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Present in every
one of our

products, Avène
Thermal Spring
Water soothes all
sensitive skin types


XeraCalm A.D Lipid-Replenishing Cleansing Oil| 400ml

Avène's award winning daily cleansing oil calms, soothes and alleviates
itching associated with atopic dermatitis and eczema. Gently lathers
with a oil texture that seals in moisture and restores the skin's barrier.
Suitable for infants, children and adults.Physiological pH allows for
gentle cleansing action. Oil texture seals in moisture and restores the
skin's barrier. Suitable for infants, children and adults.

XeraCalm A.D Lipid-Replenishing Cream | 200ml

Rich, lipid-replenishing cream directly targets itching, redness and irritation to
nourish and restore skin prone to atopic dermatitis and eczema. Formulated
with minimal ingredients essential to rehydrating and maintaining a healthy
balance in skin’s microbiome. The microbiome is the top layer of the skin filled
with microorganisms like bacteria, yeast, and skin flora – their job is to defend
against bad bacteria. Exclusive, patented airless pump keeps the cream
completely sterile and safe for its entire use without any preservatives,
parabens, dyes or fragrance.

Active biotechnological innovation developed by Pierre Fabre Laboratories after 12 years of research; patented
active ingredient I-Modulia® is effective in relieving itching sensations due to dry and inflamed skin and also can
soothe redness and irritation. Helps to restore the skin natural barrier.

XeraCalm A.D Soothing Concentrate| 50ml A perfectly hermetic
patented sealing system
Emergency care for intense localized itching *, anywhere,
anytime. Dry areas prone to intense itching and atopic
eczema. Face, body, eyelids. The soothing concentrate
has an IMMEDIATE ANTI-ITCHING effect immediately
soothes the sensations of intense localized itching and
irritation *. It reduces peaks of severe drought. A formula
with effectiveness recognized by the new European
dermatology recommendations in the management of
atopic eczema: "Emollient PLUS **" category. The soothing
Concentrate benefits from Sterile Cosmetic technology, the
guarantee of efficacy & safety which allows optimal respect
for the skin and the cutaneous microbiome: Only the
ingredients useful for the skin; Sterilized formula, 0%
preservative; Packaging exclusive perfectly hermetic
No comedogenic - Developed to minimize the risk of
allergic reactions

** EMOLLIENT PLUS: Topical formulation composed of excipients and
additional non-medicinal active ingredients that accompanies the management
of dry skin prone to atopic eczema.
Recognized by European Experts in Dermatology (Wollenberg et al,
Consensus-based European guidelines for treatment of atopic eczema (atopic
dermatitis) in adults and children: part I- JEADV 2018. 32, 657-682).

* related to skin dryness

TriXera TriXera Nutrition

TriXera Nutrition Ultra-Rich Nutri-Fluid Lotion | 200ml

Cleansing Bar | 100g Lightweight, nourishing formula
provides 48-hour hydration to
Creamy moisturizing bar gently nourish and protect dry, sensitive
cleanses without stripping or drying skin. Enriched with ceramides and
the skin. Formulated with the purest essential fatty acids to smooth and
ingredients to offer intense hydration soften the skin. Suitable for use on
and nourishment to soften the skin. the face and body. Safe for use on
Soap-free cleansing bar. Provides a the entire family, ages 3+.
protective film. Maintains skin's
natural pH. Suitable for infants,
children and adults.

TRIXERA TriXera Nutrition Nutri-Fluid Balm | 200ml

Rich, nourishing daily moisturizer provides 48- hour hydration to
nourish and help protect very dry, sensitive skin. Enriched with
ceramides and essential fatty acids to smooth and soften the
skin. Suitable for use on the face and body. Suitable for infants,
children and adults.

Tolérance Extrême Tolérance Extrême

Cleansing Lotion | 200ml Emulsion | 50ml

Gentle, no-rinse cleanser removed Lightweight, milky texture allows for
dirt, oil and make-up. A light milky optimal fusion with the skin. Delivering
texture leaves skin soothed and soothing and moisturizing properties in
hydrated. Provides 6 hours of a rapidly absorbing emulsion.
hydration in 7 essential ingredients. Provides 6 hours of hydration in only 6
Formulated without any preservatives, essential ingredients. Formulated
parabens or fragrances. Sterile without any preservatives, parabens
Cosmetics: Eliminates the need for or fragrances.This product is safe to
preservatives; contains only what is use after dermatological procedures
essential for healthy hydrated skin. such as peels or laser treatments.

Tolérance Extrême Cream | 50ml Designed with
Rich, non-greasy texture allows for optimal fusion with the skin.
Delivering soothing and moisturizing properties in a rapidly ingredients and
absorbing cream. Provides 6 hours of hydration in only 7 sterile cosmetics
essential ingredients. Formulated without any preservatives, concept. Suitable
parabens or fragrances. This product is safe to use after for sensitive skin.
dermatological procedures such as peels or laser treatments.

Cicalfate+ Restorative Indications for

Protective Cream | 40ml

Rich, nourishing texture protects skin from
external aggressors while maintaining proper
hydration for optimal skin restoration. Helps
restore skin 4X faster for visible improvement
in 2 days. 80% reduction in skin discomfort
after 48 hours of application. Can be used on
body, face and lips. Suitable for infants,
children, adults.

Cicalfate Restorative

Lip Cream | 10ml

Silky lip balm seals in moisture for soothing,
cooling relief while facilitating the recovery
process. Water-resistant lip care provides
long-lasting nourishment and protection for
delicate lips.

