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The monthly general and business aviation news magazine for April 2020. Airshows have been cancelled, but that doesn't mean the season's over. Read about how the industry is pushing through and coming out of the Covid-19 crisis stronger.

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In Flight USA April 2020 Edition

The monthly general and business aviation news magazine for April 2020. Airshows have been cancelled, but that doesn't mean the season's over. Read about how the industry is pushing through and coming out of the Covid-19 crisis stronger.

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Liteye’s Counter-UAS Systems for Airports Advancing drone technology and the frequency of
malicious drones at airports has created an urgent need for
[email protected] drone detection and defense systems at airports all over the
(720) 974-1766 world.

Liteye’s combat proven Counter-UAS System is designed to
protect airports and critical infrastructures from hostile small
unmanned air systems (sUAS) incursions. Using similar detect,
track and classify technology currently used by the US military,
the Liteye system gives the airport authority an early warning
capability, allowing air traffic control to temporarily warn off
specific at-risk incoming flights. The system also identifies the
point of origin of the drone user, allowing emergency personnel
to respond appropriately.

Liteye’s Counter-UAS Detection System

DETECT - smart-sensor package capable
of remotely detecting small Drones (UAS)

TRACK - tracking and classifying them,
providing end-user situational awareness
and a

IDENTIFY - forensic tool that assists in
apprehending and prosecuting malicious
drone or UAS operators.

Liteye’s Counter-UAS technology is the ideal
solution for protecting airports against the danger
posed by malicious drone intrusion.

Liteye Systems Inc.
7060 S Tucson Way A,
Centennial, CO 80112, USA

April 2020 3

Calendar of Events
To list your group’s event on a space available basis, please send your event notice with
date, time, place w/city and state, contact name, and phone number to: Calendar, In Flight QUOTES ON: NEW TANKS -
USA, P.O. Box 5402, San Mateo, Calif. 94402, or email [email protected] Cherokee Tanks
Fuel Cells & Metal Tanks 10 YEAR WARRANTY
Cancellations have been noted according to the latest reports at Technical Information or
and other research. If an event is postponed, check the event under the new date. Free Fuel Grade Decals
This Calendar includes only the information available by our press date,
Friday, April 3. Please confirm the status of an event before attending.

APRIL Q Hollister, CA: Antique Aircraft Display & Fly-In, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., MONARCH PREMIUM CAPS
Frazier Lake Airpark, (408) 835-1694, Premium Stainless Steel
4 Q Chino, CA: Living History Flying Day, Planes of Fame. POSTPONED Umbrella Caps
Q Conroe, TX: CAF Gulf Coast Wing Open House. POSTPONED TO for your
4—5 MAY 9. Cessna 177 through 210
7 Q Kingsville, TX: Wings over South Texas. CANCELED
11 Q Waco, TX: The Heart of Texas Airshow. CANCELED. [email protected]
18 Q Chino, CA: Kilroy Coffee Klatch, Planes of Fame. CANCELED
Q Murchison, TX: Wings over Pegasus. CANCELED US: 1-800-843-8033 Keeping aircraft in the air since 1952
18 — 19 Q Louisville, KY: Thunder over Louisville, 11 a.m., Waterfront Park, CDN: 1-800-665-0236 POSTPONED TO AUG. INTL: 1-204-668-3234
19 Q Riverside, CA: Aircraft Display Day Fly-In, 8 a.m., Flabob Airport, FAX: 1-204-339-3351
25 — 26 (951) 683-2309,
Q Petaluma, CA: Historic Airplane Appreciation Day, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., FLY HIGH MHSince
26 Petaluma Municipal Airport, (707) 778-4404. 1985
Q Carthage, NC: Festival d’Avion, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Moore County with
MAY Airport, (910) 215-0861, POSTPONED TO OCT. Aviation Oxygen Systems
Q Montgomery, AL: Maxwell AFB Air & Space Show. CANCELED Mountain
1—3 Q Charleston, SC: JB Charleston Air & Space Expo. CANCELED High MOUNTAIN HIGH
2 Q Houston, TX: CAF Houston Wing Warbird Weekend. POSTPONED Made in the USA Equipment & Supply Company
TO MAY 23-24.
2—3 Q Austin, TX: American Heroes Airshow. POSTPONED. GA and Rotorcraft Pilots use MH Oxygen Systems with Pulse-DemandTM
Q Santa Rosa, CA: Open Cockpit Weekend, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Pacific
5 Coast Air Museum, Sonoma County Airport, (707) 575-7900. sss Makes flying at the higher altitudes safe and comfortable sss
5 — 10 Q Napa, CA: Vintage Aircraft Display, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Napa Airport,
7—8 (707) 944-9236. Portable Pulse-DemandTM Systems
8 — 10 Q San Diego, CA: Historic Aircraft Display, noon to 2 p.m., Montgomery
9 Field, (619) 301-2530. MH XCP
9 — 10 Q Columbus, MS: Columbus AFB Wings over Columbus. CANCELED 1-4 Place
12 — 13 Q Vero Beach, FL: Vero Beach Air Show, gates 9 a.m., Vero Beach
15 — 16 Regional Airport, POSTPONED. Cross-Country
15 — 17 Q Courtland, AL: Wings over Courtland, Sat. 9:30 a.m./Sun. 10:30 a.m., 0ILOT
(256) 366-6796, TO BE DECIDED. System
Q Half Moon Bay, CA: Pacific Coast Dream Machines. CANCELED
Q Havelock, NC: MCAS Cherry Point Air Show. CANCELED EZ BreatheTM
Q Manassas, VA: Leaseweb Manassas Airshow. CANCELED. Cannulas
Q San Martin, CA: Surplus Sale & Radio Control Swap Meet, 8 a.m. to
11 p.m., Wings of History Air Museum, (408) 683-2290,


Q Hollister, CA: Antique Aircraft Display & Fly-In, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Tested
Frazier Lake Airpark, (408) 835-1694, s [email protected]
Q Chino, CA: Living History Flying Day, 10 a.m., Planes of Fame Air
Museum, (909) 597-3722,
Q Fort Lauderdale, FL: Fort Lauderdale Air Show. POSTPONED TO
Q Atlanta, GA: CAF Dixie Wing WWII Heritage Days, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.,
Falcon Field, (678) 364-1110, POSTPONED TO SEPT.
Q Chino, CA: Planes of Fame Air Show. CANCELED
Q Anchorage, AK: Great Alaska Aviation Gathering. CANCELED
Q Chino, CA: Kilroy Coffee Klatch, 9 a.m. to 10 a.m., Planes of Fame Air
Museum, (909) 597-7576.
Q Lakeland, FL: Sun ’n Fun Fly-In, Lakeland Linder Regional Airport, POSTPONED FROM 3/31-4/5. MAY BE RESCHEDULED.
Q Washington, DC:Arsenal of Democracy WWII Victory Capitol
Q Valdez, AK: Valdez Fly-In. NEW TENTATIVE DATE 6/26-28
Q Paso Robles, CA: Estrella Warbirds, Wings & Wheels. POSTPONED
TO 9/18-19
Q Conroe, TX: Gulf Coast Wing Open House, tours 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.,
Conroe-North Houston Regional Airport,
Q Yuba City, CA: Beale AFB Air & Space Expo 2020. CANCELED
Q Abilene, TX: Big Country Airfest 2020. CANCELED
Q Dalton, GA: Wings over Dalton. CANCELED.
Q Miami, FL: Aviation Festival Americas. POSTPONED TO 10/15-16
Q Peru, IL: TBM Avenger Salute to Veterans, Illinois Valley Regional
Airport, (815) 223-8441,
Q Virginia Beach, VA: Warbirds over the Beach, gates 9 a.m., Military
Aviation Museum, (757) 721-7767,

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4 In Flight USA Celebrating 36 Years April 2020

COVER STORY SELLING HISTORY can take on a very difficult and demand-
ing airplane, and operate it safely. We’ve
By Art Nalls flying and a qualified Flight Instructor, (Courtesy Nalls Aviation) done it using a team approach. This is not
and the team is willing to help and train the result of any single person, but by a
Readers of In Flight USA, are prob- replacements. Art is willing to fit in safely handle the Sea Harrier. It’s not whole team being involved from start to
ably no stranger to Art Nalls and Harrier flying, between his other business ready for a museum, yet! finish. However, the team is dwindling
the World’s Only Civilian-owned ventures. Jenna Dolan is ready to be a down. We’ve had a very experienced
and flown Harrier. Articles on his Sea pilot and has been with the team for sev- As Courtesy Aircraft begins their mar- pilot, MGen Joe Anderson, retire from
Harrier (SHAR) FA.2 have periodically eral years. She’s more than qualified. keting campaign, In Flight USA caught up flying. That was huge. We’ve also had
appeared in InFlight USA over the years, There are other former Harrier drivers out with Art to ask a few, important questions… some experienced maintenance people
as his Team SHAR has performed at air- there who could be refreshed and can move on to different jobs that do not pro-
shows across the U.S. 1. Why are you selling? Everything vide the same flexibility and time off to
has been going well. do airshows. So getting a quorum to per-
But as all good things must come to form at an airshow has been a challenge.
an end, Art has enlisted Courtesy Aircraft “Team SHAR has been doing this Don’t get me wrong – everyone enjoys
and Mark Clark to find the right person to for 13 years. We’ve demonstrated that we being the star of the show, but that comes
take over the reins of the operation and at a price. We usually convene on
continue the story. Wednesday, fly out on Thursday, do the
show, and return Monday. Everyone
The Harrier is a special aircraft, doesn’t get home until Tuesday, wiped
requiring the right person to fly it. It is out. That’s nearly a week away, a burden,
part high-performance jet, part helicopter, and a lot of it is weather-dependent. Our
part sports car, part fuel hog, all rolled support trailer and truck have to drive
into one. Not only must the next pilot be where ever, and that’s stressing as well.
a very capable aviator, but also affluent It’s time to pass the torch and let someone
enough to provide the care and feeding of else continue the story.”
this thoroughbred, unique airplane. Not
all who apply will be accepted. 2. Why are you selling now?
Continued on Page 9
With that being said, the purchaser
will not be left completely in the dark or
alone – Art and Team SHAR are still
willing to be part of the deal. Art is still

J.T. Evans


Aircraft Specialist & Used Parts

Specializing in Landing Gear
and Control Surfaces

“We also do Recovery & Storage for Singles & Light Twins”


407-843-4547 Fax 407-425-1817
2501 S. Orange Blossom Trail • Orlando, FL 32805


Volume 36, Number 8 TABLE OF CONTENTS April 2020

650-358-9908 • Fax: 650-358-9254 • E-mail: [email protected] •




By Art Nalls PILOT
Story Begins on Page 4
By Capt. Kip Sumner
Story Begins on Page 33

NEWS World’s Only Civilian-Owned and Flown Harrier For Sale COLUMNS
By Art Nalls / Owner of Nalls Aviation
Stimulus Package Includes $100 Million for GA Airports ......................8 Flying With Faber: My Travel Dream List
FAA Grants NATA Requested Crewmember Relief ..............................16 Guest Editorial: Looking Ahead to AirVenture 2020 By Stuart J. Faber............................................................29
PIA & Hagerstown Community College Sign Agreement....................18 By Jack J. Pelton, EAA CEO and Chairman ..........................6
FAA Expands Weather Camera Program to Colorado..........................19 Homebuilder’s Workshop: Still Flying
Aviation Manuals Outlines Covid-19 Procedures..................................20 Guest Editorial: Unchartered Territory; Navigating By Ed Wischmeyer ..........................................................34
NATA, NBAA Highlight Challenges for GA in CARES Relief ..............21 through Covid-19
Guidance for Meetings and Events Regarding Covid-19 ....................24 SafeLandings: Adventures in Ground Operations
Sun ‘N Fun 2020 Canceled, Look for Video Series................................26 By Mark Baker, AOPA President and CEO ..........................8 ....................................................................................42
Learn To Fly Center Planned for AirVenture ..........................................28
The Museum of Flight is Now in Your Home..........................................32 Moving and Shaking Aviation Through Reverse DEPARTMENTS
WAI & Univ. of Nebraska Seek to Build Women in Aviation Ranks....35 Engineering
WAI 2020 Conference Hosted Record Number of Attendees..............36 By Annamarie Buonocore ..............................................11 Calendar of Events ..........................................................3
Arsenal of Democracy Flyover Events Moved to September..............40
National Aviation Hall of Fame Offer Virtual Reality Experience ........43 Aerial Fire Fighting Conference of North America Classifieds ......................................................................48
AOPA Fights for Public Benefit Exemptions..........................................44 By Bob Martinez............................................................13
Aircraft Anniversary Celebrations to Take Place at AirVenture ..........46 Index of Advertisers ......................................................50
Interpretations Vary on Flight Training During Pandemic
By David Tulis, AOPA ....................................................14

6 In Flight USA Celebrating 36 Years April 2020

Guest EditorialBoard

2017 Socata TBM 930 2008 Mooney Acclaim M20TN LOOKING AHEAD

Immaculate, one owner, and like new TBM 930. The aircraft has been This M20TN is a stunning, damage free and exquisite example of By Jack J. Pelton
impeccably cared for by the owner and service center maintained since Mooney's high flying and fast Acclaim model.Sure to attract attention with
new. Factory warranties still in effect. This is a pristine, issue free ma- excellent paint and interior and a beautiful three blade scimitar prop. EAA CEO and Chairman of the Board
chine capable of 330 KTAS in elegant comfort at FL310. The owner is Loaded with options - G1000 avionics suite with WAAS, ADS-B In/Out,
upgrading to a King Air and has created a fantastic opportunity to step SVT, GFC700 Autopilot, TKS known icing equipment, speed brakes, and My fellow EAAers, I’m writing
up to a like new G3000 equipped TBM 930 at a significant discount much more! Many extras included, a Sidewinder Power Driver portable this to address the status of
from new. All Trades Considered. Dual instruction, export and worldwide aircraft tug (nearly $2,000 value!), aircraft cover and much more. A true AirVenture Oshkosh 2020.
delivery available! ...................................................................CALL! turnkey aircraft. AllTrades Considered.Dual instruction, export and world- Today (March 26 and at In Flight USA’s
wide delivery available!.................................................... $389,900 press time on March 31) we are still plan-
1991 Glasair III ning on having the event beginning July 20,
1981 Mooney M20J 2020. In that context, I wanted to let people
know how we’re approaching the planning
Built by Michael McCluskey with unmatched quality (Mike owns McCluskey AirplanesUSA Aircraft Sales proudly presents this clean and well cared for process for AirVenture, and to help people EAA AirVenture is planning to go on.
LTD, which manufactures continuation Shelby Cobras atTorrance, CA).No M20J to market.A custom panel with outstanding STEC 60-2 autopilot and understand the timetable as we sort through (Courtesy EAA AirVenture)
expense spared in construction and outfitting of this aircraft. Exceptional numerous aftermarket mods compliment a beautiful "Ready to go" cross the ever-changing world events.
workmanship and beautiful finish both inside and out. New custom leather country travelling platform. Annual due April 2020. All trades considered, Convention being held in Milwaukee, as
interior by Camarillo Interiors, and upgraded Garmin avionics, to include a Dual Instruction, Export andWorldwide Delivery available.........$89,900 Certainly, the world has changed they too look at every contingency,
G3X and G5 EFIS package. Expect an efficient 230 KTAS on 15 gph at dramatically in recent weeks with the including allowing time for preparations
10,000’MSL at 2400 RPM. Glasair experts will quickly recognize the qual- global COVID-19 pandemic, beginning to host the proceedings online if need be.
ity of workmanship and attention to detail .............................$179,000 internationally and now at extremely
concerning levels within the United As we look at AirVenture, with our
Steve Feldman • Sales Manager States. Most of you reading this are own similarly complex but also radically
(650) 394-7610 • [email protected] impacted by state-by-state orders to stay different set of circumstances, we have
home and follow specific CDC guide- the rare luxury of making our decisions
San Carlos Airport • 620 Airport Way • San Carlos, California 94070 lines on social distancing, hygiene, and just a little bit later. While AirVenture
other precautions to slow the spread of 2020 planning began in earnest at the end the virus. The circumstances have of AirVenture 2019, the real onsite prepa-
changed rapidly here as well, with ration work for our annual convention
Wisconsin enacting a stay-at-home man- doesn’t happen until May. That is when
date until April 24. We are supportive of many of our dedicated volunteer work
those restrictions, and at EAA we have parties arrive in force and start the serious
closed our headquarters, with all staff work to prepare the convention grounds.
working from home and adhering to the We have already identified those tasks
most stringent standards possible. But that could be deferred until June, while
thankfully, due to the technology infra- still enabling us to have a safe and suc-
structure investments we have made, a cessful event in late July.
majority of our employees continue to
focus on their daily tasks, which include Currently our timetable for our next
production of your monthly magazine, major decision point is not until May. In
digital offerings, and of course the meantime, we are continually prepar-
AirVenture planning. ing and in planning mode, which includes
a variety of “what-if” scenarios. The
On a daily basis over the past sever- choices are stay the course, delay, or can-
al weeks, I have had countless calls, cel. Of course, the ability to delay would
emails, and teleconferences with EAA be dependent on volunteer support and
members, volunteers, AirVenture exhibitor commitment and probably
exhibitors, sponsors, aviation manufac- could not be later than late August.
turers, our board of directors, and EAA Again, it is important to consider all
employees. This is in addition to assess- options, but it is also possible that even as
ing the daily influx of CDC data and I gather and digest incoming relevant
daily health guidance recommendations information, I may not have any signifi-
from local, state, and federal government. cant updates over the next couple of
weeks. We will understand a lot more
We are also closely following and when we get to the end of April. That is
assessing many of the larger closures of the time most stay-at-home mandates
world events. In the case of the could expire.
Olympics, the world’s athletes have
already lost crucial training time because I want to ensure you that as our
of restrictions imposed in response to the AirVenture planning continues, I will
viral outbreak. It also is a completely keep you posted. I want to thank every-
international event. This meant the organ- one for their patience as we weather the
izers were forced to make their “go/no “storm before the calm.” Frustrating as it
go/go later” decision early on. The same is, we’re in a holding pattern right now.
holds true with the Democratic National The best thing we can do is keep a watch-
ful eye on the conditions and make the

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April 2020 7

Calendar of Events

Continued from Page 3
15 — 17 Q Columbia, CA: West Coast Taylorcraft Fly-In, Columbia Airport.
Contact Jerry Impellezzeri, (408) 356-3407.
16 Q Corsicana, TX: Corsicana Airsho, show starts at noon, Corsicana
Municipal Airport, POSTPONED TO NOV.
Q Riverside, CA: Aircraft Display Day Fly-In, 8 a.m., Flabob Airport,
(951) 683-2309,
Q Petaluma, CA: Historic Airplane Appreciation Day, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.,
Petaluma Municipal Airport, (707) 778-4404.
16 — 17 Q Wrightstown, NJ: JB McGuire “Power in the Pines.” CANCELED
Q Sumter, SC: Shaw AFB Air Expo. CANCELED
Q Atlanta, GA: Atlanta Air Show. POSTPONED TO 2021
Q Santa Rosa, CA: Open Cockpit Weekend, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Pacific
Coast Air Museum, Sonoma County Airport, (707) 575-7900.
Q Napa, CA: Vintage Aircraft Display, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Napa Airport,
(707) 944-9236.
17 Q San Diego, CA: Historic Aircraft Display, noon to 2 p.m., Montgomery
Field, (619) 301-2530. KNIT BEANIE
18 — 20 Q Hampton, VA: AirPower Over Hampton Roads. CANCELED.
23 — 24 Q Miami Beach, FL: Air & Sea Show, South Beach, $18.00
Q Wantagh, NY: Bethpage Air Show, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Jones Beach State KNIT BEANIE SLOUCH STYLE
Park, (631) 321-3510, TACTICAL JACKET
Q Millville, NJ: Wings & Wheels Airshow, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Millville $21.00
Municipal Airport, (856) 825-3047, $144.00
Q Houston, TX: CAF Houston Wing Warbird Weekend, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., PLAID FLANNEL SHIRT
West Houston Airport, (281) 579-2131,
29 — 30 Q San Marcos, TX: Go Wheels Up! AOPA Fly-In, San Marcos Regional Available in men’s and
Airport, POSTPONED women’s styles.
30 — 31 Q Anderson, SC: Anderson Regional Airport Airshow. CANCELED
Q Belleville, IL: Scott AFB Air Show. CANCELED $45.00
Q San Bernardino, CA: Hangar 24 Craft Brewery AirFest. CANCELED
Q Greenwood, MS: Leflore Airport Airshow. POSTPONED TO 2021
1—2 Q Morristown, NJ: Airpower History Tour. ALL TOURS CANCELED
2 Q Chino, CA: Kilroy Coffee Klatch, 9 a.m. to 10 a.m., Planes of Fame Air
5—6 Museum, (909) 597-7576.
5—7 Q Woods Cross, UT: Skypark Aviation Festival, Skypark Airport, (801)
6 Q Reading, PA: Mid-Atlantic WWII Weekend “Gathering of Warbirds,”
gates 8:30 a.m., Reading Regional Airport, (610) 372-7333,
6—7 Q Salinas, CA: California Int’l. Airshow, gates Fri. 4 p.m./Sat. & Sun. 9
a.m., Salnas Municipal Airport, (831) 754-1983,
10 Q No. Wildwood, NJ: Wildwood Airshow. CANCELED
12 — 14 Q Atlanta, GA: Good Neighbor Day PDK Airshow, noon to 5 p.m.,
DeKalb-Peachtree Airport, (770) 936-5440,
13 Q Bryant, AR: Wings over Bryant Airshow, gates 10 a.m., Saline County
1 Regional Airport, (501) 672-9809.
Q Columbus, IN: Aviation Day 2020. CANCELED
Q Hollister, CA: Antique Aircraft Display & Fly-In, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.,
Frazier Lake Airpark, (408) 835-1694,
Q Mt. Clemens, MI: Selfridge ANGB Open House & Air Show, 9 a.m. to
5 p.m., CAF (877) 767-7175,
Q Indiana, PA: Jimmy Stewart Airshow, Jimmy Stewart Airport, (724)
Q Bolingbrook, IL: Cavalcade of Planes, Clow Int’l. Airport, (630) 378-
Q North Bay, Ont.: Armed Forces Day, schedule TBA, Waterfront
Q Toughkenamon, PA: Summerfest, day & night air shows, New Garden
Flying Field,
Q West Milford, NJ: Greenwood Lake Air Show, gates Fri. 5 p.m./
Sat. 2 p.m./Sun. 11 a.m., Greenword Lake Airport, (973) 728-7721,
Q Galveston, TX: Galveston Island 150 Air Race/Bi-Plane Fly-In, Scholes
Int’l. Airport, (409) 797-3590,

