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The online version of In Flight USA, a general aviation magazine, for December 2019.

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In Flight USA December 2019

The online version of In Flight USA, a general aviation magazine, for December 2019.

Keywords: aviation,aircraft,warbirds,museums

December 2019 3

Calendar of Events
To list your group’s event on a space available basis, please send your event notice with
date, time, place w/city and state, contact name, and phone number to: Calendar, In Flight
USA, P.O. Box 5402, San Mateo, Calif. 94402, or email [email protected]

3 Q Chino, CA: Kilroy Coffee Klatch Christmas Spectacular,
7 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., Planes of Fame Air Museum, (909) 597-7576. QUOTES ON: NEW TANKS -
Q Hollister, CA: Antique Aircraft Display & Fly-In, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Cherokee Tanks
14 Frazier Lake Airpark, (408) 835-1694, Fuel Cells & Metal Tanks 10 YEAR WARRANTY
Q San Carlos, CA: Santa Arrives by Helicopter, 9:30 a.m. to noon, Hiller Repair, overhauled & new
14 — 15 Aviation Museum, San Carlos Airport, (650) 654-0200. Technical Information or
15 Q Chino, CA: Living History Flying Day, Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero, 10 a.m., Free Fuel Grade Decals
21 Planes of Fame Air Museum, (909) 597-3722,
22 Q Palm Springs, CA: P-40 Warhawk Open Cockpit, 10:30 a.m. to MONARCH PREMIUM CAPS
28 12:30 p.m., Palm Springs Air Museum, (760) 778-6262. Premium Stainless Steel
31 Q Santa Rosa, CA: Open Cockpit/Santa Fly-In, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Pacific Umbrella Caps
Coast Air Museum, Sonoma County Airport, (707) 575-7900. for your
Q West Chester, PA: SantaFest, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., American Helicopter Cessna 177 through 210
Museum, (610) 436-9600,
Q Palm Springs, CA: Spitfire Supermarine Open Cockpit, 10:30 a.m. to [email protected]
12:30 p.m., Palm Springs Air Museum, (760) 778-6262.
Q Everett, WA: Santa Arrives via FHCAM Tank, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Flying US: 1-800-843-8033 Keeping aircraft in the air since 1952
Heritage & Combat Armor Museum, (206) 342-4242, CDN: 1-800-665-0236
Q Palm Springs, CA: Santa Fly-In & Santa’s Snow World, Sat. 11 a.m./ INTL: 1-204-668-3234
Sun. 2 p.m., Palm Springs Air Museum, (760) 778-6262. FAX: 1-204-339-3351
Q San Diego, CA: Historic Aircraft Display, noon to 2 p.m., Montgomery
Field, (619) 301-2530.
Q Chino, CA: Christmas Photo Ops, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Yanks Air
Museum, (909) 597-1735,
Q Palm Springs, CA: P-47 Thunderderbolt Open Cockpit, 10:30 a.m. to
12:30 p.m., Palm Springs Air Museum, (760) 778-6262.
Q San Carlos, CA: Drone Meet, 1:30 to 4 p.m., Hiller Aviation Museum,
San Carlos Airport, (650) 654-0200.
Q Palm Springs, CA: AT-6 Texan Open Cockpit, 10:30 a.m. to
12:30 p.m., Palm Springs Air Museum, (760) 778-6262.
Q San Carlos, CA: New Year’s Eve, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Hiller Aviation
Museum, San Carlos Airport, (650) 654-0200.

4 Q Chino, CA: Living History Flying Day, 10 a.m., Planes of Fame Air
Museum, (909) 597-3722, FLY HIGH MHSince
7 Q Hollister, CA: Antique Aircraft Display & Fly-In, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., 1985
11 Frazier Lake Airpark, (408) 835-1694, with
18 Q San Carlos, CA: Open Cockpit Day, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Hiller Aviation Aviation Oxygen Systems
Museum, San Carlos Airport, (650) 654-0200. Mountain
18 — 19 Q Chino, CA: Kilroy Coffee Klatch, 9 a.m. to 10 a.m., Planes of Fame Air High MOUNTAIN HIGH
19 Museum, (909) 597-7576. Made in the USA Equipment & Supply Company
Q Redding, CA: Historic Display Day/FAA Safety Seminar, 10 a.m. to
noon, Benton Air Center , (530) 241-4204. GA and Rotorcraft Pilots use MH Oxygen Systems with Pulse-DemandTM
Q San Luis Obispo, CA: Vintage Aircraft Associate’s Airport Day, San
Luis Obispo Airport, (805) 801-7641. sss Makes flying at the higher altitudes safe and comfortable sss
Q Riverside, CA: Aircraft Display Day Fly-In, 8 a.m., Flabob Airport,
(951) 683-2309, Portable Pulse-DemandTM Systems
Q Palm Springs, CA: 75th Anniversary “Hitler’s Downfall,” 1 to 2 p.m.,
Palm Springs Air Museum, (760) 778-6262. MH XCP
Q Torrance, CA: Celebrity Lecture Series, 11 a.m., Western Museum of 1-4 Place
Flight, (310) 326-9544.
Q Santa Rosa, CA: Open Cockpit Weekend, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Pacific Cross-Country
Coast Air Museum, Sonoma County Airport, (707) 575-7900. 0ILOT
Q San Diego, CA: Historic Aircraft Display, noon to 2 p.m., Montgomery System
Field, (619) 301-2530.

1 Q Chino, CA: Living History Flying Day, 10 a.m., Planes of Fame Air
Museum, (909) 597-3722, EZ BreatheTM
4 Q Hollister, CA: Antique Aircraft Display & Fly-In, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Cannulas
8 Frazier Lake Airpark, (408) 835-1694,
15 Q Chino, CA: Kilroy Coffee Klatch, 9 a.m. to 10 a.m., Planes of Fame Air Visit us at
Museum, (909) 597-7576.
15 — 16 Q Redding, CA: Historic Display Day/FAA Safety Seminar, 10 a.m. to Booth B-66
16 noon, Benton Air Center , (530) 241-4204.
21 Q San Luis Obispo, CA: Vintage Aircraft Associate’s Airport Day, San at
Luis Obispo Airport, (805) 801-7641.
Q Riverside, CA: Aircraft Display Day Fly-In, 8 a.m., Flabob Airport, Sun'n'Fun


(951) 683-2309, Tested
Q Santa Rosa, CA: Open Cockpit Weekend, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Pacific s [email protected]
Coast Air Museum, Sonoma County Airport, (707) 575-7900.
Q San Diego, CA: Historic Aircraft Display, noon to 2 p.m., Montgomery
Field, (619) 301-2530.
Q Palm Springs, CA: “We Did It Together” Annual Gala, 5:30 p.m.,
Palm Springs Air Museum, tickets and info (760) 482-1836.

4 In Flight USA Celebrating 36 Years December 2019



The Story of the Oakland Aviation Museum

By Annamarie Buonocore In Flight USA: How did the muse- mid 2000s. I have been there ever since. Open Cockpit Day at the Oakland Air
um get started? IF USA: What kind of aircraft do
Throughout our years of publishing Museum. (Courtesy OAM)
In Flight USA, we have heard the Oakland Air Museum: It was back you have in the museum and what is their
question many times: how do we in the late ‘70s. It was not in the hangar that historical significance? closely with the Hiller Museum on the
inspire the next generation of pilots, air- it is in now but in one of the hangars on the other side of the bay. We have many home-
craft mechanics, and aviation enthusiasts? main airport property. It was about ‘85 or ‘86 OAM: We have several Navy air- builts and a huge variety of aircraft.
The many aviation museums throughout when it moved to the hangar it is in now. planes. We have a Navy A-3 Sky Warrior,
the country strive to answer this question They took all the aircraft that they had and and it was active in Vietnam. We have an IF USA: Tell me about your restora-
everyday. These organizations consist of moved it. It was originally called the Western F-14 Tomcat that was also in the Navy. We tion work. What is your background in
hardworking leaders, employees, and vol- Aerospace Museum, but it changed its name have an A-6 Intruder that was also in the restoring planes?
unteers who work to keep historic aircraft to what it is now: the Oakland Aviation Vietnam era. We have an A-4 Skyhawk, A-
in quality condition. These museums offer Museum, and that was in the mid ‘80s. Since 7 Corsair, and a Harrier. It was in the OAM: Restoration is a constant
a family-fun experience that educates the that time, it has been in that hangar. Marines, and they lent it to us. Then we activity, particularly for planes that are out-
public and inspires the young and old. In lent it to NASA, and it came back to us a side. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area,
honor of all aviation museums who give IF USA: When did you become few years ago, painted in NASA colors. it is a harsh weather environment, so there
back to their communities, we dedicate involved in the organization? We changed it back. Of course, we have is a lot of activity here. I have worked
this story and this month to them. We the Flying Boat. If you have seen Indiana mainly on our A-3. We have another group
would like to pay special tribute to the OAM: It was probably around 2006 Jones, it was filmed on that plane. We have of people who are specialized in metallur-
Oakland Aviation Museum, located at or somewhere in that ballpark. I was in the an Air Force T-39, which was flown by the gy. They work on our A-6. We give all of
Oakland International Airport. In this Navy. The Sky Warriors Association called Air Force in Japan. If you are a flag-ranked
major airport, there is a small and power- me up and said, ‘We have an airplane up at officer, you get to fly this upgraded air- Continued on Page 10
ful gem that keeps on giving back. In the Oakland Aviation Museum, or the plane. This one ended up at San Jose State
Flight USA had the pleasure of interview- Western Aerospace Museum, as it was University and then to Aero Tech. After
ing Museum President, John Horton. The called back then. Why don’t you go up there Aero Tech went out of business, we ended
museum looks forward to welcoming you and help restore it?’ Then I found out it was up with it. We have a Cessna 192, and that
and your family. in my logbook. I hung around for a while, was a Vietnam plane as well. Most of these
and after a period of time, I ended up on the planes we can get to fly, but we won’t
board. Then I became the president of the because they are in a museum. We work
board, and I have been doing this since the

J.T. Evans


Aircraft Specialist & Used Parts

Specializing in Landing Gear
and Control Surfaces

“We also do Recovery & Storage for Singles & Light Twins”


407-843-4547 Fax 407-425-1817
2501 S. Orange Blossom Trail • Orlando, FL 32805


Volume 36, Number 4 TABLE OF CONTENTS December 2019

650-358-9908 • Fax: 650-358-9254 • E-mail: [email protected] •





By Annamarie Buonocore By Staff Sgt. Christopher Schmiett
Story Begins on Page 4 Page 46

NEWS Cover Photo Courtesy Oakland Air Museum COLUMNS

Just in Time for Cold and Flu Season, FAA Releases OTC Meds ........8 Guest Editorial: Stakeholders, Customers, and Flying With Faber: With Faber: Christmas with Faber
GAMA Releases Third Quarter Aircraft Shipment, Billing Report ......13 Consumers in the Safety Community By Stuart J. Faber............................................................29
Southeast Council of Airshows Announces First Summit..................13 By Ed Wischmeyer ..........................................................6
Burt Rutan Joins Board at xCraft Enterprises ......................................17 Flying Into Writing: Moving On Up and Over and Back…
NBAA Commends FAA Effort to Preserve Privacy, Security ..............18 Aviation Groups Say Three Bills Should Not Fly By Eric McCarthy ............................................................33
Safer Skies, But Claims and Risks Grow: Allianze-ERAU Report ......19 By Dan Namowitz, AOPA ................................................11
EAA Chapter Application Open for Ray Aviation Scholarships ........21 SafeLandings: ADS-B
Project NEXUS Graduates First Class with Focus on Technology ....22 Airman’s Invention Sparks Excitement for F-22 Raptor ....................................................................................42
Composite Metal Foan Outperforms Aluminum in Aircraft Wings ....24 Crews
Business News:Textron ............................................................................27 By Staff of 633rd Air Base Wing ......................................14 DEPARTMENTS
EAA Begins Expansion of Memorial Wall ..............................................28
Red Bull Air Race Hall of Fame................................................................34 The Christmas Star Calendar of Events ..........................................................3
2020 AIAA Science and Technology Forum Slated for Jan. 6-10........38 By Ed Downs ................................................................25
Sling Pilot Academy Award 2019 Scholarship: $20,000 ......................49 Classifieds ......................................................................48
A “Novel” Way of Introducing Aviation to Juniors
By J.E. Timlin ........................................................................28 Index of Advertisers ......................................................50

An Introduction: New Secretary of the Air Force
Barbara M. Barrett
By the Secretary of Air Force Public Affairs Office ..............36

Kisling NCOA Partners With Botwana Air Arm
By Tech. Sgt. Rachel Waller ............................................47

6 In Flight USA Celebrating 36 Years December 2019

1974 Cessna A185F 1976 Beech V35B Bonanza Guest Editorial By Ed Wischmeyer




1868 TTSN. Exceptionally low time aircraft. Less than 1900 TTSN 4242, 1495 SMOH, Beautiful and well carred for aircraft. True innovation doesn’t come from foibles. Without being overly cynical,
total hours, contiinuous and original logs and a clean panel Exceptional paint, leather interior and outstanding mechanical answering fad questions based on fad official purposes have historically been
and interior. After lengthly disuse, it has been brought “back to condition. Engine: 1495 hours TT SFRM, 425 hours STOH. MC- wisdom. True innovation comes from compromised for any variety of reasons.
life” with an extensive annual in 2018. Robertson STOL Kit, Cauley 3-blade prop 423 TT SNEW. Fully integrated Garmin meeting the real needs of the customer One pressure on government organiza-
Hartzell PHC-C3YF-1RF/F8468A-6R 3-Blade-Contstant GNS-430W and Garmin GMX-200 coupled to the King KAP/KFC with the best solution possible. True inno- tions is to “do something” to justify their
Speed Prop. overhauled in 2018. Dual King KX170’s One with 200 Autopilot/Flight Director.GPSS, and ADS-B.Custom interior- vation starts with determining who the existence. Frankly, loss of control
Glidescope, King KR86 ADF. King KN74 TSO RNAV and more. with 4-place intercom 2001, 1997 paint by Century Aircraft/Chino customer is, then what they truly need, appears to be an attempt to “do some-
Readyto Fly!...........................................................$139, 900 in excellent condition. Southern California aircraft. developing a solution, and finally making thing” because LOC is a vague, ill-
........................................................................................$122,000 the customers want that solution. This is defined, multi-faceted, overly-inclusive
1970 Piper Arrow the kind of innovation that is required to term so unknown that it had to be
1975 YAK-50 reduce loss of control (LOC) accidents to explained to the target audience. As cus-
help keep our friends alive. tomers, these government organizations
4917 TTAF, 276 SMOH. Clean and well maintained Piper Arrow TTSN 170, 14 SMOH. Fully Restored and Like New! The aircraft seek statistical improvement in loss of
had 156 hours since new when sent back to factory in Russia for In loss of control, there is fad wis- control and definitive, tangible remedies,
with ADS-B In/Out! Garmin GTX 345 integrated with Garmin complete overhaul 1999.Declared a “zero time” overhaul.with lat- dom, namely, LOC always means high even if the results are based on general-
est tech standards. Complete avionic upgrade in compliance to AOA. This fad wisdom has saturated the izations and over-simplification. Their
530W. Great transition from a trainer to a single with retractable European standards 2015.Call for more information........$89,000 aviation safety community. The neces- analysis techniques must be imple-
sary and overdue questions are, “Does mentable and consistent, meaning that
landing gear and controllable-pitch propeller.Beautiful cross coun- this really make sense? Does the data real-world, subjective yet significant
try IFR platform with low time engine .............................$72,000 support this? Will pilots actually do any- accident causal factors are easily and rea-
thing about it?” But to date, challenges to sonably (from their perspective) dis-
Steve Feldman • Sales Manager that widely accepted fad wisdom have counted. They are little motivated to re-
(650) 394-7610 • [email protected] been largely ignored. vamp their established traditions and
ways of doing things without consider-
San Carlos Airport • 620 Airport Way • San Carlos, California 94070 Safety messages are created and able outside pressure.
propagated for pilots, the consumers of
AirplanesUSA of Chicago AirplanesUSA of Florida the safety messages. We use the term Perhaps the most tragic example of
consumer for the pilots rather than the stretching the truth to meet objectives is
(847) 331-3133 (954) 491-1700 seemingly more appropriate term cus- the NTSB poster announcing the first LOC
tomer to distinguish the pilots from the initiative. It cited three stall/spin accidents: safety process stakeholders who are, in a one was a Lancair IV flown by a non-
totally different sense, also customers of instrument rated pilot who lost control in
CFI ACADEMY the safety process. Those stakeholders are IMC and spun; one was a twin whose pilot
IT’S NOT CFI; IT’S CF-WHY the greater community surrounding the failed to fly the published miss after flying
creation, propagation, and selling of safe- into clouds in a circling approach and
CFI Academy has been training FAA Certificated Flight Instructors since ty messages, and those who have an spun; and one was a Piper Comanche that
1988. Maintaining focus and staying dedicated to teaching CFI courses interest in the progress and success of spun doing animal counting, but that
exclusively for this long, we really are the experts in the Flight Instructor those safety messages. Comanche had a panel-mounted stall
Training business. warning light no longer certifiable. None
Because these stakeholders do not of these examples will motivate the aver-
Come to the EXPERTS in the field to train for the most always share the same goals with one age general aviation pilot.
demanding and challenging checkride you will ever take! another, let alone the consumers (pilots),
a study of these stakeholders is essential 2. Alphabet organizations: Some
• On-campus housing – custom built – means total immersion for to effective innovation in any safety organizations have the long-term strength
three weeks, and no distractions. improvement. And while the statements of their organization as their primary
below are opinions and perceptions, they goal. They are not necessarily inclined to
• From course start date to checkride completion – three weeks. are not devoid of significance in the over- rock the boat, to challenge safety policies
all goal of keeping our friends alive. (It is and statements from government organi-
• Flat Rate Ground School – the biggest variable in the training cost worth noting that as individual pilots, a zations that give them well-defined pur-
for CFI. few stakeholders may also be con- pose. Furthermore, these organizations,
sumers). like all organizations, can be susceptible
CFI Academy 1-916-209-0234 to internal politics to the detriment of
3700 E Jahant Rd. [email protected] Any venture will be compromised higher external goals. As customers,
Acampo, CA 95220 Weekdays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. when the stakeholders act like customers, these organizations will seek to act in the
i.e., when the desires of the stakeholders best interests of their members and con-
CFIACADEMY.COM taint or even overshadow the needs of the stituents. Like government organizations,
consumers (pilots). Here are stakeholders these organizations seek statistical
in LOC remediation: improvement in loss of control and defin-
itive, tangible remedies to support their
1. Government organizations (e.g.,
FAA, NTSB, ICAO): Despite their offi- Continued on Page 7
cial purposes, these organizations are run
by people with human strengths and

December 2019 7

Editorial: Safety Community
Continued from Page 6
pilots would compromise this view-
primary goals. point. This misconception conveniently
3. Training vendors (e.g. Gleim, over-simplifies the safety analysis prob-
lem in an attempt to make it solvable. As
ASA, King Schools): These organiza- Einstein said, “Everything should be
tions are in business primarily and of made as simple as possible, but not sim-
necessity to make a profit. Like the pler.” And there’s the problem – calling
alphabet organizations, they are not everything “loss of control” makes things
inclined to challenge safety policy from too simple for realistic analysis and, more
government organizations. Publishable importantly, remediation.
safety “improvements” can provide a
business opportunity for them; 8. Pilots who are not reachable with
conventional safety messages: The safety
4. Large training organizations (e.g., analysis community rather naturally
ATP, universities): These organizations focuses on those with whom it communi-
are comparable to training vendors, but cates – readers of publications, attendees
have a financial interest in student com- at conferences and formal meetings large
pletions, often to the detriment of uni- and small, and organizational member-
formly excellent results. Some organiza- ship. When safety analysts are not cog-
tions are more interested in training stu- nizant of the entire pilot population, false
dents, as future airline pilots, to be proce- assumptions can be made – as in the
durally rigid more than skilled in GA air- Dewey/Truman election. Personal expe-
manship. Safety improvements may rep- rience suggests that there is a significant
resent more of a cost than benefit, unless fraction of the general aviation pilot com-
the safety improvements improve the munity that is not reached by convention-
organizations’ marketability. Some al safety messages. This hypothesis is
organizations have adopted angle-of- supported by the confusion surrounding
attack indi-cators, but some organiza- ADS-B adoption, where many pilots just
tions have subsequently removed them. didn’t seem to get the message despite all
As customers, these organizations seek to the publicity and information available;
improve perceived value of their training,
and are customers for training and 9. Pilots who are not teachable (and
devices to meet these ends; this probably has a significant overlap
with pilots not reachable): This group
5. Small training organizations (e.g., includes pilots indifferent to safety and
FBOs): These organizations are in busi- may include those with marginal flying
ness to make a profit and are more limit- skills. The Dunning-Kruger effect des-
ed in resources. These organizations have cribes pilots who overestimate their weak
similar goals to large training organiza- skills. Similarly, strongly independent
tions but often fewer resources. pilots (e.g., Five Hazardous Attitudes),
However, there is a spectrum of organi- depending upon their skills and attitudes,
zations from those that fly beat-up old may be the most at-risk pilots and as such
172s to those that fly factory fresh air- would most benefit. However, these pilots
planes, with comparable rates; may be the least open to safety sugges-
tions, if not outright hostile;
6. Individual CFIs: Motivations here
can be more wide ranging, including 10. Skilled, safety-conscious pilots:
making a living, helping out friends, or These consumers may not benefit sub-
just keeping their hand in. Safety mes- stantially from safety messages as their
sages may or may not be helpful to these attitudes and skills are already at the
CFIs achieving their goals; desired high level;

7. Pilot influencers, both locally and 11. Reachable/teachable pilots:
on social media: Their motivation will These pilots will most benefit from safe-
generally be to continue, enhance and ty initiatives as consumers, as their atti-
expand their influence, perceived status, tudes and skill sets have noticeable room
and finances. They are unlikely to discern for improvement, they are receptive to
differences between information and the initiatives, and are likely to respond to
misinformation or to seek feedback on them.
pet theories. Challenging government
safety messages is likely inconsistent Somebody wrote that a big problem
with their goals. with loss of control was that pilots (con-
sumers) don’t really know what it means.
Potential Consumers of LOC Despite inflight loss of control being the
Initiatives most common cause of accidents, LOC is
actually rare. In actuality, 99.99 percent
It is a common misconception in the of flights avoid LOC, and LOC is even
safety-analysis world that all pilots are more rarely discussed at informal pilot
mature, risk-averse, conscientious, meetings.
skilled, and open to safety concepts and
devices. Even a quick tally of accident Continued on Page 9

8 In Flight USA Celebrating 36Years December 2019

By Mark Baker ACCOLADES FOR ADVOCACY mote aviation and bring together the
much-needed collaboration of general,
AOPA President and CEO cation The Hill. This is significant given nities facing aviation, including the need business, commercial, and military avia-
that there are thousands of trade associa- for a sustainable aviation workforce to tion. There are so many programs seeking
“Your freedom to fly” isn’t just tions in Washington, and it is a testament to fill jobs as pilots, controllers, and techni- to move aviation forward, but coordina-
the tagline etched on AOPA our outstanding and experienced team in cians. A provision included in the 2018 tion is desperately needed. I also sat down
baseball caps, bumper stickers, the nation’s capital. Our government affairs FAA reauthorization law, and of which I with FAA Administrator Steve Dickson
and merchandise that you’ll find at fly-ins team, which also includes seven regional am very proud, included grant programs and encouraged him to support this crucial
and airshows. The mantra means some- managers across the country, ensures that aimed at assisting in the development of endeavor. You will be hearing more about
thing different to each of our members, GA is represented and involved at the fed- aviation STEM curricula as well as this proposal and I know that together we
but overall it signifies our commitment to eral, state, and local levels. recruiting and training the next genera- can make the NCAA a reality.
building and maintaining a strong pilot tion of aerospace workers and pilots.
community for generations to come. Forecasts for 2020 show a full plate AOPA and others have made it a priority As we begin a new year, I encourage
of new and ongoing advocacy initiatives. to ensure a proposal to establish the you to keep safety as your top priority
Like most of you, I am a pilot, and have Being an election year, chances are many National Center for the Advancement of and to make your voice heard to elected
been since 1977. And I have been an AOPA congressional leaders will be busy on the Aviation (NCAA) gets traction and sup- officials on behalf of general aviation.
member since 1987. Back then I never imag- campaign trail, but it’s our goal to contin- port in the days and months ahead. Get involved at your local airports. Share
ined that I would be in a position to direct the ue building the House and Senate GA concerns with AOPA, and we’ll make
largest aviation association in the world, but Caucuses, which currently boast 272 Spearheaded by Sen. Jim Inhofe (R- sure you get the most out of your mem-
some 30 years later, here I am. members. The House GA Caucus is one Okla.) and others, and as an independent, bership and flying experiences. As a
of the largest caucuses in the House of nonprofit center, the NCAA would help community of pilots, we have a common
Our government affairs staff in Representatives and expanding this foster programs that create a diverse and goal of leaving a lasting legacy for future
Washington, D.C., protects many of the fly- bipartisan group is imperative to educat- skilled aviation workforce, leverage generations of aviators. Let’s work
ing freedoms we enjoy. In fact, thanks to the ing, developing, and maintaining cham- knowledge and sharing of new and emerg- together so that the freedom to fly never
efforts of this department, AOPA has been pions of GA in Congress. ing flight training methods, and conduct has an expiration date.
named a top 50 lobbying trade association safety and economic data analysis. This
for the past five years by D.C.-based publi- A few months ago, I testified before center would help grow, develop, and pro-
Congress on the challenges and opportu-


