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Fall 2019

Fall 2019 Crusader

Fall 2019

This is SBA 2

From Our Superintendent 4

New Faces 5

School Board Girls State 7

Tom Young, Chairman Ambassadors for Music... 8

Pierre, SD Mission: Puerto Rico 10

Paul Beckwith, Vice Chairman Mission: China 14

Pierre, SD Mission: Trinidad 15

Ken Shay, Secretary Spirit Week 16

Pierre, SD Homecoming 18

Daniel Paul, Treasurer Finding Your Story 20

Carson, ND We’re Hiring 21

Gaven Banik Crusader Athletics 22

Hartford, SD SBA Foundation 24

Andy Michaelis Giving 25

Wessington, SD SBA Family News 26

David VanHeuvelen Calendar 27

Emmetsburg, IA Front cover: EJ Big Eagle looks for an open
receiver against Tripp-Delmont/Armour/An-
Brad Ufen des Central/Dakota Christian on September
Miller, SD
Back cover: Postgame prayer at midfield after
Brad Haun the September 13 game.

Miller, SD The Crusader | 3

God’s Truth for Today’s Youth.

According to its Articles of Incorporation, Sunshine
Bible Academy exists to provide “for the general
education of youth in the essentials of culture and in
the arts and sciences, giving emphasis to the Chris-
tian doctrines and the ethics revealed in the Holy
Scriptures; combating all atheistic, agnostic, pagan,
and so-called scientific adulterations of the Gospel;
unqualifiedly affirming and teaching the Inspiration
of the Bible (both the Old and New Testaments); the
birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ; His identi-
fication as the Son of God; His vicarious atonement
for the sins of mankind by the shedding of His blood
on the cross; the resurrection of His body from the
tomb; His power to save man from sin; the new birth
through the regeneration by the Holy Spirit; and
the gift of eternal life by the grace of God through
faith in Jesus Christ.”

From Our

By the time you read this we to designat-
will be at the end of the ed dates on
first quarter of the 2019-20 the calendar
school year already. I am pleased to when we travel outside of our normal
report that the year has started well. environment. Each and every one of
We have twenty-three new students us has opportunities to do love each
at SBA this year as well as several and every day.
new additions to our faculty and
staff. We are thankful for these new As part of helping us all to rec-
team members, as well as two return- ognize that, Mr. Miller placed poster-
ing team members who have tran- boards in several areas around the
sitioned to new roles--Lauren Haun, school and encouraged faculty, staff
moving from the kitchen to girls’ dorm and students to write examples that
supervisor, and Stacie Koth, moving we see of someone doing love. Some
from the kitchen to administrative of the things that have been written
assistant. We would like to add a so far include seeing a student leave
few other people to our team; please a group he was sitting with to go sit
see page 21 for details on two open with a student who was sitting alone,
positions. a student loaning a calculator to
another student, someone returning
Our new Bible teacher and a misplaced coffee mug--with fresh
chaplain, Bruce Miller, selected “Do coffee, someone getting someone’s
Love” as our theme for this school books for them, making a new indi-
year, with 1 John 3:16-18 as our key vidual feel welcome, helping out with
text. One of the main points he has an unassigned task and more.
emphasized is that love is a verb!
Through chapel messages and daily I suspect many of us see love
devotions we have been hearing a being done around us more often
lot about love at SBA this year and, than we stop to realize. Mr. Miller’s
specifically, what it means to do love. encouragement for us at SBA has
In the following pages you will read been a good reminder to look both
several examples of SBA students for opportunities to do love and
involved in doing love in Puerto Rico, for examples of others doing love.
China and Trinidad this past summer. How about you? How have you been
In the next issue you will get to read doing love?
about this year’s high school students
doing love on their Servant Days In Him,
trips. But doing love is not confined

4 | The Crusader

New Faces

Our names are Bruce and Lori Miller. We
met at Crown College in MN in 1978
and were married in 1983. We have four
grown children, Nathan, Christina, April, and
Luke. At our wedding, our gift girls coined a
catchy little tune that said, “Bruce Dean and
Lori Jean make a great team.” This has cer-
tainly been true in our married life together.

It seems as though no matter where we
are, we are working together. We both grew
up in MN and have spent most of our married
life in the northern part of the state. Bruce has
been a carpenter for most of his adult life and Lori has worked in commercial
kitchens and in bakeries most of her life. We were introduced to Sunshine
about eight years ago when we moved to Winner, SD.
God called Bruce into the pastorate in 2005 which caused huge life
change for us. Bruce started going back to college and got a degree in
Christian Ministry from Crown College, with a minor in counseling. He has since
received a Biblical Counseling degree from Light University.
So, it is interesting that if we open our lives to the work of God, He
continues to direct us and orchestrate our every move. We have both been
very busy getting used to our new positions, with Bruce as the Bible Teacher/
Chaplain and Lori working in the kitchen as part-time cook. Lori also works
in Miller in the deli department at Kessler’s grocery store. Thank you for the
opportunity to pour God’s love into your kids and grandkids.

