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April 2018 Buy Wise Promotions, Specials, Trips and Events

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Published by The Prince of Parts, 2018-03-24 10:39:10

April 2018 Buy Wise Promotions, Specials, Trips and Events

April 2018 Buy Wise Promotions, Specials, Trips and Events



Open Up To See The New
Items, Special Pricing, Bottom
Line Building Promotions, Trip
Opportunities and Events We

Take A Look!

Our Seminar Schedule..

For The Next 6 Months More Than Parts!
Training for You & Your Staff..So You Make More!

(all seminars are held at La Reggia at the Meadowlands Plaza Hotel, Secaucus and
Casa Del Sol in Union, NJ)

All Seminars Presented by ATG, RLO, AC Delco and Standard Motors...

Thursday, February 1st—1 Night Only-Held At Casa Del Sol—Union
Building Your Business—Business Owners / Managers Only

How To Prosper In The Auto Repair Business

Shop Management at It’s Best! Three Hours of Tips, Tricks and Ideas!
Getting More Profits From Your Bays

Thursday, February 15 Buy Wise
Service Center
The 2018 MACS A/C Recertification Classes Members Get

EPA Laws Require That You Are Certified! Seating
At Buy Wise Auto Parts—Vauxhall Headquarters Priority

Wednesday, March 28th and Thursday, March 29th

Diagnosing Fuel Trim, MAF and O2 Problems

Solving Today’s Complex Fuel System Concerns!

Wednesday, April 25th and Thursday, April 26th

Advanced Scan Tool Diagnostics

Getting The Most Out of Your Scan Tool

Back To Back Nights!

Thursday, May 24th

Smart Power Management

Covers Today’s Charging Systems, Hybrid and Electrical Component Repair and Diagnostics!



Advanced Scan Tool Diagnostics…
Beyond The Flowchart! Getting The Most Out
Of Your Scan Tool!

JOIN US...For a Great Evening of Learning!

Wednesday Evening...April 25th 6:15pm

at La Reggia in The Meadowlands Plaza Hotel

40 Wood Ave, Secaucus, NJ 07094

Thursday Evening...April 26th 6:15pm 201-422-0200

at Costa Del Sol—Union

2443 Vauxhall Road

Union, NJ 07083


Class is limited to 150 students per evening. Priority is given to our Buy Wise Service Center Members.

Sign Me Up for Wednesday, April 25th Sign Me Up for Thursday, April 26th

Account Name: ______________________________________________________

No. Attending: ___________ Account No: _________________

Return This Portion For Registration! Seating is Limited! Sign Up Now!

2018 Toyota Camry 4cyl Uses 0w16 Oil

We Have It In Stock! Part No. 30010097-750

0w16 Idemtisu Full Synthetic


Part No. 30010097-750

New Axles!





Part Number Quantity Cost Ea Total 67 Filters / 30 Top Numbers
TL14459 4 $1.70 $6.80
TL14460 4 $1.70 $6.80 $139.32
TL14610 4 $1.70 $6.80
TL14612 4 $1.70 $6.80 Books / Setup On Us!
TL22500 4 $1.70 $6.80
TL24631 4 $1.70 $6.80 Ask Us
TL14670 4 $1.70 $6.80 About
TL20195 4 $1.70 $6.80 Changeovers
TL10241 2 $1.70 $3.40
TL14476 2 $1.70 $3.40 and
TL10111 2 $1.70 $3.40 Quantity
TL12222 2 $1.70 $3.40
TL25288 2 $1.70 $3.40 Deals!
TL25608 2 $3.03 $6.06
TL14006 2 $1.70 $3.40
TL15436 2 $2.05 $4.10
TL36135 2 $4.29 $8.58
TL24011 2 $1.70 $3.40
TL16311 2 $3.29 $6.58
TL14615 2 $1.70 $3.40
TL20252 2 $1.70 $3.40
TL25247 1 $4.64 $4.64
TL25276 1 $3.87 $3.87
TL30001 1 $1.70 $1.70
TL15505 1 $3.00 $3.00
TL35581 1 $3.01 $3.01
TL15315 1 $3.18 $3.18
TL34631 1 $1.76 $1.76
TL36296 1 $4.24 $4.24
TL15607 1 $3.60 $3.60
67 $139.32