By Alyssa J. Cobb publish it online for pilots to use as a tool to flying if you are directed to take the med- Check the FAA's medications list to deter-
help assess their fitness for flight. AOPA ication every four to six hours and at least mine whether you can fly while taking
AOPA believes the list represents a good starting 60 hours if directed to take it every 12 certain over-the-counter drugs.
point and will advocate for the FAA to hours. It also provides links to additional
In addition to covering antihistamines, expand the list in the near future. resources about other medications for (Chris Rose, AOPA)
decongestants, and cough and pain hypertension, antidepressants, and more.
medicines, the list includes medica- The guide includes a series of ques- about/contact-aopa) or enroll in Pilot
tions for rashes, nausea, vomiting, diar- tions for pilots to ask themselves to deter- Although this is the first time the Protection Services (pilot-protection-serv-
rhea, and indigestion, to name a few. The mine whether they are fit for flight, pro- FAA has published a list of medications to speak to medical repre-
list highlights diphenhydramine, a sedating vides guidance for carefully reading the directed at pilots, AOPA has long offered sentatives regarding medical conditions
antihistamine found in several over-the- labels on all over-the-counter medications, a medications database to their members. and medical certification. For more infor-
counter medications (Benadryl, ZzzQuil, and lists two charts of medications that AOPA compiled the database based on mation, visit AOPA at www.aopa .org.
and most “PM” medications), which con- pilots can print (and easily tape inside a knowing the history of FAA decisions on
tinues to be the most common drug detect- medicine cabinet!) for ready consultation. certain medications. In addition, AOPA
ed in fatal accident toxicology reports. offers a free Medical Self-Assessment
The FAA provides guidance for ( online
A joint FAA and industry working medications that fall into the no-go cate- course to help all pilots better understand
group, co-chaired by AOPA under the gory by recommending pilots wait at how to assess their fitness for flight.
General Aviation Joint Steering Committee, least five dosage intervals after the last
called on the FAA to create “a comprehen- dose is taken before flying again. For Members can also contact the AOPA
sive and robust list of medications” and example, wait at least 30 hours before Pilot Information Center (


The Federal Aviation Administration Hobby Airport in Houston and Newark the total to 21. Systems(UAS) industry that directly sup-
(FAA) on Nov. 21 announced two impor- Liberty International Airport – joined the • Airspacelink ports the safe integration of UAS into the
tant expansions of the Low Altitude list of approximately 400 air traffic facili- • Avision nation’s airspace, expedites the time it
Authorization and Capability (LAANC), ties covering about 600 airports where • Botlink takes for drone pilots to receive authori-
which automates the application and LAANC is available. • Collins Aerospace zations to fly under 400 feet in controlled
approval process for drone operators to • Drone Up airspace. The service is accessible to all
obtain airspace authorizations. Access to the service is provided • Simulyze pilots who operate under the FAA’s small
through one of the FAA-approved UAS • Skygrid drone rule (PDF) (Part 107).
Four airports – Baltimore/Washington Service Suppliers. The seven companies LAANC, a collaboration between
International Thurgood Marshall Airport, listed below are the latest to enter into
Dulles International Airport, William P. partnerships with the agency, bringing the FAA and the Unmanned Aircraft

December 2019 9

Editorial: Safety Community
Continued from Page 7
unavailable, and that contributed to the
Fad Wisdom: Add Another accident. An obvious remedy is to train
Gadget low-altitude stalls in the simulator, as
stalls at low altitude in jets are much
Here are two examples of fad wis- more dangerous than at altitude. (The
dom, from the NSTB: NTSB also recommended additional
training beyond that required to pass a
In NTSB WPR18FA116, the NTSB check ride, which begs the question,
listed the “Defining Event” as shouldn’t the check ride be more inclu-
“Aerodynamic stall/spin” – but there’s sive? And this pilot already had received
lots more to it. One eyewitness writes in substantial additional training).
the docket:
The Takeaways
We saw an RV aircraft do what
appeared to be an aileron roll on short Once government organizations
final, then made a few S turns, then pro- present an agenda, safety community
ceeded [sic] to overfly the runway and stakeholders are likely to further that
make a very low 360-degree turn over the agenda without critical review.
airport and to the downwind side (South)
then proceed [sic] toward the West. When stakeholders do not critically
review a government agenda, the stake-
If that was indeed the accident air- holders do not contribute to the safety ini-
plane, that flying indicates poor safety tiative, and the safety initiative is limited
attitudes. Another eyewitness writes (em- to the government agenda.
phases mine):
True innovation requires looking at
I saw the RV wing up in a left bank the entire process from a systems-engi-
near the “hilltop” (the prominent obstruc- neering point of view, stepping back and
tion near location of typical down-wind asking the obvious questions instead of
to base turns). Bank angle was steeper taking fad wisdom for granted.
than typical, I estimate between 45 and
60 de-grees. The fuselage was pointing The agenda of a government organi-
northwest lined up with base leg. To my zation does not necessarily completely
line of sight, the aircraft position was just address the loss-of-control safety needs
at or slightly above the “hilltop.” At that of the pilot consumers.
moment, I expected to see the RV’s
wings roll level to fly base leg but instead Pilots do not even consider LOC in
saw it continue in steep left turn to a everyday conversations.
southwesterly heading nearly opposite
di-rection to the downwind leg. Roll out One well-publicized and lucrative
to wings level was prompt, and pitch atti- safety innovation contest has consistently
tude I estimate was about 20-30 degrees rewarded gadgets to reduce loss of con-
nose low. It flew nearly straight ahead trol accidents. In fairness, I have entered
while pitching up to about 5-10 degrees this contest with limited success, advo-
nose low. cating new and innovative training as the
best and most applicable safety im-
Certainly the second event is consis- provement. It is distressing that the solid
tent with a low-speed spiral, and when I evidence I presented against fad wisdom
demonstrate those in my airplane (at a has apparently been disregarded. I feel
safe altitude), the altitude loss is typically that by sticking to fad wisdom, the con-
600 feet. Another gadget would not have test not only is missing an opportunity for
helped prevent this accident. significant safety improvement but is
actually hindering safety innovation by
In NTSB NTSB/AAR-16/01, a busi- advocating old ideas.
ness jet crashed on short final in icing
conditions, and the NTSB recommenda- To quote Dr. Jon Holbrook of
tion was for automatic alerting when ice NASA, “Not every path away from dan-
protection should be activated. There are ger is a path toward safety.”
indications that the pilot’s safety atti-
tudes were less than commendable, and if Editor’s Note: The opinions of guest edi-
the pilot disregarded obvious, available torialists are their own and do not neces-
cues, why would another gadget help? sarily reflect the opinions of In Flight
It’s also likely that when the ground USA.
became visible on short final, the pilot
was overwhelmed, became cognitively

Visit In Flight USA’s website for Brought to you by Professional Speaker,
the latest aviation news... Executive Coach, and NLP Master Practitioner, Linda Shively


10 In Flight USA Celebrating 36 Years December 2019

#1 Cover Story We would also love to have more
volunteers. Right now, we are looking for
DWGeUeaa.sSrltem.e!rrininn Continued from Page 4 docents. We would offer a little bit of
training, and then these docents could
28 YEARS OF GIVING PILOTS THE BEST PRICING AND BEST SERVICE! our planes tender loving care as best we give tours of the museum.
can. We have quite a few volunteers,
THE WEST COAST LEADING GARMIN DEALER! including students and staff from the avia- IF USA: What kind of training do
tion department at the College of Alameda. you offer docents?
From basic installs to complete panel and glass retro-fits-we are the The guy who runs the whole department
leaders in avionics experience, excellent service and value pricing. used to be on our board, and he has done a OAM: There are two or three
Call us for your next avionics installation. lot for the college. docent/volunteers around here who are
intimately involved with the aircraft and
F33A BONANZA DUAL GARMIN G-500TXI IF USA: Have you flown any of their histories. If somebody wanted to be
these planes? a docent, they would come over for a
GARMIN couple weekends and spend some time
OAM: None of the planes in the with us, watching us give the tours. They
GPS-175 • GNC-355 • GNX-375 museum currently fly. When the military would pick things up, and we would kind
loans a plane to a museum, the engine is of quiz them on it. Once we are confident
ADS-B Transponders removed. We have the engines, but they are they understand the aircraft, they can give
not in the planes. I flew the A-3 when I was tours during the week or on the week-
GPS-175 2” Touchscreen GPS G5 EFIS ONE BOX ADS-B SOLUTIONS! in the Navy. Once they come to the muse- ends. We really need a docent for the
Certified GTX-335/GPS (Out Only) ...... $2995 um, they do not fly again for insurance rea- weekdays. We get a lot of people who
$4295 Free Shipping! GTX-345 (Out/In) (Installed).. $6059 sons. They are not airworthy at this time and come during the week, including stu-
$2249 GTX-345/GPS (Installed) ....... $7095 would have to be certified by the FAA. dents, parents, and teachers on school
GNC-355 2” Touchscreen GPS/COM field trips. Please check us out on
G5 EFIS for ANR HEADSETS IF USA: How many people volun- Facebook for more opportunities.
$6295 Free Shipping! teer at your museum?
Experimentals IF USA: Do you do events for group?
GNX-375 2” Touchscreen GPS OAM: We have around 50 volun- OAM: Yes, we do. We have a
w/ADS-B Xponder $1249 teers. At any one time, we’ll have at least STEM (science, technology, engineering,
10 or 20. They tend to come and go. and math) program. We have a group that
$6995 Plus Installation Many of them are high school and col- conducts this program for school kids and
lege students. We had some high school others. We have former Navy and mili-
APPAREO UAVIONICS ADS-B students last year who graduated and are tary pilots as well as airline captains who
now in college. They come back when come in and talk to groups. They teach
CALL they are on spring break or every once in people how airplanes fly and what makes
SPEFCOIARLS! a while and work on the planes. We have them fly. We are constantly looking to
had some former Coast Guard members improve our STEM program. We love it
STRATUS ESG TRANSPONDER IN BOSE A20 LIGHTSPEED with an interest in airplanes and that kind when students come in and learn.
• ADS-B Out Transponder STOCK! of thing. Some of them, including two IF USA: What is your background
• Internal WAAS GPS w/Antenna $1095.95 Zulu3 $850 women, are now flying helicopters. We in aviation?
TailBeacon/Certified.................... $1999 have retirees and all kinds of people. OAM: I was in the Navy and went
$2995 TailBeacon/Experimental............. $1649 PCA-ANR PCA-ANR/BT They really get a thrill out of it. They take through flight school. I flew A-3s. I went
SkyBeacon/Certified................... $1849 that knowledge and apply it to their pro- through Navy flight training and flew off
$699STRATUS-3 SkyBeacon/Experimental........... $1395 $249 $349 fessions. One guy started here and went air carriers. I was in the Mediterranean,
on to become an airline pilot. We have and I retired after 23 years. The last part
• ADS-B Receiver tons of volunteers, and many of them of that was in the Navy Reserves. That is
show up as frequently as once a week. when I started flying some of the planes
THE WEST COAST LEADING AVIONICS DEALER! There is always something around here that are in the museum.
that needs to be done. IF USA: Thank you for your serv-
CALL FOR BEST PRICING ON THESE ITEMS AND MORE ice. Where are you from originally?
We had a WWII plane that needed OAM: I grew up in Oklahoma and
SAME DAY SHIPPING ON MOST ITEMS! restoration. I tried to give it back to the graduated from college in Oklahoma.
Navy, but they wouldn’t take it back, so Then I went into the Navy flight school in
FREE SHIPPING • NO SALES TAX we let some of these high school students Florida. I was in the Navy for 23 years, but
turn it into a crash site here in the muse- I had a parallel career in Silicon Valley. I
WE BEAT ALL um. It was pretty cool. have worked in many startup companies
ADVERTISED 1-800-353-0370 and will retire in January of next year.
IF USA: What does the museum IF USA: Are you connected to EAA?
PRICES! Aurora State Airport • 22783 Airport Road, N.E. • Aurora, OR 97002 need right now and how can people OAM: We have many volunteers
Fax: 503.678.6292 • Mon. – Fri. 7:30 – 5:30 PST donate? who are EAA members. The group meets
here once a month and works on the planes.
PRICE AND AVAILABILITY SUBJECT TO CHANGE. OAM: People can donate online at These guys bring their planes for the open cockpit days. They fly them, and I can’t
Museums always rely on donations. We are believe how much they have put into these
a 501.CS nonprofit, so all donations are tax homebuilt replicas. You really have to
deductible. We are always looking for com- know what you are doing to fly those.
panies that are looking to become sponsors IF USA: Does the Civil Air Patrol
of the museum. We can make a plaque for
them and put it in the museum. We really Continued on Page 12
want people to come and visit. That is the
best way to support the museum. We are
constantly looking for new supporters.
Sometimes we are short on materials for
the restorations, so we also accept material
donations and donations of tools.

December 2019 11

By Dan Namowitz airspace for general aviation and risks premature for Congress to pursue legislation safety, they said, urging the lawmakers
stymieing the development of vertical before a U.S. Department of Transportation not to “unravel” the regulatory system’s
AOPA flight for both unmanned aircraft systems UAS Integration Pilot Program wraps up its ability to deliver safety.
and urban air mobility,” the letter said. business. The pilot program is focused on
AOPA and five other aviation- determining how state and local entities can The organizations signing both letters
industry groups urged House and The Safe and Quiet Skies Act would work with the DOT and the FAA “to craft with AOPA included the Experimental
Senate committees to reject sever- introduce restrictions on air tour operators new rules that support more complex low- Aircraft Association, the General Aviation
al proposals they believe would compro- by “prohibiting specific flight routes, alti- altitude operations” that drone integration Manufacturers Association, Helicopter
mise safety, “dismantle a thriving rotorcraft tudes, and common procedures,” includ- would bring about. Association International, the National
industry,” and disperse FAA regulatory ing an impossible burden: a mandated Business Aviation Association, and the
clout among countless local governments. noise signature standard for overflight of As with the other proposals, S.2607 National Air Transportation Association.
an “‘occupied area’… that ‘no currently would undo a “long-established regulato-
In a Nov. 14 letter to the chairmen certificated helicopter can meet.’” ry structure” that is integral to aviation For more informatioin and updates,
and ranking members of the House of visit the AOPA webstie at
Representatives Committee on Trans- Of further concern – and a common
portation and Infrastructure and its avia- fatal flaw of many past ad-hoc forays into P.O. Box 5402 • San Mateo, CA 94402
tion subcommittee, the groups urged that aviation regulation – is language ceding (650) 358-9908 • Fax (650) 358-9254
the panels oppose H.R.4880, the federal authority over the National Airspace
Improving Helicopter Safety Act of System to state and local governments. Founder ..................................................................................................................Ciro Buonocore
2019, and H.R.4547, known as the Safe Publisher/Editor................................................................................................Victoria Buonocore
and Quiet Skies Act. Both bills, whether through under- Managing Editor..........................................................................................Annamarie Buonocore
mining federal preemption or prescribing Production Editors ..............................................................................Anne Dobbins, Toni Sieling
H.R.4880 would prohibit “operation unwarranted airspace restrictions, would Associate Editors .................................... Paul T. Glessner, Nicholas A. Veronico, Sagar Pathak
of ‘nonessential’ civil rotorcraft in ‘covered be “detrimental to the industry” and the Staff Contributors ..............................................S. Mark Rhodes, Larry Nazimek, Joe Gonzales
airspace,’” defined as “airspace directly airspace system, the groups wrote. Columnists ..................Stuart Faber, Eric McCarthy, Ed Wischmeyer, Marilyn Dash, Ed Downs
over any city with a population over 8 mil- Copy Editing ............................................................................................................Sally Gersbach
lion people and with a population density of Drone Integration Advertising Sales Manager ........................................Ed Downs (650) 358-9908, (918) 873-0280
over 25,000 people per square mile, includ-
ing the airspace over any waterways con- A letter to the bipartisan leadership In Flight USA is published each month by In Flight Publishing. It is circulated throughout the continental
sidered within the limits of such city.” of the Senate’s Committee on United States. Business matters, advertising and editorial concerns should be addressed to In Flight USA, P.O. Box
Commerce, Science, and Transportation 5402, San Mateo, Calif. 94402 or by calling (650) 358-9908–fax (650) 358-9254. Copyright © 2008 In Flight
However, “the legislation would have and its Subcommittee on Aviation and Publishing.
no positive impact on improving the safe- Space conveyed the groups’ strong oppo-
ty of commuter, charter, and tourism sition to another threat to the burgeoning In Flight USA is not responsible for any action taken by any person as a result of reading any part of any
flights, and its negative impacts would be drone industry, and to the effective feder- issue. The pieces are written for information, entertainment and suggestion – not recommendation. The pursuit of
immediate and significant. It would com- al aviation oversight that hearkens back flight or any action reflected by this paper is the responsibility of the individual and not of this paper, its staff or
pletely dismantle a thriving rotorcraft to the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978. contributors. Opinions expressed are those of the individual author, and not necessarily those of In Flight USA.
industry in affected areas, dealing a [dev- S.2607, the Drone Integration and
astating] blow to the many businesses that Zoning Act, “proposes enabling thou- All editorial and advertising matter in this edition is copyrighted. Reproduction in any way is strictly prohib-
depend on and support it,” the letter said. sands of local governments in the United ited without written permission of the publisher.
States to impose their own restrictions on
Development of future flight tech- commercial UAS air carrier operations.” In Flight USA is not liable or in any way responsible for the condition or airworthiness of any aircraft adver-
nology might also be at stake: The bill tised for sale in any edition. By law the airworthiness of any aircraft sold is the responsiblity of the seller and buyer.
“establishes a dangerous precedent for The aviation groups said it would be
future legislative restrictions on access to EVERYTHING ON SALE!


0% OFF!


• Books, Toys & Models
On Nov. 7, the Federal Aviation cates on a case-by-case basis after assess- • Aviation Art
Administration (FAA) published in the ing their risks. This new protocol is based • Jackets & Clothing
Federal Register a notice on a Diabetes on established advancements in medical
Protocol for Applicants Seeking to Exercise science that make management and con- * In-store sale only ~ exp.1122//3311//119
Air Transport, Commercial, or Private Pilot trol of the disease easier to monitor there- * Excludes discount on Memberships
Privileges. The innovative new protocol by mitigating safety risks.
makes it possible for airline transport or 9LVLW XV OPEN: Sun-Fri: 10-5, Sat: 9-5
commercial pilots with insulin-treated dia- To be considered under this proto- (Closed Thanksgiving & Christmas)
betes mellitus (ITDM) to potentially receive col, applicants will provide comprehen- Planes of Fame, Chino Airport ~ (909) 597-3722
a special-issuance medical certification. sive medical and overall health history, &DO $HUR 'ULYH Chino, CA 91710
including reports from their treating (Corner of Merrill & Cal Aero Dr., Chino Airport)
Medical science has come a long way physicians, such as their endocrinologist.
in the treatment and monitoring of diabetes. They will also provide evidence of con- WWW.PLANESOFFAME.ORG
This new medical protocol takes into trolling their diabetes using the latest
account medical advancements in technolo- technology and methods of treatment
gy and treatment and opens the door for indi- being used to monitor the disease.
viduals with ITDM to become airline pilots.
The FAA developed the new proto-
Since 1996, private pilots with col based on the reliability of the
ITDM have been issued medical certifi-
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12 In Flight USA Celebrating 36 Years December 2019

4540 Years of Manufacturing Excellence OF WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT
Buy Factory Direct !
• T-Hangars • Electric Bi-Fold Doors
The National Business Aviation will help attract the next generation of
• Individual Hangars • Corporate Hangars Association (NBAA) on Nov. 15 wel- transportation professionals at a time
comed the introduction of legislation to when they are most needed.”
• Maintenance Hangars • Hangar Homes establish a program that would carry out
public service campaigns for workforce NBAA recognizes the growing
Photo by Bruce Selyem development in the transportation sector, shortage of qualified professionals in the
including business aviation. transportation industry, and is proactively
Call Today ! working to address the challenge. For the
The bill – H.R. 5118 – was introduced aviation industry, Boeing projects that
R & M Steel Co. by Reps. Rick Larsen (D-2-WA), Don 804,000 new pilots and 769,000 new
Young (R-AK) and Angie Craig (D-2- maintenance technicians will be needed
U.S. Toll Free: Phone 1-866-454-1800 • Fax 1-866-454-1801 MN), and will “increase awareness of worldwide over the next 20 years.
Outside U.S. 1-208-454-1800 career opportunities in the transportation
sector, including aviation pilots, safety “NBAA is dedicated to developing the inspectors and technicians, air traffic con- next generation of transportation profes-
trollers, flight attendants, truck drivers, sionals,” noted Bolen. “We look forward to
[email protected] engineers, transit workers, railroad work- working with Congress, and other stake-
ers, and other transportation profession- holders, to address this pressing issue.”
als.” The legislation also seeks to increase
diversity of workers in this sector. The association urges members to
directly contact their elected officials in
“The United States transportation Washington, DC to support this legislation
industry, and in particular the aviation by using NBAA’s Contact Congress
industry, is facing significant workforce resource. It is critical for members of
challenges,” said NBAA President and Congress to hear directly from constituents
CEO Ed Bolen. “We applaud Chairman about the importance of this proposal and
Larsen, Congressman Young and need to grow the transportation workforce.
Congresswoman Craig for introducing To view NBAA’s Contact Congress
this important bipartisan legislation that resources and NBAA’s workforce initia-
tives visit the NBAA website at

New Protocols for Diabetics

Continued from Page 11 The new protocols became effective Nov. 7,
2019. However, the FAA may revise the
advancements in technology and treat- new protocol based on comments. For
ment being made in the medical standard updates, to access the Federal Register and
of care for diabetes and on input from the more information, visit the FAA website at
expert medical community.

Public comment on the new protocols
closes 60 days from the date of publication.

