to protect the confidential records and prevent any
Governance Framework an needs to be considered in records that contain high value of information to leak out
conjunction with the following University policies and of the organization. Basically the organization shared on
guidance which are IGP-01- Information Governance how the process occur from the moments the records
Policy, IGP-02 - Data Protection Policy, IGP-04 -Records been created until the disposal of the records. Since this
Retention Schedule, IGP-05 -Document Management journal talking about an International Policies, the most
Policy, IGP-06 -Digital Preservation Policy, IGP-07 – refer policies is ISO-15489-1. Thus every standard will be
Personal Data Breach Policy, IGP-08 – Privacy Impact refer to the ISO as guidelines.
Assessment Policy, IGP-09 – Information Strategy
Principles, IGP-10 – Information Classification Scheme, “If there's a book that you
Information Security Policy. want to read, but it hasn't been
written yet, then you must
Section 8 of the Document Management Policy (IGP-05) write it.”
provides specific guidance on naming conventions for
documents and folders. Section 7 of the Document
Management Policy (IGP-05) provides specific guidance
on document management practices and should be read
in conjunction with this document. Digital storage
solutions enabling more sophisticated tagging and
searching functionality will become more widely
available for University staff to use. These developments
will assist with the correct storage, classification and
retrieval of records.

University of Bristol: file:///C:/Users/User/Downloads/records-management-and-retention-policy.pdf International Policies 17
Roche Group:

Disposal records Classification National Policies 15
According to Arkib Negara
Basically, ARKIB Negara Malaysia, a classification scheme
Malaysia fix the policies or system may also be manifested
which every public sector as a metadata framework as well
need to refer ARKIB Negara as an externally designed or
as a guideline in order to set applied structure. The electronic
up their policies. ARKIB also records management system
provide the retention support the allocation of
schedule based on Malaysia’s controlled vocabulary terms
regulation, thus every time compliant with ISO 2788 or ISO
the records meet the 5964 as records management
retention period, the metadata, in addition to the other
organization will need to go requirements in this section. The
to ARKIB to refer and inform mechanism for allocating a
the disposal action for structured alpha, numeric or
approval. alphanumeric reference code (that
is, an identifier which is unique
within the classification scheme)
to each classification level and a
mechanism to allocate a textual
title for each electronic
aggregation. It must be possible
to apply both identifiers
separately or together.



Dole Food Company, Inc


This Global Records Management and Destruction Policy governs the creation, retention and

dOesntruScatiloen o-f 1all records in the normal course of business of Dole Food Company, Inc. and its subsidiaries
wTorrlednwdidye. ITnhitseProiliocyrssu-pe2rsedes all prior records management policies. The Policy is intended to achieve

the authority to the Global Records Management and Destruction Schedule, assign roles and responsibilities
for the implementation, maintenance and audit of the Records Schedule, ensure the protection of
confidential and legally protected information, Comply with relevant laws, regulations, requirements and
industry standards and many else. This Policy applies to all Dole directors, officers and employees
worldwide. This Policy governs all Records, regardless of format or storage media.

For the policy provision in general, under this Policy, Dole’s objective is to retain Business Records
necessary for the operation of its business and as required by applicable laws and regulations, dispose of
Business Records when there is no business or legal reason for their continued retention and they are
eligible for destruction under the Records Schedule and Discard Non-Business Records as soon as they are
no longer needed.

           This Policy provides for the management, retention, storage and destruction of both Business Records
and Non-Business Records alike. Business Records should be retained for at least the minimum Retention
Period shown in the Records Schedule. Active Business Records should be maintained in locations where
they can be quickly and easily accessed. Meanwhile, Non-Business Records may be discarded at any time,
preferably when they are no longer needed. Next for Business Records Under the Records Schedule,
Business Records are organized into topical groups, or Record Types, based on content. Meanwhile the
retention Periods in the Records Schedule are based on business needs and applicable laws and regulations
of the United States, as well as local laws of each country where the Records exist, which require Dole to
maintain certain Business Records. Retention Period can be time-based or event-based.