Guest Editorial

Continued from Page 6 our organization for the past 67 years.
best decisions as factual information Editor’s Note: As information rapidly
comes in, to ensure the health and safety of changes regarding safety and well-being AOPA members save 10% on purchases. Members with PPS
everyone attending our event. As aviators, of EAA AirVenture guests, staff and vol- Basic, PPS Plus or Life members save 20% o purchases.
we know that this, like all storms, will unteers, as well as the general public,
pass, and whatever transpires over the next please visit the EAA website ( for
couple of months, EAAers will see it the latest information regarding plans for
through with the mutual support and fel- AirVenture.
lowship that have been the cornerstone of

8 In Flight USA Celebrating 36Years April 2020


Navigating Life Through the COVID-19 Outbreak

By Mark Baker ous schools and businesses close in the unknown as this issue goes to press. down, and checkrides being postponed.
past month. The stock market saw its Unforeseen circumstances like this have Many segments of GA are paused as we
AOPA President and CEO worst percentage drop since 1987, and plagued us only once before in my life- wait out this pandemic.
we are facing economic upheaval, but the time, 9/11 – the fateful day in which all
Restaurants and bars are closed, airline industry is among the hardest hit. air traffic was grounded, leaving pilots One thing we do know is that GA is
sports seasons have been can- According to predictions by the stranded and operations in chaos. resilient in times of disaster. As a nation,
celed, international travel is at a International Air Transportation Associa- we’ve been through challenging times
standstill, employees who can are working tion, global airlines are set to lose $113 During that time, AOPA played a and our industry is always there to lend a
from home, and families are left to stock billion in sales as the virus spreads. Many crucial role in getting aircraft airborne helping hand. In natural disasters like
up on food and self-quarantine. Even the have taken drastic steps to cut these loss- again, thanks to staff who essentially hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, and
happiest place on Earth isn’t looking too es. Delta Air Lines is grounding 600 of its camped at FAA headquarters for weeks, now pandemics, we stand united.
happy these days as nearly all entertain- aircraft fleet, American Airlines is cutting advocating for GA in the aftermath of the
ment venues in the United States have international flights by 75 percent until attacks. Amid the heightened security AOPA and several industry groups
closed their doors. COVID-19 has uproot- May and reducing its domestic capacity and state of confusion, restrictions on avi- have been proactive in offering transport
ed the life of Americans in 2020 as the in April by 20 percent, and United ation began to gradually lift. AOPA was a for medical supplies, testing equipment,
highly contagious virus sweeps the globe. Airlines canceled 60 percent of its U.S. key factor in communicating information organ transplants, and key personnel and
flights in the coming months. The turmoil about the status of the airspace system – patients to more than 5,000 general avia-
We are navigating uncharted territo- has left the airlines seeking financial and most important, the organization tion airports. In a March letter to
ry – unlike anything I have seen in my assistance in the form of a government worked with the Department of Defense, Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao,
life. We hear regularly from members bailout just months after record-setting the FAA, and other security interests to we have made it clear that GA and busi-
who are expressing concern about the profits and an unprecedented demand for get GA aircraft flying again immediately. ness aviation stand ready to assist in any
state of general aviation and the implica- air travel. But it’s not just about the bot- way during this national emergency –
tions of this pandemic. It’s leaving many tom line, this crisis is affecting hardwork- No one could have predicted how once again proving the vitality of our
of us, including me, with questions and ing people, many of them AOPA mem- drastically COVID-19 would change the industry.
uncertainty. However, trying times are bers: pilots, flight attendants, gate agents, industry in just a few short weeks. We’ve
what unify us as a nation, as AOPA mem- and ground operations crews who keep seen it trickle down to our own events We’ve been through dark days
bers, and as pilots. For 81 years, we have our aviation ecosystem running every with AOPA having to postpone the R.A. before, and I’m sure we will face chal-
remained true to AOPA’s mission to pro- day. “Bob” Hoover Trophy awards ceremony lenges again, although hopefully not to
tect your freedom to fly, and I want to and Go Wheels Up! Texas featuring the this extent. Although it’s hard to see the
assure our members that we will emerge Should the situation worsen, the AOPA Fly-In at San Marcos, in addition finish line, the people who make up gen-
through this and come out stronger than White House has been in talks of a possi- to canceling many of our safety seminars eral aviation will support one another,
ever. As long as AOPA is operating, GA ble domestic travel ban, although and Rusty Pilots programs. The effects and we will come out on top and be back
will always have a voice. whether that would include GA is on GA are also beginning to emerge with to business as usual soon. Of that I am
some flight schools temporarily shutting certain.
At this writing, we’ve seen numer-


AOPA Works to Support GA Airports Across the Country
A $2 trillion stimulus package the challenges caused by this pandemic,”
passed unanimously by the Senate to sup- Reid-Hillview Airport, San Jose, Calif. (iStock photo, courtesy AOPA) said AOPA President Mark Baker.
port the economy during the coronavirus “These airports provide critical services
pandemic includes $100 million to pro- The money will come from the gen- grant funding to retain at least 90-percent to many communities and account for
tect general aviation airports and main- eral fund, not the Airport and Airway of their workforce through the end of the millions of operations each year, while
tain small and rural communities’ access Trust Fund, and may be used for any pur- year. also doing distinguished service during
to aviation services. pose on which airport revenue may law- emergencies including natural disasters.”
fully be spent. “We need these airports and I just
The funding for GA airports— want to thank those in Congress who Other provisions of the stimulus
which the Aircraft Owners and Pilots No local match will be required as understand the importance of them, espe- package related to aviation require the
Association (AOPA) made a top advoca- the federal government’s share of the cially the thousands of small airports Department of Transportation to take into
cy priority for fighting the pandemic’s grants will be 100 percent. Non-hub and across the country. I appreciate the fact consideration the air transportation needs
impact – is part of a $10 billion emer- small airports were exempted from a con- that they ensured this emergency funding of small and remote communities.
gency appropriation for airports in the dition requiring airports receiving the is a priority as the nation works to meet
stimulus plan that passed the Senate by a The legislation suspends certain avi-
vote of 96 to zero on March 25. The ation excise taxes through the end of
package was approved by the House and 2020 including the passenger ticket tax,
sent to President Donald Trump on cargo tax, and fuel taxes on kerosene
March 27 for signing. used in commercial aviation, including
Part 135 operations.
Of the more than 3,300 airports in
the federal system, 2,815 airports that AOPA is continuously updating its
have no scheduled air service or have coverage of the coronavirus pandemic’s
fewer than 2,500 passengers per year on impact on general aviation. For more
scheduled routes will be eligible for the information please visit or
$100 million in grant awards – roughly directly at
$36,000 per airport. news/2020/march/16/latest-news-coron-

April 2020 9

Cover Story: Selling History

Continued from Page 4 (Courtesy Nalls Aviation) The 2020 Pacific Coast Dream Machines

“Over the years, we’ve accumulated (Courtesy Nalls Aviation) Show has been canceled.
quite a stash of spares. Spare engines, air-
frames, support equipment, manuals, and cal landing at a small airfield. No other air- This decision was not
a two-seater. The two-seater will be deliv- plane, in private hands can do that. made lightly knowing the
ered in flying condition and certified. show's importance as
We’ll do that hard part. But while the air- There are multiple potential candi- the largest fund-raiser for
planes are still in a condition for safe dates.” the Coastside Adult Day
operation and I’m still able to instruct, Health Center,
now is the time. Once I lose my medical 4. What comes with the deal? participating non-profit
that could come to a screeching halt and “Everything but the kitchen sink. We groups, and out of re-
we all know that eventually that will still need that. spect for the tireless
come to pass – sometime. With the spares “Seriously, it’s everything associated efforts of our volunteer
package, the multiple airplanes and our with Harriers, except the trademarked committee.
track record, now is the time.’ “Team SHAR.” We’re keeping that part
of the story. The 2021 Pacific Coast
3. What kind of person would want “There are three airframes, the Sea Dream Machines Show
this? Harrier and TMk-8 will be in flying condi- will take place Sunday,
tion and certified, the GR-3 is essentially 90 April 25, 2021.
“This could be a crown jewel for any percent complete as either a parts supplier
corporation wanting the Harrier as their or static display, spare Pegasus engines, gas In the bigger humanitar-
corporate mascot. Nothing says power turbine starters, numerous uninventoried ian picture, our hearts go
and performance like a Harrier. It can get spares, support equipment, and of course out to all being impacted
into any airshow or any airfield – even a all our thousands of pages of manuals. significantly by the unprecedented situation we’re experiencing. Collec-
grass landing strip. And everyone remem- “But the most important part of the tively, let’s work through this and thoughtfully support each other with
bers where they were, the very first time deal is us. We have 15 years experience kindness in every way possible.
they saw a Harrier hover. Everyone. safely operating this airplane in the civil-
ian world. We know how to service it and To make a donation to the Coastside Adult Day Health
“Or, a high net worth person, wanting prepare for flight, what can and will go Center, please visit
to continue the legacy could be a candidate. wrong, and a network of parts suppliers.
They’d have to have the right attitude We’ve done it all. There may be other
toward flying (no cowboys), and have the potentially flyable airframes available
right hands with training in multiple, high- throughout the world, at a much cheaper
performance jets and helicopters, and of price, but it’s a significant task to get one
course the right bank account to support this. of them in the air. I’m not saying anyone
Airshows, alone won’t cover all the bills. but us has done it. Why would anyone
want to re-invent the wheel?”
“Or someone from the first or sec- If you’re seriously interesting in
ond category who simply wants to con- becoming the new custodian of an avia-
tinue the story and own a piece of history. tion icon, now is your chance. Contact
They don’t have to necessarily fly it Mark Clark at Courtesy Aircraft for more
themselves, and many owners don’t fly details at 1-800-426-8783 (Rockford, IL)
their historical airplanes, but have access or visit their website at courtesyaircraft.
to a qualified pilot cadre who can fly it. com.
The owner can just be the proud parent
owning a unique and historical asset.

“Or someone who wants to take
advantage of the FAA regulations in the
USA and provide historical or training
flights, using the two-seater and a Letter of
Deviation Authority. It’s a unique airplane
and can provide a unique ride. There’s
nothing like doing a 600 knot (681 mph)
low-level flight, then returning for a verti-

10 In Flight USA Celebrating 36 Years April 2020




One-Box ADS-B Solution Low Cost ADS-B Solution

GPS-175 2” Touchscreen GPS GTX-335 ADS-B TRANSPONDER • For Operations Below 18,000ft
$4295 Free Shipping! • Internal GPS-Antenna Included
$3195 • Easy Installation
GNC-355 2” Touchscreen GPS/COM
Includes GTX-335 w/GPS Antenna, GDL-82 ADS-B Transmitter ............ $1795
$6295 Free Shipping! GEA-12 Mini Encoder & USB Charger
Free Shipping
GNX-375 2” Touchscreen GPS GTX-335 w/GPS Antenna........$2995
w/ADS-B Xponder

$6995 Plus Installation

Flight Instruments

* 3)' &HUWLÞHG $2299
* +6, $3125 w/ Bluetooth $1095.95 675$786 (6* 7UDQVSRQGHU $2995
675$786 $'6 % 5HFHLYHU $699
GI-275 EFIS w/o Bluetooth $995.95 675$786 3RZHU 86% 3RUW $349


*, 3)' from $3550 ZULU 3 ANR $850 TAILBEACON-TSO
*, +6, from $3790
*, (QJLQH 'LVSOD\ from $4895 • Bluetooth NOW SHIPPING!
• Auto Shut-Off
• 7-Year Warranty $1999
• Kevlar Cables


We approach each installation with the same goal in mind-the best customer experience possible, and we
install more Garmin avionics than anyone. From basic installs to complete panel and glass retro-fits-we are
the leaders in avionics experience, excellent service, and value pricing.
Call us for your next avionics installation.

April 2020 11



By Annamarie Buonocore they do, but they are exploring with new Airmotive Specialties in January of 1999, IF USA: What is this reverse-engi-
technologies, including UAS, 3D printing, but I have been in aviation much longer. I neering concept?
As an editor with In Flight USA and reverse engineering to expand their was working with my dad since I was 10.
Magazine, I have the privilege of services. They give us hope for the next AMS: We got into warbird restora-
meeting the movers and shakers generation of private aviation. One such IF USA: How long have you been a tion several years ago. We developed
in the general aviation industry on pretty company is Airmotive Specialties based at pilot? processes to be able to do one-off manu-
much a monthly basis. These professionals the Salinas Airport in Salinas, Calif. facturing. We manufacture parts, mainly
and companies are not just good at what AMS: I got my student license when for P-51 Mustangs. The need for reverse
I first heard about the interesting I was 15, but I started flying when I was engineering has really grown due to the
Airmotive Workshop: Where it all hap- new work of Airmotive Specialties from a baby with my father. I have been fixing low volume of airplanes being produced.
pens. (Courtesy Annamarie Buonocore) a friend and In Flight USA contributor on and restoring old and broken airplanes
Facebook. That was when I knew I had to since I was 10 or 12. Continued on Page 12
stop in and check it out on my next round
of deliveries. P.O. Box 5402 • San Mateo, CA 94402
(650) 358-9908 • Fax (650) 358-9254
When one walks in on an ordinary
day, Airmotive Specialties appears to be a Founder ..................................................................................................................Ciro Buonocore
regular shop for aviation maintenance, Publisher/Editor................................................................................................Victoria Buonocore
but when I walked in, the staff was Managing Editor..........................................................................................Annamarie Buonocore
deeply involved in a training session on Production Editors ..............................................................................Anne Dobbins, Toni Sieling
using new 3D and reverse-engineering Associate Editors .................................... Paul T. Glessner, Nicholas A. Veronico, Sagar Pathak
technologies. Feeling awkward, I turned Staff Contributors ..............................................S. Mark Rhodes, Larry Nazimek, Joe Gonzales
toward the door, but the kind owners, Columnists ..................Stuart Faber, Eric McCarthy, Ed Wischmeyer, Marilyn Dash, Ed Downs
Dave and Mari Teeter, offered me a tour Copy Editing ............................................................................................................Sally Gersbach
of their facility and gave me the follow- Advertising Sales Manager ........................................Ed Downs (650) 358-9908, (918) 873-0280
ing interview. It was an enthralling expe-
rience to say the least. In Flight USA is published each month by In Flight Publishing. It is circulated throughout the continental
United States. Business matters, advertising and editorial concerns should be addressed to In Flight USA, P.O. Box
In Flight USA: How long have you 5402, San Mateo, Calif. 94402 or by calling (650) 358-9908–fax (650) 358-9254. Copyright © 2008 In Flight
been doing this and how long has Publishing.
Airmotive Specialties been in business?
In Flight USA is not responsible for any action taken by any person as a result of reading any part of any
Airmotive Specialties: I started issue. The pieces are written for information, entertainment and suggestion – not recommendation. The pursuit of
flight or any action reflected by this paper is the responsibility of the individual and not of this paper, its staff or
contributors. Opinions expressed are those of the individual author, and not necessarily those of In Flight USA.

All editorial and advertising matter in this edition is copyrighted. Reproduction in any way is strictly prohib-
ited without written permission of the publisher.

In Flight USA is not liable or in any way responsible for the condition or airworthiness of any aircraft adver-
tised for sale in any edition. By law the airworthiness of any aircraft sold is the responsiblity of the seller and buyer.

12 In Flight USA Celebrating 36 Years April 2020

HANGARS Moving and Shaking Aviation

4540 Years of Manufacturing Excellence Continued from Page 11

Buy Factory Direct ! There are many older aircraft that are still
• T-Hangars • Electric Bi-Fold Doors being flown, but they are so old that the
manufacturers no longer support them. Or
• Individual Hangars • Corporate Hangars if they do support them, the options are so
costly that people are looking for alterna-
• Maintenance Hangars • Hangar Homes tives. With that, insurance companies and
others have had us look into what we can
Photo by Bruce Selyem do to keep the legacy fleet flying. We real- Reverse Engineering Scanner: The tech-
ly enjoy WWII aircraft, and we had some nology that is replicating parts and keep-
Call Today ! very unique requests over the last few ing ‘em flying.
months. Reverse engineering is all the way
R & M Steel Co. into the airline industry, and it is really (Courtesy Annamarie Buonocore)
growing. That is the training going on
U.S. Toll Free: Phone 1-866-454-1800 • Fax 1-866-454-1801 today. We are being trained by a Canadian AMS: They don’t have the materials
Outside U.S. 1-208-454-1800 company on how to use the 3D scanners. down. When you are reverse engineering
We are replicating older parts through 3D something, you have to show that you are scanning and printing to keep older planes making it equal to the other part. You
flying. This has helped us grow from 12 have to have a whole different approval
[email protected] employees a couple of years ago to about to make the part different. That takes
20 employees today. That is how we got longer and costs more money. That is
Call for Specializing in into it. Insurance companies wanted us to why 3D printing is moving a little slower
promotional New Pilot look into options for obtaining new parts to than reverse engineering. I think we are
Medical Exams make these planes safe to fly. about 10 years away. We have 3D printed
Pricing! some stuff from museums – things that
IF USA: What is a good example of didn’t have to fly. It worked very well.
a time when you used reverse engineering?
IF USA: Is the scanner really big?
AMS:Agood example is the Rockwell AMS: No, it fits in a suitcase. It’s
114 Commander, a single-engine airplane. small and handheld.
A gentleman had a damaged aileron, and he IF USA: Is it difficult to use?
could not fly this plane with a damaged AMS: No, it’s not. The only difficul-
aileron. Nobody could get another aileron ty in it is the drawing. When you are
for him. Nobody had the time or ability to reverse engineering something, you have
make the skins. Because of our processes to to draw the part first. You have to know
do one-off items, we were able to save the how to use the software so that you can get
skin and get the airplane flying. the accurate thickness and dimensions. We
are being trained on the software now so
IF USA: What is parts fabrication? that we know how to achieve that accura-
AMS: Parts fabrication is making cy. The drawing is pretty intense.
whatever part you need. For example, if you IF USA: How much does the scan-
need a wing, we manufacture whatever ner/technology cost?
parts we need to build that wing. We make AMS: A lot. I have over $100,000
the parts to make hinges and other needed invested in this.
items. There is very little 3D manufacturing IF USA: How much do you charge
going on in the aviation industry now. I the client for this service?
think it’s a growing industry that is going to AMS: If there are travel costs, we
be huge with us. In order to manufacture charge for that. That might be the case for
parts for an airplane and sell them on the a museum or something. But to come to
mass market, you have to have a parts man- us, it’s not that expensive. It’s really not.
ufacturer and get approval from the FAA. The laser scanner scans at a high rate,
We have been working under the FARs that which is a huge plus for this new scanner.
allow us to manufacture just one part at a I can do a part starting from scratch in
time. Eventually, we will gain parts manu- about 30 or 45 minutes. With the inspec-
facturing approval, and we will be able to tion software, we can achieve more accu-
produce mass parts. We are working with racy, and it’s an added bonus.
the FAA now to get that certification. IF USA: That answers my ques-
IF USA: Is the scanner a new inven- tions. Thank you!
tion? Airmotive Specialities is here to help
AMS: No, it is not a new invention. with your older aircraft and warbirds. They
This company who made it has been can be contacted at 831/757-7154 or visit
making them for a while, but they told us them online at http://www.airmotives .com/.
just a few days ago that there are only
three companies in California that are
using this technology. It is really going to
revolutionize the restoration business.
IF USA: What are your concerns
going forward?

April 2020 13



By Bob Martinez

If you live in the western part of the The Cal Fire Copter 903 at McClellan
United States, California in particular,
you are very aware of the use of fire- Airfield. (Bob Martinez)
fighting aircraft during the dry season.
Cal Fire and DynCorp are converting six
This year’s Aerial Fire Fighting C130s to 4,000-gallon fire tankers.
Conference, hosted by the Sacramento
Convention Center at the former (Bob Martinez)
McClellan Air Force Base (closed in
2001) now McClellan Airfield and Park DynCorp presented their work and plans COMING SOON
was organized by Tangentlink. The with Cal Fire during this year’s Aerial Fire
Conference and Exhibitors brought Fighting Conference. (Bob Martinez) to the Bay Area and Beyond
together the world of aerial fire fighters Socializing, Education, Food and Fun
on March 4-5, 2020. Columbia Helicopter has an impressive
From innovative new products, display at the Aerial Fire Fighting A People’s University for Senior Adults
companies interacting and people net-
working, the two-day event was packed Conference. (Bob Martinez) Coming Soon
with speakers, a social evening, and shar-
ing ideas to enhance aerial firefighting known as initial attack, has kept the suc- Department of
globally. There are several reasons the cess rate of stopping these new evolving, Aviation History
conference was held at McClellan threatening fires to more than 96 percent
Airfield. Mainly, it is the home of the within the first two hours. This fire-attack and
largest fleet of agency owned (non-mili- scenario is repeated 15 to 30 times a day Aeronautics
tary) firefighting aircraft in the world. during the dry season throughout the state.
Also, McClellan has a “feel” (like Indy); Seeking Veterans and Warbird
exciting events have happened there and Adding to the “feel” of the confer- Enthusiasts
the energy for aerial firefighting in the ence is Cal Fires’ newest air-tanker base.
future was moving on Mach 2. McClellan Air Attack Base pumps more to Come Tell Their Stories
retardant into tankers annually than any
The State of California, CalFire Brought to you by Annamarie Buonocore
Aviation Management Unit oversees the Continued on Page 14
management of California’s aerial wild- The Banyan Clubs Director of Operations/
fire attack and suppression airplanes and and Born to Age! Aviation Department
helicopters. In partnership with the
DynCorp Company, Cal Fire pilot train- [email protected] 650-504-8549
ing and aviation maintenance of the
state’s 60-plus aircraft is undertaken on 415-548-3167
field. Currently Cal Fire and DynCorp
are converting six C130s previously
operated by the Coast Guard to 4,000-
gallon fire tankers. The first of these air-
tankers will be in service this year. Also
of great excitement (but sad) in the aerial
firefighting community is the phasing-
out of the backbone of Cal Fire’s helicop-
ter program, UH1 Huey. Cal Fire’s new
Blackhawk specially-equipped helicop-
ters will be able to deliver about three
times the amount of water as a Huey.