Call for Specializing in Cover Story will not allow them to corrode. We are con-
promotional New Pilot stantly doing things to spruce up the muse-
Medical Exams Continued from Page 10 um. The marketing efforts in finding spon-
Pricing! sors and growing our board is really impor-
get involved? tant. We have a new board member who
OAM: Yes, they do. As a matter of has a masters in museum studies. She has
been a great help. We are up to 11 board
fact, one of our board members was a long- members. Many of them own businesses
time member of CAP. He was in charge of or are executives out of Silicon Valley. I
it. We do some events with them too. plan to bring even more, one who is an
award-winning website developer.
We also open our museum for spe-
cial private events like parties, weddings, IF USA:What are the admission
and company holiday parties or meet- fees to get into the museum?
ings. We do a lot for the community.
OAM: Adults are $15; seniors 60+
IF USA: What are your plans for are $12; military members, students, and
2020? teens are $10; children 5-12 are $8, and
children four and under are free. Please
OAM: We’re thinking beyond 2020. see our website for membership options:
We have some plans to get more investors
and sponsors into the museum. That allows
us to pick up more planes and to enhance IF USA: Thank you!
them. Outside, they really take a beating
with the weather. We are thinking of put-
ting some really expensive, heavy paint on
them. There are certain types of paints that

December 2019 13

GAMA PUBLISHES 2019 THIRD Planes of Fame Air Museum

QUARTER AIRCRAFT SHIPMENT Over 150 Aircraft and Displays


The General Aviation Manufacturers product development cycles robust and in- Focke-Wulf Fw 190
Association (GAMA) on Nov. 15 pub- turn bring advances in fuel efficiency, capa- Fly!
lished a nine-month industry update with bility, and safety to the global fleet.”
the release of its third quarter general avi- Living History Flying Day
ation aircraft shipments and billings Business jet deliveries rose by 15.4 Saturday, Jan. 4, 2020, 10 am
report. Aggregate business jet and piston percent in the first nine months of 2019
airplane deliveries continued experiencing from 447 in 2018 to 516 in 2019. Piston The January 4th Living History Flying Day will Visit us:
increases through the first nine months of airplane deliveries also experienced dou- feature the Focke-Wulf Fw 190. A speaker panel of
2019 compared to last year, whereas the ble-digit growth of 12.3 percent from distinguished aviation experts and historians will give
number of turboprops and rotorcraft deliv- 781 units in 2018 to 877 in 2019. The a presentation, followed by a flight demonstration of
eries declined. number of turboprop deliveries declined the featured aircraft.
from 395 to 349 airplanes.
“The first nine months of 2019 show Living History Flying Days occur the first Saturday of
positive results for business jets and piston The number of rotorcraft delivered each month at the Chino, CA location.
airplanes,” said GAMA President & CEO during the first nine months of 2019 was (Schedule subject to change.)
Pete Bunce. “Turboprops and rotorcraft, down compared to 2018. In the first nine
however, continued to encounter head- months of the year, 434 turbine powered
winds. Despite these mixed results, our rotorcraft were delivered and 136 piston
manufacturers continue their investments engine powered rotorcraft. The value of
in advanced factory machinery, design soft- rotorcraft shipments was $2.2 billion
ware, and associated processes that keep compared to $2.7 billion, a 17.3 percent

Aircraft Type 2018 2019 Change Sun-Fri: 10-5 • Sat: 9-5

Closed Thanksgiving & Christmas

Piston Airplanes 781 877 +12.3% CHINO AIRPORT (KCNO) • 14998 Cal Aero Drive, Chino, CA 91710
Corner of Merrill and Cal Aero Drive Dr. Chino Airport
Turboprops 395 349 -11.6%

Business Jets 447 516 +15.4%

Total Airplanes 1,623 1,742 +7.3% Images and visions of Sagar Pathak
Total Airplane Billings $12.8B $14.8B +16.0%

Piston Rotorcraft 220 136 -38.2%

Turbine Rotorcraft 513 434 -15.4%

Total Rotorcraft 733 570 -22.2%

Total Rotorcraft Billings $2.7B $2.2B -17.3%




The Southeast Council of Airshows explained why this first summit is impor- Specializing in Aviation Photography
(SECAS), an organization dedicated to tant to strengthening the long-term per-
promoting the safe and professional pro- formance and viability of the airshow
duction of air shows in the Southeast and community. “This is an exciting time for
throughout the air show community, has airshows,” he stated. “Bringing a region-
set a date for the organization’s first annu- al airshow education summit to the
al summit. The summit, known as The southeast is something that has been long
Southeast Council of Air Shows Education needed, and the team we have assembled
and Resource Summit, will take place are some of the most experienced and
from February 21-23, 2020 at Dobbins Air passionate in the industry. SECAS is
Reserve Base in Marietta, GA. bringing some of the most talented peo-

Greg Gibson, President of SECAS, Continued on Page 16

14 In Flight USA Celebrating 36 Years December 2019


By 633rd Air Base Wing rigid structures without interrupting sen- Maj. Brian Pascuzzi, 1st Fighter Wing Tech. Sgt. Daniel Caban, 1st Aircraft
Public Affairs sitive electronic components nearby, and Plans and Programs chief of wing plans.
mitigates damage due to wear on the jet’s “When you look at the deployment costs Maintenance Squadron crew chief, poses
As the Air Force faces continued coating. and the readiness enhancement that’s
fiscal constraints, the need for possible with this idea, that’s really where with his Portable Magnetic Aircraft
Airmen to be innovative in iden- “The hopes for my concept is to you get the bang for your buck as far as
tifying and solving mission shortfalls minimize the need for Dash 21 move- PMAC goes. Covers prototype in the 1st Fighter Wing
keeps growing. ment since we have these new protective
covers available any time,” Caban said. “This is really what the innovation Innovation Cell Lab at Joint Base
For the 1st Fighter Wing Innovation “(PMAC) will help execute the mission cell is all about: finding ways to sharpen
Cell at Joint Base Langley-Eustis, as they require less to maintain, so we’re lethality and enhance readiness to get the Langley-Eustis, Va., Nov. 5, 2019. Caban
Virginia, adopting Tech. Sgt. Daniel designing the new ones with better mate- mission done in a more innovative way.”
Caban’s new concept for F-22 Raptor rial that will last longer and protect utilized the lab’s tools to design a 3-D
intake covers came as an improvement to against the elements a lot better.” Pascuzzi, who also served as the 1st
a standing maintenance practice. FW Innovation Cell chief since its estab- print replica of the F-22 Raptor compart-
The current Dash 21 sets are made lishment in March, credits Caban’s
Caban, a 1st Aircraft Maintenance up of foam pads, which measure at 13.1 PMAC as being one of the first ideas pre- ment that can house the PMAC system
Squadron crew chief, created Portable cubic feet and cost $11,000 each. Each jet sented during a pitch session to the inno-
Magnetic Aircraft Covers, also known as requires three Dash 21 sets to ensure the vation board, which included the wing for maintainers to use at various loca-
PMAC. The PMAC system is made of intakes and sensitive openings are pro- commander, the maintenance group com-
polymagnets and Nomex IIIA fibers, tected at each location the pilot lands dur- mander and other senior leaders. tions. (U.S. Air Force/Senior
which can be folded and packed into a ing missions.
small compartment on the aircraft. The “There was immediately a lot of Airman Monica Roybal)
new design eliminates the need for the Caban’s new design measures at 567 buzz and a lot of excitement after
current Dash 21 gear, which requires sep- cubic inches and is slated to have a pro- (Caban) presented his idea,” Pascuzzi him to the first phase of production,
arate shipping to the aircraft’s predis- duction cost that is less than half of the said. “He came into the room carrying a where he partnered with a local business
posed location due to their size. Dash 21 gear production cost. large duffle bag containing a full set of to produce a PMAC prototype made at no
Dash 21 gear, and contrasted its size by cost to the unit.
Caban, who studied drafting in col- The compact size could prove to be displaying his functioning prototype next
lege, explained he chose these materials cost effective in terms of shipping since to it. People's eyes kind of went wide like, Fighter wing leaders and innovation
to construct PMAC because of Nomex the set will travel with the jet, allowing ‘Wow!’” cell members are discussing PMAC’s
IIIA’s electrostatic and hydrophobic aircraft maintainers at various locations potential impact on all aircraft.
properties, which allows the material to to apply the covers anytime they are Since the initial presentation,
breathe while withstanding water. needed. Pascuzzi and other innovation cell mem- “Right now we’re talking about cost
bers have worked closely with Caban to savings for all F-22 (Raptors), but we’re
The specialized magnets adhere to “This idea really has the potential to create an innovative pathway that has led
revolutionize the way we do things,” said Continued on Page 16

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December 2019 15

2019-2020 CATALOG!


16 December 2019

Southeast Council of Airshows

With their first annual summit planned for Feb. 21-23, SECAS is determined to strength-
ening the long-term performance and viability of the airshow community.

(Courtesy SECAS)

1-877-4SPRUCEFREE CATALOG! Continued from Page 13 future generations.
7 77 823 SECAS believes the core strength
ple in the airshow business to Dobbins ARB, and our format of panel-style ses- that will ensure the continuity of the annu-
sions is sure to be very engaging and al summit will be found in its membership
informative.” base. “The Southeast Council of Air
Shows Education and Resource Summit is
The goal of this inaugural summit is not a conference or convention,”
to make it an accessible, financially sus- explained Rob Carlson, Secretary and
tainable event for the participant. The Treasurer and member of the Founding
summit will have accommodations and Board of Directors for SECAS. “It is a col-
an exhibit hall within walking distance laborative effort to improve and sustain
for participants due to the support from the industry. Its members, working togeth-
94th Airlift Wing of the United States Air er towards a common goal, are what will
Force in making these facilities available. ensure its success.”
“I would like to extend my heartfelt
thanks to the 94th Airlift Wing for their Register on the SECAS webstie at
incredible hospitality and flexibility in
supporting this summit,” added Gibson.
The mission of SECAS is to active-
SECAS is a nonprofit organization ly promote the safety, professionalism,
that assists in the exchange of informa- and sustainability of the air show indus-
tion between all members and other try through the sharing and execution of
interested parties while promoting safety best practices and the creation of finan-
and excellence in the air show industry. cial efficiencies through partner relation-
The goal is to enhance the industry, its ships. SECAS will seek and maintain
integrity and stability through communi- recognition as a chartered chapter of the
cations and educational programs International Council of Air Shows,
designed to meet the needs of all mem- Incorporated (ICAS), to contribute to
bers. SECAS is working to set the stan- ICAS in its endeavors and aspirations,
dard in supporting air shows of all sizes and to encourage all regional chapter
(both civilian and military) and facilitat- members to join and be active in ICAS.
ing the sustainability of air shows for Learn more at

Airman’s Invention

Continued from Page 14 “I hope that other Airmen are
inspired when they see (Caban’s) success
also looking at applicability to other air- with his concept in such a short amount
craft not only in the Air Force inventory, of time,” Pascuzzi added. “We know
but possibly (Department of Defense) innovative ideas are out there, and we
wide,” Pascuzzi continued. “I wouldn’t need our (service members) to know that
be surprised if in a few years you go on we are here to guide them down that cre-
vacation and you see commercial airlines ative path.”
using portable magnetic covers.”
Caban and innovation cell leaders
According to Pascuzzi, 1st FW lead- are hopeful that PMAC will be selected
ers are thrilled to support their Airmen as a finalist for the 2020 Spark Tank
and the potential in Caban’s creation has Competition during the Air Force
them looking forward to hearing about Association conference in Orlando,
innovative ideas from all JB Langley- Florida.
Eustis members.

December 2019 17



xCraft manufactures a variety of UAVs suitable for a wide range of applications. “CPA’s turn to us...”

(Courtesy xCraft Enterprises) LEGALLY AVOID

xCraft Enterprises, a manufacturer SALES TAX ON YOUR
of purpose-designed drone systems
Call us Today
which gained fame with a deal on ABC’s
(916) 691-9192
Shark Tank, has announced the appoint-
ment of legendary aviation and space
always FREE
pioneer Burt Rutan to its Board of
Directors. Rutan, a world-renowned
aeronautical engineer will provide
expertise in the design, prototyping and

production of xCraft flying robots for

commercial, industrial and defense appli-

cations. Burt Rutan has accepted an appointment
“We are honored to welcome Mr. to the Board of Directors at xCraft
Rutan to the xCraft Team,” said JD
Claridge, CEO and co-founder of the (Courtesy xCraft Enterprises)
company. “He will be an incredible asset

in advancing our autonomous flight tech- space research companies in the world,

nology and assisting to expand our prod- Rutan has developed a large variety of

uct line to address specific needs of com- groundbreaking projects, showcasing

mercial customers and our U.S. govern- some of the most innovative and energy-

ment organizations. He particularly efficient designs ever flown. Time named

shares our vision for applying our tech- him one of the top 100 most influential

nology to disrupt transportation as we people of 2005. Described by Newsweek

know it.” as “the man responsible for more innova-

After accepting xCraft’s offer to tions in modern aviation than any living

serve on the Board of Directors, Rutan engineer,” Burt Rutan is an aircraft

said: “I’m looking forward to advising designer with a vision for the advance-

xCraft’s innovative team during a period ment of technology.

of rapid expansion in our country’s use of In 2004, Rutan joined a highly dis-

autonomous flight systems and in the tinguished company of innovators as the

emerging urban air mobility space.” designer/developer of SpaceShipOne, the

“My philosophy is that the best ideas world’s first privately built manned

come from the collaborative efforts of spacecraft to reach space. The research

small, closely knit project teams in an program was funded by Paul Allen. He

environment unlimited by risk fears - and won the $10 million Ansari X Prize, the

I will assist xCraft’s leadership to ensure competition created to spur the develop-

we are a best-idea-factory.” ment of affordable space tourism.

“With the addition of Burt to our Rutan is the winner of the

board, and the November product launch Presidential Citizen’s Medal, the Charles

of our new quad-rotor, the Maverick, A. Lindbergh Award, and is a two-time

xCraft is taking big steps toward realiz- individual winner of the Robert J. Collier

ing our longer-term objectives,” Claridge Trophy, given by the National Aeronautic

said in closing. Association for significant advances in

About Burt Rutan aviation history. He is the only one alive

with two Colliers. Rutan designed/devel-

oped the Voyager, the first aircraft to cir-

As the founder of two aircraft cle the world non-stop without refueling.

research firms, the most aggressive aero- Continued on Page 21

18 In Flight USA Celebrating 36 Years December 2019


The National Business Aviation Broadcast (ADS-B) equipment, which providers that will limit the sharing of air-
Association (NBAA) on Nov. 4 applaud- will be required to operate in most U.S. craft data, if operators want to opt out
ed the Federal Aviation Administration airspace effective Jan. 1, 2020. from having their flight information
(FAA) for developing a plan to allow a broadcast over the Internet. The new
real-time flight-tracking opt-out for oper- In a related move to ensure operator terms of service are expected to go into
ators that have equipped their aircraft security and privacy, the FAA said it will effect by year’s end.
with Automatic Dependent Surveillance- establish new terms-of-service agree-
ments with aircraft tracking service These new privacy and security devel-

Trusted. NBAA applauded the FAA for develop-

ing a plan to allow a real-time flight-

tracking opt-out for operators that have

equipped their aircraft with ADS-B

equipment. (Courtesy NBAA)

I Available in both Qref® Book, Card and I Written by Master CFIs with workflow opments were announced by the FAA dur-
new iPad editions and ease of use in mind ing the NBAA Flight Planners Summit at
the association’s recent Business Aviation
I Over 50 years of professional experience I Professional design, rugged construction Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE)
in every checklist in Las Vegas, NV.

Best-Selling Aircraft Checklists Under Phase 1 of the so-called
“Privacy ICAO Address (PIA) Program,”
Beechcraft Bonanza A36 285HP 1968 1983 Cessna 210N Centurion 1979 1984 Piper Arrow IV PA 28RT 201 1979 1982 which is expected to be in place by Jan.1,
Beechcraft Bonanza C/D 35 1951 1953 Cessna Turbo 182T 2001+ Piper Arrow IV Turbo PA 28RT 201T 1979 1990 2020, the FAA will set up a web portal to
Beechcraft Bonanza J/K/M 35 1958 1960 Cessna Turbo 182T/G1000 2006+ Piper Cherokee 140 PA 28 140 1964 1977 accept requests from operators that wish
Beechcraft Bonanza N/P 35 1961 1963 Cessna Turbo 206H 1998+ Piper Cherokee 150 PA 28 150 1961 1967 to block real-time ADS-B position and
Beechcraft Bonanza V35 A/B 1966 1982 Cessna Turbo 210M Centurion Piper Cherokee 160 PA 28 160 1961 1967 identification information for their air-
Cessna 150 1959 1977 Cirrus SR20 Analog Gauges 1977 1978 Piper Cherokee 180 PA 28 180 1963 1973 craft. These operators will be issued an
Cessna 152 1978 1986 Cirrus SR20 G1 G2 2000 2003 Piper Dakota PA 28 236 1979 1994 alternative, temporary International Civil
Cessna 172 Universal Cirrus SR20 G3 2003 2007 Piper Cherokee Lance PA 32R 300 1976 1978 Aviation Organization (ICAO) aircraft
Cessna 172M Universal Cirrus SR20 Perspective Piper Navajo PA 31 310 B/C 1972 1980 address, which will not be connected to
Cessna 172N 1973 1976 Cirrus SR22 G1 G2 2007+ Piper Navajo Chieftain PA 31 350 1973 1984 their aircraft information in the FAA
Cessna 172P 1977 1980 Cirrus SR22 G3 2008+ Piper Saratoga SP PA 32R 301 1980 1992 Aircraft Registry.
Cessna 172R 1981 1986 Cirrus SR22 Perspective 2003 2007 Piper Saratoga SP Turbo PA 32R 301T 1980 1987
Cessna 172RG 1998 2006 Cirrus SR22 G3 Turbo 2007+ Piper Tomahawk PA 38 112 1978 1982 In Phase 2, which is expected to start
Cessna 172S 1980 1985 Cirrus SR22 Turbo Perspective 2008+ Piper Warrior 151 PA 28 151 1973 1977 in mid-2020, the PIA program will be
Cessna 172S G1000 1998 2006 Diamond DA20 C1 2007+ Piper Warrior II PA 28 161 1976 1986 transitioned to third-party service
Cessna 177RG Diamond Star DA40 2008+ provider(s). Only external organizations
Cessna 182P 2005+ Piper Archer II PA 28 181 1998+ MANY MORE MODELS COMING SOON! vetted by the FAA (e.g. law enforcement)
Cessna 182R 1971 1978 Piper Archer III PA 28 181 2001+ will be able to reverse-look-up the true
Cessna R182 Skylane RG 1972 1976 Piper Arrow 180 PA 28R 180 1976 1994 identity of an aircraft. Full details about
Cessna 182RG Turbo 1981 1986 Piper Arrow II PA 28R 200 1995 2002 the PIA program are available at
Cessna 182T Analog Gauges 1978 1986 Piper Arrow III PA 28R 201 1967 1971
Cessna 182T/G1000 1979 1986 Piper Arrow III Turbo PA 28R 201T 1969 1976
1977+ NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen
2001+ 1977 1978 said, “We’re pleased the FAA has
2004+ responded positively to ADS-B privacy
concerns of operators, which NBAA has
Best-SellingAvionicsQuick Reference raised in numerous government/industry
forums, including with the NextGen
Avidyne Entegra Garmin GNS 480 Garmin GPSMAP 96 Advisory Committee. Until now, the lack
Garmin G1000 Non WAAS Garmin GNS 530 Garmin GPSMAP 195 of a privacy solution has been a disincen-
Garmin G1000 Garmin GTN 750/650 Garmin GPSMAP 196 tive for some operators to equip with
Garmin G1000 WAAS Garmin GX Series Garmin GPSMAP 295 ADS-B. No one should have to surrender
Garmin G600/G500 Garmin MX 20 Garmin GPSMAP 296 their privacy and security just because
Cirrus Perspective by Garmin Garmin 300XL/250XL Garmin GPSMAP 396 they board an airplane.”
Bendix/King KLN 89 AnywhereMap ATC Garmin GPSMAP 495
Bendix/King KLN 90B AvMap EKP IV / IV Pro Garmin GPSMAP 496 Business aircraft operators are con-
Bendix/King KLN 94 AvMap EKP V coming soon Garmin GPSMAP 696/695 cerned because ADS-B “Out” transpon-
Garmin GMX 200 AvMap Geopilot II / II Plus Garmin Aera Series ders – which are used to broadcast air-
Garmin GPS 400 Bendix/King AV8OR Lowrance Airmap 2000C/1000 craft identification, position, altitude and
Garmin GNS 430 Bendix/King AV8OR Ace Lowrance Airmap 500/600C velocity to other aircraft, as well as to air
traffic control (ATC) – includes aircraft
FAA FITS WRITTEN BY data linked to the aircraft registry.
ACCEPTED MASTER CFIs Anyone using inexpensive, commercial-
Order direct or from your favorite pilot supply
Continued on Page 20

December 2019 19


Despite record numbers of more 2019], with 2015 ranked second. The life- information at their fingertips while current actions in event of technical malfunction.
than four billion passengers, the global time chances of a person dying in a com- navigation systems have the capability to • Incidences of turbulence are predict-
airline industry has experienced some of mercial aviation accident are extremely determine an aircraft’s position to the thou-
its safest years in terms of fatal accidents, unlikely compared with other forms of sandths of a mile,” says E. David Williams, ed to increase due to climate change with
according to Aviation Risk 2020: Safety transport such as by car or bicycle, as well Assistant Professor of Aerospace and the North Atlantic flight passageway antic-
And The State Of The Nation published as more unexpected scenarios such as acci- Occupational Safety at Embry-Riddle ipated to see the greatest increase. Extreme
by the corporate and aviation insurance dental gun discharge or dog attack. Aeronautical University. “Improvements in turbulence can cause structural damage to
specialist Allianz Global Corporate & science have also allowed the aviation aircraft, which can cost millions of dollars.
Specialty (AGCS) in association with “The continuous improvement in avi- industry to better understand how human
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, ation safety can be attributed to several factors can affect safety. Pilot fatigue, train- • The growing number of drones in
the largest, fully accredited university factors, including design improvements, ing, crew resource management and other the skies and cyber risks such as hacker
specializing in aviation and aerospace. new technologies, more effective pilot factors have become increasingly impor- attacks, systems outages and data breach-
training as well as significant improve- tant issues.” es are also expected to have a significant
A Broad Range of Safety ments in manufacturing processes, aircraft impact on the aviation loss landscape.
Improvements operations and regulation,” explains Tom Future challenges
Fadden, Global Head of Aviation, AGCS. • Accidents-on-the-ground remain
Three of the past four years have been The report also highlights a range of problematic and could exacerbate. In
the safest ever for air travel. In 2017, for Aerodynamic and airframe improve- emerging risk scenarios, including: many cases, airport infrastructure has not
the first time in at least 60 years of avia- ments, fly-by-wire aircraft and more kept pace with the rapid growth in pas-
tion, there were no fatalities on a passenger effective safety inspections have had a • The projected demand for about senger and aircraft numbers. Crowded
jet flight, making it the safest year ever. dramatic impact on accident rates over 800,000 new pilots over the next 20 years servicing areas and aprons are resulting
Even 2018, which saw a total of 15 fatal the past decades. At the same time, – double the current workforce – brings in more collisions and ramp accidents. It
airliner accidents with 556 victims, ranks engine manufacturers have almost elimi- challenges in recruitment and training, is anticipated that the vast majority of the
as the third safest year ever, according to nated the chance of engine failure. Radio particularly in flight schools. world’s busiest airports will likely see
statistics from the Aviation Safety and avionics are extremely precise today capacity issues within 10 years.
Network[Aviation Safety Network releas- and improved air traffic control technolo- • Pilots’ overreliance on aircraft
es 2018 airliner accident statistics, January gy and better collision systems have also automation systems have resulted in acci- For more information please visit
had a positive impact. dents, highlighting the need for pilots to be Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty at
better prepared to take manual corrective or Embry-
“Pilots now have much more live Riddle Aeronautical University at



EAA is participating in two FAA Air (Courtesy EAA) airports and higher altitude operation,
Traffic Organization risk assessment panels such as soaring competitions with small,
that will study the safety of allowing lightweight gliders, have come under
unmanned aerial systems (UAS), including scrutiny and regulation recently with the
drones and legacy model aircraft, into cer- passage of new congressional mandates.
tain airspace. One panel will focus on per- EAA aims to work with the manned and
mitting operations above 400 feet and the model aviation communities to ensure
other will study operations near airports. that these activities can continue.

While EAA has always stressed that “We see model aviation as an impor-
UAS integration must happen safely, tant pathway to manned flight,” said Sean
responsibly, and with the safety of Elliott, EAA vice president of advocacy
manned aircraft as the top priority, it also and safety. “Our goal in this risk assess-
recognizes that legacy model aviation is a ment process is to represent the safety
well-established hobby with a remark- concerns of our members while allowing
ably safe record. Many EAA chapters and the highest degree of freedom for legacy
members regularly engage in legacy model aircraft, which have flown along-
model aviation, often in concert with an side us in the airspace for decades.”
on-airport event with no safety issues
arising from these activities. The risk assessment process will
consist of several meetings over the next
Some model fields in proximity to two months.

Burt Rutan Joins Board at xCraft Enterprises safety, and geo-spatial markets to devel-
op tailored applications that solve real-
Continued from Page 17 eled world flight capability and they had xCraft Enterprises is America’s world problems. For more information
to more than double the range of previous drone company. Based in Idaho, xCraft about the company, visit their website at
Repeating that feat, his company devel- record holders. His company also devel- designs and manufactures customized
oped the GlobalFlyer, which broke the oped the Ultralite, an all-composite 100 flying robots for enterprise and military
Voyager’s record time for a non-refueled, mile-per-gallon show car for General segments. xCraft partners with compa-
solo flight around the world. Those air- Motors. nies in defense, energy, security, public
craft remain the only ones with non-refu-

20 In Flight USA Celebrating 36 Years December 2019

NBAA Commends FAA

Senior Living and Care Solutions Continued from Page 18 LADD (block) list
ly available radios can capture these wire- • Not display historical data for any
Senior Care Authority, Peninsula will provide you the less ATC communications, and flight-
guidance concerning your loved one, including finding tracking websites use this data to publicly aircraft registration or call sign while the
the best places to live, receiving the proper care, and nav- disseminate information on aircraft aircraft is included in the LADD list
igating through a complex health care system. movements. Operators worry that bad
actors could use this information to track If the FAA determines that a vendor
government and business leaders and has willfully violated these terms of serv-
commit acts of corporate espionage, ice, the agency may suspend or stop pro-
extortion or terrorism. viding data to the vendor.

