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FOMO v3 (double)

FOMO v3 (double)

Fear of missing out


an art of freedom


building communities
through self

Let your ideas,
your triumph thrive

with us!

Now in our 13th year, the Immersion, Projects, Appreciation &
Tribute (IMPACT) is back again with a whole new look, theme,

& energy for you. Come & join us at the School of
Communication, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia

to celebrate your creative ideas & accomplishments with
communication students of higher education institutions from

all over Malaysia & South East Asian region.

Don't miss the opportunity!
Everyone is invited...

16-18 DECEMBER, 2019


To know more on IMPACT, visit our website today:

You may also contact us:

Dr Mohamad Saifudin Dr Sharifah Nadiah

04-6534199 04-6532641
[email protected] [email protected]


The origin of our magazine’s name OUR TEAM
comes from an in trend abbreviation
which stands for Fear of Missing Out. Co-Editor
The name intends to showcase to our Nur Syaza Aqilah Mohamed Fuhat
readers the hobbies they shouldn’t be
missing out on, and at the same time Layout Editor
putting our aim forward into ensuring Fiqrie Firoz
that no one gets left out despite gender,
personality, likes, etc. Graphic Editor
Chia Song Tat
Dear Reader, Besides our print magazine, we also cater
the needs of our readers with providing
It is with an open heart we at FOMO an e-magazine on our website, a digital
Magazine welcome you to our very first flipbook that portrays interesting visuals
edition in publication. Together with based on our issue and a Facebook page
the team, as lead editor, it is an absolute providing short clips and snippets on the
pleasure to have your eyes, mind and content of FOMO.
soul gracing the pages we are putting out
there. Anyone is thus welcome to submit their
work for publication on our website with
In our magazine you will find various certain set standards. These standards
hobbies which are divided equally include prohibition regarding the posting
under five segments (Extreme, Tech, of harmful and denigrating pieces. We
Novel, $$$ and Trending), that youths see our platform as a sacred space for
of our day and age are pursuing. Their youth to connect with youth and is
experiences, likes and advice to fellow therefore crucial that both our readers
young people out there is mainly what and writers feel safe to voice out, share
our articles cover with the hopes that opinions, stories and creative pieces.
they will enlighten all of you in one way That is why we exists.
or another.
As a student publication, we would
FOMO is a student-led publication run like to be as transparent as possible and
by students for youths that harbor a deep thus, we are very open to comments and
interest to manage their time wisely critiques.
whilst finding a way to not miss out on
the fun things life has to offer. Basically I am beyond euphoric to be furthering
if you’re young and looking for a good the purpose of FOMO and I solicitously
time, FOMO is readily available to invite all of you to embark with me
provide interesting suggestions. on what I’m sure will be a wondrous

Lashonde Lavelle Christian and the
FOMO team

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Fear of missing out

Chief Editor
Dr. Nik Norma Nik Hasan

Lashonde Christian

Nur Syaza Aqilah Mohamed Fuhat

Layout Editor
Fiqrie Firoz

Graphic Editor
Chia Song Tat

Multiplatform Coordinator
Yee Kar Mun

School of Communication, Universiti

Sains Malaysia

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You need to obtain your own private advice on such information. While we will use reasonable survivability to maintain content, we do not assume responsibility to

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Chia Song Tat


Edward Hum Jie Shen invites the FOMO team to Taman Botani where
he practices parkour, the movement where he perform from one point
to another.

The terminology ‘parkour’ is the before parkour and free running. In fact,
movement you perform from they pioneered the activity, and then
one point to another by using the later on came parkour and free running
fastest way (with your body) to overcome which eventually split into different
obstacles. The founder of parkour, David directions each. Yamakazi still exists
Belle is the one that founded the name until now, but with a different name
‘parkour’, however its existence began of the movement known as the art of
ages ago. He coined the term hoping displacement.
to emphasize the efficiency of moving
about without any assistive equipment. In Penang, there is a whole parkour
community. However, four pioneers
Besides parkour, an action known as formed a group known as Tofu Parkour
free running was founded by Sebastian in 2014 as a means of convenience for
Foucan, a friend of David Belle. This, the public to get access to the hobby.
although similar takes on a whole other What Tofu Parkour does is provide a
philosophy. His motive is to ensure learning platform for the community
that movements be done as an art of to better understand parkour. Pioneers
freedom, which means the freedom to of Tofu Parkour believed that a solid
express themselves. He brought forward foundation in understanding it was a
this idea when he came to London to do must, to protect them from any kinds
a documentary. In said documentary, he of injuries before they were ready for
called the activity free running and in it, training.
he added dance movement, creating the
notion of it maybe being acrobatics. Due Edward Hum Jie Shen, one of the
to this, both parkour and free running original pioneers, age 29, started this
were differentiated by taking different hobby 11 years ago. When Edward
directions because of their different graduated from high school, he wanted
philosophies. Despite that though, they to participate in a sport but didn’t seem
stem from the same root and eventually, to have anything but running, which
a trend began. he found quite boring. After a period
of time, his friend happen to share a
Another fast paced activity also YouTube video with him titled “urban
similar to parkour and free running is ninja”. It was about how this group of
Yamakazi. Originating from a French people did their acrobatics movements
team name, they have 7 to 8 people who or jumps which we only saw in the
participate. Its existence came into play movies.

76 FOMO Magazine



- Edward Hum Jie Shen
- 29 years old
- Ayer Itam, penang
- fb: Tofu parkour
- ig: @tofuparkour

FOMO Magazine 7


From there he began to realize that appearance and taste is different. start parkour. You gotta get yourself into
there are people who actually do those According to Edward, that analogy a regular training routine to build the
kind of stunts without being stuntmen. foundation from ground up.
So from that day onward, he begin applies to parkour. This is because when
researching and monkeying around with people observe it from outside it looks Another stereotype is that parkour is
the hope that he could be able to replicate simple, mimicking kids play maybe. But a dangerous hobby. However, Edward
their moves one day. He began with as you submerged yourself deeper within thinks otherwise as he believes the risks
training alone at any time and place. it, it becomes obvious it is something and challenges are just as many with any
strong and solid, making people who other extreme activity. According to him
Throughout his training course, do it powerful. The name in itself is a all hobbies possess a chance for you to
he slowly found people with similar strategy to draw attention. get hurt, but parkour has the lowest risk
interests. Slowly, one by one they among them as traceurs (people who do
gathered and eventually formed Tofu Besides that, parkour isn’t a gender parkour) will be taught to control their
Parkour. The name of Tofu Parkour was centric hobby. In fact, it is society’s view own body.
given based on the dish, tofu. Tofu is a that make it so. Parkour is opened to
plain dish that can be cooked in several anyone regardless of gender or age. To To motivate himself, Edward draws
styles, at the same time being nutritious them, gender and age should not be an inspiration from the pioneers of parkour
and healthy to consume. Both its physical excuse to skip the hobby if it is something as well as from the videos other people
you’re really interested in. Even if you take showcasing their moves. When it
are a couch potato, it is never too late to comes to challenges, through parkour
Edward found out that fear exists. In order
to overcome that fear, Edward suggested
that one has to understand what is the
risk that he/she is signing up for, then it is
about levelling one’s confidence with his/
her ability, risk management and finally
taking precautions when performing a

Of course there is always a probability
of failing. Nothing’s guaranteed in life,
isn’t it? Even the best stuntman in the
world could fail to perform a stunt. The
same applies to Edward. When he first
started out, he sprained his ankle. Besides
that, till today he still gets blisters on his
hands as well as bruises here and there
occasionally. After that, Edward began
emphasizing his own safety during
training. He created his own training
program, building up his strength step by
step to make sure that his body is ready
to receive impact during landing and

The most important thing in parkour is
not merely physicality, but 3 fundamental
elements. First of all, you need to have
a strong physique, which you can gain
from exercising and constant training.
Secondly, mentality, how to push
yourself, how to prevent yourself from
being lazy, how to motivate yourself.
Third, emotionally you have to ask
yourself how you’re feeling today. How
are you going to do this, what do you
think and what do you see. Nowadays,
people hardly focus on this and they
prefer just getting it done. Tofu Parkour
focuses on your overall body condition,
so that you will enjoy the sport.

