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Published by Lucas Jalles, 2018-12-13 11:08:56

Super cars

Super cars

Super cars

By Lucas jalles

What are super cars

Supercars are cars that are capable of reaching great speed in very little time.


Most supercars have a curved design.A curve design makes the car
aerodynamic wich means air flows around it swiftly.But not all
cars have A curve design free sample Lamborghini has a square
design but how old is made the air show slowest over it swiftly.
modern supercars are made out of carbon fiber which is a very
white substance so accelerate faster and ensure time.Most shoot
owners of Supercar brands spend months sometimes even a year
trying to find a design which has the air flow Softly year for
example Clarence has a very curved design set any pointed edges
but Lamborghini has no parts and a lot of pointed edges but they
are still for swiftly over and through it. It has Something kind of
like vents which have the air flow inside one gap and out the other.


Horsepower is basically a way to say speed for
cars. The goddess name from when the first car
was made they used horses so it so it means how
many how many power of horses it take to get to
that certain speed. Now we use the term miles per
hour or mph Crush art mindhunter because we
don't use horses for transfer normally.


When you are the owner of a car
company you need to find a reasonable
price. Most supercars are millions of
dollars!When putting the speed and
the materials of the engine and the
body the price either is low or is high.
Supercars half-up high price But most
production cars to have a pretty low

types of supercars

there are many types of supercars but here we will give
examples of some of the rarest and most popular brands and


pagni is one of the most
popular and Powerful car
brands in the world the Pagani
huayra is the fastest and
newest model Pagani has
made. Its base price Is 1,400,000
US$ And it has A V12 6.0 engine
Which allows you to go up to
230 Miles an hour it has 700
horsepower and 5800
revolutions per minute


Lamborghini is a brand which has a different
card design rather than curved it is more
Square but it is in the shape which the air still
flows around it swiftly

Lamborghini Veneno

the Lamborghini Veneno is made to represent
The 50th anniversary of Lamborghini. is made
out of carbon fiber there are only four in the
world but each has its own individual Features
On the inside and out.Which gives it its
astonishing price 4.5 million

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