Heidi Williams, NBAA’s director of Operators that do not wish to have
air traffic services and infrastructure, said, their aircraft data shared can submit
“Retaining privacy after equipping with LADD requests via:
ADS-B Out ensures that the aircraft isn’t
transmitting information that can be tracked • A dedicated web page
back to the registry. This will encourage (
those operators that have not already
equipped their aircraft with ADS-B to do • Email ([email protected])
so, which will help expedite aircraft han- • Mail the FAA (Federal Aviation
dling as part of the FAA’s Next-Generation Administration, 800 Independence Ave.,
(NextGen) air traffic management system.” SW, Washington, DC 20591)

Regarding the new terms-of-service Operators can request either “FAA
agreements with aircraft tracking service source blocking,” in which aircraft data is
providers, Bolen said, “NBAA and its limited to FAA use only, or “subscriber
members thank the FAA for effectively blocking,” in which flight data is only
partnering to produce an outcome that made available to select vendors.
strikes an appropriate balance between
preserving privacy and security, and mak- “We’ve been eager to see the FAA
ing aircraft data available. This solution update its terms of agreement to define what
reconfirms NBAA’s long-standing com- ‘historical data’ means,” said Williams.
mitment to protecting privacy and mitigat- “The new terms of service also improve the
ing security threats, including corporate ability of operators to manage their aircraft
espionage, for business aircraft operators.” data. By establishing a dedicated LADD
web page, operators can submit a blocking
Previously, operators wishing to request and decide whether to block all ven-
block the display of their aircraft data dors or specify an allowed vendor.”
could submit a Block Aircraft Registry
Request (BARR). That program has been The LADD program was developed
renamed the Limiting Aircraft Data in response to FAA reauthorization legis-
Displayed (LADD) program, and aircraft lation language that calls upon the agency
tracking vendors must now: to update its data policies to ensure oper-
ators’ right to privacy when using the
• Demonstrate their ability to block ATC system.
display of aircraft data from their public
display systems Flight tracking data became avail-
able in 1991, when the FAA established
• Block from public display aircraft the Aircraft Situational Display to
registration numbers, call signs or flight Industry (ASDI) program for the airlines.
numbers included on the FAA-provided In 1997, NBAA, the FAA and ASDI ven-
dors began developing the BARR system
E-AB ACCIDENTS to help protect the privacy of general avi-
ation operators. To learn more, visit the
NBAA website at




• Free consultations While fatal accident totals in ama- development, and some types of light-
• Available 7 days a week teur-built aircraft remain at historic lows, sport aircraft – rose to 52, which is five
• Serving South San Francisco to Palo Alto a slight increase in the total for the last above the FAA’s “not to exceed” goal of
12-month reporting period shows the 47 for the period. Of that total, 39 fatal
For more information contact continuing need for dedicated education- accidents were in amateur-built aircraft,
Annamarie Buonocore at al efforts to push the total even lower. an increase of four from the previous
650/504-8549 reporting period.
The FAA reports that for the 12-
[email protected] month period from Oct. 1, 2018, to Sept. The FAA measures accident totals
30, 2019, fatal accident totals for the on an October-through-September annu-
experimental category overall – includ- al basis to coincide with the federal gov-
ing amateur-built aircraft, racing aircraft, ernment’s fiscal year. In addition, the
those used for exhibit only, research and
Continued on Page 21

December 2019 21



The chapter application for the 2020 Each chapter’s scholarship coordi- to the Ray Aviation Scholarship and how
Ray Aviation Scholarship program is nator can apply for a $10,000 flight train- the program will take shape moving for-
open from now until Jan. 31, 2020. All ing grant or opt into the 50/50 match pro- ward. To learn more about the Ray
EAA and divisional chapters are eligible gram by completing the 2020 Ray Aviation Scholarship program and pro-
to apply for a slot in the program, secur- Aviation Scholarship Application. gram requirements, including the webi-
ing a $10,000 flight training grant to be nar, visit
awarded to a local youth. If prequalified, Join or review the EAA Ray
chapters can begin nominating scholars Aviation Scholarship – “2020 and (Courtesy EAA)
in mid-March 2020. Beyond” webinar to learn about changes
Our ATP series is a feature
“The reopening of the chapter appli- & loaded MULTI-FUNCTIONAL
cation not only allows chapters to reapply watch also offers an Altimeter
for a Ray Aviation Scholarship, but Features for under $90.00!!
allows chapters to reevaluate how they Available in either a Standard
can become an even stronger supporter of Large Digital Display or Subtractive (Black) Display
their local youth,” said David Leiting Jr., Altimeter
EAA chapter field representative II. “One Barometer The ATP-Pro is The ATP-Pro II is a more
of the most critical components of the Thermometer a more bulky, conventional-sized model
chapter application is how the chapter Multiple Alarms strong G-Shock with a Stainless Case and
articulates the plan to mentor and support 23:59hr Chronograph type with a thick Rubber Strap. The
scholars. Chapters should take this 99hr Count-Down Timer plastic casing, but is ATP-Pro II can be for
opportunity to brainstorm how they will 28 City World-Time Zones surprisingly either men or ladies.
keep scholars energized and engaged all Perpetual Calendar lightweight. ATP21200W
the way throughout flight training.” 12 or 24 Hour Display ATP1200W
Hourly Chime $139.95
Chapters that participated in the pro- Electroluminescent BackLight $129.95
gram in 2019 are also eligible to opt into Altitude and Barometric Log $87.50
a 50/50 matching fund. If the chapter ATP 46 x 16mm|ATP II 42 x 14mm $78.50
commits to $5,000 in funding, the Ray
Foundation will match with $5,000, guar-
anteeing the chapter a scholarship slot.
These chapters can begin nominating
scholars in mid-January 2020.

E-AB *Holiday Special* ATC2200B ATC2250Y ATC2250K
Super Quality Aviator Watches $450.00 $485.00 $465.00
Accidents All ‘A.T.C.’ Pilot Timepieces

Coantinued from Page 20 HIGHLY DISCOUNTED
Thru Jan 15, 2020 only!
NTSB noted earlier this month that fatal
accidents in all categories of general avi- Features
ation increased in calendar year 2018
after several years of decline. Date Window $139.95 $149.95 $144.95
60 Minute Chronograph
“What this increase tells us is that 1-Touch Instant Chronograph Reset ATC3200B ATC3255K ATC3500B
enhancing safety is not simply a target 2nd Independent Time Zone $550.00 $585.00 $650.00
number to be reached, but a continual 2nd Timezone 24 Hour Subdial
effort to build on the positive foundation Large E6B Calculator Bezel $179.95 $184.95 $199.95
we have already established,” said Sean Constant Sweep Second Hand
Elliott, EAA’s vice president of advocacy Deploy Clasp on ALL models
and safety. “We are pleased that the acci- 100 Meter Water Resistant
dent totals remain below the challenge Designed by and for Pilots
goal FAA issued to us in 2010, when the Screw-Down Locking Crown
agency asked us to reduce the accident 7.5 Inch Strap/Bracelet Lengths
rate by 10 percent over the ensuing 46mm x 13mm Case Dimensions
decade. It is not enough to simply reach a Serial Numbers engraved on Caseback
number, however; we must keep a steady
focus on making improvements, espe- Contact us @ 323.464.6660 or on the web @
cially as the number of general aviation
flight hours have increased over the past
several years.”

Elliott noted that the overall fatal
accident numbers for experimental cate-
gory aircraft remain much lower than

Continued on Page 22

22 In Flight USA Celebrating 36 Years December 2019



By Air Education and Training said Capt. Kyle Palko, Project NEXUS could look at scaling up Air Force-wide. Left: Maj. Rachel Ramirez, Senior
Command Public Affairs Staff project manager. “It will empower If not, it would still be a success because Airman Jacob Traugott, Maj. Ivan
Airmen to become elite digital profes- we'll take lessons learned and roll them Bohlender and Maj. Louis Bennett talk
Project NEXUS, a beta test program sionals who deliver strategic data and into other Air Force initiatives.” with Maj. Gen. Mark Weatherington, Air
designed with the intent to fuel organic development capabilities.” Education and Training Command
technology problem solving efforts for To learn more about Project deputy commander, about Project
Airmen in their day-to-day workplaces, The three cohorts of six Airmen, NEXUS, listen to the “Developing NEXUS before their graduation ceremo-
graduated its first class Nov. 4. who came from various Air Force spe- Mach-21 Airmen” NEXUS podcast at ny Nov. 4, 2019, at the Capital Factory in
cialties and backgrounds, specialized in Austin, Texas. Designed by the AETC
The graduation ceremony saw 18 data science, software development or Mach-21-Airmen-Podcast/. Integrated Technology Detachment and
students complete the 120-day course application design. hosted by the AFWERX-Austin hub, the
held at the Capital Factory, home to the beta test program was designed to fuel
Air Education and Training Command “Participants will return to their organic technology problem solving
Integrated Technology Detachment and home units armed with the skills to more efforts for Airmen in their day-to-day
the AFWERX-Austin hub. effectively solve their career field’s oper- workplaces.
ational problems,” Palko said. “If the
“Project NEXUS will drive internal Project NEXUS prototype ends up deliv- ( U.S. Air Force photo by
AETC expertise in modern data science ering outsized output, capable personnel Staff Sgt. Jordyn Fetter)
and mobile design and development,” and can scale cost effectively, then we

E-AB Accidents participation in the FAA General Aviation increasing use of an additional safety accident numbers lower,” Elliott said.
Joint Steering Committee that EAA has pilot during initial flight testing in ama- “We must focus on training, situational
Continued from Page 21 co-chaired for the past three years. teur-built aircraft. awareness, and good pilot skills to com-
other recreational pursuits, such as boat- Efforts have also included more than plement the ever-improving technology
ing, skiing and snowboarding, and driv- 2,500 copies of the one-year-old EAA “With already very small numbers that is part of today’s aircraft cockpits.”
ing all-terrain vehicles. Flight Test Manual now in the hands of involved, a few additional accidents can Fore more information, visit the EAA
amateur-built aircraft owners and the create a percentage-rate anomaly, so it’s website at
EAA has worked closely with the important to focus on driving the overall
FAA and NTSB on recommendations to
reduce fatal accidents, including through

Book 5 is the final work in W.R. Spicer’s,
It completes the story of a young Mid-
westerners career in the Marine Corps
which culminates with Command of a
Harrier squadron, one of only three in the
Marine Corps at that time. It’s Marine
Corps Aviation History as seen through the eyes of a
major participant. Once again W.R. puts you right there
with him for every moment of the journey.

This and other W.R. Spicer books are Available on
Amazon and other online sources.

“Bill Spicer was my very first
gun squadron CO. I'm in the
book, I've been told. My 'wel-
come aboard' interview is now
legend in the Marine Corps. His
entire series is a fun, funny, and
excellent read for anyone who's
been a Marine, knows Marines,
or can spell Marine.”

Art Nalls

351 Airport Road #3 Fax: 415-898-5155
Novato, CA 94945
Email: [email protected]

TThhee TTrriinniiddaadd CCeenntteerr


Meticulously cared for at Piper Service Don't miss this opportunity to buy a late Price reduced! A beautiful cross-country luxury machine.
Center. Perfect high-performance fami- model 182 Skylane with the powerful 275 HP Super easy to fly. A wide cabin with easy double door
ly/complex trainer airplane. P-ponk engine conversion. Very sharp titani- access. Readily available parts with American made
um silver with orange and black and attractive engine, propeller, avionics and more. One of the best use-
1970 PIPER CHEROKEE 180 leather interior. ful loads and service ceilings in its class. 1,000 nm range.
Last owner kept always hangared in Tucson, Arizona. Low-
1974 PIPER WARRIOR time airframe and virtually new engine and propeller.


Super clean, extremely presentable, hang- Partially assembled project plane. Owned by a Piper Hangared in Novato, CA (KDVO).
ared, carefully maintained. Very easy to fly. Service Center for last 10 years. Engine pickled and Maintained at Alpine Aviation. Hangared
Low wing with great visibility. Cruise comfort- installed. Prop installed. Interior partially installed. whole life. Owner flies plane at about
ably at 140+ mph. New glass partially installed. Has been hangared once a week for pleasure with logs of all
since 2010. To make plane airworthy: put avionics flights.
1977 TURBO 210 in, install carburetor, put interior back together, rig
aircraft controls. Call us for more details! 1981 PIPER DAKOTA


Fly high and very fast guided by new Good paint and interior on this ELSA. PA-28-236 hangared in CA for entire lifetime.
state-of-the-art avionics all the while lux- Great useful load. Good avionics. Reliable, high-performance 235 HP Lycoming
uriating in the beautiful new leather inte- O-540. Constant speed propeller. No inci-
rior. 1963 BEECHCRAFT BONANZA P35 dents or accidents. Enormous useful load.
Will take four full-sized real adults with full fuel
1979 BEECHCRAFT A36TC BONANZA and still have room for 200 lbs. of baggage.


Fly high, fast and far in comfort. This 1/2 INTEREST At Gnoss Field KDVO, A breathtaking total restoration of a clas-
meticulously cared for plane has a sump- Novato California. Desirable P35 has sic WWII era primary trainer. Fly solo
tuous leather interior, double doors for beautiful paint and interior with thought- from the front seat. An absolute hoot to
easy loading and an extended baggage ful/highly functional avionics upgrades. fly. Comes with a spare overhauled pick-
area. led engine.

All specifications and representations are believed to be accurate to the best knowledge of the seller. However, it is the buyer’s responsibility to verify all information prior to purchase.

T. J. Neff Phone: 415-898-5151 Email: [email protected]

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By Matt Shipman infused CMF outperformed aluminum –
by 60% in regard to maximum height,
North Carolina State University and by 30% in regard to the surface area
The leading edges of aircraft wings
have to meet a very demanding set The researchers also conducted grit
of characteristics. New research blast experiments to simulate the erosion
shows that a combination of steel compos- caused by the wear and tear that occurs
over time when aircraft wings are in use.
ite metal foam (CMF) and epoxy resin has The researchers found that, while grit
blast did increase surface roughness for
more desirable characteristics for use as a infused CMF, it still fared better than alu-
minum. For example, at its worst, infused
leading-edge material than the aluminum CMF still had a contact angle 50 percent
higher than that of aluminum.
currently in widespread use.
In other words, the infused CMF
“We call our hybrid material retained its properties through erosion
and wear, which indicates that it would
‘infused CMF,’” says Afsaneh Rabiei, give leading-edge wing components a
longer lifetime – and reduce the costs
corresponding author of a paper on the associated with maintenance and replace-
work and a professor of mechanical and
“Aluminum is currently the material
aerospace engineering at NC State. “And of choice for making the leading edge of
fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft
while infused CMF is about the same (Courtesy Afsaneh Rabiei) wings,” Rabiei says. “Our results suggest
weight as aluminum, it is tougher and has Composite metal foam, with a ruler for scale. that infused CMF may be a valuable
replacement, offering better performance
other characteristics that make it more the matrix were made of steel. Previous hollow spheres and into much smaller at the same weight.

appealing from a flight performance, work has found the metal foam is pores found in the steel matrix itself. This “By the same token, the results sug-
gest that we could use different materials
safety and fuel efficiency standpoint.” remarkably tough: it can withstand .50 results in about 88 percent of the CMF’s for the matrix or spheres to create a com-
bination that performs as well as conven-
CMF is a foam that consists of hol- caliber rounds, resist high temperatures, pores being filled with epoxy resin. tional aluminum at a fraction of the
weight. Either way, you’re improving
low, metallic spheres – made of materials and block blast pressure from high explo- The researchers then tested both performance and fuel efficiency.”

such as stainless steel or titanium – sive incendiary rounds. infused CMF and aerospace grade alu- The paper, “Polymer Infused
Composite Metal Foam as a Potential
embedded in a metallic matrix made of The infused CMF is made by minum to see how they performed in Aircraft Leading Edge Material,” is pub-
lished in the journal Applied Surface
steel, aluminum or metallic alloys. For immersing the steel-steel CMF in a three areas: contact angle, which deter- Science. First author of the paper is Jacob
Marx, a Ph.D. student at NC State. The
this study, the researchers used steel-steel hydrophobic epoxy resin and using vacu- mines how quickly water streams off of a paper was co-authored by Samuel
Robbins, Zane Grady, Frank Palmieri and
CMF, meaning that both the spheres and um forces to pull the resin into both the material; insect adhesion, or how well Christopher J. Wohl of NASA Langley
Research Center.
bug parts stuck to the material; and parti-
The research was done with support
COME LAND ON THE COLORADO WITH US! cle wear, or how well the material stands from NASA, under grant number
up to erosion. All of these factors affect
the performance of an aircraft wing’s

leading edge.

Contact angle is a measure of how

well water beads up on a surface. The

lower a material’s contact angle, the more

the water clings to the surface. This is rel-

evant for aircraft wings because water

buildup on a wing can affect aircraft per-

formance. The researchers found that

infused CMF had a contact angle 130

percent higher than aluminum – a signif-

icant improvement.

Insect adhesion is measured in two

ways: by the maximum height of insect

residue that builds up on a material, and

by the amount of area covered by insect

residue on a material’s surface. Again,

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Small Manned Aerial Radar Target


Contact: Art Nalls Visit us at: email Art at:
President API @ 202-213-2400 [email protected]

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DIVORCE – PATERNITY Editors note: Author Ed Downs Is known to Star of Bethlehem
MEN’S RIGHTS our readers as an active pilot with years of (Vanderbelt University, iStock photo)
professional aviation experience. But many
If you are Involved in a Divorce or may not know that Ed is also an enthusias- tion was established centuries after the
Paternity Case... tic amateur astronomer with a passion for Crucifixion. Astronomers (astrologers?) Should Know That: astrophysics and history. The following arti- of the time did not have hard drives into
cle is reprinted from an earlier issue, as Ed which data could be stored, and scientific
1. You may have an excellent chance of obtaining child custody; shares an understanding of Christmas that records that might have existed were
2. It’s your child...she doesn’t own it; spans both science and faith. destroyed when the remarkable docu-
3. There are numerous legal methods of avoiding alimony; ments contained in the Library of
4. There are numerous legal methods of avoiding loss of your property; By Ed Downs Alexandria were lost through a series of
5. If properly represented, you won’t be “taken to the cleaners”, devastating wars covering a period of
6. Courts can be legally required not to favor the woman; Astronomy has a firm connection nearly 600 years. But, today’s computers
7. You can fight against false charges of child abuse or spousal abuse. with the Christmas season, with can roll back time. We can see that the
8. You can emerge from a divorce emotionally and financially sound; the Star of Bethlehem (the time of Christ’s birth did contain some
9. Men do have rights! Christmas Star) playing a major role in vir- unusual conjunctions of planets, especial-
10. California cases only. tually every aspect of holiday decorations, ly between Jupiter and Venus, meaning
lore and tradition. The biblical reference in they were so close together that they may
Contact: Lawyers For Men’s Rights Mathew 2:2 begins our tradition of “the well have appeared as a single, new,
213-384-8886 Star in the East” and the holy journey of the bright “Star.” This conjunction would
three Magi, referred to as “The Three have appeared in the constellation Leo,
or visit us at Kings” in late medieval times. It would be known as the “Lion of Judah,” long asso-
LAW OFFICES OF STUART J. FABER hard to imagine the Christmas tradition ciated with the coming of a King. A pass-
without this celestial miracle. A quick ing comet could certainly have been
search in this writer’s biblical concordance viewed as the “Star” and may have
comes up with no less than 10 references to seemed to have stayed in one position,
the stars. Many biblical historians believe but comets were traditionally viewed dur-
the Magi were astrologers, skilled in many ing ancient times as “the coming of bad
arts and sciences, having familiarity with things” and not likely to be associated
the prophecies of Daniel. While today with such a holy event. Additionally,
astrology is considered as a completely dif- records that do exist make no mentions of
ferent subject than astronomy, they were a comet, something that would have
once one and the same, and perhaps the “made the 10:00 news” of the day.
oldest of all scientific understandings by
ancient civilizations. Indeed, the stars are It is interesting to note that Chinese
an integral part of the Holiday season. records (avid and skilled astronomers) of
the time do speak of a sudden bright light
Biblical historians continue to try and in the sky that lasted for months. This
verify, scientifically, that the Star of could well have been a supernova, the
Bethlehem existed in a physical sense that sudden and explosive death of a star. A
can be verified through the science of supernova occurs when a star’s central
astronomy and astrophysics. This writer is thermonuclear core burns out, or runs out
intrigued by such research and a great fan of fuel. The core shuts down suddenly
of biblical archeology, but my research dis- and the enormous mass of the star col-
closed that I was treading on disputed lapses in on itself. The unimaginable heat
ground. To millions, the reality is that the and energy caused by this collapse cre-
“Star” was a miracle contained in the ates an enormous explosion that is bil-
Word. As such, it is absolute truth, not lions of times brighter than our own sun.
needing proof. Elements of the Christian This would most certainly have been
faith even disagree as to meaning of the observed in all parts of the ancient world
“Star.” To challenge faith-based views and recorded. But only Chinese accounts
with physical evidence is, in fact, insulting survive. One might think that the explo-
and upsetting. It is not the intent of this sive death of a star is hardly a good omen
writer to do either. But, as a Christian with for the birth of a Savior, but think again.
a telescope, this writer cannot help but The death of a star is actually a birth! The
look to the heavens in admiration of a God heat and energy expelled by a single
that created everything in an instant.
Astrophysicists know this as the “singular- Continued on Page 27
ity” while we common folk think in terms
of the “Big Bang.”