I’m Julie Muenster (like the cheese). I’m from
Peshtigo, Wisconsin, site of the deadliest
forest fire in US history. I am the mother of five
young adults—three are college students, one
is a working man, and another serves in the

My connection to SBA is Heidi Seaman.
We have been friends for over 20 years, both
having been homeschooling moms in my neck
of the woods (we even had babies in the same
hospital, two days apart). And ten years ago,
when I loaded up my kids in an RV and headed to Yellowstone, we camped
here one night. So when I saw the post for an Upper Elementary Teacher, I
was intrigued. Then excited. And now all in. What an adventure!

The Crusader | 5

My name is Christina Miller. I was born
and raised in Minnesota and spent most
of my life in the area around Grand Marais.

I moved to South Dakota in 2011 and
heard about Sunshine Bible Acadamy almost
right away from some friends at church. It
was 8 years later, though, that I finally got a
chance to visit and eventually get hired on as
a Dorm Counselor.

I have been involved in various forms of
ministry all my adult life; from AWANA leader,
summer camp counselor, and Sunday school working and living at a Christian-run ministry/business. But work-
ing directly with high school girls is a lot different than anything I have ever
done, and I find that God provides what I need at the right time. He is also
training into me some fabulous lessons through many joys and hardships. God
is good.

Hello! I'm Christa Lindvall, I'm a cook and
photographer, and I am so incredibly
happy to be back at SBA and to be on staff

My "Sunshine story" began in the fall of
2009 when I came to be a girls' dorm coun-
selor. I was in the dorm for 2 years, then the
year that Ben and I got married I got to work
in the kitchen as an assistant cook. Fast for-
ward thru 6 years of living in Minnesota, work-
ing at coffee shops, an art studio, a photogra-
phy studio, a daycare, as a gardener, starting
my photography business, buying a house, managing a coffee shop/golf
course and selling a house... We are back home in South Dakota... I'm back in
the kitchen... Ben's back in the dorm... We have kinda come full circle!
God works in marvelous ways, He is good all the time, and He is always
faithful. One of my very favorite hymns is "They Will Know We Are Christians
By Our Love" and one of my favorite verses is Micah 6:8b, "What does the
Lord require of you? To act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with
your God."

6 | The Crusader

Girls State Maria Roghair (‘20)
The days were long and the
nights were very short, but When we were not working in our
attending ALA South Dakota city we were attending speakers or
demonstrations. My favorite demon-

Girls State is an experience I won’t stration was the Yankton SWAT team

soon forget. I applied to Girls State coming in to demonstrate some of

in the second semester of my junior their equipment and procedures. It

year. To apply, I had to write an was good to hear a number of law

essay about why I wanted to attend enforcement individuals talk about

the event and send the essay to the what their job is really like.

Miller American Legion Auxiliary. We had a lot of speakers,

One week after school got out I including Senators Mike Rounds and

left home with two John Thune and

other girls from Representative

my hometown. We Dusty Johnson,

spent Monday driv- but my favorite

ing to the University speaker was on

of South Dakota in Friday when we

Vermillion. got to hear from

Once on cam- our Governor,

pus, I got settled Kristi Noem. Each

into my dorm demonstration, ses-

room and met my sion and speaker

roommate. There was a learning

were three hundred experience that

other girls attending, which I was inspired me to learn more. After the

not expecting, but it made for a fun day was over we always ended with

week. Girls State is set up so that an assembly, prayer and flag low-

each girl can experience government ering. Our nights were spent making

on the city, county, and state level. campaign posters and decorating

They do this by assigning each girl a our dorm room halls. The week

city, county, and political party. We ended with an inauguration ball

started with our city government and and awards. Girls State was a long

worked our way up through the rest and crazy week but I learned so

of the week learning and practicing much and made some great friends,

in how each member in government which made up for the lack of sleep.

works. We all received hands-on ex- I would recommend Girls State to

perience. Personally, I got to expe- anyone who is interested in any form

rience being my city’s attorney and of leadership role in their community

running for the Senate, but I also or state. I hope to see more students

saw how all the other offices worked. from Sunshine attend in the future!

