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Low Organized Games Project (1) final

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Published by jonicecollins3, 2019-12-09 19:14:19

Low Organized Game Flipbook

Low Organized Games Project (1) final

Low Organized

Jonice Collins
October 8, 2019
KINE 1151 P04

Table of Contents

• Page 2: “Table of Contents” • Page 10: “Submarines and
• Page 3: “Warm-Up Exercises” Mines”
• Page 4: “The Gym Mower”
• Page 5: “The Maze” • Page 11: “Pinball”
• Page 6: “Don’t Get Dizzy” • Page 12: “Human Reversed
• Page 7: “Chaos”
• Page 8: “Birthday Bash” Pinball”
• Page 9: “Bump, Bump, Bump it • Page 13: “Cat, Cat, Dog”
• Page 14: “Skunk Tag”
up” • Page 15: “Free-Throw Shootout”

Warm-Ups Exercises

• 2 Laps around the gym
Each stretch will be held for a total of 12 seconds

Arm Stretches:
• Overhead Triceps and Shoulder Stretch (Left arm/Right arm)
• Arm rotations (forward/backwards)

Leg Stretches:
• Stretch Down (Left leg, Right leg, and Middle)
• Quad Stretch (Right/Left leg)

The “Gym-Mower”

• Ithnestgruroctuinodn,s:wThhileerePaerresotnwBo pheooldpsleppeersrotenaAm’s. Pfeeertsoinn eAachhashtaondp.laIcfeatbaonthy htiamneds on
Person B drops person A’s feet from their hand, it results in automatic
disqualification. There will be objects located on the gym floor (hula hoops, balls,
bean bags, cones, etc.). If either person touches any object located on the ground,
it results in automatic disqualification. The team who makes it to the finish line
which is located at the opposite end of the court without touching any objects

• Objective: Race to the other end of the court against the opposing team first all
while avoid touching, moving, or bumping into the objects that are on the gym

• Key Skills: Arm strength, Speed, and Endurance
• Space Requirements: Half Court
• Time: 3 minuets

The Maze

• Rule: Two separate players are blindfolded at the start line. Each players
gets 30 seconds to analyze the set up of the maze before being blind folded.
The object of the game is to make it through the maze while blindfolded
without physically touching any objects. If you touch an object, you have to
go back to the beginning of the game and start over. Whoever makes it to
the finish line first wins.

• Objective: Successfully make it through the maze while blindfolded without
physically touching, moving, or stepping on any objects.

• Key Skill: Memory and Speed
• Space: Half Court
• Time; 4 minuets

Don’t Get Dizzy

• Rules: Two opponents from each team are to race to the first cone and spin in a
circle for 30 seconds. Afterwards they have to run to the basketball goal line and
shoot the basketball into the goal until they make it in. Once they make the goal,
they have to run to the 2nd cone and hula hoops and spin around for another 30
seconds. Once they’re done they have too hula hoop counting out loud to 20
without dropping the hula hoop. (If the hula hoop is dropped, you have to start
over counting from 1). After finishing, the have to run back to their team and tag
the next person in line and start the process over again. The team who finishes
first, wins.

• Objective: The players must race to stations after spinning around trying to gain
balance and endure stamina, while trying to finish the course.

• Key Skill: Speed, Stamina, Endurance
• Space: Half court
• Time:5 minuets


• Divide the class into 2 teams. Each team will have 2 people who will be “It”.
There will be bean bags placed in the middle of the gym. The team members are to
mcaank,ewthhielier twheay4tpoetohpelemwidhdolearoef “thIte”gtryimes ttroyitnagg tpoeogpelteafsrommantyhebeoapnpobsaignsgatseathme.yIf
you get tagged you're out and will be required to wait on the sidelines. Once you
grab a bean bag from the middle of the court race back to your home side and put
It down. Each person can only pick up one bean bag at a time. The game will be
over when either everyone is out or all the bean bags are taken from the center of
the court. The team with the most bean bags wins.

• Objective: Capture the most bean bags while getting the opposite team members
out of the game.

• Key skills: Speed, endurance, team work
• Space: Half court
• Time: 3 minuets

Birthday Bash

• Students will gather in one big
group. The object of the game is to
work together without talking, to
create a line ranging in order by
their birth month and day, starting
from January.

• Objective: Create a birthday time
line starting from January ending in
December without talking.