Those who search for the Star of
Bethlehem run into a variety of chal-
lenges. The calendar, as we know it, did
not exist, and competing calendars flour-
ished. The precise historical birthday of
Jesus is not known. Our current celebra-

December 2019 27



Textron Aviation Inc., a Textron Inc. The JCAB Longitude is outfitted meters), more standard features and a
company, on Nov. 17 announced it is comfortable, bespoke interior. With seat-
configuring the newly certified Cessna with newly designed UNIFIS 3000-G2 ing for up to 12 passengers, including an
Citation Longitude for flight inspection optional crew jump seat, the Longitude
missions. The aircraft, which is anticipat- flight inspection equipment to perform features a stand-up, 6-foot tall flat-floor
ed to deliver in 2021, is being modified cabin. A standard double-club configura-
for the Japanese Civil Aviation Bureau critical verification of navigation aids tion delivers the most legroom in the
(JCAB) and will conduct flight validation super-midsize class. Fully berthable seats
and flight inspection operations. such as Instrument Landing System are designed and manufactured in-house
and a spacious walk-in baggage compart-
“From its early design stages, the Category I, II, and III (ILS Cat I,II,III) ment is accessible throughout the entire
clean-sheet design of the Citation flight. State-of-the-art cabin technology
Longitude gave us the flexibility to incor- approaches, Ground Based enables passengers to manage their envi-
porate a wide-range of special missions ronment and entertainment from any
capabilities into the platform,” said Bob Augmentation System (GBAS), Very mobile device, while high-speed internet
Gibbs, vice president, Defense & Special maximizes in-flight productivity.
Missions Sales. “We’re pleased to be High Frequency Omni-Directional JCAB Citation Longitude
working with longtime customer JCAB The clean-sheet design of the (Courtesy Textron Aviation, Inc.)
as it expands its mission profile with the Range (VOR), Tactical Air Navigation Longitude integrates the latest technolo-
addition of the Citation Longitude. The gy throughout the aircraft, bringing cus- integrated autothrottles with envelope
enhanced performance, large cabin and System (TACAN) and much more. tomers the lowest ownership cost in its protection. The spacious cockpit incorpo-
advanced capabilities of the aircraft give class. It features the next evolution of the rates easier access and an ergonomic
JCAB a new level of efficiency and pro- In addition to the Longitude, JCAB Garmin G5000 flight deck and is pow- design that fully focuses on crew comfort
ductivity in maintaining the operational ered by FADEC-equipped Honeywell and efficiency.
integrity of its airports and airways.” also operates five Citation CJ4 jets in a HTF7700L turbofan engines with fully
Textron Aviation has delivered more
similar flight inspection capacity. than 250,000 aircraft in over 170 coun-
tries. Its broad range of products include
About the Citation Longitude Citation business jets, King Air and
Caravan turboprops and T-6 military
With a range of 3,500 nautical miles trainer aircraft. For more information,
(6,482 kilometers) and full fuel payload visit
of 1,600 pounds (726 kilograms), the
Citation Longitude is designed to elevate
passenger expectations in the super-mid-
size class by delivering the quietest cabin,
a low cabin altitude (5,950 feet/1,814


Textron Aviation Inc., a Textron Inc. president, Defense & Special Missions including the 350C cargo variant and Extended Utility Nose King Air
company, on Nov 17 announced a utility Sales. “The Beechcraft King Air offers 350ER extended range aircraft, and is (Courtesy Textron Aviation, Inc.)
nose option for the Beechcraft King Air the widest range of mission capabilities also compatible with the PT6A-60A
350 turboprop, delivering additional of our broad product lineup, and we engines or PT6A-67A engines. flight inspection, photographic mapping,
capability to the highly versatile plat- remain committed to continuously training and weather modification. For
form. The new FAA-certified modifica- enhancing the platform to ensure our cus- About the Beechcraft King Air tur- more information, visit
tion enables an additional 12 cubic feet of tomers have the capability to succeed, no boprop
storage space for up to 250 pounds of matter the mission.”
additional payload. More than 7,500 Beechcraft King
With the utility nose option, opera- Air turboprops have been delivered to
“This modification is a response to tors now benefit from added storage customers around the world since 1964,
customer interest in optimizing the flexi- space for equipment such as cameras and making it the best-selling business turbo-
bility of our King Air 350 platform – other sensors in surveillance configura- prop family in the world. The worldwide
equipping the aircraft with additional tions, or oxygen bottles and medical fleet has surpassed 60 million flight hours
space for baggage or for special mission equipment for air ambulance operations. in its first 55 years, flying business mis-
applications – and increasing loading The upgrade can be installed on various sions ranging from traditional passenger
configurations,” said Bob Gibbs, vice configurations of the King Air 350, and cargo transport to electronic and
imagery surveillance, air ambulance,

The Christmas Star

Continued from Page 26 the imagination. Imagine you are stand- life form that is looking back at you at serving fish and bread, followed by a
supernova causes massive molecular ing on the shore of the Sea of Galilee, that very moment. But you would not see speech from a mount. They would see
changes to occur within its own atomic looking into the night skies with a power- them looking back, because the light this in real, living, time. And imagine, He
structure, creating every known chemical ful telescope. Your view falls upon a from that planet took 2000 years to reach was the only one in that crowd that knew
element. These elements are cast out into beautiful open star cluster known as you, so you would see their living histo- we would be celebrating His birthday,
the universe as building blocks for new M22, 2000 light years from earth. With ry, in real time. And they would not see more than 2000 years later. Happy
stars, planets and life forms, like us. thousands of stars huddled together by you, but would see our planet’s living his- Birthday, Jesus.
gravity, it is now known that at least some tory as it was 2000 years ago. Our M22
Speculation persists, but for this of those stars will have planets, and one friends might see a big gathering on the
amateur astronomer, a look through my of those planets might have an advanced shores of a lake, with a man in a robe
telescope is all that is needed to fire up

28 In Flight USA Celebrating 36 Years December 2019


Richard is a Training Captain for an daughter, Talitha dreams of following in towards inspiring the next generation of Ten-year old Talitha dreams of following
international airline. her father’s footsteps and becoming a pilots. Drawing heavily on her husband’s in her father’s footprints someday.
pilot herself one day. Talitha’s interest is expert knowledge, Julie has written a
(Courtesy JE Timlin) not surprising, she has an aviator in her Flight of the Phoenix style adventure (Courtesy JE Timlin)
family. She sees her dad head off to exot- novel for children, aged 7-14, about a
By Julie Sharrocks ic locations every week, hears stories of young aviation enthusiast who finds him- to charities that help to make aviation
different cultures, sees photos of fascinat- self stranded in the Canadian wilderness accessible to all juniors.
Richard is a Training Captain with ing historical sights. She experiences his with a crashed plane which he needs to
an international airline, his wife, passion for his career and she never hears repair and pilot out. Stranded by JE Timlin, www.jetimlin
Julie is a writer. Their ten year old him complain about having to leave for .com, ISBN 978-1916173538
the office! She also has his encourage- A book is a readily available, easily
ment, has him there to reassure her that accessible promotional vehicle, Julie and
the fact that she is far from a maths Richard hope that the novel may start the
genius will not prevent her following her wheels of interest turning and offer early
dream. exposure to the fascinating world of flight.
Just as a child reads a spy novel and won-
Talitha’s interest got her parents ders what it would be like to work for MI5
wondering about how children without or the CIA, they hope a young person may
the same exposure to aviation become read the novel, Stranded and contemplate
interested in the industry. After all, they becoming a pilot. That it may encourage
don’t come across pilots in their everyday children to take the next step of visiting an
life the way they do teachers, doctors, air show or an aviation museum or joining
dentists and policemen and with modern an aviation programme or camp where they
day security concerns the days of visits to will get to experience aviation in all its glory.
the cockpit, where children had the
chance to chat to a pilot are gone. Julie’s novel, Stranded, has just been
published and is available from Amazon
Julie and Richard decided to see if and major bookstores. A percentage of
they could make a small contribution the proceeds of each sale will be donated


Paul Poberezny desired to create a peaceful place to pay respect to those try and world, to bring stones from your (Courtesy EAA)
place on EAA’s grounds where family who have gone west. geographic locations to be dropped off at (Courtesy EAA)
and friends could remember and honor the Memorial Wall during AirVenture
their loved ones in quiet dignity. At EAA Throughout the past 28 years, EAA this summer.
AirVenture Oshkosh 1989, the first and loved ones have honored more than
Memorial Wall ceremony was held. 2,000 individuals with a passion for avia- EAA will have stone collection bins
tion. We are grateful to have these trib- placed next to the Memorial Wall during
Located along the edges of Pioneer utes as part of EAA’s history and to be a AirVenture this year. Stones should range
Airport and adjacent to the Fergus place where the legacy of passionate avi- in size between a softball and a volleyball.
Chapel, the Memorial Wall provides a ation enthusiasts and pilots is carried on
forever. The stones will create a centerpiece
(Courtesy EAA) for this expanded area, which will also
The time has come for expansion of include flowers and flowering plants.
this beautiful area to ensure families and
friends will have a place to honor those To honor your loved one for this
who have gone before them. The expan- year’s ceremony, applications are due by
sion of the Memorial Wall is currently in April 26, 2020. To submit your application,
progress, with plans to finish the final please visit
addition after AirVenture 2020. eaa/give/ tribute-opportunities/eaa-memo-
rial-wall. If you have questions contact the
We want to invite you, our members, Donor Relations office at 800-236-1025 or
as well as EAA chapters across the coun- [email protected]


On the 19th anniversary of the a.m. EDT Saturday, Nov. 2, from station at 4:10 a.m. Monday, Nov. 4. space station until January.
arrival of the first crew to live aboard the NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Expedition 61 astronauts Jessica This delivery, Northrop Grumman’s
International Space Station, a Northrop Virginia.
Grumman Cygnus resupply spacecraft is Meir and Christina Koch of NASA will 12th cargo flight to the space station and
on its way to the orbiting outpost with The spacecraft launched on an use the space station’s robotic arm to cap- the first under its Commercial Resupply
almost 8,200 pounds of science investi- Antares 230+ rocket from the Virginia ture Cygnus, and NASA’s Andrew Services 2 contract with NASA, will sup-
gations and cargo after launching at 9:59 Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport’s Pad Morgan will monitor telemetry. The port dozens of new and existing investi-
0A at Wallops and arrived at the space spacecraft is scheduled to stay at the
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December 2019 29

Flying With Faber

At the drop of a hat I’ll hop in a
plane and go somewhere. As The turkey – ready to carve. loosely with foil and let rest at least 30 Stuart J. Faber
soon as I return home, I’m ready (Stuart J. Faber) minutes before carving. For gravy (don’t and Aunt Bea
to leave again. However, I love to stay purchase store-bought), remove most of
home for the holidays. I especially enjoy Turkey the grease, then place the roasting pan on for an additional 45 minutes, then check
preparing a Christmas Eve dinner. As a stovetop burner. Turn heat to high. Scrape the internal temperature of the roast with
child, we gathered around the table and 1 fresh turkey, 14 to 17 pounds bottom of pan with a wooden spatula to an instant thermometer. For rare, remove
dined while looking out the window at 1 stick butter, softened loosen all of the tasty drippings. Add 3 roast from oven when thermometer regis-
the snowfall. We replicate those memo- 2 tablespoons each dried sage, tablespoons of flour and mix with ters 155 degrees. For medium rare, 120 to
ries in Los Angeles, but alas, without the rosemary, thyme remaining drippings until the flour disap- 125 degrees. When roast reaches desired
snowfall. Kosher salt and freshly ground pears. Add 2 tablespoons of butter for temperature, remove from oven and pan,
black pepper richness. Add 4 cups of chicken or turkey cover with foil.
I love to prepare for, and cook a 2 tablespoons paprika stock, bring to a boil until the liquid
Christmas Eve dinner. Not only is it fes- 6 cups chicken or turkey stock, prefer- thickens. Add ½ cup cream or milk. Place the roasting pan over a stove-
tive, fun and colorful, guests scream with ably homemade top burner. Turn heat to high and with a
delight as they circle our huge dining room Prime Ribs Of Beef wooden spatula, scrape the bottom of the
table which we convert into a buffet. Remove turkey from refrigerator 1 roasting pan. Add the wine and cook until
hour before cooking. Mix the butter, Perfictly cooked prime rib. reduced to about ¼ cup. Add beef stock,
As guests pull up to our home, I herbs, ½ tablespoon each salt and pepper (Stuart J. Faber) mix well and season with salt, pepper and
often peek out the window and observe and paprika until well combined. Preheat thyme for taste for an exquisite au jus.
the smiles on their faces. The kitchen fra- oven to 425 degrees. Some folks love prime rib for
grances migrate to the outside like advec- Christmas. I always make one. This Baked Glazed Ham
tion fog and fill the noses of the arriving Remove all giblets, neck and gizzard offering delights lovers of beef. Even
crowd. Generally, we invite a busload of from cavity. Season cavity with salt and those folks who “don’t eat beef’ can’t Pineapple glazed ham. (Stuart J. Faber)
friends. Some folks who have little, if pepper. Put a handful of the mire poix in stay away from it.
anything to do with me for most of the the cavity. Sprinkle the remaining mire 1 whole or half spiral cut cooked ham. I
year, begin calling around mid- poix on the bottom of the roasting pan. 1 choice or prime short end rib roast, at avoid Farmer John – very fatty.
November – they’ve heard about our hol- This will serve as the rack and will also least 2 or 3 ribs. Preferably prime grade Glaze 1:
iday culinary festivals. Occasionally, we add sumptuous flavor to the gravy. or Angus Choice 1 cup Dijon Mustard
invite a few folks whom we don’t even 2 or 4 cloves of garlic, cut in slivers about 1 cup brown sugar
like that much. But at Christmas, they are Rub the entire surface of the turkey the thickness of toothpicks ½ t. ground cloves
welcome at our table – well, some of with a thin layer of the butter mixture. kosher salt & freshly ground pepper Glaze 2:
them. Of course, most of the guests are For an extra flavor and moisture step, 1 onion, sliced 1 ½ cups brown sugar
dear old friends. place your hand between the skin and the 1 cup dry red wine 3 teaspoon orange juice
breast and place some butter mixture 2 cups beef stock ½ teaspoon ground cloves
The following recipes are old-fash- between the skin and the meat. 1 teaspoon thyme Glaze 3: Pineapple Glaze
ion standards that I prepare every year. 1 cup brown sugar
Although I enjoy preparing and consum- Heat the chicken stock in a Remove from refrigerator about 1 1 tablespoon corn starch
ing foods from all over the world, during saucepan. If desired, place neck and hour before cooking. Preheat oven to 475 ¼ teaspoon salt
the holidays, I never deviate from the tra- giblets in roasting pan. Discard liver. degrees. With a paring knife or ice pick, 1 8-oz can crushed pineapple
ditional American menu. Place the turkey on top of the mire poix drill as many holes in roast as you have 2 tablespoons lemon juice
and roast for about 45 minutes. The upper garlic slivers. Insert garlic in each hole. 1 tablespoon mustard
Roast Turkey surface should be getting golden brown. The garlic should be spread out over the
Reduce heat to 350 degrees and continue entire roast. Rub entire surface with Mix glaze ingredients until they
Contrary to popular belief, roasting a to roast for another 1 ¼ to 2 hours, freshly milled pepper. Just before placing form a paste.
turkey is one of the easiest cooking exer- depending on the size of the bird. Baste roast in oven, generously rub salt over
cises. Perhaps the size of the bird is intim- the turkey every 15 minutes with the entire surface of roast. Preheat oven to 275 degrees. Cut
idating. But I learned from flying air- chicken stock and the drippings. After 1 Continued on Page 30
planes. The bigger ones are easier to fly. ¼ hour, check frequently with an instant Place onion slices over bottom of
Follow these few simple steps and a gor- thermometer inserted into the thickest heavy roasting pan. I prefer a cast iron skil-
geous bird with a sumptuous skin and part of the thigh without touching the let. Make a circle with onion slices that
moist interior will soon emerge from the bone. The thermometer should register approximate the size of the roast. After
oven. The debate over brining a turkey 170 degrees. Any juices that run should preparing roast, place it, fat side up, direct-
will never be resolved. I have made be clear, not pink. The temperature ly atop bed of onions. Roast for about 15
brined and non-brined turkeys and, to me, should read 160 degrees. minutes. Reduce heat to 375 degrees. roast
the difference is barely perceptible.
Remove the turkey and place on a
Mire Poix carving board. Cut up neck meat and
giblets and set aside. Cover the turkey
(A fancy term for chopped vegetables).
2 medium onions, chopped
3 carrots, chopped
3 stalks celery, chopped

30 In Flight USA Celebrating 36 Years December 2019

Flying with Faber

Continued from Page 29 1/2 pound mild Italian sausage or iron skillet. Place the pan into the oven as Pumpkin Pie. (Stuart J. Faber)
away skin and trim fat to a thickness of andouille sausage, cut into 1/2-inch it preheats, allowing it to heat for at least
about ½ inch. Place ham fat side up in pieces 10 minutes. ¼ teaspoon cinnamon
shallow roasting pan with foil. Cook about 1 1/2 cups chopped onions Pinch nutmeg
10 minutes per pound. A whole ham 1 cup chopped celery Combine the cornmeal, flour, baking 1/8 teaspoon salt
should take about 2 ½ to 3 hours. A half 1 cup chopped green bell peppers powder, salt, and cayenne in a large mix-
ham should take about 1 ½ to 2 hours. 1 tablespoon minced garlic ing bowl and stir with a wooden spoon. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
Temperature should read 130-140 degrees. fresh corn from 2 ears Add the buttermilk and egg to the mix- Combine all dry ingredients. Add melted
½ pound sliced mushrooms ture, and stir well to blend. Pour the corn- butter and mix well. Remove and reserve
Add desired glaze about 30 minutes Basic Cornbread, recipe follows meal batter into the preheated pan and ¼ cup of crumb mixture. Press remaining
before done. Rub it over entire ham. For 3 slices stale white or whole wheat bread, bake in the oven for 25 minutes or until mixture firmly into a 9-inch pie pan. Use
a sweeter, glossier glaze, lightly brush torn into 1/2-inch pieces, crusts removed lightly golden brown. Remove from the the bottom of a glass and pat down the
with maple syrup or honey 30 minutes 1/2 cup chopped green onions oven and let cool before serving or using crust. Pour the reserved mixture into a
before completion. 1/3 cup chopped fresh parsley in the dressing. Cut the cornbread into small baking pan and spread out the
2 teaspoons chopped fresh thyme one-inch squares. crumbs. Place pie pan and small baking
For pineapple glaze, mix sugar, corn 1 teaspoon each sage and oregano pan in oven and bake for 8 minutes.
starch and salt in saucepan. Stir in 1teaspoon salt Yield: 8 servings. Double the recipe Remove and cool completely.
pineapple, lemon juice and mustard. Stir 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper for 16 servings. Will fill one 16-pound
over medium heat until mixture thickens. 1/8 teaspoon cayenne turkey and one 13x9 pan.
Boil one minute. Last minute before put- 1 cup coarsely chopped pecans
ting on glaze, brush with maple syrup. 2 large eggs, beaten in ¼ cup milk Parmesan Mashed Potatoes
1 to 2 cups chicken or turkey stock, as
Orange Ginger Cranberries needed 5 pounds Yukon Gold or Russet Potatoes
Melted butter as needed 1 stick butter, diced
1 cup warm milk Filling
1 1/2 cups grated Parmesan

Easiest cranberries ever. (Stuart J. Faber) Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Boil potatoes until tender. Drain and 1 cup canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie
Generously butter a 13 by 9-inch baking return to pot. Heat milk. Add butter and mixture)
This cranberry dish takes only about dish and set aside. mash well. Mix 1 cup of milk, then 1 cup ½ cup brown sugar
30 minutes to make. Don’t even think of cheese. Season to taste with salt and ½ teaspoon cinnamon
about purchasing those canned cranber- In a large skillet, cook the sausage pepper. ¼ teaspoon salt
ries. You can prepare this recipe about 2 until brown and the fat is rendered, about ¼ teaspoon nutmeg
days before. 5 minutes. Add onions, celery, bell pep- Add more milk to reach desired con- ½ teaspoon ginger
pers, and garlic, and cook for 2 minutes. sistency. These can be made 2 hours 1 tablespoon orange juice
24 ounces fresh cranberries (2 packs) Remove from the heat and transfer to a ahead. Let stand at room temperature, 1 quart vanilla ice cream, softened
3 cups sugar large bowl to cool. then reheat in 350 degree oven for 30-40
1 1/2 cups fresh orange juice minutes. Mound potatoes in a bowl. Combine pumpkin, brown sugar,
1 1/2 tablespoons orange zest (scrape Add the corn bread, white bread, Sprinkle remaining cheese and garnish orange juice and spices. Mix ice cream
orange peel from orange-not the white green onions, pecans, parsley, and thyme with parsley. You can also add 2 chopped into pumpkin mixture and keep mixing
part) to the bowl with the sautéed vegetables. scallions and/or 2 tablespoons Dijon until there are no longer any streaks of
1 1/2 tablespoon finely minced fresh ginger Mix well with your hands. Add the salt, mustard. pumpkin. Pour into cooled crust. Freeze
pepper, cayenne, and eggs, and mix until ready to serve. If desired, whip
Combine all ingredients in again. Add enough broth, 1/2 cup at a Heat 2 tablespoons butter in a large some heavy cream and spread over the
saucepan. Cook over medium heat until time, to moisten the dressing, being care- frying pan. While butter is bubbling, add filling. Then, sprinkle reserved crumbs
berries pop open, about 10-15 minutes. ful not to make it mushy. 1/3 of the vegetables and cook to desired over top of whipped cream-or the filling
Toward the end of the cooking, skim off doneness. You can add some chicken if no whipped cream.
and discard foam that rises to top. Cool, Transfer to the prepared dish and stock for extra flavor and to keep vegeta-
then place in a covered dish and place in cover with aluminum foil. Bake until bles moist. You can also add some I guarantee that this will be among
refrigerator. heated through, about 25 minutes. chopped shallots, a handful of chopped the best Christmas dinners you will ever
Uncover and bake until golden brown, pecans or 4 strips of chopped cooked have. If you love turkey and trimmings as
Cornbread and Sausage about 15 minutes more. bacon. Cook vegetables in three batches. much as I do, you can dig into the left-
Dressing Season each batch to taste. overs for the rest of the weekend. I
Basic Cornbread: Make 2 days should warn you-your phone will start to
If you take the extra time to make ahead. You can use this recipe or the one Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie ring off the hook early next November.
this stuffing – and your own cornbread, on the box of Alber’s Cornmeal.
you will never buy those boxes of stuff- 1 tablespoon plus 1/4 cup vegetable oil You will be astounded when you see Help yourself.... (Stuart J. Faber)
ing again. 1 cup yellow cornmeal how quick and easy it is to make this pie.
1 cup all-purpose flour And your guests will rave over the sump-
2 teaspoons unsalted butter 2 teaspoons baking powder tuous taste.
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon cayenne Crust
1 cup buttermilk
1 egg 1 ½ cups graham cracker crumbs (crush
or process about 12 crackers)
Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. 5 tablespoons melted butter
Pour 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil 3 tablespoons white sugar
into a 9-inch baking pan or heavy cast

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By Linda Herridge FOR ORBITAL FLIGHT TEST ees and families to watch Starliner roll
out of the factory.
NASA’s Kennedy Space Center The Boeing CST-100 Starliner spacecraft is guided into position above a United
Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket at the Vertical Integration Facility at Space Launch “For the team that has built the first
The Boeing CST-100 Starliner Complex 41 at Florida’s Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on Nov. 21, 2019. American spacecraft designed to land on
spacecraft that will launch to the land, and to get it rolling out, is absolute-
International Space Station on the (Courtesy NASA/Cory Huston) ly incredible,” said John Mulholland,
company’s uncrewed Orbital Flight Test Vice President and Program Manager of
for NASA’s Commercial Crew Program Boeing Commercial Crew Programs.
(CCP) has taken a significant step toward “Something this complex takes a huge
launch. Starliner rolled out of Boeing’s team.”
Commercial Crew and Cargo Processing
Facility at NASA’s Kennedy Space “Look at that amazing sight and
Center in Florida on Nov. 21, making the what your success looks like,” said Kathy
trek on a transport vehicle to Space Lueders, NASA’s Commercial Crew
Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Program Manager. “We’re not done yet.
Air Force Station. We’ve got to step into the mission care-
fully, fly this vehicle up to the space sta-
“This is critical to our future as a tion, and bring it home safely.”
nation,” said Kennedy’s center director
Bob Cabana. “We’ve got to get astro- At the pad, Starliner was hoisted up
nauts flying on U.S rockets from U.S. at the Vertical Integration Facility and
soil, and this is just a huge step forward.” secured atop a United Launch Alliance
Atlas V rocket for the flight test to the
Cabana was joined by CCP and space station. The Atlas V rocket that will
Boeing leaders in a gathering of employ-
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NASA Science, Cargo Heads to Space Station cles at once further demonstrates the
robustness of Cygnus to support the goals
Continued from Page 28 of NASA’s ambitious missions.
The Cygnus spacecraft for this space
Here are some of the scientific station resupply mission is named in
investigations Cygnus is delivering to the honor of Alan Bean. The late NASA
space station: astronaut flew to the Moon on Apollo 12
and became the fourth human to walk on
More Probing of Mysteries of the lunar surface.
the Universe
This mission begins the 20th year of
This mission carries components A crowd watches from a safe distance as Northrop Grumman launches its 12th cargo continuous human presence living off-
needed to prolong the operational life of planet aboard the International Space
Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer-02 (AMS- resupply mission to the International Space Station from Pad-0A of NASA's Wallops Station. NASA and its partners have suc-
02). In a series of spacewalks planned in cessfully supported humans living in space
the coming weeks, astronauts will cut and Flight Facility in Virginia Nov. 2, 2019. (Courtesy NASA/Bill Ingalls) since the Expedition 1 crew arrived Nov.
reconnect fluid lines on the instrument, a 2, 2000. A truly global endeavor, the
feat not done before in space, which transfer properties and the process of These are just a few of the hundreds unique microgravity laboratory has hosted
could prove valuable for future missions baking food in microgravity. It uses an of investigations currently happening 239 people from 19 countries, more than
at NASA’s upcoming lunar Gateway for oven designed specifically for use aboard aboard the orbiting laboratory in the areas 2,600 experiments from 3,900 researchers
the Artemis program or missions to Mars. the space station, and may have applica- of biology and biotechnology, physical in 107 countries, and a variety of interna-
tion on future long-duration missions by science, and Earth and space science. tional and commercial spacecraft. The
Testing Personal Protective offering a way to increase variety in fla- Advances in these areas will help to keep space station is facilitating the growth of a
Equipment for Astronauts vor and nutrition of food for crew mem- astronauts healthy during long-duration robust commercial market in low-Earth
bers. space travel and demonstrate technolo- orbit for research, technology develop-
The AstroRad Vest tests a special gies for future human and robotic explo- ment, and crew and cargo transportation
garment designed to protect astronauts 3D Printing with Recycled ration beyond low-Earth orbit to the and remains the sole space-based proving
from radiation caused by unpredictable Materials Moon and Mars. ground and stepping stone for achieving
solar particle events. Astronauts will pro- the goals of the Artemis program, which
vide input on the garment as they wear it The Made in Space Recycler will This mission, designated NG-12, will send the first woman and next man to
while performing daily tasks. Use of the test systems needed to reprocess plastic will be in orbit at the same time as its land on the Moon in 2024.
vest could protect crew members on mis- into 3D printing filament that can then be predecessor, the NG-11 Cygnus space-
sions to the Moon and Mars. transferred for use to the Made in Space craft, which launched in April on an Learn more about Northrop
Manufacturing Device, a 3D printer that extended duration flight. The NG-12 Grumman’s resupply mission at:
Food Fresh from the Oven has operated on the orbiting laboratory Cygnus spacecraft will remain at the
since 2016. This has implications for space station until January before it dis-
The Zero-G Oven examines heat space conservation and deep space mis- poses of several thousand pounds of trash
sions. through its fiery reentry into Earth’s
atmosphere. The ability to fly two vehi-

