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Keywords: global news

The Shieldmaiden of Baden
road to freedom
APRIL 2021 issue 02

an independent publication

the creativity issue featuring

Siouxsie Q Star

we are the news now.

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We are the now.

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The Shieldmaiden of Baden


Take a closer look.

my view of present days.
a different view than many.


So. My first publication. The They say
Shieldmaiden of Badens view of the
world. Here for you to read. And learn. IN TIMES OF INFORMATION
I will try to show you my world of
information so you can dive in and try Exactly. You can choose to walk in line
to make the fragments of reality fit and be unhappy or you can turn your
into your picture. life around and make yourself aware
what the world you live in really is
The road might be a little bit bumpy about. I hope I can be a good guide on
at first. You are walking on untrotten your journey of conciousness.
land. For years your world was the
same. But I am afraid, I have to tell And never forget.
you: Nothing is how it seems, Life's a journey, not a destination.
Live it.

road to freedom • may 2020 the creativity issue

If it...
...looks like war
...feels like war
...sound on the news like war...

It might be one.

You need to wake up.

road to freedom • may 2020 Was n hier los? the creativity issue

God knows why no one screams.

I do.

here I am. this is for you.

the people of BlackForest
and those who are willing to see.

My people.
And yes. It is in English.

LEARN IT if you can't read it.
Ask someone for a translation, it

brings you in touch with your
fellow beings.

The Shieldmaiden
of Baden


We grow accustomed to the Dark –
When Light is put away –
As when the Neighbor holds the
To witness her Good bye –
A Moment – We Uncertain step
For newness of the night –
Then – fit our Vision to the Dark –
And meet the Road – erect …

Emily Dickinson,
‘We grow accustomed to the Dark’.

Darkness to light.

nothing can stop what is


and the fear will the Shieldmaiden of Baden.
leave you.


Black Forest.
And big planes in the air on a rainy day.
And circles everywhere.

28.04.2021 [email protected]

Check this out:
Seen 28.04.2021 – 12.00 h European Time. Nato. In circles. Over me. And the Black Forest. Not far
from where I sit here.

Oppenau is
where they
caught the
black forest

after 4 hours it is leaving [email protected]

12:45 I found it here

wow and now it has disappeared. Gone. Vanished. 13:15. Was just switched off. Not to be found
anywhere else.
This has inspired me to explain to you, why I find this curious.
First of all: because it happened many times before and I end up with bad headaches. If I feel the
tension starting, I know there might be something going on.
So flightaware is my best friend these days.
Being a marketing special with lots of time on my hand as I have no market to market anything to.
Due to this stupid situation the 1% has manoevered us in.
Thanks God I know what is going on and this might be a part of it. They are doing circles all the
time. Everywhere. This is 14:00h same day. [email protected]

Just another wild day in the midst of the Blackforest. Rainy. Depressing.
But: Had a strange feeling something was going on. Here we go. Flightaware showed me.
Look what I have found. Coincidental. All because I felt strange vibrations and interferences.
Mmmh. Something strange is going on in the black forest.
I want to find out what it is. And so I started writing today. Here we go.
Funny enough it is exaktly at the same spot, where they caught the Black Forest Rambo last year.
The web is full of also english intel about it. And there is a relation to the Rothschilds and to the
Prince in Saudi-Arabia.
While the big search there were many planes flying in straight lines over the land. We all wondered
what they are doing there. Looked like they were scanning the hills.
Today it is rainy and I keep hearing roaring thunder noises. Like in a thunder storm just without the
lightning and the thunder.
So I looked and what I found – is accessible for you find here. Some of it in German in the links.
Yes. I am awfully sorry for this because it is my mother tongue.
Important things I translated and described in the text. It is too much work to translate all, and with
todays online tools almost everything is possible. Even translations.
For translating websites there is a great trick. See here for a tutorial. I can be helpful also in other
So there I sat. In the lockdown. By my window. Staring a the rain and crying a few tears as the 26th
of April was the day my son Kim-Christopher died many years ago. In 89 to be precise. So I have
been in tears for a bit in anyway. And some other things that happened.
But I sat down on my computer and started writing. Like I always do. Because it is like healing. At
least to me it is.
I wonder if it has anything to do with what I know from last year.
About the Rambo and the Black forest and the raid and the prince and the House of Saud, and
media-control and Baden-Baden.
There is nothing to believe. I know there is something going on. I am more than certain.
When they arrested the Rambo there was way too much police about. And it was too much of an
„coincidence“, the prince of the House of Saud had gone missing same time and some other
circumstances you find here documented.
More info about the Blackforest Rambo here – in english. They even call it the „Davos of Baden“.
OMG. It turns my stomach. There was so much to digest already in the previous year that not many
things can shock me.
They never can. But knowing what I know and knowing I am living right in the midst of it – is not a
very comfortable feeling. Not to speak about my own personal situation due to this stupid party
here ongoing in the universe and the planet. The vastness sometimes is overwhelming.
Watching and hearing and feeling the plane circeling over me made me think. Think about what I
already had discovered last year.
So here I sit. And write.
Not that there is nothing to do, but my business dreams all vanished in the haze. I feel like I am
completely starting over again. Like so many times again. I am already used to hard battles. I dont
know it different.
Maybe thats why sadness sometimes comes around and never stays long. [email protected]