The Crusader | 7

Ambassadors for Music

and South Dakota
Joshua Hofman (‘18)
Nineteen days, eight coun-
tries, two long flights, five We started in Windsor, where
bus groups and unlimited we spent a day getting over jet lag.
memories. That is what I and SBA I felt pretty good considering I had
music director, Kevin Waller, did been awake for at least 24 hours
traveling across Europe for two as I couldn’t sleep on the plane.
weeks this summer with the South We spent two days in and around
Dakota Ambas-
sadors of Music. London enjoying
This band and the sights, and
choir tour con- then returned to
sisted of more Windsor for our
than 250 students first band and
and sponsors. It choir concert.
started at SDSU Most of our band
where we had concerts were
three days of re- outdoors, rain or
hearsals and then shine, and our
a concert open to choir perfor-
the public. mances were in
Things started
out quickly as Since the
half of the group English Chan-
headed out after nel separates
the concert for England and
their flights. I was France, we
fortunate to be needed to take
in the group that slept in and took a ferry between
off in the morning. We took a bus the two countries. Leaving very early
to Minneapolis, checked in, got our in the morning was the norm for
bags where they needed to be, and travel days. Passports were to be
then checked our “second bag,” on us at all times. Paris traffic was
which in reality was my trombone. downright awful, making it one of
This was my second flight ever. My my least- favorite spots. A surprise
first one was when I was only two was to see Notre Dame, which had
weeks old and I don’t remember a fire just months earlier. This was an
much. About seven and a half hours impressive sighting.
later we were in England. The best part of France was
Fontainebleau (a small city a little

8 | The Crusader

outside of Paris). the day.
We had our con- We finished
certs there.
up by heading
Next up was into Germany.
Switzerland, and Dachau, the first
this was one of stop, was a con-
my favorite parts. centration camp
Crans Montana and honestly
was a beautiful it was hard to
small village near see. We went to
the Alps where Rothenburg which
we were for the next couple days. was practically a medieval town in
We explored the city and traveled modern day life. This is where the
up to the Matterhorn. best story of the trip
The last day in Swit- happened. Steve Pen-
zerland was a highlight nington (‘71), a fellow
of the trip. We took SBA alum, sat by Mr.
part in a Swiss Fondue Waller at Homecoming
party, that is accompa- 2018. He lives only two
nied by various Swiss hours away from where
traditions which made it we were in Germany,
very memorable. so he and his wife met
us for coffee and lunch
The next leg of (bottom picture). It was
the trip took place pretty cool meeting
in three countries: another alumnus in
Austria, Liechtenstein, Germany.
and Italy. Austria was The last day ar-
home to two Olympic rived and we headed to the Frank-
Games and we were able to watch furt airport where we loaded up
a ski jumper practice. Liechtenstein one last time and
was just a lunch flew eight hours
stop, but another to Detroit. After a
country to add four hour layover
to my list. Venice we flew into Min-
was very memo- neapolis and then
rable as it was my headed back to
birthday on July Brookings. I have
9th. I ate pizza in to say, this trip is
Italy, sang where one of my favorite
St. Mark is buried, things I’ve ever
and ended the done in my life. I made memories,
day with a grocery store owner friends, and most importantly music.
promising us bratwursts at the end of
The Crusader | 9


Puerto Rico Dori Brockel (‘20)
God’s hands of provision were
certainly evident during the and wait for the last possible mo-
2019 Puerto Rico Missions ment to board. Our time for board-
ing approached and many of the

Trip! Fourteen people, including staff, team members were praying for

alumni, current students and even our missing person to show up. As

parents were called to serve in Puer- the suspense rose, we boarded the

to Rico this year alongside Daniel plane, maybe giving up hope in our

and Laura Peal. The Peal family is fourteenth person. As we were all

the pioneer coordinators of the Youth boarded and ready to begin our

For Christ International program flight to Chicago, we received an

in Puerto Rico. There they focus on announcement over the loudspeaker

ministry in local schools and hold a saying that our plane was having

youth group every week, while also engine problems. The airline staff

being lights of Christ to all they come told us that the mechanics would try

into contact with. It was a great op- to manually fix the problem and then

portunity to work next to them and explore other possibilities. One long

to serve them, the people of Puerto hour later, we were finally told that

Rico, and ultimately God. we were going to have to de-plane

Our mission trip started very and wait for further information.

early in the morning on May 26th. The hope we once lost of maybe

We all had to be “bright-eyed and not serving as a complete team was

bushy-tailed,” or at least somewhat seeming to come back to us. As we

functioning to get through security re-entered the airport by our gate

and board our plane to head off for we saw the face of our fourteenth

San Juan. After we eventually got member and could do nothing else

through security and were waiting by but praise God. This was one of the

our gate ready to board, anxiously many ways we saw His mighty hand

prepared to start our trip, we all working.

