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Steve wakes up and goes to work on his way there his car breaks down " Oh No! I'll be late to work again!"

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Published by Rowan Darling, 2019-05-08 11:55:16

Steve's Bad Day

Steve wakes up and goes to work on his way there his car breaks down " Oh No! I'll be late to work again!"

​Steve’s Bad Day 

​ By: Rowan Darling 


Steve was a normal guy. He lived in a small apartment in 
Scranton, Pennsylvania with his cat, Mittens. He worked for a 
Paper company called Dunder Mifflin as the Head of Sales, and he 
thought he was ok at it.   

One morning at 7:00 am, Steve woke up and made some 

breakfast like he did every day: eggs and bacon. When he was 
done with his food, he got up and put his coat on.  


“Bye Mittens! see you after work,” said Steve as he walked 
out the door. “Ahhhhhh… what a lovely day, I don’t think 
anything could go wrong,” he said as he walked to his Nissan 

When he was halfway to work, he heard a loud, “BOOM!!!”  
“Uh oh, that doesn’t sound good! I hope I’m not late to work  
again,” said Steve wondering what had happened. 

  He got out of the car and popped open the hood. When he 
examined the engine, he saw smoke coming out of the radiator. 
“CRAP!!!” he said. He closed the hood, took out his phone, and 
dialed the number for the local tow truck. 30 minutes later, the tow 
truck he called arrived. 

“I’ll give you a ride for $1 a mile.” said the driver “Fine,” he 

said agreeing to the driver's terms even though he knew it was 

When the driver dropped him off he said: “$30 dollars 
please” “What?!?” said Steve. “ Hey, I don’t make the rules, I only 
follow em,’” said the driver. Reluctantly, Steve handed over the 
money. He knew that they had only driven 25 miles, but he didn’t 
have time to argue. 

  When he walked in the office, all his coworkers were walking 
out of the conference room DANG IT! He remembered that their big 
meeting with their biggest client had been today. He was late the 
day before and his boss had told him he would be fired if he was 
late again, no matter what happened. 

When he approached the conference room, he peeked in and 
saw his boss cleaning up the charts and papers. Steve heard him 
mumbling something like: If Steve had been here, It's his fault, and 
I hate him. Steve slowly walked back to his desk but his boss saw 
him and said: “Steve, please come in.” 

When Steve walked in, his boss turned around and saw him. 
¨Steve, please shut the door.” When His boss said that, all of 
Steve’s coworkers gave a face like he was in trouble, or he was 
gonna get fired. When Steve saw this he shot a face back and 
quickly shut the blinds. 



“Steve, we just had our big meeting with Blue Cross, If you 
had Been There They wouldn't have Started buying their paper 
from the Michael Scott paper company!!! But since our “Head of 
Sales” wasn’t here we lost them. You have been working here for 12 
years, but your time here has ended YOU ARE FIRED!!!!!! 


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