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Royal Docks Academy Newsletter DEC 2019 b

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Royal Docks Academy Newsletter Dec 2019

Royal Docks Academy Newsletter DEC 2019 b

Issue 5
December 2019

Message from

Mr Blaney, Executive Headteacher
Mr Carter, Associate Headteacher
Ms Taze, Associate Headteacher

Dear Parents, Carers and Families Thursday 28th November saw our ex-students from last year
return to receive their GCSE certificates. It was a wonderful
A warm welcome, at this cold time of the year, to the winter evening as we reunited our students and the staff to
edition of our newsletter. I would like to extend a particularly celebrate their achievements. Their certificates were
special welcome to the parents and carers of our Year 7 presented to them by the Vice Chair of Governors in the
cohort. presence of their families. Some students also received
In line with the start of every academic year, this term has rewards in recognition of their exceptional progress or
been extremely busy and has seen our students make sound attainment within a subject, as nominated by the heads of
progress towards their life goals. For the second year in a faculty. Our current Year 11 pupils are working hard towards
row staff and pupils returned to the academy in September their GCSEs next year. They have been in school early and
having learnt about an improvement in our GCSE results and stayed late. They have been in on Saturdays. They have got
of some great individual results for pupils who have worked multi coloured revision cards in different pockets for different
so hard. This is a great step forward for our school but we subjects. We are confident that their hard work will be richly
know we can do even better this year and going forward. rewarded in August.
We were delighted to join the achievement assemblies led
by Heads of Year last week of term. Many pupils were It is important that we are all mindful of the importance of
recognised for their commitment in school, their excellence students being in school every day if they are to make good
in particular subjects and for 100% attendance this term. progress. We ask therefore that parents and carers do not
Regular attendance to school is such a vital cog to a child’s take students abroad in term time. Our Educational Welfare
all-round education and this year the students will receive an Officer (EWO), Ms Ayensu, works tirelessly to ensure that all
award badge, the colour of which is upgraded for every term pupils attend school regularly. Ms Ayensu is a highly
they manage 100% attendance. experienced and trained officer who supports us to establish
Pupils have participated in many educational and cultural the reason for a child’s poor attendance and ensure
visits including the Science Museum, the Lion King musical, appropriate action is taken to support the family and school
the British Museum, the National Portrait Gallery, the London to improve the situation. For our pupils to make outstanding
Aquarium and Sister Act, the musical. In addition to this, we progress we need their attendance to be at least 97%. We
have students representing The Royal Docks Academy in would like to thank all parents and carers for your continued
the Battle of the Bands competition and the completion of support with this.
‘The Rivers of the World’ art project designed by a group of
year 8 students, exhibited at The Crystal and now on display We do hope that you enjoy this edition of the newsletter and
at the entrance to our school. We know how important these we will take this opportunity to wish all pupils and families a
trips and activities are and we look forward to planning many most peaceful Christmas and an enjoyable holiday. Thank
more over the remainder of the academic year. you for your ongoing support, hard work and for working
alongside staff so our pupils, your children, fulfil their true
potential and make progress towards their aspirations.
Yours sincerely,

Mr Blaney, Executive Headteacher, Mr Carter Associate Headteacher &
Ms Taze Associate Headteacher
Pg 4: MFL Championing Languages, Drama’s Lion King Theatre Visit,
English News
Pg 5: RDA’s Trip to Felsted , Physical Education, Battle of the
Bands Competition
Pg 6: History Department - UK Black History
Pg 7: Geography Trip to Walton-on-the-Naze
Pg 8-9: Science News and Science Trip to Centre of the Cell at the
Blizard Institute
Pg 10-11 Mathematics News
Pg 11-12: News from Head of Year 7 and transition
Pg 12: Year 9 News
Pg 13: Year 10 Visit the National Portrait Gallery
Pg 14: Message from Ms Tinsley
Pg 15: Citizenship News - Year Councils & Mock Election
Pg 16: Resourced Provision Cooking Italian Food
Pg 17: Accelerating Your Child’s Learning
Pg 18-19: Schemes of Work for January
Back Page: Term Dates 2020-2021 Newham

Championing Languages Mr Russell

The Modern Foreign & Community
Languages Faculty celebrated with the
class of 2019 at their award evening in
November. MFCL Faculty Champion was awarded to
Pedro (pictured with Mr Russell, Head of Faculty).
Pedro achieved Grade 9 in Spanish, his chosen option
MFL, Grade 8 in Italian and Grade A* in Portuguese,
taken in Y10. We congratulate this talented linguist and
we are proud that we could equip him with multiple
language qualifications for the next phase of his
education and for later in life. The Community
Languages programme promotes and celebrates the
multi-lingual, multi-cultural diversity of the school
population and the wider community we serve. Last
summer, there were sixty-three additional GCSE entries in a
wide range of home languages, providing an extra qualification for our pupils.

