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End of Year Summary 2018

End of Year Summary 2018

End of Year Summary 2018

Learning & Development

At the heart of our business are our people and throughout 2018 we have continued to invest and
develop staff across the division.
We have completed over 8200 hours of training which includes asbestos training, Balancing our
needs programme, eLearning modules, Beyond Zero workshops and the Supervisors Training
11 BAM Ritchies employees completed the programme this year, making up a third of the people
from the overall group who took part in the course.
In addition to receiving a certificate presented at the
JCB factory in November, individuals are also
awarded an Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Occupational
Work Supervision (Construction).
Congratulations to those who completed the

In 2018, 46 NVQs have been achieved from Level 2 Land Driller Support Operative up to Level 6 NVQ
in Health, Safety & Environmental Management in extracting and mineral processing industries.
A national vocational qualification is designed to assess an individual’s competence and depending
on the level of achievement, it can enable you to achieve professional accreditation.

Enhancing Lives

Our network of BAM Ambassadors have been busy this year with various STEM events which allow
us to engage, connect and inspire young people in schools, colleges and universities into a career
in engineering.
Below are a few examples of events that have been held:
• Rochsolloch Primary School STEM Activity Day
• Bring your Daughter to Work Day
• People Like Me Workshop - Kilsyth Academy
• ‘Engineering the Future for Girls’ - Strathclyde University Summer Programme



Highlights in 2018

• Hinkley Point C Laboratory - Approx. £8m

(Kier BAM JV)

• Highland Enhancement Project (HEP) - Approx. £210k

(BAM Nuttall)

• London City Airport - Approx. £300k

(BAM Nuttall)

• Greatham South - Approx. £75k

(BAM Nuttall)

• Occupational Hygiene - £55k Unsuccessful Opportunities

Projects secured for 2019 • Blindwells - I&H Brown
• Dounreay Waste Storage - BAM Nuttall
• Cottingham & Orchard Park Flood

Alleviation - BAM Nuttall

• Hinkley Point C Laboratory
• Highland Enhancement Project (HEP)
• London City Airport

Future Opportunities for 2019

• Dounreay Framework (BAM Nuttall)
• Orkney (BAM Nuttall)
• Ffestiniog

Other News

• Six members of the laboratory dept. have completed NVQ’s, which have led to professional

• One member of the dept. completed the BAM Nuttall Management Training Programme.
• Two employees of the the dept. completed the BAM Nuttall Supervisory Training Programme.

• We have purchased 2 automated odeometer systems for Kilsyth Laboratory which should
arrive in January 2019.

• Through the development of digital construction we are using tablets for all earthwork testing
at HPC.


Drill & Blast

2018 has been another good year for the Drill & Blast department.
We are working in roughly 130 Quarries throughout the UK as well as some work overseas and this
year alone we will have blasted around 30 million tonnes of rock throughout the year.
We continue to develop our staff and have been rolling out the new MPQC Health and Safety Test
across the department.

Project Sense - Bardonhill

There has been a great effort across
the year by all the team at
Bardonhill and the quarry has given
us the opportunity to work
collaboratively across departments.
We still have ongoing work there
into 2019.


A lot of progress has been made at
Glensanda throughout the year.
The team have blasted seven million
tonnes of rock this year and
hopefully on the 19/12/2018 we will
have the biggest blast ever at any
quarry being undertaken!

Future Opportunities in 2019

There will be some future opportunities with SSE through
BAM Nuttall for the Drill & Blast Department but won’t have
further information until the new year.


Concrete Techniques

Highlights in 2018

• Tummel Aquaduct - SSE
• Bardonhill Quarry & Phase 2 -

• Dartmouth Circus - R&C Williams
• Cow Lane - BAM Nuttall JV
• Loe Bar - BAM Nuttall
• Stromeferry
• Tonyrefail Phase 1 & 2 - Morgan

• M25 Junction 2 - BAM Nuttall
• Redhill Station Phase 2 - BAM Nuttall

(sprayed concrete onto polystyrene
• Condorrat Overbridge -
Cumbernauld, Scotland

Future Opportunities in 2019

• Bow’ness Harbour, Falkirk (Phase 2) - we are chasing this opportunity at the moment.
• Ffestiniog - tender went in 1 week ago, we should find out before the end of the year

if successful.
• Dunoon Harbour - Argyll & Bute
• Brick Bridge Strengthening Project, Cirencester - Amey Highways


GI (Kilsyth)

Highlights in 2018 Unsuccessful Opportunities

• Gardenstown Landslip Emergency Works • Blindwells Remediation Programme, East
• A77 Carlock Wall Lothian
• A76 Enterkinfoot
• Cross Tay Link Road • Doggerbank Onshore Cable Route,
• A9 Luncarty to Pass of Birnam – Dialogue Yorkshire

