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Dorothy Spriggs PDF v1.3

Dorothy Spriggs PDF v1.3


Don't grieve for me, for now l'm free Hormony Memoriol Cemetery IFE
l'm following the poth God loid for me,
7l0l Sheriff Rood
Itook His hond when I heord His coll;
I turned my bock ond left it oll, Londover, Morylond 2O7 85
I could not stoy onother doy
To lough, to love, to work or ploy, PALLBEARERS

Tosks left undone must stoy thot woy; FLOWER BEARERS
I found thot ploce of the close of the doy,
lf my porting hos left o void,
Then fill it with remembered joy, The fomily of Dorothy E, Spriggs would like to thonk the mony
A friendship shored, o lough, o kiss;
Ah yes, these things, ltoo, will miss, fomily ond friends for their octs of kindness, proyers ond
Be not burdened with times of sorrow;
I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow, expressions of condolences, Moy God continue to bless eoch

My life's been full, I sovored much; of you olwoys,
Good friends, good times, o loved one's touch,
Ferhops my time seemed oll too brief;
Jones Memoriol United Methodist Church
Don't lengthen it now with undue grief, Fellowship Holl
Lift up your heort ond shore with me;
4625 G Street, S,E
God wonted me now, Woshington, D,C, 2OO16
ond set me free,


JuNre I 1, I924 - Apnrt 4, 20

Professionol SerVces Entrusted To: Progroms by:

\f- e Program Director

r{'r*-i-ir.\t_Dr-\-.,{,ilri\l)(\tl, RISTCPHER ALSTCN
{/ r.t..t,t,lr \ Hrrr r
Lonhom, Morylond (z+o) ;4T-TT24
(202) 437-36e2

te 21 ,(/-e/ , /lonrqag/v 2o I 6 R-EMEMBER-I i%itoy ril /5, 20/6
(7) WHAT IS A MCM? VISITA|ICN: 10:00 A.M. SERVICE: 1100 A.M.
{_ /orolhy Elizobeth Ellis Spriggs entered into eternol rest on Mondoy, April 4,
A mom is one of lifes best gifts, JCNES MEMCRIAL
2O16 aI theWoshington HospitolCenter, Dorothywos born June I 1, 1924,|n UNITED METHODIST CHURCH

Woshington, DC the ninth child, to the lote Fonnie Ellis Gront ond Jomes Someone to treosure oll life through, 4625 G Street, SE Woshington, DC 2OO19

Horrison Ellis, Four yeors eorlier, the fomily come to Woshington DC from Shes coring ond loving, REVEREND LCRETTAJCHNSCN

Boston MA, to visit her fotheis mother ond never left, Dorothy ottended the Thoughtful ond true,

District of Columbio Public Schools ond groduoted from Cordozo High Someone who is olwoys o speciol port of your life, -\DGreetings U/.ffiUDf >?ilr/?

School in l94l , She worked for the Federol Government ond subsequently Someone who holds o prime ploce in your heort,

for Giont Foods, She met Chorles Ellsworth Spriggs ond theywere morried on Shes o mentor, o confident ond olso o friend,

October 4, 1947 in Annopolis, MD, ln December 1948, they moved their Someone on whose love you con depend,

fo m ily to A Street SE, Woshington DC, where she resided unti I her deoth,

A mom olwoys hos your best interests of heort,

Dorothy preferred the simple life ond lived for her fomily ond friends, She lived Shes someone so deor ond so good, HymnOpening "Blessed Assuronce" (Poge 369)
her entire life between Ames Street NE ond A Street SE in Woshington DC, ond
liked it thot woy, She provided home core for her mother, Fonnie Gront Ellis, Shes o blessing, shes o gift,
before her deoth in I 958, She took greot pride os o homemoker while roising
Shes o treosure like no other,, Scripture Reodings
her three children, She wos olso on owesome doy core provider for her
Shes someone thot is truly wonderful, Old Testoment - Psolm 23
grondchildren when they were preschoolers, Although, she wos o very
Wherever you go, ond whotever you do, New Testoment - John l4:l -B
privote person, she olwoys opened her home ond heort to help others,
A mom's love will olwoys see you through
Dorothy leoves to cherish her memory three children, Gregory Spriggs
A mom is truly involuoble, Proyer of Comfort
(Denise), Goyle SpriggsVoiles ond Alon Spriggs (Annette); grondchildren, Mio
Voiles, MorkSpriggs (Teyo), ond GeoffreySpriggs;step-grondchildren, Fotino lndispensoble ond unforgettoble,

Willioms (Borry) ond Noiloh Gilmore (Bruce); greot-grondchildren, Temio I wouldnt wont onyone but you, Selection
Voiles, Corrington Spriggs, Bryce Willioms, Morgon Willioms, ond Drew
Gilmore; greot greot-grondchildren, Ko'Moro Voiles, ond Komeron Voiles; And thots why lm so groteful, Acknowledgements & Church Poper Roso Jockson

nieces, Corolyn Porsons ond Cheryl Dovis; nephew Chorles Seors Jr, ond o me,thot life picked you for I
host of other relotives ond friends, Dorothy wos preceded in deoth by her
husbond, Chorles; her sisters, Alyce, Florence ond Beotrice ond her brothers, Love, Obituory (Reod Silently)
Jo mes'Uim my", Ro lph, Howo rd, Robert "Bob" o nd Frederick "Fred", Selection
GeSo^ZL qP! ",r,/,--4u, Soul"It ls Well With My Jones Church Choir

Fomily Tribute

Solo "His Eye ls On The Sponow" Notolie Jockson

HER JCURNEY'S JUST BECUN Eulogy Rev Loretto Johnson

Don t think of her os gone owoy for her journeys just begun; life holds so Benediction
mony focets ond this eorth is only one, Just think of her os resting from
the sorrows ond the teors; in o ploce of wormth ond comfort, where

there ore no doys oryeors, Think of her os living in the heorts of those she
touched; for nothing loved is ever lost ond she wos loved so much,

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