• Key Skills: Teamwork skills, and
interpersonal communication skills

• Space: Half Court
• Time: 4 Minuets

Bump it Up

• The students will divide into 2 • Objective: Keep the ball in the air,
teams. Then 2 students from the by passing it to the teammate who
team will be the line leaders. The is across from you.
team members will equally divide 2
lines between each line leader. The • Key Skills: Spend, Team work, and
first person will toss the ball to balance
his/her teammate who is about 5
feet away from her, then she will • Space: Half court
run to the opposite end of the line.
Each team member has to hit the • Time 3 minuets
ball. The first team who keeps the
ball in the air, and gets through a
full rotation wins.

Submarines and Mines

• Three hula hoops (submarines) will be placed • Objective: The object of the game is for the
in the middle of the court. Inside the hula players to run to the opposite end of the court
hoops will be 1 captain and 2 bean bags or without getting hit with a torpedo or becoming
balls which are the torpedoes. The remaining a mine.
students will line up at the half court line. The
captains have to throw the torpedoes at the • Key skills: Teamwork, stamina, balance
students FROM INSIDE THE HULA • Space: Half court
HOOPS, while the students run past the • Time: 2 minuets
submarines to the opposite end of the court.
Captains can go retrieve the torpedoes from
the floor. If a player gets hit by a torpedo they
become a mine. Mines have to sit on the floor
as a roadblock. The mines can tag the
remaining players who are running back and
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The last 3 people standing are the new
captains of the torpedoes.


• Pins/Cones will be placed in the • Objective: To knock down all the
middle of the court. 5-6 people will cones/pins. The team who knock
be placed in the middle of the court down the most pins/cones wins.
to guard the pins/cones. The
remaining players will split into • Key skills: Aim, are strength, and
two teams placed at both ends of team work.
the court. One team will be the
throwers and the other team will be • Space: Half court
the rollers. You can only throw/roll
the ball depending on what team • Time: 2 minuets
you're on. The team who knocks
down the most pins/cones wins

Human Reversed Pinball

• The concept of the game is pin ball • Objective: “Knock down” all the
but with humans!!! 5-6 pinballs human pins, before the pins gets all
(humans) will line up in the middle the players out.
owfiltlhwe ocorkurtto.gTehtheerretmoatirnyintog “pklanyoecrks
down” the pins by throwing a ball • Key skill: Aim, speed, endurance,
at them. If a ball hits a pin in any and teamwork
way they're out. Pins are allowed to
CATCH a ball and throw it back at • Space: Half court
the players to try and get them out. • Time: 2 minuets
If you're ball is caught, you're
automatically out. Whoever gets
the most people out on the opposite
team, wins.

Cat, Cat Dog

• Acilrlcloef. tPhieckstoudneenptesrasroenttoosbiteinit.aTlhaerg“eit” • Objective: Tag a person to be it, the
ppelarysoenrswoinllthgeoirarhoeuanddsathyeincgir“cmleetoowuc”h. iTnhge pbeefrsooren twhehotaigsgietrhrausntsotcohtahseeitthpeetrasgogne’sr
“it "person is able to tag 2 people. When original spot.
the “it” person decides to tag a person
they’ll pat them on their head and say • Key Skill: Speed, teamwork, and listening
“woof” indicating that that person is it. skills.
The catch is the “it’ person has to tag 2
people. The dogs can only get up when • Space: Half court
the “it” person tags the 2nd dog. Once the • Time: 2minuets
2nd dog is tagged the dogs will get up and
try to chase the cat before the cat runs
back and sits in one of the dogs original
scpatotiss.oIuf to. nIfe tohfetchaetdisong’st ctaagtcghedth, ethceadt,otghse
p“ilta’ynreoxct.k, paper, scissors to see whole be

Skunk Tag

All players but 2 are scattered in the playing area. • Objective: Tag students to try to get
Place 4 hula-hoops at the four corners of the new skunks.
playing area, which are known as “Safety Zones”.
Players can stay 20 seconds in a safety zone, or • Key Skills: Listening skills,
until someone else steps into the hoop following observation skills, speed, and
them. Only one player is allowed in a hoop at a teamwork
time. Place another hoop in the middle, which is
the skunk's home. Designate 2 players to be • Space: Half court
skunks, and place them in the centre to begin the • Time: 2 Minuets

game. On the go signal, each skunk chases a
student and try to tag them. If successful, they
change places. The new skunk must run to the
centre hoop and yell "New Skunk!" before chasing

Free-Throw Shootout

• Players split into 2 different • Objective: Each person on the
teams. Team A will go first and team has to make a shot into the
line up at the free throw line. The goal before the other team.
objective of the game is for Whichever team finishes first
every player to make one shot in wins.
the basket ball goal. Once every
person on a team makes a shot • Key skill: quickness,
the quickest wins. Game is effectiveness, and teamwork
• Space: Half court

• Time: 2 Minuets

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