Period Investigation • A96 route upgrade, Moray
• A9 Crubenmore to Kincraig Phase 3 • 6 packages of A9 Dualling GI,

Preliminary GI Inverness-shire and Tayside
• University of Glasgow – 3 projects Research • Junction 4 M8, West Lothian

Hub Investigation Projects secured for 2019
• Perth High Street Thimblerow
• Kintore Station
Redevelopment • Highland Mainline (Carrbridge & Aviemore)
• River Roch Flood Scheme, Lancashire • Muirton Depot, Perth
• Sandwater Road, Shetland • Rutherglen Links
• Finstown Cable Route, Orkney
• Stornoway Substation, Isle of Lewis Future Opportunities for 2019
• Rothienorman Substation, Aberdeenshire
• Highland Mainline Enhancements, Pitlochry • Seagreen Onshore Cable Route, Angus
• Viking Wind Farm, Shetland
and Aviemore • LNW Mining Investigations, Birmingham
• Don Viaduct, Dyce • River Carron Flood Prevention, Falkirk
• Pitmedden Level Crossing
• Supporting GI South with Transpennine
• Supporting UK Geoenergy

Other News

• Our Hugh Ferry received the BAM Ritchies Award – Environmental.
• Alan Pardoe successfully completed the Supervisory Programme.
• Erica McLachlan joined the department in November.
• Stephen Kelly commenced the Supervisory Programme.
• Calum Bisset presented to the GE Awards Panel and as a result Brunstane Mineral Investigation

was shortlisted.
• Gardenstown Stabilisation Project which included significant GI was shortlisted for the Fleming

Award .


GI (South)

We hold ourselves to high standards at GI South and this year has been no different, with many
successful projects being delivered with plenty of positive feedback.
Our strength is our people and we are really proud of what we have achieved in GI South. This year
we have had the best result we have ever had with probably the best team we have ever had.

Our big project this year has been Old Oak Common
(OOC). This was previously tendered at £1.2m but
following several variations is going to end up in excess
of £2.5m.
The great relationship we developed with HS2 on OOC
has almost certainly secured us the works at Euston
Station which will ensure that 2019 will also be a very
positive year.

Another standout project for us was the A13 which thanks to
the efficient management on site and the thorough records
maintained meant that we were able to secure a great profit.

We have also recently submitted very large tenders for two of
the work packages on the Lower Thames Crossing.

The outlook for 2019 is bright with our focus being on:
• Euston Station for HS2 (expected to start on site February)
• M27 J4 to J11 smart motorway (expected to start on site
In 2019 we will continue developing our great relationship with the Rail South team who have
recently been successful on the CP6 framework for the South East, and so expect to receive quite a
bit of work through them.

In line with the companies vision of eliminating HAVS we have
identified a new way of installing anchors used for winching the Sherpa
rigs up slopes. This system is simple to use and light weight ensuring
that we are not replacing HAVS risks with additional manual handling

Our digital systems continue to
get industry recognition with
us being finalists in the Ground
Engineering Awards, Techfest,
and Highly Commended at the
Keynetix Data Management


GI (Warrington)

2018 has been a very busy year for Warrington GI. Nearly all our work has been on the western
section of the Transpennine Route Upgrade, which runs from Manchester to Leeds.

We are working for Transpire
Alliance and are one of the GI/SI
Supply Chain Partners. The others
being: Central Alliance, Structural
Soils, and Stobart Rail (aka WA
The works has involved a mix of
dynamic (window) sampling, cable
percussive drilling, and rotary
drilling. With a lot of the works
being carried out during

Being directly compared against the other GI
suppliers has been a great opportunity for us to
demonstrate that we are better than the rest. One
example of this is the borehole we drilled at Marsden
Station, which both Structural Soils and Central
Alliance said they couldn’t do.

Working collaboratively the boreholes were
successfully completed thanks to clear
communication between Transpire and BAM
Ritchies, and both parties commitment to not only
get the job done but get it done right.

We have always looked to improve what is being done and implemented the use of bespoke ramps
for getting the drilling rigs on and off the track trolley’s, as well as using the automatic ballast
sampling rigs to eliminate HAVS.

It hasn’t all been plain
sailing, some people may
remember Storm Emma at the
start of the year, but in true
BAM Ritchies style we have
overcome all challenges and

We continue to be recognised as the best GI contractor working for
Transpire Alliance, and already have work booked in for Transpire for the
first half of 2019. It is our expectation that the works for Transpire will
continue right through 2019 and into 2020.


Hinkley Point C

Deep Dig - Kier BAM JV

The deep dig at Hinkley continues to move at
an incredible pace with BAM Ritchies
geotechnical involvement and innovation
being a key part of this.

In 2018 Unit 1 of the dig has been
substantially completed, and the deepest
part of Unit 2 (up to 36m high vertical rock
faces) on course to be completed by the end
of the year.
The grouting trailers won the 2018 HPC
innovation and safety award which was
awarded on the 13th of December.