According to Edward, parkour
changed him a lot in his daily life.
Parkour actually helped him build
up self-discipline which enabled him

98 FOMO Magazine

to manage his time well. Apart from will be left out. them move around, it would suffice.
that, parkour made him healthier than When traceurs train, they like to wear
before. As traceurs constantly train they Tofu Parkour’s vision is to be careful clothes that are light and simple.
become physically fit. Becoming better Sometimes, they also train barefoot
physically also decreases their chances of anything they want to try out and because it’s easy on the legs and ankles.
of depression and anxiety. It also helps Understanding their feet is important
them build up social relationships with always put safety first. This is because because when it comes to landing and
their teammates and provide a good falling, their muscles will know just how
environment mentally because no one social media portrays the sport as a bunch to react in order to protect them from
of people doing crazy stunts in order
Parkour is a hobby that requires
to get attention. They make parkour a traceurs to train outdoor. However, as
time moves, people are looking to find a
little bit more extreme than it needs to way to do it indoor. These innovations are
fascinating, however philosophically, it
be, but the actuality isn’t the same. The is best done outdoor, in order to practice
it at maximum capability.
exception is for
The biggest gap between parkour
those that have a in Malaysia and aboard would be the
facilities, the willingness of people to
motive to procure invest their time into learning this as
well the public’s perception of parkour.
followers or In Malaysia, parkour is not as extreme as
western countries.
views. Basically
In United Kingdom, parkour has been
what we see in the clarified as a sport, however has not been
approved yet by United States and other
movies, isn’t what countries. Ever since that endorsement,
the chances of it expanding is higher now
actually happens than before in order for people to take it
more seriously. In the future, Edward’s
when people do hopes are that the government recognizes
it as a sport in Malaysia and that everyone
parkour. is given equal opportunities to participate
in it.
Simple clothes
FOMO Magazine 9
with a pair of

comfy shoes

are enough for

traceurs. But if

they are following

what’s trending,

then you would

see them in baggy

pants. The sports

in itself carries

its own trend that

often changes

from time to

time. But at the

end of the day,

as long as they

wear comfortable

clothes that help



There’s a saying to never turn your hobby into your career, because then you’ll lose the love for it as a hobby.
This might be true, and can sometimes also be untrue, depends on how you look at it.

10 FOMO Magazine


As a single 26 year old journalist ever done, but it never crossed my mind to things like ocean conservation support or
in Kuala Lumpur, spending my
leisure time as a scuba diver back out at the time, so I took the plunge campaigns have been a norm for me to be
comes much to my own benefits, as a
person who’s continuously looking for anyway. a part of. Today, many of our oceans are in
things to write about, I find seeing the
world clearer underwater as it helps me It was a hot afternoon a critical stage where
to broaden my mind, and it works as a
calming sensation. where we made our polluted waters

My experience learning scuba diving descend into the cool cause by oil spills,
over the years with my dive instructors
have taught me many things about our crystal clear water, trash and debris left
oceans and also has shaped me to the
person I am today. My love for the water my ears came to a by us, have too often
is what got me involved in scuba diving
in the first place, back in 2014 when I first silent as it sucked in been heard in the
fitted into a wet suit, I had been fascinated
for a long time about the world of the the salty sea water, news these days.
deep, watching various shows on the
National Geographic channel or The Blue and all I heard was the I see it as a diver’s
Planet series whilst reading many books
on coral reefs. breathing sounds from responsibility and

Malaysia is a country surrounded by mine and other people’s also as a fellow
the most beautiful tropical islands in
the world, and people all over the world regulators which human being that
travel thousands of miles, and some
spend a fortune just to witness this natural sounded exactly like we put our efforts
beauty, and being a Malaysian I saw it as
something that should be taken advantage Lord Vader. in protecting our
of, being so close.
The beaming oceans and the
To be honest it was a bit of a nerve
wrecking for me the first time that I came sunlight which reflected creatures that live
to be a certified scuba diver, getting on
that speed boat with other divers fully off the creatures and within to ensure that
geared to go for the big plunge into open
ocean was the most terrifying thing I had the corals on the ocean we would still have

floor was one of the an ocean for our

most spectacular things great-grandchildren

I’ve ever witness to enjoy.

the experience was Another reason

something that could why I got into the

only be defined as a profile sport is because I
‘spiritual experience’, saw Malaysia as
- Wan Muhammad Aslah Wan country with a rich
the feeling of absolute Razali biodiversity, full
calmness and tranquility - 26 years old

as if all the world’s - Kuala Lumpur of rainforests and

problems came to a - Journalist wildlife, beautiful
halt in that hour I was - BA Hons English for tropical islands
underwater. with white sandy
Professional beaches and clear
Scuba diving gave
- ig: @aslahrazali

me new respect for the blue waters, which

world of the deep, and over the years is a rare thing to have in some parts of the

FOMO Magazine 11


world today, and it appeared as something topics and how we can do more in this conservation and teaches divers about
worth protecting. cause. This is also some of the reasons the balance of our underwater ecosystem
why I chose to be certified under PADI, and what we can do to help it flourish and
Currently, as a PADI Rescue Diver, as it doesn’t only teach about scuba sustain itself.
I often consult with my scuba diving diving but also its an advocate on ocean
instructors about ocean conservation

