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Published by tadmorefarms, 2019-06-05 22:14:12

TSA Newsletter 060519

TSA Newsletter 060519

WELCOME TO SUMMER! We hope you had a great Memorial Day!


We plan to feature stories of TSA Members and
Juniors across the Texas in each publication. In
order to accomplish this, we are asking for
submissions for yourself or a loved one. Let’s get
to know each other a little better this year.

To participate, send pictures & information about:

• Your Ranch
• Cows You Show
• Events You participate in
• Your operation
• Cattle for Sale
• Any Hobbies or Other Interests
• Your name
• Your Location
• Your Contact Information

We will also be featuring our Juniors showing Shorthorns around the
Texas. Shows could include TJLA, County, a Local project or any others. A
picture & name of the exhibitor, the name of the animal shown, and the
name of the show is needed. You can email the information and picture(s)
to [email protected] or text the information to 281-684-4809,
Barbara Russell. All entries are welcome! The more you submit, the more
there is to add to our newsletter.


Texas Shorthorn Lassies had their annual meeting on May 26, 2019 at the
Bell County Expo Center in Belton, Texas, during the TJSA Preview show.

1. New Officers and directors were elected:

New Officers:
a. President – Beth Gresso
b. Vice President – Tracey Laughery
c. Secretary - Jeannene Xanthus
d. Treasurer – Linda Scott
e. Publicity – Shelly Spearman

New Directors: Meredith DeBorde, Mary Bass, Angel Heiman, Shelby

2. The Lassie scholarship was to be awarded however there were no applicants.

3. Texas Lassie Queen and Princesses for 2019-2020 were announced:
a. Lassie Queen – Makenzie Laughery
b. Lassie Princesses – Hallie Hall & Harley Shelton

4. Fundraisers were discussed:
a. The 2019 Quilt Fundraiser will be auctioned off to the highest bidder
at Ft. Worth in 2020.
b. 10x10 squares for $40 with ranch logo, cattle brand, name, etc. may
be screen printed, embroidered, painted

Dues for 2019-2020: Mail your $20.00 to: Tx. Shorthorn Lassies, Linda Scott,
Treasurer, 401 Bill Creek Circle, Hurst, Tx. 76053

A special “THANKS” to Texas Shorthorn Lassie Queen, Kelsye Craft, and
Princesses, Caitlin Horton, Makensie Laughery, Harley Shelton, and Kelsie
Prazak for promoting the Reds, Whites & Roans this year.

MAY 25-27, 2019 IN BELTON, TEXAS

Contests Began @ 9:30 am

Promotional Poster

Prospector 1
1. Beth Wells
2. Hunter Jones
3. John Wells

Graphic Design – Intermediate – Emilee Munchrath

Team Sales

Prospector 2
1. Morgan Brooks
2. Landon Stevenson/Creed Evans

1. Emilee Munchrath/Carter Meyer
2. Ellee Spearman/Mackenlee Evans
3. Lynlee Atchley/Anna Cate Talley

1. Tori Copeland/Brittney Basham

Arts & Crafts Intermediate
1. Emilee Munchrath
Prospector 1 2. Mackenlee Evans
1. Brigham DeBorde 3. Ellee Spearman
2. Creed Evans
3. Finley Jones Senior
4. Lucy Hall 1. Hallie Hall
5. John Wells 2. Tori Copeland

Prospector 2 Intermediate
1.Harper Jones 1. Emilee Munchrath
2. Elle Spearman
Photography 3. Brayden DeBorde

Prospector 1 Senior
1. Hallie Hall
1. Lucy Hall 2. Cate Norris
2. Beth Wells 3. Tori Copeland
3. Brigham DeBorde

Prospector 2

1. Morgan Brooks

Photography - Digitally Enhanced


1. Ellee Spearman
2. Emilee Munchrath
3. Brayden DeBorde


1. Tori Copeland

Prepared Speaking Intermediate
1. Emilee Munchrath
Prospector 1 Senior – Extemporaneous Speaking
1. Kanin Cleere 1. Jenna Hein
2. Beth Wells

Showmanship Prospector 2

Prospector 1 1. Maizzie Matthews-Pryor
2. Morgan Brooks
1. Kanin Cleere 3. Harper Jones
2. Finley Jones 4. Brylon Frerich
3. Creed Evans 5. Landon Stevenson
4. Hunter Jones
5. Brigham DeBorde

Intermediate Senior

1. Emily Munchrath 1. Jenna Hein
2. Braydon DeBorde 2. Hallie Hall
3. Jacob Hines 3. Harley Sargent
4. Mackenlee Evans 4. Tori Copeland
5. Marie Yanchak 5. Caleb Hines