The Year 8
pupils were fortunate enough to
attend the massively popular West
End show ‘The Lion King’. With lots of
excitement over the remake of Disney’s Lion King,
this was a fantastic opportunity to witness the Lion
King in real life. Our pupils were blown away by the
incredible set, catchy powerful songs and the
life-size animals parading through the audience! For
some of our pupils this was the first time visiting a
West End theatre- and it did not disappoint!

Ms Coltelli

Years 7-9 poetry competition: entries have been flying in
from RDA’s budding poets for this term’s poetry writing
competition. Each year has a focus related to their area of
study in class, with year seven exploring the theme of
journeys, year eight writing about a place, in particular
their home city of London and year nine the notion of
identity. Mr Brown and Ms Ayerman are keenly awaiting
the deadline at the end of term to begin judging for
prizes and compiling pupils’ work into an anthology.

British Museum Trip: Following our study of Greek Gods in
English, a group of 15 Year 7 pupils visited The British Museum to see the Ancient Greek artefacts. Whilst there, we
were able to see the Temple of Athena as well as learn about Zeus, Poseidon and Athena. We were also lucky enough
to be able to use the Samsung Technology Suite and the pupils used green screen technology to superimpose
themselves directly into Ancient Greece!

4 Mr Brown

Trip to Felstead

On 4th November: Staff and
pupils visited Year 11
Sociology pupils at RDA and
took part in lessons and team
building exercises to try to
build links between the
schools and to give both sets
of pupils a chance to meet
people that they would not
normally encounter and
therefore build cultural
capital. It was a complete
success and resulted in them
giving us 6 more places for
our pupils at their summer

Mr Watkins

Physical Education
The year 10 football
team have made significant improvements this year
and had a fantastic 2-1 win over fierce local rivals Kingsford
last week. Royal Docks took the lead through an Emmanuel
strike but were pegged back just before half time. Docks
were unlucky to have a goal struck off for
offside when a beautiful flowing move involved Reece,

Rio, Dionisio, Orlando and Josh resulted in Marc slotted

In the second half, Archie was the hero, saving brilliantly
from the penalty spot and denying Kingsford with two more
excellent saves. Royal Docks won the game, when
Osabouhien remained alert in the penalty area and coolly
finished from 10 yards out to seal an excellent win. The boys move on next week to the next round of the London cup.

Congratulations to: Reece , Rio , Dionisio , Archie , Marc , Josh , Aleks , Gabriel , Emmanuel , Orlando , Joseph , Jayden
and Paul

Mr Woolsgrove

Royal Docks participated in the
inter-school competition,
“Battle of the Bands”.

This was a competition which included 3 other schools which had a
number of groups taking part. Although our school only had 2
groups, they showed great effort and resilience.
Although our school didn’t win, our pupils did very well whilst

representing our school. I have listed the names below and would
appreciate if you could congratulate them if you see them.
Mahek – Yr 11, Tanya – Yr 11, Radiya Yr 10, Marco – Yr 10
Deborah – Yr 10, Rafah – Yr 9

Mr McKie



When Black History month is celebrated every October, the focus often tends to be
on Black Americans. We hear a lot about the struggles that black Americans faced
and how they overcame many of the racist obstacles that have been put in their way
throughout the last 500 years. We rightly celebrate the fantastic achievements made
by black American inventors, writers, scientists and civil rights leaders; but we often
forget to celebrate our own, home-grown black heroes. The history department wanted to turn the focus
on Black British History this year. Here are some of the stories we shared with our pupils this October.

