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Codex Supplement (9e) - Deathwatch

Codex Supplement (9e) - Deathwatch

Keywords: wh40k

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;���T;�!�� !•�=-t�k_,_XENOPURGEi'DISCIPtlNE --�-:."'
� • �""";:-:'::=_. .·XrX.P..aBseeenYfnndKoo_orEoppeRmuutmhrrlyggeoee(bdrddeaeii-tlsstsrccloeiiinppl,llligDniiennEgneeAedTuirunHsapsWitntelAeigctTahaCdttheHeoepDfrstetaeyshbtcueahllectLihscbi)mbe,prlooeoarwnwryiteu,sorYscusoaofucnroarcOnkaPnbnsSoesYewclKeiutEcahrRtlaelwtmroiohrfonoitdclhdlheeliopssinrcoteiphwpsDaleyitrn6ckshetntsoihoc(egwpseePonpeSweoYCrewKoarEetsdRerefsexrkoaf:nrmcSoohpwmtaphscot.eehwMeerarines).


The psyker peers into the timeless eddies Before the empyric might of the psyker, teeming
warp, seeing future echoes of whatever sinuous, throngs of lesser minds are swept aside in a
scuttling or bounding movements the enemy will purgation that purifies the unclean,
make before imprinting this foreknowledge into Witchfire: Psychic Cleanse has a warp charge
the minds of his brothers to guide their aim. value of 6. If manifested, roll one D6 for each

!� Blessing: Premorphic Resonance has a warp enemy model within 9" of this PSYKER: on a 6,
charge value of 6. If manifested, select 'one that model's unit suffers l mortal wound.
..·l-� friendly DEATHWATCH unit within 18" of
this PSYKER. Until the start of your next 5. MANTLE OF SHADOW
,.{..:�..,. ,:·« Psychic phase:
The psyker draws a shadow over his allies,
shrouding their presence from enemy senses and
, Any Overwatch attacks made by that unit assuring the completion of priority missions
score hits on rolls of 5+. without detection.
If that unit starts the Fight phase within Blessing: Mantle of Shadow has a warp charge
Engagement Range of any enemy models, it value of 6. If manifested, select one friendly
can fight first that phase. DEATHWATCH INFANTRY unit within 12" of this
Each time a melee attack is made by a PSYKER. Until the start of your next Psychic
model in that unit, add l to that attack's phase, if that unit does not shoot or declare a
hit roll.

2. FORTIFIED WITH CONTEMPT charge, enemy models cannot target that unit
with ranged attacks unless they are within 12" of
Fanning thefires of the Deathwatch's hatred it or it is the closest eligible unit.
into an inferno of contempt, the psyker instils a
feeling of such vehement disgust in his brothers
that they shrug offthe direst of injuries in their 6.SEVERANCE
determination to exact their vigil's vow. The psyker has trained his powerful mind to
Blessing: Fortified With Contempt has a warp single out entities from which his foes gain their
I- charge value of 6. If manifested, select one strength, snipping their influence with his razored
friendly DEATHWATCH INFANTRY or DEATHWATCH thoughts. In an instant, commanding screeches
BIKER unit within 18" of this PSYKER. Until the fade to whimpers, inspiring presences falter and
communications vomit babbling nonsense.

start of your next Psychic phase, each time a Malediction: Severance has a warp charge value
model in that unit would lose a wound, roll one of 7. If manifested, select one enemy CHARACTER
D6: on a 5+, that wound is not lost. unit within 18" of this PSYKER.

3. NEURAL VOID • That unit suffers 1 mortal wound.
• Until the start of your next Psychic
11ie psyker assails the target with a void-
black darkness upon their minds, woven from phase, reduce the range of that unit's aura
psycliomantic shadow. Mental cohesion and abilities by 3" (if the result of the Psychic
coordination begin to break down, orders become test was greater than that CHARACTER
garbled and impetus blunted. uunntiti'lstLheeasdtearrsthoifpycohuarrancetxetriPsstiycc,htihcepnhase,
enemy units cannot benefit from that
Malediction: Neural Void has a warp charge unit's aura abilities).
value of 7. If manifested, select one enemy unit
within 18" of this PSYKER. Until the start of your
next Psychic phase:

Subtract 1 from the Attacks characteristic of
models in that unit.
oaEsnactlyhhetthtimearcegleoatsceohsftatrehgnaeet micshydaeurcgnleai.trecdanfobretshealtecutnedit,

-- -­,._. ......,� -�•· ~ ..."�--··- - - . ��..,._- �.-w- 40

-_-_- _-.. -'"-'��-----�----._,. _...-- ..--..•.,_-,··.·1·-,,..,�._·..>.-- �---. --- -­�....... ·--•.·,_, -.-,.-.­.... ��--�--- --.,_-_ .:��:;-. .----
--�- ..,._
.,,... .__

-· ..

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