PADI Scuba Diver The first stage of PADI recreational Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR),
Being a scuba diver there are many diving certificates is the Open Water and it focuses on building confidence
rules that one must obey, and if not, the Diver certification or OWD. The OWD’s in lay rescuers and increasing their
risk of death would be imminent. Three course objective is learning to manage willingness to respond when faced with
of the rules I hold close every time I go oneself and the scuba gear underwater, a medical emergency. Course participants
diving is that a diver must never dive by obtaining this level of certification, learn simple to follow steps for emergency
alone, there is no such thing as solo a person is able to be an independently care and practice applying skills in a
diver because in any case of emergency certified diver that enables them to choose non-stressful learning environment.
a diver must be able to call their dive their dive partner freely and no longer
buddy anytime he/she is in need of help. require the presence of a professional diver. The Master Scuba Diver is a professional
certification for those who are thinking of
There are many organisations around Getting your OWD is really a treat as embarking in the scuba diving sport as a
the world that are able to train people its that moment you will be able to dive profession which can lead to an exciting
on how to scuba dive, and one of which with any other certified diver anywhere career. At this level only a very select
most internationally recognized is the in the world, but, keep in mind that group of divers who have the experience
Professional Association of Diving there are depth limitations at this level and scuba training. Fewer than 2% of
Instructors known as PADI. Based in which is 18m / 59ft for adults and 12m recreational divers attain this rating. It is
the United States PADI provides various / 40ft for juniors under 12 year old. the top of the ladder in the PADI universe
levels of recreational certification in scuba of recreational diving. To reach this level
diving, among the certification it provides The Advanced Open Water Diver you must be a Rescue Diver and have 5
are the Open Water Diver (OWD), (AOWD)certification is the Third other PADI Specialty Diver certifications
Advanced Open Water Diver (AOWD), Amateur Scuba Diving Certification along with a minimum of 50 logged dives.
Rescue Diver, Dive Master Scuba Diver. Level, this recreational certification
will allow a diver to improve his or Nowadays you can go online and
I chose to be certified under PADI her experience as a diver and expand search for more information on scuba
because it trains people about the knowledge in the field, which the biggest diving as well as world class PADI dive
underwater ecosystem as well as it difference with the previous level is instructors. Fortunately, we live in a
focuses much more on the health and that you can dive deeper as the new country surrounded by tropical islands and
safety of the diver, which is considered depth limit will be 30 meters or 100 feet. scuba diving is a popular sport with many
as world-class. PADI courses ranged good diving PADI instructors available
from a minimum entry level for The Rescue Diver certification is a here, in which we can consult about
recreational divers certification to certification under PADI taken by those these certifications and about the sport
relatively professional certification, who are recreational divers as well or in general. All PADI instructors are open
which several specialised diving skills pursuing it as a professional, this level to answering questions from anyone who
courses with specific equipments. if for those who want to increase their is curious about this adventure sport and
knowledge in an emergency situations. would be happy and supportive to share
For those who are interested in being The rescue certification gives divers their knowledge. So come and join PADI.
a scuba diver yourselves, I would the training of what to do in certain
encourage it fully as a recreational emergency scenarios, the training teaches
purpose and also give us a wider on Emergency First Responder or EFR, in
perspective of the world we live in.

12 FOMO Magazine

FOMO Magazine 13



Diz Chang Kai Yang, in the age of 23, had involved himself into the world of martial
arts for more than 5 years’ time. With the advancement of technology, YouTube as a
video-sharing platform does act as Diz’s mentor for his learning process of martial arts.

Chia Song Tat

147 FOMO Magazine

Martial arts is a knowledge that strong and healthy at all times. Without profile
one learns about. Diz Chang a proper diet, they are easily exposed
Kai Yang, age 23, began to diseases and more prone to perform - Diz Chang Kai Yang
involving himself in the world of martial poorly. But for a food lover like Diz,
arts more than 5 years ago. His main proper diet is hard to follow. He usually - 23 years old
mentor when he started off was YouTube, eats whatever he fancies and only cuts - Penang
and with it, his passion grew bigger with down his weight during the times he needs - STUDENT
several different types branching under to fight onstage. Besides that, he plans - DEGREE IN COMMUNICATION
the hobby, such as Kung Fu, Boxing, his own training courses to overcome - ig: @dizchang0910
Muay Thai, Taekwondo and Mixed overweight issues and ensures that his
Martial Arts (MMA). performance is always top notch. On a more effort into learning martial arts’.
usual basis, Diz doesn’t take too much In addition, this hobby also made him
Often, Diz has at least 2 hours of fried or fast food, drinks a lot of water and stronger and more motivated. Other than
training a day. Sometimes, his training says no to sugary stuff. that, it taught him how to live his life and
session goes up to 3 hours or more. But if how to have compassion.
he is so happen to be busy on a particular In his five years of experience, he has
day, he will carry out a 30 minute quality participated in various competitions,
training. This is because he thinks that for of course, winning several awards. For
most of the time, it’s about quality not example, he gained the title of Overall
quantity. Ordinarily training sessions are Champion for a category he participated
always a hard time for the trainees. This in, and 4 gold medals in the Seven Star
is due to the fact that they have to stay Praying Mantis Competition 2019 in
determined, keep pushing themselves, so Penang. He also won 2 MMA fights that
that they can learn to adapt to the training he joined in the same year. The spirit
courses. At any time when he encounters of not giving up and hard work is what
a problem during the learning process, he supported him throughout his trainings,
seeks advice from his coaches. He also resulting in all these achievements.
keeps up his practicing despite his busy
schedule because to him, being busy isn’t Everyone has a story. For Diz, it
an excuse.
was bullying. His inspiration to begin
For any sportsman, diet is a very this hobby came from a moment of
important element. A well-balanced diet vulnerability. Diz experienced bullying
makes sure their body and mind stays since his primary school days. These
bad experiences prompted him to invest

FOMO Magazine 15


According to Diz, crime is a very merely an avenue to self-preservation. In
popular phenomenon that can happen fact, some traditional martial art trainings
anywhere, anytime and to anyone. So focus on aspects like moral values, self-
you would never know when a skill like intellect and spiritual teaching. It is a
martial arts may come in handy. It is sport that teaches youths to become better
without a doubt not everyone who trains people without encouraging violence.
for martial arts can protect themselves,
but at least they can learn a thing or two According to Diz, a few tips to those
about defending themselves. that want to indulge in the hobby is before
entering a training session, trainees have
He believes that learning martial arts as to prepare well physically and mentally.
a hobby is very useful compared to other Besides that, exercising regularly is also
conventional sports, even though applying needed as that is the way to build up
it into one’s daily life can be challenging. your body foundation so that you won’t
Throughout training sessions, trainees are hurt yourself as often. Next, researching
also able to meet with different people online to know more about what martial
from different backgrounds. Sharing arts is, what types of martial arts you are
experiences among themselves as a means interested in, and the philosophy behind
to help expand their knowledge and learn every martial art is quite vital. Finally,
to become more confident. keep a positive mind set while attending
training as you could hurt yourself if you
The process of learning martial arts so are distracted. Be sure to always keep in
far has benefitted Diz a lot in his daily life. mind that the skills you learn are meant to
For example, Diz gets to learn to manage protect and not hurt.
his time wisely balancing his study time
and training time. As a university student, As mentioned by Diz, when it comes
he knows the importance to keep his to attires, it is basically just normal sport
schedule balanced between university attire. Although most MMA trainees only
life and his hobby. One of his many ways wear pants without a shirt whilst training.
doing this is recording down times he For kung Fu and Taekwondo on the
should go for training and times he has to other hand, they are required to wear a
attend class in his personal planner. This traditional Kung Fu costume and a Dobok
has proven effective for planning around respectively. The trick is simply to wear
deadlines and training days. something light and comfortable which
will enable trainees to perform smoothly.
However, there is always a risk that Different types of martial arts have
exists with anything. For martial arts, different types of attires and every attire
the risk is getting injured. Diz has said to has meaning behind it, closely related to
have hurt his leg more than 5 times this their philosophy.
year. He knows that the possibility for
him to injure himself is high and he bears Modern martial arts such as taekwondo,
the risks willingly without complaints, boxing, MMA and others are slowly
continuing focus on his daily training. becoming more successful in Malaysia.
Pain cannot bring him down when he has Many people are beginning to show
a strong determination and a steady mind interest in these new rising hobbies and
constantly pulling him up toward the are willing to take the time to understand
successes he continues to achieve. and learn them. But unfortunately, for
traditional martial arts, such as Kung Fu
Besides studying and training, he also there is a gradual decline in participation.
works as a part time kickboxing trainer in This is because most people think that the
Octagon Asia MMA Penang. In order to training methods are quite boring and less
prevent what happened to him, to happen efficient for combat. In this situation, a
to other students, he works in order to necessity arises for traditional martial arts
teach them how to defend themselves. The to go through certain transformations in
stereotype is that those who like martial order to continue staying relevant.
arts like to fight, but in actuality it is

