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Moon Hall School Weekly Newsletter 10.12.2021

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Moon Hall School Weekly Newsletter 10.12.2021

Moon Hall School Weekly Newsletter 10.12.2021


10 DECEMBER 2021 | ISSUE 10



Moon Hall School Reigate

Dear Parents and families of Moon Hall

Thank you to all staff, parents and pupils who attended our end of term events. It was extremely important for
me that our special events went ahead. Our children's education has been hugely impacted by Covid and by
adapting things slightly it was wonderful to be able to allow the Carol Service and Nativity to go ahead.
The children have been simply superb this half term; patient, kind and engaged in their learning. For that reason,
I have organised some fun end of term treats that you will no doubt hear about when they return home from

Below is my Heads speech from the Carol Service, which unfortunately I know not all parents could attend,
however, I wanted to share this with you all.

"I follow a pub on social media, it called the Tan Hill Inn. It’s situated in Yorkshire and it’s the pub at the highest
altitude in the UK.
A few years ago, the Waitrose Christmas advert was filmed there. The pub-goers on Christmas day all became
snowed in. There was so much snow outside that no one could get into the pub, and no one could leave.
Last weekend this happened in real life at the Tan Hill Inn. It snowed heavily, there were snowdrifts and those
who had turned up for an evening of entertainment with an oasis tribute band, ended up being snowed in for
three days! Not such a bad thing some of you may think! This story has reached over 500 million people, they
have been on the BBC, GMTV, CNN Fox News, the Late show in the USA, on TV stations in Canada, Japan, and
New Zealand. The manager of the pub spoke about how they all became so close during this time. Some people
sleeping on the floor, sharing food, sharing phone chargers and even toiletries or clothes. They made the most of
their time there and perhaps focussed on the simple things, chatting, playing games, and a spot of karaoke. But
most importantly they all pulled together in a difficult time.
Not so far away from the tan Hill Inn, some people have had no power for over a week. No working fridge, no
heating, no running showers, and no food. Local people have been checking in on the vulnerable and the elderly
to ensure they are safe. Churches have opened up to provide hot meals and
volunteers have been speaking and chatting to those who may need support
because of course it can be a worrying time with no light at all in your home
and no one to speak to. Christmas is of course a time of fun and joy. A time
to receive presents and to celebrate with those that you love. However, hearing
these stories about the comradery and stories of kindness and empathy does
ring true to the most important message of Christmas for us all. Christmas isn’t
always about you or the lovely or expensive gifts that you receive. It’s about
spending time with those that we love and care about. Especially after last year,
we all understand just how important other people are to us and this year will
hopefully be a year to celebrate and cherish those wonderful memories that you
will all make.

iI am going to ask each one of you to do something for me, everyone standing here, parents, pupils, and staff and
that request is for you to do one additional kind thing this Christmas. Maybe for someone who might not even be
iexpecting it. Perhaps give your Gran a wee call? Maybe write a Christmas card for a neighbour that may not have
many visitors or and here’s a good one- tidy your room without your mum or dad nagging you to do it! Whatever
iact of kindness you decide to pass on and pay forward, I can assure you it will give you that warm fuzzy good
feeling inside- and that feeling when you know you have been kind is what Christmas is all about".
Thank you for all the support throughout this term from you all. Moon Hall is truly a wonderful place to work, and
I can honestly say that Sunday night blues at the prospect of a Monday morning at work are simply non-existent.

From my home to your home, from everyone at our lovely school, I wish you all a wonderful and magical

Kind regards,

Michelle Catterson
Executive Head
Moon Hall Schools Educational Trust


For our Mufti day today, we have collected donations of
non-perishable food for Love Works Charity in Reigate. We would
like to thank you all for the generous donations and the
continued support we have received throughout this term.
We wish you a lovely and safe Christmas / New year!


A huge well done and thank you to Zelie in Year 7 for designing the
beautiful artwork for the front of our school Christmas card this
year! We are so proud to have such talented students here at Moon
Hall and can display this for all to see!