And when I can feel it „coming over“ I start writing. Like a maschine, my partner always says and
smiles. And its true. I can write nonstop and sometimes have to stop myself. Many times. And
more than anything: many nights.
So here I am. Waiting for the storm to pass sort of speak and sitting at my desk thinking God, life
and more than anything: my life.
When Kim died in 89 it was my awakening. The hard way. From one day to the next: nothing was
ever the same again. And it felt like my laughter, smile, joy and self-esteem was buried with him
that day.
I did a lot to get over it. Prayed. Cried. Laughed. Again. And again. And all over. And then again.
Cried. Not so many days but mainly around the days when he left this earth. He was an angel. And
I am not just saying this because he was my son. Every mother says there kids are special. Because
they are.
They are special because they are. He taught me how to live. To be strong. To never give up. To be
humble. To be thankful. And all this is since that day part of of my personality. The others say.
I – myself sometimes feel weaker than ever.
Being highly sensitive and being an empath is never a smooth road to travel. I know. Thats why –
when I dry my tears – life goes on.
And my life does. I am very grateful for what I have and the family that I have. Took some work but
now I know. Why I landed with the Sterns and why I am so attracted to the stars and the universe
since I was little.
And so I sit and write. And cry. And smile. And watch planes go by. It is still up there. I can hear and
feel it.
Here is in the Black Forest. In Germany. In the hills, where the Black Forest starts. And today the
place a Nato bird decided to circle and circle and circle for hours.
Not far from it is the place called Oppenau. This is where the arrow points to on the picture in the
It is not far from here but the place where last year things were going on as well.
And it is where they arrested what they call „the Black Forest Rambo“. A guy disarmed 3
policeguys and was on the run. At least this is what msm told us. And I never believed, because I
never believe something at first sight. As it felt strange to me at the time, I started researching.
And as it had been mentioned many times that „he got arrested near an abandoned lung clinic“ -
searched for that – and found more interesting things.
And found out, there was some more funny „coincidences“, which I am happy to share.
When I searched around last year to see what is going on, I found out that there is an Rothchild
old Clinic here. Abandoned. Spooky by the saying of people that live there.
It was founded by Adelheid Rothschild, and in another post I heard people thought „the place
there is haunted as they hear kids screaming at night“ for many decades. They say. [email protected]

I was shocked to find ties there to the Rothschilds. But so I researched even more.
Found the bio in english here of Adelheid Rothschild. She was living there and is buried there.
Later it got sold they say.
In the bio, in the personal notes section it says Chateau Rothschild in Boulogne-sur-Seine was sold
to a Saudi prince after her death in the 1970s. It is said so was Nordrach. Saudis bought a lot of
property here. So did the Russian a few years ago because Baden-Baden seems to be of interest
for them.
A truther has made a German page here. This is what he writes in English:

The investigators could also target numerous influential celebrities from Europe and
also from Germany. According to unconfirmed information, one possible trail may
also lead to the Rothschilds, who own estates not only in Switzerland, but also in the
Black Forest, which includes the Rothschild Sanatorium, a former lung clinic near
Nordrach. Among other things also Bill Clinton was in the past frequent and gladly
seen guest in the Black Forest.
Only a few weeks ago, the region became the focus of public attention when a large
contingent of emergency forces searched for the suspected violent criminal and
gun nut Yves Rausch. However, many observers suspect that there may be more
behind this operation - as military police are also said to have been involved. Bild
online even reported, "On Thursday, officers searched caves, old bunkers and
abandoned buildings."
The Rothschild family is said to have owned numerous properties in the Black
Forest, all of which were reportedly sold off in one fell swoop. The sanatorium is said
to have stood empty for a long time. Residents claim to have heard screams of
children here frequently in the evening and after hours (Epstein pedo network:
secret message for children in cages? Melania Trump's dress causes discussion).
The house St. Georg Nordrach, in the vernacular still called "Rothschild" or "Zajak"
has a very checkered history. There have been lights and shadows.
◼ 1900: The physician Dr. Hettinger erected the architecturally imposing building in
1899 - 1900 and operated a lung sanatorium in it since 1900. For financial reasons,
he sold the sanatorium in 1905 to the "M. A. von Rothschild'sche Stiftung für
lungenkranke Frauen" (M. A. von Rothschild's Foundation for Women with Lung
Disease), which Adelheid de Rothschild had founded on April 7, 1903 in memory of
her father.
◼ 1905: The Rothschild Sanatorium was consciously run according to Orthodox
standards since November 15, 1905, according to the wishes of the founder. The
Jewish doctor and the rest of the Jewish staff lived in the sanatorium building, which
had 48 high, airy sickrooms, social rooms, synagogue, and three separate reclining
halls at different heights.
The property of the foundation also included a Jewish cemetery. Of the 51 Jewish
persons who died in Nordrach between 1905 and 1941, a total of 28 deceased
found their final resting place in this cemetery. [email protected]

On September 29, 1942, the last of the remaining Jews were deported from the
sanatorium and "deported to the East."
◼ 1942: The property was expropriated and transferred to the Lebensborn e. V.. As
early as November 7, 1942, the first child was born in the Schwarzwald home, and
246 more followed until April 1945. Like all Lebensborn homes, the Schwarzwald
home had its own registry office, which registered the births independently, but
without reporting them to the home registry office of the mother and father in order
to ensure secrecy.
As the front came closer and closer, the home was evacuated on April 15, 1945.
The building was first used by Americans, then by the French as a military hospital
for French soldiers.
After the war, according to one estimate, between 1945 and 1955, some 100,000
children were born in the French occupation zone whose German mothers had an
affair with French soldiers. The French government did everything it could to bring
these "French" children to France, even against the mothers' will.
◼ 1947: The building was used as a collection center for these "French" children
from July 1947. Before the children were admitted, the German mothers had to
surrender all rights. The children arrived in France after a health test and were given
up for adoption. The children's home was closed on November 15, 1949.
◼ 1952: In the course of reparations, the sanatorium returned to Jewish ownership.
After a two-year vacancy, in 1952 a son of Baroness Adelheid von Rothschild sold
the property with the sanatorium to Thaddäus Zajac from Schömberg/Calw, whose
first wife was a Polish Jew. Zajac operated the facility again as a pulmonary
sanatorium until 1969, then for a short time also as a cancer follow-up clinic, and
finally as a neurological-psychiatric nursing home.
◼ 1993: In 1993, the "Oberrheinische Kliniken" took over the nursing home. This
operator was taken over by the Median group of companies in 2012.
It is possible that behind all the talk there is only one of many current rumors and
that there is actually nothing to it. The media are currently so inundated with fake
news that even old hands among journalists find it difficult to distinguish real facts
from fake news, because a news blackout is usually imposed by the operational
authorities if, for example, it is a matter of secret operations.
Whether investigations of the ex-properties of the Rothschilds in the Black Forest
actually took place, I cannot confirm at this point, because there is still no tangible
information on this from the authorities (Pedo Elite & Epstein "Cool People" Knew
Maxwell Supplied Minors for Sex - Sex Videos with Prince Andrew (Video)).
Omg. It is all related. Like a puzzle.
Here I found another history document. Yes, German. And it is mentioned in there, that is has been
giving shelter to pregnant women (whose babies seemed to have been sold to France????).
It is even listed as a concentration camp here. So basically it was a breeding camp. OMG. And
after the war listed as a „concentration camp“. [email protected]