On the horizon, the Blackhawks
flight crew will be able to attack fires and
drop water on fires after sunset. The
Blackhawks with their increased
response speed will deliver the Cal Fire’s
12 helicopter attack crews known as
HELITACK much faster with regard to
fire response time.

These airborne firefighters, like the
airtankers, are strategically located
throughout the state, capable of arriving
over a fire in less than 20 minutes. Cal
Fires emphasis on containing new fires,

14 In Flight USA Celebrating 36 Years April 2020


By David Tulis The question of whether flight training qualifies as an “essential” function during stay- list available at its COVID-19 response
website (
The question of whether flight at-home advisories caused by the coronavirus pandemic remained subject to interpre- except-for-essential-needs/), which pro-
training qualifies as an “essential” vides detail for interpreting the executive
function during stay-at-home tation. (AOPA photo/Chris Rose) order, can be changed periodically,” said
advisories caused by the coronavirus AOPA General Counsel Justine Harrison.
pandemic remained subject to interpreta- also a flight instructor, explained his posi- training exemption is there–they know
tion by industry groups and individual tion that “there are certain sectors in our that we need to keep training” to fill the Although aviation-related businesses
operators. economy that have been identified as void caused by pilot attrition in the com- are included on the U.S. government’s gen-
critical sectors, and one of those is trans- mercial air travel industry. eral list of essential businesses, published
A March 19 executive order by portation. Within transportation you have by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure
California Gov. Gavin Newsom that aviation – and identified within aviation “The California governor’s execu- Security Agency (CISA), flight schools are
compelled most Californians to stay at is flight training … so that is called out as tive order and the state’s Essential not included in an updated coronavirus-
home to mitigate the spread of the coron- a critical infrastructure sector” by Critical Infrastructure Workers list don’t specific list released March 23. However,
avirus has been interpreted by some to Newsom. expressly allow or prohibit flight training CISA states that its list is only advisory in
exempt flight school operations because operations at the moment, and it is nature and is not a federal standard. State
they are considered part of the “critical Thinking ahead, Knuttila said there unclear whether challenges to operations and local officials may defer to the CISA
infrastructure” assets, and “vital to the will be a time “post-virus when the air- will arise at the county or local munici- list, or develop their own list of essential or
United States.” lines are flying again and we’re going to pality levels. Additionally, the state’s nonessential businesses.
need pilots. I think that’s why that flight Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers
Newsom’s executive order (N-33- The Flight School Association of
20) limiting travel exempted “16 critical North America has shared a memoran-
infrastructure sectors whose assets, sys- dum that has been submitted to CISA to
tems, and networks … are considered so provide feedback on the CISA list. In a
vital to the United States that their inca- March 26 statement, FSANA said, “This
pacitation or destruction would have a memorandum affirms the statement that
debilitating effect on security, economic under CISA issued guidance, flight train-
security, public health or safety.” ing would be included as a critical infra-
Californians working in these sectors structure activity. Those engaged in the
“may continue their work because of the provision of and receipt of flight training
importance of these sectors to who work to provide enhanced compli-
Californians’ health and well-being,” the ance with CDC recommendations for
order stated. limiting potential COVID-19 exposure

King Schools CEO Barry Knuttila, Continued on Page 16

Aerial Fire Fighting Conference of North America

Continued from Page 13 foundation products that have been Or go for a lease? A leasing company was Helitack Firefighting’s display empha-
around for decades, including improved on site to put your requirements in place. sized their ability to improve fire
base on the globe. With its vast ramp area versions and new products entering the Water- dropping helicopters – how big of response time and their collapsible tank.
and pumping capability, it is not uncom- market place. Developing technology, a capacity do you need? One hundred
mon to see the only 747 airtanker in the like goggles and navigation and tracking gallons to a 4,000-gallon Chinook. (Bob Martinez)
world, DC 10s BAe 146s, MD 87s, P3s, products for night aerial firefighting, was
and C130s. Not all these aircraft are sta- represented by several companies. The French were on hand to display Coulson Unical’s CH47 N40CU is ready
tioned at McClellan but can arrive from their newest French airtanker, ATR 42
other parts of California and the West Everyone has seen water buckets fire bomber. A Canadian Company has a for action. (Bob Martinez)
quickly to assist California if needed hanging under a helicopter releasing variety of fixed-wing tankers to purchase,
through a cooperative agreement with the water on a fire. The buckets have been take your pick, C130 or their new 737 Air Field. For other events put together
U.S. Forest Service. around for five decades and have provid- Fireliner. If you want to go bigger, two by Tangentlink, check out their website,
ed superior service. At this year’s confer- companies were on hand to discuss their
The exhibit floor at the conference ence, a different water-dropping product DC10 or 747 programs.
center was packed to the limit with com- was introduced with the potential to pro-
panies from all over the world. There was vide a different approach to delivering While at the conference, if a person
no limit to products and services avail- water by helicopter. Helitak Tank, an wanted to get away from the seminars
able, not only to fire aviation but aviation Australian company, has invented a and exhibits for a short time, on the North
in general. water-delivery system that can be placed end of the airfield is the Aerospace
under multi-mission helicopters, like air Museum of California. This five-star
In a separate venue close by, speakers ambulances and law enforcement. The museum with a large indoor display has
were presenting subjects for the two-day tank is collapsible, light-weight, and everything from power-plants to space-
conference on all aspects of what is now fixed to the copter. This new product ships. Upstairs, modern realistic flight
referred to as a fire environment globally. allows a copter to attack a fire without simulators with instructors are available
Updates of new chemicals for aerial deliv- returning to base to attach a bucket. to rent time. Ever want to fly a B17 or
ery on wildfires, the challenges of the fire make a drop in the nearby mountains fly-
service in Australia this summer (their The spectrum of products and serv- ing a fire bomber? Outside there are stat-
summer), were just two of a dozen sub- ices offered had no limits. If you want to ic displays of more than 50 aircraft.
jects presented by experts in their field. buy a fire-fighting water-scooping air-
plane, one powerplant or two, both man- There is a good possibility the Aerial
Back in the exhibit hall, exhibitors ufactures were there to take your order. Fire Fighting Conference of North
were presenting and discussing their America will return in 2022 to McClellan
products. As in any industry, there are

April 2020 15

…the heart of your aircraft®

2019-2020 CATALOG!


16 In Flight USA Celebrating 36 Years April 2020

Southern California Aviation Association (SCAA) FAA GRANTS NATA REQUESTED


11th Annual Professional Development On March 26, the FAA issued Provides additional time for comple-
and Safety Seminar exemptions in response to the National
Air Transportation Association’s (NATA) tion of recurrent training and qualifica-
New Leadership Solutions for Today’s BizAv Challenges requests for relief from certain crew
training and checking requirements for tion activities for ground personnel and
September 9th, 2019 • Carlsbad, CA Part 135 operators.
crewmembers of up to three calendar
All Aviation Professionals are invited to join this extended half-day The two exemptions granted to
leadership development program that will feature expert guest NATA are available to all Part 119 certifi- months after the month that the activity
speaker presentations, panel discussion and a peer exhange forum cated carriers operating under Part 135.
to promote audience participation and dialogue. Two additional exemptions granted to was due to have been completed.
Aviation Professionals from all spheres of the industry, including flight A4A provide similar relief for those con-
department, aircraft management and charter companies, FBOs, ducting training under Part 121. All opera- Exemption No. 18511 and
MROs and others will learn and engage on key leadership and tors seeking to use the available relief are
communication issues that are critical to their personal growth and required to provide a Letter of Intent to the Exemption No. 18512 provide similar
professional success. FAA in the manner and form described in
Topics to be discussed: the exemption, obtain Operations relief for those Part 135 operators
• Cultivating a Strong Aviation Safety Culture • The Leadership Mind- Specification A005 from their FAA
set: Preparing for Leadership Opportunities • Leadership Behaviors: inspector, and follow other conditions and required or opting to comply with Part
Active Participants & Supporters vs Critics & Observers • Talent limitations outlined within the exemption.
Pipeline: Keys to Development and Retention • Effective Cross-gen- Every Part 135 operator should obtain and 121 training regulations.
erational and Cross-funcional Communication carefully review these exemptions.
“NATA staff has been meeting with Exemption No. 18509: Regulations
addressed: §§ 135.293(b), 135.295(e) FAA and other government officials daily
Sponsors: and (g), 135.297(c)(1)(i) and (ii),
135.331(c)(3), (5), and (7), 135.347(a), during this crisis to obtain the latest infor-
Images and visions of Sagar Pathak and 135.351(b)(2) and (c)Provides alter-
native methods to conduct certain mation for members and provide input on
required crewmember emergency proce-
dures during recurrent and upgrade train- industry needs. The Association is grate-
ing, testing, and checking.
ful the FAA is acting quickly to ensure
Exemption No. 18510: Regulations
addressed: §§ 135.245(c), 135.247(a), necessary access to air transportation
135.301(a), 135.323(b), 135.337(g),
135.338(g), 135.339(b), 135.340(b), and remains available,” stated NATA
President and CEO Timothy Obitts.

“These exemptions address several

currency matters of operators. I am confi-

dent additional action granting relief for

certain expiring pilot medicals is forthcom-

ing. In this time of great need, NATA and

our members value the FAA’s willingness

to collaborate on effective solutions,” stat-

ed NATA Vice President John McGraw.

Also available is guidance on

required drug and alcohol testing pro-

grams from the NATA website.

Additional information and re-

sources are available on NATA’s website


Training During Pandemic

Specializing in Aviation Photography Continued from Page 14 Municipal Airport, opted to close opera-
and spread would be considered exempt tions until further notice. from travel limitations imposed by local
authorities.” Schools that determine that their
state or local order allows them to contin-
Flight schools across the United ue providing flight training should also
States were cautious regarding operations, contact their insurance carrier to ensure
reflective of the varying interpretations of they wouldn’t be exposed without cover-
whether continued training was permitted. age if a customer alleges that he or she
was exposed to and contracted the coron-
AOPA Vice President of avirus at the school or in one of the
Publications/Editor Kollin Stagnito flew his school’s aircraft.
1947 Cessna 140 from Chicago’s
Schaumburg Regional Airport March 21 Editor’s Note: Due to rapidly changing
“well before Illinois’ stay-at-home rule information regarding Coronavirus
kicked in” and noted the nontowered airport (COVID-19) responses, it is recommend-
was “buzzing with activity and nearby gen- ed to check with authorities before par-
eral aviation airports were similarly busy.” ticipating in any programs or events. As
of press time March 31, this story was
On the East Coast, Frederick Flight accurate. Please check with AOPA
Center and Advanced Helicopter Concepts ( for updated information.
at Frederick Municipal Airport remained
“open for business” but with the “utmost Many states continue to recommend
regard” for the personal safety of cus- that residents stay home, except as need-
tomers and employees to limit the spread ed to maintain continuity of operation of
of the coronavirus. However, Bravo Flight the federal critical infrastructure sectors.
Training, another flight school at Frederick

April 2020 17


The Federal Aviation Administration Laser Incidents Per Year
(FAA) remains vigilant in bringing
awareness to the misuse of lasers when Year Number of
pointed towards aircraft. The FAA Laser Incidents
recorded more than 6,000 incidents in
2019, compared to 5,663 reports in 2018. 2019 6,136
2018 5,663
Although laser pointers are fun to 2017 6,754
play with, lasers can be dangerous when 2016 7,398
pointed towards the sky. Lasers are 2015 7,346
appropriate in classrooms or in the work- 2014 3,894
place, but not near the clouds. 2013 3,960
Negligently aiming lasers pose a safety 2012 3,482
threat to pilots. 2011 3,591

The FAA and law enforcement ment to reduce laser strikes throughout
agencies continue to inform the public of the country. The FAA wants to let people
the dangers posed by lasers, and the legal know that pointing lasers at aircraft can
consequences. View the FAA’s video create a serious safety risk to pilots and
about the dangers of lasers at YouTube damage their eyes. It is a federal offense
( to point a laser at an aircraft.
UnGVhKKVc) and for additional infor-
mation, see the FAA’s fact sheet below. The substantial number of reported
incidents clearly show that laser strikes
Fact Sheet on aircraft remain a serious threat to avi-
ation safety.
The FAA is continuing its awareness
campaign and working with law enforce-

W. R. SPICER is a retired U.S. Marine
Corps Lieutenant Colonel Harrier Pilot,
who has also flown the A-4 Skyhawk and
several different models of Helicopters.
His career experiences include enlisted
service as a “Sea Goin” Admirals
Orderly, helicopter pilot in Vietnam,
Harrier Squadron Commander as well as
an unusual assignment as an exchange
officer with the Royal Navy and Royal
Marines that found him involved “On Her
Majesty’s Service.”

He is the author of a 5 book series, “Sea
Stories of a U.S. Marine” that have been
inducted into the Library of Congress,
Veterans History Project.

Sea Stories of a U.S. Marine, Book 2

Available on

18 In Flight USA Celebrating 36 Years April 2020



Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics of Aeronautics was PIA CEO Suzanne suing additional education. up to 18 credits at HCC, granted toward
(PIA) hosted Dr. James Klauber, Markle. The agreement will allow students the associate of applied science degree in
President of Hagerstown Community applied technology.
College for a signing ceremony to for- PIA’s Director of Education Jason who complete the aviation maintenance
malize an articulation agreement on Mongan as well as Campus Director technology program of study through The agreement offers the opportuni-
March 6, 2020 at its Hagerstown, MD Butch Adams were also on hand to dis- PIA, and have received the correspon- ty for a PIA student to be able to do
campus. Signing for Pittsburgh Institute cuss the details of the agreement and its ding industry-recognized technical obtain an associate’s degree within
benefits to PIA students interested in pur- license or certification, will be awarded Washington County, MD with enhanced
The additional courses and degree
I Available in both Qref® Book, Card and I Written by Master CFIs with workflow may make it possible for expedited career
new iPad editions and ease of use in mind advancement and additional skills. The
associate of applied science degree in
I Over 50 years of professional experience I Professional design, rugged construction technical studies is a career-oriented pro-
in every checklist gram that focuses on applied technical
skills. It offers an individualized program
Best-Selling Aircraft Checklists of study that may include college course-
work, credit for prior learning, and/or col-
Beechcraft Bonanza A36 285HP 1968 1983 Cessna 210N Centurion 1979 1984 Piper Arrow IV PA 28RT 201 1979 1982 lege-level training programs and appren-
Beechcraft Bonanza C/D 35 1951 1953 Cessna Turbo 182T 2001+ Piper Arrow IV Turbo PA 28RT 201T 1979 1990 ticeships.
Beechcraft Bonanza J/K/M 35 1958 1960 Cessna Turbo 182T/G1000 2006+ Piper Cherokee 140 PA 28 140 1964 1977
Beechcraft Bonanza N/P 35 1961 1963 Cessna Turbo 206H 1998+ Piper Cherokee 150 PA 28 150 1961 1967 About PIA’s Hagerstown
Beechcraft Bonanza V35 A/B 1966 1982 Cessna Turbo 210M Centurion Piper Cherokee 160 PA 28 160 1961 1967 Campus
Cessna 150 1959 1977 Cirrus SR20 Analog Gauges 1977 1978 Piper Cherokee 180 PA 28 180 1963 1973
Cessna 152 1978 1986 Cirrus SR20 G1 G2 2000 2003 Piper Dakota PA 28 236 1979 1994 Eighty-four percent of eligible grad-
Cessna 172 Universal Cirrus SR20 G3 2003 2007 Piper Cherokee Lance PA 32R 300 1976 1978 uates from the Hagerstown Campus start-
Cessna 172M Universal Cirrus SR20 Perspective Piper Navajo PA 31 310 B/C 1972 1980 ed working in the aviation industry or in
Cessna 172N 1973 1976 Cirrus SR22 G1 G2 2007+ Piper Navajo Chieftain PA 31 350 1973 1984 a field utilizing their PIA education for
Cessna 172P 1977 1980 Cirrus SR22 G3 2008+ Piper Saratoga SP PA 32R 301 1980 1992
Cessna 172R 1981 1986 Cirrus SR22 Perspective 2003 2007 Piper Saratoga SP Turbo PA 32R 301T 1980 1987 Continued on Page 19
Cessna 172RG 1998 2006 Cirrus SR22 G3 Turbo 2007+ Piper Tomahawk PA 38 112 1978 1982
Cessna 172S 1980 1985 Cirrus SR22 Turbo Perspective 2008+ Piper Warrior 151 PA 28 151 1973 1977 (Courtesy Pittsburgh Institute
Cessna 172S G1000 1998 2006 Diamond DA20 C1 2007+ Piper Warrior II PA 28 161 1976 1986 of Aeronautics)
Cessna 177RG Diamond Star DA40 2008+
Cessna 182P 2005+ Piper Archer II PA 28 181 1998+ MANY MORE MODELS COMING SOON! PIA Hagerstown was honored as a
Cessna 182R 1971 1978 Piper Archer III PA 28 181 2001+ School of Excellence by the
Cessna R182 Skylane RG 1972 1976 Piper Arrow 180 PA 28R 180 1976 1994 Accrediting Commission of Career
Cessna 182RG Turbo 1981 1986 Piper Arrow II PA 28R 200 1995 2002 Schools and Colleges last year. The
Cessna 182T Analog Gauges 1978 1986 Piper Arrow III PA 28R 201 1967 1971 awards are given to schools for their
Cessna 182T/G1000 1979 1986 Piper Arrow III Turbo PA 28R 201T 1969 1976 efforts in demonstrating a high level of
1977+ achievement among their students and
2001+ 1977 1978 their commitment to the accreditation
2004+ process.

Best-SellingAvionicsQuick Reference The Hagerstown Campus was
recognized at the 2019 Professional
Avidyne Entegra Garmin GNS 480 Garmin GPSMAP 96 Development Conference in late
Garmin G1000 Non WAAS Garmin GNS 530 Garmin GPSMAP 195 September, where Campus Director
Garmin G1000 Garmin GTN 750/650 Garmin GPSMAP 196 Butch Adams and Director of
Garmin G1000 WAAS Garmin GX Series Garmin GPSMAP 295 Education Jason Mongan accepted the
Garmin G600/G500 Garmin MX 20 Garmin GPSMAP 296 award. Hagerstown is the second cam-
Cirrus Perspective by Garmin Garmin 300XL/250XL Garmin GPSMAP 396 pus of PIA to be honored with this title,
Bendix/King KLN 89 AnywhereMap ATC Garmin GPSMAP 495 following PIA Youngstown, which
Bendix/King KLN 90B AvMap EKP IV / IV Pro Garmin GPSMAP 496 earned the School of Excellence in
Bendix/King KLN 94 AvMap EKP V coming soon Garmin GPSMAP 696/695 award 2016.
Garmin GMX 200 AvMap Geopilot II / II Plus Garmin Aera Series
Garmin GPS 400 Bendix/King AV8OR Lowrance Airmap 2000C/1000
Garmin GNS 430 Bendix/King AV8OR Ace Lowrance Airmap 500/600C

Order direct or from your favorite pilot supply

April 2020 19


The State of Colorado Division of Aeronautics will install weather cameras on 13

Automated Weather Observing Systems (AWOS) in mountainous areas, beginning in the

spring of 2020. (Courtesy FAA)

The Federal Aviation Administration Camera Program was born. TIME FLIES...SO SHOULD YOU!
(FAA) is expanding its highly successful The 13 Colorado cameras will be the
weather camera safety program to Colorado. Climb into the cockpit and take control of the legendary P-51
first to be integrated into the FAA Mustang. Log flight time with a highly skilled instructor pilot and
The FAA has entered into a cost-reim- Weather Camera Program outside of experience the outstanding maneuverability and performance
bursement agreement with the State of Alaska. In addition to the accurate weath- of this incredible fighter aircraft. The first-class team at Stallion
Colorado Division of Aeronautics to install er information they receive from AWOS, 51 makes flying the Mustang the adventure of a lifetime.
weather cameras on 13 Automated Weather pilots planning to fly above the Colorado
Observing Systems (AWOS) in mountain- Rockies will soon have the ability to see Our world-class Mustang facility is located at the Kissimmee
ous areas, beginning in the spring of 2020. real-time weather conditions along their Gateway Airport in Kissimmee, Florida – just minutes from
routes before they depart their airports. Disney World Resort.
These cameras will build on the suc-
cess of a 20-year-old program in Alaska This effort is made possible through a ORIENTATION FLIGHTS. CHECKOUT TRAINING.
that has improved safety by providing near- $226,000 reimbursable agreement GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE!
real-time video to pilots from a network of between the Colorado Division of
more than 230 cameras across the state. Aeronautics and the FAA. Under this Stallion 51 Corporation • 3951 Merlin Dr. • Kissimmee, FL 34741
agreement, the FAA will assist the state Phone 407-846-4400 • Fax 407-846-0414 •
In 1999, the FAA determined that with the camera installations, and the state
pilots operating under Visual Flight Rules will own and maintain the cameras. The THE TRIUMPH OF FLIGHT
would benefit from actual views of the FAA’s weather camera website will dis-
current weather conditions where they play still images that each camera captures. America’s Newest National Monument
were destined and the FAA Weather

PIA and Hagerstown CC

Continued from Page 18 schools offering programs in Aviation Joseph R. Lehman
Maintenance and Aviation Electronics. Director of Development • 937.760.8095
the time period of July 1, 2017 to June [email protected],
30, 2018. The average PIA starting salary The instructional staff combine real-
generally ranges between $34,320 and world experience with classroom instruc-
$48,800, while the industry median tion, and a wide range of student and
salary for 2018 was $63,060 according graduate services. PIA’s Career Services
the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While PIA team works individually with each stu-
cannot guarantee employment, graduates dent to reach their employment goals.
receive one-on-one and ongoing place- PIA is often the first stop for many
ment assistance. employers looking for quality employ-
ees. PIA offers an Associate in
Recent graduate’s employment Specialized Technology Degree at its
includes Boeing, Bombardier, PSA West Mifflin, PA, location and diploma
Airlines and Piedmont Airlines among programs in Youngstown, OH,
numerous others. Hagerstown, MD, and Myrtle Beach, SC.

