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Published by Vanessa Snyder, 2019-05-20 11:59:06

Mad Mathem

A Bad Day Story


Mad Mathem 
By Vanessa Snyder 


Table of contents. 
Chapter 1, Aches and pains 
Chapter 2, Slip ‘n Slide ‘n 
Chapter 3, The Dreadful Walk, Day 1 
Chapter 4, The Dreadful Walk, Day 2 
Chapter 5, The Man in the Shadows 
Chapter 6, The Unmissable Wedding 



Chapter 1, Aches and pains. 

I remember when I was 21 years old, 
My brother, Dan, who is 25, got married, 
and here's how it happened…..It was 2019, 
and he was awakening for his long-day of 
stressful work. He grumbled as he slowly 
moved his aching body towards his 
bedroom door to get in the bathroom. He 
had these earplugs in his ears, so he could 
sleep better. They got wedged in his ears 
and he couldn’t get them out.  

Finally, he got them out, painfully, and 
started slumping to the kitchen. He ears 
bruised, he could only hear minor sounds. 
But there was only a hushed silence. He 

started looking for something, something 
important to him. 

“Hello? You guys awake?” he asked as 
he searched for them like a pin in a 
haystack. Well, he couldn’t find “Them” so 
he went to eat his morning meal. “Clunk”. 
“Ow OW AUAHGH!!!” screamed Dan. He 
dropped the toaster on his toe. Now it's all 
battered and bruised up. “This is the 



As he picked the toaster up, he got 
spooked by a screech and dropped it on 
his other foot. “Yee-ouch!” Dan cried. He 
prided off the toaster that was on his 
foot. And while he was investigating that 
screech that he heard, he didn’t see a huge 
puddle right in front of him! He slipped 
and gave a CRASH to the floor! 
“OWwwwwwwww!” shouted Dan as he 

26 minutes later, he finally awoke. He 

opened his eyes a tiny bit then closed 
them. Then he opened his a little bit more 
and saw two figures But, something was 
wrong. They were blurry figures. 

His vision finally cleared up and he saw 
what they were. 

It was them, his pet husky-german 
shepards. They are twins and both 
females. They’re only 11 months old but 
they were really energetic and very 
strong. But, both of them have 
silver-white like fur with a tint of tan.   
One of them was named Crystal. He 
named her that because of her beautiful 
eyes. But Crystal, her eyes, if light bounced 

off of her eyes, they looked like a rainbow. 
But if there is no light bouncing off her 
eyes, it looked like one baby blue eye and 
one green mint eye. 

As for her sister, Rubi, she has the 
same color fur and same colored eyes, 
well the blue one. She has one brown eye, 
but they don't shine rainbow off of them. 
She has long ears and a long tail. She 
looks like a long-eared, long-tailed fox, if 
you can believe it! 




Chapter 2, Slip ‘n Slide ‘n 

Dan got dressed after he drank some 
hot coffee and ate a cinnamon roll. While 
he was getting dressed, he slipped and 
crashed on the couch because he spilt his 
coffee on the floor, so he had to get new 
pants and a shirt on. 
After that, he started watching the 


He got a little distracted and gazed 
outside while he was buttoning his shirt, 
so he never got to finish the news!


He started to pack his stuff for work. 
He packed his instruments in his E.R bag. 
(FYI, if you don’t know what kind of 
instruments they are, they are doctors 
tools for checkups….and maybe surgery 
tools.) Crystal started barking like crazy. 

“What is it, Crystal?” Dan asked. 
“What. Is. It? CRYSTAL!!’’ Crystal stopped 
barking. She whined and her tail was 
between her legs. She creeped out the 
doggy door. Dan was aggravated. He 
couldn’t stand it. He had a headache and 
his whole body hurt. He sighed as he 
picked up his bag. He went and called for 
Crystal. He couldn’t find her. Rubi ran 
ahead of him and he fell. AGAIN. “Really, 
Rubi?’’ said Dan. He started to shed tears. 

