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January 2020 Monthly Promotion Brake Tips Tricks and Specials

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Published by The Prince of Parts, 2019-12-29 10:26:09

2020 Starts Off Hot With Buy Wise Tips and Promotions!

January 2020 Monthly Promotion Brake Tips Tricks and Specials

With a Fresh New Approach To Growing Your
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We’re Building for A Great 2020!

Don’t Compromise Braking Performance!

Noise, Dust and Safety can be dramatically improved
with proper brake service/installation

Many service technicians are experiencing comebacks on disc brake pads soon after an installation/servicing
due to noise or performance issues. Of course, this is a risk to driver safety and business prosperity.

Cleaning the Rotor and Its Impact on Brake Performance

Proper cleaning of resurfaced rotors must be done. This is one of the most overlooked areas. The proper way
to clean a resurfaced rotor prior to installation is to use plain old soap and hot water and a scrub brush. This
will clean the particles out of the "valleys". Brake Cleaner spray will not clean fragments from the “valleys”.
Subsequently, the fragments become embedded in the pads. Try the two methods (brake cleaner spray vs.
soap and water). Using the "white paper towel test", you’ll discover the soap and water method is the most

More often than not, improper brake rotor servicing and ineffective burnishing is the culprit. Pr eci-
sion rotor surfacing and cleaning, as well as, pad/shoe burnishing are critical to overall braking performance.

Disc Pad and Brake Shoe Break-In (Burnish) Procedure
Federal-Mogul Document # 3519

 An effective burnish cycle to seat the friction materials into the opposing rotor and drum surfaces requires
approximately 200 stops. The 200 stops are consistent with the burnish procedure in the FMVSS 105 and
135. We recommend the following burnish procedure be followed:

 Make approximately 20 complete stops from 30-mph or 20 “slow downs” from 50-mph to 20-mph with
light to moderate pedal pressure

 Allow at least 30 seconds between brake applications for the brake pads or shoes to cool down
 It is critical to follow cool down procedures to avoid damaging NAO, Ceramic and Semi-Met friction ma-

terial as well as the rotor/drum.
 No high speed stops and/or braking under heavy loads that could result in glazed or otherwise damaged

By following these guidelines, friction materials will conform to the surface of the rotors and drums
for improved stopping performance. Additionally, the thermal conditioning of the friction materials
during this process will increase the stability of braking effectiveness over a greater range of temper-
atures compared to when they were initially installed.

Simple Steps To Increased Profits

From Brake Hardware to Innovative
Ideas...Carlson Brake Parts Will Cure

Your Brake Troubles!


Every 5 Sets of Pads (Wagner / Powerstop)
& 5 Sets of Dura Rotors (Regular or Premium)

BuyReceive.. Wise Winter Cap!
Limit 2 Per Shop. Promotion Good Jan 1– Jan 31 2020


Our Friction Selection is Second to None!
Check Out Our Rotor Choices

Ask Your Territory Manager To Custom Tailor
A Solution To Fit

Your Business’s Needs!


Our Rotor Selection is Second to None!
Check Out Our Friction Choices

Ask Your Territory Manager To Custom Tailor
A Solution To Fit

Your Business’s Needs!

$59 .95
H9093 / H9094
Truck / Car



· Complete set of adaptors for a wide range of vehicle applications
· Designed for push back and wind back brake pistons
· Provides both left-handed and right-handed thrust bolt assemblies
· Left-handed thrust bolt required for Ford, Citroen, and Renault applications
· Adaptor plates with thrust bolt assembly and reaction plate are precisely made
· Prevents damaging pistons and seals
· Updated adaptor set applicable for wide variety of vehicles, TOO many to list

EBS301 Electric Brake Service Tool

The Electric Brake Service Tool is specially designed for safe and professional replacement of brake
pads on an increasing number of modern vehicles. Connecting to the vehicle’s OBD ll socket, this
tool automatically links up with the control module. Disengaging the brake system, it increases
safety with the push of a button. Eliminating the needs to use expensive OE diagnostics systems to
do the job on electronic systems, the EPB Service Tool is a time saver and a money maker!