December 2019 33

Flying into Writing By Eric McCarthy


Big changes to announce for the ward to exploring some backcountry and a pleasant park and boardwalk for a Writer Eric McCarthy will soon be taking
McCarthy household: we’ve waterways with him sometime soon. stroll along the riverfront. off from Lawrence Municipal Airport, his
moved from the warm, sunny new home base. (Courtesy New England
climes of Southern California, back to I’m also hoping to add my tailwheel Up north, there’s Laconia (KLCI) at
where we started, in the currently way endorsement at some point. Hampton Lake Winnipesaukee, the third largest Flying Club;www.newengland
cooler and much damper Northeast. My Airfield (7B3), located barely two miles lake in New England covering almost 70
wife and I had reached a point where new from the New Hampshire coast, offers square miles. Again, the airport itself
opportunities required a relocation and that, training in a classic J3 Cub. The Airfield doesn’t hold a whole lot of interest, worth the short flight to the 3,000-foot run-
combined with the fact that our boys live in is a classic small New England aero- unless you’re a ramp-rat like me, but lake way situated at a bend in the Ware River in
Boston’s Northshore area, and we still have drome offering a 2,100-foot runway, a activities dominate the area: swimming central Massachusetts. Other airports that
many dear friends in the area, made the number of hangars, a flight school/FBO, and boating – motorboats, sailboats, pad- were part of my private pilot and instrument
decision to move back that much easier. and a nice cafe – what more could you dleboats, jet skis – they’ve got ‘em all! training have succumbed to urban develop-
We’ll miss the consistently nice weather, ask for? New England has lots of these Before the powers-that-be imposed a ment: Norfolk (MA07), Tew-Mac (B09),
the beautiful coastline, mountains, and small town airports to explore, and I’m lake-wide 35 mph speed limit, powerful and my personal favorite, Lakes Region
other scenery, and the wonderful friends we looking forward to adding many of them cigarette boats could be heard regularly Airport in Wolfeboro, NH (8B8/69NH), to
made in California ¬– truly the most diffi- to my logbook over the coming years! thundering through ‘The Broads’ and the name a few. Time marches on...
cult for me - and, of course, the flying. As lake’s many bays and inlets; they’re still
I’ve written before, the diversity of the I’ve written longingly of trips to there, begrudgingly cruising around at I’m actively seeking to join a ‘local’
Southwest terrain is really incredible, and Martha’s Vineyard (KMVY in the center half throttle, like thoroughbreds on leash- CAP squadron as well; unfortunately, the
the ability to fly almost at will due to the of the island and Katama,1B2, in es. I read somewhere that there are more nearest squadron, just a couple of miles
consistently good weather is an unbeatable Edgartown) and Nantucket (KACK), and than 70,000 watercraft registered on Lake from where we’re living and at my home
combination that will definitely be missed. you can rest assured I’ll be visiting them Winnipesaukee; the lake can get pretty airport, KLWM, is a cadet squadron and
when the weather warms up, along with crowded on a hot summer weekend. has no aircraft – that would be way too
Change is never easy, not for me at other Cape and coastal airports. One of We’re fortunate to have good friends with easy! I have a couple of other ‘local’
any rate, but at least we’re back in famil- my local favorites is also one of the old- a beautiful home in a quiet cove on the squadrons, each composite (meaning they
iar territory and near our boys. It will be est in the country: Plum Island (2B2) in lake, and always look forward to visiting have both Cadets and Seniors), and each
fun to re-explore old haunts both on the Newburyport, MA. The airport can trace them for a relaxing weekend with great with strong Senior programs and aircraft;
ground and from the air. I’ve only been its history back over one hundred years to company; it’ll be nice to do that again. unfortunately, each is about 35 miles away,
here about a month and haven’t had a 1910, just seven years after the Wright with significant traffic challenges, but still
chance to fly just yet, but we’ve already Brothers’ first flight. There’s nothing And it also gets busy at the airport, closer than my last commute of about 45
savored a delicious lobster roll as we really there at the airport, but you could with all sorts of aircraft in the summer; miles each way. If only I had a plane...
meandered up the coast to Portsmouth, easily walk to the Plum Island beaches everything from ultralights on floats to
New Hampshire; perused a classic New (tip: avoid the beaches when it’s ‘green- Learjets and Gulfstreams, and everything I’m pretty excited to get out and re-
England county fair; and enjoyed an head fly’ season – I think that’s in August, in between. Governor’s Island, one of the explore the Northeast and I look forward
afternoon cruising the Merrimack River but if I’ve guessed wrong you’ll know it more exclusive locations on the lake, is to sharing my experiences with you on
with a friend on his beautiful 43-foot right away! Those suckers are mean!); or barely a mile from the airport, so you can these pages. If you know of any great air-
cabin cruiser. He’s also got a C-206 on grab an ice cream cone or more elaborate imagine the jet traffic in the summer. It’s ports I should visit, write in to the com-
amphibious floats and, like many of the meal from one of the nearby restaurants; a spectacularly beautiful place to fly and ments section on the In Flight webpage -
ilk, enthusiastically proclaims the virtues or Uber to the bustling town of I can’t wait to get back up there. I’d love to hear your recommendations!
of floatplane flying, extolling the added Newburyport just a couple of miles west. There’s plenty of places I’d love to see...
level of freedom, and safety, of being able Located on the Merrimack River, Not all of the changes are welcomed; I
to drop into remote ponds and lakes Newburyport is one of our family’s noticed recently that one of the airports my Until next time, fly safe!
which are plentiful throughout New favorite places to visit anytime of year, wife and I used to visit when we were dat-
England – flying over southeastern but especially in the summer when the ing is listed as closed, requiring prior
Massachusetts leaves you wondering place is just hopping with activity. There approval to land there. Tanner-Hiller
how it stays afloat, there are so many are lots of quaint shops and restaurants Airport used to have a very nice restaurant
ponds and lakes! I’m really looking for- among the brick and granite buildings we liked to visit – they had a delicious fresh,
lining the movie-set-like downtown area hand-cut turkey sandwich with stuffing and
cranberry sauce that was to die for – well


The International Council of Air sion with three World War II veterans to He went on to fly an additional 272 combat and B-29 gunner, bailed out of his aircraft
Shows held its first convention in 1967. help kick off our 2019 ICAS Convention. missions in Korea and Vietnam before retir- during a mission over Rangoon, Burma,
Since then, the air show community has ing from the Air Force in January, 1973. in December of 1944. He was imprisoned
gathered every year to exchange ideas, A multi-Emmy Award winning broad- in a Japanese prisoner of war camp for
conduct business and begin the process of cast journalist and world-class interviewer, • Lieutenant Colonel Bob Vaucher (U.S. nearly five months before being released
planning the upcoming air show season. In Hartman will lead an hour-long conversa- Air Force, retired) flew 117 combat missions in early May of 1945.
2019, the ICAS Convention will be held tion with three men who served in the U.S. during World War II, including the B-29’s
Dec. 9, 10, 11 and 12 at the Paris Las Vegas Army Air Corps during World War II. first strategic combat mission over the Hartman will help these three men
Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Japanese mainland on June 15, 1944. On recount their experiences during the war
• Colonel Charles McGee (U.S. Air September 2, 1945, Vaucher led a massive three-quarters of a century ago, and then
On the morning of Tuesday, Dec. 10, Force, retired) is a Tuskegee Airman who formation of 525 Superfortresses that flew talk with them about how those experiences
David Hartman, the original host of flew 137 combat missions in the P-39 over the U.S.S. Missouri in Tokyo Bay as the shaped and influenced the rest of their lives.
ABC’s Good Morning, America morning Cobra, P-47 Thunderbolt and P-51 Japanese formally surrendered to the Allies.
news program, will moderate a discus- Mustang throughout the European Theater To learn about ICAS, visit the ICAS
between February and December of 1944. • Karnig Thomasian, a staff sergeant website at

34 In Flight USA Celebrating 36 Years December 2019


The All-Time Most Successful Pilots of the Red Bull Air Race

In the 16 years since the Red Bull UK, and he continued with another win
Air Race began in 2003, there have been and a second place to claim the overall
94 races* across 36 locations in 21 coun- title. He went on to capture his second
tries. While the Red Bull race series has title in 2006. Chambliss has been on the
now ended, here is the ultimate race win- podium in every season apart from one,
ners list. In order of success… including two wins in 2017, and he
capped things off with second place at the
1st Paul Bonhomme, GBR final Red Bull Air Race in Chiba, Japan
19 Wins in 2019.

The man that needs no introduction Red Bull Air Races offered some of the most exciting race events ever recorded. The 4th Mike Mangold, USA
to any fan of the Red Bull Air Race. Paul 9 Wins
Bonhomme, a three-time champion with stats are in now that the series has ended. (Courtesy Red Bull Air Races)
19 race wins inevitably tops this list. The Mike Mangold joined the sport in 2004
British pilot was part of the Red Bull Air the following year. In 2010 he became 3rd Kirby Chambliss, USA and swept the competition away for the win
Race from its very beginning in 2003; only the second pilot to win three consec- 10 Wins in the season’s third race. He followed up by
however, he did not claim his first win utive races in a single season. While Arch taking the title in 2005, with five wins –
until the 2006 season – at his home race never won a second title, he finished in Chambliss is the only pilot in the including three in a row. Mangold took the
in Longleat. After that Bonhomme was the top three throughout the rest of his sport to be there at the very beginning title again in 2007, but after 2009 he retired
unstoppable. The next year he collected career. Even though his last race was at and still be competing at the very end. from the sport and joined Nick Fellows in
three more wins and finished runner up. Lausitz in 2016, he still sits second on the His maiden victory was at the season the commentary box.
In 2008 he finished second again, and he all-time winners’ list. opener in 2004, held at Kemble in the
won the World Championship in 2009 5th Peter Besenyei, HUN and
and 2010. After taking his third title in Yoshihide Muroya, JPN
2015, Bonhomme retired at the top, end- 8 Wins
ing the most successful career in the
sport's history. Peter Besenyei, a true pioneer who
helped to develop raceplanes and test
2nd Hannes Arch, AUT pylon concepts, won the sport’s first two
races in 2003 to earn the inaugural title.
Hannes Arch was a whirlwind in the He thrilled Hungarian fans with six more
Red Bull Air Race. He joined the series in wins during his career. Besenyei’s last
2007 and clinched his first win – race win came in 2007, and he retired
Budapest – and the World Championship
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Boeing CST-100 Starliner Takes Next Step

Continued from Page 32 “This is the dawn of a new era,” said “I’m talking about trust in the individu-
Ferguson. “For all of you youngsters out als—our fellow Americans—who are
carry Starliner comprises a booster stage there who came out here early to watch, building this spacecraft and making this
and dual-engine Centaur upper stage, as I’m glad you were a part of this. This is possible. You walk around the factory
well as a pair of solid rocket boosters. really important because this is your and there is this amazing attention to
future, too.” detail, and it gives you this great level of
NASA astronauts Mike Fincke and confidence,” said Mann.
Nicole Mann and Boeing astronaut Chris “We’re looking forward to the day
Ferguson were on hand to witness the when we’re launching people on a regu- NASA is working in partnership
rollout milestone ahead of the uncrewed lar basis,” said Fincke. “As graduates of with Boeing and SpaceX to launch astro-
flight test. military test pilot schools, we are really nauts on American rockets and spacecraft
excited to see how Starliner’s going to from American soil for the first time
behave; we know it’s going to be awe- since 2011. Safe, reliable and cost-effec-
some, and we’re going to get all kinds of tive human transportation to and from the
really great test data from it.” space station will allow for additional
research time and increase the opportuni-
The uncrewed flight test, targeted to ty for discovery aboard humanity’s test-
launch Dec. 17, will provide valuable bed for exploration.
data on the end-to-end performance of
The Boeing CST-100 Starliner spacecraft the Atlas V rocket, Starliner spacecraft A transporter carrying the Boeing CST-
and ground systems, as well as in-orbit, 100 Starliner spacecraft arrives at the
rolls out from the company’s Commercial docking and landing operations. The data Vertical Integration Facility at Space
will be used as part of NASA’s process of Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral
Crew and Cargo Processing Facility at certifying Boeing’s crew transportation Air Force Station in Florida.
system for carrying astronauts to and
NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in from the space station. (Courtesy NASA/Kim Shiflett)

Florida. (Courtesy Boeing) “It comes down to trust,” said Mann.

December 2019 In Flight USA Celebrating 35 Years 35

The Red Bull Air Race Hall Of Fame

Continued from Page 34 season opener in Abu Dhabi; he also won Porto in 2007 – two of the most beautiful year, as the consistency of five second-
from the sport at the end of 2015. in Porto the same year and chased Yoshi locations in the sport’s history. Jones place finishes to close out the season
Yoshihide Muroya was a member of the Muroya to the final run of the final race, hung up his race suit at the end of 2008 clinched the World Championship. Lamb
famous ‘Class of ‘09’. He took time to find finishing runner-up. It 2018 saw Sonka and moved into the control tower where retired after the 2016 season, but McLeod
his feet in the series, but when he did, there become the third pilot to win three races he became a Race Director. continued his hunt for his next triumph,
was no stopping him. His first win took in a row in a single season on his way to and the Canadian came close, including
place in Chiba 2016 – his home race. He taking the title. He won four of the last 13th Nigel Lamb, GBR and Pete three consecutive second- place results in
seemed to thrive on the pressure and won five races and claimed the World McLeod, CAN 2017 and another one in 2014. He did col-
there again in 2017, on his way to becom- Championship – quite the feat as he was 1 Win lect the DHL Fastest Lap Awared in 2017.
ing the World Champion. That year he col- given DQs at the first two races of the
lected three other race wins. He had a quiet year. Each of these pilots claimed his race *There is a total of 93 race wins because
2018, but he came out fighting this year win in 2014; Lamb in Putrajaya, and the 2016 Las Vegas race was halted due
winning three of the four races and taking 9th Nicolas Ivanoff, FRA McLeod in Las Vegas. That was Lamb's to weather conditions.
his total race wins to eight. Muroya also 5 Wins
became only the second pilot in the sport’s CORONA AIR
history, Bonhomme is the other, to win Ivanoff has won five races. His first VENTURES
three home races. win came in Perth, Australia in 2007, and in
fact, only one of his victories has come in LOWEST
7th Matt Hall, AUS his native Europe. He has won in the USA FUEL PRICES
7 Wins – twice, Abu Dhabi and his one in Europe IN THE BASIN!
came in 2014 when he won in Spielberg.
Matt Hall, another member of the • 24-Hour Self-Serve Pumps, 100LL
Class of '09, has been a strong competitor 10th Matthias Dolderer, GER • Assisted Fuel Service 7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
since he joined. His first race win came at and Michael Goulian, USA • Pilot’s Lounge Open 7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Spielberg in 2015, and he also won the 3 Wins • Oil, Snacks, Free Wi-Fi
season finale in Las Vegas that year, on • Credit Cards Accepted:
his way to finishing second in the cham- Dolderer's wins all came in one sea-
pionship. He topped a pair of races in son, as the German pilot seized three vic- Phillips 66, Union 76, Multi-Serv,
2016 and once again finished third over- tories in 2016 on his way to claiming the Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Discover
all. 2017 was a season of consolidation title. Goulian’s first win came in 2009, in • Tie-Downs $50/Month
for him and his team. In 2018 he chased Budapest. The American had to wait nine
Martin Sonka all the way to the end of the years for his second, and then like busses, Individual Hangars under $300/mo!
season, claiming two more race wins and two came at once. He won the season
another runner up trophy. This year, was opnener in 2018 and then he won in
the year he’ll remember most. He took Indianapolis at the penultimate round –
his seventh race in at Lake Balaton and at something he is very proud of to win at
the season finale in Chiba, got his hands such a mecca to motorsport.
on the World Championship trophy!
12th Steve Jones, GBR
8th Martin Sonka CZE 2 Wins
6 Wins
Steve Jones claimed his first win in
Sonka's first win came at the 2017 Budapest in 2006 and then he won in

TALKING STATS: THE RED BULL See your Lower Fuel Price at


Across 14 Seasons of Red-Hot Rivalries, CORONA MUNICIPAL AIRPORT AJO
These 10 Stats Stand Out
33° 53.86’N, 117° 36.15’W
After 94 races since 2003 there have to the World Championship: Matt Hall of Unicom 122.7
been some unique stats and some facinat- Australia, who finished third on the AWOS 132.175
ing facts. Here are 10 of the best... World Championship podium in his rook-
ie season, 2009. In the process Hall also (951) 737-1300
1. The youngest and quickest pilots set the mark for the fastest ascent from
ever to win the Red Bull Air Race World first start to first race podium, taking third
Championship: Martin Šonka of the place in Porto, Portugal, in only his fifth
Czech Republic was the youngest pilot, race.
aged only 40 when he hoisted the trophy
in 2018. Hannes Arch was the fastest to 3. The closest season finish: 2007,
claim the honor, taking the title in only when the USA’s Mike Mangold and
his second season, 2008. Britain’s Paul Bonhomme were tied in

2. Best season finish by a newcomer Continued on Page 36

36 In Flight USA Celebrating 36 Years December 2019



By Secretary of the Air Force Secretary of the Air Force Barbara M. Barrett conducts her first Air Force TV interview “My job will be to give them the tools,
Public Affairs Office with Airmen at the Pentagon, Arlington, Va., Oct. 24, 2019. give them the resources, give them the
support and get out of the way.”
In her first formal interview since (Courtesy U.S. Air Force/Wayne Clark)
becoming Secretary of the Air Force, She primarily wants to continue to
Barbara M. Barrett told Air Force clearly places her emphasis on “the depth “I also know that every Airman, accelerate in the direction set by her pred-
Television about her youth, her life’s ecessors. She noted her commitment to
journey and how those experiences make of the responsibility that this job carries.” when they raise their hand to defend the modernizing the Air Force, ensuring
the Air Force a good match. readiness and streamlining operations by
At the same time, she understands a country and the Constitution, is making a reducing Air Force Instructions with
“Aviation is a big part of my life and unnecessary rules and regulations. That
space is, too. For me, the Air Force is a larger truth: bigger commitment than I am,” she says. effort, she says, will ensure “we can
very comfortable home and a place that make faster and smarter decisions.”
feels like the right fit,” she says.
She also said standing up the Space
Barrett is a lawyer, a rancher and Force, if approved by Congress, will be a
instrument-rated pilot with a long history key focus area. “We have to be first and
of corporate and federal service, includ- best in space for the world’s safety and
ing serving as ambassador to Finland and especially the defense of America.”
in senior positions with the Federal
Aviation Administration and Civil “A United States Space Force is not
Aeronautics Board. Before she was 30, just a good idea; I might even say it’s
she was an executive with two global overdue,” she said in the interview. “It’s
Fortune 500 companies. really time for us to be attentive to our
dependence on space, the urgency of
Informed by those experiences, she space, the importance of space and the
says serving as the Secretary of the Air need for us to continue our lead in the
Force is “an extraordinary privilege” but
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Southern California Aviation Association (SCAA) Talking Stats 7. The numbers that made it truly a
World Championship: Across 12 seasons
Presents its Continued from Page 35 of competition in the official World
Championship, the Red Bull Air Race
11th Annual Professional Development the points at 47 all, so the decision had to Master Class included 27 pilots from 17
and Safety Seminar be based on their placements across the countries and six continents.
season. Each had three wins, three results
New Leadership Solutions for Today’s BizAv Challenges in second place, three in third, and one in 8. Number of raceplanes used since
fifth, so the countback to break the tie the beginning of the Red Bull Air Race in
HolidSayepGtievme bBeacrk9Ptha,rt2y0a1n9d•TCoyarDlsribvaed•, DCeAc. 18 went all the way to Qualifying, where 2003, including both the Master Class
Mangold’s results gave him the crown. and the Challenger Class: 70, including
All Aviation Professionals are invited to join this extended half-day the Extra 300SC, Extra 330LX, Edge 540
leadership development program that will feature expert guest 4. Best season finish in the World V2, Edge 540 V3, MXS-R, MX2, Corvus
speaker presentations, panel discussion and a peer exhange forum Championship by a former member of Racer, Sukhoi 26, and Cap 232.
to promote audience participation and dialogue. the feeder Challenger Class: Ben Murphy
Aviation Professionals from all spheres of the industry, including flight of Great Britain, who took the challenge 9. Number of race venues over land
department, aircraft management and charter companies, FBOs, right to the stars of the field in his rookie vs. water since the start of the sport in
MROs and others will learn and engage on key leadership and 2018 season. Murphy set new bench- 2003: As the raceplanes took off in 35 dif-
communication issues that are critical to their personal growth and marks for Challenger Cup graduates with ferent locations in 21 countries, 19 cities
professional success. 29 World Championship points and sev- hosted races over water and 16 cities fea-
Topics to be discussed: enth place overall. tured tracks over land.
• Cultivating a Strong Aviation Safety Culture • The Leadership Mind-
set: Preparing for Leadership Opportunities • Leadership Behaviors: 5. The pilot to win the World 10. Key figures about the Red Bull
Active Participants & Supporters vs Critics & Observers • Talent Championship by the biggest margin: Air Race World Championship trophy:
Pipeline: Keys to Development and Retention • Effective Cross-gen- Matthias Dolderer of Germany, who in The coveted honour – which weighs
erational and Cross-funcional Communication 2016 clinched the title at the penultimate 16 kg! – is engraved with the names of
race with a whopping 24.5-point advan- the nine pilots who won the title in the tage. He was the only pilot ever to secure World Championship’s 12 seasons.
the crown before the season finale. They are Mike Mangold (USA; 2005,
Sponsors: 2007), Kirby Chambliss (USA; 2006),
6. Pilots with the all-time most race Hannes Arch (AUT; 2008), Paul
Sell your airplane fast with an....In Flight USA Classified Ad starts and most race podiums: Kirby Bonhomme (GBR; 2009, 2010, 2015),
Turn to Page 48 for details. Chambliss of the USA has the most race Nigel Lamb (GBR; 2014), Matthias
starts, with 92. Kirby was the only pilot to Dolderer (GER; 2016), Yoshihide
participate in the series from its first year, Muroya (JPN; 2017), Martin Šonka
2003, through its last, 2019. But even his (CZE; 2018), Matt Hall (AUS; 2019).
33 race podiums cannot match the record
of Paul Bonhomme of Great Britain, who
stood on the top step at 46 races.

December 2019 37



NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center Because of this extensive process, it RiTS spacewalk install procedures being
could take multiple weeks or even
Sometimes robots need a place to Left: RELL Engineering Development months from the time a leak is suspected, tested in the Neutral Buoyancy Lab at
stay in space, too. NASA is attach- Unit (left) pictured alongside RiTS flight to the time RELL is deployed, to then
ing a “robot hotel” to the outside of unit that will fly to the International Spa. find out where it is coming from. With NASA's Johnson Space Center in
the International Space Station with the RiTS, this entire process would only
upcoming launch of the Robotic Tool (Courtesy NASA) depend on Dextre’s availability, greatly Houston. (Courtesy NASA)
Stowage (RiTS), a protective storage unit expediting the search for leaks.
for critical robotic tools. takes up space that could be used for other platform that moves Dextre up and down
scientific hardware and experiments. To keep spacecraft like the the external rails on station and ensures a
RiTS launched on Dec. 4 aboard the International Space Station cool, NASA RELL tool will always be accessible.
19th SpaceX commercial resupply mis- Additionally, the process of deploy- uses a complicated network of ammonia
sion. Its first residents will be two Robotic ing RELL takes much longer when the pumps, reservoirs and radiators — like a Human and robotic collaborations like
External Leak Locators (RELL). Outfitted tool is not externally stored. RELL is a much more advanced housing air condition- these can be applied to more than just the
with mass spectrometers capable of “sniff- robotic tool operated remotely by mission ing system. This vast network has thousands space station, including potential explo-
ing” out the presence of gases such as controllers on the ground, created to facil- of feet of tubing and hundreds of joints. ration of the Moon, Mars and beyond. For
ammonia, these robotic tools are used to itate space station repairs, but requires example, RiTS and RELL’s capabilities
detect leaks from the station. Two RELL crew schedule and airlock availability to However, over its lifetime, the space could be employed to detect potential leaks
units are on board the station right now: the bring RELL outside the station with the station has accumulated occasional small occurring from future human habitats on
first RELL launched in 2015, and it proved use of station’s Dextre robotic tool. ammonia leaks at its joints, often as a lunar and other planetary surfaces, as well
to be such a success that a second RELL result of micrometeroids. While not a as the Lunar Gateway.
was launched as a backup earlier this year. Once outside the station, RELL cur- safety risk to the crew, these microscopic
rently needs to wait 12 hours in space leaks can impact the cooling system’s RiTS was developed by the Satellite
“For each of its stored tools, RiTS before it can be used. This allows for efficiency, which relies on ammonia to Servicing Projects Division at NASA’s
will provide heat and physical protection RELL’s extremely sensitive gas analyzer maintain habitable temperatures for the Goddard Space Flight Center in
from radiation and micrometeroids, or to clear itself of water vapor and other crew and equipment on board. Greenbelt, Maryland, in partnership with
tiny, high-speed objects hurtling through gases from inside the station, essentially NASA’s Johnson Space Center in
space,” said Mark Neuman, RiTS hard- giving the instruments a clean slate. “This hardware will significantly Houston. For more information, visit the
ware manager. “Its thermal system main- reduce time and cost for the station crew NASA website at
tains ideal temperatures for the instru- to deploy leak detection capabilities
ments, helping them stay functional.” using Dextre.” said NASA Senior
Having this housing unit in place will Systems Integration Lead Chris Craw.
also help the space station’s robotic arm, “With RiTS, we’ll have easier and faster
Dextre, easily locate, grab and put back access to RELL, which can help ensure
these important tools. our astronauts’ safety in space.”