Claudia Jones – A journalist originally from Trinidad
and Tobago Jones went to live in the USA as a child.
She was deported from the USA for fighting for
black civil rights. She then came to the UK and
started Britain’s first major black newspaper ‘West
Indian Gazette’ and used its pages to campaign
against racism in housing, education and
employment in Britain. She is probably best known
as the person who organised the first Notting Hill
Carnival in 1959

The Bristol Bus Boycott – Between 1948 and 1970 nearly half
a million West Indians left their homes in the
Caribbean to come to live in Britain. They were all British Citi-
zens and had come in answer to a request by the British gov-
ernment for workers to help rebuild Britain. Despite this,
they faced terrible racism and abuse when they
arrived. In 1963 4 young West Indian men, inspired by the
civil rights actions in the USA, decided to challenge the
‘colour bar’ on the buses in Bristol by starting a bus
boycott. Black Bristolians and white supporters boycotted for
4 months, until the bus company gave in and the ‘colour bar’
was lifted. This meant they would no longer stop people of
colour from working on the buses. On 17 September, Raghbir
Singh, a Sikh, became Bristol’s first non-white bus conductor.
This action led to the passing of the Race Relations Act which
made illegal, any discrimination in public places.

The First Black British M.Ps - The 1987 General Election was an historic election Ms Molloy
for BAME representation. Bernie Grant, Diane Abbott, Paul Boateng, Keith Vaz
were all elected as MPs in the 1987 General Election.

It had been almost 60 years since the last British Asian had been elected to
parliament, and there had never been black MPs before this. These MPs paved
the way for more and more people from Black and Ethnic Minority communities
to believe that their voices could be heard and that they, themselves, could get
involved in politics.

In the 2017 election 51 BAME members of Parliament were elected. Although
this is still only around 8% of the MPs in Parliament, it is the most there have
ever been.
It has been predicted that the new House of Commons (after the 2019 election)
is set to be the most ethnically diverse group of MPs we will have ever seen,
with possibly 67 BAME Members of Parliament.


The current year 11 -million-year-old London clay below our feet. While meas-
geography pupils uring the profile of the beach some of the more eagle-
undertook their GCSE trip to Walton-on-the- eyed pupils spotted fossils within the clay. After further
Naze on a dreary autumnal day in October. The investigation and finding a few specimens we were able to
aims for the fieldtrip were; assessing the use of identify shark teeth and tree branches. The teeth come
hard and soft engineering techniques used from a ferocious 3m long shark, known as the ‘sand shark’.
along the coastline, evaluating the value of The branches are from mangrove trees which you can find
land and using technical geographical equip- today in exotic places such as Indonesia and East Africa.
ment. Walton-on-the-Naze is the perfect place The detail on the fossils has been exquisitely preserved
to see a rapidly eroding coastline and the due to the extremely fine clay that encased them for such
attempts of local people to trying to save it. a long time. These fossils indicate that the climate of Wal-
With one turn of the head you can see sea ton-on-the-Naze was once tropical which also means the
walls, groynes, rock armour and managed re- climate of London 55 million years ago was hot and sunny
treat. The geology of the area means that the all year round. Imagine that!
cliffs erode rapidly. The cliffs are made of loose
stones and pebbles that were deposited at the
end of the last ice age which makes them weak
and vulnerable to erosion. The pupils can get a
real sense of how rapidly the coast has
changed over the past 80 years. Even since last
year, the cliffs have retreated over one metre

The geological layer that caught our attention
was not the red crag cliffs but the dark grey, 55

Mr Frew



Year 7 pupils visited ‘Centre of the cell’ in the Blizard Institute where
they had hands on experience of viewing and playing fun games with
different cells of the body. They also had the opportunity to see live human organs and how
certain life style choices like smoking could affect the lungs. The pupils enjoyed their day and
learnt a lot from their experience at the Institute.

This term we had
a fantastic trip
to the aquarium
where the pupils
had a whale of a
time! The pupils
had the
opportunity to
explore the
creatures that
live in our seas,
rivers and
oceans. They
walked through
Pacific Ocean
tunnels, tropical
rainforests and
even a shark
reef to see the
habitats on
planet Earth!