We have used innovative techniques and technologies to help advance the dig through use of GPS
machine control and stitch drilling to automate some of the drilling works and provide accurate
‘break lines’ for the excavation equipment to work to.
We have continued to undertake the drilling and installation of slope monitoring points and the
drilling out and decommissioning of historic boreholes on site to allow the excavation works to
progress safely.

In 2018 the milestone of 100,000m of ground nails drilled and installed was reached, a significant
part of the total 140,000m with our multi-skilled workforce. Design change has been well managed
by our design liaison engineers, allowing quick reaction to client led change and changed ground
conditions to minimise delays to works.

BAFI Works

The Blue Anchor formation Improvement (BAFI) works awarded to BAM Ritchies as a separate
subcontract early in 2018 have now commenced.

The works comprise the drilling and installation of almost 500nr tube a Manchette (TAMS) within
the HGE gallery excavation on site, to facilitate the permeation grouting of the rock mass below to
treat a number of dissolution features.

The cement bentonite grout mix was trialled and approved for use during a trial in July which
confirmed through validation that the methodology selected could achieve the required result of
grouting at least 80% of the dissolution features present.

Helping to achieve this is a newly purchased automated batching plant fed by 4 horizontal silos
that are capable of providing at peak a total of 70m3 of grout per day that can be injected into the
ground via 2 grouting modules with up to 8 high pressure grouting lines being used at once.


Geotechnical (South)

Highlights in 2018 Projects secured for 2019

• Streatham - Anchor nailing and piling completed • Blackhorse - Anchoring of the old brick
over separate visits to the site, all with difficult bridge abutments for TFL and Croydon
access. Council on the tramline. Works due to
We are one of the only suppliers that were able to start in the new year.
offer a solution for the client.
• Loe Bar - Protection works have been
• Cow Lane - A challenging project for the team. The completed, we are just waiting on
grouting to create a water seal was successful! The storms to pass the area over winter and
area is being excavated to make the underpass we will be back in Spring to reconstruct
bigger which goes under a Great Western mainline. the tunnel.

• M25 - we undertook unique modifications to the rig • BAFI - Will be continuing into 2019 and
to complete piling that no one else could. there is the possibility to secure other
We collaborated with the CCT dept. to provide a grouting work in larger areas of the
multifaceted solution. project. We’ve invested in new batching
One stop solution for the Client! equiptment for the job and updated two
grouting modules for training.
• Devonport - There were challenges in achieving Thank you to everyone involved so far!
required drilling and removing materials next to the
docks. The client was extremely pleased with our • Hook Cutting - Project with Osborne
efforts to ensure a successful outcome. (new customer for us) in Guildford.
Works expected to start late January.
• Hooley - Trials being undertaken trialling a new
slope movement early warning system; hopefully
these will lead to siginficiant amount of future work.

• Crai Dam - A successful project for Welsh Water. We
are meeting with them soon to discuss future
anchoring and grouting works.

Feedback Future Opportunities for 2019

• Franklands - ‘Well done - please pass on thanks to • CP6 - BAM Nuttall have secured some of
the team.’ the work with CP6 which will need
(Derek Butcher - Route asset Manager - Network geotechnical expertise for three large rail
Rail) cuttings in the Sussex and Surrey Area.

• Emley Moor - ‘Very impressed with all aspects of • Stubbington - Discussion currently going
BAM’s delivery from initial tendering and outline on with BAM Nuttall South in regards to
discussions to handover and completion.’ future work with this project as we have
(Iain Leyland - Balfour Beatty) already designed a soil nail solution for
widening the bypass in Hampshire. Work
due around late Spring.


Geotechnical (North)

Highlights in 2018

• SSE Framework - Nant Tunnel
Deanie Adits
Inverawe Adit

• Haymarket Rock Bolting de-tensioning
• Gardenstown Landslide Temporary Works

& Phase 2
• HEP Works
• Rothes Lattice Tower
• Achnangart Tower Anchors
• Sutton Bank
• Carron Valley Dam Anchor Refurbishment
• Cowlairs Ground Anchors
• Mugdock Country Park
• Pauls Wind Farm

Continuing Projects in 2019

• St James, Edinburgh
• SSE Framework

Future Opportunities in 2019

• Stonehaven Flood Protection (in negotiation)
• Berriedale Braes Slope Stabilisation (an opportunity for Piling, Anchors and Drill & Blast)
• Great Junction Street, Edinburgh - Piling
• Winchburgh Retaining Wall
• A82 Lochness Rock Slopes
• Keith Bridge Deck anchors
• Locharbriggs Wall
• HEP Soil Nailing


Please follow, like and share our social media pages and also a big
thank you from the business development team to everyone that has

contributed to this throughout the year!


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