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Published by leejingtian, 2019-12-15 08:21:15

Job Scope

Job Scope

Job Scope
1. Introduction
- Cover one of the marker pen company (Sharpie)
- Aim & Objective :
1. To develop the sustainable development of goals (SDGs).
2. To utilize waste produced in the entire process.

2. Process Description (2 pax)
- Preparation marker ink (Injection moulding & other method to produce )
a. the ink reservoir
b. the nip
c. the body of marker
- Waste is produced, and how to treat the waste ?

- Describe process flow with equations & conditions provided
- State precaution steps that can lower the risk of the entire production

3. Content
- Draw a Flow Chart for the Process Description
- Discuss intermediates formed during the process
- Area of Coverage for every intermediates mentioned
a. Environmental aspects
b. Cost & Profit
c. Process Safety

4. Conclusion
- Summarize the process and state the advantage of process selected
- The objective is achieved / any other future development …
- Limitation of the entire process (waste produced … High treatment cost)

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