About Pittsburgh Institute Of Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics
Aeronautics was recognized as the #1 school fighting
the nation’s skills gap in a list published
With roots tracing to the Curtiss- in 2018 by Forbes.
Wright Flying Service, Pittsburgh
Institute of Aeronautics (PIA) was offi- There is open enrollment through
cially founded in 1929. Today, PIA is a the year accompanied with admissions
non-profit, career-focused family of requirements. For more information, call
1-800-444-1440, or visit

20 In Flight USA Celebrating 36 Years April 2020

for a
Radio Control Swap Meet
Suggestions for Flight, Ground,
May 2, 2020 ERP, & FBO Planning
8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

12777 Murphy Ave., San Mar n, CA 95046 AviationManuals, the leading mind that your crew and passengers may
provider of digital operations manuals, be quarantined for a minimum of 14 days
SAN MARTIN AIRPORT has recommended procedures to address upon return, so prepare accordingly.
aircraft operator issues surrounding pri- vate aviation operations as governments • Locate suitable and safe airports for
throughout the world respond to growing an emergency landing in advance of the
Senior Living and Care Solutions concerns about the spread of COVID-19. flight. If you’re flying over a remote area
Senior Care Authority, Peninsula will provide you the you may not have medical support readi-
guidance concerning your loved one, including finding “Formalized procedures in the form ly available.
the best places to live, receiving the proper care, and nav- of quality operations manuals and an
igating through a complex health care system. Emergency Response Plan can really • Prepare and review your “escape”
help with preparedness and planning in plan. In the event you would need to sud-
• Free consultations times like these,” said AviationManuals denly evacuate your crew and passengers
• Available 7 days a week CEO Mark Baier. “To prevent the spread from your destination, having a plan at
• Serving South San Francisco to Palo Alto of the disease, authorities stepped up pre- hand will help you coordinate your steps
cautionary measures, so it’s good for to leave as quickly as possible while mit-
For more information contact everyone in an operation to be on the igating the risks of spreading the disease
Annamarie Buonocore at same page,” he added. or becoming infected.
“We try to cover some highlights for • Consider factors such as the flight
[email protected] national and international flights as well crew becoming ill, potential limitations
as ground operations,” Baier said. to airports of entry, and best practices
“Above all, be safe and remember this is upon landing. These procedures should
not just about how dangerous the disease be integrated into your Emergency
is, but really about being a part of the Response Plan (ERP).
effort to help stem its spread.”
• Most important during any kind of
If you can’t avoid travelling, there epidemic, including COVID-19, insist
are many factors to keep in mind. Below everyone - crew and passengers - wash
is a partial list. their hands frequently and correctly.
Proper hand washing should be done
Flight Planning with soap and clean water for at least 20
seconds. Sterilize surfaces frequently.
• If you have an option of meeting
remotely, changing your destination, or • In addition, plan on bringing addi-
delaying your meeting, you may save tional supplies such as face masks, disin-
yourself a lot of trouble, while also pro- fectants and wipes, a disease kit, and
tecting yourself and loved ones from don’t forget to keep your first-aid kit fully
exposure. stocked. Check expiration dates.

• If you can’t sidestep a challenging • Take care when touching surfaces
area, be sure that part of your preflight multiple people come into contact with,
planning is to review what authorities are like widely used touch screens, since
saying about health-related data in the some viruses can survive extended peri-
region. ods on common surfaces.

• If you are flying to regions with • Engage prior to flying with a med-
known COVID-19 infections, keep in ical service provider, such as Medaire for
additional assistance.

Continued on Page 21

April 2020 21



National Air Transportation Association (NATA) representatives have been monitoring the ongoing
provisions for aircraft operations affected by the Coronavirus outbreak. The situation is extremely dynamic,
and operators are urged to review information from all sources to ensure awareness of the latest restrictions

and provisions. Please visit NATA's Coronavirus mitigation resource page frequently for updates.
Representative are there to assist, please contact them at (800) 808-6282 or [email protected]

On April 1, 2020, the National Air The letter emphasizes the critical service requirements for companies here ).
Transportation Association (NATA) and role of general aviation in connecting receiving assistance under the CARES Provisions for loan forgiveness are
National Business Aviation Association communities at thousands of airports not Act. They also asked the Treasury depart-
(NBAA) sent a letter to Treasury served by the scheduled airlines. The ment to consider that most NATA and outlined in the guidance below.
Secretary Steven Mnuchin, seeking addi- industry serves 5,000 airports across the NBAA members are not publicly traded For those who intend on applying for
tional guidance on the loan and grant pro- nation, transporting time-sensitive equip- companies, have limited liquidity, and
visions for air carriers, including certain ment and medical personnel, air ambu- are not required to report operating met- relief through this program, lenders may
general aviation operators, enacted as lance flights, and dozens of other critical rics as described in the initial guidance. begin processing loan applications as
part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and missions as the country responds to the soon as Friday, April 3, 2020.
Economic Security Act (CARES Act). challenges presented by the COVID-19 NATA Offers Assistance and
pandemic. Resources • If you’re a lender, more information
The letter requests that the Treasury can be found here: https://www.nata
Department consider the unique scale and “NATA and our industry partners are NATA is pleased to provide access .aero/assets/Site_18/files/Coronavirus/P
business operations of general aviation air grateful to Congress, the Treasury to loan guidance and applications – as PP%20Lender%20Information%20Fact
carriers and Fixed Based Operators Department, and the agencies for work- outlined in the CARES Act – available to %20Sheet.pdf
(FBOs) when developing guidance on the ing swiftly and cooperatively with us to many of our member companies. It is
loan and grant programs. Under the address the needs of our members, who important that you carefully review all of • An overview of the program is
CARES Act, general aviation businesses not only provide important services the information and apply as quickly as available here:
and FBOs that are contractors to the every day, but are uniquely positioned to possible. We encourage all businesses assets/Site_18/files/Coronavirus/PPP%2
scheduled airlines are eligible to apply for assist in these times of great need. We are apply for these programs. 0--%20Overview.pdf
payroll support grants and loans. pleased they heard our request to include
Part 135 and other general aviation busi- Paycheck Protection Program • If you’re a borrower, more infor-
However, the initial guidance issued nesses in the CARES Act,” stated NATA Loan Guidance and mation can be found here: https://www.
by the Treasury Department presents President & CEO Timothy Obitts. Applications
challenges for general aviation business- s/PPP--Fact-Sheet.pdf
es, as certain requirements were struc- “NBAA worked hard to advocate The Paycheck Protection Program
tured for the scheduled airlines. In their for general aviation air carriers during the authorizes up to $349 billion in funds to • The application for borrowers can
letter, NATA and NBAA requested that development of the CARES Act, and we pay up to 8 weeks of payroll costs, be found here:
the secretary provide additional guidance are pleased that our industry has the including benefits. Funds may also be assets/Site_18/files/Coronavirus/Payche
and flexibility for the general aviation potential to access these loan and grant used to pay interest on mortgages, rent, ck-Protection-Program-Application-3-
community while protecting taxpayer programs. We encourage the Treasury and utilities. These loans apply to small 30-2020-v3.pdf
dollars. Department to carefully consider the businesses with 500 or fewer employees
unique challenges our members face in – also including self-employed individu- The loan application process begins
Review the letter from NATA and applying for these programs as further als, sole proprietorships, and independent on Friday, April 3, and it is strongly rec-
NBAA to the Treasury Secretary guidance is developed,” said NBAA contractors. Businesses with more than ommended that you send in your applica-
Mnuchin at President & CEO Ed Bolen. 500 employees are also eligible in certain tion as soon as possible. The guidance
Site_18/files/Coronavirus/NBAA- industries (size standards can be found states, “Although, the program is open
NATA%20Letter%20to%20Treasury%2 The associations also expressed sup- until June 30, 2020, we encourage you to
0re%20Air%20Carrier%20Relief- port for a recent order by the Department apply as quickly as you can because there
final.pdf. of Transportation to better define air is a funding cap and lenders need time to
process your loan.”

Aviation Manuals Outlines COVID-19 Procedures

Continued from Page 20 reach them quickly. Take the time to find While Airborne required. A number of large airports are
out where local hospitals or emergency developing quarantine procedures and
• For catering, make sure food is kept centers are that can help and test. Finally, • Communicate with Air Traffic locations.
at the right temperature and handled with know your insurance policy, in case you Control in case you need to schedule an
gloves and utensils to prevent food poi- need to be repatriated. emergency landing, or if you require • In the air, your crew should know
soning and cross-contamination. Verify medical equipment and personnel upon who is doing what when it comes to first-
that seals placed on food containers by • No matter the size of your opera- arrival. Keep your emergency procedures aid. If you have a flight attendant, you’ll
the catering vendor are intact prior to tion, everyone should follow the same written down and readily available. have more flexibility than with a one or
consumption. Ensure that anyone han- steps and procedures. A smaller company two-pilot crew. Know what to do in case
dling food or dishes has washed their may have fewer resources available, but • If you suspect a specific onboard a crew member is incapacitated.
hands to prevent the spread of viruses. may be able to rely on third-party han- infection like COVID-19, be sure to let
dlers to help. ATC know so the destination airport can Continued on Page 22
• Keep the contact details of your prepare extra health related measures if
crew and passengers on hand so you can

22 In Flight USA Celebrating 36 Years April 2020

Aviation Manuals Outlines COVID-19 Procedures

Continued from Page 21 or residence as much as you can. infection transmission, monitor your produced thousands of manuals.
• Despite taking precautions, if one of team for symptoms. Products and services include SMS
On the Ground
your crew or passengers becomes sick, • If an employee begins to exhibit Software, Flight/Company Operations
• On the ground - while away and at whether in-flight or after you’ve landed, symptoms, have them wear a mask, seek Manuals, FBO Manuals, International
home base - have a set procedure in place you need to know what to do. Make sure medical attention, and refrain from com- Operations and Procedures Manuals,
identifying who will, or is, able to pro- your ERP covers this. ing to work until a medical professional Minimum Equipment Lists, Emergency
vide first aid and who will be responsible determines it is safe for them to return. Response Plans, and Internal Audit
for calling emergency services. Although FBO Procedures Programs, as well as Letters of
pilots generally have first-aid training, • Prepare for potential staff shortages or Authorization (LOA) support for RVSM,
look into providing this to your ground • For Fixed Based Operators (FBOs), temporary closings and have a plan in place. Data Link (CPDLC / ADS-C), PBN
operations and maintenance teams as travel related health is also an issue. If someone on your team becomes infected (RNP-10 / -4, NAT HLA, B-/P-RNAV,
well. Knowing your ERP well can save FBOs are constantly handling aircraft it may spread to multiple team members or and RNP-1), Enhanced Flight Vision
precious time. from around the world and their person- health officials may force the closure of Systems (EFVS), and EFBs.
nel are meeting and interacting with peo- your facility until it can be disinfected.
• For international travel, upon arrival ple from everywhere. AviationManuals is a member of the
in your destination country, monitor real- AviationManuals supports a client National Business Aviation Association
time developments by checking news • Ensure all employees frequently and base that operates over 4,500 aircraft (NBAA), International Business
updates. Maintain basic hygiene stan- properly wash their hands. During viral worldwide, including 62 Fortune 100 Aviation Council (IBAC), and the
dards, such as washing your hands and outbreaks (such as the flu) consider alter- company flight departments. Based in National Air Transportation Association
keeping a safe distance from people who natives to handshakes. the Washington, D.C. area, the company (NATA). For more information on
are showing symptoms. Try to avoid provides digital operations manuals with AviationManuals, go to www.aviation
large crowds or even small social gather- • Have masks on hand and make update services, as well as SMS software
ings and consider limiting the number of them available to arriving crews and pas- and iPad apps for fixed-wing, rotary-
places you visit and remain in your hotel sengers, as requested. wing, drone operators, and FBOs world-
wide. Founded in 1996, the company has
• If you are in an area at high risk of

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TThhee TTrriinniiddaadd CCeenntteerr


Very nice example of one of the highly covet- Easy to fly S-LSA shows beautifully inside
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24 In Flight USA Celebrating 36 Years April 2020


A number of EAA chapters have will have the best overview on the local As far as chapter meetings, use com- Options for sharing aviation infor-
contacted headquarters regarding guid- situation regarding public events. Many mon sense. Decide whether to hold the mation in place of a regular EAA chapter
ance, options, and cautions regarding states have instituted limits on public meeting after considering the current meeting could include such activities as a
chapter meetings and events, including gatherings. Abide by those state and fed- restrictions that may be in effect in your phone conference on current chapter
Young Eagles rallies, in conjunction with eral declarations. area, any risk factors for your chapter, etc. activities, inviting chapter members to
the coronavirus. Here is some guidance engage in online activities such as EAA
for those chapter leaders, as the situation Most states have closed schools as a Any EAA members or chapter offi- webinars, or even a Facebook Live or
has evolved greatly over the past month precaution and youth organizations have cers who do not feel well should not par- other online webcast of a member show-
and will likely continue to evolve. canceled events for the immediate future. ticipate in chapter events at this time. ing off a current project.
Unless your state is allowing youth activ- Emphasize that the safety and health of
Communicate with your local public ities to take place, EAA recommends all is the primary priority in any decision Your local chapter has a better gauge
health officials (city, county, etc.). They postponing those events at this time. that is made. on the situation in your community than
we at EAA headquarters. They will con-
& Our ATP series is a feature tinue to advise chapters of the latest
loaded MULTI-FUNCTIONAL information we have available.
Features watch also offers an Altimeter
for under $90.00!! General health and safety tips
Large Digital Display Available in either a Standard
Altimeter or Subtractive (Black) Display All people should become familiar
Barometer with the CDC’s suggested health precau-
Thermometer The ATP-Pro is The ATP-Pro II is a more tions, which include:
Multiple Alarms a more bulky, conventional-sized model
23:59hr Chronograph strong G-Shock with a Stainless Case and • Washing your hands for 20 seconds
99hr Count-Down Timer type with a thick Rubber Strap. The and using alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
28 City World-Time Zones plastic casing, but is ATP-Pro II can be for
Perpetual Calendar surprisingly either men or ladies. • When coughing and sneezing, cover
12 or 24 Hour Display lightweight. ATP21200W mouth and nose with flexed elbow or tis-
Hourly Chime ATP1200W sue – discard tissue immediately into a
Electroluminescent BackLight $139.95 closed bin.
Altitude and Barometric Log $129.95
ATP 46 x 16mm|ATP II 42 x 14mm $87.50 • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and
$78.50 mouth with unwashed hands.
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Super Quality Aviator Watches ATC2200B ATC2250Y ATC2250K • Bring personal hand sanitizer and
All ‘A.T.C.’ Pilot Timepieces $450.00 $485.00 $465.00 wipes with you to all public places.

HIGHLY DISCOUNTED • Stay home if you have a fever or feel
Thru Jan 15, 2020 only! unwell, or if local health authorities have
mandated any specific actions as part of a
public health emergency.

For more information, visit the EAA
website at

Editor’s Note: As of In Flight USA’s
press deadline of March 31 most counties
and states continued to recommend shel-
ter-in-place practices. Check with local
officials to better plan for upcoming

Features In Flight
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Designed by and for Pilots
Screw-Down Locking Crown
7.5 Inch Strap/Bracelet Lengths
46mm x 13mm Case Dimensions
Serial Numbers engraved on Caseback

Contact us @ 323.464.6660 or on the web @

April 2020 25


much more!

Friday Night's
Fireworks Spectacular!

26 In Flight USA Celebrating 36 Years April 2020



A Message from John Leenhouts

DIVORCE – PATERNITY For over 45 Years, SUN ‘n FUN has The annual SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace
MEN’S RIGHTS brought millions of aerospace profession- Expo provides over $2 million annually
als, businesses, supporters and enthusi- for STEM education programs, flight
If you are Involved in a Divorce or asts together each spring to celebrate the training and aerospace-related college
Paternity Case... incredible wonder and limitless opportu- scholarships, and hands-on learning facil- Should Know That: nities of flight. ities. Based on the SUN ‘n FUN Expo
Campus, this year-round institution
1. You may have an excellent chance of obtaining child custody; In 2014, we proudly unveiled that reaches over 50,000 students annually,
2. It’s your child...she doesn’t own it; the annual SUN ‘n FUN event would and provides free resources for educators
3. There are numerous legal methods of avoiding alimony; become the primary fundraiser for the to assist them in delivering high-quality
4. There are numerous legal methods of avoiding loss of your property; Aerospace Center for Excellence (ACE), STEM learning material.
5. If properly represented, you won’t be “taken to the cleaners”, our STEM-based learning campus creat-
6. Courts can be legally required not to favor the woman; ed to Engage, Educate, and Accelerate To continue providing these critical
7. You can fight against false charges of child abuse or spousal abuse. the Next Generation of Aerospace resources, our team is working hard on
8. You can emerge from a divorce emotionally and financially sound; Professionals. At SUN ‘n FUN, serving bringing the spectacle and excitement of
9. Men do have rights! our local Lakeland, Florida as well as the SUN ‘n FUN to you in the digital world!
10. California cases only. global aviation community has always We will be utilizing the latest technology
been our ultimate mission. to host exciting events and content online
Contact: Lawyers For Men’s Rights in new and innovative ways. While we
213-384-8886 This year, we will serve those same are of course disappointed that our tradi-
communities by assisting in the defeat of tional show must wait until 2021, we are
or visit us at the COVID-19 pandemic. We recognize invigorated and excited to announce sev-
LAW OFFICES OF STUART J. FABER and acknowledge that this threat has eral things to look forward to in the com-
changed the world we live in, and that it ing weeks in our brand new “SUN ‘n
is our responsibility to join the fight to FUN at Home” Series.
bring it to as swift an end as humanly pos-
sible. We are in the process of a complete
overhaul of our website,,
We stand with our local, state, and in order to bring you a brand new digital
national leaders in supporting public experience. Here you will find ongoing
health practices that will bring this out- updates and information on upcoming
break to a halt as quickly as possible. events, as well as details for current tick-
Even now, most of our staff are working et holders and event partners.
from home in compliance with social dis-
tancing directives, with those that must We need your help to continue our
come in adhering to strict isolation and mission, so please, visit the website (fly-
sanitation policies. and keep in touch with us on our
social media channels. We’re already
Unfortunately supporting these ini- working on making 2021 the best event
tiatives will mean that the 2020 SUN ‘n ever, and we’ll look forward to welcom-
FUN Aerospace Expo will be unable to ing you back here next spring to celebrate
proceed as originally planned. Regardless the return of the SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace
of the financial impact, for the safety of Expo!
all, we will move our 46th event to join
with the 47th in April of 2021.

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April 2020 27

W zZK>> d y ^͍

Reduce Worker’s Comp &
FICA Payroll Taxes!!