Prospector 1 Prospector 2

1. Creed Evans 1. Morgan Brooks
2. Beth Wells 2. Harper Jones
3. Kanin Cleere 3. Landon Stevenson
4. Brigham DeBorde 4. Maizzie Matthews-Pryor
5. Finley Jones 5. Brylon Frerich

Intermediate Senior

1. Emilee Munchrath 1. Tori Copeland
2. Ellee Spearman 2. Hallie Hall
3. Mackenlee Evans 3. Jenna Hein
4. Brayden DeBorde 4. Brittney Basham
5. Carter Meyer 5. Cate Norris


Shorthorn Plus Steers

Class 1
James Cleere & Champion
Brylon Frerich & Reserve

B&O Heifer Shown By
Landon Stevenson
Class 4 Caleb Hines
1. CPL Max Rosa HC
2. 3H First Lady 3HO4F

Class 5 Shown By
1. LSA Maple Makenzie Laughery
2. Platinums Princess Kelsey Craft
3. H7 Bailey Anne Hallie Hall

Division II Champion Makensie Laughery
Division II Reserve Landon Stevenson

Class 13 Shown By

1. MTY Janet Jewel Marie Yanchak
2. SEE Rubys Red Gypsy Elle Spearman

Division IV Champion Marie Yanchak
Division IV Reserve Elle Spearman
Champion Overall Marie Yanchak
Reserve Overall Makenzie Laughery

B&O Bulls Sire Dam
WHR Rite On MADE Miss Paisley
BCB Nitrous Fire

exhibited by Brittney Basham

Shorthorn Plus Heifers

Class 4 ` Shown by
1. EMS Insight Fool Emzie Austin
2. TDR Cumberland Libby Lee
3. PC Sonny Ivy Payton Porubsky

Class 5 Shown by

1. WHR CMF Cecilia Kanin Cleere
2. AB Cassie Alexis Burkard
3. CPL Dakota Red Rose Maizzie Matthews-Pryor
4. Sull Blue Crystal Tori Copeland

Division II Champion Kanin Clerre
Reserve II Champion Alexis Burkard

Class 9 Shown by
1. WHR Red Bud Quinn Rasor
Division III Champion Quinn Rasor

Class 12 Shown by
1. CPL Bo’s Traveling Caitlyn Matthews
Division IV Champion Caitlyn Matthews

Class 15 Shown by
1. Sull Crystal Harley Sargent

Class 16 Shown by
1. WHR CMF Ms Advancer James Cleere
2. Jacob Hines
Division V Champion Harley Sargent
Reserve V Champion James Cleere
Overall Grand Harley Sargent
Overall Reserve Kanin Cleere

Purebred Steers Shown By
Jordan Josey
Class I Brigham DeBorde
1. JA_C Armstrong’s Pay Up
2. BCPD Mr. P

Class II Shown By
1. CPL Proud Rider LR Landon Stevenson
2. MAC’s Maximus Mackenlee Evans

Grand Overall Landon Stevenson
Reserve Overall Josey Jordan


Purebred Heifers Shown by
Carson Stevenson DIV I Champ
Class 1
1. CPL Miss Montana

Class 4a Shown by

1. 3H First Lady 3HO4F Caleb Hines

Class 4b Shown by

1. WHR HS Montana Lady 8NO8 Alexis Burkard

2. CPL Max Rosa HC Landon Stevenson

3. WHR M&E Cecilia Tate Harvey

Class 5a Shown by

1. SULL Roan Tootie Carson Stevenson
2. LSA Maple Makenzie Laughery
3. PLATINUMS Princess Kelsey Craft
4. WHR Cumberland Clayton Ruskey

Class 5b Shown by

1. CMF Cecilia Emma Harvey
2. SHARBEN RS Augusta Pride Anna Cate Talley
3. TMF Crystal Legacy Matthew Burns

Class 5c Shown by

1. WHR RHS Augusta Pride Cate Norris
2. WHR CMF Cecilia Kanin Cleere
3. WHR HC Mona Lisa James Cleere
4. WHR CMF Cecilia Hogan Harris
5. WHR CMF Cumberland Brylon Frerich
6. H7 Bailey Anne Hallie Hall

Division II Champion Cate Norris

Division II Reserve Kanin Cleere

Class 8 Shown by

1. NR Quantum Queen Creed Evans
2. NR Roan Rose Ethan Spearman
3. SLBL Fiona Clayton Ruskey

Class 9 Shown by

1. BOWL OLSN WEIK Lady Velvet Cali Bennet

Division III Champion Creed Evans

Division III Reserve Ethan Spearman

Class 12 Shown by

1. CF CSF Dream Lady Caitlyn Rasor
2. CF Cumberland Jackson Harlan
3. JRA Focusing on Diamonds Jacob Atchley
4. MIDNIGHT Reveille Jay Hallie Hall
5. LJS HLJ Crystal Clear Harper Jones