16 FOMO Magazine

FOMO Magazine 17


Lashonde Lavelle Christian


With a camera dangling around her neck almost every
day, Syariifah’s favourite part-of-life to shoot is the
sunrises and sunsets she experiences wherever she goes

1189 FFOOMMOO MMaaggaazziinnee


FOMO Magazine 19


20 FOMO Magazine

profile the best way possible: choosing what to the internet and magazines she would
photograph. The concept in itself is ever- purchase month after month, the hobby
- NOR SYARIIFAH MOHD BASHEER changing and she believes that, that very developed into a deep passion. Eventually,
- 23 years old aspect represents her as a person cruising she understood that she would find so
- Kuala Lumpur through the various phases of her life. much happiness if it became something
- STUDENT Having a chance to show the world, the she could do for the rest of her life. With
- DEGREE IN COMMUNICATION world in a uniquely fascinating way, that being said, she opened herself up to
many fail to notice in today’s fast paced making photography into a career option.
- ig: @SYARIIFAHKHAN globalisation, is what she attempts when
she takes photographs. Being one of the more expensive
“With a photo, I can capture a hobbies, Syariifah has spent a total of
moment and have it forever”, is “My biggest motive when I take about RM20 000 so far pursuing her
what student photographer Syariifah pictures is to make my audience feel hobby, which is also one of the biggest
Khan mentioned when asked about something”, she said. Knowing how much limitation going in the direction of
her ever-growing passion in the vastly photographs play with emotions is one of photography; financial ability. Currently
populated hobby of photography. From the biggest reasons why she continues to she has Fujifilm XT-1 (mirror less
the moment she ventured into it she noted be intrigued by the hobby, because what camera), DJI Spark (drone), Osmo Pocket
her experience of how light, shapes, could be better than touching a person’s (gimbal action camera), a tripod, and
colours, textures, people, buildings, trees, mind and heart? various lenses (18mm, 50mm, etc.). Her
and flowers suddenly began shifting. hope however is to own a Sony Alpha
Through the viewfinder, she found herself With a camera dangling around her 7R IV (mirror less camera). Sony is the
taking into count the smallest details she neck almost every day, Syariifah’s leading edge of technology right now
ordinarily didn’t. favourite part-of-life to shoot is the when it comes to camera bodies and
sunrises and sunsets she experiences she believes owning that would take her
Just like many photographers out there, wherever she goes. As the sun comes to one step further to being a world class
she uses her talent to express herself in life and dies, the dazzling effect of colour professional photographer.
streaks it leaves across the roof of the
world, is what captivates her the most. “My favourite photographer is Steve
Besides that, she also takes a liking into McCurry”, said Syariifah. His photograph
shooting people, sceneries and animals, of ‘The Afghan Girl’ got published in
but in the best way she knows how: National Geographic Magazine which
using light and darkness. When the both after 17 years bagged him a Pulitzer.
overlap, she captures the silhouettes of According to Syariifah, one of her biggest
each as each require different sets of skill, dreams is to someday follow in the
concentration and patience to getting it footsteps of her idol and be featured in the
just right. Often when photographing, her very same infamous magazine herself.
camera settings are set to a lower ISO, a
smaller aperture and minimal exposure For those that want to pursue the hobby,
producing a darker pictures. she noted that the three most important
aspects is interest, a camera of course and
Her journey with photography began at time. Having a general interest is quite
a very young age. It started off as a hobby, crucial when indulging in a hobby, any
a little girl taking pictures for the fun of it. hobby, she noted. Besides that, it is also a
However, as she grew, it began to dawn must to spend time learning, growing and
on her how much fun she actually had experiencing in said hobby, photography
taking pictures for fun. Slowly, picking included.
up knowledge on photography from

FOMO Magazine 21

TECH way you save money and you still get camera and it outmatched all the digital
quality photographs. cameras that existed out there. So to
When asked on some advice she me, it’s has always been hardly the
could put out there for youths intending “I myself have a second hand camera device used to photograph, but more
to explore their creative side and take and it takes some of the most amazing so the skills, emotions and thoughts of
up photography, here is what she said. pictures. As great as it is to have the the photographer which gets translated
One, have fun, because when you’re best cameras, one of the world’s most onto frames, that eventually makes all
having fun, then the price of your gear renowned photographer (McCurry)
would hardly matter. And two, buy took ‘The Afghan Girl’ on a film the difference”.
used/second hand gear, because this

22 FOMO Magazine

How to Get Syariifah’s Photographs:
1. Lowest possible ISO (depending on clouds in the sky if you’re taking a sunrise/sunset)
2. Small aperture with an f-stop value of f/16 or higher (for a large depth of field)
3. Shutter speed of 1/30 of a second (if your camera has image stabilization)
4. Don’t increase the ISO setting beyond 400, or 800 (if your camera has a full-frame sensor, especially if the scene has lots of

shadow areas)
5. Low exposure

FOMO Magazine 23


Drone racing, taking
off hobby into a

Syaza Fuhat

FOMO Magazine 25


By 2017, The Federal Aviation Administration predicts that
the market for drones will surpass an estimated about $10
billion in the sector and there is no doubt that the industry
is booming. In Malaysia, flying drones as a hobby is becoming
increasingly popular for the past two to three years, realizing
its purpose is not only for military but also for everything else
under the sky, from wildlife to sports and aerial photography.
Also known as aerial vehicles (UAVS), it has requires no human
pilot on board, but instead they are either controlled by a person
on the ground or autonomously via a computer program.

For hobbyist, they would usually use a small sized drone
meant recreational purposes to enjoy the thrill of flying an
aircraft. Most of the UAV models are equipped with a camera to
take photos and video while some are equipped with a headset.
As personal drones become sophisticated and reliable, practical
applications seem to emerge, making drone pilots are no longer
just hobbyists with deep pockets.

Hobby turned into a career
23-year-old Haykal Radzi, did not take long to realize that

there is much more to flying drones than just a hobby. He then
chose to venture into a career as a drone pilot who remotely
operate aircraft use for surveying and aerial photography in
Geospatial Aerodyne, an international drone based managed
solutions provider.

The thrill of flying drones through unique tracks from a bird’s
eye perspective has given him interest to pursue what started
from a school project into a hobby and a career. “It all started
when I needed to do a final year project during my diploma
years. That was when I discovered my passion towards drones
and soon got myself into drone racing and make a career out of
it,” explained Hayqal.