Give us 15 minutes for a quick, no pressure call

Call or email:
;ϴϳϳͿ ϲϰϬͲϱϯϲϱ Žƌ ƌŝƩĂŶLJΛtŝůů^Ğƌǀ^ŽůƵƟŽŶƐ͘ĐŽŵ


28 In Flight USA Celebrating 36 Years April 2020


Attendees at EAA AirVenture As EAA continues to prepare for a full AirVenture event in July, a new feature in 2020 even a step further, EAA will be offering
Oshkosh 2020 who have always thought abbreviated Flying Start events each
to themselves, “I would love to learn to will be EAA's Learn to Fly Center, located on the southwest corner of the Four Corners, morning at the EAA Blue Barn. The
fly someday; I wonder what steps I need Flying Start events will consist of a short
to take to begin flight training?” can now the central hub of the AirVenture grounds. (Courtesy EAA) presentation designed to provide an even
leave the convention with their questions more in-depth look at the flight training
answered, and a kickstart to their flight process the necessary paperwork with the walk away with their questions process, answer questions, and break
training journey. FAA, so that visitors can walk away from answered, a student pilot certificate in down barriers.
AirVenture with this item check off their hand, and their own pilot logbook with
As EAA continues to prepare for a list. Shortly after visitors return home, their first entry endorsed by a CFI. Typically, Flying Start events are
full AirVenture event in July, a new fea- they should expect to receive their plastic held by EAA chapters, with the goal of
ture in 2020 will be EAA’s Learn to Fly certificate in the mail. In addition to the resources on hand providing interested adults a pathway to
Center, located on the southwest corner for aspiring aviators, each afternoon there flight training and involvement with their
of the Four Corners, the central hub of the Near the rear of the tent will be four will be a hangar flying session with a local EAA chapter. Since these abbreviat-
AirVenture grounds. This is the same Redbird TD simulators. Visitors will have CFI. These sessions will provided a ed events will be held in Oshkosh, EAA
location where the One Week Wonder, the opportunity to sit down with a CFI relaxed environment for CFIs to chat is going to help visitors connect with their
Give Flight, and EAA’s Spirit of Aviation and fly a short introductory scenario, with visitors about the many different local EAA chapter and get them sched-
Mobile Experience have been located in such as basic maneuvers and flying the types of flying that EAA members partic- uled for a free introductory Eagle Flight
years past. traffic pattern. The Redbird TD has been ipate in. Steve Krog, a regular contributor with a mentor in their local area.
approved by the FAA as a Basic Aviation to EAA Sport Aviation, will be one of the
Within the Learn to Fly Center, there Training Device, so time spent with a CFI CFIs on hand to hangar fly with atten- The ultimate mission of the Learn to
will be multiple stations, each dedicated in the simulator will be logged for the dees. Keep an eye out for additional CFIs Fly Center is to motivate, excite, and show
to helping individuals take a step forward attendee in an EAA-provided logbook. to be announced in the coming weeks! attendees a clear pathway to earning their
in their desire to learn to fly. Certified pilot certificate. However, to accomplish
flight instructors (CFIs) will be on hand During their visit, attendees will If attendees want to take their visit this mission, EAA will need a great team
to help answer any questions about the of volunteers. Whether you are CFI, stu-
flight training process. Special attention dent pilot, recently passed your check ride,
will be given to helping visitors select the or simply passionate about getting others
correct certificate that fits their flying involved in flying, we will have a volun-
desires, finding an Aero Medical teer slot for you. Register as a Learn to Fly
Examiner in their area, and showing them Center volunteer at eaachap-
how EAA can help them through their
training process.
As the countdown to AirVenture
A unique opportunity will be located continues, look for more announcements
at the kiosk dedicated to registering for about the Learn to Fly Center at
student pilot certificates. CFIs will help


Due to current developments in Roland Bosch also expressed his (Courtesy AERO Friedrichshafen) the end that we would be able to over-
regard to the spread of coronavirus concern: “As Head of AERO come the challenge we were facing in the
COVID-19, Messe Friedrichshafen is Friedrichshafen, I have never experi- 30 years. In accordance with the saying coronavirus. Despite the uncertainties,
taking a serious but necessary step: avia- enced a comparable situation in the last ‘Complete safety is an illusion; there are we believed AERO Friedrichshafen
tion show AERO will not be held in the only varying degrees of risk and uncer- 2020, with participation of around 700
planned period of April 1 to 4, 2020, but tainty,’ we were convinced right up until registered exhibitors, would be able to be
will be postponed to a date that has not held. However, in recent days we
yet been determined. received a very large number of cancella-
tions and clear signals from our
“The current situation with the coro- exhibitors and potential visitors, making
navirus has resulted in a nasty domino it impossible to hold the event now. We
effect,” says Klaus Wellmann, Managing will postpone the AERO Friedrichshafen
Director of Messe Friedrichshafen. Last 2020 to a date not yet determined.”
month, the same decision already had to
be made for two additional events (Aqua- All exhibitors, visitors, and partners
Fisch and IBO). “The industry members involved have been informed about the
of the general aviation community also postponement. If and when a new date
see the health and economic risks of the has been determined, Aero will make an
upcoming trade fair as too high. We share announcement through their website
this assessment, but it is with a heavy ( and to the media.
heart that we now need to take this seri-
ous step together.”

Sell your airplane fast with an.... In Flight USA Classified Ad. Turn to Page 48.

April 2020 29

Flying With Faber

I’m about to break my sacred rule of
travel journalism. Food and travel and dream-time. Ironically, this ancient Stuart J. Faber
writers are relentlessly deluged with traveler is relegated to fantasizing about and Aunt Bea
requests from hotels, restaurants, airlines travel. Hopefully, the health crisis will
and destinations to write laudatory soon abate, and I can turn my dreams and Spectacular views overlooking the sea. Redwood Room Bar at the Clift.
reviews about their places and products. fantasies into new journeys and adven- (Linoy & Dror) (Paul Dyer)
The public relations folks beguile us with tures from which I can share my experi-
pretty photos, self-created raves and ences with you. Mitzpe Hayamim spa pool. Clift Guest Room (Paul Dyer)
fancy press releases about their products (Linoy & Dror)
and services and offers to interview the Guest suite at Mitzpe Hayamin Hotel. In the 1970s, I hung out at the Clift when
executives of these places are common. (Linoy & Dror) ies, cherry and apple orchards or taking a it was a venerable Four Seasons Hotel.
jeep tour through the hilly countryside. The General Manager and I were old
I always turn them down. How can Mitzpe Hayamin Guestroom buddies. We spent many hours in the
they expect me to evaluate the taste and (Linoy & Dror) The guestrooms range in size from Redwood Room talking about hotels,
quality of their cuisine from looking at a 80 to 330 square feet. The hotel features what made them great or not-so-great. He
photo? Do they really think that I will tell Mitzpe Hayamim Hotel, Rosh a spa with a semi-Olympic swimming would ask me to tour the hotel and report
my readers how fabulous the service and Pinna, Israel, pool, saunas, Jacuzzi and a fitness center. anything that was not up to Four Seasons
ambiance is in a hotel just because some I understand that the spa offers panoram- standards. Honored by his confidence in
general manager tells me how great it is? When I discovered that a new hotel ic vistas of the surrounding landscape me, I complied. I rarely, if ever found
He or she certainly won’t tell me how was opening near the Sea of Galilee, I and waters. even the slightest deficiency in that hotel.
bad the service is. More than often, the was intrigued. Several decades ago dur-
public relations folks are shocked at my ing my first visit to Israel, we landed at I’m anxious to meet Chef Erez The Clift underwent a transforma-
response. night and were transported along dark Komarovsky who has deep roots in tion about 10 years ago, and now, here
roads to the Sea of Galilee. The early Galilean cuisine. Farm-to-table access comes another.
My rule these past 40 years is sim- morning sun illuminated my first glimpse couldn’t be closer. Flocks of cows, goats
ple: After I rhapsodize over a great of this extraordinary Biblical setting. I and sheep graze the pastures of the estate. The Clift Royal Sonesta Hotel has
restaurant meal, I’ll recommend the cui- had always thought of seas as large bod- Guests enjoy on-site access to meats, been reimagined. Closed for renovations
sine to my audience. If the meal is bad, I ies of water. Actually, The Sea of Galilee dairy products, fruits and veggies. in September 2019, one of the world’s
won’t recommend the place. When I visit is a small, fresh water lake about 13 miles most iconic hotels has reopened with a
a hotel, I employ my 75-point checklist to long and 8 miles wide. The Grill Restaurant serves quality new look and redesigned interior spaces.
evaluate the guestrooms, public areas, cuts of veal, lamb and entrecote. The Guests will be greeted with a stunning
back-of-the-house and staff performance. Isrotel, Israel’s leading hotel compa- hotel also has a kosher certified dairy modern lobby and Living Room experi-
Not only do I judge how the staff treats ny, recently opened the Mitzpe Hayamim restaurant. An on-site bakery as well as a ence, dramatically updated guest rooms
me, I lurk around and observe how they Hotel. The 115-room luxury property is Farm Shop, offer pastries homemade with a sophisticated fresh look and feel,
conduct themselves with other guests. I embraced on all sides by lush greenery jams, olive oil, tahini, soaps and more. modern and contemporary meeting
check for dust in all nooks and crannies. over gently rolling slopes that overlook spaces and a revitalized Redwood Room.
In general, I make a pest of myself. the majestic Hula Valley and the Sea of I don’t plan any meetings in Israel, Fredericks, a new restaurant concept,
Galilee. On the 17-acre spread is a dairy but I’m anxious to view and report on the serves both sit-down and “grab-and-go”
Sadly, the current health crisis, farm, vegetable fields and fruit orchards. meeting space which I understand
which has taken over our country has How many hotels can place its guests in includes a lush ecological pool and Continued on Page 30
compelled my decision to circumnavi- such pastoral surroundings? wooden deck area. An Artists’ Gallery
gate from my journalistic orthodoxy. serves as a workshop for local artists and
Until the crisis is over and I once again The hotel is positioned between the displays their works for guests to admire.
can embark on worldwide excursions, I historic pioneer town of Rosh Pina and
will create a wish list and tell you about the spiritual city of Tsfat, recognized as I have little doubt that I will be
places I yearn to visit. In a way, it takes the birthplace of Kabbalah. I look for- impressed with the hotel. The Isrotel
me back to when I was a kid. In those ward to visiting the neighboring winer- Hotel Group has more than 20 hotels,
days, it was rare for folks to travel more many with which I am familiar. Their
than a few miles from their homes. properties are scattered throughout Israel
including Eilat, the Dead Sea, Jerusalem,
I loved reading geography books Tel Aviv and Mount Carmel.
about foreign places. I would fantasize
about visiting exotic places – such as Clift Royal Sonesta Hotel, 95
London, Paris, Hong Kong or the Cape Geary St., San Francisco, CA 94102,
of Good Hope. The ecstasy and euphoria 415/ 775-4700
I experienced during my first visits to
those and other places were beyond The Clift Hotel and I are old friends.
description. I couldn’t believe that I was
actually standing on the London Bridge,
ascending the Eiffel Tower or cruising
from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon
across Hong Kong Harbor on the centu-
ry-old Star Ferry.

For now, I am returning to fantasy

30 In Flight USA Celebrating 36 Years April 2020

Carolina Airparks Flying with Faber

Sell Airpark & Airstrip Properties in the Carolinas Continued from Page 29
options. Designed by Gensler, a global
That’s What We Do! design and architecture firm, the new and
improved property will undoubtedly con-
Allen & Allen, Incorporated tinue to deliver the legendary personal
service. Now more than ever, the hotel
207 Cirrus Ln will likely be a destination that reflects Modern, cozy guestroom at the Clift.
and enhances the beauty and bustle of (Paul Dyer)
Gilbert, SC contemporary San Francisco.
Streamlined bath area at the Clift.
4 Beds - 4 Baths For inspiration, the design team (Paul Dyer)
2,664 sq ft house on 0.59 acres - Built 2007 toured Danielle Steele’s home, the his-
toric Spreckels Mansion in Pacific on the Mezzanine Level remain the same
41’ 6”x37’ sq ft Hangar Heights that was designed by George A. size but received all new lighting and
Located at Whiteplains Plantation Airpark (SC99) Applegarth, the same architect who built ceilings. Cutouts to the lobby below help
The Clift. From this breathtaking home engage the space with the rest of the hotel
3000’ paved and lighted runway with VASI. they adopted an intimate, residential style and provide even more light. The Fraser
for the hotel and imbued it with a clean, Event Space has a large conference table
Allen & Allen, Incorporated Carolina Airparks yet inviting grandeur. that can seat 26. Meeting organizers have the option of dimming the room with
From the photos, it appears that the motorized shades hidden in the ceiling
Call Geneva 704-798-5214 or lobby exudes a noticeably brighter look when not taking advantage of the abun-
Toll-Free 877-279-9623 fashioned from a palette of warm neutrals dant natural light. The pre-function areas
with light driftwood, rich charcoal greys have finishes similar to the lobby.
Email [email protected] and metallic bronze accents. New furni-
ture complements the elegant, modern A legend in the San Francisco
2020 AIRSHOW T-SHIRTS style while cutouts at the upper level suf- nightlife scene, The Redwood Room
fuse the space with light. The fireplace, retains its namesake redwood walls and
ONLY $10! while exhibiting a completely different glamorous lighting, only undergoing a
look and feel, remains in the same loca- change in furniture and flooring. The new
$OWKRXJK WKH 3ODQHV RI )DPH tion. To the left of the lobby is the new Art Deco-inspired furniture, a salute to
$LUVKRZ KDV EHHQ FDQFHOHG WKLV \HDU Living Room with several seating the post-prohibition era when the lounge
options for working, having a drink, or opened, is coolly neutral toned to let the
YOU FDQ PDNH D GLႇHUHQFH just relaxing and people watching. The original redwood millwork shine. The
DQG KHOS XV µKeep ‘em Flying¶ tones of the Living Room create a seam- new bar is manufactured from an 800-
E\ SXUFKDVLQJ \RXU YHU\ RZQ less complement to the open, inviting year-old redwood tree found by a custom
LIMITED-EDITION 2020 lobby space. woodworker in Montana. Additional
AIRSHOW T-SHIRT WRGD\ recessed lighting was added and the
All 372 guest rooms and suites have mural behind the bar has been brightened
7KHVH VKLUWV KDYH EHFRPH LQVWDQW FROOHFWRU¶V been updated to a refined neutral assem- up. The cornice on the back-bar was
LWHPV DQG DUH JRLQJ IDVW VKRUW VOHHYH blage of color and textures. The touches removed to highlight this inlaid depic-
ORQJ VOHHYH create a handcrafted look that augments tion, said to illustrate when the 2,000-
3OHDVH YLVLW Planes Of WR EX\ \RXU the warmth and indulgent sophistication year-old redwood that was fashioned into
$LUVKRZ 7 VKLUW RU PDNH D GRQDWLRQ WR RXU of the rooms. The bathroom areas have the building was found. The original
F QRQSUR¿W PXVHXP (YHU\ OLWWOH ELW KHOSV been enlarged and updated with all new Gustav Klimt paintings have also been
These awesome T-shirts make GREAT gifts too! plumbing fixtures and finishes, including painstakingly restored.
period-specific black and white tiles
BONUS! Use code MARCH25 at checkout for found in many other historic buildings Nothing good can be said about
25% o regular priced items! /LPLWHG 7LPH 2ႇHU around San Francisco. Covid19, but it has returned me to being
a dreamer about travel. I can’t wait to
WWW.PLANESOFFAME.ORG Art throughout the guest rooms and explore these two hotels.
corridors is inspired by the Pan American
Pacific International Exposition of 1915,
honoring the fact that The Clift was built
specifically to cater to attendants of the
Expo. The guest rooms display images of
lifestyle icons of the early 1900s in a
modern presentation.

Meeting spaces received modern
influences and additional natural light.
The previous Velvet Room dining area
on the first level has been transformed
into an event and meeting space. New
lighting was added along with A/V
equipment. The redwood paneling
remains while drapery was removed,
exposing new walls in a light neutral
color. Blackout shades were added to
provide the appropriate light levels for
screen presentations. The meeting rooms

April 2020 31




















REQUEST QUOTE BY EMAIL TO [email protected]

32 In Flight USA Celebrating 36 Years April 2020


Website Opens the Doors to Exciting Ways to Explore the Museum and Enjoy Activities at Home

On March 27, The Museum of The Museum of Flight at Home is a safe way to enjoy this engaging aviation museum. archive. Search and browse some truly
Flight at Home opened its doors. This (Courtesy The Museum of Flight) remarkable historic photographs, letters,
dynamic new website offers the full journals, flight logs, military records, oral
range of the Museum experience for Home, including lively new stories with events showing off the Museum’s coolest histories and other media that can’t be
everyone from families and students to Matthew Burchette, the Museum’s planes and spacecraft in his distinctive seen anywhere else.
aviation and space fans. The site features Senior Curator and host of the popular footloose style.
the best of the Museum’s exciting videos, PBS video series, Behind the Wings. Now As the world’s largest educational
virtual tours, blogs and collections; plus enjoy him in Curator on the Loose!, new The vault door swings open and the air and space museum, its on-staff educa-
surprising new ways to explore one of short-form videos and Facebook Live Museum’s Digital Collections reveals a tors have developed at-home family and
Seattle’s top tourist attractions. vast aerospace photo and print media student activities that are fun and focused
for all grade levels. Dozens of activities
State-of-the-art 3D tours in the are now available on-line, including new
Virtual Museum Online allow visitors to contests and challenges, with more in the
deeply explore the Museum’s top 12 air- pipeline.
craft, including favorites like Air Force
One, Concorde, B-17 and the Space The Museum of Flight at Home,
Shuttle Trainer. For the bigger picture, don’t stay home without it.
photos and info about every plane and
spacecraft in the Museum’s renowned The Museum of Flight at Home is at
collection are also on view.
m-at-home. For general information or to
Entertaining new videos are being link to the Museum of Flight at Home,
produced every week for our social visit the Museum of Flight at
media channels. They are all front and
center on The Museum of Flight at


Conforming to guidelines set by set. Employees will have the option to tinue to engage with the public during
King County and the State of Washington telecommute during this period and the the temporary physical closure. All tick-
to minimize the spread of COVID-19, building will continue to stay open as a ets purchased prior to this closure will
and in keeping with the community’s best work place for employees who wish to be honored at a later date.
interest, the Museum is joining other area work on site.
attractions in temporarily closing its cam- The Museum is offering opportuni-
Temporary closure of the Museum of Flight pus and the Museum’s Restoration Center Visitors, educators and students are ties for virtual tours, social media and
follows public gathering guidelines set forth and Reserve Collection, located on Paine encouraged to check museumof- for otherwise engaging with the
by King County and the State of Field in Everett. The museum closed on for updated information and Museum during the closure.
Washington. (Courtesy Museum of Flight) March 11. No date for reopening has been announcements, and to follow the
Museum on social media as it will con-



Visitor Complex Brings Guests to Restricted and Historic areas of Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
Kennedy Space Center Visitor while at Sands Space History Center and
Complex guests have another opportuni- Go behind the Cape Canaveral’s gates and get up close to the dawn of the U.S. space for the first time, Hangar C will be open to
ty to get closer to space and history. Cape program in this new special interest bus tour: Cape Canaveral’s Rise to Space. the public, featuring historic artifacts, for a
Canaveral’s Rise to Space tour will offer once in a lifetime experience.”
guests the opportunity to access restricted (Courtesy Kennedy Space Center)
and historic areas of Cape Canaveral Air A space expert guide will also be on
Force Station. During this brand-new for space history enthusiasts looking to Apollo 1 crew, and have the opportunity to hand to answer questions as guests tour
Special Interest Tour, a space expert will learn more about America’s early space learn more about the historic Cape Hangar C, the first permanent and oldest
lead guests to historic launch sites, the program. Guests will view Launch Pad 34, Canaveral Lighthouse, view information surviving structure at the Cape, built and
Sands Space History Center, the Cape which is dedicated to the memory of the and displays about each Launch Complex used for missile assembly. Inside Hangar
Canaveral Lighthouse and Hangar C. C, guests will view artifacts like Atlas,
America’s first intercontinental ballistic
“We are excited to expand our tour missile; the only known Firebird missile
offerings and bring guests even closer to still in existence; and early space artifacts
history with Cape Canaveral’s Rise to like Gemini and Apollo “boiler plates” that
Space tour,” said Therrin Protze, chief were used during simulations for training.
operating officer, Kennedy Space Center
Visitor Complex. “This new tour is perfect Cape Canaveral’s Rise to Space tour
Continued on Page 38

April 2020 33


By Capt. Kip Sumner Capt. Kristin “Beo” Wolfe, F-35A Lightning II Demonstration Team pilot, poses for a job; none of the corporate-recruitment
pitches clicked, and she found herself
F-35A Lightning II photo after a practice flight at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, Feb. 02, 2020. The demon- watching military career videos, she said.
Demonstration Team Public Affairs
stration team is now part of Air Combat Command which is assigned to the 388th “Even though she spent her life in an
Starting with the 2020 air show sea- Air Force family, we never expected her to
son, Capt. Kristin “Beo” Wolfe, a Fighter Wing at Hill AFB. (U.S. Air Force photo by Capt. Kip Sumner). join the military,” Maria Wolfe, her moth-
second-generation fighter pilot and er, said. “With her exceptional math skills
former F-22 Raptor pilot, will lead the tries and five states. into a new environment, but looking back, I and academic success, I thought she might
new F-35A Lightning II Demonstration “I’ve come to appreciate a lot of differ- really appreciated the growth it gave me.” pursue a career in the medical field.”
ent people, backgrounds and upbringings Despite her Air Force upbringing, Her parents never expected her to
For most pilots, their first time step- because of all the time I spent in those dif- Wolfe didn’t consider the military for her- join the military, so it was a shock when
ping into an F-35 is their first time step- ferent places,” she said. “It was tough some- self until college. During her sophomore she asked her dad about serving with the
ping into a fifth-generation aircraft, but for times, trying to make new friends and fit year, she realized she didn’t want a desk Marines while visiting over the holidays.
Wolfe, this will be her second experience
with the service’s most advanced aircraft. “I didn’t get it at first, since there’s a
lot of Marines at Okinawa, I thought she
“I loved flying the F-22, but the F-35 was just asking my opinion,” said
is also a blast to fly, and it is the best Wolfe’s father. “But then it clicked, and I
multi-role fighter,” Wolfe said. remember asking ‘You didn’t sign any-
thing did you?’”
While Wolfe has over 900 total
fighter hours in both of the service’s He told her to try the Air Force Reserve
advanced fighter aircraft, she’s spent a Officer Training Corps for a semester, and if
lifetime around the Air Force. she didn’t like it, she could quit.

Her father, retired Col. Jon Wolfe, “But after a semester, I was sold. I
served 28 years in the service as an F-4G knew it was what I wanted to do,” she said.
electronic warfare officer before piloting
the F-15C Eagle. By the time she attend- However, she still didn’t know exact-
ed college, she had lived in three coun- ly what she wanted to do in the military.