Division IV Champion Caitlyn Rasor

Division IV Reserve Jackson Harlan

Class 15 Shown by

1. CMF Cecilia Ann Annie Fallon
2. WHR HC Mona Lisa Alexa Holloway
3. ROVS Polly Ravyn Hillis

Division V Champion Annie Fallon

Division V Reserve Alex Halloway

Class 18a Shown by

1. CMF Cumberland Makenzie Laughery
2. MADE WELL With Class Lynlee Atchley
3. AF VF Adalynn’s Mirage Finley Jones

Class 18b Shown by

1. BFS Augusta Pride SW Brayden DeBorde
2. CMF Cecilia Chauk Bailey
3. SHADYBROOK Tina Girl Quin Rasor
4. TX Milestone SVY Rosebud Hunter Jones
5. HCC Cumberland Star Hogan Harris
6. ROVS Hollie 18 Armillo Arizpe
7. MADE Marleigh Madison Haney

Division VI Champion Braden DeBorde

Division VI Reserve Chauk Bailey

Class 21A Cate Norris
1. WHR Queen of Sonny Emilee Munchrath
2. Sull Lady Mackenlee Evans
3. CCR Reba Marie Yanchak
4. MTY Janet Jewel Ellee Spearman
5. SEE Rubys Red Gypsy Alyssa Laymoix
6. WHR Cumberland Shown by
Class 21b Tori Copeland
1. CF Cumberland Jenna Hein
2. TMF Queen’s Aces Straight Grant Cox
3. SULL Mary Carter Meyer
4. TMF Queen’s Royal Flush Cate Norris
Division VII Champion Tori Copeland
Division VII Reserve Shown by
Class 24 Payton Porubsky
1. LER Sonny Snow Shown by
Class 25 Morgan Brooks
1. LAZY B Victoria Payton Porubsky
Division VIII Champion Morgan Brooks
Division VIII Reserve
Cate Norris
Champion Overall Braden Deborde
Reserve Overall Creed Evans
Third Cate Norris
Fourth Kanin Cleere


TJSA would like to send out a heartfelt thank you to all of our
wonderful Corporate Sponsors who generously gave so that we
could put on the best Preview show possible!

We all feel it was a great success thanks to all of you!

Top 5 Sponsor $1500 – CMF Shorthorns Mike Fallon

Platinum $500 – WHR Shorthorns Bill & Becky Rasor

Gold $250 – Tadmore Farms John & Barbara Russell

CP Livestock Purcell Family

Silver $100 – MJ Shorthorns Jo, Mary & James Bass

Lazy J Shorthorns Larry & Liz Jones

SFS Shorthorns Rich & Linda Scott

Spearman Shorthorns Spearman Family

Springer Shorthorns Stanley & Dianne Springer

Red Oak Valley Shorthorns Cliff & Connie Womack

2019 T Shirts Sponsor – Carney Cattle Ranch: Larry, Brenda,
Justin, & Jess Carney

TJSA Annual Meeting was on May 26, 2019 at the preview show.

Election of 2019-2020 Officers:

President – Brittany Basham Vice President – Harley Sargent

Secretary – Tyler Root Treasurer – Quin Rasor


Senior – Makensie Laughery, Cate Norris, Christian Purcell

Junior – Morgan Brooks, Mackenlee Evans, Caitlyn Rasor, Ellee Spearman, Landon
Stevenson, Creed Evans

TJSA is looking for corporate sponsors to support the Junior Nationals 2020 to be
held in Abilene, Texas. Our state association will be recognized as the sponsoring
body for the week of Jr. Nationals and will be responsible for offering monetary
assistance to the ASA and provide support during the week. Any and all
suggestions, offers or assistance in this endeavor will be greatly appreciated! After
this year’s junior nationals we will be ready to begin on next year.

T-Shirts will be still on sale until all are sold. There are 2 different designs to
choose from. They are $20 each. You may contact Shelly Spearman to obtain a



• Move-in cattle on Sunday, 6/16/19 in tie-outs only
• Move cattle in barn on Monday, 6/17/19 at 9:00 am
• Check-in: Tuesday, 6/18/19 at 8:00 am
➢ All animals must be in stalls & ready to be weighed


There are some new items being added to the agenda
this year so it should be exciting!



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