FESTIVE MOMENTS 2021: The Junior Christmas Production
Senior Christmas Production
We have thoroughly enjoyed all of the festivities that have taken Christmas At Moon Hall 2021
place this term and we are extremely proud of every student who
has participated! Please find some highlights through the links to
the right:


This term my Year 6 English group have completed some exceptional work on a futuristic post-apocalyptic war
scene, following on from their WW2 work. I have been stunned by their determination to use new, interesting
vocabulary. Here are some extracts:

‘All the world was quiet apart from the cicada’s buzz and the birds singing. Arden jumped up, heaved his
motorbike up and revved it to life. He drove to facility B, passing rusty, old cars and bent road signs. Birds flew
wild and free and the pavements were cracked with vines and plants growing through the gaps.’
- Rafferty

‘After a long fight with the gyrocopter and the missile bees he painfully stumbled to his motorbike. He scouted
the area before he rushed off. He was driving to facility B. His motorbike thrummed as he passed the wreckage of
another gyrocopter. He stared at facility B from afar on a hilltop. It was a tiny little domed building with a cluster
of plants covering the left side of the building. It was surrounded by a fence and security cameras. The building
had shattered glass and thornbushes on the building...’
- Charlie

‘ When he got there he stared at Facility B. The overgrown trees towered over him and Arden shivered in fear. He
entered facility B carefully. The room looked abandoned. There were flipped tables, broken chairs and dull walls.
He could smell something familiar...’
- Freddie

‘Arden was walking in Nanosaki and he saw uninhabited, dilapidated buildings that were crumbling before his
eyes. He strained his ears over the croaking of the cicadas. There was a river that was surrounded by steep,
picturesque mountains in the distance and the sky was filled with fluffy clouds. There were lots of overgrown
plants in the cracks in the road and rusted signs and abandoned rusty cars were on every street.’
- Robin

Have a well deserved Christmas break. Don’t forget to complete your holiday prep.

Best Wishes,
Miss Wheeler


A long overdue season of drama in Formula One racing has thrilled many a dedicated F1 fan, and we are now
seeing it filter down to the grassroots in school. Our year 7 student Toby H is taking his first steps on the road
to what could be an illustrious career in motorsport in the future. Toby has had to dedicate himself to a junior
training program at the TeamSport Driving Academy, and he has progressed fast with him competing in his
first championship race this week. Well done Toby! Keep up the dedication and hard work. We look forward
to seeing you on top of the podium in the near future. - Mr Rowe


This week I wanted to remind you where you can go for help if you are concerned about a young person's
mental health over the Christmas period.

1.Go to I need help now, I'm in crisis :: Mindworks Surrey ( or text YM to 85258

2. In an emergency call 999 or one of the following helplines:
Freephone Samaritans: Tel: 116 123
Freephone Childline: Tel: 0800 1111
Surrey Mental Healthline: Tel: 0800 915 4644

This week, I also wanted to share with you December's 'Action for Happiness Calendar' which includes ideas
of things you can do to create a happier and kinder world. Action for happiness create a monthly calendar
that you can find on the link below:

Action for Happiness

Have a wonderful Christmas, and if you are looking for a last-minute gift this is a lovely book to support
mental health and wellbeing.
Big Life Journal UK: Growth Mindset for Kids & Teens
We create effective tools and resources to help kids and teens develop a growth mindset so they can face
life's challenges with confidence and have every opportunity in life. Our products are based on the latest
research, and that's what makes them so unique and effective.

- Mrs Proctor


Over the last two weeks, students have been participating in inter-house competitions both in mixed
netball and mixed football matches. It has been great to see all students representing their house and
demonstrating teamwork and cooperation throughout. Both football and netball scores were calculated,
and the overall winners are…. KNIGHTLEY!!!
Well-done to Knightley for winning their matches! A big well done to ALL students for competing in the
tournaments. Will Knightley keep their winning title next term after the hockey house tournaments?

Juniors Year 7 Year 8&9 Year 10&11
1st place- Knightley 1st place- Knightley 1st place-Knightley 1st place- Knightley
2nd place -Branson 2nd place-Hamilton 2nd place-Goldberg 2nd place- Goldberg
3rd place- Goldberg 3rd place- Goldberg 3rd place-Hamilton 3rd place- Hamilton
4th place -Hamilton 4th Place- Branson 4th place-Branson 4th place- Branson

The Sports Department
See Images Over the Page

Netball Fixtures

The under 15s played Box Hill in their last game before Christmas. The girls worked very hard in the first
quarter as we were leading 3-0. The defence worked well together with some excellent interceptions from
Skylar and Hema. After half time Box Hill managed to lead ahead and finish with an overall win. Well done
to under 15 girls who battled to the end and kept their heads high throughout.

I wanted to also congratulate all the girls that have played in a netball or football fixture this term. It has
been amazing to have played so many fixtures and to see the teams develop together over the term. Well
done to all of you and I look forward to the spring fixtures.

- Miss Wallace

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