Rubi ran to his side. He whimpered as he 
got into the truck.  


Rubi jumped in the backseat where 
she saved Dan’s Grandmother from a 
heart attack. She was a hero. Dan grinned 
slightly as he started the engine. Dan 
noticed Crystal was laying down in 
shotgun. He patted her head then started 
to drive. While he was driving, he noticed 


“Huh? Oh no! I forgot to watch the 
news!!” Dan said softly. It started to rain. 
It didn’t bother Dan. Then all of a sudden 
his engine broke down and was lit up by 
flames. It was hit by lightning! Crystal, 
Rubi, and Dan leaped out of the truck as 
quick as they could. Dan looked at the 
ground. He wasn’t happy anymore. He was 
upset that his truck was burned. He was 

upset that he missed work. And he is 
worried about what his boss would say. 
He thought about that as he started 


Chapter 3, The Dreadful Walk, 
Day 1 


They walked and walked. Dan was tired 
and once or twice he fell. It was late. 
Crystal and Rubi huddled together, tired 

and wet. Then Dan’s stomach growled. He 
was hungry! 

He found a nice, soft dirt area and 
started gathering stuff. He gathered some 
wood and rocks for a fire and shelter. He 
made a circle with the rocks and Crystal 
And Rubi cleared all the leaves or sticks 
that could catch on fire. Dan also had to 
make a shelter, so he used those leaves as 
a roof (he also used grass and mud) and 
used some of the bigger logs as walls. He 
made it big enough for his blanket that he 

had in his ER bag. He had his lunch in 
there, but it fell out.  

Then he realized he needed to gather 
up some food! He went and rubbed two 
stick together but first one of them had 
to peel off the bark. It was very difficult to 
make the fire but it finally lit up. Dan 
added more wood to the tiny flame. He 
blew softly so it could go on the other 
sticks and logs. Finally, it was big enough, 
so he went to get some food. He wanted 

to fish, because there was a lake, but he 
had no fishing pole. 

Instead, he made a spear. He peeled 
off the bark at the tip where it was sharp. 
He had a pocketknife in his ER bag so he 
made the tip sharper. Once it was 
finished, he went to go spearfishing. He 
caught only four fish, which was fine but 
three were small and he only had one big 
one. He went to catch more, but all he 
caught was one small sunfish.  

“Eh, good enough,” Dan shrugged. “Just 
enough for dinner,” he said. As he went to 
go cook the fish, he saw some berries. 
“Hm….maybe I can make some dessert!” He 
also gathered some water and boiled over 
the fire, so there would be no bacteria. 

As he cooked the fish, he found more 
berries. Three types of berries; Blueberries, 
raspberries, and some blackberries. Finally, 
the fish was done and they ate. Dan had 
the big fish, as for Crystal and Rubi, they 
had two small fish each. Dan ate the 
berries that he found and washed off, for 
dessert. He, Crystal, and Rubi laid down in 
the shelter as it started raining again. It 
was a cold wet night. 


Chapter 4, The Dreadful Walk, 

Day 2 

Dan and the pups started to walk 
again. He was able to do some breakfast 
before they left. Dan had some berries 
and some fresh cut apples that he’d found. 
Crystal and Rubi had some of the 
leftovers from last night. As they were 
walking, Crystal limped. She had hurt her 

pads underneath her paw. She looked at 
Dan and he had to carry her. Rubi was 
cold. And she hated getting cold.  

Everyone slipped and slided as it 
started raining. Again.Dan found a tree 
and held it over his head. It kept some of 
the rain out, but not a lot. They were 


The Man in the Shadows 

It took 1 hour to get to the ER. When 
they arrived, Crystal’s paw was better but 
she wasn’t happy. Both Crystal and Rubi 
kept on growling and sniffing the ground. 
“They probably smell another dog,” he 
thought. He chuckled as he headed toward 
the front door. Then he saw Crystal tiptoe 
to the back door along with Rubi. “Ok, it's 
not another dog,” gulped Dan. “Something’s 
wrong. I should follow Crystal and Rubi 
just in case.” He ran after them. When he 
was with them, he slowly pushed the back 
door open. He heard dramatic music. 

