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squirt q. 3 presentation

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Published by Valeria Garza-Morales, 2019-05-07 15:01:27

squirt quarter 3

squirt q. 3 presentation

Fever 1793

By: Valeria Garza

Table of Contents

● About the Book (Slide 3)
● Wondering (Slide 4)
● Why I chose my topic (Slide 5)
● Causes and effects (Slide 6)

About the Book

The Book Fever 1793 is about a young girl named Matilda Cook who once
lived with her mother until she was infected by the Yellow Fever. The
yellow fever was a fast spreading disease which was spread by
mosquitoes. The book takes place in Philadelphia. Matilda then leaves the
city with her grandfather, and realizes there is no escape for the fast
spreading epidemic.

My Wondering

My wondering is about the yellow fever and what it did to the people
who were affected by it apart from what it told in the book. This disease

was spread by mosquitoes. When the fever was over, many people
died. People would basically turn yellow, vomit almost daily and they

would be bleeding a lot of the time. More than 5,000 people of the
population in Philadelphia were affected by this fever.

Why I chose this topic

After I read this book, it left me wondering, how many people did it affect
and what happened to the victims of the yellow fever? I found lots of
information on what caused it. So I came to the conclusion that a few
people referred to this mosquito as the Tiger mosquito. There were more
mosquitoes who caused the fever but this is one of the main ones.

Causes and effects

It was mainly said a mosquito went along spreading this fever and it mainly affected monkeys
and humans. A few of the mild symptoms caused things such as:

● Severe headaches
● Body aches
● Nausea and Vomiting
● Weakness

Some of the more severe cases included:

● Whites of eyes and skin turned yellow (jaundice)
● Bleeding and sudden shocks (seizures)
● Kidney and Liver failure

These things affected people in a terrible way and severe cases could cause death.

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