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Published by The Prince of Parts, 2018-02-24 12:58:51

Buy Wise Newsletter February 2018

Buy Wise Newsletter February 2018

Serving The Professional Technician

for Over 60 years!

Not Just a Part Store, or an Import Specialist...
Buy Wise Auto Parts Is Your Global Part Supplier!

Upcoming Events: When the names of Advics, for Import Nameplate inventory is growing daily! Yes,
Ajusa, Akebono, Aisin, Behre, vehicles. we are growing our inventories
 March 28th & 29th—Diagnosing Bosch, Continental, Denso, so that you do not need to leave
Fuel Trim, MAF and O2 NGK, NTK, LiquiMoly, Pagid, Buy Wise Auto Parts, a that vehicle on your lift, tying up
Problems! Pentosin, Rein, Sachs, TYC, market leader in servicing valuable assets, until that part is
Valeo, are all under one roof, your needs is here to help you delivered...we have it in
 April 25th & 26th —Getting The one would think that these with an aggressive plan: we never say no! Our famous
Most Out of Your Scan Tool / are the names from an Import We supply parts, and this hometown local service with
Programming and Network Part Specialist. But combine paradigm shift DEMANDS frequent delivery, local core &
Solutions those names with household Global OEM Brands, now also warranty service without
names like AC Delco, OE to many Domestic shipping inconvenience, and
 May 24th—Smart Power Motorcraft, Wagner, Dorman, Vehicles as well, to meet your known human sales support is
Management Felpro, Standard, Walker, and your Customer’s Quality never shorted.
Hastings, Moog, Remy, & Price Expectations. Buy
 Plus..More A/C Certification Course Monroe, ..not only do you Wise Auto Parts has We’re adding New BRANDS to
and 21st Century Tire Repair! have a super store, having committed their considerable the Buy Wise Warehouse’s
everything and more under resources to stock IMPORT inventory almost on a weekly
one roof, it’s the next great Specialist Parts for our basis! We’re on top of what’s
thing, we at Buy Wise Auto Customers’ needs, and our hot! We’re your business partner
Parts are your Global Part for the future!

Our Industry is in transition,
especially in our corner of the
country. Growing Import
Nameplate Vehicle Sales over
the last decade has resulted in
now dominate demand for
parts and service for Import
Nameplate vehicles.

How To Survive and Prosper in The Auto Repair Business

Inside this issue: Our Feb. 1st Seminar..It was a Hit,..With Great Ideas To Build Your Business!

Your Import Specialist 2 So, Were You there? RLO Training looked at many real world cases and translated that
Meet Our Staff 2 With 177 Shop Owners into examples on how you can improve your bottom line! Want to
and Service Writers in
0W16 Motor Oil..Really? 3 the room, we had a know more? Ask to see some of the
sold out event as RLO easy calculations and profit
The Other Battery Guys 3 Training spent three building tasks that you can do to
hours discussing and improve your shops success!
showing shop owners
how to improve their Our Technical Training Seminars
businesses. As we look are award winning! Make it your
at 2018 and the ways business to attend our next event!
business is changing,
Lunch n Learns 4 what better way to
Labor Claim Expectations 4 grow and prosper than
with a partner that is
We’re Always Open: always looking for ways to help you

Serving The Professional Technician

The Buy Wise Team..You Know Our Outside Sales Team..

But What About All Those Behind The Scenes?

As Auto Parts Sales staff goes, most of our competition are just that, Salesmen. Trying to sell you at every chance they can. Trying to get you to
buy the Oil on sale or the off brand brakes that they have to sell..but build your business..think again! The Sales Team at Buy Auto Parts takes a
whole different approach to sales. They offer solutions. They work along side of you. They know many automotive systems. We’re smart, maybe
even Experts, if you will! We have a Tech Guy , an Under Car Specialist We have a TPMS Expert, and we know Diagnostic Equipment and know
how to keep your tool up to date! We know Brakes, We know Electrical, heck, we even rebuilt them for 30 years, so yes we know your business.
We know fleets and how to save that fleet money! Our team of experts know the programs so that they can keep you seeing those rebates flow
back to you! Best of all..we share our info with you! We build your business as if it were ours. We’re not a Sales Team, but more of an answer
team. So when you want to build your it with our help..The Buy Wise Team. Your business partner!

So what about those on our team that you don’t know at Buy Wise Auto Parts! Sure, you see the Outside Team every week or so. But, what about
those that answer your calls daily. Or make sure the order goes out? How about those guys that are making sure the right parts are on the
shelves by ordering those parts you need? Or the ones that take care of your statements or send your copies of invoices? Here are just a few of
our All-Stars! Those unsung heros behind the scenes! They care about your success! Ask them for something..our motto is..We Never Say No!