FPV drone racing, a start of something new
According to Hayqal, FPV drone racing is basically a sport

where the drone pilot strives to build extremely fast and agile
multi-rotors and almost all drone races today are done using
First Person View Systems (FPV). “FPV let the pilots see what

26 FOMO Magazine

the drone’s cameras see in real-time as if skills come in”, add Hayqal. with the latest tech. But then again, drone
they were sitting in the cockpit. To me,
it is the closest thing to being a bird”, he Building own drones and cost parts get cheapen by day,” he says.
explains. “It is as the same as VR headsets, His love for drones did not limit
but FPV headsets provides low latency Challenges
which means less delay compared to VR himself to just flying drones, but building Across time we have heard various
headsets. That is especially useful when his very own drones too! Currently, he
you aim for flying fast or get through owns a small drone and 3 racing drones problems and challenges associated with
obstacles,” add Hayqal. that he built himself. For Hayqal, building drones. As for Hayqal, the challenges
his own drones gives him a much more does not stop his passion from flying as
In Malaysia, FPV drone racing is enjoyable experience and satisfaction. it fuels him to progress. “There are few
currently categorized as an extreme “Nothing is as rewarding as spending my mechanical failures that I have faced
sport and it is already starting to take off. nights preparing, tinkering and flying my throughout my working experience as
“Some people might say that the hype own very first racing drones. When you a pilot drone. I have crashed 4 different
surrounding drones has died down, but I build everything from scratch, you could types of DJI drones and the number are
do believe that people who venture into invest in a higher quality components, immeasurable for racing drones, but
drones right now are truly the pioneers of and it gives a better value for money,” above all, the weather has always been
a new sport as flying drone competitively says Haykal. the biggest challenges for drone owners
at high speed in FPV gives you a truly as you cannot really fly if it is raining,”
intense, immersive feelings as other The initial investments needed to get he says.
high speed competitive racing sport”, he into this hobby is fairly expensive. For
says. “Racing drones require aggressive Hayqal, speed is not the main qualities Other than that challenge, drones
maneuverability, leading them to function that he would look for when he purchases owners are required to follow the
in an unassisted mode known as rate a drone. “Durability and battery life is regulations by the government,’ he
mode, which makes them incredibly fast what I would focus on. Just for this hobby says. “Each country has their own laws
and difficult to control. This is where the alone, I would allocate at least 300 Ringgit regarding drones. In Malaysia, we cannot
a month just because I need to catch up simply fly our drones in Kuala Lumpur or
any government offices. On top of that,
drone pilots must maintain a direct visual
line of sight with their drones during
operations. We are also prohibited from
flying drones on top of big crowds in
events,” explains Hayqal.


- Ahmad haykal mohd radzi
- 23 years old
- bandar baru bangi
- drone pilot at aerodyne spatial
- diploma in industrial design
- ig: @paph10kalo

FOMO Magazine 27


inside the

Back in those days, if you were to ask the uninformed, they
disbelief upon hearing ‘gaming’ or ‘streaming’, associating it
have impression of gamers being a loner, spending nights
productive without any physical labor invested.

28 FOMO Magazine

life of a gamer GAMING

would likely roll their eyes and shake their head in utter TEXT
with the anti-social stigma that comes with it. They might Syaza Fuhat
playing games with zero social life as well as being less


- Nurman hakim ramlan
- 23 years old
- kajang, selangor
- sysTem engineer
- diploma in network security
- ig & FB: Nurman96

FOMO Magazine 29


However, after seeing the popularity of gaming among dustry. “At first, it is more of a hobby or a free time activity that
the millennials globally, e-sports have taken over the I did to kill time. I never have any intention to make money, let
world by storm. In Malaysia, 2019 could be the year alone a career out of it. Besides, I was pursuing a different hobby
for gaming to go from novelty to mainstream success after the back then,” says Nurman.
federal government has officially recognized gaming as an offi-
cial sport and even allocates RM20 million to develop the local “I was an athlete and used to race road bike after schooling
e-Sports industry in 2020. days. I could go out and do a 120km bike ride every day to make
Nurman Hakim, also known as oLo_Nurman96 in the virtual sure that I am fit enough for competitions, but at some point af-
world found his love for gaming when he was young. Before ter four years, I decided to bid goodbye to the hobby as I find it
working alongside with a professional team called The Face hard to allocate my time into studying, projects and training,” He
Gaming, Nurman started off his journey into the gaming world says. For Him, e-Sports and any casual sports are pretty much
by playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare on his PlayStation 3 similar as it requires the same mentality of an athlete to play.
(PS3). Little did he imagine that one day Malaysian gaming in- “You cannot simply be good at something without hard work
dustry would emerge as the key player in the digital gaming in-
and training. Those two are crucial,” stress Nurman.

Streaming Whether going professionals by participating in e-Sports or
filming while playing games, it has opened up new opportunities
Gaming is a billion dollar industry and up till last year, it for people to generate a lucrative income. This is no exception
made more than RM423 billion worldwide. However, live video for Nurman as he manages to make some interesting means of
game streaming also constitutes a growing slice in the industry. side income. “Besides my main job, I funded my hobby through
According to Nurman, streaming is where the players will go streaming and sponsors while a part of it are from the crash
live on an online platform such as twitch or Facebook to share prizes I won from participating in various tournaments,” he
their gameplay as well as interacting with the viewers. “I have explains. “Sometimes, random people would join my live stream
been streaming for almost a year now and it is super fun as I get and donated a ridiculous amount of money. That is insane, but
to interact with my viewers while playing. Some of them would
support me by giving a donation,” he explains. “The dominant that is what keeps me going,” add Nurman.
platforms for video streaming are Twitch but most of gamers
would agree that they are earning more money on Facebook’s
streaming platform than on Twitch and Youtube,”add Nurman.

Scan our QR Code now to watch Nurman’s video!

log on to www. fomomagazine360.wixsite/fomo

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Skill & Cost currently playing competitive PUBG. On gaming and basically super-fast internet
top of that, I also play COD and Apex and a really good hardware contributes to
Becoming a pro gamer is not as easy Legends when I’m not training with my the requirements needed.” says Nurman.
as it looks. The life as a gamer requires team” says Nurman. “My hardware also changes from time to
discipline and perseverance as the time due to upgrades and currently my
industry is getting competitive day by day. He also agrees that establishing a PC cost me around RM8k+ including
According to Nurman, to become a good budget is really important for those that other hardware such as peripherals like
gamer, one needs to have a good hand to want to venture into the hobby. “It is a monitor, keyboard, mouse, headset,
eye coordination, hearing, awareness and crucial for you to discover what kind of webcam and microphone that cost
communication skills which can be honed games you want to play since there are me around RM12k. The Cost for the
through rigorous training. “There are a lot a lot of games out there. From there, tournaments are mostly handled by the
of genres in games such as Multiplayer depending on whether it is online gaming, organization or team I’m playing for so
online battle arena (MOBA), First Person or just offline (campaign mode), you can I don’t need to spend on it,” add Nurman.
Shooter game (FPS), Role Playing Game choose your platform. It could be on
(RPG), Massively Multiplayer Online Playstation4 (PS4), Xbox, PC or Mobile
Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) and Phones. In my case, I mainly play online
many more. I play mostly FPS games and

Challenges finally decided to move out of my family although Malaysia has a pool of great
Working as a system engineer does not house and live in the city instead. This e-Sports players. But things are starting
was a hard decision, but I am glad that my to change this year,” says Nurman. “In
stop Nurman into pursuing his hobbies. family are fully accepting of the choice I making the industry to be successful, it
“It was super challenging at first, but made,” explains Nurman. takes everyone to contribute especially on
after a few months I finally manage to the management side. By improving that,
balance my work and hobby by making a E-Sports in Malaysia I believe e-Sports scene in Malaysia can
schedule. I would normally play up to 4-6 Nurman believes that there are a few grow on par with other countries,” says
hours, but due to my limited time I would Nurman.
try my best to allocate around 3 to 4 hours reasons why e-Sports in Malaysia hasn’t
during night time”, he says. Besides time experienced the same popularity as in
constraints, one of the challenges that South Korea, United States and China.
he is facing are his decision to move out “e-Sport in Malaysia is just as it is in the
of his family’s place. “Early this year I beginning. Other countries have gone very
was still living with my family and we far and Malaysia has just started. One of
moved to the countryside where there is the reasons is because the industry before
no internet connection at all. After few this are not getting too much attention,
months of going hiatus from this hobby, I