had some things coming we definitely Of course, with the delay in our

weren’t expecting. Not to mention, in travels, we had to find new flight

this time of our journey, we had only plans. Doing this with a large group

thirteen of our fourteen members of people wasn’t the easiest thing

of the team through security, due to to arrange. Eventually, after several

an alarm clock not going off. With hours of sitting in the airport, we got

many phone calls trying to wake up the news that a rescue plane was

said person, our fearless leader, Mr. going to be sent from Chicago. From

Richer said that we would have to go there, our airline split us into two

ahead and he would stay behind groups--one would go straight to

10 | The Crusader

San Juan and the other group would have a fun day because we were
have another connecting flight, then all working together and efficient-
arrive in San Juan relatively close ly, so we got the opportunity to go
to the same time the first group got snorkeling, visit an old fort, and go
there. After we landed in Puerto Rico to the Bio Bay which was a cool sight
we then had to drive two hours to Is- to see! Thursday rolled around and
abella, the town the Peal family lives we decided that we were going to
in, to stay the night and get moved stay until Friday to work more on
into our missions house we would be the roofs, but God had other plans.
staying in for the time there. As Daniel went to go buy our ferry
tickets for Friday, he came back with
Our plan for once we finally the news that we weren’t able to
made it to Puerto Rico was to travel go back to the mainland of Puerto
on a ferry to the island of Vieques Rico until Sunday afternoon. In great
and serve there at a church. We shock, most of us got a little antsy
headed out for Vieques leaving a hearing this, because we left the ma-
majority of our things back at Isa- jority of our clothes back at Isabella
bella because we were only going to and staying for a few more days
work there from Tuesday to Thursday seemed very stressful. Another down-
or Friday, depending on how fast our side to this was that we were going
group finished the work projects. At to participate in the church’s service
this church we were mainly working back at Isabella by preparing songs
on redoing their pews by sanding and skits, but then again, God had
them down and staining them, and other plans.
also were power washing people’s
roofs and sealing them off with coats We arranged with the pastor in
of paint. We also had some time to the Vieques church of what we were
going to do for the service, and he
told us that the message he had pre-
pared must be one God was wanting
us all to hear, which was very encour-
aging in this time of stress. So with
only a few days to prepare, Laura
and Josie, their daughter, made
their way over to Vieques and also
brought the music we needed for this
service. This was a burden taken off
my shoulders knowing that we had
the music at least put together, and
the skits were coming along too. Then
Sunday came around, and it was
such a neat experience to see how
the people of Puerto Rico praised
God, and the privilege it was to

The Crusader | 11

worship with them. It may have life and ministry.
looked a little funny to us, but by The youth sports camp we did
playing a tambourine, or small hand
drum, we were all making a joyful in Aguadilla was a chance for the
noise to the Lord even though there Peal family to start a Youth for Christ
was a language barrier between us. outreach there also. This opportunity
After the service I left that church was a great one for us to use sports
encouraged and mentally changed to minister and just be friends to the
by seeing kids, which was many of the team
the way the
people of members’
Vieques loved favorite part
everyone and of the trip.
served us. It We saw
was truly an kids from
example of different
Christ’s love. apartment
building all
We then come togeth-
sadly said our er on one
goodbyes to court and
the people learn the
of Vieques and traveled by ferry techniques
back to Isabella. Given only one of sports and more about Jesus. As
short week mentioned earlier, even though there
left we split was a slight
the rest of language
the week into barrier, we
painting and were still
then hold- able to con-
ing a youth nect to the
sports camp kids.
in Aguadilla,
a neighboring The last
town. Our night we
missions team spent on the
painted the beach to
missions house that we were staying have a time
in for the Peal family. Mostly the of worship.
exterior was painted, but we also We had a bonfire and brought in
did sections of the house’s interior. a loudspeaker and played worship
Then we got to see the Peals’ family songs while being in awe of God’s
pastor and try his famous espresso presence and the beauty of His cre-
and talk with the pastor about his ation. This night was very impactful
to many members of our team as a
12 | The Crusader way to truly reflect on the work God

has done in
Puerto Rico
through our
service and
in our own
lives. The
next morning
we headed
back to San
Juan and did
some tourist
things before
heading to
the airport.
The trip was
a great experience to see how God works through our service. Another thing
I learned is that we can plan for events around us, but ultimately we must
realize that God is in control. Good things are coming to those who love Him,
even when in the moment we can’t see the true blessing in it all. In closing, I
would also like to thank all of the people who prayed for us and gave finan-
cial support; your willingness to do so was greatly appreciated!