IQVIA - Pharmatrend International - product on skin restoration market in pharmacy Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Poland,
Portugal, Slovakia, Suisse, Czech Republic - in volume and value - year 2019

Cleanance Comedomed TriAcnéal Expert
Emulsion | 30ml
Anti-blemish Concentrate| 30ml
Intensive clarifying skin care for
Concentrate with quick and long-term acne-prone skin that reduces the
anti-blemish efficacy. New appearance of imperfections
approach : it reduces spots and and acne scars while restoring
blackheads and limits their radiant, youthful complexion.
recurrence by acting at the roots. Minimal dryness and peeling.
Proven efficacy from 7 days. (1)
ComedoclastinTM: plant-based IQVIA - Pharmatrend Pharmaone - of face
active ingredient from milk thistle seed anti-acne market in pharmacy in France - from
extract with patented properties* that 2003 to 2019- in volume and value
acts at the source to reduce spots and
limit their reappearance.
Avène Thermal Spring Water:
natural and unique active ingredient
that provides all its soothing and
anti-irritating properties. 92% quick
absorption skin is clear, pores are
tightened and blemishes are

(1). Tolerance and efficacy study conducted
on 51 subjects with light to moderate
blemishes. Application of Cleanance
Comedomed alone, twice a day for 56 days.
(2.) Satisfaction at 7 days, 51 subjects, 2
applications per day
*Patent pending

PhysioLift & D-Pigment PhysioLift Nuit-Night | 30ml

PhysioLift Yeux-Eyes | 15 ml Clinically shown to reduce the
appearance of deep wrinkles and
Innovative eye cream with a patch furrows, plump the skin and help
technology that adheres the formula reduce the appearance of fatigue
to the targeted eye area to help fill for skin that is firmer and more
wrinkles, firm and plump the skin luminous. Light balm texture leaves
and reduce the appearance of skin soft with a satiny finish.
puffiness and dark circles.
Formulated specifically for the
delicate eye contour.

PHYSIOLIFT & D-PIGMENT D-Pigment Light Dark Spot Lightener | 30ml

Reduces localized or widespread dark spots. Prevents the appearance of new dark spots.
Evens out skin tone. Made from a trio of actives scientifically recognized by dermatologists,
this product combines the action of Melanyde, a depigmenting active, with Retinaldehyde,
a lightening active and natural retinoid derived from vitamin A, and with Pre-tocopheryl, a
protective anti-oxidizing active and a precursor to vitamin E. Fragrance-free, paraben-free.


Soapless Foaming Gel | 125ml

Soft and fresh, this very high-tolerance gel is extremely rich in
Avène thermal spring water and glycerin. Soap-free, it respects the
most sensitive skin. Cleanser and light make-up remover for
naturally hypersensitive skins or skins that have been over stressed
by various aggressions.

Hydrance Deep Moist Lotion | 300ml

Intense moisturizing lotion for dry to combination sensitive skin. Formulated
with Cohederm™, a unique patented active proven to form water
reservoirs in dehydrated skin, it quenches and revitalizes the skin just after
cleansing and preps the skin for skincare that follows. The ideal ally to start
your skincare routine!


For dry to very dry skin

Akerat 10 Body Cream | 200ml

Nourishes, hydrates* and soothes the skin. Leaves your skin feeling soft
and supple. Thanks to the combined action of lactic acid and urea, your
skin is velvety soft. Eliminates squamae thanks to salicylic acid; your skin
is smoother. When nourished, your skin is more supple and comfortable.
Soothing, Avène Thermal Spring Water softens your skin.
* Upper skin layers

Akerat 30 Cream for Localized Areas | 100ml

Akérat 30 Cream for sensitive areas is specially recommended for skin
left sensitive and dry by keratosis, for use on very localized areas:
elbows, knees, feet, hands and scalp. This cream reduces your skin's
chronic thickening thanks to salicylic acid in high concentration (2%).
Soothing, anti-irritating Avène Thermal Spring Water softens your skin.

Suncare IQVIA - Pharmatrend International - sun
market in pharmacy Germany, Austria,
Day Protector UV EX | 40 ml Belgium, Spain, France, Greece, Italy,
Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Suisse,
Czech Republic - in volume and value -
year 2019

Comprehensive daily care that protects against UV radiation and everyday aggressions
for all types of sensitive skin. Fragrance-free, alcohol-free. Rich in Avène Thermal Spring
Water, with its soothing and anti-irritating properties, it calms the most sensitive skins. With
vitamin E precursor and anti-oxidant Pre-tocopheryl, it reinforces the cutaneous barrier and
shields the skin from external stress, such as air conditioning, wind, pollution, etc. Invisible
on the skin, leaves no white marks, hydrates and strengthens the skin's natural defenses
while keeping makeup in tact.

Mineral Fluid SPF50+ & Tinted Mineral Fluid SPF50+ | 40ml SUNCARE

Mineral Fluid - Light, matt-finish sun care fluid formulated using only mineral
based filters, to provide optimum protection for even the most sensitive skin.

Tinted Mineral Fluid - Natural tint, matt-finish sun care fluid formulated using
only mineral based filters, to provide optimum protection for even the most
sensitive skin.

The next generation mineral based complex provides broad spectrum defence
from UVA and UVB rays, whilst remaining very water-resistant and photostable.
Uniquely formulated with antioxidant Pre-Tocopheryl to protect skin cells from
free radical damage and soothing Avène Thermal Spring Water. Includes
blendable tint for a radiant, lightly covered complexion. Fragrance Free.

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