FOMO Magazine 31

32 FOMO Magazine

FOMO Magazine 33


mua, explorING

Yee Kar Mun

34 FOMO Magazine


FOMO Magazine 35


Going under the name myneechan earlier, the face paint and base were oilier attempting it on a client. But that would
on instagram, Maisarah Mazian and heavier when compared to normal of course depend on the difficulty and the
started to explore the niche of foundation formula. For face painting she complexity of the look required of her. “I
special effects make up. Growing up truly painted the face as a canvas, painting tend to do it freestyle or spontaneously by
in an artistic household, she is familiar the lips in contrasting colours with paint, referring to a photo reference,” she said.
with handling brushes. She had started to instead of the usual lipstick. Maisarah also On average, she shared that she would
explore and hone her craft at the age of flaunted her talents on ordinary makeup take an hour or two to create her desired
19. However, she could only afford to buy look. It resulted in an elegant look fit for a image. The hardest character she has
her own makeup after STPM. That was night out. While demonstrating her skills, painted so far was transforming herself
when she started working as a cashier at she shared that ordinary makeup looks are into a Pontianak, a female vampire ghost
petrol pump station. actually harder to draw and master than in Indonesian and Malay mythology. Not
compared to special effect looks and face only did she have to paint herself into a
She then started to experiment with painting. gory ghost, she went the extra mile and
different products and techniques on her create some “scars” on her left hand. That
own during her spare time. She would Practicing a look one took her three hours to complete.
then share her creations online, through Another notable challenge for her was
Instagram. Her endeavours really took Maisarah revealed that sometimes to age a 23 year old lady into an elderly
off when her friend, who is a freelance she would practice, a look before
makeup artist herself, advised her to fully
utilise her talents to gain income. So that
was when she started to accept freelance
makeup service jobs locally for her
friends’ graduation ceremonies or events
to practice and gain experience. Initially
her father might make some comments
on how expensive cosmetics are, but her
efforts have managed to open their eyes
with the business opportunities she had
created. After getting into USM, Maisarah
started to gain more recognition and gain
exposure by dealing with customers from
different backgrounds.

Face painting and wearable

“There is a big difference between
face painting and ordinary or wearable
makeup”, Maisarah explained to FOMO
team. The difference between the two
makeup styles was mainly the products
used. “For face painting, I use oil based
paint and other DIY mixture like fake
blood and clay,” she added. According
to Maisarah, the intensity of the colours
is different too. The colours for face
painting are vibrant and striking, whereas
ordinary makeup palates are mainly based
off neutral and earth tones colour like red,
burgundy, brown and pink. She also added
that face painting would usually utilise
ones face merely as a canvas. Which is
a different concept for ordinary makeup,
which purpose is to enhance and beautify
ones facial features.

As a demonstration of her skills,
she worked her magic two members
of Team FOMO. For the first one she
expressed her creativity with colours
and contour, inspired by the comic book
version of Harley Quinn in the 60s. The
brush strokes on the face was smooth
and gentle. As Maisarah had explained

3366 FFOOMMOOMMaaggaazziinnee

grandmother, a look was created to shoot profile
a short film. The challenge was in creating
the fine lines and “wrinkles” naturally to - MAISARAH MAZIAN
show traces of time passed on her face. - 22 years old
Maisarah shared that she gets most - WORKING AT sFX MAKEUP ARTIST
of her inspiration for her looks on the - diploma in network security
internet. Before social media became
mainstream, she used to watch Mykie’s - ig: MYNEECHAN
youtube channel, Glam&Gore, for ideas.
Another channel where she got her
inspiration from was Promise Phan’s
channel Dope2111, which is also on

Makeups products as investment

While she may use face paint for her
creations, she does possess high end
makeup products. Her most expensive and
treasured item in her makeup bag, is an eye
shadow pallete by Anatasia Beverly Hills,
which costs around RM 200, which is not
available for sale in Malaysia at the time
of writing. However, she views the high
price point as an investment because the
shelf life of products like the eye shadows
and highlighters are longer compared to
products like lipsticks and foundation.
“Plus, high end pallete colours is rich and
pigmented!” She exclaimed. However,
most of her makeup products are still
buying from drugstores as some of them
are almost as good as high end products
despite their low price point.

Her collection consists of different
brands depending on the hype and review
on the products. However, her makeup bag
is full of products from Maybelline and
Catrice. “I like their formula and colours,
plus they are pretty much affordable,”
she explained. Maisarah mainly purchase
her makeup products based her own skin
types. “I have a very oily skin, thus my
products, mostly have matte finish.” Even
so, she explained that most looks can
be altered accordingly for her clients by
using a setting powder and spray.

Even though there are many who would
hoard and use their makeup products for
years, but Maisarah is not one of them.
“I follow the shelf life as suggested on
the packaging”, she explained that there
is usually a small jar looking symbol
with digits on it to indicate how many
months you are advised to use the product
before they start to expire. “I usually buy
products that I find works the best in bulk
during sale”. For hygiene, she would
usually wash her makeup brushes once a

FFOOMMOO MMaaggaazziinnee 37


Stereotypes towards face painter there is less discrimination towards male features like their eyebrows and nose,
who wears makeup, as compare to Asian usually they would put makeup on for a
Face painting and makeup used to be countries. photo shoot”. Although men may not into
a gender centric hobby, with females full face makeup looks at the moment, but
dominating the scene. Maisarah shared However the stereotype is slowly Maisarah sees progress in guys accepting
her observation that she sees a surge in dying down as more men are open to makeup as a medium to enhance a
male makeup artists lately. She shared using makeup. In fact, Maisarah do have person’s beauty and to cover up flaws.
that on its basis, face painting is more of some male clients of her own who want
an artistic portrayal of a character or look to look good on special occasions. “My
and not to emphasize ones masculinity male customers wants to enhance their
or femininity. “In the western country,

Generating income through hobby YouTube channel for tutorials and review, not equal to currency. “Makeup artist is
Currently, she is satisfied with making but alas - I have issues with commitment still a valid career that should be paid
and consistency”, she added with a laugh. accordingly,” concluded Maisarah.
a business opportunity out of her hobby. She is still pursuing her studies, she lacks
“I charge around RM 80 onwards depends the time to do her service and study at Her advice to interested newcomers
on the event, look and request, in addition the same. She only has one small issue would be to just experiment.
to her transport fees. She could get up to regarding her clients. Every now and then,
RM 400 during the convocation week with every freelancer would meet someone “Just like art, you need to practice a
her services. “I couldn’t really publicised who would try to decrease their rate or lot and go through trials and errors,” she
my makeup service too much because I price of their services. “It is disheartening advised. If they are planning to make it as
am still studying and my schedules may sometimes because it took skills and a career, it would good to build a portfolio
differ from my client,” she added. concentration for me to do a look, plus my first by doing different looks on different
effort to travel and use the best products,” skin types and colours.
She does plan to pursue this service she added as clout or exposure does
either independently or professionally
under an agency since it pays well and
she really enjoys it. “I also want to start a

38 FOMO Magazine


FOMO Magazine 39

40 FOMO Magazine
When I completed a trek
to Everest Base Camp, I
came home with a drive
to venture into something different in
terms of fitness. Going off the beaten
track has never failed to push me to
my limits and constantly teaches me
so much about the world that I never
knew. Moreover, I’ve also always
enjoyed dance and so I put those two
together plus a Google search and
thankfully I came across an 8 week
pole dancing program for beginners!
What are the odds!

