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Published by brandisimone25, 2019-05-02 20:07:32

Low_Organized_Games_BB (1)

Low_Organized_Games_BB (1)


Brandi Brown
KINE 1151 P04- Tuesday, Thursday 11AM

Presentation date: April 16, 2019


O PAGE 3: Pacman
O PAGE 4: Bean bag-red light, green light
O PAGE 5: Jump IN
O PAGE 6: Steal the Bacon
O PAGE 7: Knockout
O PAGE 8: Panic Ball
O PAGE 9: The human caterpillar
O PAGE 10: Borden ball
O PAGE 11: Octopus
O PAGE 12: Human Knot
O PAGE 13: Marco Polo
O PAGE 14: Telephone


O Instructions O Objective:
Another form of tag: see
Choose someone to be how long you can stay in
pac -man the game without being
eaten (tagged) by staying
Everyone must try to on the lines
run away from pac man
by only using the lines O Equipment:
of the court and pac No equipment needed
man tries to eat (tag)

Bean bag-red light, green light

O Instructions:
Students must participate in a
typical game of red light, green
light while balancing bean bags
on top of their head. If the make
any sudden movements or if
bean bags fall from their head
when I say “red light” then they
must go back and start over.
O Objectives:
O Equipment:
Bean bags


O Instructions:
2 students can turn the jump
All the other students must
run through and get to the
other side of the rope without
the rope touching you
O Objective:
See if you're quick enough to
get to the other side
O Equipment:
Big jump rope


O Instructions:
O Divide everyone into two to four

groups; each team sits on a
boundary line.
O Give each player a number, each
group should have a one, a two,
O Place the “bacon” in the center of
the playing area and assign each
team one goal line at either end
of the playing area.
O Objective:
See if you're quick enough to get to
the other side
O Equipment:
A rubber ducky


O Everybody get into 4 O Objective: If everyone
groups. 1 person from in the group makes a
each group performs in shot
a shooting competition
from different areas of • Equipment:
the court. A person
must make the basket O basketball
and tag someone. If a
person misses they
must keep shooting
until they make the


O Instructions: O the object of the game
Everyone throws is to throw the balls at
there balls and the the exercise ball and
big exercise ball to get it rolling towards
push toward their the other team's end
line until it crosses a
specified line

O Equipment: Big
exercise ball and small
dodge balls


O Instructions:
Students can to get into
2 groups and join hands.
The other team must try
to run through the other
team’s arms (break the
O Objectives:
O Equipment
No equipment needed


O (1) Game begins with a basketball toss O Objective:
at center, with all players remaining on
their own side of the center line until To knock the other
the ball is tossed. The first team to team’s pin down while
grab the ball gains possession. protecting your own.

O (2) A player may take 3 steps with the Equipment: 2 bowling
ball . pins, 1 dodge, cones,
O (3) The ball is advanced by passing. If
the offensive team makes a pass that
hits the floor, no matter who touches it,
the defensive team takes over the ball.

O (4) When a player picks up the ball
after the other team loses possession,
he/she must pass the ball and not
shoot it. If a player intercepts the ball
before it touches the floor, he/she may
shoot immediately.


O All players stand at one end of O Objective: Taggers
the playing area. Choose 1-2 get a chance to
players to become Octopuses catch people
(catchers). Players, if caught,
stand where they are caught O Equipment: none
and become an obstacle to
those still running. Caught
players may not move but they
can tag running players who get
too close, in which case they
are now caught players


O Instructions:
Students can to get into 2
groups then form a small circle
and then reach over with their
left hands all to the center and
connect it with another student's
hand and then repeat with there
right. The must work together to
get themselves untangled
without letting each other’s
hands go.
O Objective:
Teamwork and Leadership skills
O Equipment:
No equipment needed


O Instructions: O Objective:

A tagger has to put a See if the person with
blindfold on and see if the blindfold can tag
they can tag people by everyone
the sounds that they
hear. Everybody is O Equipment:
allowed to move
around but only in a blindfold
specific area.


O instructions: O Objective
Everyone sits down in a
circle. One person To see if the message
whispers something in was said around the
someone’s ear. They circle correctly
keep passing the
message around the O Equipment
circle until it gets back
to the original No equipment needed

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