· Multi-brand applications

· Open and close the brake pads $239.95
· Read and Clear EPB/SBC trouble Codes

· Turn off the ECU and brake warning light

· Diagnose EPB/SBC caliper functionality

· Reset the brake pad thickness required for Audi A8 service

· Complete OBD2/EOBD coverage

· Easy to use with step­by-step on­screen guided instructions

· Increase efficiency and ensure workplace safety

· TFT Color screen, user friendly, simple and easy to use

· One-Year Free online software updates

· FREE internet software updates and upgrades via USBInterface

· Limited One (1) Year WarrantyApplications

· Citroen, Peugeot, BMW, Renault, Ford, VW, Audi, Opel, Toyota, Land Rover, Jaguar, GM, Dawoo,
Benz, Sprinter, Smart, Chrysler, Volvo.

Finding Ways To Build Your Business!

Just $189 / Kit of 100 10-Spot Report Cards

Test Brake/Power Steering/Transmission Fluids + Oils


Per Kit

Changing Fluids Is Good Profit…..

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Part No. Discription Qty Case Price
Case 12 $23.88
TCC2212 Brake Fluid DOT 3 12oz Case 12 $53.88
TCC2232 Brake Fluid DOT 3 32oz Each $79.99
Each $35.94
TCC2234 Brake Fluid Gallon Case 6 $83.94
Case 6 $90.00
TCC2241 Brake Fluid 5 Gallon Case 24 $102.60
Case 12
TCC7012-6 Brake Fluid Dot 5 12 oz

TCC7032 Brake Fluid Dot 5 32 oz

WGCFC120838Brake Fluid Dot 4 12 oz

WGCFC120839 Brake Fluid Dot 4 32 oz

Part No. Discription Qty Case Price
TCC2912 Power Steering Fluid 12oz Case 12 $41.88
TCC2932 Power Steering Fluid 32oz Case 12 $77.88

Let Us Show You How a Few Jobs Per
Day Can Add Up To Huge Profits!

555PR DEXRON 3 MERCON 12 $26.88/ $2.24
913PR DEXRON VI 12 $45.48 / $3.79
63318 ATF+4 12 $61.56 / $5.13

MAG 1 UNIVERSAL CVT 6 $31.80 / $5.30

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BNloavc.k26FrtihdrauySDateuarldsaGyoNoodvT. u3e0sday, $25.95

Each—10 minimum Pronto 5W20 or 5W30
Motor Oil
17-43041 or 17-43042
Synthetic Blend
Rubber / Rigid
Each Case1—2 1to0 Ccaassee minimum

Johnsen’s Brake Clean Pronto Synthetic SMART SENSOR ELITE
0W20 / 5W20 /
$2T1CC.924157 5W30 /10W30 $579.95With 6 Sensors
$549.95Or..With 4 Sensors
Each Case1—2 i5n cCaasseeminimum Motor Oil


Each Case6—in5 Ccaassee minimum

$119.955pc Brake Tool Kit

21 Part Numbers
One Special Price
TL10111 / TL10241 / TL12222 / TL14006
TL144559 / TL14460 / TL14476 / TL14610
TL14612 / TL14615 / TL14651 / TL14670
TL20064 / TL20195 / TL20252 / TL22500
TL24011 / TL24457 / TL24466 / TL25288
Pistol Grip Flaring Tool TAKE
5% OFF Mix & Match ..3 Case Minimum
$239.95 Balance of Line


Let Our Service Center Program Show You The Way!

The Best In Class

 Pronto Smart Choice Service Center Included
 Driv Garage Rewards Program Included
 The 2020 Motorcraft PSN Program Included
Marketing  Purolator Filter Box Top Program Included Tech Man
Technical Training
 Motorcraft Quarterly Rebates Included
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Resources Nationwide Warranty

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 Parts Perks—Incentive/ Reward Structure  24 Month / 24,000 Mile Nationwide Warranty
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 An Easy to Administer Labor Claim Proce-
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 $90 Towing Reimbursement for 1 Year from
 Price Discounts on Product Lines Because
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 ASE Technician Testing Reimbursements
 Direct Mail / Email Marketing / 10 Ft Wave  Repair Point Shop Intelligence System—
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includes: Shop Labor Time, Wire Diagrams,
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