Purchase a Motorcraft Branded Starter / Alternator / Hub Bearing / Battery /
Fuel Pump / Water Pump or AC Compressor from April 1st thru June 15th or
while supplies last, you will receive a Scratch Off Ticket for a chance to will a

pair of Motorcraft Mechanics Gloves!
Then...for every $400 in Motorcraft product purchased from us from April 1st
thru June 15th you will receive 1 entry into a drawing for a chance to win our

Leisure at the Lodge Vacation! We will have one
Winner from the Buy Wise Auto Parts Family of Customers!

Our Drawing will be held prior to June 30th!

This Is A Buy Wise Event! We will have One
Winner from the Buy Wise Auto Parts Family of Customers!

Ask Us About A/C REPAIR
Case Pricing PRODUCTS!


Johnsen's 6822-6 A/C ISO Johnsen's 6822-6 A/C ISO Johnsen's 6540 R134A
150 Premium PAG 150 Premium PAG Refrigerant with
Lubricant—8oz Lubricant—32oz Leak Sealer –

$4.47 $15.19 12oz

each each $10.49

TCC6822-6 TCC6823-6 each


Johnsens 6564 Johnsens 6545-6 Johnsens 6425 A/C
R134A Stop Leak R134A Flush – PAG Charge and 6725
3 oz 32oz Ester Charge 3oz

$4.68 $12.12 $4.01 6425
$4.20 6725
each each
TCC6425 / 6725
TCC6564 TCC6545-6

Johnsens ISO 100 Premium Johnsens ISO 46 Premium
PAG Lubricant PAG Lubricant

$4.51 8oz $4.47 8oz Call For
$15.10 32oz $15.10 32oz Pricing!

TCC6816-6 / 6817-6 TCC6812-6 / 6813-6 Call
1234YF Refrigerent We Have It In Stock!


Johnsen's 2912 Johnsen's 2932 Johnsen's 2417 Non-
Universal Power Universal Power Chlorinated Brake
Steering Fluid - Steering Fluid - Cleaner - 14 oz
12 oz 32 oz
$21.48 $45.48
5 Case Deal
Case of 12 Case of 12
TCC2912 TCC2932

Johnsens 2212 Johnsens 2232 Johnsens 2234
Brake Fluid HD Brake Fluid HD Brake Fluid HD
Premium DOT 3 Premium DOT 3 Premium DOT 3
12oz 32oz
$23.88 $47.88
Case of 4
Case of 12 Case of 12
TCC2212 TCC2232

TIRE PLUGS Tire Cement Purolator
It’s What You Need To Repair Tech Oil
$5.99 8oz Filters! Made
Flats! $19.99 32oz
in USA
$9.88 14-008 / 14-032
$1.50 ea
Box of 50
Case Lots
12-361 Only!


PRONTO FULL SYNTHETIC 0W20-511pr / 5w20-512pr $15.88

MOTOR OIL 5w30-790pr / 10w40-513pr Case of 6

Our TPMS Solution At Buy Wise Auto Parts, We’ll Begin with the
Largest Parts Inventory in Our Area! Followed Up
with The Brands Needed To Repair Today’s
Vehicles, Continued with Programs To Fuel Your
Bottom Line and Finished off With...

Autel Proficiency!

HD Diagnostics Solutions Our Guy Comes
To You!
We’ll Train Your

In Your Shop!

In Your Shop Programming!

Hot Topic Training! Shop Management Ideas Industry Awareness Seminars

A Business Partner You Can Depend On….

The Buy Wise Team..You Know Our Outside Sales Team..

But What About All Those Behind The Scenes?