"Records be sent to off-site
storage. If there is a recorded
media business records should be
retained in their Original

For Non-Business Records, these records should be
destroyed once there is no valid business reason for their
continued retention. Under no circumstances should Non-
Business Records be sent to off-site storage. If there is a
recorded media business records should be retained in their
Original Format. Meanwhile, for hard copy data whereby the
certain documents that record significant events in Dole’s
corporate history may be

Any disaster recovery, there are backup tapes are to be
used solely for disaster recovery purposes only. Data stored
on backup tapes is not intended for archival or retrieval
purposes. The last policy provision is Record,
Data, and Electronic Information Security whereby it is
important to o ensure the integrity, confidentiality and
accessibility of all Business Records they
create, receive and retain.
        After that, any exceptions, changes & violations must
have the authority, legal hold in the event of a pending,
threatened or reasonably foreseeable lawsuit, investigation,
audit, or other event,   requests for changes or exceptions
and violations which this Policy include but are not limited
to destroying, altering, modifying or otherwise making
inaccessible Business Records/Non-Business Records that
are subject to a Legal Hold.
    Roles & responsibilities such dole personnel, executives
and managers, records coordinators, legal departments and
are have to play their role efficiently. For instance, dole
personnel have to ensure the integrity, confidentiality and
accessibility of all Business Records
they create, receive and retain.

            Legal department is responsible for
reviewing this Policy and the Records Schedule at least
annually to reflect changing business needs, legal
interpretations and regulatory requirements and making
appropriate revisions.   Meanwhile, the information
technology department is responsible for the
implementation of all appropriate information technology
systems that will assist the company in
complying with this policy.

The Nature of Setapak NATIONAL POLICY
High School Record
Keeping System

Focus on its official


Preamble of This article critically analyze the nature of
Article Setapak High School (SHS) electronic record
keeping system focused on it’s official portal at
A message from the author taking into consideration matters
pertaining to classification, maintenance and
retention of electronic records. Then, the findings
were analyzed against the requirements provided
in the ICA Module 2. As the public sector websites, was designed to follow the Guideline on
Public Sector Websites by MAMPU. We are using
the sample checklist in International Council on
Archives, Principles and Functional Requirements
for Record in Electronic Office Environments-
Module 2: Guidelines and Functional Requirement
for Electronic Record Management System, 2008
to reviewing SHS records management system.


Setapak High School
In this article we analyze tem against the
Electronic Record requirements in the ICA Module 1 and We are using the
System sample checklist in International Council on Archives,
Principles and Functional Requirements for Record in
Setaoak High School is one of the government Electronic Office Environments- Module 2: Guidelines
agencies create electronic recorrds by following and Functional Requirement for Electronic Record
all the government agencies in Malaysia. Premier Management System, 2008 to reviewing SHS
School such as SHS must prepare for future electronic records management system.
education styles and be ready with the
infomration and communication technology due to They are ing the ICA Module because it is
the exponential growth of information and developed by an international organization and well
knowledge. established by the electronic record keeping system
community around the world. This module published
The best way is to establish the SHS by the International Council on Archive. It is developed
official portal Malaysian by Archives New Zealand in conjunction with a joint
Administrative Modernisation and Management project team formed by members of the International
Unit, Prime Minister’s Department (MAMPU) had Council on Archive and the Australian Digital
produced many Circular and Guidelines for Recordkeeping Initiative (ICA Module 2, 2008, p. 2).
example: General Circular No. 1 Year 2000 “Garis Beside that, this module is the latest standard among
Panduan Malaysian Civil Service Link (MCSL) dan the other module and standards because it is
Laman Agensi Kerajaan”; Malaysian Public Sector published in 2008 while others were published during
Management of Information & Communication the year 1995 to 2006.
Technology Security Handbook (MyMIS) 2001;
Guidelines on Public Sector Websites, 2003; in
2005 myGoverment is replacing MCSL through the
General Circular No. 1 Year 2006 “Administration of
Website/Public Sector Portal”. SHS, as the public
sector must follow the guidelines in developing
their official portal.

The best way to establish
the SHS official portal


ISO - International Standard
Retention Schedule - a record life
time before the record been
IGP - information government
ARKIB Negara - a government
organization who manage the
records storage



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