It says in this source here:
Since 1905 Rothschild Foundation in Frankfurt had a sanatorium for Jewish female
lung disease (MA Rothschild sanatorium ).The Foundation's founder was Baroness
Adelaide de Rothschild (1853-1935: detailed history of sanatorium and Jewish
community. [Mar 2013]

And there is a connections to the House of Saud. Which one of the princes? I am not sure about it
yet. But I will look deeper into it.
The Saudi Princes that allegedly bought the premises have been visible in the area several times.
They all love Baden-Baden. And all have been here.
But when the news went around about the prince, rumours started spreading.
And it was the same time when other princes in Saudi got arrested. I will find out which one of it
was the Black Forest one. Give me time. There is so many of them that god knows which one is the
one responsible for the Black Forest Events.
They always had close ties as there is also a quite reknown horserace here that can be easily
accessed by Karlsruhe-Baden-Airpark. A former Canadian Base nearby.
They fly their horses in then, I have seen it many times and been to the race many times.
The princes were also active in universities from here to Switzerland, which is in very close
proximity to all this.
pk_campaign=uninews&pk_kwd=20170407. Okay, another German article. But with a function in
google you can have all websites translated in any language you need.
Mainly the article says that he donated a prize for „the research of quantum pieces“ to the
university. So he has been about many times. (Pretty close to Cern, isnt it?)
And that the Saudi Princes are here in the area up to this day, is also real. Till this day. In 2021.
See here an article I found from January 2021. He rented Europapark, a theme park near by. For his
son. Jajaja. Tried to translate it, and it worked.
So it is said, one of the princes had been seen over here and was on the run same time they were
looking for The Black Forest Rambo. This made me curious.
They all have been here over the years. I wonder why.
Obamas. Clintons. Gottschalks and the Godfather of all. Karl-Heinz Kögel. Himself once the CEO
of a company called Media control. If that doesn‘t say it all, then I don‘t know what does.
This is the old Website (of course ignorantly again just in German), but he held the German
Mediaprize annually and all celebrities where always here. It was common to spot Clooney or
Obama or someone among the crowd just mingeling with the tourists.
This is the website of Baden-Baden.
So there is online one question: What is the Awax doing up there?
I am sure we will soon find out. All of us. Everywhere. Take good care. And God bless you all.
And I will keep you posted. For sure. I am the Shieldmaiden of Baden for a good reason. God
knows. [email protected]


of information


says The Shieldmaiden of Baden.

Just because The Shieldmaiden of Baden

stop hidingyou dont

look at it,
doesn't mean it

is not there.

Just because
you don't
see it,

doesn't mean it
is not real

By looking
at things
you take

the scarcity

When you feel
at your weakest

you are at



The Shieldmaiden of Baden




Step into the light.




new you.


Ressourcesressources in German:

good reads and online
Catherine Thurner

Engelsburger Neuigkeiten
avalon earth
Robbie Altwein
Alexander Quade
X22 report - Dirk Dietrich


Siouxsie Q Star

ressources in English:

Super Soldier Talk Nino Rodriguez
Michael Jaco Simon Parkes
Scott McKay
Gene Decode
Santa Surfing Monkey Worx

Nancy Yearouts Blessed2teach
Highroad to Humanity

Charlie Ward

Robert David Steele

and lots more to come.

April 2021 road to freedom issue 02

an independent publication

Editor-in-chief  siouxsie q star

The Shieldmaiden

Road To Freedom is published independently by Blackforest Lightworker
[email protected]

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