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St Paul's Church Petaling Jaya's musical play, put together by the Sunday School children (ages 3 to 12) with help from the whole church.

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Published by Shalini Palraj, 2019-11-22 20:09:44

Straw & Order: Program Booklet

St Paul's Church Petaling Jaya's musical play, put together by the Sunday School children (ages 3 to 12) with help from the whole church.




Written by Produced by Directed by

Gaynor Boddy Ravi Karen Kaur
Rebecca Kincaid Navaratnam Anna Rajagopal

& Edited Assisted by Choreographed
by Publicity by

Sharon Kaur Shalini Palraj Andrea Chong

Props Costumes Audio/visual

Alan Chong Anne John Jefferson Gnanaraj
Anna Rajagopal Patrick Walliams

Wardrobe/Makeup Terrence Vithvamoney

Yayra Ama Tsegah Stage crew
Eunice Lai
Raji Jacob Lai Cheng Ho
R. Shelene Raji
Rathika Alagu Hallie Vethamoney
Priya Aruldass Helina Solomon
Lorene Chong
Shanita Lyn Kumar

Anita Wan


In a courtroom in the middle of Bethlehem…

The cows feel pushed out of their stable and they want it back!
The donkeys, accused of having invited over a whole host of
people, including a baby, deny all charges.

Fed up by their petty squabbles and confused by the nature of
the case, Judge Grumps is far from happy. Seeing this, the
narrator offers to take him out of the courtroom to witness the
night’s events firsthand.

As the judge encounters bickering innkeepers, self-important wise
men, cool shepherds, some dancing sheep and a spectacular
angel choir, everything starts to become clear. Rushing to the
stable, the judge is humbled by the sight of Jesus and when he
and all the characters experience the peace and love that this
special baby has brought in to the world, it seems that the judge’s
verdict is inevitable.

Songs Hymns

We’re Not Moving Out! We, Three Kings of Orient
Full To The Brim Are
Follow Me!
Glory to God Angels We Have Heard on
Precious Baby High

That First Christmas Night Away in a Manger
Christmas Isn’t Christmas

Cast by order of appearance

Cow 1 David Patrick Gurusamy
Cow 2 Brian Richelmae James
Cows Timothy Chai
Dashwin Samuel Saravanan
Donkey 1 Ajay Prabhakar
Donkey 2 Amanda Amisha Martin
Donkeys Ashlyn Wales
Ziva Joaquina Saculina Mark
Policeman Ariel Ashvin
Ms Correct Arianna Thanesh
Ms Proper Denise Cianna Desmond
Judge Grumps Dss Woon Ying Peng
Naz the Narrator Dss Zaharah Ros
Roman Soldiers Nathan Chai
Vishal Alfred
Innkeepers Shayne Jesiah
Shaniesha Latania
Mrs Innkeeper Emilie Yap Zhi Wen
Stanley Gina Fang
Prakash Narayanan
Citizen 1 Felicia Fang
Citizen 2 Leia Prabhakar
Citizen 3 Denise Cianna Desmond
Shamini Palraj
Annamaney Arumugam
Sharon Kaur

Cast by order of appearance

Citizens Amaris Ashvin
Emma Lynn David
Mary Shaun Terence Vithvamoney
Joseph Elijah Jeremiah v Mark
3 Wise Men Kate Riley David
Christen Shawn Thiagaraj
Star Ashvina Samuel
Shepherds Anya Evine
Chriselda Shonya Thiagaraj
Sheep Aryan Thanesh
Tan Joon Chee
Angel Alan Chong
Hoh Chee Fun
Gayle Priyanka Narayanan
Jaeden Praveenraj Paul
Evan Arjun Victor
Jessebelle Anne Gurusamy
Saira Abigail Terence
Shamira Ruby Sitharam
Aiden Samuel
Jayden Ho Yong Xuan
Asher Jia En Liang
Gabriel Praveen Narayanan
Abel Lee


Angel Choir Avery Juining
Choir Michael Hiew
Fysera Wong
Fernandez Wong
Ashley Ravi
Jessica Julian
Fiona Linda
Elizabeth Jegaraj
Samantha Ravi
Ashley Ravi
Alina Juining
Anna Juining
Mabel Manoharan
David Cheam
Jonathan Juining
Michael Hiew
Jeffery Galie
Joshua Jaralson Linang
Manoharan Lambert
Samuel Ronley


Laura Balan


This year’s nativity production combined the unique and varied
talents of not just the Sunday School kids, but the entire church. It
wasn’t easy getting kids and adults together on one stage, but

God, is as always, amazing!

St Paul's PJ Children’s Ministry would like to say a very special thank
you to the following, without whom this production would not have
been possible:-

 Karen, Sharon and Ravi….for graciously giving their time, energy
and talents to train and produce the entire play. Their passion,
patience and commitment towards the production is very
much appreciated;

 Padre Joshua Ong….for always being supportive of the
Children’s Ministry and of the performing arts;

 Pascale Resources…for providing all the equipment we needed
to made the show look and sound good;

 St Pauls’ Church Choir, under the guidance of Elizabeth
Jegaraj… for setting aside the time to lend their voices to the

 Benjamin Ong…for lending us his photography skills for the

 Matilda Renganayagee and Amy Ho….for ensuring the crew
and cast were well nourished during rehearsals and for
organizing this evening’s refreshments;

 St Paul’s Church Office and Verger…for accommodating all our
requests for usage of the hall and for cleaning up after us;

 Parents…. for bringing their children to Sunday School and for
all the rehearsals on time and for trusting and allowing us to
teach and train your children;

 All the teachers of the St Paul’s Pj, Children’s Ministry…for their
unwavering passion for the children throughout the year; and

All who have contributed in one way or another towards this

Order of Events

Opening Address by Emcee
Opening Prayer by Padre Joshua Ong

Nativity Play
‘Straw & Order’
Word of thanks by Anna Rajagopal,
Children’s Ministry Coordinator
Gift giving to the Sunday School Children
Closing Prayer by Padre Joshua Ong
Fellowship at the coffee terrace

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