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Published by Vincent Chen, 2019-05-22 12:49:16

all about the thirteen

hope you enjoy

All about the thirteen

By: vincent chen


Table of Contents

● say hello to the thirteen

● co -town Table of contents
● Co-house

● Get room schooled

● Plowed down

● Clothing the cloth

● All fun ‘n’ games

● Jobbet

● I need a medic!

● Gloss

● bibs

Say hello to the thirteen (the thirteen colonies)

If you don’t know about the thirteen colonies now, then i'm going to show
you. A colony is a group of land owned by a country now people might say
what country?
Well the Southern and the New England colonies are owned by Britain.
The Middle colony was once owned by the dutch but King George the III
sent James, Duke of York to own the Middle colony. The dutch
surrendered and now it is owned by the British.

against the

Say hello to the thirteen (the thirteen colonies)

People settled in America in the 1600s why? Because people want
freedom in their country and others just want some adventure. There
were 3 colonies. the New England colony, the Middle colony, and the
Southern colony

The 13

co -town (colonial towns)

People lived in towns. They wrote letters saying “come to america, life
here is good” craftspeople made many things. Shoes, tools, silverware,
wagon wheels and barrels. Post office get mail. The apothecary is the
busiest store because It has medicine, spices and candy. It’s also used
for pulling bad teeth and get glasses (eyeglasses.) towns have taverns
colonists can eat and rest there but, you have to share with a stranger or

Colonial towns

Co-house (colonial house)

This picture is from a house in the 1750

First floor is where they
eat. They cook food on a

The second floor is where they
sleep they put chamber pots under
there beds so they don’t have to go
out the outhouse to do their
business outside where it’s dark.
They do their business with the
chamber pot

Get room schooled (school)

Colonial schools have many different things than our school. Colonial schools only have
one classroom but ours have a bunch of classroom. They have a fireplace and you need to
bring a log otherwise you would sit far away from the campfire. Our school have A.C.
there were no electronics back then so there were no electronics in school. Our school
have electronics like ipad (yes our schools have ipads) chromebook and chromebooks with
a stylist in it. Thechy! In colonial schools they would whip you if your behaving badly. Pow!
But in our school our teacher yells at you (it’s pretty bad but at least it’s not bad as
whipping.) in colonial school you take a few days off from school because you have other
stuff to do. But in our schools you are forced to go to school. In colonial schools they do
not have books pencils and paper but we have paper pencils and books (some colonial
schools have books and.) Colonial teachers are strict but our school is not strict. The
same thing about colonial schools and our schools is that we both have math, both have

reading, both have writing, both have music lessons and we both have chalkboard.

Plowed down (farming and food)

They use plowers with bulls to move the plowers. People learned how to
farm they learned by the native americans people grow corn, pumpkins
and squash.

Also they hunt. They hunted rabbits squirrels and deer. The southern
colonies cash rice and cotton and many other stuff. Children also take
care of plants. They pick the fruits and vegetables that are not dirty and
does not look that good and bring them home to eat later.

A plantation

Clothing the cloth (clothing)

Clothing was made from plants. Here are some plants that colonist
picked. Indigo makes blue color, iris makes purple, goldenrod makes
yellow, cranberries make pink and blackberries made black. Plants were
picked by children. The plants then gets dumped in boiled water until the
plants turned color.

colored shirts

All fun ‘n’ games (games)

Children in colonial times didn’t always have to work they can play games.
They didn’t have video games but they played: walking on stilts, ring toss,
sack races, flying kites, marbles, bowling, blind man’s bluff spinning a top.
Bowling in colonial times had nine pins instead of ten but on sunday they
have ten pins and 9 men’s morris. You probably don’t know what blind
man’s bluff and 9 men’s morris or walking on stilts ( well, some people
know what stilt walking is.) blind man’s bluff is a game of tag but the
tagger is blindfolded. 9 men’s morris is a game where there are dots and
you put counters on if someone gets a three then they can take one of
their opponents counter. Walking on stilts is a game where you have to
walk on poles. Simple game.

9 men’s morris, blind man’s bluff.

Get Jobbed (jobs)

Mens jobs are brick making which they make bricks out of clay.
Cooper which they make barrels out of wood. They have to use all their
strength to bend the wood. Blacksmith which they use metal to make
tools made of metal. Surveyor which they explored unexplored land.
Women’s jobs are shoe which they sold ready made shoes and custom
shoes and boots. Clothing which they make cloths. Farming which they
grow corn and other crops.Surveyor which they explored unexplored
land. Cook which they cook food to other people. Millener which they
sold goods. Printers and binders which they made books, newspaper and

People doing

I need a medic! (medicine)

When someone needed surgery there was no such thing anaesthesia
people chewed on a lead ball to prevent from screaming or others
simply fainted from pain. they picked flowers and manure for medicine.

I couldn’t find any
pictures for colonial

The end… for now :( :( :(

The american revolution

The king paid tax to everything later they protested they dumped tea in
the boston harbor and many more. That led to the American Revolution.


craftspeople - good at practical art
Outhouse- also called the necessary a tiny
building with a pit you do your business
Chamber pot- another place to do your
business. When it is night and you can’t go to
the outhouse you do your business on the
chamber pot later it gets thrown outside

bibs Click here for games!

Isaacs, Sally Senzell. Life in a Colonial Town. Heinemann Library, 2001.
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