My classes are usually once a
week, for one and a half hours. The
first half hour comprises of warm
up, stretching and abs conditioning,
which used to leave my core and
upper body in dire need of some
yoko-yoko the next day. However,
that has gradually changed over
two years of pole dancing. Each
lesson has constantly improved my
strength and balance, posture and
coordination. I’ve gained so much
body confidence since Day 1.

This journey though, has not been
all unicorns and gummy bears. While
motivation gets one fuelled up about
getting into shape, fitness is all about
discipline and consistency. I regularly
exercise in the mornings, at least 4
times a week to build my upper body
strength and maintain my flexibility.
It definitely demands self discipline
and determination but it reaps some
fantastic emotional rewards too. I’ve
learned to identify my abilities, how
can I leverage them and truthfully, I
have never been so in love with my
scars and curves. In fact, every day
I thank God I do NOT have a thigh

In the past, I have performed
for a Christmas pole party in 2017
and it was hands down, the most
nerve wrecking and exhilarating
performance I have done. I had all
sorts of thoughts running through
my mind from “What if my thighs
fail me and I slip from the pole, head
down?”, “What if I forget any steps?”
and the list goes on. As there is a first
time for everything, my first pole
dance performance went amazingly
well and I was very proud of myself.
My upcoming performance will be in

December and this time, I’m more excited Pole dancing is a transformative Pole dancing has been a game changer
than nervous. workout, a form of expression and in my life. I’m no longer afraid to get
encourages self-exploration (a concept messy and love the mess! I understand my
Some of the stereotypes I have faced, that is very easy to dismiss in the age body better and I’m constantly amazed at
tell someone you can’t join them for we live in), all while getting a fantastic the accomplishments it reveals to me. My
Sunday Brunch because you have pole core workout. I believe that today, we hope is that this hobby and that those who
dancing class and you may have eyebrows all glorify the idea of being busy that we participate or intend to start will continue
raised and a tonne of questions to answer forget to just “Be still”. Two years ago, to create a movement that lights up the
to; “What do you wear?, Do you perform I would say I was thankful I found out world with being beautiful, sexy, strong,
in clubs?, Do your parents know?,”etc. about pole dancing but today, I’m certain courageous, enough to just trust oneself
Like many exotic forms of dance, pole pole dancing found me instead. and let go.
dancing has always been associated with
strip clubs and leering men. However, this Gaining strength and mastering tricks profile
dance is slowly picking up a reputation in is a gradual process that requires A LOT
Malaysia as a sport and I’m thrilled to of patience and I’ve learned to trust my - cassandra nisha wenceslas
be a part of a movement that is bringing body and let go. To embrace my flaws - 27 years old
pole dancing out of the shadows and into and insecurities and really, just be kinder - kuala lumpur
fitness studios. to myself. There are days when I’m full - banking
of energy and there are days when my - degree in finance
Diet wise, there isn’t a strict one that friends and I burn more calories laughing - ig & FB: cassandra wenceslas
I stick by but it is advisable to consume at ourselves instead.
more protein and vegetables as it helps
with strengthening your muscles. Last Pole dancing has pushed me out of my
year, my pole instructor started an 8 comfort zone so much so that I have never
week abs challenge. Years ago, I started been more comfortable ever since. The
doing push ups and thought it was the relationship that I have formed with my
most torturous thing. Flash forward instructor and classmates is one I would
January 2018, and I insist it’s still the never trade for the world. In fact, one of
most torturous thing! The 8 weeks was all my favourite lines to hear during class
about discipline and commitment versus is “Do you need me to support you?”. It
temptation and ignorance, which was is something we ask when someone is
definitely challenging, mentally. trying out a new trick taught but I believe
is also vital to practice in our personal and
My advice to those wanting to venture professional lives as well.
into pole dancing is following the rules.
The two fundamental requirements is to I believe this hobby is absolutely
come with an open mind and a whole lot appropriate for children and youths to join
of enthusiasm. One of the things that I in. Most dance studios have poles, hoops
love so much about pole dancing is that and silk so students have the choice of
everyone, and I mean EVERYONE of which sport they would like to join, thus
all shapes, sizes and ages are welcomed as you can see, the facilities are already
with open (and strong) arms. So there’s there. What that needs to exists now is
nothing to worry about being judged. our community not sexualising exotic
dancing, but instead motivating teenagers
For fitness pole dancing, we are to exercise, get involved in sports and
barefoot with the usual sports attire. explore the avenue of pole dancing as
Briefs are encouraged as you advance in a way to build strength, stay active and
this sport because more skin means more more importantly, build confidence.
grip, especially if you’re hanging head
down. As for the choice of music really Some tips for those who would like to
depends on the style of pole dance, if join this hobby, know that there is no need
it is exotic or fitness. It can range from to start strong. Rome wasn’t built in a day,
romantic to women empowerment to the same applies to strength. You’ll learn
retro. My personal favourite is slow and the basics and gradually grow stronger.
intense. Secondly, do not compare yourself to
others. Everyone comes to pole with
Pole dancing started out as a Sunday different experiences but our diversity
Funday activity for me, but now it has enables us to help each other and succeed.
grown to be a part of my life and my Your pole journey is yours alone and it is
three main motives are passion for dance unique. We all remember being beginners,
and fitness, the courage to step out of so do not be intimidated as we’re all here
my comfort zone and the bond between to support each other.
women supporting women.

FOMO Magazine 41


412 FFOOMMOO MMaaggaazziinnee


Cosplay, building
through self

As a child, many of us would in the same way or another play dress up and adorn
the costumes of our favorite characters. It was an experience to dress up like a
princess or a pirate, be it for plays or special celebrations. For some, this passion
carried on. Regardless of age, some would dress up as their favorite characters
from various TV shows, books or media.