Ms Ahmed


Well done to all pupils on the positive attitude you This operates every Mondays in
have been demonstrating in your lessons and ensure E66 during lunch time with Mr
that you continue to revise at home. Keep this up. Cole. This club is opened to all
Please remember to have your equipment ready for pupils but preferable years 7 –
your lessons. These are calculator (CASIO), mathe- 10. The focus is to give the pu-
matics set, pens and pencils. pils opportunities to improve their problem-solving skills
Class assessments are on-going for all year groups and love for the subject. Please ensure that you sign up to
throughout the academic year so please continue to be a part of this exciting club.
take these seriously as they will help us to see how
much you are progressing. How about having a go at these problems below?

World Mathematics week 1.
Well done to the pupils who participated
in the Mathematics competition during Jason hired a van.
World mathematics week, October 14th – 18th. The suc- The company charges £90 per day plus the cost of the
cessful pupils were all from year 7. The competition was fuel used. The van can travel 6 miles for each litre of
about famous mathematicians. fuel used. Fuel costs 113.9p per litre.
On Monday, Jason hired the van and drove from London
Here are the winners: to Cardiff. On Tuesday, Jason drove from Cardiff to Edin-
burgh. On Wednesday, Jason drove from Edinburgh
back to London and returned the van.
Jason was using the van for a job where he is to get paid
£600. Will Jason make a profit or a loss?


George Yr 7 Tasmia Yr 7
£20 voucher & £10 voucher &
HT certificate HT certificate

Kelci Yr 7: Velislav Yr 7 The diagram is a plan of the floor of Nikola’s room. All
HT certificate HT certificate the angles are right angles. Nikola is going to lay flooring
to cover all the floor. She can choose either carpet tiles
or wood strips. Carpet tiles come in packs of 32 and are
square. They measure 50 cm by 50 cm. Wood strips
come in packs of 10 and are rectangular. They measure
2 m by 25 cm. She only wants to use one type of flooring
and buy as few packs as she can. Which type of flooring
should she use?



Up-coming Events:

UK Intermediate Mathematical Challenge:
Next term the Maths Department will be selecting pupils from all year groups to enter the UK Junior and

Intermediate Mathematical Challenge.
PPE 2: Years 7 - 11

Remember to continue revising thoroughly for your up-coming PPE 2 which will commence week begin-
ning 24th February to 6th March 2020 using Hegarty maths, Corbett maths, Maths genie, Maths bot and
past exam papers (for years 9 – 11).

There are after school revision sessions for: Year 11 on Tuesdays from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Year 10 on Mondays from 3:20 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Happy holidays to you all. Ms Hall
Mrs Mittal, Head of Faculty

Message from Ms Kioi Head of Year 7 and transition

It has been a very successful term. I have been absolutely impressed by the resilience demonstrated by year 7 pupils in
settling down into secondary school life. The quality of classwork and homework; the fluid transition of moving from
lesson to lesson and passion for after school clubs has been impressive. Pupils’ commitment to learning, passion and

zeal for academic excellence has been evident across the year group and progress made has been substantial.
Throughout the term, the pupils have been involved in different activities. Such Pupils include Jedona,

Rachel and Matheus (Yr 7), who represented the school and London Borough of Newham in the London County
Schools championship. This is a great achievement for the pupils and the school and a huge congratulations them.

Year 7 pupils have worked really hard to gain achievement points this year and it is my
pleasure to announce the Top Ten in Year 7:

Name Year Total Achievement Points
Viktorija 7
Alexia Belita 7 165
George 7 132
Daisy 7 111
Lisa 7 93
Tru 7 80
Leonardo 7 79
Yasmin 7 78
Stefano 7 76
Shanzay 7 73


Year 6 Opening evening

Year 7 pupils along with pupils from other year
groups were enthusiastically involved in the year
6 open evening. They spoke to prospective pupils
and parents about their experiences in year 7.
Visitors were impressed by the maturity and
eloquence displayed by our pupils.

Year 9 have made a fantastic start to Ms Kioi
the new academic year.
Most Achievement Points
They have settled into their option subjects well and have made a
good transition into KS4. I am very proud and delighted at the way Ms Shams
the majority of the year group are conducting themselves in
lessons and around the school in general. When visiting their
lessons, they are engaged and focused on their learning. Teachers
are pleased with the attitude of pupils and the fantastic work they
are producing. The maturity they have returned to school with is
noticeable, many of their teachers have commented on this.
Attendance and punctuality are crucial at this stage in their
education and most pupils are on time everyday with a good
attitude towards their learning. We are finishing this term with the
second highest attendance as a year group. Well done year 9, it is
amazing to see so many pupils working hard.