L to R: Daniel Peal, Preston Liebelt (‘09), Dori Brockel (‘20), Francie (Fortune, ‘98)
Davis, Taylor Michaelis (‘21), Tony Campbell (‘20), Jace Burma (‘19), Travis Hass
(‘19), Aja Paul (‘22), Grady Davis (‘19), Jakki Burma (‘22), Victoria Paul (‘19), Josh
Hunt, Sierra Young (‘16), Ashley Sawyer (YFC intern) and Rich Richer.

Next year’s trip will June 4-16; contact SBA is you would like to go!

The Crusader | 13

Mission: Savannah Bird (‘20)

China God provided many students for the
camp. We were able to show God’s
For two weeks in June I attend- love to the students and it was really
ed training camp to go on a cool to see the little one’s eyes light
missions trip to Cina with Royal up with joy every time they saw us.
Servants. One of the things that Even though I didn’t preach the gos-
really impacted me during camp was pel to anyone, I showed God’s love
that we have to make the gospel
attractive and witnessing is not about to the people in China.
me or showing how Reflecting on
smart I am. It always
has to be about Christ! what I learned, the
first thing that came
In early July to mind was humility
we finally arrived in and the danger of
China, where I spent pride. Another lesson
the next four weeks. was what it means to
It was very different! be a leader. Leader-
We visited the largest ship is not about titles,
Starbucks in the world, positions or flowcharts.
and I took a five hour Leadership is about
train ride. Using the one life influencing
bathroom on the train another. It is not simply
was...interesting! The telling people what to
weather was very do; it’s what a person does with their
humid but the people were so nice. influence and power that separates
a leader from an authority. I learned
In Fuzhou we stayed in a private that kingdom leaders influence peo-
school. We had bunk beds that were ple to move from their agenda to
just wood; no mattress, no blankets. God’s agenda. Effectiveness in spir-
But I had an air mattress, so that itual leadership comes from being
was okay. And the school had air solidly rooted in Christ.
conditioning, so that was a blessing! This mission trip taught me how
We went to one place that was serv- to love like God--even people that
ing food. I had no idea what I was I don’t want to love. My goal is to
eating, but after I finished my leader get outside my comfort zone and
told me I had eaten duck, chicken love deeply. I’m striving for the finish
feet, squid (in fried rice) and pig line. Satan can try to pull me down
brain (in a dumpling). The dumplings but I’m developing a firm foundation
were really good...until I found out with God.
what I had eaten!

During our two weeks in Fuzhou

14 | The Crusader

Mission: Shariah Brockel (‘20)
and Abby Haun (‘21)
“I loved their joy and energy
We were part of a group for the Lord,” Abby said. “We had
of seven people, includ- about 40 volunteers helping with
ing leaders, that went to VBS.” Part of VBS including giving
Trinidad through Community Church each child a Colors of the Gospel
of St. Lawrence and in partnership bracelet and explaining the gos-
with Frontier School of the Bible. pel message. On day 3, we shared
Also part of our group were Brad-
ley Hunter (‘22) the salvation
and his mother, message and 55
Starr. We were kids indicated
a small group, that they accept-
but we learned ed Christ for the
very quickly that first time. Praise
it didn’t matter God!
our number, God
could still use us. The fol-
lowing Sunday,
“The very some of the kids
first day we that went to VBS
were there, I was shocked,” Shari- brought their parents to church and
ah said. “It was such a huge culture they loved it. We were hoping for
change and there was a lot more that to happen! Abby recalled a boy
poverty, which made me extra named Darrion who studied at home
thankful for my home.” each night so he could
The main goal while recite all six memory
we were there was to verses and receive a
put on a Vacation Bible Bible. “I will never for-
School at Hope Com- get how happy he was
munity Church. They when he got the Bible.”
had never had a VBS Shariah shared, “I
before. We were trying sensed God through the
to teach the church how whole week at VBS and
to put it together, so it was like nothing I had
that the next year, they experienced before.
could do it all by them- When it came time to
selves. We were hoping leave, we all wanted to
for about 60 children in attendance; stay another week. We created so
by the end of the week there was a many meaningful friendships that I
more than 100! know will always stick with us.”