Charles Willy Edwin Elijah Bob Michael Rajohn

Phone Sales Phone Sales Phone Sales Phone Sales Phone Sales Phone Sales Phone Sales

Eddie Day Darrin Omar Ivan Jerome Steven / James

Phone Sales Phone Sales Phone Sales Phone Sales Phone Sales Union Manager Zone 5 / Order Dispatch

Mike Sandra

Best Purchasing Our Controller
Director in the


Charlie Radha

Best Puchasing Accounts Receivable
Director in The


Page 3

2018 Toyota Camry 4cyl Uses 0w16 Oil

We Have It In Stock! Part No. 30010097-750

0w16 Idemtisu Full Synthetic

We Have Programs…...

Programs That Create Loyalty..To Your Business.…..


AC Delco and Buy
Wise Auto Parts
“Knowledge Is
Power” Evening
Power Sessions
Puts Your Business
In The Spotlight!

You Know Those Battery Trucks……

Well, We Sell America’s Best Batteries and We Come To You Just Like Those Other Guys!

Buy Wise Auto Parts, as we have been The Buy Wise Auto Parts Battery Program
saying is not just not your auto parts is second to none! We offer weekly visits
supplier! Besides selling auto parts, being from our trucks and as a stocking battery
your Tech Guys , your TPMS solution, custoimer, there is an added discount for
your information provider and your being on our team! We offer same price as
seminar go-to guys, we come to you in the truck for Hot Shot deliveries and if a
our pretty Red-White and Blue AC Delco tester is on your mind, we have several
Trucks, servicing your location with types all with a very generous earnback
Batteries! Whether it is owned stock or incentive!
consignments, our team of Battery
Specialists will come to your location to So if you want to come to the Red-White
service your needs! and Blue, ask your Territory Manager for
details. You’ll find us easy to do business
With what we have seen with our with and never a hassle on a warranty!
competitors going to a less quality
product and competing with you in those
Warehouse Clubs and retail parts stores,
what better time than now, than to
change to the brand that you grew up on!
AC Delco Batteries and Buy Wise Auto

Page 4

Programs That Teach…..

Labor Claims..A Part of Business..But Here’s What To Expect..

You have purchased an auto part from Buy Wise Auto Parts, and the item has allegedly failed. You are mad, we
understand, and you would like to be "paid" for your Labor Time to re-do the job. We want to help and have a process
in place to address your desires, but, to prevent any misconceptions or misrepresentations, here is what you can expect
in processing a "Labor Claim" from our family of manufacturers.
..Our Outside Sales Team will assist you in filling out all of necessary paperwork to get your claim started. Yes, there
are Claim Forms which must to be filled out completely. You can expect to Original Invoice for the job
performed, with all of the vehicle and customer information, including Year, Make, Model, Engine and VIN of Vehicle,
Date of Original Repair, and Mileage at Initial Repair. The invoice must list the alleged defective item, and your charge
for labor. You will also need to provide a "second" invoice for the Re-pair, with all of the information that the original
had, with the date and mileage of that second repair. We will need the alleged "Defective" item, so do not let it
leave your possession. It MUST accompany the Labor Claim. No Exceptions.
...Once we receive your items, we will provide the original invoice(s) for the item and then send in your part to the
manufacturer for inspection and testing.
...Evaluation time varies between manufacturers. We have found that anywhere between 4 - 8 weeks is the usual
time that the processing takes.
...Most manufactures have a clear decisive process for handling defects. They usually test, give back a report, and
determine if they have a liability.
..In most cases, manufacturers pay Book Labor Time permitted, usually from Motors, Mitchell or All Data. They
usually DO NOT pay your "Shop Labor" rate. They reimburse anywhere from $35 - $55 per hour. That is usual
amongst most manufacturers. A Credit would be issued to your account to address the labor credit if awarded to you.
...In all cases, we will be your advocate for obtaining reimbursement, however, today's vehicle's systems are extremely
complex and ever changing. Your responsibility to doing the job properly will be expected. In some cases, with some
manufacturers, if the alleged defective part is found to be not defective, or defective due to another part's failure, you
may not only have your claim denied, but also your part not being credited to you, so please, be sure of your requests.
...Technician Training is the best solution for you to cut down on your vehicle repair failures. Buy Wise Auto Parts offers
professional technician training, every month, that will help build your business. Ask us for the training schedule and if
there is a topic that you need covered that we do not have on the schedule, we can surely get you the knowledge on the
topic you request!

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