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a story about the worst day ever with alexis

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Published by Bianka Coudron, 2019-05-08 11:57:38

alexis's worst day ever

a story about the worst day ever with alexis

​Alexis’s worst day ever
By: Bianka Coudron Cardenas

Alexis is turning 25. she has no children, a boyfriend, and a wonderful job.
She loves to cook, and bake and help people.She has never been late for
work or anything. She is always 30 minutes early. One day she
accidentally sleeps in, and she normally wakes up around 5:30ish but she
forgot to set her alarm and woke up at 6:00. She starts work at 6:30 and
she lives one hour away. She gets ready and eats her breakfast and
goes to start her car.
She gets on the road and there is a traffic jam! Just her luck. She had to
call her work because she forgot to call in and tell her boss she was going
to be late.

It's currently 7:00, and she remember that she has to an important
surgery on the President of the United States. She gets on the highway
which means she is only a half an hour away from her work and she gets
a call from her boss and yells at her where are you and so she explains
what happened and how there was a traffic jam and her boss morgan say
whatever the chief of surgery needs you so she says I will try my best but
its a blizzard and I don't want to got to fast because the roads are really
slippery. She gets like 5 miles from another highway when she hears a
weird noise coming from her car. She ignores it and keeps going. She
keeps hearing that noise from her car, so she finally stops to checks it
only 4 miles away from the hospital and all of a sudden she sees smoke
come out, of her car so she backs away. She calls her boyfriend, but he
didn't answer so she just starts walking because she has surgery at 10:30
and its currently 8:30. she doesn't have a jacket or gloves.

She finally gets to the hospital and she doesn't realize she has
frostbite. She finally gets into the surgery. Finally, she is 1 hour into
removing the tumor of the president all of a sudden she hears is a flatline
because she had just killed the President from the frostbite her hand kept
shaking. she goes and changes and tries to get out of there before she
gets yelled at but then her boss saw her and yells “Come to my office!”
She did and her boss was just yelling at her as she had imagined.

She wasn’t really paying attention to what he was saying until she
hears is your fired. So she packed all of her stuff and as she is walking to
her car she remembered her car is broke so she had to walk all the way
to her car and she didn’t have a jacket on and her friend Camryn gave her
jacket to Alexis.

As Alexis is walking to her car all she see is fire and smoke and heard a
loud boom and just starts crying, Alexis calls everyone and only one
answer her dad so she asked him for a ride and she was crying the whole
entire time till she got home.
She gets home and just starts crying because she loved that job so much.

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