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My colonial Ebook 2019 - a nonfiction text

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Published by Akshay Sripathy, 2019-05-22 09:59:08

Back To Colonial America

My colonial Ebook 2019 - a nonfiction text

Back To
Colonial America

AksWhay Srriipttaetnhyby Akshay

Table of Contents u(WBseLhfUueEnl)fyothoriunyogcuslicryksoioutungamotiosoonsmt uenwdheerrliened
1 Welcome to the 13 Colonies

2 Town
3 Homes

4 Food in the 13 Colonies

5 Colonial Clothing
6 Life of a Colonial Child
7 Slavery in the Colonies

8 America is Forming!
9 Glossary

Welcome to the 13 Colonies

Welcome to the 13 Colonies. Back then America
was not a place, so it was owned by England. The
colonies had to follow England's rules, but they could
not vote! This made the colonists very angry, and
sparked some unhappy feelings throughout the
colonies. A colony is a piece of land owned by another

Life was hard in the colonies.1 of those colonies faorreathloencgotliomneies. Great Britain owned
previously belonged to the D.W.I.C or the Dutch West
India Company. It was the (Farther in the future) the These
“New York colony”. After the D.W.I.C, Great Britain them
owned it. King George was king of England also

The people were happy at the beginning. But not
after. The king was doing many good things for the
colonists. After the seven years war it was never the

loThoikssisoladc!olonial town it


Here is the Cooper shop. Mr John is the cooper. Come
He makes barrels for so many reasons. A barrel is a Look
wooden cylinder that contains things At Colonial
Here is the meeting house it is the biggest house in
my village townspeople (Town members) meet there, the
also hold gatherings there too. The tavern was a place
where people who traveled and were far from home can
rest, eat , and talk to strangers. The school is one room. I
don't like how I have to learn with the older kids.

A lot of the houses are not extremely big.

thaCrinoligcuksntdothouwnnt for

Homes dcyAoiogrluogoruinnnbigadalwch2kho3ya5uatsryddeeo)a(tyryhosoeuluasgtifiteoenrdoin?f a

Good morrow, my name is Richard. I will give you a
tour of my house. In front of my house is the farmland. I live
with my whole family. My grandpa grandma cousins mum
dad and sister. My room has a dresser and a bed in my
room. Time for supper. At supper I eat things such as
squash,corn,and beans. Fare thee well.

Good morrow again, let me show you outside. Tis
time to clean the chimney. In my house I can just go on
my roof since it is shaped as a staircase. Sadly we did not
have to many windows. Take a gander, do you see many
windows. No right. Good day as I must leave again.

My furniture is made out of wood. Like here,take a
gander at my table. Tis wood. So is this chair. And this

Food In The 13 Colonies okLlidotcoahkneadnt!

Food in the 13 colonies was taken or created in
many many ways. If you wanted naturel food you had
three situations 1. Get food from the sea such as fish. 2.
Farm some crops such as corn, beans, and squash. 3.
Lastly, you could hunt meat such as rabbit.

Things that you could drink were milk, and beer.
You might be wondering what about water that’s because
clean water was rare since people thought river water
was unclean. Mostly women and girls cooked and
cleaned. Other things people made were bread and pie
also even cake.

People cooked things in big iron pots. Iron is a
metal that can resist heat unlike wood. Some houses had
separate kitchens and some houses had a seperate room
for the kitchen. One thing people used was a trencher
for a big plate to eat out of.

Colonial Clothing mdcTiolffohdeteehrsreeennsctoaotnrlheoeansvniearly

In the thirteen colonies men wore something thCeosme ehaotns mad hatter put
different than what women wore. Clothing was very on
separated. Men wore shoes ,stockings, linen shirts tricorn
hats or wigs women wore cotton caps a petticoat and
stocking with leather boots. Most boys dressed like their
fathers. Not everyone dressed like this, farmers and poor
people wore very simple things such as breeches. (long
pants) .

Women wore dresses or skirts and stockings with
leather shoes also they wore shifts and stays. The
clothing was very elegant.

Now people have things like shorts and
short sleeve shirts but in colonial times people always
wore things according to what they have to or what they
have been told.

Life of a Colonial Child

In colonial times kids had very different roles as
kids. Kids in school learned reading writing and religion.
They used hornbooks which had letters and numbers so
kids could learn the alphabet and the numbers.

In school if kids behaved badly then they would
receive a whipping. This seemed unfair to a normal child
but to a colonial child they just had to face the music,
which means face the consequences.

Also colonial kids at home did not whine if they
had to get up early to work. Most colonial boys helped
out there fathers and older ones became apprentices of
blacksmiths, woodworks etc.

Also kids, played with toys like whirligigs and other


Slavery in the ColoniesS,lthahoveets!reyswlaavseusnmfauirst be

In the 13 colonies slavery was legal. A slave is a
human who works day and night with no payment but
punishments. Like, you work and your owner gets all your
benefits. But when the slaves get needy the slave owners
leave them. Not free them, leave them they are still
slaves. It was very unfair. If you want to know unfair then
you should know how people got them. 1. The slave
catchers would sail to Africa. 2. They would kidnap
Africans at night. 3. They would auction them off. Who
knows if they ever will see their family again.

Some jobs of a slave would be picking cash crops Dgoarydoeunw?ant to
like cotton and tobacco. Slaves got very little food.

Slaves often got together and told stories to teach
young slaves about their own heritage

America is Forming!

Hi it is Richard again. We finally have our flfiaTrghs.tisAwmaesrtichaen
own country! I feel great. We actually won the Games
war. It has been a very long time. From that war
King George “protected” us from all to all the
taxes like the stamp act and the tea act and the
landshed acts.

Finally we have our own country away from
England. I hear Papa saying we have a new flag
with 13 stripes and 13 stars in a circle. And now
Everyone is calling us the United States of
America. And we live in New York, not the New
York colony anymore. I've got to hit the hay, I
can't wait

This makes me feel great, I can not wait for
a new country. Everything will be fair and this
feels like the start of something great!

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-King George The ruler of England vLoecta'sbtuelsatryyour
-farmland Land for farming What does that mean?
-cooper A barrel maker
-shifts and stays. Under clothes for women Surprise
-stockings long socks click it
-consequences things to punish acts of
-slave catchers people who catch slaves
- landshed acts. Taxes from the king.

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