Year 10 visit the National Portrait Gallery

On Saturday 30th November 2019, impressively a group

of year 10 pupils visited the National Portrait Gallery

(just off Trafalgar Square). We were treated to a tour

around the gallery. We were given a talk about specific

famous paintings. Pupils got to see Tudor portraits from

St. Thomas More, Sir Thomas Cromwell, Henry VIII,

Edward, Mary and Elizabeth. I was particularly excited

that they were introduced to the works of Hans Holbein.

They were able to view the original paintings of the

young Henry VIII. As we moved through the gallery, we

were able to see Hogarth’s own self portrait. Pupils were

educated about his famous paintings of London. This was a relaxing Saturday

morning in London. After 90 minutes in the gallery we went for coffee and

wandered along the Mall which had been decorated with the flags for the

NATO summit. We finished off the trip with a walk to Buckingham Palace and

on to Hyde Park. A great day in our fabulous city! Ms Newman


Message from Ms Tinsley – Head of Year 11

This Term, our focus has been on ensuring we are prepared; prepared for the PPE exams, prepared for our
Post-16 education through our college applications, and prepared for our end of year celebrations!
Throughout the final few weeks of this Term, Year 11 have been completing their PPE exams, I have been
very impressed with their maturity, their positive attitude and how sensible they have all been. These ex-
aminations give us a good indication of what the pupils know now, and which gaps need to be plugged be-
fore the next round of PPEs in March, and then the real GCSE examinations in the summer of 2020. It is the
responsibility of each of our Year 11 pupils to ensure they are ready, that they have revised and learnt the
knowledge they need to be successful. Their teachers will support and guide them every step of the way,
but each pupil is responsible for their work in the examination, so they must continue their revision out-
side of school time. I hope you all have a safe and enjoyable festive break. We have one full Term left, so
we MUST make it count. Enjoy Christmas if you are celebrating, take some time to spend with family and
friends, and I look forward to welcoming you back in the new decade!

I’d like to also congratulate the following pupils who
Amazing have been working really hard to gain achievement points this year

and it is my pleasure to announce the Top Ten pupils:

Forename Reg Total Achievement

Ana Maria 11S (Surrey) 153

Quang 11A (Albert) 136

Gemma 11E (East India) 126

Mariana 11A (Albert) 126
Prithi 11S (Surrey) 124
Younes 11E (East India) 116
Mateusz 11A (Albert) 108
Ossola 11A (Albert) 103
Brooke 11E (East India) 98
Nahian 11A (Albert) 97
Ramin 11A (Albert) 96


Message from Miss Tinsley – Citizenship teacher - Year Councils

This Term, we held another Year Council meeting, this time with our newly elected Year 7 Representatives. The Year
Councils comprise of two Reps from each Tutor Group in each Year Group and their meetings are chaired by members
of the SSLT. This time, we were discussing how to effectively encourage our school to recycle more, how we can
celebrate the British Values more, and any feedback from the Tutor Groups. Here are some pictures of the meetings,
and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter - @StudentVoiceRDA.

General Election – Mock Election at RDA

On Thursday 12th December, the United
Kingdom went to the polls to vote for their
local MP, and at Royal Docks, we held our
own mock election. The Year 9 and 10
Citizenship GCSE pupils became candidates
for the main parties, wearing their rosette to
indicate which party they were standing for, and the other
pupils were able to quiz them on the policies. In Tutor time, we
discussed why we were having an election only two years after
the last one, and we investigated the various policies the
parties promised in their manifestos; from Brexit to the
NHS, from education to the economy.

Each Tutor Group had their own
ballot box and ballot papers to
vote, as well as polling stations
set up in the Reception and the
Head Teachers’ PA’s office. At
Lunch time, Year 9, 10 and 11
pupils volunteered to count the

The final result was that the Labour Party won, polling 510 Ms Tinsley
votes, which is a massive 76% of the vote. A big well done to
everyone who took part in the democratic process.


Pupils in the Resourced Provision this term have been learning about cooking simple Italian dishes that
they chose. Pupils went to the school library to choose Italian cook books , pupils looked through the
books and chose the three dishes they will make. They chose to make bolognaise, bruschetta, pizza all
dishes were made from scratch! Pupils worked as a team while learning new cooking skills.
Pupils were encouraged to work independently!


