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Published by thalialopez1998, 2019-05-01 11:42:56

atemptt 100000

atemptt 100000



Table of Contents

I. Color Correction 1
II. ColorCorrection2
III. Color Correction 3
IV. Color Correction 4

V. Final result

My Inspiration

Before After

This is the
golden toned
before I
went in and
colored it.

This is
after I
went in
colored it
with 5Gc &
7Gc to
make 6Gc

Before After

The darkest I went in and
quadrant highlighted the
before I
darkest quadrant
went in and using the weaving
highlighted technique only


Before After

This gray
quadrant before
coloring it to a
neutral brown

The gray
quadrant that I
went in and
colored with a
4NN in order to
cover up the


The lightest
before I went
in and colored

The lightest
quadrant after I
went in and
colored it with
5n+7Cc to get it to
a natural brown


This was after
the quad
assignment I went
in and bleached
the whole head in
order to achieve
my balayage, and
then after it was
bleached which
came out great!

The final

result! I was able to
achieve the
desired look
and cut, it
did take a
while and I
did struggle

a bit because
the lightest
quadrant of
course lifted
faster than
the rest and
I had to find

the best
toner to get

it to all
look the
same. I used
equal parts
of 8n+9n.

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