The Crusader | 15

Spirit Week
Spirit Week 2019 found SBA
students, faculty and staff once blindfolded girls applying make up
again dressed up in outfits to the faces of boys and a Q and
they would rarely wear any other A that resulted in Mr. McClain, Miss
time (unless it is to Hettich and Mr. Pedersen either
bed, since Monday
was pajama day). getting a whipped
The other themes cream pie in the
selected by the face--or delivering
Student Council for a whipped cream
this year’s dress- pie to the face of
up days included a student. By the
Home of the Brave time it was all said
Tuesday, Way Back and done all three
Wednesday, Switch of them had been
‘Em-Change ‘Em on the receiving
Thursday and ‘Sad- end!
er Spirit Friday.
Dress up day
On Monday winners included
evening the students spent a few Aaron Hoffman
hours working on their class post- (‘20), who creative-
ers and floats. Following chapel on ly took Stay In Bed Monday literally;
Wednesday evening Garrett Davis (‘20) who dressed up
the Burning of the as a participant in the Boston Tea
S took place, along Party for Home of
with cheers from the the Brave Tues-
various classes and day; Nina Bekele
sports teams and, won for Way Back
of course, Mr. P’s Wednesday; and
“chicken song.” Shelby Thompson
won for Switch
There was ‘Em’Change ‘Em
a pep rally on Thursday. Miss
Thursday afternoon, Hettich won for the
complete with a faculty/staff. The
staff skit, an update senior class won
from the coaches the poster judging,
of the fall sports, the junior class won
cheering and typical the float judging...
pep rally silliness--including students and everyone had
running with both arms and legs in a lot of fun! The culmination of the
the sleeves of hooded sweatshirts, week was Homecoming on Friday.
Read on for Friday details!

16 | The Crusader

Opposite: Jade Burma lights the S; Mr. Pedersen sings the chicken song. Left column, top to bottom: Aaron Hoffman on Stay in Bed Monday, Nina Bekele The Crusader | 17
and Katie Nguyen on Way Back Wednesday; Miss Hettich on Way Back Wednesday. Right colum, top to bottom: Garrett Davis on Home of the Brave
Tuesday, Shelby Thompson on Switch ‘Em-Change ‘Em Thursday; Jimmy Burma on Way Back Wednesday in one of the more popular outfits of the week.

Friday, September 27, brought Travis Hass and Autumn Hoffman
many alums and family mem- both returned to help recognize this
bers back to
SBA for our annual years winners.
homecoming cele- Jade Burma and
bration. Dori Brockel (top)
were selected king
The festivi- and queen, with
ties began with Iver Paul and Ka-
coronation at tie Nguyen select-
10:00 a.m. Iver ed as runners-up.
Paul (‘19), Student
Body President, Next was a
welcomed every- parade around
one. Superinten- the teardrop;
dent Jason Watson each of the high
introduced each of school classes and
the candidates for the junior high had
the crowns, after a float. The junior
which seven under- float took top
classmen sang the honors, with their
Homecoming Song. creative depiction
of the SBA faculty
Mr. Miller then and staff.
offered a short de-
votional challenge At 2:00 the
targeted at the Crusaders took
seniors, emphasiz- on the Jaguars of
ing the importance Corsica-Stickney.
of being ready SBA lost the game
for what life will 46-16. Jade
bring their way by Burma caught both
putting on all of the SBA touchdowns,
armor of God. Mrs. one a 14-yard
Heidi Seaman, the reception and one
Student Council advisor, announced for 45 yards.
the runners-up and king and queen. The evening ended with a dinner
in the east gym.
18 | The Crusader

Left column from top: The senior class float behind an explosion of confetti; seniors
throwing candy to the crowd from the back of their pick up truck and float; the junior
class with their faculty/staff “faces;” Sydney Triebwasser, Kimberly Robbins and Aja Paul.
Right column from top: Jade Burma evading tacklers; Teigan Clark running the ball; EJ Big
Eagle passing.

The Crusader | 19

Finding Your Story

The week of September 16-
20 was our annual Spiri-
tual Life Emphasis Week.
Our speaker this year was Jeremy
Hamilton, the South Dakota Area
Ministry Director for InterVarsity
Christian Fellowship. The theme for
the week was “Finding Your Story,”
and the reminder that Mr. Hamilton
emphasized during the seven chapel
sessions was, “To know my story, I
have to know God’s story.”

Three of the seven sessions in-
cluded some brief drama presenta-
tions of parts of the Gospel of Mark.
The second session was entitled
“Thirsty,” in which red Solo cups were
used to represent the various ways
in which people try to find fulfillment
and happiness. The next session
was about the Parable of the Soils
in Mark 4. Wednesday evening’s
session was entitled “Compassion of
Christ” from Matthew 9:35-38, which
ended with Mr. Hamilton asking us
to think of--and share--examples of
how we have seen compassion in ac-
tion. This fit perfectly with the theme
for this school year, “Do Love.”