Encouraging Independence – Research shows, independent learners make the
most progress. With this mind attached are the topics of study for core subjects when we
return in January. Some subject teachers have highlighted places to visit, books to read or
programmes to watch that may better prepare them for the upcoming topics.
Please encourage your child to do as much as possible to ensure they have the best
possible start to school in the new year.
Listed below are a number of online resources available to pupils.
All pupils have been registered to access GCSE POD, an online resource that has numerous
instructional videos for almost all GCSE subjects.
Should your child need any support with logging in please contact Mr Davison.

Username: School user ID Password: RD (Fuse School)

Logging in to GCSE POD:
Click - LOG IN

GCSEPOD will then ask you to make up a username and password remember to write these down!
Once logged in explore the different subject videos that interest you.


Schemes of work for January

English Maths Science

Year 7 Northern Lights – watch Simplify expressions, set up expres- Particle model
Northern lights sions, function machines, Substitution, Separating
solving equations and set up equa- Mixtures

Year 8 Animal Farm – watch and/ Add, subtract, multiply, divide, simplify Radioactivity

or read Animal Farm fractions, multiply and divide decimals, Bonding

Year 9 Relationships Poetry - Fractions and Percentages Forces
An inspector calls - Read Cells and Control
an inspector calls Atomic Structure
and the periodic
Year 10 Unseen Poetry - Angles and Trigonometry table
Signs of the four – read Radioactivity
Signs of the Four Electrolysis
Energy and
Year 11 Revise all topics Revise all topics Forces

Fuels, Earth and
Ecosystems and

History Geography

Year 7 Medieval life/Black death -Visit the London Climate Change – visit National
Year 8 Museum History museum
Year 9 Tudors and Stuarts - Visit the National
Maritime museum

British Empire/Industrial revolution - Visit Echo systems – visit Kew Gardens
the National Maritime museum and the for sample echo systems like the
London Docklands museum butterfly house

18th -20th Century Medicine – visit Global Geographical issues
Wellcome collection (NW1 2BE).

Year 10 Germany 1918-1939 – visit the UK Geographical issues

Empireal War museum

Year 11 Elizabethan England – visit the People and Environment issues

National Maritime museum


French Spanish German

Year 7 School; telling the time; food & drink; where you live; in the home
MFL Pets; family; physical descriptions/personality; sport & leisure
Year 7
Minor Travel & tourism; who Describing past leisure ac- n/a
MFL stole the Mona Lisa?; tivities; eating out;
Year 8 personality & charac-
Major teristics; relationships; mealtimes; young peo-
MFL ple’s lives; shopping;
music preferences; planning a party; future
Year 8 fashion; future plans
Minor plans
Year 9 Pets; family; physical descriptions/personality; sport & leisure

Year 10 GCSE Unit 3 - 3.1 Music, cinema & TV; 3.2 Food & eating out; 3.3 Sport
GCSE Unit 4 - 4.1 Customs; 4.2 Festivals
Year 11
GCSE Unit Holidays: GCSE Unit Technology: n/a
travel & accommoda- gadgets; mobile phone
tion; holiday activities; use; social media; pros &
holiday planning; trav- cons of technology
el disasters; past holi- GCSE Unit Home Life:
day descriptions; fu- house & home; home life
ture holiday plans & chores; local area
GCSE Unit Health: GCSE Unit Health: eating
eating habits; healthy habits; healthy diet; sport
diet; sport & exercise; & exercise; teenage
teenage health; dan- health; dangers to health;
gers to health; well- well-being

GCSE Unit Work: careers; pros & cons of jobs; n/a
world of work; part-time jobs; future work plans
GCSE Unit Future Plans: relationships; marriage;
future plans
GCSE Unit Education: school life; education in
France; school rules; pressure on pupils
GCSE Unit Leisure: sports; pastimes; past & future
free time descriptions
Speaking Exam preparation & practice


Term Dates 2020-2021 Newham

Additional early closure days for staff training etc are to be confirmed.

Graphic Novel To all
Classic parents and
Novel carers from
Royal Docks
Book Buzz Academy.
Enjoy your
Monday Christmas
Lunch Holidays

In the

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