In space, storage is especially impor- After its launch, RiTS will be installed
tant. Keeping RELL inside the station through a special spacewalk by astronauts,
and it will then stay on the outside of the
station. RiTS even mounts to the robotic

Secretary of the Air Force

Continued from Page 36 says. “The United States Air Force is Ethics and integrity are paramount, Those who move things forward, those
going to be the frontline of defense. The she says, as well as ensuring equal oppor- who work with integrity and honesty …
warfighting domain.” United States Air Force has to be ready to tunity and rewards for merit and perform- we don’t worry so much about the gender
Connected to all of that is ensuring face those threats.” ance. That emphasis, she says, is a a person is. We care about what the per-
byproduct of her own path being a formance is.
that the Air Force meets its mandates as Barrett says she is excited to work woman in positions and places often
articulated in the National Defense alongside the “superstars” who populate dominated by men. “From my perspective, America is a
Strategy. That document, which is the the Air Force’s ranks. Guiding her are the place where we look to people according
blueprint for defending the country and lessons she learned growing up on a farm “In America we look for talent not to abilities and performance. The Air
its interests “is the best I’ve seen,” she in Pennsylvania where hard work and packaging,” she said. “What matters to us Force is very much that way.”
says. determination were daily necessities. So is, what does somebody do? How do they
was education. perform? What do they get done? …
“It recognizes there are threats
America has to be ready for,” Barrett


For the first time in more than half a 2019 season, Continental has provided ment acquisition, and serving as primary
century, there will be a change of owner- vision, leadership and personal engage-
ship at Continental Air Show Productions ment – as well as sound and narrating serv- point of contact for the busy schedule of
(CASP). Dave Olmstead, the company’s ices – to the North American air show com-
long-time operations director, assumed munity for 50 years. Since Bill’s passing in air shows. Olmstead’s professional back-
sole ownership effective Dec. 1. early 2017, Bill’s wife, Dar, has maintained
the family engagement with the business. ground includes producing events,
Founded in 1969 by air show pioneer
and ICAS Foundation Air Show Hall of Olmstead has been working as the videos, marketing materials, along with
Fame inductee Bill Bordeleau and celebrat- CASP Operations Director for nearly 15
ing its golden anniversary throughout the years, handling the scheduling and equip- radio and television production.

Dave Olmstead along with his wife Dar

took over Continental Air Show

Productions on Dec. 1. (Courtesy

International Council of Air Shows)

38 In Flight USA Celebrating 36 Years December 2019



Forum Will Explore the Aerospace Industry’s Contributions to a Sustainable Future

The American Institute of space economy, and furthering space space”; Tuesday will look at “the next big The AIAA SciTech Forum is the world’s
Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) exploration to new horizons. These chal- thing”; Wednesday on “bringing the largest event for aerospace research,
will hold its 2020 Science and lenges require new perspectives, new world closer”; Thursday on “engineers development, and technology. The 2020
Technology Forum and Exposition thinking, and diversity of thought and build the world”; and Friday on “multi- forum will bring together experts to share
(AIAA SciTech Forum) January 6-10 in experience. AIAA SciTech is a catalyst to use aerospace technologies”. ideas on Fluid Dynamics; Applied
Orlando, Florida. The forum’s theme is build the future.” Aerodynamics; Guidance, Navigation,
“Driving Aerospace Solutions for Global Featured speakers include Danielle and Control; Structures; and much more.
Challenges.” More than 2,500 technical presenta- Wood, director of the Space Enabled
tions spanning 50 aerospace research top- Research Group, Massachusetts Institute of (Courtesy AIAA)
The 2020 AIAA SciTech Forum will ics are expected at the 2020 forum, which Technology Media Lab; Robert Lightfoot,
bring together experts from across the we anticipate will have larger attendance Jr., vice president of Strategy and Business Plenaries and Forum 360s will be
globe to share ideas on a variety of tech- than the 2019 AIAA SciTech Forum. Development, Lockheed Martin Space; streamed live at
nical disciplines and explore the aero- Despite being held during the govern- and Ellen Stofan, the John and Adrienne video. A schedule will be posted before the
space industry’s contributions to a sus- ment shutdown, the 2019 forum was a Mars Director at the Smithsonian National forum begins on Jan. 6, 2020 at
tainable future. record-breaker with 4,500 aerospace pro- Air and Space Museum.
fessionals and 1,400 students from 40
“Each year AIAA SciTech builds countries, all 50 states and the District of AIAA SciTech’s signature sponsor
upon itself to become more inclusive and Columbia. is Lockheed Martin Corporation. Other
innovative as we stand upon the shoul- sponsors include The Boeing Company,
ders of giants to work on today’s chal- The seventh annual AIAA SciTech Northrop Grumman Corporation,
lenges,” said Daniel Dumbacher, AIAA Forum will examine “Driving Aerospace DARcorporation, Bastion Technologies,
executive director. “The AIAA SciTech Solutions for Global Challenges.” This Millennium Engineering and Integration
Forum brings together students, mid- year’s theme was inspired by the United Company, Bell, and media sponsor
career and seasoned professionals across Nations 17 Sustainable Development Aerospace America.
aerospace to unite them in finding solu- Goals. A different topic will be addressed
tions. This vital work supports society’s each day, although the main theme will The AIAA SciTech Forum will be
needs, bringing people and ideas togeth- run throughout the forum. For example, held at the Hyatt Regency Orlando. Please
er across great distances, building the Monday is focused on “sustainable aero- visit for
more information about the schedule.

ađÝ X%4"H ~đ™ŒÅͨ ­đæØ ͨ™ ~æØ­æđͨ æ­ ΢æͶđ Âæؙ«

(ÍÞ䡝 –Č T‹É ‹ÛÃÍÞ #ó¬°ä ¡Éä¡Ûķ ‹ Û¡—Í¬É³ď¡ ዝ¡Û ³É ދ«¡äČ ¡æ—‹ä³ÍÉ
T‹«¡äČ T¡È³É‹ÛÞ ‹Û¡ óĉ¡ŊÞäÛ¡‹È¡ ¡ĉ¡ÛČ f¡É¡Þ‹Č ‹É T‹äæ۝‹Č
——¡ÞÞ äÍ Íĉ¡Û ĢĠĠ Û¡—Í۝¡ ޡȳɋÛÞ ³É ÍæÛ ‹Û—°³ĉ¡Þ
³ĉ¡ÛÞ¡ ۋɬ¡ Í« äÍس—Þ ‹É ÞØ¡‹Á¡ÛÞ
æ³Í ‹ÃÞÍ ‹ĉ‹³Ã‹–á ³É Ø͝—‹Þä «ÍÛÈ
8¡¡Ø æØ Ċ³ä° ä°¡ Ëä¡Þä äÍس—Þ ³É $¡É¡Û‹Ã ĉ³‹ä³ÍÉ


XÍ ¡ÉÛÍÃÃķ —ÍÉ䋗ä æÞ ‹ä

December 2019 39


Installed on the leading edge of the wings and on tail surfaces, Micro VGs help keep
air attached longer at slower speeds. This reduces Vmca and Stall Speed, improves
controllability, improves characteristics, creates a more stable instrument platform and
gives better aileron response and rudder authority.

• Improves Controllability

at Slow Speeds

• Improves Characteristics

• Improves Aileron Control

• Lowers Lift Off Speed

• Lowers Stall Speed

Available for Micro VGs • 1 Day Installation
Twins & Singles • Compatible with other

(800) 677-2370 STOL Modifications

Vortex Generator Technology 4000 Airport Road, Suite D V$G69K5 ittoP$r3i9c5e0 MADE IN USA
Anacortes, Washington 98221
(360) 293-8082 FAX (360) 293-5499 [email protected]

40 In Flight USA Celebrating 36 Years December 2019


Texas Plant ‘Actually Never Closed’

By David Tulis learned that no new parts were made for Aircraft–adding a second entry door and Mooney Aircraft
about three weeks and other facets of the a composite cabin to its flagship M20 (Courtesy Chris Rose/AOPA)
AOPA operation were idled, although he was in Ovation and $800,000 Acclaim Ultra
touch with parts department employees models in 2017. nearly three weeks after the latest idling
Workers are again hand-driving throughout the duration. on Nov. 12. “At this time there are nego-
rivets and curving sheet metal Mooney pilots prize their aircraft for tiations with an additional investor,”
in a Kerrville, Texas, general It’s not the first time a few dedicated their economy and their stoutness. The Mooney representative Devan Burns
aviation manufacturing facility at the ven- employees returned to work to keep the Mooney M20J 201 model was touted for wrote to the newspaper in an email.
erable Mooney International Corp. “They lights on while management struggled to coaxing 201 miles per hour from a fuel-
actually never closed,” said Don Maxwell, find a footing for the sleek, speedy, crisp- injected 200-horsepower Lycoming four- Maxwell said the manufacturing
a respected Mooney service expert who handling aircraft that return a lot of range cylinder engine – on about 10 gallons of plant “is in good shape” and added that
leads owner maintenance clinics. and value for the buck. fuel per hour. future owners would benefit from recent
upgrades in tooling and design.
“Mooney is in my blood,” said Albert Mooney established the A company advertising campaign
Maxwell, who was reached by telephone brand 90 years ago, and the namesake during aviation’s heyday showed dozens “You know it’s a good airplane
at his East Texas service facility. He aircraft company suffered its first of of employees sitting and standing atop the because it’s survived all these years,” said
explained that a skeleton crew “actually many financial blows in 1930, just a year aircraft’s one-piece wing and tube rein- Maxwell. “We are tickled that they are
never quit selling parts” for the estimated after it was born. forced roll-cage-constructed fuselage. One back at work.”
11,000 legacy aircraft in the fleet or han- aircraft owner and his family walked away
dling warranty claims for newer aircraft. Over the past few decades a rotation without a scratch after slamming a wing
of U.S. and international ownership into a pickup truck bed during an emer-
Maxwell took the latest woes in groups from France, Germany, and China gency landing on a highway.
stride. “It’s just another cycle in the life of have weathered continued financial pres-
Mooney. I’ve been with them since 1968 sure to update the model in the face of The Kerrville Daily Times reported
and I’ve seen lots of ups and downs.” He competition from industry-leading Cirrus that staff were called into work Dec. 2,


From the Office of the Navy this aircraft carrier brings to our global (EMALS), Advanced Arresting Gear enhance interoperability among other
Chief of Information challenges will strengthen our allies and (AAG), machinery control, radars and platforms in the carrier strike group, as
partners, extend our reach against poten- integrated warfare systems. well as with the naval forces of regional
The Navy’s newest aircraft carrier, tial adversaries, and further the global allies and partners.
the future USS John F. Kennedy (CVN mission of our integrated naval force.” At 1,092 feet in length and 100,000
79), will be christened on Saturday, Dec. tons, CVN 79 incorporates more than 23 Additional information on aircraft
7, 2019, during an 11 a.m. EST ceremo- CVN 79 is the second aircraft carri- new technologies, comprising dramatic carriers is available online
ny at Newport News, Virginia. er to honor President John F. Kennedy advances in propulsion, power generation, at
for a lifetime of service to the nation. The ordnance handling and aircraft launch sys- play.asp?cid=4200&tid=200&ct=4.
John F. Kennedy is the second air- president wore the uniform of our nation tems. These innovations will support a
craft carrier of the Gerald R. Ford class, as a Navy lieutenant during World War II 33% higher sortie generation rate at a sig- Learn more about the life and public
slated to replace USS Nimitz (CVN 68), and served as the 35th President of the nificant cost savings, when compared to service of John F. Kennedy
when that ship is decommissioned. United States, from January 1961 to Nimitz-class carriers. The Gerald R. Ford here:
November 1963. class also offers a significant reduction— nt/history/nhhc/search.html?q=john+f.+
Former NASA Administrator Maj. approximately $4 billion per ship – in life kennedy.
Gen. Charles F. Bolden, USMC (Ret.), John F. Kennedy, along with its cycle operations and support costs com-
will deliver the ceremony’s keynote embarked air wing and other strike group pared to the earlier Nimitz class.
address. Ambassador Caroline Kennedy, assets, will provide the core capabilities
President Kennedy’s daughter, will serve of forward presence, deterrence, sea con- The new technology and warfight-
as the ship’s sponsor and break a bottle of trol, power projection, maritime security ing capabilities that the John F. Kennedy
American sparkling wine against a plate and humanitarian assistance. brings to the fleet will transform naval
welded to the hull. warfare, supporting a more capable and
Built by Huntington Ingalls lethal forward-deployed U.S. naval pres-
“USS John F. Kennedy will carry the Industries’ Newport News Shipbuilding ence. In an emerging era of great power
legacy of its namesake and the power of division, the Gerald R. Ford class incor- competition, CVN 79 will serve as the
our nation,” said Acting Secretary of the porates advances in technology, such as a most agile and lethal combat platform in
Navy Thomas Modly. “The advanced new propulsion system, electric plant, the world, with improved systems that
technology and warfighting capabilities Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System

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December 2019 41


t/E'͛^ 'Z/>> D , ϱ s/ d/KE
,ŽƵƌƐ ϳ͗ϬϬ D ʹ Ϯ͗ϬϬWD ĂŝůLJ ttt͘D ,ϱ s/ d/KE͘ KD

^/ ZZ , >/ KWd Z^ dŚĞ ƵďƵƌŶ ŝƌƉŽƌƚ ;< hEͿ͕ ũƵƐƚ Ă ĨĞǁ d', s/ d/KE
dĞůĞƉŚŽŶĞ͗ ;ϱϯϬͿ ϰϭϱͲϱϵϳϮ ŵŝůĞƐ EŽƌƚŚ ĂƐƚ ŽĨ ^ĂĐƌĂŵĞŶƚŽ ŝƐ ƚŚĞ dĞůĞƉŚŽŶĞ͗ ;ϱϯϬͿ ϴϮϯͲϲϮϬϰ
ttt͘^/ ZZ /Z, >/ KWd Z^͘ 'ĂƚĞǁĂLJ ƚŽ ƚŚĞ ^ŝĞƌƌĂ͛Ɛ ĂŶĚ ĂŶ ttt͘d', s/ d/KE͘ KD

dŚƌĞƐŚŽůĚ ǀŝĂƚŝŽŶ ŝƐ ƚŚĞ &ƵĞů
^ĞƌǀŝĐĞƐ ƉƌŽǀŝĚĞƌ ĨŽƌ ƚŚĞ ŝƌƉŽƌƚ ĂŶĚ

^hE^,/E &>z Z^ LOWEST FUEL &h>> d,ZKdd> s/ d/KE
ttt͘^hE^,/E &>z Z^͘ KD PRICES IN THE
< hE /ZWKZd /E&KZD d/KE
h KhEdZz s/ d/KE AREA!
dĞůĞƉŚŽŶĞ͗ ;ϱϯϬͿ ϲϭϯͲϲϰϴϴ x /ĚĞŶƚŝĨŝĞƌ͗ < hE
ttt͘ h KhEdZz͘ KD x ϮϰͲ,ŽƵƌ ^ĞůĨ ^ĞƌǀŝĐĞ /ƐůĂŶĚ x hŶŝĐŽŵ͗ ϭϮϮ͘ϳ
ϭϬϬ>> Θ : d x ůĞǀĂƚŝŽŶ͗ ϭϱϯϲ
x tK^͗ ϭϭϵ͘ϯϳϱ
x &ƵĞů dƌƵĐŬ ^ĞƌǀŝĐĞ ǀĂŝůĂďůĞ x &^^͗ ϭϮϮ͘ϯ
ϴ D ʹ ϱ WD />z x d &͗ ϭϮϮ͘ϳ
ǀ&ƵĞů͕ DƵůƚŝͲ^ĞƌǀĞ͕ sŝƐĂ͕ 125.4/127.4
DĂƐƚĞƌĐĂƌĚ͕ ŵ dž͕ ŝƐĐŽǀĞƌLJ

x dŝĞͲ ŽǁŶƐ ǀĂŝůĂďůĞ͕ ĂŝůLJ͕

CALL FOR FUEL TRUCK (530) 823-0744

42 In Flight USA Celebrating 36 Years December 2019

It has been said that the only voluntary act in aviation is the decision to take-off. Every action after take-off involves the skillful management of
risk, the enjoyment of flight and a continuous stream of decisions that result in a safe landing.
In 1974, NASA created the Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) to allow aviation professionals to share experiences in a frank, non-punitive man-
ner. The ASRS structure allows pilots and other aviation professionals to file an anonymous report of an incident, error or occurrence that the contributor feels might be of value to others. These
reports are gathered, analyzed and data based by NASA experts and made available to all interested parties as a tool for creating proactive aviation safety programs. Additionally, NASA distributes
an electronic publication, CALLBACK, which contains selected, de-identified, reports on a free subscription basis. In Flight USA is proud to reprint selected reports, exerpted from CALLBACK, for
our readers to read, study, occasionally laugh at, and always learn from. Visit to learn how you can participate in the ASRS program.


Automatic Dependent Surveillance - • While climbing on departure leg, course when the traffic was past us. What You Can’t See Could Hurt
Broadcast (ADS-B) equipment is a part my student noted traffic on the ADS-B Upon landing, we were still not sure
of the FAA-led Next Generation Air screen, so…[the student] was already A potential conflict was observed on
Transportation System (NextGen) that is looking when I lifted the wing preceding how close we were. We downloaded the the cockpit ADS-B display. After the haz-
transforming all segments of aviation.1,2 a turn to left crosswind. We saw the C182 ADS-B data from both aircraft and plot- ard developed and without visual contact,
at our 10-o’clock position, with nearly no ted them in Excel (we had the call sign this Cherokee pilot used ADS-B data and
The equipment is automatic because lateral movement against the horizon, from the traffic system and hearing ATC FAR 91.3 authority to increase separation
it periodically transmits information with about 800 feet away. The student saw it talk to them after). We were chilled to see and mitigate the threat.
no pilot or operator involvement first at about 800 feet distant, and yelled. just how close we had come. The ADS-B
required. It is dependent because the I saw the aircraft at about 600 feet away data shows that the Citation Jet began a • While being vectored for the
position and velocity vectors are derived and pushed the yoke hard. I estimate the descent, but then briefly leveled off at RNAV… approach, I was instructed to
from the Global Positioning System other aircraft passed nearly overhead 10,000 feet (our altitude). Unfortunately, descend to 6,000 feet. During the descent,
(GPS) or other suitable Navigation and about 200 feet above us, slightly this happened just as they were passing I saw a potential conflict on my ADS-B
Systems (i.e., FMS). It is called surveil- behind us, owing to the hard push we our location. traffic display. ATC also called the traffic,
lance because it provides a method of made on the yoke. The other aircraft but I was unable to make visual contact.
determining 3-dimensional position and (whose number we got from ADS-B) was Practical Limitations The traffic was approximately 12 o’clock
identification of aircraft, vehicles, or not talking on frequency. Nobody else in at two miles, maintaining altitude about
other assets. It is termed broadcast the pattern heard him either. The other Many ADS-B targets were displayed 400 feet below us. I stopped my descent at
because equipment transmits the infor- aircraft cruised through our pattern while this pilot transitioned Class C air- about 6,200 feet. I still didn’t have visual
mation available to anyone with the southbound, two to three hundred feet space in VMC. The absence of any traffic contact and informed ATC. The traffic
appropriate receiving equipment. ADS-B below pattern altitude. He was about 200 advisory resulted in a false sense of secu- began to climb directly toward us
equipment is further designated as in or or so yards…closer to the… runway rity, but a threat still existed in close prox- (according to the ADS-B display, which
out. In refers to equipment that provides than… traffic usually turns crosswind. imity to the aircraft. then issued a conflict alert). I took eva-
operators with weather and traffic posi- Had we not seen him, I believe he would sive action by turning right and initiating
tion information delivered directly to the have hit us. • I was… on an Oakland transition a climb.
cockpit. Out refers to equipment that through Class C airspace. I was given an
broadcasts information about an aircraft’s Indisputable Flight Data instruction to fly from the Coliseum to the Strangely, the traffic turned in the
GPS location, altitude, ground speed, and 30 numbers of Oakland at 2,000 feet. I same direction and continued to climb
other data to ground stations and other A C182 pilot in IMC observed con- passed over the Coliseum and turned directly toward us. ADS-B showed 100
aircraft, once per second. 3 flicting traffic displayed in the cockpit. right to 30. Right before the handoff from feet separation, directly below us. I went
Maneuvering was required, and the ADS- North Tower to South Tower, an aircraft to a full-power climb and continued into
Starting Jan. 1, 2020, an aircraft B data later revealed the closeness of the came directly head-on at my 12 o’clock a 360-degree turn. I informed ATC I was
must be equipped with ADS-B Out to fly encounter. and passed underneath me way too close doing so. Thankfully the traffic broke off
in most controlled U.S. airspace. 4 – probably 100 to 200 feet. I was never its turn, and the conflict was resolved
• We were IFR and level at 10,000 given a traffic advisory or any info about without incident. I never saw the traffic
ADS-B information is plentiful. feet. We received an alert on the Avidyne this aircraft, even though I was in the and assume [they] never saw me.
Sources include 14 CFR 91.225 and Traffic System and also on Foreflight, middle of the Oakland Tower airspace
91.227, Advisory Circular 114A Change which was running on an iPad. I advised pretty much right over the parallel run- I resumed the approach and landed
1, the Aeronautical Information Manual the Controller that we had traffic show- ways. My guess is [the other aircraft] without incident. I was surprised that,
Chapter 4, and the FAA website. ing at 9 o’clock near our altitude. [The was transitioning to the east, probably other than an initial traffic call, ATC pro-
Controller] advised us that they were talking to the South Tower, but they didn’t vided no assistance in resolving the con-
ASRS has received reports relating going to pass 1,000 feet below us at 9,000 give the North Tower the memo. Very dis- flict. I believe I was in Class B airspace at
to ADS-B. More issues and increased feet. We showed that the aircraft was still concerting. ADS-B wasn’t too helpful the time, but did not hear the Controller
numbers are anticipated once the dead- at 10,000 feet and getting very close (less there, because I was right over the air- talking to the [conflicting] aircraft.
line passes. This month, CALLBACK than 1/2 mile). At that time, we received port and there were a lot of targets on the
shares reported incidents that involve an alert that showed the other aircraft ground and in the air, so it was hard to Safer and More Efficient
ADS-B and exemplify enhanced safety. was at our location and less than 100 feet make any sense of the traffic scope with
Subtle implications may portend some below. We made an immediate 90-degree the targets overlapping. I was about to A conflict could have been eased or
unintended benefits. turn to the right… and climbed. As we notify Tower of the close encounter, but averted if a VFR flight outside Class D
were talking, another Controller came on was then given another target at my 12 airspace had coordinated with ATC. The
First Indication of Conflict and said that the other aircraft was o’clock, but this time ahead of me and Controller used ADS-B data to identify
descending. We advised ATC of the devi- headed in the same direction over the the aircraft and subsequently offered the
For this C172 crew, ADS-B provid- ation and returned to our assigned bay. I focused on flying the airplane and reader some sage advice.
ed situational awareness with respect to [continued to my destination].
unannounced traffic at a non-towered air- • I noticed a 1200 code [Aircraft Y]
port. Continued on Page 43

December 2019 43


Steve Vihlen makes his living as a FedEx pilot Steve Vihlen of Locust Grove, Georgia has enough room in his hangar to When the bifold door is open, it provides
captain of a 767 FedEx cargo plane that a nice shaded canopy that helps keep the
takes him all over the world. The 30-year store four planes. The big 60-foot by 12-foot Schweiss Doors bifold liftstrap door is wide hangar cool in summer.
FedEx pilot who lives in Locust Grove,
Ga., earned his license at an early age and enough to bring in his ASG-29 glider, along with the 7AC Aeronca Champ and Cessna (Courtesy Schweiss Doors)
joined the Air Force to become an F-16
combat pilot for eight years. L-19 tow plane shown here. (Courtesy Schweiss Doors0 “The Schweiss door is easy to
install, as long as you follow the instruc-
Vihlen’s main passion is flying We built this hangar because we wanted through fellow FedEx pilot friends that had tions,” Vihlen says. “It’s not complicated
sailplanes. He owns an American-made our own hangar near our home.” their own hangar at an airpark in and it’s easy to maintain. It met my
older classic 1964 Schweizer 126-B glid- Memphis,” Vihlen says. “It was an old expectations and I haven’t had any diffi-
er with a 59-foot wingspan and a The love of flying has worked its cable version bifold door. I got a lot of culty with it. My glider club in Arkansas
German-made Alexander Schleicher way to the next generation as two of information and advice from them when I had the non-powered accordion doors on
ASG-29 modern single-place racing glid- Vihlen’s sons are also licensed pilots. was putting plans together to build our its hangar. They scared me a lot because
er he bought new from the factory in Ryan, the oldest, has his own private hangar. I started looking about 10 years of the pinching hazard. I really don’t have
2006. The ASG-29 has a wingspan over power and glider license. Two other sons ago and checked with another hangar door any experience with the hydraulic door.”
113 feet! He also flies a 7AC Aeronca have soloed in gliders. Nolan, the second- manufacturer. Schweiss seemed so much
Champ and uses his vintage 1952 Cessna oldest, is a captain in the Marine Corps more developed and evolved and it seemed Schweiss Doors is a premier manu-
L-19/0-1 to tow the gliders. The L-19 is and has flown Sikorsky CH-53 Heavylift like Schweiss was well established. I felt facturer of hydraulic and bifold liftstrap
in its original colors and was Air Force Transport helicopters the past seven more comfortable knowing Schweiss doors. Doors are custom made to any size
from 1952-1973. Civil Air Patrol used it years. Nolan soloed his first glider at 16 would back up their product better.” for any type of new or existing building for
until is was civilianized in 1978. and a year later in a Super Cub. architects and builders determined to do
Vihlen went with a bifold door over amazing things with their buildings,
Vihlen built a 70-foot by 70-foot The Schweiss bifold liftstrap door a hydraulic door because he was more including the doors. Schweiss also offers a
hangar adjacent to his home and to the was hung by Premier Building Systems familiar with bifolds and always liked the cable to liftstrap conversion package. For
runway at the Mallards Landing Airpark of Lawrenceville, Ga. Vihlen finished the look of the bifold door better. He also more information, visit
in Locust Grove, Ga. The four-plane installation by putting in the motors, lift- liked the fact that he could park closer to
hangar erected by Watford Steel straps and autolatches all by himself. the outside of the door.
Buildings of Adel, Ga., has a Schweiss
Doors 60-foot by 12-foot, 6-inch bifold “I first learned about Schweiss Doors
liftstrap door with a manual side latch
system and exterior sheet metal cladding.
The interior features a 15-foot by 32-foot
mancave that connects to an outside bar,
guest quarters with a living room, bath-
room, shower and kitchenette. The entire
hangar, ceiling and walls, has four-inch
white insulation.