Yee Kar Mun

FOMO Magazine 43


The phrase “Cosplay” was derived it when it starts going. To bring a character in 2018 whereas PAM also saw
from the word Costume Play. The approximately 42,000 attendees the same
hobby originally started up in Ja- to life, she would meticulously put on year.
pan to describe the act of dressing up to
look like characters from anime, manga, makeup to try and recreate a flawless Even with the increasing awareness
video game, Japanese rock or even from of this hobby, Agnes also shared that
Jpop. The people who partake in cosplay cartoon like look. This process would not many people are accepting or open
are known as cosplayers. to this hobby. There are some who will
take her one to two hours, depending on treat them like ‘weirdos’ because of they
Although the hobby originated in Japan, are dressing up differently or elaborately.
it soon gained popularity throughout the the character she is going for that day. “There are also many individuals who
1990s, following the J-pop wave that was like to criticize other peoples’ costumes,
the bomb back then. It eventually began Surprisingly, putting on the costume but then again, there will be haters
to gain traction overseas, garnering fans everywhere”, she added.
and enthusiasts from all over the globe. itself takes a far shorter amount of time
Naturally the scope of what would be “Some would say that cosplaying is
considered as Cosplay have also been to do. Lok Lok shared that it only takes a waste of time and money”. Lok also
broadened since then too. Here in shared about shared that there are certain
Malaysia, we have a steadily growing about 10 minutes to don a costume on stereotypes that come together with
and modest population of enthusiastic this hobby. “There are also many who
hobbyists In the Cosplay scene. Usually average, only if the costume itself is not would think that females who Cosplay
most of them are scattered on a normal characters in sexy or revealing outfits are
day. But just wait till convention or too complicated to wear. bad manners and inappropriate ladies”.
Festival roll by. You’ll almost guaranteed
be greeted by the sight of cosplayers at Aside from the makeup and costume, At the same time, are also some
the scene. instances where people would think that
cosplaying sometimes require additional cosplaying equals to consent. “I am often
The hobbyists all hail from different stalked by a creepy guy that I have met
backgrounds, demography and equipments such as props to complete only once before,” Lok added. “He even
professions. Every one of them are in it stalked my friend while we are strolling
for different reasons. Here we have Lok the whole look. Agnes revealed that she at an event. After that, he tries to chat
Xin Yee, or more well known as Agnes with me with weird conversation topics”.
Lok or Lok Lok in the community.She sometimes she would make her own
has been interested in trying the hobby
for some time, but lacked the courage props via D.I.Y. or just buy them from
to do at the time. It all started when she
wanted to attract more people to her online shops if she cannot make it herself.
booth’s activities back in 2017. After the
activities ended, she realized her love for When she is done with her costumes
the hobby and her passion for her favorite
character. And so, she continued to pursue after photo shoots and conventions, she
Cosplaying as her side hobby.
chooses the ones that she likes and keeps
It is known fact that Cosplaying can get
very costly. So she tries to thrift whenever them as collections. As for the ones
she can by buying second hand-costumes
instead of custom making new ones. that she does not favor as much, Agnes

As of the date writing, Lok Lok only would just sell them off as second-hand
cosplays in when there are ACG (Anime,
Cosplay, Gaming) Events that are in Pulau costumes at a lower price. As of the time
Pinang, where she currently resides or her
hometown. “Since the events, mostly fall writing, she shared that the most that she
on the weekends, it doesn’t affect my time
studying”, she added cheerily. have paid for a costume is RM330.

When asked about her experience in Her must-haves while cosplaying at a
competitions, she replied that she involved
herself in a Cosplay photo competition convention are:
held in her hometown. “Unfortunately, I
didn’t win that competition”, she replied. 1. Costume

In Cosplay, she would focus a lot on (of course)
the makeup, clothing and props. At first
glance, the hobby merely requires one to 2. Wig
dress up in costumes, but there is more to
3. Props

4. Make up

5. Manners

(very important)

The farthest

that she would go

to a convention

would be in

Kuala Lumpur

or Singapore

at the moment.

Currently, the

largest convention

that she has been

to is Comic Fiesta

(CF) in Kuala

Lumpur and

Penang Anime

Matsuri (PAM) in

Penang, both of

which are annual

events. To give

a scale on how

big the events

are, CF attracted


60,000 visitors

44 FOMO Magazine


- lok xin yee
- 23 years old
- kedah
- degree in new media

- FB: LokLok.rojak

She shared that just because someone is permits, leading to the arrests. “This gives Penang to Kuala Lumpur to Thailand and
dressing differently doesn’t mean that cosplaying and its community a bad name even Hong Kong and Taiwan. She and
they are open to consent, and they are as a whole,” she added. her page manager cum Cosplay partner
definitely not open to sexual harassment was shocked at the amount of attention
from strangers. In fact, she had unknowingly built the comic got from fans. Her partner,
a community of Cosplay lovers and Hui Cheng, or also known as Jenn in the
When asked if the field is currently enthusiasts on her Facebook page. “It was community encouraged Lok to submit
dying, she agreed that certain issues initially a place to express my feelings and publish her experience and comics
would affect the field’s reputation within and share my experiences with others,” online. The inspiration came from seeing
and outside the circle. “Issues such as she said. Every day the page is bumped a junior actively post contents and comics
the arrestment of four foreign cosplayer with updates from her daily life and her about their daily life on Facebook. Hence,
during a convention in Malaysia,” experiences while cosplaying. Her most the page started to grow and garner fans.
she added. The organizers of the said discussed post was one that almost every
convention obtained tourist visas for cosplayer could relate to. The post had “The page has also helped us to share
the foreign guests instead of working garnered fans from near and far, from information with newcomers to the
hobby. We often have enquiries asking
us how to start cosplaying and tips to
Cosplay”. Most of the frequently asked
questions are usually relied on her page in
comic form. Although each comic takes
up different amounts of time to create
depending on the complexity, she usually
uses approximately half an hour to draw
and publish a comic which she draws
using the phone.

Every now and then Lok and her
partner would organize giveaways on
the page to give back to her followers.
“It is fun to give out positive vibes to
others too”, Lok added that she had
organized a trick or treat giveaway during
Halloween to commemorate the occasion.
Her outfit for that particular event was a
Halloween themed Miku Hastune, a voice
synthesizing program, which is also her
favorite character to Cosplay. Before
events, she would usually publish a sneak
peek of her costume for the day so that
her followers can figure out her costume
find her. The practice is not new in the
Cosplay community, but it is a fun way
for people to connect with each other in
this unconventional game of hide and

While FOMO asked about the average
group today for people who join the hobby,
Lok replied, that age is actually irrelevant
to Cosplay. “The current average is maybe
14 to 27 years old, maybe?” She added.

She to youths who are interested in the
hobby, she recommends saving money
before starting. With costumes, wigs and
makeup products, the costs can rack up
really fast.

FOMO Magazine 45

46 FOMO Magazine

FOMO Magazine 47


from ‘kecik’ to

Fiqrie Firoz

Since 2016, Laparpo Production has been team checked out the place and sampled was to introduce Penang street food to
producing digital content on YouTube. the dishes. They did not disappoint. Their both local and international tourist, as
They are now among the known honest specialty and highlight of their menu they would usually go for commercial
food reviewers among Malaysians. The is their Cheesy Char Kuey Teow. It is food as their first choice. “If you happen
production started their journey aiming to inspiring to see the growth of their small to search for restaurants in Google,
introduce traditional Penang gastronomy team of three, strive and manage to open more well-known shops will appear in
to both local and international tourists. In up their own café using the funds that the recommendations, when there are
the beginning, the production was made they from doing food reviews within the actually plenty more stalls and shops that
up of only three people who are willing to short span three years. serve local delicacies at a much cheaper
hop in the bandwagon, namelyAbu Mamu, Today, the growing production is manned range.
Man Belon and a hired cameraman. Abu, by team comprising of 15 including hosts After three years of doing food reviews
an Alumni of School of Art, Universiti and video editor, a team of managers around Penang, Laparpo has stepped up
Sains Malaysia befriended Man Belon and marketing departments as well its game in digital content by exploring
since their schooling days. They then as an accountant. Laparpo’s Business delicacies and cultures from other regions.
launched their own restaurant, Laparpo Development Manager, Mohamad Fazril “Content wise, we have explored around
Café in Georgetown succesfully. FOMO Izzuan says that the original purpose 90% of delicacies in Penang. It is about

48 FOMO Magazine

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