The two sessions on Thursday
talked about diversity in the church
and how family can be expanded
to include the family of God, not just
our biological families. The week’s
reminder was reworded: “To know
our story....”

During the final session everyone
was challenged to reflect on what
we had learned during the week to
write a journal entry or article or to
draw a picture.

20 | The Crusader

Sunshine Bible Academy is seeking to fill these two positions im-
mediately. Should you know anyone who might be interested in
either please ask them to consider applying. Additional informa-
tion, and employment applications, are available at http://www.

Director of Maintenance. This individual will oversee, and be an
active part of, the daily operation and coordination of the mainte-
nance and cleaning of the facilities, grounds and vehicles of Sun-
shine Bible Academy in order to provide clean, safe, efficient and
structurally sound facilities and vehicles that offer students, faculty
and staff the best possible atmosphere for meaningful instruction
and learning. Between dormitories, multiple classroom buildings,
two gyms, a chapel, all of the faculty/staff housing and a vehicle
fleet, SBA is almost like a small town. In other words, this position is
much more involved than a typical school maintenance position!

Director of Admissions. The Director of Admissions shall be
responsible for coordinating admissions procedures at Sunshine
Bible Academy. The Director shall do this by creating admissions
procedures and documentation, being a part of the interview
and admittance decisions, overseeing admissions-related events,
shadowing, tours, and outreach programs. The Director shall ensure
a focus on bringing into SBA students committed to the core values
and purposes of Sunshine Bible Academy.

The Crusader | 21

Crusader Athletics

Cross Country team. L to R: Garrett Van Zee, Everett Paul, Payton Fox, Jade Burma
(back), Addison Pearl (front), Aimee Sepulvado, EJ Big Eagle, Gage Davis, Coach
Greg Pedersen.

Football team. L to R (standing): Coach Ben Lindvall, Coach Jamie McClain, Jimmy
Burma, Tristan Boardman, Denver Henry, Nolan Triebwasser, Dylan Hass, Gage Davis,
Bradley Hunter, Everett Paul, Daniel Gerbracht, Owan Watson, TJ Paul, Coach Josh
Hunt, Coach Jason Burma. L to R (kneeling): Cole Beals, Iver Paul, Teigan Clark,
EJ Big Eagle, Jade Burma, Garrett Davis. Not pictured: Josh VanHeuvelen, Daniel
22 | The Crusader

Volleyball team. L to R (standing): Maria Roghair, Aja Paul, Nina Bekele, Bethany
Konechne, Jakki Burma, Shariah Brockel, Sydney Triebwasser, Ruthe Lopez, Ev-
elyn Jones, Kenzie Kluck, Taylor Michaelis. L to R (kneeling): Katie Nguyen, Liza
Konechne, Shelby Thompson, Savannah Bird, Winnie Red Bird, Dori Brockel, Becca
Hofman, Natalie Leland, Sadie Konechne, Abby Haun, Kimberly Robbins.
The Lady Crusaders are coached by Kerry Hass and Lindsey Hettich.

At the 281 Conference Cross Country meet on September 25 Payton Fox finished
first among JV girls. Jade Burma finished third among varsity boys and the boys team
finished first overall.

The Crusader | 23

SBA Foundation David Paul

The Blessings of Rain

A common topic of conversa-
tion this summer has certainly been
rain. “How much did you get?” “We
got....” And then the conversation
would continue in amazement as to
what all that water caused, whether
flooding, roads closed, bridges or
culverts washed out, or the worst
possible for the wife, water in her basement!

The response to all the abundance of rain, for me, was in watching
the prairie pastures and hay fields grow lush with ever-changing vege-
tation as I had never seen before. Most dramatic here in the Mud Butte
area was the yellow sweet clover growing six feet high and covering most
of the gumbo country west to the Black Hills. Going down the highway you
saw only the cows’ backs but not their calves. Capitalism sprang to life
and there were suddenly honeybees arriving by semi loads.

Now I should talk about the SBA cattle program. The cattle program
has for many years been a great fund raiser for the school. The families
that have run one or more Sunshine cows over the past many years have
truly blessed Sunshine Bible Academy. While the calf that sells in the fall
supports the school, the raising of that calf is a blessing for the produc-
er as a visual product of his skill and hard work. A few years ago I was
making arrangements to bring a bred heifer to a producer who had sold
the old Sunshine cow he had. He told me, “Could you bring me a black
baldy heifer? My cows are all black and when I check on my cows I like it
easy to pick out the Sunshine cow’s white face.” It was easy for me to see

where this man’s heart was.
God has provided feed

in abundance. Would you
run an extra cow or two for

Give Dan Todd a call
(605-280-9214) or Cheryl
McClain (605-853-3255) or
myself (605-748-2481).