Continued on Page 49

34 In Flight USA Celebrating 36 Years April 2020

Homebuilder’s Workshop By Ed Wischmeyer


The cities and towns around me an unusual attitude, and no stall warning knots and maximum pitch and bank readings (which range
have ordered their residents to horn. Then I did one the other direction, angles within 2°. I’ll take it. from zero to one) and
stay inside, but I, fortunately, live same result. convert those to
in the county, so I can still legally drive to Next flight was looking at AOA dif- degrees AOA. I don’t know how to do
the airport – drive by myself, operate the So why do one in each direction? ferences doing fast Dutch rolls at 90 this myself, but I have a friend who does.
key card with fingerprint scanner (the One of the unanswered, nee unaddressed, knots or so. Same problem with slow data The data collection procedure was to fly
only possibly contact with the outside questions in high angle of attack flight in sampling rate, only worse. And the max- the plane at a variety of speeds from max-
world), go fly, put the plane away, and light airplanes is, what is the difference in imum bank angles were not as consistent imum down to stall in 20 knot increments
come home. Tremendous social distanc- angle of attack between the upgoing and as I’d like. Still, same results, same above 100 knots, 10 knot increments
ing! Both air traffic and vehicle traffic are downgoing wings, and how significant is caveats. Data is qualitatively conclusive, below that. It would have been nice to
way down – of the 17 daily airline depar- it? There is one report out there of some- quantitatively poor nail the speeds exactly, but that would
tures at Savannah, 14 are cancelled. body who claims that he can enter a spin have taken quite a while, waiting for the
to the right without setting off the stall Well, so what? From extensive airspeed to stabilize after each power
So what have I been doing? Flight warning horn. Based on the flight testing analysis of accident videos, it appears change. What I did instead was to reduce
test! I’ve done, I believe that this is possible. that the vast majority of loss of control power and get about the right speed
accidents are to the left. Possible reasons reduction and call that good enough.
After watching one accident video So when I got home, I downloaded are propeller effects, predominance of
numerous times, I observed that the ini- the flight data from the Garmin G3X SD left hand traffic patterns, and pilot mus- One thing I forgot about was that the
tial loss of control appeared to be a very card and plotted it out in a spreadsheet. culature, making it easier to bank to the autopilot has a minimum speed setting,
low speed spiral with a smooth wing drop Sure enough, with the Pitot tube / angle left in airplanes with control sticks and and I ran into that at the lowest speeds. I
and lowered nose, followed by an appar- of attack sensor on the left wing, that also with control wheels. Since the AOA couldn’t find that setting in flight, and
ent spin entry when the airplane was wing had a higher angle of attack on the is higher on the downgoing wing, it suspect that it is only accessible in setup
already steeply banked and nose low. I’ve low speed spiral entry to the left than it makes sense to put the sensor on the wing mode on the ground. Oh, well. I hand
done other low-speed spiral investiga- did on the entry to the right. Because the more likely to encounter high AOA – the flew that part as best I could, but… and I
tions, but this variation was new. air was wallowy, the sample rate slow left wing. Interesting. Since pitot tubes on think that I also encountered back side of
and the data noisy, the results are qualita- the left wing significantly predate com- the power curve effects, not sure. I’ll con-
At a safe altitude, I slowed to 55 tively conclusive and quantitatively only bined Pitot / AOA sensors, this seems sult with my expert.
knots, initiated a moderate bank and kind of okay. Even with the wallowy air serendipitous, not premeditated.
added no back pressure. The result was a and this being my first time collecting Other plans are to slightly re-wire
prompt, impressive increase in bank such data, entry speeds were within three Today’s flight was something differ-
angle and nose down, a frisky entry into ent, looking to take normalized AOA Continued on Page 35

’Ž Š——Ž­ “¡žœ¡¥ An airport community on the White River, Cotter, Arkansas.

ŽŶƚĂĐƚ 'ůĞŶŶŝƐ ^ŚĂƌƉ œ˜Ž£ Šš œ¤£ œ¡ Š—Ž

April 2020 In Flight USA Celebrating 35 Years 35



Results to Inform Recruitment Strategies and
Retention of Women in Aviation

Recognizing the global aviation WAI CEO Allison McKay speaking at CORONA AIR
industry is facing an unprecedented chal- WAI2020. (Mike Ullery, courtesy WAI) VENTURES
lenge to meet the hiring needs of aviation
professionals in the workforce, Women executives. The next area with the great- LOWEST
in Aviation International worked with Dr. est gap in employment is pilots. Only 5 FUEL PRICES
Becky Lutte, Associate Professor, percent of airline pilots are female. On a IN THE BASIN!
University of Nebraska at Omaha positive note, the total number of female
Aviation Institute, on a series of studies to pilots has increased in the last 10 years, • 24-Hour Self-Serve Pumps, 100LL
provide a current look at where the gaps but in that decade the increase has been • Assisted Fuel Service 7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
in employment are for women in avia- just over 1percent to a total of 7.3 percent • Pilot’s Lounge Open 7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
tion. Together, the study results can be of female pilots and we can do better,” • Oil, Snacks, Free Wi-Fi
used by aviation companies and organi- she added. • Credit Cards Accepted:
zations globally to guide recruitment and
retention strategies of women in their Dr. Lutte presented the details of the Phillips 66, Union 76, Multi-Serv,
workforce. Link to the study at latest membership survey results during Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Discover the February Aviation Accreditation • Tie-Downs $50/Month
sets/Membership/women_in_aviation_w Board International’s Winter Meeting in
orkforce_2019_rlutte.pdf). San Juan, Puerto Rico, and during an Individual Hangars under $300/mo!
education session at the WAI 2020 con-
The first study Women in the ference in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, on See your Lower Fuel Price at
Aviation Workforce Report, was com- March 6.
pleted in late Spring 2019. Findings of
this study were augmented with a com- Survey respondents were from a
prehensive study specifically focusing on variety of occupations, and found factors CORONA MUNICIPAL AIRPORT AJO
recruitment and retention issues of that draw women into the aviation field
women in the aviation industry. Both sets are – passion for aviation, perceived as an 33° 53.86’N, 117° 36.15’W
of results allow the industry to identify adventurous profession, perceived as a Unicom 122.7
and target the areas where women are fun profession, desire to prove personal AWOS 132.175
most underrepresented, to better under- abilities, and desire for a challenging
stand why women pursue a career in avi- career. Three factors emerged that nega- (951) 737-1300
ation, why they stay in the industry, and tively influence women’s desire to pursue
how the industry can build a more diverse or remain in aviation – cost of required
and inclusive workforce.
Continued on Page 36
“Combined, these two surveys tell a
story of the number of women in multiple
sectors and professions of aviation, what
factors will assist in recruiting more
women, and what factors influence the
retention of women in the industry,”
Lutte said. “The two areas with less than
5 percent representation of women are
maintenance technicians and airline

Homebuilder’s Workshop

Continued from Page 34 data output so that I can obtain better
the airplane: put in a toggle switch so that quality flight data recordings. Clunkier to
I can power up the two display units with use, so I won’t hook it up all the time, but
the rest of the avionics off so that I can do when you need it, you need it.
database uploads without draining the
battery excessively; adding a manual Stay safe, stay away from where you
reversion switch to the right side screen can catch the virus, but also stay away
so that it can be either an MFD or PFD; from where you might spread it. If you’re
and adding a discrete input to the data young and asymptomatic, your survival
recording so that I can mark events, like chances may be pretty good, but if you
the start of a flight test exercise. And, spread it to somebody at risk, your indif-
once I figure out a complete system, a ference could be considered reckless.
data recorder from the 115 kbaud serial Don’t do that.

36 In Flight USA Celebrating 36 Years April 2020



Three Days Focused on Workforce Issues,
Flight Instruction Professional Development & Education Seminars,
Aircraft Rentals
Mountain Flying and Girls in Aviation Day Orlando, Florida
Women in Aviation International
Aerobatics held another successful annual gathering Women in Aviation participants at the
Tailwheel Instruction during the 31st Annual International Professional Development Seminar on
Women in Aviation Conference at Leadership, led by Dr. Janette
Michael Duncan, CFII, MEI Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in McMurtrie. (Chris Miller, courtesy WAI)
2410 Rickenbacker Way • Auburn, CA 95602 Lake Buena Vista, Florida, March 5-7,
2020. With its unique blend of top-notch The Boeing Company at WAI2020.
530-820-3442 speakers, busy exhibit hall, an array of (John Riedel, courtesy WAI)
[email protected] education sessions, and more than 100
scholarship awards, the WAI 2020 confer- The U.S. Army’s First Women Rotary
From the Captain’s hands... ence delivered numerous opportunities to Wing Aviators, a group of nine female
connect and network with female peers in helicopter pilots who represent the first
Airline Captain Lance Lockhart the aviation and aerospace industry. women in rotary-wing aviation to serve
in the U.S. Army. These four lieutenants
specializes in unique aviation keepsakes. “I was inspired to meet so many and five warrant officers proved women
Luggage tags, keychains and jewelry engaging members and corporations that had a place in military aviation and
cut from retired aircraft skin. believe in our WAI mission to continue blazed the trail forward for future gener-
creating and growing programs to assist ations of Army women.
Furniture, aircraft fuselage window cutouts, with our members’ personal and profes-
propellers and more. sional development,” says newly Visits to the sold-out exhibit hall
appointed CEO Allison McKay. Continued on Page 38
The largest aviation art collection and store “Together we can ensure that the aviation
with over 500 listings and multiple choices industry has the talent needed for a
vibrant and sustainable future. I’m excit-
to chose from. ed to work with the WAI Board of
Directors to advance our mission through initiatives designed to engage, inspire,
and educate our current and future work- force,” adds Allison.

A highlight of every conference is
the induction of women into WAI’s
International Pioneer Hall of Fame. This
year’s inductees include: Maj. Gen.
Jeannie Leavitt, commander, U.S. Air
Force Recruiting Service, and the first
U.S. Air Force female fighter pilot; Patty
Wagner, an airshow legend, multi-rated
pilot, and a devoted WAI volunteer; and

Women in Aviation Ranks

Continued from Page 35 McKay.
The data derived from this research
training/education, perceived existence
of good ole boy network, and perceived will assist in the industry’s efforts for out-
family life impact. reach, recruitment, and retention of
women in aviation.
“Workforce development and con-
structing additional programs and initia- Women in Aviation International is a
tives to propel women of all ages and nonprofit organization dedicated to pro-
backgrounds to follow their own person- viding networking, mentoring and schol-
al aviation dreams are chief among WAI arship opportunities for women and men
priorities,” says Allison McKay, WAI who are striving for challenging and ful-
CEO. “We are excited to partner with Dr. filling careers in the aviation and aero-
Lutte and University of Nebraska Omaha space industries. For more information,
Aviation Institute to assist us with this contact WAI at 3647 State Route 503
valuable research that will help us create South, West Alexandria, OH 45381,
these programs and results for our mem- Phone 937-839-4647; Fax 937-839-4645
bers and the aerospace community,” adds or through

April 2020 37

Destination Black Hills!

Lead, SD Lead, SD
10232 Stolen Kiss 20867 Picardi Ranch Place
MLS#63467 $999,000
MLS#63801 $3,800,000
Mondell Field Airport
Newcastle,WY Sturgis Municipal Airport
307-746-4666 Sturgis, SD

Custer, SD Hill City, SD
9406 Silver City Rd, Rapid Ciy
MLS#62998 $2,475,000
Custer, County Airport MLS#TBD $1,125,000

Custer, SD Rapid City Regional Airport
605-673-3874 Rapid City, SD


Faith Lewis YOU GOTTA
Broker Associate



38 In Flight USA Celebrating 36 Years April 2020



Self-Paced Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) to Inspire the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals

In celebration of Women in Aviation copter, test your knowledge in the mod- Day all year round,” said Allison McKay, course can be an element that inspires
International’s expanding Girls in Aviation ule quizzes, and discover what kind of WAI CEO. “Future aviation professionals young ladies to join us on an exciting tra-
Day, WAI and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical scientist you could be. Youth who com- will be inspired, and we are thrilled to use jectory towards awesome.”
University have announced a new, self- plete the course can earn digital badges technology to reach girls in every part of
paced Massive Open Online Course and a personalized electronic certificate. the world and encourage their dreams of To be eligible for enrollment in this
(MOOC) tailored to learners ages 8-17. The The course is offered several times pursuing aviation careers.” course, learners must be at least 13 years
free course leverages Embry-Riddle expert- throughout the year, enabling young old or must have a parent or guardian
ise and instructional design to inspire the learners around the globe the opportunity “Embry-Riddle supports WAI and sign up for this course on behalf of their
next generation of aviation professionals. to learn about aviation. Registration is strives to inspire the next generation of child. By enrolling in the course, the par-
now open. Enroll today, and discover women in our dynamic industry,” said Dr. ent or guardian agrees to Canvas
Students explore aviation terminolo- what a career in aviation entails. Bettina Mrusek, Assistant Professor with Network’s Terms of Use and acknowl-
gy, identify the major parts of an airplane, the College of Aeronautics. “We believe in edges the Privacy Policy, which outlines
describe the flight characteristics of a hel- “Partnering with Embry-Riddle, a the mission of WAI and look forward to a the use of Student Data by Canvas
icopter, and discuss the goals of space longtime WAI supporter, on this free partnership that helps young ladies go fur- Network. For more information, visit the
exploration. There are also engaging online course for youth interested in avia- ther - faster. Aerospace career paths often WAI website at
activities that take these topics to the next tion is another tool to expand our reach of start with a spark from an air show, a rock-
level. Learn how to make a paper heli- our annual international Girls in Aviation et launch, or a role model. We hope this

WAI 2020 Conference

Continued from Page 36 along with their chaperones, were hosted North Dakota, and more. Each participant WAI members at every stage of life from
were interspersed with general sessions by more than 100 WAI volunteers, at Girls earned a WAI Aviation Girl Fun Patch. for both academic use, lifestyle enhance-
on Friday and Saturday mornings, with in Aviation Day Orlando at Disney’s ment, and flight training, including type
dozens of education sessions held Coronado Springs Resort. The girls, ages Other conference highlights ratings. A total $831,365 in scholarships
Thursday through Saturday where atten- 8-17, visited 20 activity stations, heard include: was awarded, which put the total scholar-
dees chose which sessions were best for about 10 different aviation careers from a ships awarded since 1995 to more than
their career goals and personal interests. career panel, met role models, and simply • A total attendance of nearly 4,500 $13 million.
had fun while they learned about aviation. includes 142 international representatives
During the WAI membership meet- The older girls had the opportunity to meet from 31 countries including Nigeria, The 32nd Annual International
ing, Andrea Berry was approved as a new with college representatives, including Canada, Ghana, Australia, Iceland, and Women in Aviation Conference will be
board member, Deborah Baugh and those from U.S. Air Force Academy, others. held March 11-13, 2021, at the Reno-
Brittney Miculka were re-elected. Marci California Aeronautical University, Sparks Convention Center in Reno,
Veronie’s term as board chair ended and Cochise Community College, Embry- • The attendees are 70 percent women Nevada. For more information, visit
Linda Markham, Cape Air president, Riddle Aeronautical University, and 30 percent men.
became the new WAI Board chair. Jacksonville University, Kent State
University, Liberty University, Ohio • The exhibit hall hosted 180 separate View all the video from the WAI
Girls in Aviation Day Orlando University, St. Louis University, companies and organizations, represent- Annual Conference in Orlando, including
University of Dubuque, University of ing all aspects of the aviation community, Girls in Aviation Day 2020, the opening
On Saturday, March 7, 250 girls, including drones. Conference video, on the WAI YouTube
Channel, WomeninAviationIntl.
• 151 scholarships were distributed to
medical officials.
New Cape Canaveral’s Rise to Space Bus Tour During this temporary closure, the

Continued from Page 32 U.S. space program, offering a full day or Orlando, Fla., Kennedy Space Center Reservations Department will also be
costs $75 plus tax and does not include more of fun, inspiration and educational Visitor Complex opens daily at 9 a.m. with unavailable to process bookings. To com-
admission to Kennedy Space Center activities. This includes theApollo/Saturn V closing times varying by season. Admission plete a reservation for a future date,
Visitor Complex. Closed toe shoes are Center, which features an actual Saturn V is $57 + tax for adults and $47 + tax for chil- please visit their website at
required and guests must be at least 14 Moon rocket, and was recently upgraded dren ages 3 – 11. Kennedy Space Center
years old. The tour is available every and expanded in celebration of the 50th Visitor Complex offers annual passes start-
Tuesday and tickets must be purchased at anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch and ing at $82 + tax for adults and $67 + tax for Date specific Daily Admission tick-
least five days in advance to allow for the Moon landing. Also included with admis- children ages 3 – 11. For more information, ets until the facility reopens will be
additional security protocol. To learn more sion are Heroes & Legends, featuring the call 877-313-2610 or visit refunded.
about the Rise to Space tour, visit the fol- U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame, presented by www.KennedySpace
lowing link: www.kennedyspace cen- Boeing, the Kennedy Space Center Bus Unexpired Daily Admission tickets Tour, Space Shuttle Atlantis, Shuttle Editor’s Note: As of In Flight USA’s press will still be valid for use. Private pro-
gates/cape-canaveral-rise-to-space-tour. Launch Experience, 3D space films, date of March 31, the Kennedy Space grams, such as ATX, Overnight
(Tour components may vary based on Astronaut Encounter, Journey To Mars: Center was temporarily closed until fur- Adventures, Special Interest Bus Tours
operational requirements and availability.) Explorers Wanted, Science on a Sphere, and ther notice. In response to the prevention and Dine With An Astronaut programs
the Rocket Garden. Add-on experiences and control of COVID-19 (coronavirus) will be canceled and refunds will auto-
About Kennedy Space Center available for an additional fee include the and in order to ensure the health and matically be issued for activities sched-
Visitor Complex new Astronaut Training Experience safety of guests and crewmembers, uled on these days.
Exploring with Lockheed Martin, Cosmic Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
Kennedy Space Center Visitor Quest, Dine With An Astronaut and Special will remain closed until it is safe to For more information about refunds
Complex brings to life the epic story of the Interest Tours. Only 45 minutes from reopen as directed by government and and scheduling, visit www.kennedyspace

April 2020 39


Join over 23,000 industry professionals for the most important three days
o= 0†vbm;vv -ˆb-ঞomķ ‰b|_ ƐķƏƏƏ ;Š_b0b|ouvķ Ƒ v|-ঞ1 7bvrѴ-‹v o= -bu1u-[ ŋ
om; bmvb7; |_; ;Š_b0b| _-ѴѴ -m7 |_; o|_;u o†|vb7; -| ;m7;uvom Š;1†ঞˆ;
burou|ķ -m7 lou; |_-m ƔƏ ;7†1-ঞom orrou|†mbঞ;vĺ "-ˆ; |_; 7-|; -m7 ˆbvb|
|_; Ŋ ‰;0vb|; |o Ѵ;-um lou;ĺ


40 In Flight USA Celebrating 36 Years April 2020



Events Moved from May to September

The full lineup of World War II heroes the 357th Fighter Group. He is one of Arsenal of Democracy Flyover
participating in a historic panel discussion America’s top WWII Aces, scoring over and Events Rescheduled
during the Arsenal of Democracy Victory 16 victories in a P-51 Mustang.
Gala was announced on March 6. The gala, Given the increasing concerns and directives related to the coronavirus
which precedes the Friday, Sept. 25 Arsenal U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel (COVID-19), on March 18, the Arsenal of Democracy (AOD) Executive Planning
of Democracy Flyover in Washington, D.C. David Hamilton was assigned to the 436th Committee, coordinated with a large number of organizations, government entries,
to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Troop Carrier Group during WWII. He warbird operators and World War II veterans to reschedule the AOD Victory Gala
the end of WWII in Europe, will provide a participated in many missions, including and Flyover commemorating the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II.
unique opportunity to hear first-hand being one of 20 pathfinder aircraft com-
accounts of WWII experiences from the manders preceding more than 800 trans- Working closely with the Friends of the National World War II Memorial, the
heroes themselves. During the flyover, air- ports dropping paratroopers into National Aviation Hall of Fame, the Air Line Pilots Association and the Smithsonian
craft formations will be sequenced to com- Normandy on D-Day. He also led C-47s National Air and Space Museum, the week of Sept. 20th became the mutually
memorate major battles fought on the land, for supply drops to the 101st Airborne at agreed-upon timeframe to reschedule all AOD activities. This particular week will
sea and in the air in both the European and Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge. fortuitously culminate with the annual National Aviation Hall of Fame Enshrinement
Pacific theaters of operation. to be held in Dayton, Ohio, on Saturday, Sept. 26.
U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel
Award-winning broadcast journalist Robert Vaucher flew 117 combat patrol, The AOD Victory Gala will take place at Signature Flight Support’s historic
David Hartman will lead the discussions bombing, mining and photography mis- Hangar 7 at Ronald Reagan National Airport on Thursday, Sept. 24 with all previ-
between two panels of WWII heroes. The sions during WWII, including leading the ously announced World War II veterans speakers reconfirmed. The warbird aerial
first panel will focus on the European largest in-trail assembly of 454 B-29s tribute flight over the National Mall will now take place on Friday, Sept. 25 in con-
Theater and panelists will include over a single target during the war. He junction with an accompanying ceremony at the National World War II Memorial.
Brigadier General Charles McGee (U.S. also served as Mission Commander and The week’s events will culminate with an Aerospace workforce and STEM-related
Army Air Corps and USAF), Colonel lead pilot for the American “Show of event, coordinated by the Air Line Pilots Association, and a static display of many of
Bud Anderson (U.S. Army Air Corps and Force Flyover” when 525 B-29 the aircraft that participated in the flyover at the National Air and Space Museum,
USAF), Lieutenant Colonel David Superfortresses flew over the Japanese Steven F. UdvarHazy Center in Chantilly, Virginia, on Saturday, Sept. 26th.
Hamilton (U.S. Army Air Corps and surrender ceremony aboard the USS
USAF) and Flight Sergeant Bob Missouri on Sep. 2, 1945. Despite delaying the commemorative activities, the AOD committee and the
Middleton (Royal Canadian Air Force). partner organizations remain steadfast in producing a historic tribute to the men and
The second panel will focus on the war in U.S. Navy Commander Dean Laird women who served in the U.S. and Allied armed forces, those who contributed on
the Pacific Theater. Panelists will include served during WWII, Korea and the homefront, and those who suffered the horrors of the Holocaust during WWII.
an original Rosie the Riveter – Connie Vietnam. He is the only Navy Ace to
Palacioz, Lieutenant Colonel Robert score victories in both the European and Members of the Arsenal of Democracy Executive Planning Committee include
Vaucher (U.S. Army Air Corps and Pacific theaters of WWII. Pete Bunce, President and CEO of the General Aviation Manufacturers Association
USAF), Commander Dean Laird (U.S. (GAMA); Hank Coates, President and CEO of the Commemorative Air Force
Navy) and Sergeant Paul Hilliard (U.S. During WWII, Royal Canadian Air (CAF); John Cudahy, President of the International Council of Air Shows (ICAS);
Marine Corps). Force Flight Sergeant Bob Middleton was Mike Ginter, Arsenal of Democracy Air Boss; and Paul Rinaldi, President of the
assigned to the No. 6 Bomber Group oper- National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA). Aerospace workforce and
At the age of 18, Connie Palacioz, ating from Yorkshire, England. He flew 10 STEM activities are led by Captain Joe DePete, President of the Air Line Pilots
joined the workforce at Boeing in Wichita, missions on Halifax bombers and 23 mis- Association. Events at the National World War II Memorial are led by Holly Rotondi,
Kansas, as a riveter on the B-29 sions on Lancaster bombers during WWII. Executive Director of the Friends of the National World War II Memorial. National
Superfortress during WWII. She was part Aviation Hall of Fame Enshrinement events are led by Amy Spowart, President and
of the team that manufactured the B-29 U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant Paul CEO of the National Aviation Hall of Fame. For more information about the Arsenal
“DOC”, which will participate in the Hilliard served as a radioman and gunner of Democracy events, please visit
Arsenal of Democracy Flyover on Sept. 25. in SBD Dauntless dive bombers in the
Pacific Theater of WWII. He currently place in the historic Signature For more information on the Arsenal
U.S. Air Force Brigadier General serves as chairman of the National World TECHNICAir Aviation Hangar 7 at Ronald of Democracy and the 75th World War II
Charles McGee served during WWII, War II Museum board. Reagan Washington National Airport on Victory Commemoration Flyover, please
Korea and Vietnam. He is a Tuskegee Thursday, Sept. 24, 2020. Individual seating visit the following websites:
Airman and holds the record of 409 combat The Arsenal of Democracy Victory and tables for the gala are available for pur- https://www.75thwwiicommemoration.o
missions flown while serving in three wars. Gala will honor, remember and celebrate chase at rg/ and
the heroes who fought and served in the flyover/victory-gala/ flyover.
During WWII, U.S. Air Force global conflict in the air, on land and sea,
Colonel Bud Anderson was assigned to those who worked and sacrificed on the
home front, and those who suffered the hor-
rors of the Holocaust. This event will take


