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Published by Western International School of Shanghai, 2018-04-24 02:21:58

2018 - TEDx Youth@WISS Programme

2018 - TEDx Youth@WISS Programme

Art Exhibitions

WISS Dance Company: The WISS Dance Company has grown this year to include 70 dancers
forming three different dance companies comprised of students from Grade 1 through to Grade 9.
This evening you will see three different dance pieces. We hope to IGNITE your passion for dance
once again and get everybody moving and grooving to the beat!

Ignited by Nature: Nursery students provide creative responses to their awe, wonder and
discoveries of the natural world.

Ignited for Change: Pre-Kindergarten students share their ideas on planet Earth.

It’s all just rubbish: Ignited by the amount of rubbish the Kindergarten students found around
the WISS campus, each KG class decided to create an artwork using unwanted rubbish.

Ignited by the need for change to better manage waste and pollution in China: Primary art
students used recyclables from their homes and here at school to create a collection of assemblages
that depicted the grave issue of pollution and garbage management in China.

5.45pm WISS Dance Company—IGNITE!

From Welcome reception

6.20pm Introduction Ehud Lee
and Audrey Steiner

Introduction video by TED curator Chris Anderson

6.30pm Get mental...Get physical...Spin it! Emos Ker

6.40pm How can student exchanges heal the world? Timea Heim

6.50pm Pre-recorded TED talk
Want to change the world? Start be being brave Cleo Wade
enough to care

6.55pm Manga - Positive messages between the strokes Felix Royer-Hostal

7:05pm Breakout Sessions Various Locations
Tiaki Loper
7:30pm Interval
Refreshments will be served in Orsini cafe

7.45pm Mentoring - A win-win relationship

7:55pm Education. Finding the right fit Hee Seung Cho

8:05pm Pre-recorded TED talk Melati and Isabel
Our Campaign to ban plastic bags in Bali Wijsen

8:15pm Today Asha Luevano,
Jade Vereecken,
Laura Diaz Bautista,
Sam French

8:20pm Thank you

Thank You

Our fifth TEDxYouth@WISS event is all about inspiration – the sharing of unique ideas, interests
and passions, in order to ignite action. Even just a little spark that comes with that a-ha! moment.
This year we include a diverse selection of Breakout Sessions led by students, parents and
teachers from across our WISS Community. Appreciation to them all for being risk-takers and
creating opportunities that explore compassion, communication, creativity, change, commitment,
communication, and fun! Thank you to:

Noel and Ande Walsh, Brent Jones, Simone Kane, Stewart Paterson, Kelsey Gibb, Vicki Hughes,
Emos Kerr, Marlo Flores, Lisa Bighignoli, Sandra Choi, Maria Ficek, Lorena Malheiro, Rita
Yoshida for the time and energy you invested to make the sessions exciting and informative.

Huge thanks to the TEDxYouth@WISS team who made this event a huge success!

Speaker Coaches: Karin Fischer, Sue Morrell Stewart, Chris Wilcox, Lisa Ellery
Primary Mentors: Allison Bruce, Ivette Meja
WISS Dance Company: Vicki Hughes, Nicki Merrick, Hannah McFadden
Art Exhibition: EY Homeroom Teachers for facilitating Early Years student voices, WISS
Art department
Filming, Video Ident: Al McDowall
Stage, lighting and Visuals: Rui Cunha, Xiao Liu
Primary Action Cubs: Karri Thurston, Jake, Emma, Giuliana, Erin, Monica, Justin
Student Team: Kyle Stanley, Marcus Torres, Jasmine Flores, Simone Kane, Ireland
Mosher, Jamila Castro, Beth Loper (guest appearance)
Parent volunteers: Diane Ho, Neema Ahrens, Tiffany St.George, Li Hui
WISS Marketing Department – Especially to Paris Gu for graphic design and event
photography, and Tan Thorasumpun for blog photography
Taobao Queen – Vivian Wu
TEDx Organiser: Lisa Kane

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