So you talk to this guy, every day. He sends you the right parts, every day. You know his name, but
you wouldn’t know him if he bumped into him! So here are the faces to those names! The team you
talk to the most but don’t know their faces! Sure, you see the Outside Team every week or so. But,
what about those that answer your calls daily. Or make sure the order goes out? How about those
guys that are making sure the right parts are on the shelves by ordering those parts you need? Or the
ones that take care of your statements or send your copies of invoices? Here are just a few of our All-
Stars! Those unsung heros behind the scenes! They care about your success! If You ask them for
something..our motto is..We Never Say No!

Charles Willy Edwin Elijah Bob Michael Rajohn Eddie

Phone Sales Phone Sales Phone Sales Phone Sales Phone Sales Phone Sales Phone Sales Phone Sales

Day Darrin Omar Ivan Jamie Leo Bubba Jerome

Phone Sales Phone Sales Phone Sales Phone Sales Phone Sales Phone Sales Returns Union Manager

Chet-JC Ronnie-JC Richard-JC Greg-JC Andy-JC Hector-JC Daunus-JC Gerry-JC

Phone Sales Phone Sales Phone Sales Phone Sales Phone Sales Phone Sales Phone Sales JC Manager

Sandra Radha Michele Judi

Our Controller Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable

BUY 40 Intelli-Curve Blades

Or Rear Blades

Get 10 Frame Series Blades Free!
PLUS– This Great Rolling Rack!

BUY 25
Intelli-Curve Blades

Get 5 Frame Series Blades Free!

PLUS– Free Wall Rack!

Want To See More Clearly?

Our Wiper Deals Will See To It!

Clearplus 20 Series Conventional Blades:

20111, 20131, 20151,

$2.49 $2.99 $3.9920171,20181, 20191,
20211 20261
each 20221 each
20241 each

Clearplus 80 Series Winter Blades:

$4.9980161, 80181, 80201, 80221 $5.49 80241 $7.49
each each each

Clearplus 91 Series Intelli-Curve:
$5.99 $6.49 $8.4991211
91141, 91161, 91171 91221
91181, 91191, 91201 each 91241
each 91281 each

Clearplus Rear Blades: 18117 Beam Series

18108, 18128, $6.49 18127 $6.49
18148, 18168 18147 each
Universal Series each 18167

Prices Based on Quantity of 10 Mix and Match Same Brand!

100-Year Anniversary
Sales Promotion

The Area’s Largest Dorman Inventory!

For Every $100 Purchased in Dorman Products from April 1st thru
April 31st You’ll Earn 1 Entry in Our Drawing for Cool Prizes!

Drawing By May 15th! Drawing By May 15th!

Yeti Cooler

Dorman Tool Boxes

Carhartt Jackets

Yeti Tumblers

Magnetic Trays

Plus Many..Hats, Replica Signs and Note Pads!

The More You Buy..The Better Your Chances!

This Is A
Buy Wise

This Is A
Buy Wise

Is Your Brake Headquarters!

From Entry Level Solutions for That Price Concious Consumer…..

Ask Us…

We’ll Custom fit a
Solution to Cover Your

Business’s Needs!

On To Mid-Grade Solutions for Just About Any Budget...

Of Course We have The O.E. Brands That You Know...

Along with A Rotor Selection, Second To None!

So..Who Should You Call For Your Braking Needs???

Is Your Brake Headquarters!

You Must Sign Up at

Every Buy Wise Territory $27.95
Manager Offers Tech
Support! No Waiting—No When You Buy 10!
Hassles..Most Times In
Your Shop! Or $29.95 each


Programming Features:

 Programs ECM, TCM, SDM, TEHCMS, TCCM and Now Able To Program:
 Covers GM (2004 and Up), Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Acura, and MERCEDES
Nissan, Infiniti, Toyota, Lexus, Scion and Growing!

 No Specialized Training is

 Pay per Use Fee*

Most Vehicles


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