A Move That Would Facilitate Seamless ADS-B Out Cross-Border Travel

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots “Thousands of U.S. pilots travel to its affordability and simple installation. beginning Jan. 1, 2020, in Class A, B, C,
Association (AOPA) is taking advantage and from Mexico each year flying aircraft Harmonization between the U.S. and E above 10,000 feet msl, and other spec-
of Mexico’s delayed ADS-B Out man- equipped with UAT ADS-B,” said Rune Mexican ADS-B rules and surveillance ified airspaces. The effective date of the
date to ask the country to accept 978 Duke, AOPA senior director of govern- systems promotes seamless cross-border Mexican ADS-B Out mandate has now
MHz ADS-B data, which is broadcast by ment affairs for airspace and air traffic. general aviation operations.” been moved to Jan.1, 2022, Duke said.
universal access transceivers (UATs), as “Many U.S. general aviation pilots chose
compliant within its airspace. to equip their aircraft with UAT because of Mexico originally announced that it In a March 3 letter to Mexico’s
would require 1090ES ADS-B Out
Continued on Page 43

April 2020 41

42 In Flight USA Celebrating 36 Years April 2020

It has been said that the only voluntary act in aviation is the decision to take-off. Every action after take-off involves the skillful management of
risk, the enjoyment of flight and a continuous stream of decisions that result in a safe landing.
In 1974, NASA created the Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) to allow aviation professionals to share experiences in a frank, non-punitive man-
ner. The ASRS structure allows pilots and other aviation professionals to file an anonymous report of an incident, error or occurrence that the contributor feels might be of value to others. These
reports are gathered, analyzed and data based by NASA experts and made available to all interested parties as a tool for creating proactive aviation safety programs. Additionally, NASA distributes
an electronic publication, CALLBACK, which contains selected, de-identified, reports on a free subscription basis. In Flight USA is proud to reprint selected reports, exerpted from CALLBACK, for
our readers to read, study, occasionally laugh at, and always learn from. Visit to learn how you can participate in the ASRS program.


“Ground Operations involves all secured my airplane. The FBO, having midst of a bad porpoise. The aircraft Maintenance crews, cut in front of us to
aspects of aircraft handling at airports as observed the incident, helped me separate came down hard on its nosewheel, which park at the gate we just pushed back
well as aircraft movement around the the two airplanes, took pictures, and had separated from the aircraft as it skidded from. The aircraft came in unmarshaled,
aerodrome, except on active runways.” 1 an on-site A&P Mechanic visually inspect to a stop on its nose a few hundred feet and the area was so tight, he actually
The Ground Operations environment is both airplanes. from where I stood. The occupant was not came into the gate-line half way up.
broad and dynamic. It is also complex, exiting the aircraft, and the master switch When he turned to line up with the line,
often challenging those involved with Following the incident, per FBO was still engaged, as evidenced by the his engines were running, pointed direct-
some of the busiest, most unpredictable, procedure, I taxied the aircraft back to rotating beacon. ly at [our] pushback crew. I estimate his
and most hazardous conditions in avia- parking and secured it for the day. tail was about 20 feet from [our] push-
tion. Constant change is the norm, During discussions with the Chief Judging that I was the closest person back crew. This put the ramp personnel
whether taxiing or parked at a gate, Instructor of the FBO, I learned that the available to render immediate assistance, directly in their jet blast, creating an
remote spot, or FBO. FBO taxi procedures had recently been I ran toward the aircraft along with my extremely unsafe condition. The ramp
revised to avoid this area of the ramp due flying partner, who has been certified in personnel were having difficulty standing
For a pilot or crew, duties can be to the narrow confines. wilderness first aid. I was aware that I up. They were eventually able to discon-
numerous, detailed, and frequently hur- was entering the movement area and did nect and then marshal the offending air-
ried. Attention to detail is paramount, yet I made several poor decisions that use extreme caution, carefully supervis- craft the last five feet to the gate.
a pilot’s attention is often divided among led up to the incident. I selected a route of ing my partner as well. We arrived on
many tasks. Hazards and threats may not taxi with a known choke point even scene first, almost a minute before the The Domino Effect
be perceived, but they can exist most though a less constrained route was emergency vehicles. As soon as it was
anywhere. Airport construction, high available, simply because I was in the clear that the occupant was unharmed Confusing preflight circumstances
density ground traffic, complicated clear- habit of using that particular route. Once and there was no risk of fire, we immedi- shaped a decision that resulted in a non-
ances, close proximity, simultaneous a possible conflict was identified, I elect- ately left the scene. standard configuration, which then creat-
operations, multitasking, fast-changing ed to continue instead of turning around, ed extra risk for this operation.
weather, time pressure, and different lev- because I thought there might still be suf- Another person, who followed us out
els of qualification are but a few. ficient room. Finally, after realizing how to the aircraft with a handheld radio, was • When I arrived at the aircraft, my
little room there was, I chose to… admonished by the Controller for enter- First Officer (FO) advised me that the flap
This month, CALLBACK shares squeeze through the area instead of shut- ing the area without permission, and it indicator showed full down flaps with…
reports of Ground Operations incidents ting down, because back-taxiing by hand was suggested that we may have violated the yellow hydraulic pump switch “ON.”
that suggest some techniques to employ would have been a hassle. a regulation. I believe that under the cir- My FO went down onto the ramp to check
and others to avoid. These reports also cumstances, we acted upon the correct out the situation. He confirmed the flaps
herald the sage advice that pilots “place a In the future, I will… avoid all taxi instinct to render immediate assistance. were in the full down position. He also
strong emphasis on ground operations, as choke points. If I must taxi through a con- As a pilot, I understand the hazards that indicated to me that there appeared to be
this is where safe flight begins and fined area, I will shut down and make exist in the movement area and did my no mechanical work being done. We con-
ends.”2 sure there is adequate clearance before best to mitigate any risks as I entered tacted Maintenance, and they verified that
proceeding. If there appears to be less with my partner. We retreated to the non- there was no maintenance issue with the
The Best Teacher than a foot of clearance on both sides, I movement area immediately when it was aircraft. At that time, I communicated with
will either have the obstacle removed apparent that we were not needed to help. ground personnel to see if it was clear to
A C172 pilot attempted to thread the or… find someone to help direct me raise the flaps. However, with all the activ-
needle while taxiing to the runway. through the confined area. The decision to enter the safety area ity around the aircraft, including refueling,
Failure was forged into wisdom, and was not taken lightly, but I felt it was correct it was not safe to raise the flaps. I elect-
judgment was honed to resolve when Barring all those options, I will sim- at the time. I am sensitive to the Controller’s ed… not to raise the flaps until the area
experience taught a tough lesson. ply back-taxi by hand to a turn-around needs to control access to the area, and I do cleared. I was informed, just prior to push
point and either identify a better route of regret adding to his workload. time, that the refueling truck struck a flap
• While taxiing from the ramp, I taxi or wait for the obstacles to be fairing when departing. The incident
chose a route that led me to a confined cleared. Taxi Techniques to Terminate caused a three-and-a-half hour delay.
area between an FBO building and sever-
al hangars. Several… tenants had parked First Responder A Maintenance crew taxied an air- Air Anaconda
their vehicles near one side of the taxiway. craft to the gate from which this A320
An airplane had been parked on the other This GA pilot observed a situation Captain had just pushed. During the Per procedure, a ramp worker con-
side of the taxiway such that its vertical that was deemed to require immediate operation, avoidable hazards were nected the air hose when the aircraft
tail was… intruding into the taxi area. I action. A quick decision resulted in being observed and noted. arrived at the gate. Initially all was nor-
slowed… and attempted to weave between first to aid a fellow airman who appeared mal, but an artificial gust of wind soon
the two obstructions. Unfortunately, the to be in distress. • We were… finishing our pushback, appeared as a major hazard.
area was too narrow, and my left wingtip and the brakes were set. The tug was still
contacted the rudder of the parked air- • I had my aircraft parked at the connected to the aircraft via towbar. We Continued on Page 43
craft. I immediately shut down and self-service pumps and was about to were pushed basically straight back. At
begin fueling when I caught a landing this time, a CRJ-700, being taxied by
aircraft in the corner of my eye in the

April 2020 43


NAHF to Create an Immersive and Informative Experience Through Virtual Reality for Visitors

The National Aviation Hall of Fame and educational destination.” their genius to further our nation’s aero- NAHF has begun to transform their
(NAHF) has partnered with DigiDrub, to The VR experience is titled Return space legacy. With our partnership with Heritage Hall and Education Center
modernize visitor experience through DigiDrub, we will inspire young people (HHEC), which, in collaboration with
Virtual Reality. DigiDrub is an award- to the Moon; NAHF visitors will under- and educate them on our rich aviation his- DigiDrub, is the first step to creating a
winning digital agency focusing on web, take an unforgettable experience where tory through modern technologies.” cutting-edge interactive and informative
digital content creation, and creating cus- they will be flying with NASA Astronaut experience for visitors. (Courtesy NAHF)
tom immersive experiences (AR/VR). and NAHF Enshrinee Fred Gregory; they Founded and based in Dayton, OH,
will learn some important history of lunar the NAHF Heritage Hall & Education ment, and SEO; Online content creation
According to NAHF Chairman voyages and also complete a few tasks as Center is committed to informing the pub- and social media management, and creat-
Michael Quiello, “The NAHF has begun part of the mission. lic of American aviation heroes, their ing enterprise-grade custom VR/AR. The
the transformation of our Heritage Hall and accomplishments and their impact on company has adopted a suite of Artificial
Education Center (HHEC). This partner- Aninda Bose, Managing Partner of advances in aviation from Early Flight to Intelligence (AI) platforms to build pre-
ship is the first step in reinventing our cur- DigiDrub said, “we are honored that Space Travel. The NAHF dictive outcomes for its clients
rent space into a cutting-edge interactive NAHF chose us to create this Virtual ( strives to cre-
and informative experience that makes Reality experience. This will be an inter- ate a distinctive educational resource that
NAHF a preferred destination for domestic, esting and an exciting project for us to will inspire future generations to appreciate
national and international visitors. Our execute.” our nation’s extraordinary aviation heritage
HHEC will capture the imagination of the and the men and women who created it.
next generation of aerospace leaders “Since our foundation through an Act
through an evolving storyline of Enshrinees of Congress in 1964, the NAHF has been DigiDrub ( is an
challenges and accomplishments in a realis- dedicated to honoring America’s aero- award-winning digital agency which
tic, hands-on, immersive environment so space pioneers,” says NAHF President and helps organizations brand and market
engaging that it becomes an inspirational CEO Amy Spowart. “Our goal is to pro- better in the digital world; the agency
mote the vision, innovation, skill and focuses on website design and develop-
courage of the national heroes who lent


EAA Chapter 931 in Friendship, ter without anyone involved needing to preserve this spirit in this uncertainty of (Courtesy EAA)
Wisconsin, took part in a remote leave their homes. Radek said the meeting the COVID-19 pandemic.”
IMC/VMC Club concept presentation was very successful, including a spirited
recently while practicing responsible discussion following one of the Radek said based on the success of
social distancing thanks to the wonders IMC/VMC scenarios, and it resulted in this first remote presentation, he hopes to
of internet teleconferencing. Chapter 931 forming a VMC Club with get the entire network of IMC/VMC
plans to meet remotely in the short-term. Clubs conducting meetings in the same
EAA manager of flight proficiency fashion, and is planning on instructing
Radek Wyrzykowski conducted a remote “Our EAA IMC and VMC Club phi- program coordinators on how to do so.
presentation to introduce the chapter to the losophy was always based on guided dis- For more information on EAA
EAA IMC/VMC Club programs. Using cussion with personal interaction,” IMC/VMC Clubs, visit
Zoom, Radek was able to reach the chap- Radek said. “I know now that we can and

AOPA Asks Mexico To Accept UAT

Continued from Page 40 consider investing in a ground-based der travel and would build on the success “We look forward to working with
ADS-B surveillance system that is com- of Mexico’s recognition of BasicMed, AFAC, SENEAM, and our industry part-
Agencia Federal de Aviación Civil patible with the U.S. surveillance system, Baker noted in his letter. ners to harmonize ADS-B requirements
(AFAC) and Servicios a la Navegación allowing both UAT and 1090ES aircraft and support UAT-equipped aircraft,”
en el Espacio Aéreo Mexicano to be rule compliant. Allowing the use of 978 UAT ADS- Duke said.
(SENEAM) in Spanish and in English, B Out hardware in Mexico also will help
AOPA President Mark Baker asked the Harmonizing the Mexican and U.S. to reduce the cost of compliance for Learn more at AOPA’s website,
country’s federal civil aviation agency ADS-B rules would be a positive step many Mexican aircraft owners, Duke
and air navigation services provider to towards facilitating seamless cross-bor- added.

Safe Landings towards the jetbridge to turn on the air. hose wrapped around my ankle, it then 1 .
As I got to… about the midway point snatched my leg and started pulling me Ground_Operations
Continued from Page 42 between the engine and jetbridge, I felt a violently underneath the aircraft. I tried
gust of wind that started blowing. I to pull my leg from the air hose, but as I 2. poli
• After marshaling the aircraft… thought it was maybe just a big gust of pulled, it became tighter. I did finally cies/handbooks_manuals/aviation/airpla
into the gate, I began to complete my wind that knocked me off balance. I then manage to get my leg from the grasp of ne_handbook/media/04_afh_ch2.pdf
post-arrival duties. I hooked up the noticed… the air hose blowing toward the air hose. When I looked to see what
Ground Power Unit and received the all me at a rapid pace. Before I could react happened, I noticed that a B777-300 air-
clear from the Captain that he had power. or move, the air hose had become craft had turned… toward the taxiway
After that, I got the air hose from the jet- wrapped around my ankle. Once the air and jet blasted the gate [area].
bridge and started unrolling it to connect
to the aircraft. Once I hooked the air hose
up to the aircraft, I began walking back

44 In Flight USA Celebrating 36 Years April 2020


In an April 1 letter to the Federal PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP study show- commercial and noncommercial opera- • Extensions for applicants on the
Aviation Administration (FAA), the ing that GA contributes 1.2 million jobs tions in their respective countries. ability to complete practical examina-
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association and $247 billion in economic activity to tions.
(AOPA) and seven other industry groups the United States. The Cybersecurity and Along with AOPA, the Air Medical
urged the agency to support the multibil- Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), Operators Association, the Experimental • Extension for filing documents
lion-dollar general aviation (GA) indus- which falls under the Department of Aircraft Association, the General under FAR Part 13 (Subparts C, D, and
try through extensions to examinations, Homeland Security, has designated trans- Aviation Manufacturers Association, G).
certifications, maintenance, and filings. portation, which includes GA, as a critical Helicopter Association International, the
GA has stepped up in many ways to help infrastructure sector. Air medical is specif- National Agricultural Aviation • Extensions for aircraft maintenance
the nation deal with the COVID-19 crisis ically named by CISA as a critical work- Association, the National Air and continuing airworthiness requirements
through its more than 5,000 public air- force, and air medical aircraft continue to Transportation Association, and the with necessary mitigation procedures.
ports across the country, providing trans- provide lifesaving missions for those in National Business Aviation Association
portation and logistical support for need- need whether stricken by COVID-19 or signed the April 1 letter. AOPA’s Pilot Information Center staff
ed supplies and personnel. other health emergencies. are standing by to answer questions that are
Requested exemptions: likely to arise in light of the FAA policy
“General aviation has long been “This letter builds upon an earlier decision, based on each member’s individ-
vital to the nation’s transportation and request sent to the FAA on March 17, fur- • Extension of FAR Part 61 pilot cur- ual circumstances. Members can reach
economic infrastructure,” said ther explaining why these extensions are rency requirements, including the flight AOPA staff online at https://www.aopa
Christopher Cooper, AOPA director of justified since general aviation is, indeed, review and instrument proficiency check. .org/about/pilot-information-center or by
regulatory affairs. “From providing med- a public good. Regulations and exemp- phone at 800-USA-AOPA (872-2672)
ical resources to remote locations to sup- tions must be found to be for the public • Guidance that 709 reexaminations Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to
porting millions of jobs and economic good, and this is the rationale the FAA or paperwork inspections in person (such 6 p.m. Eastern time.
activity across the United States, the ben- used to provide exemptions for air carri- as logbook inspections under FAR 61.51,
efit general aviation provides to the pub- ers and commercial operations. We or maintenance record inspections under AOPA is continuously updating its
lic, especially in times of national crisis, believe general aviation should also be FAR 91.417) be deferred or at least be coverage of the coronavirus pandemic’s
is enormous. Having these exemptions provided exemptions based on the same conducted electronically during the cur- impact on general aviation. For more
and deviations approved by the FAA will rationale,” said Cooper. rent social distancing safety protocols information, please visit the AOPA web-
ensure general aviation has limited delay and directives regarding nonessential site at
in operations to help the fight against the Similar regulatory activity has activities.
COVID-19 pandemic.” already been enacted by the European Editor’s Note: The Coronavirus impact
Union Aviation Safety Agency in Europe • Extensions for certificated flight and regulations are changing almost
In the letter to FAA Associate and the Civil Aviation Authority in the instructor certificate renewal, expiration, daily. In Flight USA recommends check-
Administrator for Aviation Safety Ali United Kingdom, where comparable and endorsement periods. ing with AOPA, EAA, FAA and other
Bahrami, the groups also cited a recent exemptions have been granted to both organizations for the latest information
• Extension of knowledge exam expi- on their websites or by calling officials
ration period. directly.



