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Published by Jada Colvin, 2019-12-03 12:30:38





By: Jadlyn Colvin

Table of Content
1. “T” Tag
2. Relay Around The World
3. Red Light, Green Light
4. Dizzy Basketball
5. Soccer Relay
7. Captain’s Coming
11. Monkey in the Middle
12. Hoop-Scotch

“T” Tag
Rules: When the student gets tagged, they must remain
still and put their out in a “T” position. They are released
from the frozen T position when another child runs under
their arms.
Equipment: none
Key Skills: Warm-up muscles
Space requirements: Half gym
Time required: 6 to 10 mins.

Relay Around The World
Rules: There will be two teams divided equally. One team
will be on one side of the gym and the other team will be
on the opposite side. The goal of the game is to run
around the gym and tag the next team member once that
member is tagged they are out of the game. Whoever
team has the most players at the end of the game wins.
Space requirements: half-court
Key skills: To outrun the other time.
Equipment: cones

Red Light, Green Light
Rules: One person is chosen to be the (traffic light) he/she
will be turned with their back towards them. When it calls
“green light” the other players move towards him until he
spins around, calling “red light”. When they hear red light
the other players must freeze on the spot. Any child seen
moving must return to the starting line. The children must
remain frozen until the next “green light” is called.
Key skills: To make sure students listen to directions.
Space requirements: half- court
Time: 15mins
Equipment: none

Dizzy Basketball
Instruction: Players try keeping their composure when
engaging in “Dizzy Basketball.” After dividing into two
teams, each team places has one basketball. Once the
teams get their balls they are to go about the cone that will
be placed in front of them 5 times then try and shoot the
ball and make it in the hoop. Once the person has made
the shot the will go to the end of the line. You must make
the shot before the next person on your team goes.
Whichever team gets done first wins the game.
Key skills: To aim for the goal
Equipment: Cones, basketball, and basketball goal
Time: 15mins
Space requirements: half-court

Soccer Relay
Instructions: Divide players into equal teams, each team
has a channel to work in. One player from each team
stands at the far end of the channel where a box is placed.
The first player in line runs down the channel to the box at
the end and plays 10 quick passes with their teammates.
They then replace their teammate who sprints back to the
team and tags the next player who repeats the drill. The
relay ends when all players have completed the skill and
returned to their team.
Key Skills: Improve technique and teamwork.
Equipment: Cones, and soccer ball
Space requirements: half gym


Rules: The players are divided into 2 equal teams
standing on either side of a centerline. One of these is the
“True” team and the other is the “False” team. Each team
has a goal on either side of the centerline. When the
leader gives a true statement, such as “Grass is Green”,
the true players run for their goal, chased by the false
team. If tagged, the members of the true team become
members of the false team. (and just the opposite if the
question is false). The team that has the most players at
the end of the playing time is the winner.

Equipment: none
Key Skills: To pay attention to what is being called next.
Space Requirements: Half gym
Time required: 10mins.

Captain’s Coming
Rules: Similar to Simon Says but with a nautical theme!
One person is “captain” and calls out actions and
dismisses players who don’t do the actions quickly or are
out of character. Some command ideas include:
“Starfish”(get in a group of five and lay down in the shape
of starfish), “Crow’s Next” (get in a group of three and lock
arms at the elbows to form the nest) or “Shark Attack” (lie
on back with feet up in the air).
Key skills: working on listening skills
Space requirements: half gym
Time requires: 8mins
Equipment: none


Rules: Use whatever you have that can be thrown and not
hurt anyone. Balls, wads of paper, sock balls, rubber
chickens, koosh balls, etc. Have two equal teams with a
centerline. Each team starts with the same amount of
items. At the signal, each team throws whatever it can get
their hands on—from their side of the line to the other
side. You can add interest by having the “losing team” pick
up all “garbage” or have both teams pick up garbage but
the losing team has to do what the winning teams
direct—such as accomplish a certain amount of push-ups-
sit-ups, etc.


Key skills: fitness

Space requirements: half-court

Time required: 10mins.


Rules: Players scatter over the playing area and a ball is
tossed into the air. The objective is to keep the ball in the
air using any part of the body. Once one ball is up, get two
or three balls going at the same time. Keep count of the
number of times the ball (or balls) is kept up in the air
before it hits the ground. Youth try and better the number
next time around.

Equipment :3 Balls (Beach Balls)

Key Skills: coordination skills

Space requirements: half-court

Time required: 10mins.

Rules: Two players hold a soft rope or stick 3′ to 4′ long.
Players take turns leaning backward and shuffling under
the rope. Lower the rope after each round. (Be sure to
play Limbo music!)

Key skills: work on flexibility skills

Space requirements: half-court

Equipment: Stick

Time required: 10 to 15 mins.

Monkey in the Middle
Rules: Two players will spine the jump rope while the rest
for the players try and get through without interrupting the
spin of the jump rope.
Key skills: To get everyone on the other side of the jump
rope without it stopping.
Time: 10mins.
Space requirements: Half gym
Equipment: jump rope


Rules: You'll need several hoops for this game. Lay each
hoop on the ground in a pattern your child can hopscotch
through. You can also arrange two parallel rows of hoops
for kids to race through like a tire run.

Key skill: balance
Space requirements: half-court
The time required: 10mins
Equipment: hula hooks

1. 15 Jumping jacks: stretch arms and legs out to the

side like a starfish while jumping, return arms to sides
and legs to center on the landing.
2. 30 sec. Butterfly Stretch.
3. 20 sec. Shoulder Stretch
4. 20 sec. Stretch on each leg side


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