Our world needs God’s
Truth For Today’s Youth.

24 | The Crusader



Gift Given By In Memory of

Given to General Fund

Dale & Ruth Paulson Tom Kosakowski

Rich & Millie Richer Linda Peterson

Dale & Ruth Paulson Linda Letellier

Rich & Millie Richer Wayne Johnson

David & Janet Paul Linda Peterson

Harold Delbridge Linda Peterson

Dan & Carol Eggebraaten Linda Letellier

Dan & Carol Eggebraaten Linda Peterson

Dan & Carol Eggebraaten Delbert Bauer

Tom & Judith Brady Bob Hunt

Tom & Judith Brady Doug Jones

Ardella Hettich Harlin Hettich

Dan & Carol Eggebraaten Donna Lee

Ron & Edith Crosby John Olinger

Jamie & Cheryl McClain Doris Rudesill

Joyce Weiss Doris Rudesill

David & Janet Paul Grace Todd

Mavis Clark Jim Clark

Jim & Marjorie Letellier Rose Paulson

Rich & Millie Richer Rose Paulson

Dale & Ruth Paulson Rose Paulson

Given to Building Fund

Dale & Ruth Paulson Linda Peterson

Given to SBA Foundation

David & Janet Paul Roger Paul Scholarship Fund

Sunshine Bible Academy can benefit from eligible purchases made through
Amazon Smile. It’s easy to do...and if you shop through Amazon anyway, why not
let your purchases benefit SBA at the same time?

All you have to do is go to, sign in to your Amazon ac-
count, type “Sunshine Bible Academy” in the charity search box, and select “Sun-
shine Bible Academy (Miller, SD)” as your charity. Then just shop as you always
do on Amazon, and Amazon will donate 0.5% of your eligible purchases to SBA!

The SBA Foundation is also an eligible Amazon Smile recipient. Whether you
select SBA or the SBA Foundation, you are contributing to our mission of equip-
ping today’s youth to apply God’s truth!

The Crusader | 25

SBA Family News

Lisa Lowman (‘18) married Duane
Ingalls on August 10. They reside in Tom (‘07) and Sage (Moreland, ‘08)
Midland, TX. Hunt welcomed Hannah Jean (4 lbs
13 oz and 18.25 inches) and Jackson
Caleb Clark (‘11) married Angela James (6 lbs 9 oz and 18.25 inches
Cardoza on September 7. They reside long) on August 22. Hannah and Jack-
in Vale, SD. son join older sisters (and twins!) Rebec-
ca Carolyn and Elizabeth Annette.

ENGAGEMENTS Ryan and Allison (Hahn, ‘09) Holtan

Cheya Goertzen (‘18) and Lonny Strid welcomed Emma Jean on August 23.
will be married on October 21 in Aber- Emma weighed 6 lbs 11 oz and joins
older sister Maraya.
deen, SD.

D.J. Beckwith (‘13) and Shelby Raper NEWS
This group of “Norris Gals” got to-
were engaged on September 1. A
wedding is planned for August 2020. gether in Rapid City for a great time
of reminiscing recently. (Back): Mary

Megan Burma (‘12) was engaged to (Weiss) Hanson a friend of the group,
Sharon Allard, Marva (Case) Letell-
Blake Onken on October 1.
ier, Colleen ( Berry) Kayras, Dawn

(Merchen); (Front): Melonie (Merchen)

We love to include news about our Medalen, and Sue (Bauman) Smith.
alums! Please send all information Seven of the group attended Sun-
and updates to [email protected] shine Bible Academy together. Sharon,
Marva and Colleen graduated in 1970
and Melonie , Ronnell, Sue and Mary

graduated in 1971.

26 | The Crusader


Upcoming events...

OCT BEST Robotics Game Day
19 Brookings - SDSU

OCT State Cross Country Meet
26 Huron

NOV All-State Orchestra and Choir Concert
1 Sioux Falls

NOV Servant Days and Senior Trip (9-15)


25-29 Thanksgiving Break


DEC Christmas Concert - 7:15 p.m.

DEC Semester Exams

DEC Christmas Break Begins

JAN School Resumes
6 Third Quarter Begins

The Crusader | 27

400 Sunshine Drive | Miller SD 57362 US Postage
Address Service Requested.
Madison,SD For more information:
Permit No. 32 | 605.853.3071

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