Crystal sniffed the floor again. Rubi 
looked around sniffing the air. Then there 
was a scream. A blood-curdling scream.  

“*screeches* AHH HELP ME! PLEASE! 
ANYONE!?!?!” It said. Dan tiptoed to the 
breakroom. The curtains were down. The 
door was locked and the screaming was 
coming out from in here. Rubi sniffed and 

found the key to unlock it. He saw the key 
and picked it up. He slowly unlocked the 
door and then he wiped the door open. He 
saw a shadow on the wall of a man. The 
person pushed him on the ground. The 
man chuckled. Someone cried. Dan was 


Crystal and Rubi were furious! They 
dashed in the room with rage. They tried 
to jump on the man. But he kept moving. 
They barked and growled and even bit the 
guy. But then the man just threw both 
Rubi and Crystal across the room. 


“HA. You should stay away from me, 
you little rats!” shouted the man as he 
vanished in the shadows. Dan quickly got 
up to get him but he had vanished. He saw 
his boss tied up. She had bruises all over 
her face. He untied her and ran to find 
Crystal and Rubi. Crystal and Rubi were 
unconscious and were barely breathing. He 
rushed them to the vet by foot.  

“We will keep them here until they 
breathe normally,” said the Vet. “I will call 
you to give you information, it just looks 
like they are in shock, not that bad.”  

“Thank you, Dr. Clane. I appreciate it, 
really!” Dan rushed back to the ER. He 
forgot about his boss and she rushed and 
hugged him tightly. She said so many 
thanks Dan was sure she was really 
happy. So the went out for dinner. And 
they kept going out until the wedding, ​The 

Wedding.​ Oh, if you were them you’d wish 
you weren’t them. 

Chapter 6, The Unmissable 

As I said, no-one saw this coming, not 
even me. But it ended out fine, it was just 
the way it started. It was noontime and 
they’re cake just arrived.  


“Thank you, Mr. Delivery guy!” Said 
Claire (his boss and bride). Crystal and 
Rubi were the flower girls. Yes, they are 
trained to throw or swing the flowers out 
of the basket. I, Dan’s sister, was the other 
flower girl. Claire’s brother was the best 

It was 3:03 in the afternoon, and 
people started to arrive. “Oh my goodness, 
this is a lot of people and children, how is 
this going to work out?” Asked Claire. “I 

mean I see about 15 kids already! How 
many are there going to be?” 

“About….,” Dan paused for a minute. “Uh 
Sir that holds the invitation list, how 
many kids will there be?”  

“22 - 24 Gent. Why, is something 
“No, no, nothing is wrong! It's all fine 
here. Nothing to worry about,” gulped Dan. 
“Yet.” Claire was worried about Dan. His 
face was bright red, and he kept pacing 
back and forth.  

“What wrong?” asked Claire. “Are you 
worried about the kids?” Dan shook his 
head. But Claire knew it was just that. He 
was worried what was going to happen. 
Would the kids mess it up??? 

It was finally time for the wedding. I, 
Crystal, and Rubi walked down aisle, 
throwing flowers out. Then Claire walked 
down the aisle, in her pretty white dress 
and her hair up, waving to the people 
surrounding her. As she walked up there 
somebody started choking. 

“Ogh eelk helsp sme” it yelled. I can’t tell 
you anymore……………………………………… 

JK! If you fell for that, your gullible. Okay 
back to the choking man. Claire saved his 
life, but got juice spilled on her dress. They 
kissed, with damaged clothes on. And they 
lived a weird-happy life. The end. 


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