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Leo is a man that is always late for work, and is about to get fired from his job because of a snowstorm.

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Published by Mackenzie Anderson, 2019-05-08 11:13:15

The Day I Almost Got Fired!!

Leo is a man that is always late for work, and is about to get fired from his job because of a snowstorm.

The Day I Almost Got Fired!!
By~ Mackenzie Anderson

​ Hi, my name is Leo, my mom used to call me ¨Lele¨. I never liked it,

but now that my mom has passed away, I miss it. My dad passed away
the same as my mother, they were in a car accident. They were coming
home from the hospital because my mom had cancer, and just got done
with chemo. It had a big effect on me! I miss them every day, more and
more, they were always there for me. Even when I did something wrong,
they always had my back. And I miss them!

M​ y mom, dad, and I always went out to eat at the Rivers on

Friday. And now that they are gone they can't come, but I still
always go to the Rivers on Friday, sit at the same table, and order
the same thing. Life was hard when they passed away until I met
Sarah. Sarah is my beautiful wife. Ever since we’ve been together, I
have been very happy, and also very protective and caring for her.
I don't want to lose her, and since my parents are gone it's making
me want to take care of her more. I have been taking care of her
extra because she is…….. pregnant. We are having a beautiful
baby girl!!!

Sarah is 24 years old. Sarah has long blonde hair, blue eyes,
and is pregnant. Sarah is about 5 months pregnant. Sarah's parents
also died. Someone broke into their house and you know, hurt
them. The dad died right away, but the mom didn't, she was in
critical condition, and about 1 hour after she got to the hospital, she
passed away. Sarah was never close to her parents, they were
always gone working, so they were never home, and neither was
she. She was always at her grandma's house.

Now for some information about me. My name is Leo, I am 25
years old. I have black hair, brown eyes, and I am 6´2. I am a
husband, I have a wife with a baby on the way, my mom and dad
passed away in a car accident, and I have no siblings. I am a
businessman, I go to a lot of important meetings. My bad habit is
being late for work. My work starts at 8:00 AM and it´s a 15-minute
drive. Every other employee is there at 7:00, they like being very
early, they say that if you are late to work more than 5 times in a
month you get fired, but I am late about every day of the week, and
I am not fired. He does get really mad at me though. Last Friday I
was late for work, and he said if I am late one more time he

fire me!

My bosses name is Michael. He is 38 years old. He has
brown and grey hair. His eyes are hazel. He has always been
taught to do things right, on time, and in charge. Michael can be
funny some days, but most days he is mad and very strict. We do
have funny, goofy times but it is rare.

Now, this is where my story gets interesting. I was on my way
to work, it was winter out but that didn't bother me. The roads were
icy and had snow on top of the ice. Then about 3 minutes into
driving, a big gust of wind picked up the snow that was on the road,
and I couldn't see anything! So I had to drive slow for about 5
minutes till the wind died down and I could see the road again.

Since I only had 10 minutes before work started I decided to
take a shortcut. I take it a lot since I am always late for work. About
a mile in a half into driving through the shortcut the wind picked up
again. I knew for sure I was going to be late for work, but if I get
fired it's not my fault. I decided to pull over and wait for the wind to
die down again.

Then all of a sudden I saw these headlights coming from
behind me. They were too big and up high to be a car or a pick, so I
didn't know what it was. Until it got closer, then I realized it was a
semi truck. It got closer and closer, and the person didn't see me. I
started honking my horn, so he could know I was there. I honked
the horn a couple of times, then I moved out of
the way, so if he didn't see me I wouldn't get run
over. Then the semi stopped and came out and

said if I was okay. I recognized the voice right away.
¨ Michael, is that you?¨ , I said. ¨ Yes, why¨, ¨It's me Leo!¨ I

was very happy that it was Michael.! I told him that I was very sorry
for being late to work. He said that it was okay, he understood why
it was a blizzard, and he would understand if some people were
late. I asked him if I could have a ride, because you can probably
see better up high.

So we went off to work, out of danger and hard at work!


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