“The hangar is wonderful,” Vihlen
says. “We poured the foundation within a
week of when we poured the foundation
for our own house. When we lived in
Memphis, I rented a hangar at a nearby
privately-owned public use grass airstrip.

Safe Landings

Continued from Page 42 in his proximity in sight. I asked if the conflicts with aircraft utilizing the Air events, through online materials, and
pilot could tell what type of aircraft it Traffic System. The Air Traffic System even provide suggestions on aviation
transitioning from north to south, east of was, [which] he [provided]. worked as intended (collisions avoided), charts (e.g. frequencies for traffic advi-
the Class D. Aircraft X was inbound for but it would have been safer and more sories from Approach or towers). In hind-
[Runway] 30R, and I was trying to deter- When traffic permitted, I was able to efficient if the transitioning aircraft was sight, I wish I had called in the blind to
mine where Aircraft X would fit inbound check and determine from ADS-B that the in contact with Air Traffic Control. They see if the aircraft was on frequency.
with my other traffic. As Aircraft X call sign of the 1200 target was Aircraft could have received flight following from
approached the airport, it appeared they Y. A few minutes later, the Approach Approach or contacted…Tower 1.
needed to descend out of 8,000 feet, but Controller called with a request to turn to…transition or advise their intentions. 2.
there was [other IFR] traffic near them Aircraft Z into the Class D to avoid adsb/
on the approach at 7,500 feet. Eventually, [Aircraft Y] as well. I approved the My recommendation is to continue 3.
after… Aircraft X had to level off before request. Aircraft Y appeared to continue to encourage pilots to take advantage of capabilities/ins_outs
turning inbound, the Approach out of the area. Air Traffic Control services, even if it is to 4.
Controller was able to switch [Aircraft simply advise as a courtesy that they are
X] to me, and he checked on, reporting This is another instance of an air- transitioning nearby controlled airspace.
that he had the [southbound, VFR] traffic craft flying perfectly legally just outside It may be helpful to remind pilots at local
of controlled airspace, yet causing traffic

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ALSIM has Announced the Sale of an ALX Simulator to Pacific Flying Club (PFC) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Owner of an Alsim AL200 MCC for PFC owns and operates 30 aircraft includ- upgrades Alsim continues to roll out.”

more than 10 years, PFC recently decided ing 152s, 172s and PA34 Senecas. PFC Pacific Flying Club was formed in

to trade-in their beloved device for the also purchased the first ever Alsim AL250 1965 as the Canadian Pacific Airlines

more technological advanced and modern in early 2016. PFC graduates are flying for Employees Flying Club. Since 1985, the

ALX simulator. The school opted for all airlines such as Air Canada, West Jet, Sun Club has been located at Boundary Bay

available flight models and options from a Wing, Pacific Coastal Airlines, Jazz, Airport, one of the busiest general avia-

single engine piston close to a 172 to a Encore, Central Mountain Air, Cathay tion airports in Canada.

medium jet close to a 320, and will use two Pacific and other airlines, companies, and The Pacific Flying Club is recog-

Garmin GTN650s. With many advanced corporations around the world. nized as an industry leader in flight train-
Executive Director at PFC Clark ing. The Club is a not-for-profit organiza- Pacific Flying Club (PFC) in Vancouver,
features including complex overhead, dual
FMS and Alsim’s new visual system. It is Duimel says, “We used our very reliable tion and is continuously investing in British Columbia, has purchased a new
a device that provides a whole range of AL200 extensively for more than a decade upgrading facilities and equipment and Alsim ALX simulator. (Courtesy Alsim)

flight training from someone’s first flight and we look forward to 10-plus years with offering no charge seminars for mem-

to jet orientation training before joining the our new ALX. We pride ourselves in offer- bers. For more information, visit company has more than 400 certified

airlines. The ALX is Alsim’s best-selling ing our students and instructors the latest flight devices installed with 300 clients

device to date with more than 90 installed and greatest Alsim has to offer. We very ALSIM has been developing and worldwide in over 50 countries. For more

worldwide. much look forward to receiving the ALX manufacturing FAA & EASA certified information, visit

Based out of Boundary Bay Airport, early in 2020, as well as the software flight simulators since 1994. Today the


With the Holidays upon us, In Flight that make these timepieces the best value This is handy for those who need to for “Pressure”). One can quickly switch
USA is lucky to have a longtime advertiser in aviation time keeping.” Take a look at quickly convert between a 24-hour clock between 12- and 24-hour displays, change
that is offering the perfect holiday gift ideas the ad on page 21 in this issue of In Flight and 12-hour clock. The E6B bezel is large temperature, pressure, and altitude dis-
for pilots and those who cherish all things USA for details. and easy to move, with numbers that are plays into metric values if needed and
aviation. Thanks to the HME Watch considerably larger than other aviator obtain a weather forecast (really!). The
Company (, our The new ATC by HME Watch is that watches. Two-strap designs are offered, stopwatch for timing instrument approach-
readers are being offered the finest aviation “true chronograph,” with 11 styles and both stylish and easy to adjust to wrist size. es is fast and easy to access with a large
timepieces available at all-time low prices. classic analog display, especially dis- A favorite feature is the stopwatch func- display. The altimeter feature shows both
A long-time seller of name brand aviation counted for the 2019/2020 Holiday sea- tion that can be started with a single button altitude and barometric pressure. The cor-
watches for terrific prices, HME has intro- son. The ATC is a robust design, with push and reset to “0” with another single rect altitude is obtained by simply setting
duced its own brand digital timepiece, the control buttons that logically operate push. No mode selections are needed. This the altimeter barometric pressure to the
ATP (Aviator Timepiece Pressure) Pro and needed modes without demanding the is a real tool for IFR flying. With a variety baro shown on the watch, much like an
Pro II and 11 different styles of the ATC skills of a computer programmer. The of colors and band designs to choose from, altimeter in a plane. The altimeter feature
(Aviator Timepiece Chronograph). crown has a lock-down feature, prevent- one ends up with a terrific looking, highly displays both altitude and barometric pres-
ing inadvertent operation and insuring functional chronograph that works very sure. This is truly a rugged, “wear to work”
Howard Metz, owner of the HME protection from contamination, including well in the real world of flying. timepiece that offers remarkable features
Watch Company points out that, “Pilots water to 100 meters. The date window is for an even more remarkable price.
have special needs in a timepiece and want handy and easy to set. You can view two The ATP is a digital display watch.
those needs met at an affordable price. time zones (like local and UTC) simulta- Simple button pushing quickly locates a Mr. Metz sums up this special
Durability and ease of use in the cockpit neously, without the need to select any- variety of features, like dual time, ZULU Holiday offering with, “Best wishes for a
are essential, coupled with operation that thing. A 24- hour “sundial” can be set to time, stop watch, countdown timer, a neat great Holiday season, and wishes a 2020
does not require one to remember complex GMT and “third” hand (red in color) on lighting system plus other goodies, includ- filled with adventure and safe flying.” Just
button pushing and menu selections. We the main face will show that second time ing the surprise of reading barometric go to and look for the
are now offering discounts through Jan. 15 zone in a local format. pressure and altitude (ergo the letter “P” HME ATC and ATP Pro line of watches.


Alsim has announced the sale of two “Having incorporated the Alsim ALX next generation of pilots using quality per- Students at Select Aviation College get
AL250 simulators to Select Aviation into our integrated flight training programs sonnel, aircraft, and simulators. Their new
College, a Canadian flight training organ- and MCC training, combined with a AL250s will be a definite welcomed addi- lots of hands on training with both simu-
ization located in Québec, Canada. This responsive Alsim team, it was a pleasure tion to help train better and safer pilots.”
follows Select Aviation’s purchase of an and an easy choice to return to Alsim. Now lator time and actual air time built into
Alsim ALX in late 2017. with a growing group of students, and One AL250 is scheduled to be deliv-
launching a second location, we very ered for their Drummondville headquar- their program. (Courtesy Alsim)
The AL250s, reconfigurable between much look forward to receiving the high ters by the end of the year, and the second
several classes of piston aircraft, are sched- fidelity and reliable AL250s and expand- to their Gatineau location in Q2 of 2020. Students spend their training time on
uled to be used heavily in the initial stages ing our simulator fleet,” says Select actual flight training. For more informa-
of growing Canadian flight school’s pilot Aviation’s President, Patrick Richardson. Select Aviation is one of the only tion, visit
training. The devices will be delivered aviation colleges in the world to offer a
with Alsim’s new VFR visual system and Dr. Scott Firsing from Alsim North complete range of aviation career For more information about Alsim,
other latest technologies, fully immersing America adds: “It’s been a pleasure to work options. The college is centrally located visit
the student and thereby improving the with the entire Select Aviation team over in Drummondville, 15 minutes from busy
learning experiences. the past 18+ months. They are training the control airspace, however on a low-traffic
airport with no waiting for clearances.

December 2019 45

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Visit the new Planes of Fame Air the-art online store for those “hard to shop only available at the new Planes of Fame history. This online store is expected to
Museum Online Gift Shop at for” loved ones on your Christmas list. Air Museum Online Store! expand the operation and improve the! customer experience.
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dreds of items listed on their new state-of- educates the public about critical aviation


By Staff Sgt. Division, which is where I started at -- and probably one of those things you can’t Command Sgt. Maj. Terry M. Sanchez
Christopher Schmiett his jump career is going to begin where replicate, you can’t top it, so I feel good (left), command sergeant major of the 7th
mine ends after 31 years,” said Command about getting out at this point of my Special Forces Group (Airborne), and
Command Sgt. Maj. Terry M. Sgt. Maj. Sanchez. “It’s a proud moment, career and seeing him just start his career, Pvt. Diego Sanchez (right) wait to jump
Sanchez, command sergeant major of the and it is bittersweet. It is bittersweet, but it it’s just a good feeling.” from a C-130J onto Fryar Drop Zone,
7th Special Forces Group (Airborne), is time for me to stop jumping and let these Fort Benning, Ga. 25, Nov. 2019. The
with over 500 jumps, took part in his final younger kids jump.” Pvt. Sanchez will be going to the jump marked the last jump for Command
airborne operations on Fryar Drop Zone, 82nd Airborne Division in Fort Bragg, in Sgt. Maj. Sanchez's career and also
Fort Benning, Ga. Nov. 25, 2019. Command Sgt. Maj. Sanchez will be N.C. after his completion of hometown marked the beginning of Pvt. Diego A.
retiring from the Army at the beginning recruiting, in northwest Fla. Sanchez, an infantryman, assigned to the
The jump marked the last airborne of the new year. Many accomplishments 82nd Airborne Division, who was attend-
operation for Command Sgt. Maj. and accolades have marked his illustrious The sentiment and importance of ing the U.S. Army Airborne School, and
Sanchez’s career and also marked the career, but being able to jump with his being able to jump with his father will not eldest son of Command Sgt. Maj.
beginning for Pvt. Diego A. Sanchez, an son is a feat worth ending on. be lost on the young Soldier. Sanchez. (Spc. Christopher Bellanfant)
infantryman, assigned to the 82nd
Airborne Division, who was attending “Someone asked me, “Why don’t “So many people will never have Command Sgt. Maj. Terry M. Sanchez
the U.S. Army Airborne School, and eld- you keep going?” said Command Sgt. this opportunity in their life, its once in a (right), command sergeant major of the
est son of Command Sgt. Maj. Sanchez. Maj. Sanchez. “I like to go out on top, lifetime, so having him come and do this 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne),
and I think where I am at in my career now is great,” said Pvt. Sanchez. “I am pins the Basic Parachutist Badge on Pvt.
“The significance of this jump is that right now, being a group sergeant major, very thankful that he was able to come Diego Sanchez (left) during the gradua-
I am passing the torch off to my son, who to me that is on top. Leaving the Army and jump with me at the beginning, tion ceremony at the U.S. Army Airborne
is going to go to the 82nd Airborne and being able to jump with my son, is because, it is in final jump of his career, School, Nov. 27, 2019 on Fort Benning,
so it is a big milestone for him, and it was Ga. (Staff Sgt. Christopher Schmiett)
amazing to be able to be there with him is good, but having that experience up in
and watch him jump one last time.” the aircraft is not ever going to happen for
a lot of people.
“I felt awesome, knowing that was
his last one and the beginning of my jump “Still, it was an experience that I
career, and just watching him and sitting won’t forget.”
next to him on the plane and watching
him jump out of the door was awesome,”
said Pvt. Sanchez.

Command Sgt. Maj. Sanchez was
also in attendance for the graduation cer-
emony and pinned the Basic Parachutist
Badge [wings] on Pvt. Sanchez, but still
knew the nostalgia of being able to jump
with his son, was unforgettable.

“To me being in the actual aircraft,
which probably a little higher risk than
actually pinning his wings on, it was a lit-
tle more nostalgic for me,” said Command
Sgt. Maj. Sanchez. “Just seeing him all kit-
ted up, next to me on the bird with the door
open and the wind blowing in our face,
you know it was just one of those events
that you go through once in a lifetime. So,
I think that would be a little more priori-
tized. Pinning the wings on is a little more
of the symbolic or ceremonial thing, which

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KISLING NCOA PARTNERS WITH American Aircraft Sales Co.

By Tech. Sgt. Rachel Waller Arm to help stand up their first NCOA.
“We go there, they come here and we SOLD
U.S. Air Forces in Europe & Air Forces
Africa Public Affairs teach them how to be instructors,” said 1955 Beechcraft T-34B Mentor 1976 Beech Sport
Tech. Sgt. Ruben Pineda, Kisling NCOA 60 HRS Since Restoration............$225,000 1800 TTSN, 250 STOH, hangar kept very
When Airmen hear of an enlisted instructor. “We are helping them build nice original paint and interior
professional military education school, their school house, lesson plans, curricu- NDH...............................................$32,950
they typically think of an Air Force-only lum writing and instructor delivery.”
school with a narrow mission scope. 1977 Piper Warrior 180 HP 1978 Piper Warrior 161
In order to help the Botswana Air
However, according to the Kisling Arm, Kisling instructors spend time in 1300 SFRMAN 5000 TTSN, Garmin 430 35 SMOH, 3000 TTSN, new paint, super clean
Noncommissioned Officer Academy’s Germany and Botswana with the initial GPS, IFR, NDH, nice paint, ..............CALL airplane .....................................................$59,950
website, the mission is not only “to pre- four instructor cadre.
pare junior enlisted leaders to be adapt- SOLD
able for current and future leadership and “We are halfway between our 10-
management challenges in order to oper- visit program. For the next iteration, they 1966 Cessna 182J Skylane 1979 Piper Warrior II 161
ate critically in complex and ambiguous will be shadowing our instructors on how
environments,” but to bring their curricu- to be instructors themselves,” Pineda 20 SMOH P-PONK 265HP upgrade, 3000 TTSN, 1278 SMOH, 15,193 TTSN, Garmin
lum to joint and combined environments. said. “Two of the four instructors have IFR, Stol Kit, NDH, ..................................$79,950 Avionics ........................................$25,000
attended our NCOA course at Lackland
“When you hear ‘Kisling NCOA,’ you Air Force Base, Texas. So, they know SOLD
immediately think of U. S. Air Forces in what it’s like to be a student in the class-
Europe-wide students at a centralized loca- room but never have actually facilitated a 1982 Cessna 172P 180 HP 1978 Piper Archer
tion but we do way more than that,” said course, seeing behind the scenes and
Master Sgt. Justin Luna, Kisling NCOA learning what it takes to be an instructor.” 1387 SNEW 180 HP Engine, 5200 TTSN, IFR, 2400 TTSN, 400 SFRMAN, Garmin 430
director of education. “We actually go to dif- Hangar Kept, Looks like new, NDH. ..........CALL! GPS, new leather interior, one owner since
ferent countries and different countries come Once the initial cadre are trained, the 1980, NDH.....................................$79,959
here. We have international students and stu- Kisling NCOA instructors will travel
dents from different branches of services. We back to Botswana and watch the cadre SOLD
are more than what is physically here.” deliver the lessons they created.
1977 Piper Archer 181 1978 Cessna 172N Skyhawk
Kisling NCOA isn’t limited to just “We are going to watch, assess and
USAFE students, it also extends to Air provide feedback. The curriculum is Only 700 TTSN, one owner based in 60 SMOH, 4000 TTSN, This is a prime condi-
Forces Africa as part of the African going to be based off of their needs and Livermore CA since New................$69,950 tion hangar kept California airplane,....$79,950
Military Education Program. their culture,” Pineda said. “Eventually,
we want to give them a completed prod-
AMEP aims to professionalize uct, a product they can deliver once they
African militaries by helping them to open up their school house.”
develop faculty and curriculum for African
professional military education institutions. Currently, AMEP has 16 African
countries with active partnerships and
“This is a continuing effort and not a Kisling NCOA will continue to do their
one-time thing,” said Chief Master Sgt. part to ensure that each country’s enlisted
Terrance Smiley, Kisling NCOA comman- force is professionally developed.
dant. “There are multiple events looking to
professionally develop other armed forces “The noncommissioned officer
so they can mimic what we are doing from corps is the backbone of any military,”
an NCO academy perspective and educa- said Chief Master Sgt. Ramon Colon-
tional aspect in their respective militaries.” Lopez, former U.S. Africa Command
senior enlisted leader, to an auditorium
The AMEP are often two-year pro- full of Ghana Armed Forces soldiers dur-
grams with multiple events ranging from ing a 2018 visit to Ghana. “If you have an
16, 18 or 24 events in total. effective NCO corps, you will automati-
cally have an effective and efficient
Since late 2018, the Kisling NCOA armed force.”
has been partnering with the Botswana Air

1977 Cessna 172 Skyhawk 180 HP 1976 Beech Sundowner

2085 SFRMAN, 3000 TTSN, L/R fuel, Garmin 200 SMOH, 2450 TTSN, Garmin Avionics,
GPS, King IFR, new paint/leather interior and ADS-B in and out, NDH, hangar kept and well
new windows, NDH ..........................$86,950 maintained...........................................$49,950

Office Space & Tie Downs
Available for Rent

Robert Coutches

Cell - (510) 783-2711 • (925) 449-5151

550 Airway Blvd. • Livermore, CA 94551• Livermore Airport (KLVK)

48 In Flight USA Celebrating 36 Years December 2019

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port, CA,, cell and flight training to fit any pilot level. Special orders welcome. Aerozona Signature Flight Support, signatureflight.
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com. 2/19 The Airport Shoppe, Reid-Hillview Air-
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Express Aircraft, Composite Aircraft 8886, ART/VIDEOS/GIFTS
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Reduce Worker’s Comp &
FICA Payroll Taxes!!

• No direct costs to your business
• No change in Worker’s Comp carriers
Give us 15 minutes for a quick, no pressure call
to see if your business qualifies for these savings.

Call or email:
(877) 640-5365 or [email protected]


Cessna Piper
172R Turbo
$ 1 7 0 / h r. Saratoga
$ 3 3 0 / h r.
172SP Cessna
Skyhawk T210M
$ 1 7 0 / h r. $ 3 3 0 / h r.

Cessna Piper
182S Seneca
Skylane PA-34-200
$ 2 0 5 / h r. $ 3 5 0 / h r.

Cessna Cessna
T182T 414A
$ 2 2 5 / h r. $ 7 2 0 / h r.

Aircraft Rentals • Lessons • Hangarage • Maintenance

Our Aircraft (Price includes fuel) CESSNA T182T
(N35206, 2001, O2, Garmin 750, Coupled 2 Axis Autopilot) ....$225
(N13CB, 160HP, Aspen Glass, Garmin 750, 2 Axis Autopilot) ..$160 (N1188N, 1978, Garmin 750) ................................................$230
(N90FL, 180HP, Garmin 750, Autopilot)..................................$160 (N345BS, 200HP, Cirrus Perspective by Garmin, Keyboard Controller) ..$260
(N411ES, 180 HP, Garmin 650, Dual Garmin G5 with F.D. GFC (N8403D, Garmin 750, All Glass Panel, 2 Axis Autopilot, O2) ..$330
500 autopilot ) ..................................................................$170 CESSNA T210M CENTURION
CESSNA 172R SKYHAWK (N761CF, Garmin 750, Aspen Glass, 2 Axis Autopilot) ............$330
(N2173Z, 180 HP, Garmin 650, 2 Axis Autopilot) ....................$170 PIPER SENECA PA-34-200
CESSNA 172R SKYHAWK (N5051T, Garmin 650, Multiengine Trainer!) ....................$350
(N35079, 180 HP, Garmin 650, Aspen Glass, Garmin G5, 2 Axis Autopilot) ....$170 CESSNA 414A
CESSNA 172SP SKYHAWK (N410NF, 1978, Garmin 750, Fully Coupled Autopilot, AC)..............$720
(N5203H, 180HP, Garmin 650, 2 Axis Autopilot, HSI) ............$170
(N374TC, 230HP, Garmin 750, Aspen, Coupled 2 Axis Autopilot) ..$205
(N9506W , Garmin 430, Coupled 2 Axis Autopilot) ......................$205

Nobody offers this kind of selection of aircraft rentals anywhere


299 W. Jack London Blvd., South Hangars, Livermore [email protected]

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