The FAA’s proposed rules for simply issues blanket regulations for all Web-Based Operations Safety System. The FAA's proposed rules for Unmanned
Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) integra- unmanned aerial operations, regardless of In January, EAA and other general Aerial System (UAS) integration threat-
tion is an overreaching answer and threat- safety or compliance history. It threatens ens traditional pathways into manned
ens traditional pathways into manned a long-successful pathway for people to aviation organizations had asked for a 30- aviation, according to EAA.
aviation, according to EAA’s official engage in flight.” to 60-day extension to the comment peri-
comments submitted on March 2 to the od, to allow all stakeholders to thorough- (Courtesy EAA)
FAA’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking EAA offered several alternatives that ly review the 300-plus-page NPRM and
(NPRM) docket. would fully regulate the new UAS opera- offer additional well-researched com- mation regarding EAA’s position on the
tions that are requesting more expansive ments. The FAA rejected that request, the FAA’s proposed rules for UAS
EAA noted in its comments that in freedoms to fly in the national airspace, stating that an extension was not in the
the agency’s attempt for regulations to while acknowledging the outstanding public interest. Still, more than 44,000 integration, visit their website at
keep pace with burgeoning UAS technol- safety and compliance record of tradi- comments were posted to the FAA dock-
ogy, it has harmed the freedoms and tional model aviation. Among those alter- et, which is an extraordinary number con-
longstanding safe operations maintained native solutions were: sidering most FAA NPRMs draw fewer
by the traditional model aviation commu- than 1,000 comments.
nity. That community has little in com- • Registration requirements for multi-
mon with the UAS operations that the ple traditional model aircraft owned by a “The unusually fast turnaround for
FAA seeks to regulate, especially in such specific operator can remain as a single this comment period has consequences
areas as non-line-of-sight operations and registration, not separate registrations for that may include having to go back and
within controlled airspace. each aircraft. fix bad decisions that were made in haste,
while not using risk-based criteria,”
“EAA fully understands the need to • Creation of a notification system not Elliott said. “EAA is also concerned that
regulate UAS operations for public safe- reliant on immediate, on-site internet rushed regulations set precedents that
ty while safely integrating them into the connectivity. may eventually affect manned recreation-
national airspace,” said Sean Elliott, al aircraft operations, which is unaccept-
EAA’s vice president of advocacy and • Establishment of FAA-recognized able.”
safety. “This FAA proposal, however, identification areas, such as model air-
craft flying fields, directly with the FAA To learn more and gain updated infor-
via a time-proven system such as FAA’s

April 2020 45

46 In Flight USA Celebrating 36 Years April 2020



As AirVenture staff continues plan- across the spectrum, and there surely will Deuce, and IAC; the 45th anniversary of Stinson will celebrate its 100th anniver-
ning for this summer’s convention, sever- be something for just about everyone the Aerolight Eagle; the 40th anniversary
al aircraft types will be celebrated in who will be in attendance at aviation’s of Kolb; and the 25th anniversary of the sary at AirVenture this summer. Several
recognition of their significant anniver- family reunion. RV-8 and AirCam.
saries at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2020. aircraft will also be celebrating mile-
AirVenture 2020 is slated to take place Aircraft anniversaries confirmed for This list is not exhaustive – check
from July 20-26 at Wittman Regional 2020 include the 100th anniversary of the back for more aircraft types celebrating stones. (Courtesy EAA)
Airport in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Stinson Co.; the 75th anniversary of the anniversaries and for online registration
Aeronca Chief, C-120/C-140, information in the coming weeks.
As always, the types of aircraft cele- Taylorcraft, Pitts, and L-19; the 50th
brated at Oshkosh in 2020 will range anniversary of the Skybolt, Bakeng Visit the EAA website at



EAA and the EAA Warbirds of Wittman Regional Airport flightline. Warbirds of America president and EAA In commemoration of the 75th anniver-
America are planning additional warbird Beginning on Tuesday, July 21, look for board member, who is chairman of the sary of the end of World War II, EAA and
aircraft activities at EAA AirVenture formation flyovers in the late morning, Warbirds Air Show Committee. “The the EAA Warbirds of America are plan-
Oshkosh 2020, in commemoration of the midday, and early afternoon prior to the Warbirds of America are very enthusias- ning additional warbird aircraft activi-
75th anniversary of the end of World War daily afternoon airshows. These will tic about participating in these events and ties at AirVenture 2020.
II. Those activities will include additional include many of the aircraft that have added activities as part of this year’s
warbirds focus during the daily afternoon participated in mass flyovers in past gathering at Oshkosh.” (Courtesy EAA AirVenture)
airshows, as well as special flyovers. years. These flyovers will be coordinated
to cause minimum disruption to In addition, Thursday, July 23, will For more information, visit the
“Our plan for Oshkosh this year is to AirVenture air traffic operations. be Warbird Jet Day, featuring many of the AirVenture website at
make it the most comprehensive, chrono- early military jets that are always popular venture.
logical flying history of the World War II The 75th anniversary airshows will be at AirVenture. Additional details on air-
era,” said Dennis Dunbar, EAA’s director on Wednesday, July 22; Friday, July 24; craft and activities will be announced as
of flight operations. “As AirVenture is the and Saturday, July 25. A number of warbird they are finalized.
largest annual gathering of warbird air- aircraft and pilots that have not been seen at
craft in the world, the opportunity is here Oshkosh for several years are expected to Advance tickets, camping creden-
to put together a memorable week that take part in these historic salutes. tials, and other items are currently on sale
honors those who made the sacrifices at This 75th
more than 75 years ago.” “The 75th anniversary will likely be anniversary commemoration is also a
the last major commemoration of World superb opportunity for the youngest gen-
The activities will officially begin on War II where we still have the actual vet- eration to learn about the Greatest
Monday, July 20, with a mass warbird erans still with us, so it’s important that Generation, as starting this year those age
arrival that will populate the warbirds we honor them with our absolute best 18 and under are admitted free, thanks to
parking area at the north end of the effort,” said Rick Siegfried, former support from The Boeing Company.



Jim Busha, an experienced pilot and offerings, significant increases in social responsibilities over the EAA marketing Jim Busha has been promoted to Vice
aviation writer who has been with the media traffic, and expanded internal col- team in Aug. 2019. In his new role,
Experimental Aircraft Association since laborations that benefits our members,” Busha will continue his involvement in President of Publications, Marketing,
2014, has been promoted to Vice Pelton said. “As an EAA member for EAA’s Vintage Airplane and Warbirds
President of Publications, Marketing, and more than 35 years, he understands the magazines. and Membership. (Courtesy EAA)
Membership for the organization. passion for flight that characterizes our
members, and he will have the opportuni- A longtime pilot, Busha currently
In this role, Busha continues his ty to develop even more ways to connect owns and flies a Stinson L-5. He has con-
leadership of EAA’s editorial, photo/ with them while welcoming more people tributed to many aviation publications
video, and marketing teams, with added into EAA’s community of flight.” and journals, including to EAA publica-
responsibility for membership services. tions for more than two decades. Busha
He will report directly to EAA Busha joined EAA in Oct. 2014 as has had several books published, most
CEO/Chairman Jack Pelton as part of the Director of Publications, where he had recently as a co-author of EAA Oshkosh –
association’s senior leadership team. responsibility for all of EAA’s print and The Best AirVenture Photography, pub-
electronic publications, including EAA’s lished in 2017. He initially came to EAA
“Jim’s leadership of our editorial flagship magazine, Sport Aviation, and after a 30-year career with the Oshkosh
and publications group has brought us EAA’s publications for its special interest Police Department, retiring as a detec-
continued growth and improvement in communities. He accepted additional tive/lieutenant.
our print publications, broader digital

April 2020 47

OODIES American Aircraft Sales Co.
One of the truly great things about being an aviation buff is the
number of “Goodies and Gadgets” available to play with. Here In 50 YEARS IN BUSINESS–NEW LOCATION
Flight USA has collected a few new ones worthy of your consideration.

AIRCRAFT SPRUCE FEATURES ONLINE LEARNING 1955 Beechcraft T-34B Mentor 1959 Cessna 182B Skylane
60 HRS Since Restoration............$225,000 275 HP P-PONK with 51 hrs on engine and 51 hrs
Aircraft Spruce is currently featur- glasses. Although aviator shades fit the on 3 blade prop, New Paint, New Interior and New
ing several online specials. Some high- archetype of sunglasses for pilots, Blake
lights this month include: has adjustable nose pads and a custom Windows, This airplane is Like New!....$79,950
mono block hinge design that proves the
The TY96 aviation radio, which is style is for everyone. Carl Zeiss lenses SOLD SOLD
designed to provide fast switching operate as a mirror but are clear as glass,
between 8.33 kHz and 25 kHz. Its slim- providing precise clarity and keeping the 1982 Cessna 182R Skylane II 1978 Piper Warrior 161
line and lightweight design – at only road ahead clear. Official, popular, and 500 SMOH, 9000 TTSN, Garmin 650 IFR GPS,
33mm in height – saves valuable stack original, Blake gives you a luxury name ADS-B, S-TEC 60 A/P, Recent interior, nice paint, 35 SMOH, 3000 TTSN, new paint, super clean
space while retaining innovative and brand while remaining inexpensive. NDH ........................................................$129,950 airplane .....................................................$59,950
practical features. The TY96 is a certified Legends never fade, and Blake gives this
10 watt radio designed for general avia- classic renewed shine. 1956 F35 Beech Bonanza 1979 Piper Warrior II 161
tion and light sport applications and is
ideally suited to the needs of experienced Another popular item, the Garmin Hangar Kept in Livermore last 50 years. Not 1278 SMOH, 15,193 TTSN, Garmin
and novice pilots alike. D2 Bravo Pilot Watch Titanium flown since 1993............................$24,950 Avionics ........................................$25,000
Edition is popular
Also featured is the ASA student and ready to ship. SOLD
online prepware. Pass your FAA D2 Bravo Titanium
Knowledge is a premium avia- 1982 Cessna 172P 180 HP 1978 Piper Archer
Exam and tion GPS smart-
know what watch that com- 1387 SNEW 180 HP Engine, 5200 TTSN, IFR, 2400 TTSN, 400 SFRMAN, Garmin 430
you need to bines contempo- Hangar Kept, Looks like new, NDH. ..........CALL! GPS, new leather interior, one owner since
be a safe, rary design with 1980, NDH.....................................$79,959
competent sophisticated con-
aviator – from the most trusted source in nectivity to bring pilots and aviation SOLD
aviation training. Study by subject, com- enthusiasts an elite aviator watch. With
bined subjects, or generate sample prac- uncompromising details such as a hybrid 1977 Piper Archer 181 1978 Cessna 172N Skyhawk
tice tests. Questions are supported with titanium band and gunmetal bezel, sap-
explanations for correct and incorrect phire lens and high-resolution color dis- Only 700 TTSN, one owner based in 60 SMOH, 4000 TTSN, This is a prime condi-
answers, references for further study, and play, D2 Bravo Titanium combines the Livermore CA since New................$69,950 tion hangar kept California airplane,....$79,950
airman test report codes for remedial GPS wearable technology Garmin is
study. The CX-2 electronic flight com- known for with a sleek form factor suit- SOLD
puter is accessible with a click of a button able for activities both inside and outside
and test authorization (endorsement) can of the cockpit. It also boasts new multi- 1977 Cessna 172 Skyhawk 180 HP 1978 Beech Sundowner
be obtained from your instructor or from sport activity profiles like golf and
ASA at no additional charge. advanced fitness training, as well as the 2085 SFRMAN, 3000 TTSN, L/R fuel, Garmin 180 HP, 100 SMOH, 1700 TTSN, New Paint,
addition of Garmin Elevate™ wrist- GPS, King IFR, new paint/leather interior and New Interior, and new windows, Looks like a
Access Prepware Online on all your based heart rate technology, allowing new windows, NDH ..........................$86,950 new airplane........................................$54,950
internet-connected devices for the ulti- customers to measure heart rate 24/7.
mate in flexibility. Log in from your Additional features on D2 Bravo Office Space & Tie Downs
desktop, laptop, smart phone, iPad or Titanium are also available to existing Available for Rent
other tablet computer with access avail- D2 Bravo customers via a free software
able for 24 months (after you activate upgrade, including the display of Robert Coutches
your account). Prepware Online can be Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts (TAFs),
utilized as a stand-alone study tool pro- integration of an automatic logbook and Cell - (510) 783-2711 • (925) 449-5151
viding access to any one of the following a customizable aviation watch face that
FAA Knowledge Test databases. allows customers to input the tail number 550 Airway Blvd. • Livermore, CA 94551• Livermore Airport (KLVK)
of their aircraft.
IVI Blake sunglasses are featured
this month. Entering the IVI arsenal by Aircraft Spruce has thousands of
items available. Visit their website at
popular demand, for view their
this model reno- online catalog or call 1-877/477-7823 to
vates your quin- place an order.
tessential design-
er aviator sun-

48 In Flight USA Celebrating 36 Years April 2020

AIRCRAFT FOR SALE SIMULATORS Micro Vortex Generators installed on We keep you flying at 100+ U.S. airports. 719-9692, or email [email protected]
leading edge of wings and tail. Available Signature Flight Support, signatureflight. com, reference #85488056. 19200:TFN

American Aircraft Sales, Livermore Air- Unique, integrated ground, simulator for Singles and Twins. Micro AeroDynam- com. 10/18 Coming soon! The Banyan Club! Seek-
port, CA,, cell ics, Anacortes, WA, (800) 677-2370, (360)
(510) 783-2711, (925) 449-5151. 3/13 and flight training to fit any pilot level. 293-8082, 10/19 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES ing veterans and warbird enthusiasts to
Open daily, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ACTIVE share their stories. Call (415) 548-3167,
PILOT Flight Training Center, Van Nuys or Annamarie Buonocore, (650) 504-
From Trade-ins to Aircra™ft Manage- Airport, CA, (818) 528-6777, activepilot. AIRCRAFT INSURANCE #1 Largest Network of Aircraft 8549. 3/20
ment, financing and appraisals. T.J. Brokers in the United States
Aircraft Sales, Novato, CA, (415) 898- com. 8/18 Specializing in personal, business Become an Aircraft Broker —
5151, 3/13 DRONES and charter aircraft. Best price, cover- Available in Your Area
age & customer service. Zanette Air-
J.T. Evans Aircraft Sales. Specializing craft Insurance Center, (650) 593-3030, Start today with USA’s proved sys- Explore Columbia State Historic Park,
in landing gear & control surfaces. Also Counter-UAS Drone and Defense Sys- (888) 723-3358. 10/06 tem for listing and selling everything CA. Fly in to Columbia Airport for your
recovery & storage for singles & light tems. Protect airports & critical infra- from high-performance single-engine Gold Rush adventure. Res. (209) 532-
twins. (800) 421-1729, Orlando, FL.11/14 structures from sUAS incursions. Liteye airplanes, cabin class through jets, 1470, 2/20
Systems, Centennial, CO,, Aircraft Insurance WARNING! and helicopters & jet fractional shares.
Need insurance? Call us first for access Includes multi-million-dollar inventory
AirplanesUSA Aircraft Sales, new of- (720) 974-1766. 3/20 to the entire market. Best rates. Broadest from which to start selling. ART/VIDEOS/GIFTS
fice at San Carlos, CA, Airport, www., (650) 394-7610.1/16 AVIONICS coverage. All markets. Aviation Insurance Complete turn-key proved system. Specializing in aviation photography.
Resources, (877) 247-7767, www.AIR- No experience necessary. Will train.
Small Manned Aerial Radar Target, 1716:TFN 1/15
Avionics for Every Mission. Installation, Licensed USA Aircraft brokerage.
Model 1. Tiny jet aircraft, long-range bench repair, a/p specialist, all major Call today (504) 723-5566 or Victory Girl
tank. SMART-1, Tucson, AZ, (520) 682- AVIATION CONSULTANTS Custom painted flight jackets & aircraft nose
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Airport, CA, www.airtronicsavionics. at
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April 2020 49

F-35A Demonstration Team’s Newest Pilot

Continued from Page 33 As the pilot and demonstration team Capt. Kristin “Beo” Wolfe, the F-35A Lightning II Demonstration Team pilot, prepares
“I didn’t really know any pilots in commander, Wolfe will fly the demonstra- for launch during a practice flight at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Ariz., Feb. 29,
tion routine for two years, serving as a role 2020. The demonstration team is now part of Air Combat Command and is assigned to
the military except for my dad, so I start- model and inspiration to those that are inter- the 388th Fighter Wing at Hill AFB, Utah. (U.S. Air Force photo by Capt. Kip Sumner)
ed to research career options that offered ested in pursuing military service or a career
a challenging career progression, travel in aviation. Part of her and her team’s mis- Capt. Kristin “Beo” Wolfe stands with her father, retired Col. Jon Wolfe. Wolfe grew
opportunities and a variable day-to-day sion will be helping young men and women
schedule. I quickly realized being a pilot realize the possibilities available to them. up in a military family and had lived in three countries and five states prior to attend-
was the perfect fit for me,” she said.
“If I could give advice to my younger ing college. (U.S. Air Force Courtesy Photo)
About a year into ROTC, Wolfe’s father self, or to anyone looking at what they
remembers getting a cryptic email that just should do, step outside of the box for a sec- Capt. Kristin “Beo” Wolfe, F-35A Lightning II Demonstration Team pilot and command-
said, “Columbus, Vance, Laughlin?” ond. Don’t just think about what your next er finishes a demonstration practice at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Ariz., during the
move should be. Go do something that you Air Force Heritage Flight Training Course, Feb. 29, 2020. The Heritage Flight Training
“Oh, Kristin must have gotten a pilot never thought about doing,” she said. Course is a training course for all single-ship aerial demonstration teams prior to the
slot … Right after she commissioned and upcoming summer airshow season. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Zachary Boyer)
before she went active duty, I remember The 13-member team of F-35A main-
taking her to Norfolk (Virginia) and get- tenance, operational support and public
ting her two practice flights in the air- affairs Airmen is expected to perform at
plane she’d get her initial screening in,” over 40 different appearances throughout
Wolfe’s father said. “I talked to the her two-year command. Each show with
instructor afterwards and he said that he their own set of public appearances, media
had never seen anybody do so well that interactions and recruiting events; all in
hadn’t been in an airplane before.” addition to practicing, planning and flying
the demonstration routine. It’s a lot, but
After commissioning, Wolfe attended she and her team aren’t the only ones con-
undergraduate pilot training at Laughlin fident they’ll meet the challenge.
Air Force Base, Texas, where she learned
the meaning of being an Air Force aviator. “Ever since she got into ROTC, she
lit up the afterburners and never looked
“It hit me when I did my first solo back,” her father said. “She’s still doing
flight,” she said. “I remember being terri- the same thing today and it’s been fun to
fied that anyone would let me fly an air- watch. We’re looking forward to coming
plane alone after only 11 or 12 rides. It out and seeing how the team does.”
seemed like an insane concept to me. But
I realized that’s how the aviation world “I am over the moon excited about
and the Air Force trains you; to ingrain her new role as the F-35 demo pilot,” her
those habit patterns so that those skills mother said. “It gives me great joy to see
take over. I remember landing and think- her doing what she is passionate about,
ing, ‘That was really cool.’” while getting to represent the Air Force in
such a positive way.”
After graduating UPT, Wolfe was
selected to fly fighters, eventually graduating When asked about the challenges of
to the F-22 as her first operational aircraft. being a female fighter pilot, she considers
the question for several moments before
“My decisions were never about spe- answering.
cific interests or aircraft,” she said. “I
would always ask myself ‘what’s the “The jet doesn’t discriminate. The jet
coolest thing I can do?’ or ‘what’s the most doesn’t know who is flying it, and it will
challenging thing I can do?’ The fighter always behave the exact same way,” Wolfe
community appealed to me the most. emphasized. “The fighter community is an
Looking at it now, I don’t think I’ll ever extremely performance-focused field
find another community that I’ll like as that’s based purely on merits and tactics. I
much as working in a fighter squadron.” don’t consider myself a female pilot, but a
pilot that happens to be a female. I’m here
After flying the F-22 for three years at to do a job, and that is to make this team
Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Virginia, Wolfe the best out there, inspire people to be bet-
transitioned to the F-35A Lightning II and ter, and to fly the F-35 as hard as I can.”
then the 388th Fighter Wing, the Air
Force’s first combat F-35 unit, in 2017. With the official Air Force certification
behind her, and the first show of the season
For some pilots, passion for flight is drawing close, Wolfe is also making sure that
born in an early childhood memory, and her Airmen make the most of this opportunity.
for some, that passion is gained through
their experiences. Growing up, Wolfe “I do hope that everyone on the team
never would have imagined that she would will take a couple glimpses to see how
become a fighter pilot, much less a demon- lucky we are to be able to do this, and that
stration pilot, but it’s an opportunity that we don’t get caught up on how busy it can
she will remember for the rest of her life. be,” she said. “There will be opportunities
at every single airshow for us to walk away
“Whether it’s flying low-levels in and say, ‘That was so cool’. You add up two
the snowy mountains of Idaho, flying in years of that and I think you can’t help but
‘Star Wars’ canyon in Alaska next to gla- be thankful for the opportunity we have.”
ciers, being inverted at 300 feet or doing
a pedal turn during the routine, those are
the moments I love,” Wolfe said.

50 In Flight USA Celebrating 36 Years April 2020


Aero Performance..............22 APRIL 2020 Schweiss Doors..................26
Aircraft Spruce ..................15 Senior Care Authority........20
Airplanes USA A/C Sales....6 Dr. Susan Biegel, MD........12 NBAA BACE ....................37 Skyview Aviation ..............52
Airtronics............................31 Driver Download ..............17 Oakland Aviation Museum11 Stallion 51 ..........................19
American A/C Sales ..........47 Faith Lewis Av. Realty ......37 Pacific Coast Avionics ......10 Sunshine Flyers..................36
AOPA....................................7 Hartwig Fuel Cells ..............3 Pac. Coast Dream Machines 9 T.J. Aircraft Sales ..............23
Arizona Type Ratings ........45 Hayward Flight Training ..17 Pacific Oil Coolers ..............9 Triumph of Flight ..............19
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Aviation Ins. Res. ..............13 Horizontal Rain..................16 QREF Media......................18 Vans Aircraft ........................6
Banyan Club ......................13 J.T. Evans..............................4 R & M Steel ......................12 Victory Girl ........................26
Bruce’s Custom Covers ....41 Laura Biche Rev. Mortgage 33 Salinas Airshow ................25 W.R. Spicer “Command” ..17
Carolina Airparks ..............30 Lawyers for Mens Rights..26 San Carlos Flight Center ..50 WillServ Business Sol. ......27
Corona AirVenture ............35 Liteye ....................................2 San Martin Air Museum....20 WyldeByrd Art...................36
Cotter Homeowner’s Assoc.34 Mountain High Oxygen ......3 SCAA ................................16 Zanette Ins. ..........................5

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(ÍÞ䡝 –Č T‹É ‹ÛÃÍÞ #ó¬°ä ¡Éä¡Ûķ ‹ Û¡—Í¬É³ď¡ ዝ¡Û ³É ދ«¡äČ ¡æ—‹ä³ÍÉ
T‹«¡äČ T¡È³É‹ÛÞ ‹Û¡ óĉ¡ŊÞäÛ¡‹È¡ ¡ĉ¡ÛČ f¡É¡Þ‹Č ‹É T‹äæ۝‹Č
——¡ÞÞ äÍ Íĉ¡Û ĢĠĠ Û¡—Í۝¡ ޡȳɋÛÞ ³É ÍæÛ ‹Û—°³ĉ¡Þ
³ĉ¡ÛÞ¡ ۋɬ¡ Í« äÍس—Þ ‹É ÞØ¡‹Á¡ÛÞ
æ³Í ‹ÃÞÍ ‹ĉ‹³Ã‹–á ³É Ø͝—‹Þä «ÍÛÈ
8¡¡Ø æØ Ċ³ä° ä°¡ Ëä¡Þä äÍس—Þ ³É $¡É¡Û‹Ã ĉ³‹ä³ÍÉ


XÍ ¡ÉÛÍÃÃķ —ÍÉ䋗ä æÞ ‹ä

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